but i just wanted to have his stomach on my blog

he gives me so much butterflies making me never want to stop thinking about him. he’s always the last thing on my mind and i’m always making fake little scenarios i wish would happen. seeing him in person makes the butterflies in my stomach seem like nothing. he’s always smiling which makes me want to smile back. his eyes make me drown even though they aren’t even close to the color of the ocean. his voice and his laugh are just so adorable. his personality and how he likes to have fun makes me so happy. he’s so hyper and just so ‘loveable’. i’m falling for him so badly but he can’t see how i can make him happy. how i can help him in bad times, how i can always be there for him, he just doesn’t see how much i want to be there by his side. it stings me just knowing that i think about him all day when he has probably never even thought about me once. i wanna be his but i also want to get over him but neither is happening.
—  rant.
Sweet Nothings w/ Kit and Jimmy

Request: Can I have a headcannon of the sort of things either Jimmy of kit would say just before and during sex please ! ♥️ your blog so much x sorry if it’s too much to do

a/n: of course!! never too much love



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  • kit would lay you down carefully
  • “there is no one in the world I want more than you”
  • “oh baby”
  • nibbling on your ear, “i love you”
  • growling your name, “Y/N”
  • afterwards constantly telling you how much he loves your body
  • “i love your soft thighs”
  • “your supple skin”
  • rubbing your stomach and drawing aimlessly on your collarbone



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  • jimmy would kiss you roughly and sloppily
  • he’d be telling you how much he loved you
  • “come on babe” he’d whine
  • “BA-be”
  • grunting
  • crying because you told him to use his hands
  • he felt insecure and you accept him
  • using them
  • “you are absolutely incredible”

Somehow I was following a W@rsatn blog? And i saw them reblog a popular post about how romantic the forgiveness scene in hlv between John and Mary was…. and i got sick to my stomach? There are thousands of people out there who think that scene was the ultimate romantic moment in the episode and they want a love like that? John hadn’t seen her in months. She is a murderer. She doesn’t say she’s sorry and neither does he, presumably because they’re not. He doesn’t use the words “i forgive you” in any way. John says his anger will come out now and again. He doesn’t say he loves her. She doesn’t say she loves him. He doesn’t smile. She passes out from drugs and John just… leaves?

Sherlock gives up his life for John’s happiness. Sherlock puts his hands in the air and awaits the spray of bullets, telling John to “stay well back”. John and Sherlock have both used the word “love” in front of each other to describe their feelings for one another (TSOT). John tells Sherlock “of course I forgive you”. Sherlock tells John “I’m sorry, sorry again”. When Sherlock is drugged in ASIB, John cancels his date and tucks Sherlock into bed, saying “I’ll be next door if you need me”. Sherlock does anything he can to save John’s life and happiness.

How can anyone prefer to have a love like John and Mary when an alternative like this one is clearly mirrored and presented to the audience?