but i just want to watch chorus videos of the songs


*there are way more namjoon tracks but this list was getting too long* *just peep his mixtape and soundcloud*

1. Rap Monster by Rap Monster

This is Namjoon’s take on “look at me now” by Chris Brown and a.k.a the first ever song to be represented by Bangtan Sonyeondan as it was the first ever track on BTS’s official soundcloud.

This is an introduction to Rap Monster as an artist and a lit track. This shit was a bop!

2. Too much by Rap Monster

This song is extremely meaningful and Namjoon’s voice sounds breathtaking. This was Namjoon’s reflection of the B-free incident. He mentions how he shouldn’t take B-free’s hate to his heart and not to over think criticism. In the beginning he sounds really hurt but omg towards the end he is going hard, and it gives me old school rap vibes.

3. Unpack your bags by Rap Monster

This song is a huge middle finger to the underground rap community who looks down on idol rappers. This was a collab with the show 4 things where he mentions how hard it was him to pursue hip hop. He mentioned 4 struggles he faced in the industry. Check out the episode, the show also shows how he interacts with his producers and Bang PDnim and this was where the really famous “ Solo, or Bangtan” moment was born. We really got to know Namjoon as an artist personally and his teenage days.This is complimented with a really cute music video.

4. P.D.D (Please Don’t Die) by Rap Monster

This is a track where he collabed with Warren G  prior to his mixtape in L.A and this gives me chills because of that prominent West Coast feel. Check out the MV and the naver behind the scenes.

5. Something by Rap Monster (a.k.a my all time favourite song I don’t know why tbh)

HOLY SHIT THIS SONG TAKES ME WAY BACK! I feel as if nowadays the producers really autotune Namjoon’s singing voice and make it really shaky but hear you can prominently really hear his singing skills and It is such a sexy love song. It really gives your romantic feels and reflects on a sad teenage love story.

6. Where u At by Rap Monster


Here we have high school Namjoon talking about how school has gotten the best of him. In a culture where education and status are everything, he talks about letting his parents down and confessing to his relatives about his future in Hip-Hop. Its an extremely relatable track where you think about where you want to head in the future.

7. Favourite Girl by Rap Monster

This is such a cute fuckboy song omg Namjoon’s voice is so cute in this. Young love amirite.

But I have a secret meme with this song. In 6th grade I accidentally blasted this and my teacher started singing along to it since the chorus is in english and ever since my friends have been taunting me with this song.

8. Monterlude by Rap Monster

The instrumental to this was included in the Skool Luv Affair album. This is in english and this is such a cute love song. Namjoon would spoil his girlfriend omg.

9. Promethus by Yankie feat Rap Monster

Namjoon teamed up with some popular K-rappers and his verse in this made my pussy drop BUT EVERYONE IN THIS SONG DID SO AMAZING THIS IS SUCH A TURNT SONG I WAS JAMMING TOO HARD

This song is based off of the seven sins and Namjoon plays lust..ofc.

He uses some sick korean wordplay.

10. Bucku Bucku by MFBTY feat Rap Monster

MFBTY are already korean hip hop legends and the fact that such “old” and wise rappers decided to have Namjoon feature is an honor. 

He also had a little role in another one of their mvs here

11.   PRIMARY (프라이머리) - U (Feat. Kwon Jin Ah 권진아, Rap Monster 랩

This song is really relaxing and I love Primary’s beats and Kwon Jin Ah’s soothing voice, But Namjoon’s soothing rap was so sexy. It was just so hot omg.

12. Awakening by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song was from his mixtape which you absolutely need to check out and I suggest you see his other music videos such as the legendary Do You  and Joke.

This song was extremely powerful and eye opening. Just ready the lyrics and you will know why.

“In  the moment of my failure
will someone hold my hand?
in the moment when I come down from the stage
will that person be next to me?
just tell me that I can survive
in this cold world, just feel my vibe
every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
my heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
while saying that I became a moron after joining a company
yeah fuck you I’m an idol, yeah yeah I’m an idol
at one time I hated it but now I love to get that title”

13. I believe by Rap Monster

Extremely uplifting and it brings you a huge amount of self-confidence, its a self-loving song and its a self reminder to always believe in yourself no matter how much you fall. Also has a little appearance from Jimin.

14. God Rap By Rap Monster

This song talks about Namjoon being an athiest but also has a message for believers. It talks about controlling your own life and to be your own idol. It says how you have the power of god in you and how you are extraordinary.

15. Throw Away by Rap Monster


“got an automatic dick”

16. Rush by Rap Monster feat Krizz Kaliko also from his mixtape

Funny story this is how they got together and created this lit korean meets american rap track.

Namjoon goes really hard in this, check it out!

17. Drifting by Rap Monster also from his Mixtape

This song has a theme that goes with “Reflection” and “Always”, He says how his thoughts are drifting and how feels lost (almost like the track lost in wings). Its put you in a trance where you, yourself starts to think about where you are in life and what purpose you have. 

18. Life by Rap Monster from his mixtape

This song got me tripping because Namjoon is a lyrical genius. The amount of questions this song got me saying is insane. Just read.

“ the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world “

were we born to die, were we born to live
are we living to die, or are we dying to live
the nametag with my name on it, is that my life?
or is it death

who knows…

life, fall in love
life receives injuries from us and
is lonely because of the wind and
we wanna be right
but always wrong
were we born to be wrong?
is life something like that?
(in the end, for our whole lives we don’t know what tomorrow will be)”

19. Monster by Rap Monster from his mixtape


20. Joke. (you should probably know this)

I really did’nt want to include this because his 2 most famous tracks are Do you and Joke and I wanted to keep this list to the underrated but tbvh I was really surprised when I figured out that people don’t know this track.


In this track he said how he is mocking rappers who only have good flow but no sense of meaningful lyrics. 

The lyrics in this song make no sense but the rap flow is too damn good. WHEN WATCHING THIS YOU WILL BE LIKE HONEY PLEASE BREATHE. HE RAPS SO FAST.


21. DO YOU BY RAP MONSTER ( (you should also probably know this)

In this track he talks about how at a young age society tells us what to be, how to look, what to wear, how to behave. He says fuck whatever they say and just do you.

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22. Fantastic by Rap Monster (from fantastic four)

I heard that fantastic four was shit but Namjoon got a chance to do a song for a movie which is a big deal for bangtan so WHOO

23. Illest Bitch

A really cute confession from Namjoon going through Puberty

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Lift - Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You confess to Steve that you’ve always wanted to do the Dirty Dancing lift. Somehow, he agrees to do it with you.

Warnings: Kissing

Words: 1 515

A/N: I just really like the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I have no further motivation for this.


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“You are, by far, the most persistent man I’ve ever met.” She said, watching Steve polish his shield to nothing but perfection. He looked up in surprise as her entrance had gone completely unnoticed to him. “It’s almost admirable.”

He rolled his eyes, sighing. “If you came here to mock me, you can keep walking.” He continued to circle the rag in his hand over his beloved shield.

She sat down on the steps of the short stairs in the middle of the armory which led up to slightly raised floor, holding her cup of soda and taking a sip from the straw. “I didn’t come here to mock, I came here for company, if that’s something I’m still allowed to have?”

“Of course it is…” He said defeated, tired of her dramatics yet still in love with her personality.

“So? Anything new happening in your life?” She tried to get a conversation going and he looked up at her, honestly questioning if she was serious or not.

“Like you haven’t been around me the past two weeks?”

“Just answer, damn it.” She said, straw still between her teeth.

He sighed again. “Well, I’ve watched a few movies that have been on my list for a while. That’s about it.”

“About that list… Can I see it?” She asked, watching him sincerely. He dug it out from his pocket and threw it to the steps she were sat at. She picked it up, flickering through the pages and briefly skimming through the words. “Which movies did you watch?”

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Some Like It Hot and North by Northwest.” He answered and watched her brows knit together before she looked at him judgmentally.

“Those are all movies from your time, you need to see something fresher, like Fight Club or the Jurassic Park movies.”

“First of all.” He met her narrowed eyes. “They’re not from my time. They’re from the fifties. I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s is from the sixties even. Secondly, I don’t like all that new stuff-”

“I said fresher, not new. Both Fight Club and the first Jurassic Park movie were released in the nineties.”

“Still too fresh… What can I say? I’m old fashioned.” He smirked and she rolled her eyes, laughing sarcastically.

“Can I write a movie down?” She asked after a few seconds, eyes glued to the scribbled things and people on his list.

Steve hesitated. “I don’t want to watch anymore new stuff. Sorry.”

“Oh come on, it’s from 1987! That’s over three decades ago… I really want you to see it!” She pleaded, putting her drink away and focusing on him completely.

“Why do you want me to see it?” He questioned, removing his focus from his shield which had been spot-free for fifteen minutes.

“The movie is called Dirty Dancing… At the end, there’s this historical scene where Patrick Swayze picks up Jennifer Grey with Time of My Life playing in the background. It’s epic, believe me, and you’re probably the one around who’d be most willing to do that with me.”

“You want us to dance?” He pulled his back, wondering if it was truly Y/N sitting before him.

“Well, if you wanna dance then I’ll dance, but it’s just this lift… Here, let me show you.” She handed back his notepad and dug out her phone. “If you’re too stubborn to just watch the movie, I’ll show you the scene.”

She found the clip in mention after a minute and held her phone out to Steve, who watched the screen with focus like she had never seen before. Baby and Jonny danced their hearts out before nearing the end where she ran into his arms, flying up in the air graciously.

“Boom. Classic.” Y/N said as the video ended, throwing her phone on the table nearby.

“You want me to lift you like that?” He continued his questioning as he was still a little loss, and also wondering if he was dreaming or not. Ever since Y/N went from working with the Avengers occasionally to moving into the Tower full time, he had began to slowly like more and more of the unique girl.

“I want the music too, of course.” She said it like it should have been obvious to him. “I want a bit of feeling, you know?”

He tilted his head back and forth before shrugging. “Alright, let’s do it.”

She blinked, staring at him. “What?”

“Let’s to the dance, lift, whatever.”

“Right here?”

“Right now.” He confirmed and stood up from his seat. He took off his jacket so he was left in a white t-shirt and held his hand out for Y/N. She grabbed it hesitantly, not being able to tell if Steve was messing with her or not. He pulled her to her feet before turning up to the speaker in the ceiling. “Friday? Could you put on that song for us? The one we just played?”

Playing it now, Mr. Rogers.” She confirmed and shortly after the song began playing in the room.

“You know how many movies have referenced this scene? Guy and girl, recreating the Dirty Dancing lift? Well, now when I think about it, it might just be one movie, but there’s a bunch of videos of people doing this.”

“Congrats. You’re now one of those people.” He said sarcastically, holding his arms out. Y/N took a long breath and backed away to give her distance to pick up her speed.

“Oh I so can’t believe this is happing right now.” She admitted, taking a deep breath in again.

“You’re surprised that you’re doing it yet you just asked me to do it. How does that go together?” He asked, his voice overpowering the music.

“Cause I didn’t think you’d agree to dance.”

“Do you have any idea what people did in the thirties? All we did was go to wars and dance in between them.” He said when she suddenly bursted out laughing at his comment. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face upon hearing her beautiful laughter. That, if anything, was music to his ears.

“Okay, you ready?” She asked as the music was beginning to near the right moment. Steve raised a brow, meeting her eyes which were filled with joy and excitement.

“Are you?”

She began to jog up towards him and he aimed his hands for her waist. As she ran into his grip he raised her above his head, arms straight up and carrying her steadily. She squealed as she held her arms out, hovering in the air with the powerful chorus in the background.

Steve let her body tilt back until her feet were facing down again, wrapping his arms around her legs and slowly letting her sink down until her face became somewhat at level with his own. Her smile had faded and her eyes seemed through stare through his, her heart beating hard enough for him to be able to notice.

“If you only knew how much this is like this other, new movie…” Her voice was airy as Steve stilled carried her, her arms resting on his shoulders.

“What happens next in the movie?” His eyes darted to her plum lips for a brief second, her scent intoxicating.

“Not what’s going to happen here…”

She sunk down and pressed her lips against Steve’s. They molded together with passion like the moment had been anticipated for months, which it had from both their parts. She wrapped her legs around him but Steve sat her down on the table behind them. She became shorter than him again and he placed one hand on the side of her neck and one at the back of her head, curving his head down as he shaped his lips around hers once more.

She pulled away for a second, but there were too many emotions that needed to be expressed. He dipped down and parted his lips, his tongue meeting hers in a mutual understanding of sweet bliss. He felt her arms cradle around his neck and try to push him closer even though it was physically impossible. As they instead traveled down his chest and grabbed the hem of his shirt, inching it up, he moved his hands from her neck and placed them over her hands.

“I think-” He was out of breath, leaning his forehead against hers with his eyes locked on to their hands. “I think we should take it slow.”

She was equally as out of breath as he was. “You do?”

“No.” He admitted. “But I was raised in an era where you took a gal out for dinner before as much as thinking about giving her a peck on the cheek, and I still go by my old ways, no matter how many Dirty Dancing clips you make me watch.”

She smiled, pressing her lips against his again for a short yet just as passionate moment. “What a gentleman.” She chuckled, bringing her arms back to his neck.

“A fella can always try.”

BTS Reacts - Walking In On You Singing/Rapping

Jungkook: As you’re standing atop the counters by the windows, dusting the blinds with a feather duster, you mime Jungkook’s routine in We Are Bulletproof, singing and dancing with the same zest he demonstrates in the music video, occasionally whipping your feather duster around to point into the imaginary camera in the distance. Little do you know that Kook has actually been hiding in the house the past hour. He wants to know what you do in your spare time whenever he’s not around, and now, he has his answer. He can’t help but be somewhat embarrassed and proud for you at the same time. Kook enjoys watching you hop around from window to window like an energizer bunny, and has to restrain himself from grabbing you and just kissing the life out of you. He really wants to join you, he really does - but he doesn’t want to interrupt, so he passes the rest of the song by, by mouthing the lyrics along with you. He waits for you to finish the whole song before he finally surprises you by applauding wholeheartedly.

“Jjang! My sweetheart has so many hidden talents!”

Taehyung: Intense hip thrusts occur while you simultaneously try to fluff the pillows raised in your hands; soon after, you slide into Tae’s verse in Silver Spoon, alternating the lean on both sides of your shoulders according to the choreography. Taehyung sits silently in the living room when his ears suddenly pick up muffled singing from the bedroom. Is that you? He suppresses his laughter before pressing his ear against the door. He very discreetly slides it open, peering in with his head stuck through the opening as he catches you singing and dancing on the mattress. When he sees your animated, boisterous body moving around to the beat, his own body starts to wiggle comically. He hops onto the bed and shimmies up to you with a mischievous look on his face; he’s happy he has someone who can consort to his spirited ways. When he sees you this hyped, it makes him drunk love and appreciation for his quirky, whimsical partner. Every day spent with you is never a dull moment.

“Turn up! Let’s perform together, jagi - you do my verses well, so I’ll sing Jungkook’s parts!”

Namjoon: Do you, do you, do you, do you - do what the fuck you want. Namjoon walks in on you as you’re rapping the lyrics to his solo playing in the background, while mopping the ceramic tiles in the kitchen. He’s seen you slip into the groove of a song once in awhile, but you usually stop pretty quickly since you tend to slip on your words - you always seize up whenever you have people watching you sing or rap. When he notices that you are performing one of his hardest tracks flawlessly, for the very first time, his body indulges in the flow of your rapping, bopping to your rhythm; he is bursting at the seams with extreme pride. He gets a little flustered by how good you’ve gotten, practicing on your own. In his mind, though, there’s nothing sexier than you spitting out his spiteful lyrics ever so intensely - something about it seems so dominant to him, that he sort of gets turned on by the sight of you when you rap. When you come to the end of the song, he snaps out of his infatuation, voicing his opinion.

“Aish! As soon as you learn how to write your own lyrics, we’re putting out a mix-tape, okay?”

Seokjin: Jin hears the sweet melody of House of Cards just out the back of the house, past the glass sliding doors. He’s just come home from practice, and wonders if that talented voice is, in fact, you. He has a hard time believing it at first, since he doesn’t hear your singing voice often. However, when he finds you harmonizing to the track on your phone with all that you have, all while hanging fresh laundry - he is instantly bewitched by your sterling charms. Jin freezes on the spot as he watches you encircle the white sheets around you, fading in and out of view as you spun to the melody of the ballad. The vocalist of Bangtan is injected with awe, as if he’s a starstruck fan - to be fair, he’s always been a fan of you. When he finally catches up to you moving in and out of the hung-up laundry, his strong arms lock on to your knees, lifting you off the ground. This is something he could only envision coming right out of a romantic TV drama, and as cheesy as it is, he’s gratified he even has the chance to experience something like that with you.

“Ah, jagiya, your voice is so angelic - are you trying to woo me? Because it’s working!”

Hoseok: His keys jingle as he opens the lock on the door, walking in on you breaking down to Cypher PT 4, mid-way of his verse in the track. The blatantly turbulent volume of the song’s backing track, primed with the loud drone of the vacuum cleaner creates a scene of chaos, to the point that you don’t hear Hoseok walk in at all. He flashes a lighthearted smile, letting out a carefree laugh. He enjoys the air of confidence at which you are carrying yourself while you dish out the animosity in the cypher; your arms are waving to the downbeat. He knows how supportive you are when it comes to his career, and getting to watch your encouragement in the flesh just makes his whole year. Hoseok loves your radiant personality, and he doesn’t want your fiery showmanship to end there. He hurriedly drops all the bags he shoulders, running over to your side to ease you into the cypher’s chorus. He picks up the remote control for the television off the coffee table, screaming enthusiastically into it:

“Never fear, Hope is here! I love, I love, I love, I love myself!”

Yoongi: Yoongi opens the door to his home, with Jimin tailing behind him. You and the rapper have been living with each other for awhile, but it came as a surprise to both of them when they’re suddenly able to distinctly hear you running your mouth off to Never Mind. The two artists exchange cheeky glances before they tiptoe into the bathroom, finding you bent over the toilet bowl with a brush in hand. Min Yoongi whips out his phone, tapping and holding the red ‘record’ button on the screen. Did he want to embarrass you? Sure - but he mostly wants to show the world and his friends that this silly human being right here belongs to him. He listens closely to the pacing in your enunciation, the strategic timing of your breaths; Yoongi is taken aback by how thoroughly you’ve studied his laborious craft. He can’t keep the jubilant grin from surfacing on his lips, and Jimin notices his complete adoration for you as Yoongi whispers boastful comments about you in his ear. Once you are finished, they both startle you by clapping wildly.

“Yah, you really outdid yourself - but you’re gonna have to try harder than that to surpass me!”

Jimin: It’s been a long day, all Park Jimin wants to do is crash on the couch and doze off. As he enters his home, your faint voice calls to him like a siren’s song - he quickly picks up on the lyrics to Save Me, as they pour out of your lips like honey. The clatter of dishes in the sink and the sounds of rushing water don’t bother him; his fatigue wastes away when he sees you standing peacefully in the kitchen while you follow the melody of his lines in the song. He’s never gotten to hear your relaxing voice before. It pacifies his exhaustion. Jimin creeps up to you from behind, slipping his hands around your waist, and you smile knowingly. He rests his chin on your shoulder, kissing the nook of your neck. He really, really, liked hearing you sing. This newly discovered little detail about you drives him crazy, and all he can think of right now is to curl up in bed with you, to hug and smooch you to death (possibly most likely even more than that). Before you can say anything, he curtly interrupts you; his cheeks become flushed as he requests one thing of you:

“Jagiya, I really love the sound of you singing. I think you should do it more - for me.”

You’re very welcome, hun! I hope you didn’t mind, I just chose random songs that the reader would sing. Please enjoy this react; thank you for requesting! <3

adore you (you're lovely)

ADORE YOU (YOU’RE LOVELY) — and i adore you, too. i’ve been thinking that your love is kind of special. you should know that i adore you, too! ( adore you, nao ft. abhi//dijon )

REQUEST — the reader used to be ugly and archie bullied you. then, after summer break, you totally glo up and are now super hot, and he apologizes.


NOTES — i did tweak this request a little bit, simply because i don’t see riverdale!archie being a bully—i think it’s even a little ooc for comics!archie—so i opted for archie sort of ignoring the reader. also, i refrained from specifying a gender since there wasn’t one mentioned in the request. thank you so much for trusting me to write your idea, and i hope this was fluffy enough for you. i felt like it would be kinda rushed to make them kiss in this? i don’t know, but enjoy. ( requests: open )

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prompt from @captainhoyw:

“trimberly dance class prompt. just. the idea of like trini being into hip hop and smoother spanish music (check santana) is like so embedded in my mind at this point and i need a fic where trini either decides to, or has been, going to dance classes and then the rangers tag along at some point and its gay”

this inspired me to do research and i found this video of a hip-hop and jazz dance group’s routine to smooth by santana and i was impressed to say the least. this was so much fun to write–thanks for the prompt!!! (honestly i had so much fun with this i’ll probably make it multiple chapters ok hope y’all don’t mind)

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“You’re in a dance class?” Zack asked, laughing out the question. The Rangers had headed to Krispy Kreme after training, and he had nearly choked on his doughnut when Trini revealed why she needed to leave soon.

Trini scowled at him. “My mom figured that if I was in an extracurricular I’d be less likely to start fights with, say, an annoying fellow superhero.”

“I’m sorry,” Zack guffawed. “I gotta ask. Do you wear a tutu?” He doubled over and slapped his hand on the table. To Zack’s right, Billy winced and scooted nearer to the edge of the booth.

“I used to do ballet,” Jason mused from his spot at the head of the table. He had pulled up a chair, and Kim and Trini shared the other bench at the booth.

Zack stared incredulously at their leader, no doubt imagining him in a leotard.

Trini flashed a small smile at Jason, thanking him for taking the attention off of her. “I gotta go,” she said, gesturing for Kim to move from her spot on the outside of the bench so that Trini could leave.

Kim didn’t get up right away. “Hang on,” she started. “I’ll drive you. Meet me out front?”

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I Have Questions / Crying In The Club Video Reactions

Yesterday I was watching all the videos that I found on YouTube with people reacting to Camila first video. I really liked some of them and I want to list the things that the majority of those people said about her:

1 - When she sing “Why did you leave me here to burn? I’m way too young to be this hurt…”: “OMG, who left her? Who hurt her?”

2 - When I Have questions starts: “OMG, she’s gonna cry… omg, she’s already crying…”

3 - While she’s sing I Have Questions: “OMG, who broke her heart? Who did this to her?” / “That’s so emotional.” / “That’s so real!”

4 - About her beauty: “OMG, she’s so beautiful.”“She’s so hot!”“She’s very attractive.” “Oh, Camila, don’t give me that look!” / “Her hair is perfect!”

5 - When the color change: “OMG, those dresses…” / I saw a Brazilian guy saying that she looks like a “Dark Bride” with that black dress…(I thought with myself-> Lauren will love it!)

6 - Some of these people didn’t know that she was releasing two songs and when she finished I Have Questions they were like: “What? What’s happening? What’s going on? The music has changed completely.”

7 - When she sing “Why don’t you care?”: “I care, Camila. I care!” / One girl stopped the video and said: “Lauren, what the fuck is going on? Why don’t you care about Camila?” (I died)

8 - When she sing: “I Have questions for you”“OMG, now I have questions for you too.”

9 - Crying in the club chorus: “That’s so good… she reminds me of Sia…”

10 - Random things of the fans: “Omg, I’m gonna cry with her!” / “I’m shaking!” / “That’s so dope!” / “Why I’m not in that club?” / “Lauren?” / “Did u saw that tear? All these tears are from the haters.” / “OMG, Camila!” / “Camila… OMG!!”

Was very fun to watch all those videos, I laugh a lot!!

And I have to list the last one… I saw like in two or tree (or more) videos:


Is really cool to watch people feeling her song (even when the person doesn’t know her)… everyone feels her pain with I Have Questions and then feel her vibe with Crying In The Club… they shake their bodies when CITC starts.

It’s awesome!

I got thinking about sana and yousef dancing together & now I can’t get the idea out of my head (this was just meant to be headcanons but it kinda turned into a oneshot so enjoy lol):

• yousef and sana at the beginning of their relationship still feeling a bit shy in front of each other so yousef sticks to dancing by himself/with the boys

• one day sana’s in her room chilling with chris (i miss their friendship ok?) when Keep Ya Head Up by 2pac suddenly starts blaring through the apartment
• sana tries to just keep on doing her thing, scrolling through her phone, ignoring the song, but chris is staring at her like “sana?? hello??? can you not hear that extremely loud music????” and sana just brushes it off like “oh it’s just yousef and the boys, they’re probably dancing or something”
• so now chris is staring at her like?? your boyfriend dances??? do they all dance?? does MIKAEL dance?? is he good????? sana I have to see this
• sana (because she doesn’t wanna make yousef uncomfortable) just shakes her head and tells chris she should drop it, “they’re not that great, plus my mum could dance better than mikael any day” (but secretly we all know sana loves watching yousef dance, she loves the way he’s so at peace and looks so happy when he’s dancing, plus he’s so GOOD at it)
• for about 30 seconds they stay sitting on the floor, but now sana’s just pretending to scroll through her phone because all she really wants to do is get up and rap/sing along with the music
• eventually she can’t take it anymore, she huffs and gives in, gets up and opens the door (they’re playing 2pac, that’s practically begging for her attention)
• the girls walk out of sana’s room (chris is very intrigued and excited because boys dancing !!!) and they find the boys crowded around yousef who’s dancing in the middle of the living room, showing them a routine
• sana tries to hold chris back from walking into the room because she still doesn’t want to make yousef uncomfortable, but chris walks straight in, winking at mikael as she does so
• sana however stays behind the door, standing there with that cute lil smile on her face because she adores watching yousef so much, he’s so into the dance, moving with the music and smiling, and all his friends are so in awe of him but then yousef opens his eyes and sees sana in the doorway (seems to be a common theme in this relationship) and he gets all bashful because he doesn’t want to dance in front of her
• this is met with a chorus of “bro what the fuck???” “why can’t sana watch you” “come on man you’re so good” from the boys (because they see how talented he is, they just want him to show it off!!!)
• then chris, who just has her eyes on mikael tbh, decides to pipe up like “ok yousef, how about we turn this into a dance contest, you’ve had your go so how about, I don’t know… mikael!! how about you dance next”
• all the boys start laughing, pushing mikael into the middle of the room, but he pushes back like “now boys, you’ve all seen me dance and we know I’m incredible, that’s a given, but you know who we’ve never seen dance? sana. I think she should go next”
• everyone starts chanting her name (other than yousef who’s just staring at her very fondly) and she’s just like “hahaha nooo I don’t dance, I’ve got better things to be doing” and starts walking back to her room when yousef catches her arm and suggests that maybe the two of them could.. dance together? (this is met with a chorus of cheers from everyone else, especially chris, who wants to see sana actually dance, not just bob her head like she does at parties)
• plus yousef may be embarrassed dancing in front of sana alone but he’s willing to push that aside to get her to dance in front of him (even better WITH him)
• the boys start playing the music again and sana’s just staring at yousef as he starts moving his hips to the music and pulling her back into the room because she’s stuck when she looks at him??? she can’t move for the life of her because she’s nowhere near as good as yousef and she’s never properly danced in front of anyone else so what is she meant to do??? but yousef just smiles at her, moves his hand down to hold hers and squeezes it gently
• at first they’re just looking at each other and stepping side to side (and yousef is smiling so hard now but sana’s trying to keep her Feelings on the down low so she’s trying to look unimpressed; inside she is screaming) but then the song gets to the chorus and yousef dramatically twirls her around as they hear ‘keep ya head up’ being sung and then sana can’t help herself, she finally lets herself move a little more to the music (relaxing, nodding her head, and stepping in time with yousef, even swaying her hips ever so slightly, and letting herself smile just a tiny bit) because she loves this song and she really likes this boy
• both of them start quietly singing/rapping along to the song (you know sana knows all the words and yousef learnt them all once he realised sana loves 2pac) and they eventually completely forget that their friends are watching them because they’re in a world of their own now, just surrounded by the music, smiling and dancing with each other
• they only stop when the song fades away and the boys all starting clapping and yelling “THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL” but as sana turns around, she sees chris filming them on her phone so sana practically jumps onto her and grabs the phone away to delete the video
• “but sana that was so cute, vilde would love it… can’t I just send it to the girls????”
• “sana bakkoush doesn’t do cute. you can never tell anyone about this. NONE OF YOU can ever tell anyone about this” (but inside Soft Sana is smiling because she knows it was cute and she really enjoyed it)
• the joke’s on sana though because mikael filmed the whole dance and he uploads it onto Hei Briskeby
• cue the comments from vilde and eva like “SANA YOU AND YOUSEF ARE GOALS😍😍😍😍 ALL OF US HAVE TO GO DANCING SOMETIME!!!💖🌸
• elias comments "she got her dancing skills from me guys you’re welcome”
• isak comments “you’re better at dancing than you are at biology, maybe you should stick to that from now on
also even wants me to say that this is the sweetest thing in the world, better than any romance film he’s ever seen (ur still not cuter than us tho sorry)”

• after this day, dancing becomes a regular thing for sana and yousef (but only when they’re alone so that sana doesn’t have to grab any more phones)
• when they’re feeling silly they dance to upbeat bubblegum pop songs (very evak-esque), just jumping around and grinning at each other and when one of them’s sad or stressed they’ll put on something slow and just be together, not having to say anything
• dancing becomes an easy way for them to communicate without words, one of them will just put on a song and they’ll dance together knowing that it only has to be the two of them and they can let everything go for a little while

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with liver cancer when we were in high school. She was 16. Some time later, upon hearing that a surgery had not gone as well as hoped, I sat down with my guitar and wrote her a song. A few other good friends of hers strung together some photographs to make a music video and we sent it to her to watch from her hospital bed. When those same friends gathered together less than two years later to sing the song at her funeral, the dissonance was jarring. This was meant to be a work song, to see her through the hard days when the task of healing was tiring. It was not supposed to be a funeral hymn.

In June of 2015, we as a band decided that our LGBTQ community deserved a new song for Pride Week. This was days after the Supreme Court ruled that state-level bans on same-sex marriages were in violation of the Constitution of the United States, and it felt like the whole country was celebrating.

But as we began to write, I couldn’t help but think that although we had won this particular battle, the hatred and fear ailing our nation seemed as malignant as ever.

I knew this because people were still dying.

At least 21 transgender women were murdered in 2015. A disproportionate percent of our country’s homeless youth were (and are) LGBTQ adolescents, forced to reckon with the impossible task of staying healthy and safe without a home or proper health care.

We knew that if we were to make a song that truly spoke to the American LGBTQ community in 2015, it would need to address both victory and violence.

With “I Know a Place,” we chose to imagine a place where none of us would need to be afraid. In honor of Pride and the rich LGBTQ history of turning bars and ballrooms into safe havens, the space we imagined was a dance club:

I can tell when you get nervous
You think being yourself means being unworthy
And it’s hard to love with a heart that’s hurting
But if you want to go out dancing
I know a place
I know a place we can go
Where everyone’s gonna lay down their weapons

At the time, we intended the dance club to serve as a metaphor. Then, on June 12th, 2016, a gunman walked into Latin Night at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida — a queer space, a brown space, a safe space — and shot 49 people to death.

“I Know a Place” was never supposed to be a funeral hymn. It was meant to be a work song, like Yoko Ono’s full-page ad in the New York Times that proclaimed, “War Is Over!” in December of 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War. We wrote our song to be the voice in your head that tells you to celebrate peace during wartime, because our battle is only just beginning, and one day our war really will be over.

It was also meant to serve as encouragement for our community to remain vulnerable and kind and hopeful in the face of violence. We cannot build a better world without first imagining what that world might look like, and by creating that space inside ourselves first.

After the Pulse shooting, the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Chorus led a crowd of two thousand people outside City Hall in song:

We are a gentle, angry people
And we are singing
Singing for our lives

We sang with a unified voice that cried out, “We do not accept that this is what our world will look like.” And that night, people all over the country went out dancing — not just because it was Pride Weekend, but because they felt it important not to give in to fear in the face of hate.

People came together in dive bars, bedrooms, and places of worship to celebrate and to grieve, to love and protect one another, and this gentle resilience was nothing less than radical resistance.

Today, in this post-Trump America, many of us feel badly bruised. We, as a band, understand this. We believe it is a mistake to see this incoming Administration as anything other than a threat to the livelihood of our brothers and sisters; the LGBTQ+ community, the Muslim ummah, women, POC’s, indigenous Americans, undocumented people, the working class, and beyond. At the same time, we believe it is a mistake to say that a man whose best assets are hate and fear truly represents America. We say this because America has always been an idea, a utopian concept of a multiethnic, multicultural democratic republic, and therefore its home lies in the imagination, not in the House or the Senate or in a Trump Tower. In the bridge of the song, we implore:

They will try to make you unhappy; don’t let them
They will try to tell you you’re not free; don’t listen
I know a place where you don’t need protection
Even if it’s only in my imagination

Let us push ourselves to imagine a peaceful America where no one has to live in fear. Let us continue to build spaces with our humble means that reflect the America of which we dream. Let us keep up the fight.

Let us keep singing for our lives.

ー Katie Gavin, MUNA

Sunday Times article - Zayn


 Zayn Malik’s eyelashes are epic. They ought to have their own Twitter account, like Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. They are long, matt and untouched by mascara, as I can report with authority from my seat next to this delicately beautiful man on a sofa in a cavernous photo studio just outside Paris. He appeared on set half an hour early and full of enthusiasm (“This coat is sick, man, I love the tailoring”) and pursued, as ever, by paparazzi who had followed him from his hotel, the Four Seasons George V, where he and Gigi Hadid are slumming it during Paris fashion week.

“Zigi” are the pop/fashion power couple of the moment. She has just appeared on her 19th Vogue cover, the inaugural Vogue Arabia (a nod to her father’s Palestinian heritage); he is currently finishing his second solo album and was in the recording studio till 5am this morning. The stakes are high because his first solo single, Pillowtalk, was No 1 in 68 countries. But after his years in One Direction, slogging away at the coalface of teeny pop, he is now his own man and enjoying it. Does he consider Paris fashion week, which he’s ostensibly here for (he sat front row at Balmain to watch Gigi walk), work or pleasure? “I don’t see any difference. I do my work and I have fun while I’m doing it.”

He flew to Paris to surprise Gigi as a romantic gesture. “She didn’t know I was coming,” he says. “I went up to the suite to knock on the door…” Pretending to be room service? “Exactly. But my number had changed to European on her phone, so it wasn’t much of a surprise in the end. She played along with it, though.” Ah, Gigi, such a good sport. “It’s been amazing spending time here with my girlfriend,” he says. “The food is always great here. Steak and mashed potatoes.” Living in LA, he’s missed the carbs. “In LA, you get your fresh fruit and your kale smoothies, but you don’t get yer potatoes.”

He hasn’t lost his Bradford accent, and it makes everything he says sound droll and unpretentious. “Bit raunchy, bit romantic, Titanic-like,” is how he gruffly describes his Fifty Shades Darker song with Taylor Swift, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, currently in the charts. He grew up in East Bowling, where his mum, Trisha, who is Anglo-Irish, worked as a school chef, while his British-Pakistani dad, Yaser, stayed at home looking after the four children. Has he taken Gigi home yet? “I’ve never took her to Bradford, not yet. She’s met my family in London a few times, though.”

After he left One Direction in March 2015, breaking a million teenage hearts and ending a hugely lucrative mini industry (the band is now on hiatus), he lived at the Beverly Hills Hotel for six months, eating room-service chicken wings, feeling the vibes of all the musicians who had to stay at the hotel, such as Frank Sinatra, and doodling lyrics for his solo album, Mind of Mine, on the headed notepaper. Then he bought a home in Bel Air. “Gigi’s been living with me this past year,” he says. I notice that he pronounces “Gigi” not as a Gallic caress, but like a northerner going to the races: Gee-Gee. “I call her Gee, she calls me Zee,” he says. “There’s some other nicknames too, but I’ll keep those private.” He smiles.

They’re a hugely visible couple, who have been together since late 2015, and play out their love affair in fashion magazine shoots and the sexy video they filmed together for Pillowtalk — in which Zayn sings a passionate chorus that “f****** and fighting on is our paradise and it’s our war zone”. Why a war zone? “I don’t actually mean it’s a war zone,” he says slowly. “It’s a… metaphor for different things.” I pull a face. Zayn. I think we can do a little better than that. He takes the hint, draws breath and digs a bit deeper. “Love hurts,” he says. “Love is hard. Maybe my experiences of love up to writing that album were new and hard.”

He was previously engaged to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, but they split in 2015. “I think there’s a strength in expressing emotion. If you were a guy, you used to have to be really masculine, but now expressing emotion is accepted and respected.”

When he published his autobiography last year, at the age of 23 no less, he came out as having suffered from an eating disorder, sometimes going for several days without eating at all. Headlines followed, such as “How Zayn Malik Is Shifting the Narrative of Men with Eating Disorders” in the Huffington Post. “It wasn’t specifically an eating disorder,” he says. “It was a control thing. Every area of my life was so regimented and controlled [the boys in 1D would sometimes have to go straight from playing a stadium to recording new material in the evening], it was the one area where I could say, ‘No, I’m not eating that.’ Once I got over the control, the eating just came back into place, super naturally.” He corrects himself. “Not supernaturally! Just really naturally. I came back to the UK and spent some time with my mum and got some TLC, and she cooked me food and I got back in touch, mentally, with a lot of the things I’d lost.”

How is his second album, due later this year, coming along? “They always say the second album is difficult, but so far I’m really happy with this one. There are real signs of growth and development. Hopefully, as a human being, I’m growing too, in my knowledge and perception.” Still, like so many, he gets “too wrapped up” in his social media. “I’m scrolling and scrolling and I’m, like, ‘I have to stop’, but I can’t, so I delete the app from my phone. And download it again the next day or whatever.”

He has deliberately surrounded himself with a music management team of strong, middle-aged women. Coming from a matriarchal family, he likes it that way. He seems in good hands. “I now have no problem with anxiety. It was something I was dealing with in the band,” he says. Did sharing his eating problem help? “Yes. People saw strength in that, and they didn’t seem to expect it from a guy, but they expect it from a female, which to me is crazy. We’re all human. People are often afraid to admit difficulties, but I don’t believe that there should be a struggle with anything that’s the truth.”

In One Direction he was tagged “the mysterious one”. “I have no idea why,” he says. “It was obviously a marketing strategy to appeal to different areas of female personalities and wants and needs. ‘I might want a cute one’, ‘I might want a cheeky one’, ‘I might want a mysterious one’, that’s all it was.” He’s smiling — he doesn’t seem bitter about having been a pick’n’mix pop puppet. “It’s cool, that’s life, I guess. I don’t really think of myself as mysterious, but maybe I am.”

He has a naughty, clever, playful side. He enjoys pretending to be his own evil twin, Rodger Malik. It’s a bit like Eminem’s Slim Shady. “Maybe it’s a psychological thing, or I’m creating an alter ego, but it’s fun to banter with your evil twin,” he says, rolling up his trouser leg to show me a tattoo on his calf that says “Rodger” in scrawled letters, near a tattoo of Jack Nicholson as The Joker. “He’s quite influential, that Rodger. He’s done a couple of songs on the new album. He’s off fishing today.”

Mysterious, possibly. Complicated, for sure. But Zayn seems at ease with himself. He’s pursuing new projects, including designing for Giuseppe Zanotti and some “regal, but street-inspired” looks for Versace Versus. “Actually, Gee helped me design for Zanotti. She’s a really good artist, really creative.” Donatella Versace commissioned Gigi to photograph Zayn and the British model Adwoa Aboah for a Versus campaign. “We shot it at the Chateau Marmont. It was just me, her and Adwoa. We got on a good vibe with it. There’s a dingy, rock’n’roll look to it.” How did Gigi take to being on the other side of the camera? “She didn’t have any problems taking photos,” he says. “There were no tantrums. She’s a really chilled person — she fell right into it.”

Donatella is more effusive, summing up their love affair: “They define the mood of their generation with their honesty, energy and love.” She’s got it. That’s Zee and Gee for you.

loveisalaserquest17  asked:

It feels a bit silly to come to your inbox since we're actually chatting but you're good and you're indulging me in this, so. I'd like to have a comparison between songs harry wrote, like a timeline of his writing characteristics, something that shows how he's grown in term of songwriting, and maybe a little flash forward to his solo album? I know you've already made posts about SG, IICW and WITW, but maybe you could sum them all up and starting from the origins? And including Don't let me go?

Thank you for this ask, Julie!

I looked through the list of songs available to the public for which Harry shares writing credit. 

2011: Taken, Everything About You, Same Mistakes

2012: They Don’t Know About Us, Summer Love, Still the One Irresistible, Don’t Let Me Go

2013: Story of My Life, Happily, Right Now, Something Great

2014: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (for Ariana Grande), I Love You (for Alex and Sierra), Not Our Fault (for Gavin Degraw)

2014: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket

2015: Perfect, If I Could Fly, Olivia, Walking in the Wind, AM

2016: Someday (for Michael Buble)

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Private Show - A Harry Styles Imagine

*Based on Private Show by Little Mix! 

It was the night of the Brit’s, you and your bandmates had a huge performance opening the show. There’s was always pressure to do a great performance any time you performed, but opening an award show with millions of people and other amazing, talented artists watching in the audience added to it.

 If the opening number wasn’t great, everyone would definitely be talking about it. You were in the car on the way to venue and to walk the red carpet. When the car arrives, one of the security guards helps you out of the car. As soon as you’re out of the car, you hear the fans waiting nearby screaming and chanting for you and your band. 

You look over at them and wave to them before walking over to them. You smile and sign some things for them and take one group picture with everyone. 


Harry had to admit that he was nervous going to the Brit’s that night. One Direction had been on their hiatus for over a year now and this would be his first appearance with the boys like this again and they all were focusing on their solo projects. He just hoped that the interviewers didn’t make it awkward by asking them if that meant they weren’t a band anymore or that they would no longer be coming back. 

But he did have to admit that it was nice being back with the lads again. Even though they all kept in touch with texting and phone calls here and there, he missed actually being around them. 

When the car arrived at the venue, Harry and the boys got out of the car and that instantly caused a massive chaos of screaming. It was official, they were back and Harry couldn’t remove the smile from his face even if he wanted too. 

As he was walking along the red carpet, he noticed there was someone in a purple dress practically running behind them. He realized that it was you and that you were trying to catch up with your group. 

“Sorry! Sorry!” You laughed as you were holding your dress. 

“You going to a fire, there Y/N?” Niall jokes. 

“Fuck off Niall!” You laugh looking back at him. When you turned your gaze back to look forward, you couldn’t help but catch eyes with Harry. 

He gave you smile and you kept running before finally getting with your group to take pictures and do interviews. 


This was it. The beginning of the show. You all were dressed in your outfit for the performance and you were warmed up. You were all set in place on the stage, you just had to wait for the curtain to come up and cameras to record. 

“They’ve sold millions of albums. They have produced hit after hit. They’re also nominated for British Video, British Group, British Single, and British Album of the year. Everyone give it up for your first performance of the night Y/Band/Name!” They announce over. 

The music starts, the curtain is pulled up, and you all hit your opening dance moves to the beat. 

“We’re touchin’, we’re teasin, we don’t need a reason, I got a feeling that soon we’ll be leaving. Right from the get go, you had me at hello…can’t wait so let’s go.. cause you’re the only one who’s taking me home!” You sing out before belting out in the chorus. 

One Direction was at the table near the stage and they were able to see the entire performance clearly. Even though there were four other girls on stage, plus all the back up dancers and lights etc in the background, Harry was only watching you. 

You were very attractive and you were really talented. You two had met at other occasions before and had mutual friends, so he knew that you were really nice and funny. You were close friends with Niall, growing up near each other, so he knew a lot about you. 

He had to admit that you would be his celebrity crush, if he were you know to have one. He always wanted to reach out and talk to you, but it never seemed like the right time, so maybe tonight would be the night. 


You all had done it! You smashed the performance and won every category you were nominated for, except for the video one, which went to One Direction. You were already pretty tipsy when you all headed to the after party, but you didn’t care. Tonight had been a great night and you weren’t ready for it to end. 

When you got to the party, you saw plenty of familiar faces. They all came up to you to congratulate you all and you would just smile. After about an hour of being there, you had to step out of the crowd for a bit and get a drink. While you were there, you noticed Harry standing near the bar talking with Ed and Bruno Mars. 

He looked over and noticed you. He gave you a smirk and a nod, which caused you to blush. You had met Harry before and knew him though mutual friends, plus Niall talked about him all the time, so you felt like you knew him. You sort of maybe, had a crush on him.. or more than a crush… really. 

When Harry had been talking to Ed and Bruno, he noticed you over at the bar. This was it, this was his time to make a move. It was now or never. So, he excused himself and went over to you. 

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiled at you. 

“Hey.” You smile. “How you been?” 

“Good. You?” He asked. 

“Great.” You smile. 

“Speaking of great, you were amazing tonight and congrats on the wins.” He smiles. 

“Thanks although, I’m a little bitter that you snagged our sweep of Brits.” you joke. 

“Oh, well, what can I say?” he jokes. “But are you too bitter to dance with me?” 

“Hm. I think I could put that aside for a bit.” You smile. 

“Good.” He says taking your hand and pulling you out on the dance floor. 

At first, it was just a bit of small talk and dancing, but as more and more songs started playing, the closer and more touchy feely you two got. At some point, your arms had made it around his neck and his around your waist. His face was inches from yours, you could feel his breath against yours. 

You didn’t know if it was the drinks you had consumed that night, the high that you had been feeling that entire night, or if it was just because you had been waiting for this moment for a while now that made you so bold in what would happen next. 

“Do you wanna get out of here?” You whispered. 

“More than anything.” He mumbled before releasing your hips from his grip and taking your hand and pulling you through the crowd. 

Harry didn’t even care about the paps that were outside snapping away that the two of you leaving together. All he could think about was getting out of there. 

When his car pulled up, he helped you inside and shut the door. He waited until they were far from the paps before he leaned over to kiss you. You immediately responded to the kiss by putting your hands in his hair. He smirked a bit and pulled you close him, keeping his hands on your back. 

Your leg was laying a bit awkwardly, so you kicked it over his leg to make yourself more comfortable, which got his attention. As he deepened the kiss, he ran his hands over your legs and up to the hem of your dress. 

Once the car got to his house, you two pulled away from each other just long enough to get out of the car, into his house and shut the front door before you two were on each other again. 

At this point, you went ahead and finished un buttoning the rest of his shirt and pushing both the shirt and the blazer he was wearing down his shoulders. He moaned against your lips when he felt you touching his chest and shoulders. He then removed his lips from yours and started kissing down your neck and pushing the straps of your dress down your shoulders. 

“As much as I like where you’re going with this…” you breath out. “Maybe we should move this to the bedroom?” 

He doesn’t say anything, he just kneels down, picking you up with your legs around his waist and carries you to his bedroom. By the time, you both made it there, your dressed had already been half unzipped and he finished the job once as soon as your feet touched the soft rug on the ground. You didn’t exactly care that your cute expensive dress was getting wrinkled by laying on the floor at that moment because all you could think about was how he was looking you up and down. 

You took his distraction as an opportunity to push him down onto the bed, so that you could straddle him. 

“Just so you know, we don’t have to go slow tonight… we can save that for a later time.” You smirk. 

“Perfect…” He mumbles pulling in for a kiss. 

Within seconds it seemed, the two of you were completely undressed and under the sheets. Even though, you told him not to go slow, he sure was taking his time with teasing you. You could feel the smirk on his lips on your thighs and you knew that he knew what he was doing. 

A few minutes later, he finally reached in the drawer of the table near his bed to grab a foil wrapper. He quickly, but careful put the condom on and he looked down at you. You smirked up at him and flipped him over onto his back, before straddling him again that night. 


What seemed like hours later, the two of you were entangled together as you were trying to slow your breathing. You both were covered in sweat and you were pretty sure there love bites all over each of your bodies. Harry’s hands were caressing your back and you were laying on his chest. 

“Well, that was fun.” you giggle. 

He laughed. “That was fucking amazing.” 

“I try…” You joke flipping your hair to the side. 

He laughed again kissing your head. “I want to cook you breakfast in the morning.” He whispered. 

“Is that your way of asking me to stay, Harold?” You giggle. 

“And if it was?” He asked. 

“Then I would say yes.” You smile. 

“And what about if I wanted to take you out for dinner?” He asked. 

“Are you asking me out for a date?” You say sitting up. 

He blushes a bit and nods. “Yeah…I mean if you want too. Or if you just want this thing between us to be a one time thing… I’d uh understand…” 

“Actually, I’d love to go to dinner with you and I don’t want this to be a one time thing… “ You whisper. 

“Good, because neither to do I.” He smiles leaning up to kiss you. 

You smile into the kiss before pulling away and laying your head back down on his chest. He kisses your head and cuddles closer to you before the two of you close your eyes and fall asleep. 

Hit It Fergie

I had to get this fic out of my system!

Fic Request.

(Y/T/N)- Your Twitter Name

Originally posted by ethan-support-group

“@(Y/T/N) you need to get Ethan to do this!”

“Please convince him to remake the video!” 

“I’m begging you! Get him to remake the vid!” 

The Tweets and messages flowed in like a flood. Complete with pleas and beggings from your boyfriend’s audience, plus a link to a very old video. 
As soon as you clicked play, your eyes lit up and you were running up to the office where Ethan was editing. 
“Ethan!” You cried as you rushed over to him. “I have an idea for your 1st of April video.” 
“Oh yeah? Let’s hear it,” He replied, his gaze still on the computer in front of him. 
You positioned the phone in front of Ethan’s face and pressed play. 

“Listen up, y'all, ‘cause this is it-”  

“Noooooooo!” Ethan slapped the phone out of your hand. Slamming a finger onto the screen to pause it. “No! That is not happening!” 
“Please, please, please!” You begged, wrapping your arms around him. “It’ll be so funny to see you do it!” 
“I’m not singing to that damn song,” Ethan grumbled irritably. You squeezed his shoulders, shaking him gently. 
“Come on, baaabe. It’ll be fun!” You whined. “Everyone wants to see it.” 
He crossed his arms and shook his head, “Nope. Never! I refuse!” 

“I hate you,” He snapped, only half angry. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” 
You couldn’t stop the massive smile that crawled across your face as you stood behind the camera. He sat down and had the laptop on with his old video up and sighed. 
Ethan’s eyes set on you standing behind the camera, “You are so not going to watch me do this.” 
“Oh I so am,” You replied with a chuckle. “I’m not missing this for the world.” 
“You can watch it when I’m done!” Ethan half yelled. 
“Nope, I’m staying here!” You stubbornly sat your ass on the chair behind you. Crossing your arms and smiling when he groaned. 
“Fine, but if you laugh I’m throwing you out.” He mumbled, fixing his hair before starting the recording. 
When the music started and Ethan began to sing, it took all of your strength not to burst into a fit of giggles. 
His mouth moved fluently with the lyrics, his body gently moving to the music. 
You were able to contain your laughter for a few moments, but as soon as Ethan did the “ I blow kisses” your body shook with stifled laughter. Ethan’s eyes flickered to you for a half of a second and his mouth curled in a smile and his lips fumbled with the words. 
“Goddamn it, (Y/N)!” Ethan laughed, pausing the video. 
“That was adorable!” You blurted through your giggles. “Oh my God!” 
Ethan shook his head, flicking his hair in annoyance. 

More than once Ethan blurted out with laughter because of your grinning face. Especially when the chorus came on and then Ethan motioned lifting weights. 
He sighed, only a little annoyed. Your giggles were making him smile too much to concentrate. 
“Go get a paper bag or something,” He joked as he restarted everything. 
“No, you’ll lock me out!” You said. “I promise I’ll hold on. I won’t laugh.” 
“You said that six takes ago!” Ethan exclaimed. “One more time, and if you laugh, I’ll get Tyler to carry you out.” 
You nodded, seating yourself down on the chair and holding onto the sides. 
Ethan managed to get through the whole song without looking at you and you got through most of the recording without so much as giggling. 
But when the song started on the final minute and Ethan started bobbing his head, you found it very difficult to control yourself. 
You started grooving behind the camera, silently dancing to the music. 
Shimming and crumbing as Ethan wiggled his shoulders and weaved his arms about. 
Just as the song came to a close, Ethan burst out laughing as you stood and started waving your hips in a ridiculous fashion. 
“I was so close!” He howled. “No, you’re so out of here!” Ethan launched himself at you as you crumpled with laughter. 
You tried to scramble away but Ethan grabbed hold of your waist and spun you around to face him. You squealed when his fingers dug into your hips, making you cry out and swat at him.
He drowned out your giggles with a kiss, ignoring the “is everything ok”’s from outside the door. 
“Now, get out of here before I do something else to keep you quiet,” Ethan winked, slapping your ass as he nudged you towards the door.

elysian: capitolo primo


Nico’s had a pretty shitty life. His best friend, sister, and mother all dead, and an abandoned father all coupled with being sent off to a new country, he isn’t sure if it’s cruel humor or sick coincidence that he got his soulmate mark at the worst of times.

Will’s had a boring life. Living what’s seemingly the same day on repeat, he wants out. He wants excitement.

Here’s the story of how they met.
[read on ao3]

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Dancing & Jealousy [Tim Drake x Reader]

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry updating has been scarce, school has just been a handful! I don’t know why but this fic was inspired by the song “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay + The Chainsmokers. It’s an awesome song! I hope you all enjoy this loves!

[P/n] - Partners Name


It felt like a normal day enough, you had a new job from you manager. You’re a dancer and have been casted to dance in a new music video. It’d be an understatement to say you ‘like’ your job. This is your dream job, you absolutely adore it. Getting to meet famous people, do what you love, and to make new friends with the people you meet at jobs, it’s amazing!

Tim supports your dancing 100%. You’ve been dating for about three months now. Both of you do your own thing a lot of times. Yes, you hang out and go on dates but you both aren’t very needy. He needs time with his work for Bruce and as Red Robin and you have rehearsals and training almost every day.

Today was no different. Except one thing, Tim decided he wanted to come watch your filming the video. He was finally pulling away from his computer for once. It left you a bit surprised when he asked if he could join you today, you warned him saying it’d probably get boring because there would be a lot of planning and working out steps today. Probably little filming.

But he was okay with it, saying he just wants to see what you do first hand. Which made you grin at him, very happy that he has interest in what you do. Maybe you could even teach him some moves some time.

Walking on to where you’d be shooting many people questioned who Tim was. Finding it adorable that your boyfriend wanted to come and watch you dance. Though Tim’s demeanor changed when you introduced him to your partner.

“[F/n]!” A familiar voice yelled. Looking over to it you saw your partner. He’s tall and muscular, definitely an attractive guy.

“Hey [P/n], ready for today?” You asked while walking over to him. He nodded, “Yeah, I’m ready to knock this out. They want to see a run through of the choreography though before we start planning the actual dancing in the video and recording.” Explaining what the director of the video had told him to relay to you.

“Who’s your friend?” he nodded to Tim behind you. Turning around you noticed his rather angry demeanor. Not thinking much of it you introduced him, “Oh, that’s Tim my boyfriend! Tim come here!” you waved him over. Reluctantly he came to your side, you missing the glare he sent at [P/n]. “Tim this is my partner [P/n].”

“Nice to meet you” [P/n] stuck out his hand. Tim took it strongly, “Yeah” replying shortly. “I’ll be over here” he kissed your cheek before retreating and leaving you confused.

“Uh excuse me a minute, I’ll meet you at the rehearsal” Quickly excusing yourself before chasing after Tim.

“Hey, Tim wait up!” Calling while catching up to him. “Where are you going?” Stepping in front of him to cut off his course. “To call Bruce really quick.”

“Is everything alright?” Your brows furrowed in concern. He nodded, “Yeah I’m fine.” Though you were unconvinced, “Well we’re about to rehearse, want to come watch and call Bruce after?” Intertwining your fingers with his. “[F/n] I-” He began but you cut him off, “Please, that’s why you came. No?”

He sighed in defeat before allowing you to lead him over to where you were rehearsing. Leaving his side you joined [P/n] to begin. The director calling out what he wanted to see, skipping over portions where they would be showing the band during the video. The song you were doing is “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay + The Chainsmokers.

Portions during the chorus were when you and [P/n] would be recorded and a few other parts. Getting ready to start you sent Tim a smile before the music began to play signalling for you to start.

Tim stood by watching, in awed by your dancing and the skill you have. However, he couldn’t help but feel angry. The dancing was rather intimate at times, not dirty dancing, just close. He didn’t realize he was the jealous type until right now. His blood would boil anytime [P/n] had his hands on you.

He understands that it’s supposed to seem like you’re a couple in the video but do you have to be so close? He about exploded when it came to a slower portion in the song where the both of you were touching noses. He had to step away about halfway through the first takes.

Walking away from the crowded area and finding a quiet space a ways away. The music barely audible. Sighing he pulled out his phone and dialed Dick’s number. He’s always been good to talk to when it comes to relationships.

He was tapping his foot impatiently while waiting for Dick to pick up. “Hey Timmy!” Dick’s cheery voice came over the phone. Tim was a bit nervous to talk about this, he had only told Bruce and Alfred about you.

“Hey Dick, can I ask you for some advice really quick?”


“So, uh. Do you ever get jealous? Like about a relationship?” Tim asked quietly even though he was alone. There was silence on the other end before he heard a gasp, “ARE YOU DATING SOMEONE AND DIDN’T TELL ME?” Dick yelled, causing Tim to pull the phone away from his ear, wincing.

“Um, maybe.” Scratching his neck nervously. “We’ll talk about this later, but what’s your question?”

“So, her name’s [F/n] and she’s a dancer. We’ve been together for about three months. Right now she’s recording this music video and her partner is Mr. Tall, Tan, and Handsome. And it’s intimate and I don’t know. I just feel like she could do so much better than me! I mean this guy has to have girls all over him and he can dance like her, I just gah! Dick what do I do?!” He babbled on in his frustration.

“Whoa, Tim slow down. First take a deep breath.” Tim did so before Dick continued, “Now if this girl didn’t like you she wouldn’t be with you, right? And who cares if the dance is intimate, it’s not like it means anything, it’s acting. Tim you’re a great guy and she obviously sees that, don’t sell yourself short.”

“Thanks Dick but I just can’t help but think that I’m not good enough for her. I trust her more than anyone and she know’s about Red Robin. Dick she’s perfect and I don’t want to screw it up.” Tim leaned against the wall. Though he hadn’t realized that everything had wrapped up and you were around the corner, trying not to eavesdrop.

“You won’t, just be yourself. I know that sounds cliché but it’s what works. If you trust her with your job as Red Robin then she must be something special. Just have confidence. Now I have to get ready for patrol tonight, if you’re really nervous and jealous about this guy just talk to her.” Tim smiled at the advice his brother had given him. “I will thanks Dick”

“No problem, now I better get to meet her. I can’t believe you’ve been together for three months and we haven’t met her. Am I the only one that knows?” He asked as Tim laughed nervously. “Uh, Bruce and Alfred know of her. Bruce wasn’t too happy when I told him that she knows, but he’s over it.”

“YOU TOLD BRUCE BEFORE ME?! WHAT THE HELL TIM!” Dick yelled again. “I didn’t necessarily tell him, he learned it himself, he is you know who.”

“Yeah but I better meet her soon! Got it?!” Dick laughed on the other end. “Yeah you will, I promise. Thanks Dick see you at home.” He heard him chuckle over the line, “No problem, go get your girl Timbers” He finished before hanging up.

Sighing he dropped his phone in his pocket before turning to see you standing there. You laughed nervously before walking up to him, he noticed the bag hanging over your shoulder. “I, uh, didn’t know you were the jealous type.” chuckling nervously.

He scratched the back of his neck, “Yeah I uh, didn’t know it either until I met Mr. Tall, Tan, and Handsome.” He noticed your smile drop, “You don’t think you’re handsome?” looking at him incredulously.

“Well I know I’m not as tall as him, or as tan, and I’m –” he began but you cut him off. “You’re handsome, smart, caring, strong, you believe in me and trust me, you treat me better than anyone ever has and I love everything about you. Yes, maybe you’re not 6 foot and don’t go to a tanning bed every weekend, but that doesn’t make you any less attractive. I find you 10x as amazing and handsome than anyone on this planet. Please don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough for me because you’re wrong. If anything I don’t deserve you.” Cupping his face in your hands.

Tim smiled, speechless. He leaned down and connected his lips to yours softly. Both of you relishing in the moment before he pulled away, “Thank you” he whispered. You giggled, “No problem, now let’s go to my place and watch a movie” taking his hand and tugging him with you.

Grinning he met your side and you leaned on his shoulder. Kissing your temple he thought, ‘Dick and everyone is going to love her, but not as much as me.’

You want me dead

(A/N): I was watching videos of the Jimmy Fallon’s show and I had this idea. I hope that you like it!

Warnings: None

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“Tell us, (Y/N). How came the idea of making a YouTube channel? Did you expected that I was going to be such a success?” 

 You closed your eyes for a second and smiled. “Well, the idea came because of my brother. He’s two years older than me and I remember that he was obsessed with bands like Green Day or Fall Out Boy. So one day he had the idea of dressing me up like Billie Joe Armstrong and take pictures.” the public started to laugh. You smiled even without understanding what was that funny.

 “Oh, yeah. The famous pictures.” the host laughed so you did too. It was the first time that someone interviewed you on TV, so you were trying to stay relaxed.

 “Yeah, the famous pictures. When we posted them in Instagram everybody started reposting them and it went viral in a couple of days. I still don’t know why.” everybody laughted again, but that time you stayed serious. “So, in the wake of the photos we opened the channel in 2013. We thought that it was a good idea. And that’s how we started making parodies about bands on the Internet.”

“But the point is that you’re not who sings in the videos and a little bird has told me that you can actually sing. And a lot of people like me want to know why.”

“Well, the fact is that my voice doesn’t sound very masculine. So, when we have to record a song, my brother is the one who sings.”

The host looked at you with both of his eyebrows raised up, you just shrugged. There was a moment in where everyone in the set was quiet, and you started to think if you said something wrong. “I’ve heard that you know how to imitate a singer who you have already met in person.”

Oh no, if that singer was who you were thinking about you’d die of shame. Though it was real that you could imitate him, you were on TV! There was a probability that he was actually watching you. Or worse, maybe the other member of that band was watching the show too.

“Could you show us who you imitate Tyler Joseph’s voice, (T/N)?” the host asked with you with a lovely smile. God, you couldn’t say no at that point. It would be rude.

He gave you a microphone and you took it nervously. “First of all.” you looked directly at the camera. “Tyler, if you’re watching this, please don’t hate me. I carry you in my heart.”

The public laughed and you did too. Now it’d been funny. You started to think about all the Twenty One Pilots lyrics that you knew and decided to sing the chorus of Tear In My Heart. It was one of your favourites and you died everytime that you watched the video. Your mind was trying to focus on the lyric but everytime that you looked at the host and saw him smiling like a little child, you wanted to start laughing.

The chorus finished and the public started to applaud. You got up and started bowing. Finally, it seemed like you were starting to be relaxed for the first time since the interview started. Now you were acting like the real (Y/N). When you went back to your sit, the host put a hand in your shoulder. 

“That was amazing. Without exaggeration I can say that you sounded like the Tyler. I closed my eyes for a second and it sounded like him.”

“Nah, you’re actually exaggerating.” you laughed, trying to make it less.

“If you don’t believe me why don’t you let Josh Dun to confirm it?”

“Wait, what?”

You stopped talking when you saw that Josh was in the set with you and he was getting close. You opened your mouth for a second, without being able to believe that he was there. He greeted the host with a handshake and you standed up prepared to say hello to him. Josh smiled when he looked at your eyes and then kissed your cheek. 

He took a sit next to you. Apparently, the bright haired boy would stay there until the end of your interview.

“Thanks for coming, Josh. We’re so glad that you’re here.”

“Thanks for inviting me. When they told me that she was going to be here I said yes without thinking about it.”

Thank you, Joshua Dun. Now your cheeks were red. Everytime that you looked at him he smiled. You were shook at that moment.

“Can you tell our dear (Y/N) what do you think about her impression pf Tyler’s voice?”

“It’s been incredible. You’ve got talent and the best is that you sounded better than him.” you laughed nervously. “I told you this the first time that we met.”

“You remember that day?”

“How could I forget it? You made me smile in half an hour more than in the whole day. And I loved your personality.”

You covered your face with both hands when the public said a long “Awwwwwwww.”

“How cute was that, Josh.”

“Thank you.” he answered with a laugh.

“You want me dead, don’t you?” you said to the drummer without stop smiling. “You can’t say that to a girl who had a crush on you.”

“You have a crush on me?”

“Had. On the past.”

“That breaks my heart, (Y/N).” the host seemed to be enjoying the conversation. “I have a crush on you. Have. On the present.”

You bit your bottom lip and smiled again. Josh looked at your eyes for a seconds and a smile were draw on his lips.

“Why don’t we stop the show here and we left this love birds here? It seems they have forgot about everything. I bet that they’re not listening to me.”

You were listening. But both of you prefered to look at each other without saying anything. Your crush for Josh Dun was coming back.

Though perhaps it had never left

anonymous asked:

Oh...I didn't know you aren't a singer! Reading your posts, I thought that you are. May I ask what your background is in then? I really enjoy your vocal posts. I am a die hard Louie and love his voice. That's what drew me into the fandom. Looking up stuff about his voice on youtube that eventually led me here. It's so unique, if not always on pitch. He seemed more loose and free earlier, even though he had no/less solos. I'm so angry that they shot his confidence down but am thrilled he has +

+ regained (some of) it back with project no control and now his solo effort. I feel his voice conveys so much emotion (sorry niall and liam. I did say I’m a louie!). Maybe because I am always listening more closely because his parts are small. IWTWYAS is so dreamy. LYG draws me in with that yearning and tension. I like watching videos after Z left and he sings almost all of LBD. I like how you can tell when he isn’t singing in the chorus because he really does carry many of them. In DFWYB
++ he doesn’t sing all the words in the chorus and you know. Same with RTR. “Cuz I wanna be” but he doesn’t sing free and I can tell. Of course all the studio versions are produced in a way that it’s harry or a lot of oohs and aahs instead of harmonies (I’m looking at you night changes!). Anyhow, sorry for the long post. It was meant to be about you and what you studied or do and I made it all about louis. Can you tell my love for him? Feel free to add on or tell me to bugger off.

Hi anon,

What a sweet and heartfelt fan message. I can tell your love for Louis, and I completely sympathize with the status he has in your heart.

You’re right, Louis’s voice is unique in its ability to convey so many genuine emotions simultaneously. Take “Just Hold On,” our only Louis solo song so far. The opening always, always takes me by surprise, no matter how many times I hear it, by its raw and honest yearning, its wistfulness. And by the time he sings, “What do you do when a chapter ends/ Do you close your book, and never read it again?”, I’m a mess. Yet he managed to convey a sense of hope and reassurance, too. The song is a musical embodiment of his courage when he sang at the X Factor performance.

The fact that fans can show him some love with Project No Control and Project Home (kudos to those who organized these projects), and give him any amount of confidence, makes me proud to be in this fandom. It’s the only fandom I know where fans consistently and persistently put in enormous effort to raise money for charitable causes, mirroring the enormous generosity of the band members. Even at their young ages, they have shown such genuine love toward charities. Louis, in particular, could be millions of dollars more wealthy if he wants to, but he has given so much, not only money but personal time and effort.

All the songs you mentioned have uniquely Louis contributions. The scratchy solos in “I Want to Write You a Song” reminds me of those nights on OTRA when the boys would perform even if they had a cold, shouting themselves hoarse. He does carry a lot of 1D choruses. His voice provides a unique contrast and “thickness” (as Harry said) to the 1D sound. He sings a lot of second verses because it’s the position in a pop song that needs special attention and interest. And of course, the iconic Louis solo at the end of “Something Great” gives meaning to the song title. The way his voice contrasts with Harry’s voice is a duo made in heaven– it has the beautiful contrast of two distinct textures, like “Leather and Lace” (the Stevie Nicks/ Don Henley song), but his harmonized chorus with Liam in “If I Could Fly” is also something incredibly beautiful.

And that’s not to mention his songwriting ability. We don’t talk much about “Love You Goodbye,” but Louis loves this song, and I really like it, too. It’s just a great pop song in the tradition of 1970’s pop ballads. And I like Louis’s solo, not just for the acrobatics of the octave leap, but also because he sings with the clipped vowels that reflect his Yorkshire accent. It adds personality to the song.

I’ve been involved in music most of my life, in performance and theory. I was a student in conservatory. I actually didn’t like One Direction’s music until Four, because of my bias against their boy band image, and because it was “too young” for me. I would hear “What Makes You Beautiful” on the radio and sneer at the transparent pandering to their demographic. The music video confirmed that bias.

Then I heard “Night Changes,” and I thought, no way is this One Direction. It sounded like an actual acoustic, folk-influenced ballad. The harmonies were a little bit bluesy and I loved that. And I really loved their voices, especially Harry’s and Zayn’s (though I couldn’t identify them at the time– I didn’t even know how many people were in the band). Then I heard “Fool’s Gold,” and I watched a “One Direction Funny Moments” video. The boys were different from what I expected. They weren’t “acting” cute. They were genuine and snarky and mischievous and uninhibited, and their voices were untrained but naturally beautiful. After I watched @freddieismyqueen’s videos on Larry Stylinson for two nights straight, until 2 AM each night, I thought, come on. There’s no way this is true. This is crazy. When I heard the song “Once in a Lifetime,” and the way Louis and Harry sang their verses, I thought, if Larry is true, it’s the most unbelievable, but also the most pure and beautiful love.

So I started evaluating evidence for myself, reading posts everywhere online. I followed the Occam’s Razor test of trying to fit evidence into the least convoluted explanation. I actually wasn’t convinced about Larry for ages. Then I sat at a One Direction concert and heard Harry sing, with my own ears, “And all his little things.” And RBB/SBB. What possible reason was there for all of the education about the history of closeted entertainers, and Stonewall, and the direct, unsubtle tie-ins with band members, particularly Harry and Louis?

But putting Larry aside, there’s no question in my mind that the Louis we see today has been through serious psychological trauma in the process of surviving One Direction’s contracts. Entertainment has notoriously open-ended legal arrangements that can take years to unwind– sometimes up to a decade. The fact is, we as fans can be impatient, but we don’t really know what’s going on, and the pace of resolution can be very, very slow. Just like the sale of majority shares of Syco to Sony– it took almost a year after the fact for the story to come out.

I love the passion of Louies. He really deserves the best fans. I don’t know about other people, but I will be here for as long as it takes, through all the smears, through all the falsehoods tabloids “report” about him. I know who he is. He has shown again and again who he is under duress. In the most challenging circumstances, he stands for those being bullied, he defends those who need to be defended, he is strong and kind, he puts himself in vulnerable positions to protect those he loves, and even those he doesn’t love– because of his ethics and courage.

Thank you for supporting him, anon. You picked a good person to love.

higherthanthebeasts  asked:

Your ficlets are my favourite thing, and a lovely salve to sooth my personal disappointment over TFP (but eh onwards and upwards yes?) Would love it if you wrote a little ficlet with sherlock comforting John and talking about John's childhood/upbringing - would be interesting to hear your thoughts on whether some of John's insecurities could stem from childhood/adolescence. (The sweeter and more tender the better - your work is fabulous!!! Hope you're having a good day!)

(Can be viewed as a sequel to this)

Sherlock knows John’s mother is dead. He doesn’t know how or when, or if his father is still alive or not- if so, presumably very estranged. There are gaps in John Watson’s life that Sherlock does not know how to fill, but he doesn’t want to- not until John’s ready, that is.

The first time John gives him a little window into his past, Sherlock is completely taken. He is making tea, and has turned on the radio (Radio 2, he thinks it was on, John’s default) and is vaguely humming along to whatever song is playing. 

He turns to give a cup to John and is astonished. John is leaning on the counter, hand covering his mouth, silent tears just starting to fall. 

“John!” He nearly spills the tea over his hand. “John, what’s wrong?”

John jumps and his hand moves from his mouth to touch his cheek. Of course, it comes away wet, but John seems surprised by his own tears. 

“Oh-um. Sorry. That- don’t know where that came from.” He pauses, breathes out, and obviously forces a smile to reassure him. “It… my mum loved this song.” And he says it so quietly, Sherlock could almost swear he hadn’t heard anything at all. He lets himself focus on the music.

“When I grew up, and fell in love, I asked my sweetheart ‘What lies ahead….?’” 

Sherlock considers John over his own mug of tea, and passes John’s to him. His tears have largely dried, and he’s now listening to the song with a very faint smile. Sherlock turns up the volume, and lets it all be, for now.

He can sense it, this quiet yet burning need John has to say… something. He doesn’t want to pry, and he definitely, definitely doesn’t want to accidentally do it all wrong and cause John to completely clam up. 

So, instead, he offers John a part of his past like an anchor. During dinner, he puts on a deliberately ‘80′s themed playlist. When the fourth song starts to play, Sherlock casually mentions, “Mummy always put this one on when we had parties.”

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Got7 Reaction: Their S/O Fangirling Over a Different Band

JB: Jaebum would be kind of angry at first. His initial reaction would be pure amusement, but the more you began to gush about the members and how much you loved them, his smile would begin to fade. Aware of how petty he was being, JB would give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day. He first began doing it because of how offended he was, but slowly he began just to take enjoyment of how frustrated you were. His grudge went away by hour four of his silence, but he still refused to speak to you, only communicating through nods. He almost broke his composure several times throughout the day, but finally did when you were getting ready for bed.

“You’re cute when you’re mad.”

Mark: Despite laughing it off as a joke, Mark would be a little more than irked by your outrageous response to a new album dropping. He was aware that you liked bands other than his own, but he did not expect for you to scream about how good your bias in the group looked. He would play the role of the good boyfriend, however, and buy the album for you. You would pick up on his demeanor pretty easily, for Mark isn’t very good at hiding what he’s feeling. You’d assure him over and over again that Got7 will always be your number one band, and he’ll always be your number one boy.

“Oh come on, Mark! You know that I love you guys a lot more than them!”

“Just wait until our comeback, Y/N. Just wait.”

Jackson: Jackson would instantly be jealous of the member in the band you talked about the most. Hearing you list off the things you liked about him would bring Jackson to think, “What does he have that I don’t?” He would simply sit back and watch you continue to talk about them, a sour look on his face. His frown would slowly dissolve into a loving smile, though, as he watches as your eyes light up while you talk. He loved watching you get so into talking about the things that you cared about, so he tries to get over his jealousy to see you be happy.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, keep going! What’s the leader’s name again?”

Jinyoung: “Pfff, that’s nothing!” Jinyoung would watch the screen intently as you showed him the band’s music video for the first time, talking about how much you loved all of the members as it went on. He would simply shake his head, saying how he could do any of that with no problem. You found it cute that Jinyoung was so jealous he had to try and prove himself over these people you had never met, and only idolized. Once the video was over, Jinyoung presses replay and begins to try and copy the dance moves as they happen. He mutters along with the song, only being able to really belt the chorus since he had picked up on that part the first time he watched it. His dance moves were sloppy, not holding the same precision as the ones in the music video. When it finished, however, Jinyoung stood proud, arms over his chest.

“Told you it was easy.”

Youngjae: Youngjae would be a little hurt hearing you talk about someone else so highly. His heart would sink as you begin to rave about your bias, saying how wonderful he is. He would put on a brave face, though, and beam at you with that lovely smile of his as you continue. You would notice something was off, though, as his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. He would quietly admit to you that he felt he was “lesser” than your bias when you asked him about it. You would pull him in for a tight hug and promise him that he’s all you’ll ever need, no matter what.

“I love you so much, Youngjae, you have no idea.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

BamBam: Bams would join in on your excitement. He would know that he outranked anyone else that you happened to listen to on a regular basis. He would find the way you sang along to their new songs and jumped around to them simply infectious, and couldn’t help but jump in mid-song. He would find your waist and twirl around the living room with you, belting the lyrics as loud as he possibly could. You would sing with him, barely getting the lyrics out past your laughter directed at your boyfriend. After each song he would pull you in for a quick peck, reminding you that he’s the only one you’ll ever need.

“BamBam you’re going to get us evicted!!”

[Continues to sing, making his voice even louder than before]

Yugyeom: Similar to BamBam, Yugyeom would know that he’s the main guy in your life. He knows that there is no competition in your relationship, since he is yours, and you are his. He would simply watch in amusement as you sang along, ranted about them, and even attempted to dance with them. He would help you with your dancing, straightening your arms and showing you which foot should come first. He finds it so cute that you are so passionate about something, even though it isn’t his own band. When you asked him if he were tired of hearing you talk about them, he simply shrugged it off with a smile and asked if you wanted to run through the dance again.

“Jagi, your right foot in front of the other, not the left.”


yay ! first reaction done !

I know this has been done about a million times but I thought I’d try my hand at it.  none of the gifs are mine !!