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Sky.eward shippers: Chloe is the captain of our ship! She loves it! She said so years ago!

Chloe Bennet: 

Sky.eward shippers: … ANYWAY SHE HAS BEEN HACKED

some 191 follows forever. YO...

(  Yo…—

Thank you. (ノ≧ڡ≦) ♥!

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I've never had a ruder guest in my life and I am pretty shaken up.

I don’t know… I just feel like this is the only place I can post something like this and I am really shaken up. I still have 4 hours left on my shift and I want to go home, my managers were douchebags about it and I only got 2 hours of sleep last night so… yeah. I’m having a rough one. And to also preface this, I am pretty shy and I have always hated confrontation, but weirdly this trait of mine flew out the window today and I stood up for myself which I never do.

Anyways I wanted to rant about the WORST GUEST that I have ever encountered in my life and my experience today. Looking at it now I feel like I probably wasn’t very professional at some points but I just didn’t really know what to do and it hit a point where I basically lost it.

So let’s just dive in. Guest= A.S.S. (Angry Shameless Scumbag)

Breakfast is from 7-10. Last night we were about 80% full and we have 97 rooms so for us we expected maybe 100 guests at breakfast. We actually got more like 200 guests and a family that brought in about 30 non-guests that paid for breakfast. We have a VERY nice breakfast kitchen compared to other hotels I have seen or stayed in. We were understaffed today and had one girl working breakfast. She is AWESOME and was working her butt off getting everything out.

So at the beginning at 9:45, ASS came up complaining about how our sausages and eggs were out. There were probably 20 people up at the kitchen counter and every table and couch in the lobby was filled. I told her that the breakfast lady was probably getting more ready, but that breakfast was ending soon so that was probably why. Her response to this was “Well that’s not my fault!” (and subsequently that was her response throughout the morning btw).

SO. I offer to ask the breakfast worker if she is doing okay and needs help and inquire about why the meat is out (even though I already know) and ASS decides to follow me into the kitchen while I do so. I ask her awkwardly since I had intended to privately warn the breakfast lady about ASS, but now with her standing there I felt like I had to put my breakfast lady on the spot. I was super nice about it though, and said something like, “Hey our meats are out, can I help you so it goes a little quicker?” Something similar. She was nice and said to us that they were cooking.

ASS was not satisfied with this answer… and she proceeded to follow me out to the kitchen in front of all our guests. She began to loudly tell me that her children wanted eggs and there were none. Let me reiterate, this was peak breakfast hour with about 100 people in the room. It was crowded. It was AWKWARD. It was infuriating. At this point, my maintenance man and breakfast lady and I are all helping restock cereal and milk and yogurt, the things that we COULD restock ya know? But because I’m the customer service person she focused on me.

I remained calm and collected the whole time during THAT encounter, and kept saying “Well ma'am we actually do have food out. It’s just the eggs and sausages that are not done cooking yet.” She wouldn’t have it. She demanded to see a manager. (This is all STILL in the actual breakfast area.) I told her It’s a Sunday, we don’t have a manager on site, but she is welcome to leave her a note. She finally left. Everyone noticed and a lot of guests gave us some sympathetic eyerolls… which was cool.

Anyways a few minutes later I’m back at the desk and here comes ASS. I’m ready for her with my manager’s card so that I can get rid of her quickly. She first starts saying how we are going to comp her room for this. I probably was ruder than I should have been, but here’s our conversation:

ASS: I will be talking to your manager and I want my room comped, I want you and your breakfast lady written up, and I want you to pay me for my breakfast.

Me: Oh, ma'am, chuckle we won’t comp your room for this.


ME: No, I doubt we will since you came down at the very end of breakfast during a rush and we were doing the best we could.

ASS: Say that again! (She then proceeds to hold up her phone to me).

ME: Um EXCUSE ME? Are you videoing me?

ASS: You bet I AM!

ME: You better delete that right now. I am dead serious. You have absolutely no right to take a video or picture of me without my consent.

ASS: Oh i’m not deleting ANYTHING! (Snaps more pictures of me)

ME: If you don’t delete that right now I will literally call the cops on you.

ASS: Okay I’m deleting them I’m deleting them. But this is disgusting. You are a disgusting person, this hotel is disgusting and nasty (we’re like a super clean and nice hotel…) And I will never give you my business again!!! (Oh trust me, we are fine with that!)

She wrote down my name on the card and I didn’t see her after that.

So while that whole encounter sucked and it was embarrassing, and the entire lobby filled with guests saw it happen twice, I was REALLY bothered that she went after ME! I have nothing to do with breakfast. I will obviously help if needed but I am not to blame for slow breakfast service, and she didn’t even address the actual breakfast lady! It was just weird.

Anyways I wrote it alllll down for my manager to read in the morning. But here’s the even WORSE part of the whole thing. I had to call my GM earlier in the day because I am fairly new and didn’t know where the key was to get into the safe to get our rolled coins for change. She didn’t answer and there were 3 people needing change, so I called our sales manager (who used to be the front desk manager and knows everything). Apparently we aren’t supposed to call her, because I got a call back from my GM chewing me out for calling the Sales manager, even though she didn’t answer!! That sucked, and then since I had her I decided to warn her about the mean complaint she would be getting. She chewed ME out saying it’s MY fault that I didn’t check the food (I’ve literally never been expected to do that) and help breakfast. She said “Well that’s on YOU” because we ran out of meat. It was a SUPER busy front desk morning and I could barely step away for half a minute…. what does she want from me??

Idk. I’m pissed at the WHOLE thing. Mean guests are one thing… we all get them from time to time and you just move on from it. But not having a manager that backs me up? Well that’s really hard on me, and I am struggling a lot with this. I used to have a GM who was AMAZING and told us he always trusts our judgment. I miss that so much…. Ugh. Sorry for this long rant, but I have had a very bad day.

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I just ordered some shampoo which doesn’t sound that exciting but there’s a new website that lets you take a “hair quiz” and you tell them all about your hair (type, structure, how oily it is, what your hair goals are) and their chemists will make a shampoo for you (you even get to pick the color!) Anyways, it’s functionofbeauty.com and if you want $5 your order (and their shipping is free) you can use this referral link:  functionofbeauty.com/?ref=58db3f7d2b84f

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But reading tags is the best! It's like getting a peek into someone's mind. I really love it a lot. But I also always forget that people ome times read the tags, but that's also the charm.

So do I have to be careful with what I write in the tags now?

Hey guys! I’ve been working on a side-blog for a while now and have just recently finished uploading all of my Amedot art to date over there. Sorry to those that witnessed me accidentally posting them here. ;) 

Anyway I’ve wanted to start interacting with the amedot community more and felt like another blog is needed.

You can find it here… https://ultraviolet-art.tumblr.com/

Signal-boosting this would be very much appreciated. Thank you for the support! =)

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Hi, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your posts, especially about Tae and GinTae. I have been wondering why there is so much hate toward Tae wherein fact she is a great character who contributes so much to the development of the Yorozuya trio. Tae and GinTae fans get a lot of flame, and whenever I say I am a GinTae shipper, many fans that I talk to find it weird. It also hurts me when they bash her in online forums.

Meh, it’s shipping. Ship whoever the hell you want, it’s not my job or anyone else’s to tell you what you can or can’t like. Otae gets a lot of hate for being violent or whatever, but virtually everyone in Gintama is violent at one point or another. Otae gets singled out because she’s a strong female with a great relationship to Gintoki and that makes her a “threat” to people since she then “gets in the way of their ship.” Dumb stuff like that LOL I really like her and think she’s great! I enjoy when she shows up in the manga and anime!

Wings Tour

Okay! Fair warning, this post will be long. I’m gonna talk about my entire experience. Also giffing was taking too long so I’m sorry but you’ll have to settle for my very shitty fancams.

So first off I just want to thank my wonderful friend Erin who went with me, AND drove the 9 ish hours to and from Newark (we live in NC). She’s a champ.
Anyway, so my scheduele was basically:

  • Wednesday: drive from school to home - 5 hours
  • Thursday: drive from home to Pennsylvania - 8 hours
  • Friday: drive to Newark - 1 hour, concert, drive back to PA - 1 hour
  • Saturday: drive back home - 8 hours
  • Sunday: drive back to school - 5 hours

So if anyone was wondering if I had died in the past few days, I did lmao

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Hi, this is Mod Sully from incorrectfeaquotes! Sorry for the roundabout way of sending an ask. You can just send us an ask in response or whatever. Anyway, I absolutely love your blog and your FE hacks. You are a frickin wizard with coding and you’re also super sweet. Would it be alright if I made a post and promo’d your blog and hacks and such on incorrectfeaquotes? No pressure, I just wanted to check if you were okay with it.

*fangirl squeal* YOU CERTAINLY MAY!!!! i love your blog omg and you most certainly may do a promo for me if you really want to ;_; thank you, i’m flattered, godspeed

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I can tell you that the hatters are 100% being trolled. Lollie did have a child on March 16 but her name isn't Odile, it's Daphne Rosemund-Marguerite.

What the fuck???? oh come on man you can’t leave me hanging like that

and i swear to god you better not be fucking trolling because that’s NOT cool

anyway so you’re like an acquaintance of lollie right? and you’re like saying that she’s not the surrogate? come on i promise i won’t tell anyone if you don’t want to, just for my peace of mind im dying here come on! and do you have access to lollie’s facebook? that’s how you know that someone changed the name? or is the whole announcement post fake?

or can you just tell who is trolling us if you know pretty please?? please relieve me of my pain of being in the dark T-T

and can i just add that my name is chloe and im born on the 16th of march (im not even kidding that’s the truth) and so daphne and i are the REAL ballet duo in this town (you all know the ballet by maurice ravel based on the grec text daphnis and chloe right?) not that fake ass odile/odette thing and it’s fate that brought you in my inbox okay? so PLEASE answer! i just want a little truth in this world of lies

come on you can’t just turn your back to fate!

but thanks though! it’s good to know we are really being trolled and the swan lake thing is fake

(the thanks are sincere only if you’re not a troll)


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                   What are your 3 favourite fictional characters?                

   I guess these are MCU versions? Since Loki is nonbinary in the comics (though superhero comics canon keeps changing)    

MCU versions are my favorites but like… I’m a nonbinary person who’s transitioning from f to m so nonbinary Loki is my jam!!! I just didn’t mention it here. Anyways, his masculine form in MCU is very dear to me in a way what kind of a person I want to be when I’m masculine.

And yes, I talk about myself as woman, man and nonbinary person, depending on the day as I’m very fluid with my gender.


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss)