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Honestly? I’ll be happy to pay to watch the Seoul concert. I only became a BABY this year, and I rly wanted to go to LOE earlier this spring, but traveling to where the concerts were held was impossible in the middle of my studies. Paying for the ticket would not have been the issue, even though I am just a poor student.

I don’t know if these money will just go to TS, or if B.A.P gets to see any of it, but in any case I wanna support them by numbers. I want TS to know that these boys have a huge following all over the world that always wanna see them perform and won’t mind paying for it.

And I know watching it on a screen won’t be the same thing as seeing them irl, but it’s the best I’ll get this year, so I’ll gladly work for it.

Today's the day

We stayed up till 3 last night, laughing and talking about who knows what and just being happy and we’re both awake and we haven’t been awake not even for 5 minutes and we’re both crying. This is going to be so hard and I feel like I can’t handle him leaving again I just want him to stay

The Bodyguard (Fanfiction) Chapter 8

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Kayla’s POV

It had been a month since Luke and my out burst. We hadn’t said anything about it, or even talked to each other for that matter. I want to talk to him, I do, I just don’t know what to say. 

We got a hotel in Paris, Ashton, Calum and I in one room, Luke and Michael in the other. 

Since it was 5 a.m. and no one else was awake, I quietly tip toed out of the room, going down to the lobby. 

“Bonjour” The lady at the front desk greets. “Puis-je vous aider?” She asks, thank god I took french for all of my school life. “Un café s'il vous plaît.” I say, ordering a small coffee. The lady nods. going to the back.

“ Faire que les deux cafés.” A deep voice says behind me before the lady completely disappears. “Hey stranger.” I say, turning to face a sleepy Luke. “Morning sunshine.” He smiles weakly. “Where’d you learn how to speak french?” I ask. “Self taught over the past four years.” He shrugs. “Il est parfait pour parler sale.” He rasps, his left eye dropping into a wink. Cheeky little bugger…

I roll my eyes and the lady comes back with our coffee’s. “Je vous remercie.” Luke and I thank the lady at the same time. 

“I think we should talk.” Luke says before taking a sip of his hot drink. I nod in agreement. “No one is in the suite right now, it’s perfect.” He says, going into the hall. We make our way to the suite, him unlocking the door. He was right, no one was in here. 

I close the door behind me, placing my coffee on the nightstand before sitting down on the very soft mattress. “We kissed.” He immediately says. “And I liked it, I really liked it.” He says. “It wasn’t like those rushed kisses, this one felt, different.” He blushes, his fingertips lightly brushing his lips. “I liked it too.” I blush, sitting on my heels. 

“So… Does this change anything?” He asks, starting to approach the bed. “I-I don’t know, how would that look on you’re record.” I say. There is no way that moving on from a relationship in a month would look good on him. “They don’t have to know right away. Only us.” He explains, sitting on the bed. “Maybe we could tell the guys too, but that’s it. We’ll tell the world once you’re ready.” He offers, his bright blue eye’s shinning. “Okay.” I smile. “Makayla Mills, will your gorgeous self be my lovely girlfriend?” He asks, taking my hand in his, pressing his lips to my scar. 

I blush, nodding. Luke’s smile gets wider, his arms wrapping around my waist, pulling me on top of him. “I promise I won’t fuck up this time.” He whispers, his hands gently massaging my bum. “It’s your last shot, Hemmings.” I joke, resting my body on his chest. 

His hands gently rub my sides, his chest rising up and down. “Who would’ve guessed that we would get back together.” He laughs lightly. I smile, shrugging. I take a moment to inhale his scent, faint cologne and vanilla.

“ We should probably go to our rooms.” I moan as Luke rubs my butt again. “You can stay in my room.” Luke suggest, sitting up. “Are you sure?” I ask, now sitting in his lap. “Yes, It’s lonely in my room. Michael doesn’t like cuddling with me.” He pouts. “Fine.” I sigh, getting off of him.

Luke and I go into his room, which was a lot colder than the hallway. I pull the sleeves of my blue sweater over my palms,holding them up to Luke’s face. “You gonna’ kiss me now?” He asks cheekily. I shake my head before bringing his lips to mine. Luke’s arms wrap around my body, pulling me closer to him. The kiss sent butterflies to my stomach.

 Luke pulls away, smiling. 

“You’re lips are the sweetest.” He says, gliding his thumb over my bottom lip. “Mm.” I hum, my eyes fluttering closed. “I can’t wait until we go on break.” He whispers, running his fingers down my arm, lacing our fingers together. “We can go to Aus together and then we’ll come back to LA where I’ll spoil you like the princess that you are.” He continues. “I’ll be like your sugar daddy, except only two years older than you.” He laughs, running his other hand through my hair. 

This side of Luke was something that I’m not used to. He’s so soft and delicate toward me and I absolutely love it. Luke lays back, me laying on top of him. “I’m not tired, but I should go to sleep.” I laugh, pressing my ear to his chest, listening to the steady thump of his heart. “You can sleep in the dressing room if you need to.” He says, playing with my fingers. “I want to watch the show.” I pout. “We’ve got 40 more shows that you can watch.” He laughs, making me blush. 

“I know, but we’re in Paris. Everything is better in Paris.” I say, resting my chin on his chest. He looks down at me, his eyes sleepy. “I guess you’re right.” He says, his lips curving into a smile. “I am, I’m always right.” I huff, getting off of his stomach. “Where ya’ going?” Luke asks, propping himself up on his elbows. 

I shrug, not really knowing what to do. It’s 5:30 a.m. and everyone is asleep. “I want to do something, but there is nothing to do.” I sigh. “I can think of something” Luke whispers, pulling me back into him. “It involves two people, usually who show interest in each other.” He begins to explain. “It start’s with a kiss, and then, one person takes the lead and does this.” He says before kissing my neck. 

“Luke, we aren’t going to have sex with Michael in the bed right across the room.” I warn, completely denying that his assault felt good. “I know, princess. I just want to mark your body.” He growls. “W-What?” I stutter. “I’m going to leave love bites all over your body. from your neck to your hips.” He smirks. I turn around to face him. He smirks, laying me down. “Is that okay with you, babygirl?” He asks,lifting up my sweater. his lips gently attack my belly. 

I can’t help the giggles that escape my mouth as his facial hair tickles my exposed skin. Luke sucks and bites on the flesh, swiping his tongue over the newly made bruise.  He moves up, creating a line up to the wire of my bra. 

Luke lifts my sweater over my breasts, his calloused fingertips running along my soft skin. He plants kisses to my left breast, leaving his mark there as well. “Lu.” I moan quietly. “Mm.” He hums, pulling away. I look at his prominent collarbones. Running my fingers over his collar bones, I sit up, pulling my shirt down. I desperately wanted to give his chest hickies all over, but I know that he can’t have too many. 

“Can I give you one?” I ask sweetly. Luke nods. “You don’t have to ask.” He laughs slightly. I shake my head and lean in, kissing his collar bone. I bite on the skin, sucking harshly. Luke throws his head back, letting out a low chuckle. Once I’m done with my mark, I place one last kiss on it. 

“Princess.” Luke says, breaking the silence. “Yes?” I ask, playing with the ends of my hair. “I love you.” He smiles. “I love you too.”

 “Princess?” Luke calls out for me. “Yes?” I sing, walking to where they were rehearsing. “Can you ask Julie to make some tea?” He asks sweetly. “My throat hurts.” He explains. I nod before going to walk away. “Wait!” He yells, holding his throat soon afterward. “Can I have a kiss first?” He asks with hopeful eyes. 

He’s being so cute I can’t handle it. “I quickly skip over to him, kissing his cheek. “Noo..” He whines. “What?” I laugh. “I mean a real kiss.”  He laughs, looking down at me. I playfully huff, getting on my tippy toes to touch my lips to his. I pull away after a quick peck but Luke pulls me back in for more.  

“Hey Lu- oh my god.” Michaels says, making us quickly hop off of each other. “You two aren’- when did- how?” He asks, holding a hand to his head. I pull the sleeves of my shirt over my palms, crossing my arms over my chest. “Oi! Kayla and Luke are back together.” Michael yells to the boys, causing me to blush even more.

“You owe me 50 bucks!” Calum shouts. “What happened to you and her?” Michael asks, referring to Arzaylea. “We ended things over a month ago.” Luke explains, his voice rocky. “Oh, well everyone still thinks you guys are together and I think it has to stay that way until august.” Michael mutters, scratching the back of his neck. Luke groans as if he remembered something. “What?” I ask, slightly on edge. 

“My relationship had to last a year.” He groans, rubbing his nose. “So you have to be with her for 4 more months?” I ask now upset. “Yes.” He whines, rubing his throat. “Okay Lu, shut up until I get your tea.” I say, to which Luke nods. “So you and Arzaylea are still together and I’m kind of just awkwardly dating you.” I say, the disappointment clear in my voice. “Perfect.” I mutter sarcastically before walking into the kitchen, brewing a pot of tea. 

Once the tea is hot, I add honey and milk, just how Luke likes. I come back with the black mug in hand, stealing a sip before giving it to him. “Thank you princess.” He smiles sweetly. His smile fades when I don’t return it, instead, he walks over to me, placing the mug down. “Princess, please.” He pleads,his hands on my hips. My arms fall from my chest and I lean my head on his chest. “I’m sorry.” He whispers, gently drawing circles on the arch of my back.

“It’s not your fault, management is being a prick and you can’t do anything about it.” I say, listening to the thump of his heart. “It just kind of sucks on my part.” I laugh lightly, trying to brighten the mood. “Well, since we get our own hotel room tonight, I’ll make it up to you.” His left eye drops into a wink. 

I bite my lip slightly, placing my hand on his chest. “Sounds good.” I flirt. “Feels good.” Luke kills the mood. “Nice going you fuckwad.” I laugh, pushing him. “I’m sorry, it was an open opportunity.” He laughs, his nose crinkling and eyes shutting. 

“Thank you for the tea darling.” He fakes a British accent. “You’re welcome, my Prince.” I say, pecking his lips lightly.

“Goodnight Paris!” Calum shouts before running off the stage, followed by Michael, then Ashton. Luke is the last one off the stage, holding his wrist while wincing. “Lu, what’s wrong?” I ask, walking next to him. “I think I twisted my wrist.” He says, extending his fingers. “Well you can move it, that’s good.” I smile. “Yeah, but it hurts like hell.” He says. gripping tighter on his wrist. We walk to the dressing room, Luke still hissing at his wrist. “I’ll give you ice and we’ll see how it feels after that.” I explain, going to find the ice pack. I wrap the ice around his wrist, causing him to pout at the cold temperature. 

“What even happened?” I ask Luke, sitting next to him. “The dumbass did a guitar toss in the dark.” Calum scoffs. Idiot. “Why would you ever do that?” I ask. “Look, it was a quick stage switch and we were running behind schedule.” He mutters. I shake my head, chuckling at his hurry. “Don’t be stupid next time okay? That could’ve gone way worse.” I warn. Luke nods shyly, looking down at his hand. 

Luke’s phone buzzes and he pulls it out of his pocket, briefly looking at the screen before groaning. “What’s wrong mate?” Ashton asks. “She’s here.” He explains, his head still leaning on the back of the couch.Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any different. I’m used to this and since Michael had told me that they have to date for the next 4 months, I’d rather just deal with it than complain about it on a constant. 

“I’ll see you at the hotel.” I say, swinging my bag over my shoulder. “Wait- Why are you leaving?” Luke asks from the couch. “I don’t want to be here when your girlfriend comes back.” I shrug, walking out of the room, going to the front of the arena. 

I jog away from the venue, a few fans stopping me to get pictures. “You’re actually the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life.” I girl with Blue hair says. The sides were shaved and she had long bangs. “Thank you.” I blush, she was stunning herself. She had gorgeous green eyes and nicely shaped lips, she must’ve been at least 5′4 and she was quite curvy. “I’m Madison.” “Makayla.” We introduce ourselves. 

“So what are you doing out here?” She asks, walking alongside me. “I’m going back t my hotel, trying to avoid an awkward encounter with my ex boyfriend and his current girlfriend.” I mutter. “Who’s your ex?” She asks. 

I look at the huge 5 Seconds of Summer billboard and point to Luke. “The blond one.” Madison gasps, her face showing excitement. “You’re Makayla Mills aren’t you! Oh my god I didn’t recognize you!” She squeals. I laugh lightly at her excitement. “Wow, not to be rude but you really filled up.” She says, gesturing to my chest. “Thanks… I guess.”

Madison’s eyes widen in realization. “Oh shit I’m sorry, I must sound like some weird fuck staring at your tits.” She laughs awkwardly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “It’s fine, I knew what you meant anyway.” I smile, easing her embarrassment. 

“How long are you in France?” She asks more confident. “2 more days.” I say. “Well, maybe one of those two days you’d like to go out to lunch with me?” She asks me out. 

I don’t want to say no, considering that Luke and I are kind of a thing. But then again, he has to date Arzaylea for the next 4 months… So we can’t really do anything that a couple would. He’ll be fine withit.

“I’d love to.” I blush. Madison breathes out, a bright smile gracing her features. 

We exchange our numbers and say our goodbyes, Madison walking to her apartment and me waking to the hotel.

I adjust my tie dye socks over my shins and adjust my sports bra, checking instagram. I scroll through a few videos and pictures before getting interrupted with the door opening. “Hey, Kay.” Luke yawns, throwing his bag down. “Hey Lu.” I say, still looking at my screen, where Madison had texted me. 

Mads <3:

Hi love, I was wondering if tomorrow was a good day for our date. I want to take you to this cute little restaurant near the Eiffel Tower :)

“Who is that?” Luke barks from behind me. I jump forward, dropping my phone on the carpeted floor. “You scared me.” I laugh, turning to face him. He looked beyond pissed off.

“Who is texting you, Kayla.” He says, his voice somewhat rough. “It’s Madison, I met her out side of the concert and she asked me out.” I explain. “You said yes?” HE asks, his eyes narrowed. “Yes Luke, I said yes.” I say, going to walk passed him. “So you’re just going to cheat on me like that? Some girl asks you out and you leave me for her?” HE asks. Now that I hear it like that, it sounds really bad. “In my defense, you have to date Arzaylea for 4 more months while I have to pretend like that’s okay.” I say, a little frustrated. 

“That is because of my management! I can’t do anything about it!” He yells. “I know that Luke, I’m just not looking forward to it.” I mutter, picking my phone back up. “So you’re just going to dump me and go for some girl you met on the street?”  He asks, taking his lip in between his teeth. “I’m not dumping you, We’re taking a break.” I say. “A 4 month long break.” He hisses. 

“What do you want me to do Lu? I’m just supposed to sit here and wait until you can be seen in public with me instead of my cousin? I’m soory but I can’t put myself through that.” I say, before sending Mads a quick text saying that tomorrow was perfect.

“No, of course not, I just didn’t want you to move on that quickly.” He sighs. “I’m not moving on Luke, It’s just a date.” I reassure, running a hand through his bangs. 

“I don’t want to have to put you through this.” He whispers. “It’s for your job Luke, It’s fine. I get it.” I say. “I know, I still want to be with you. I want to go back to 2013 where it was just you and me and we didn’t have to worry about our image because at that point, we didn’t have an image.” He vents. lacing his fingers with mine. 

The mood change was pulling a number on me right now. We went from angry to frustrated, to calm. 

“Can we please spend the day together? We don’t even have to go outside, we can stay in and cuddle or watch a movie.” He offers. “Can I do your makeup?” I ask, looking up into his blue irises. “Sure, whatever you want.” He smiles, nudging my nose with his. “Perfect.” I whisper, planting a light kiss on his lips. “I’m going to get dressed.” He says, heading into the bathroom. “Okay.” I say, putting my phone on the plug before curling up under the covers. 

Luke gets in behind me, wrapping his arms around me, cuddling me into his chest.  “Goodnight, princess.” He whispers into my shoulder. “Goodnight, prince.” I say, my cheeks blushing a pink color. 

Luke’s soft snores against my neck were the only thing that I could hear in the large hotel room, his legs tangled in mine and arms tightly wrapped around my waist. I twist around so that I was facing the sleeping blond boy, a light smile gracing his pretty pink lips. 

I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to stay away from him in public, It’s already hard enough. I watch as his eyes flutter as if he were dreaming and he groans softly. He’s probably exhausted from last night’s concert. 

“Kay.” He moans, his eyes still shut. “Yeah?” I ask. He doesn’t respond, his breathing rapidly increasing. He lets out another moan, burying his face into my neck. 

He’s having a wet dream… I lightly palm his length through his sweatpants, making his eyes shoot wide open. “Kayl-oh.” He moans, his eyes closing. “Morning, prince.” I whisper, still massaging his hard-on in my palm. “Mm, morning princess.” He says, his voice deep with sex. “What were you dreaming about?” I ask innocently, climbing onto his lap. “You.” He says, opening his eyes. 

“What was I doing?” I ask, lightly circling my hips. “Mm. You were taking my rock hard cock into that pretty little mouth of yours.” He says, tapping his finger against my bottom lip. “Infact, You were taking me so well. I slid down your throat and it felt so good.” He rasps. 

I stop moving my hips and switch my direction, so that I was facing his legs. “You wanna feel like that again?” I ask, pressing a kiss to his clothed erection. Luke moans and I take that as an answer, slipping my hand under the band of his pants. I take his rock hard member in my hand, pulling it out, his beet red tip oozing precum. I lick my lips before giving his slit a small kitten lick, Luke’s hands going to grip my hips. 

I take his length into my mouth, swirling my tongue along his tip. I take him down my throat, his length hitting the back of my throat. Luke lets out an animalistic groan before he’s rudely interrupted by a knock on the door. “Luke? I’m told we have to spend the day together.” Arzaylea whines from the other side of the door. 

I release his cock from my mouth with a ‘pop’ . Luke whimpers from behind me, frustrated with his current situation. “Sorry Lu.” I shrug. getting off his lap.”Have fun with you’re ‘girlfriend’.” I say, using air quotes around the word ‘girlfriend’.

I let out a light sighbefore passing Arzaylea to go to Calum’s room

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Are you okay?

Okay so like
I have a habit of obsessively looking into things
And I saw a friend posting about the Marina Joyce situation and it really freaked me out?? So I’m looking into everything and the more I find out the more scared I’m getting and I’m really freaking out about it

And it’s come to the point where I’m on the verge of a panic attack like I need to help, I want to help I want her to be safe but there isn’t anything I can do so I’m just trying to calm down

She’s alive and live streaming rn, but I’m still really scared like what if shes being abused?? What’s going on I’m so worried for her??
I’m just gonna draw and calm down and not freak out but I would just
I would like to call someone but no one is awake rn and I’m just

Okay so here’s my best plan in regards to actually getting some sleep during the hunt. I go to bed pretty soon (it’s midnight right now) and wake up at 8 because by then it will be just around sunrise in Oregon (it being 6 am there) so if someone wants to go out first thing in the morning I should be awake for it.

MY ONLY PROBLEM: What if someone figures it out in the dead of night and, I know gf fans so I know this could happen, goes out to find it even if it’s pitch black out?

He was so awake and alert this morning.. he’s been sleeping since. I just want to cuddle him right now since I work at 4, but I’m practicing putting him to nap in his pack and play so he doesn’t require being held constantly. He’s totally fine sleeping there, but I miss his cuddles haha

just some important things to note since yoongi will be releasing his mixtape soon and it is best to clear matters up now before any kind of stuff occurs.

not everyone will like it, that is guaranteed, but please do not voice such thoughts in direct / tagged tweets to bts or on their soundcloud. yoongi has been working on this for three years to refine it to perfection, he has spent tireless nights awake, hours upon hours of his time to exhibit his one true passion to us. three fucking years because he wanted it at the absolute best. he sat through everyone saying but when will yoongi drop his mixtape and I cannot imagine how stressing such words would have been for him, thinking that he needs to get it out sooner for the fans because that is just the kind of guy he is. now that it is finally coming, please do not throw it back in his face if it is not up to the standard you were expecting after such a long wait.

this leads me to the fact that there is a post circulating that says his mixtape will ‘contain frank and straightforward stories of yoongi unlike the song his group produces.’ this is all the more reason to not go spreading negativity on his music video / wherever he uploads the mixtape. yes, he is an artist and is certainly used to critique and negative comments, that is basically the brunt of what comes with being any kind of artist in the industry, but please keep in mind that this mixtape is going to be quite literally a piece of yoongi. it will include a lot of personal content about his life and everyone knows how yoongi is not necessarily an open person. he is going to be displaying a raw truth, a side of him that he has kept masked. yes, have your opinion, but please do not blatantly disrespect him because, by the looks of it, a lot of the content in the mixtape will revolve around his own life and experiences.

please do expect there to be some tracks on the mix that sound familiar. mixtapes heavily consist of samples used from other artists and songs (for eg. joke by namjoon uses the samples that run the jewels made for their song oh my darling) this is completely and entirely legal as long as the mixtape is not advertised for commercial purposes and the creator of the mixtape earns no financial benefit. that is also why namjoon and yoongi will not be able to perform the songs using such samples from their mixtapes at their own group concerts. it is super important to know this before you go claiming plagiarism on their content! everything is completely okay as long the mixtape is free – and no the original artist does not have to be credited, although it is respectful to do so.

 – and so I will end it with the point that yoongi has done all of this for free. he is not gaining any profit, he is not being paid, he is solely doing this to showcase his talent as an individual rapper, producer, and artist without the label of being an idol. three years he has spent on this, and although that sounds like a small number, it is a very long time to be working on something that you are simply creating for non-financial purposes. when you listen to every song on the mixtape, when you watch the music video, please remember that. all of this hard work that he has done on top of three years worth of promotions and creating content with bts was only to show us his potential, to display his capabilities. for free.

like I said, everyone will have their own opinion, some will not enjoy the mixtape whereas I am positive a lot more will absolutely adore it. but please, if you do not enjoy it, think about where you voice your opinions and how you word them because bts do check their social media, and from what I remember, yoongi is the kind of person that avidly checks it for feedback on his work. indeed, the chances of him seeing your comment are slim, but please, still keep it in mind that he may possibly stumble upon it.

anyway! I am super duper proud of him and I admire him and his work ethic around his idol schedules so greatly. I hope you are all ready to have your asses lit on fire by the proclaimed rap god min yoongi. it was nice knowing you all.

edit: please also remember that it is completely okay for people to dislike the mixtape. if they are stating such a thing on their own private blog or untagged on twitter or anywhere that bts will not potentially see it, then that is honestly fine. so basically – do not bully somebody because they say ‘to be honest, I am not really feeling it’ or ‘I preferred namjoon’s mixtape / hoseok’s 1verse much more.’ people are allowed their own opinion, it is just a matter of where it is posted and in what manner it is posted.

let us make this a positive and encouraging time for yoongi, since he deserves the absolute best after all of his hard work. 

I remember when I was love sick. You block out everyone. You feel so tired, because you haven’t slept in forever. You know he’ll be in your dreams but you don’t want to stay awake laying in your bed crying either. You’re starving, but you can’t eat because you’re starving for him and every memory just leaves you with a bigger hole in your heart. Even your clothes reminds you of him, what you wore when you hung out. You can still smell them all over him, even though his scent hasn’t been there for long. You wish his scent would be stuck on you, but you know you’d be pulling at your skin trying to get him off you. You’re online, he signs on, and you want to scream at him to go away, but you just watch the screen waiting for him to say anything, but then he signs off, and you tear yourself apart for not saying anything to him. You stop talking to your friends, and they get worried and try comforting you, but they just make you feel worse because they think they know, but they don’t have a damn clue.
love is not over | jungkook

word count: 3k

genre: angst 

a/n: i can post part two if you guys are interested in it! also this is an au and features jungkook as a dad, she calls him daddy cause’ i don’t know the korean word for dad and i don’t trust google (sorry!)

over, love is not over

part two

You woke up before the loud alarm could frighten you awake. Next to you, he still slept blissfully unaware that within the next minute an alarm was going to blare. You also knew that within the next minute you were going to have your daughter running in screaming and jumping, excitedly wanting to go to school. You found yourself sighing at the thought of the new day, wishing you could just go back to sleep – wishing it was a weekend, not a weekday.

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So this is the first continuation of my feathers series, and I wanted to know what the people think. It’s not done yet, I still need to add more designs to the scarves themselves, though the designs won’t completely encompass the scarves, only partially. It would be a skincent and depending on the interest I might make an accent version of it, I’m just hesitant cause it would mean remaking the who accent.

Will probably finish this some time tomorrow. When I’m not struggling to stay awake.

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Shiro has nightmares of his teammates being tortured by the Galra every night. he's able to calm down by going to the Paladin who was the subject of the dream that night and they help him calm down. when the team gets separated, the nightmares get worse and worse and Shiro can't tell if they're safe or not. bonus points if one of them actually is being tortured by the Galra cus I suck (I always make it Keith or Pidge cus I'm bad to my faves but whatever)

Shiro would try to be subtle about checking up on them; he wouldn’t want to wake them. Just a quick peek into their rooms to confirm they’re safe. Hunk and Lance could sleep through just about anything, but Pidge more often than not is awake and tinkering with some new tech. Keith seems like a light sleeper so he would wake when the door opened. They would both reassure Shiro in their own way.

While they’re separated Shiro is a mess, though he tries to hide it. When he actually finds Pidge/Keith and sees them being tortured he’s livid. Their captors don’t get a chance to defend themselves before Shiro absolutely demolishes them. When he goes to them he’s so close to just shutting down because the flashbacks are almost too much. But the rest of Paladins are there and they get them untied and back to the ship. Pidge/Keith are very shaken up and Shiro feels incredibly guilty for letting this happen. He almost never leaves their side for awhile, and is the one they come to for help with the trauma.

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Bts reaction to you being someone who moves a lot in their sleep. Like you can't help it, you'll turn over and turn back to hug them or something haha. Thank you. :) (If you don't do all bts members at once, then Namjoon, Jungkook and Suga please)

this is honestly me xD I tend to wrap my legs around things 

BTS Reaction When You Move a Lot In Your Sleep 

He would be peacefully sleeping until he felt something hike up on his leg. He jolted for a second before turning around to find you in a deep sleep. He would wrap his arms around you and give you a kiss on the forehead, “If you wanted to cuddle to sleep, why didn’t you just say so?”

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He would think it was cute that you moved in your sleep. At least, until you slapped him awake with your hand… several times 
Then he would give you a small talk, “As much as I love you Y/N, you gotta stop waking me up at 2 in the morning”

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Once you wrapped your arms around him and basically bear hugged him, he would just be a little ball of squish and would continuously smile at you while stroking back pieces of your hair 

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*Is in too deep of a sleep to notice*

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Taehyung would be like Jimin but maybe even happier. He would cuddle you back tightly, not realizing that he woke you up in the process 
“Huh? Tae? What?” 
“ShHSHhhHHhshHSHhh just go back to sleep Jagi” 

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He would get scared when he felt something snake up his back and it would send shivers down his spine, until he remembered that you were in bed with him. Then he would face you and smile at how cute you were before falling asleep again 

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There’s two ways this could go: 
Cuddly Jungkook: He hugs you back and tells you he loves you 
Sleep Jungkook: *Is Suga*

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Imagine Steve and Bucky been together during WW2, but keeping is secret from the Commandos out of fear they might not accept it. In truth, they already know, because they're both about as subtle as an anvil, but though they're okay with it, they pretend to be oblivious because watching Steve try to come up with an excuse why he and Bucky snuck out from camp is hilarious.

Morita’s the only one still awake when they get back to camp. As they approach the small circle of firelight, Steve whistles the six-note melody that’s their code. He’d rather not get shot just because he wanted a little nookie.

“I can watch,” Bucky offers as he folds into a seat on Steve’s left. “I’m not tired.”

“Really?” Morita asks. “You guys have been gone for – uh, like, a while. You must’ve walked pretty far.”

Steve clears his throat. Luckily in the dark his blush probably hopefully won’t be too noticeable. “We were talking tactics.”

“Oh right,” Morita says, and is it Steve’s imagination or is he actually smothering a laugh as he prepares his bedroll? “Tactics. Even though you wandered off to talk tactics last night, too. Twice. And four times the night before.”

-death comes!

my name is salt and welcome to shitposting after 6 hours of sleep and no brain cells. also I finally stopped playing so much goddamn Overwatch to finish this thing, only I realised I unleashed my inner shitposter on this. 

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i want torbjorn has his coffee ruined like a bug goes in it and dies but its like 2am and hes living with his  parents and hes had the coffee since like 5pm and he just keeps forgetting about it and not drinking it and he finally goes to drink it and hes like fuck theres a bug in this but he cant go out and get more coffee because its 2am and the coffee maker is kinda loud and will make the house smell like coffee and itll be really obvious hes awake at 2am when he shouldnt be and he’ll just bother everyone in the house so he has to stay awake the rest of the night with no coffee and it just fucking ruins his night and hes all sad because hes got ruined coffee that he was looking forward to drinking and now its wasted and its not even entirely his own fault except it is because this has happened before and he should know to cover it by now and hes just gotta wait like five more hours for his parents to wake up til he can get more but thats kinda a long time and he doesnt have any fuckign coffee to help him through it and it just sucks the whole time