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Can you write where elia escape with her kids through the secret passage of red keep she studied with oberyn as kids.

“Mama, it’s so dark. I can’t see anything.”

“I know, baby, just a bit longer.”

Truthfully, she doesn’t know how much farther they have to go. She and Oberyn had stumbled upon the passageway many, many years ago, but they’d been children and had only traveled a few minutes before they got nervous and turned back. She doesn’t even know where this goes exactly, but it will at least take them out of the Red Keep, and right now that’s all that concerns her. The image of those men climbing the walls of the Holdfast she’d always been told was impenetrable is seared in her mind.

Rhaenys grips her hand tightly, while Aegon is blessedly silent as he rests in the sling on her back. He hasn’t cried once since they entered the tunnel, like he knows their lives depend on staying unheard.

After what seems an eternity, a glimmer of light appears ahead, and Elia approaches warily, fearing that they could emerge only to find themselves in the midst of Lord Tywin’s men.

But instead, as she peers this way and that, the street is eerily empty. She can’t get her bearings at first, but then she spots the sign of a tavern whose name she vaguely recalls Ser Barristan mentioning once in passing as a place for drunks and malcontents. She supposes they must have joined the army in looting the city.

Just as well for her.

“Come on,” she urges Rhaenys. “Hurry, darling.”

Scarves cover their heads, a thin attempt to shield them from prying eyes, but she knows it would only help for passing glances. There aren’t many Dornishwomen in the capital, and none but her with two small children in tow. She hurries them along the cobbled streets and finally comes across one she knows. A brothel is no place for babes, but for this one Elia would make an exception.

She bangs on the door desperately, hearing the sounds of soldiers frighteningly near, and then finally a woman opens it a crack. “Who are you?”

“Is Melessa here?” she asks. It’s a vain hope; she knows her uncle’s paramour helps the girls as a midwife and caregiver now and again, but luck would have to be on her side.

As it happens, luck is not. “No. You a friend of Missy’s?”

“Yes, very much so,” says Elia. “Get Chataya, then. She knows me. I need shelter until I can safely get out of the city.”

“This is no inn.”

Get her,” Elia demands.

The woman looks about to protest again, but then the door is pulled wide open, and Elia sighs in relief to see the madam standing there. “Come inside, quickly.”

“I pray I need not impose upon you for long,” says Elia. “I do not wish to put you in danger.”

“Never mind that,” says Chataya as she draws her into a warm embrace. “You are safe here, princess.”

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Have you played Skyrim?


I love wandering around picking plants, and sneaking and doing all the side quests. The daedric prince quests make me feel bad though, I felt so uneasy when I stumbled upon the cannibilistic one, uhhhhhh, no thank you. I would rather pick flowers and live in all my lavishly decorated houses. 

One my houses just had my hoard of treasure and gems and rare shit, all piled onto a long ass table cause I’m extra like that.

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Hi there, I just wanted to give out a huge thanks :( It's been a relatively rough week (what's new lmao) but I stumbled upon Be My Sex Coach and just. Yooo. I don't usually read much of smut but it was SO BEAUTIFUL and I finished it and it really just brightened up my day. :( The characterization was perfect, everything about it was amazing, and I was just laughing and crying all throughout :( Thanks for making these last few days bearable, Lucy. Lots of love from Manila. ♡♡♡

Thank you so much!

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Umm so I guess I started following you because I was having a horrible awful day and I stumbled upon one of your (incredible) fics. So I read it and wanted another, ended up reading a ton, followed you and am never disappointed!! K but really, you are adorable and so sweet and talented and just all around awesome!!! Have a great November day and try to stay positive!!

okay but

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Seriously this is so kind?????? And just the entire idea that I could make someone’s day better with my writing is just???? So surreal???? But it is also really super freaking amazing. 

And that I never disappoint is super weird and flattering to hear! Just as all the other things you say!!!! As a writer I think I should be good with words but I have no idea how to thank you for saying all this. I am definetly going to bust my ass off to stay positive and adorable and sweet and talented, and I hope that I can continue to make your day better when it’s not. 

I hope you have a great november day too my love<3

Help me fix my bad day and celebrate the start of the weekend with me!

1. Being a POC and developing an interest in ancient cultures, particularly European ones, was one of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever made.

2. There’s nothing like stumbling upon a band that seems wicked interesting and not being able to tell for the life of you if they’re white supremacists or not.

3. Do you think those Norse Heathen types who connect their religious and cultural views to a sense of racial superiority actually KNOW that Vikings frequently interacted with Muslim countries or do you think they just…willfully ignore it?

4. The world and its cultures are fascinating and beautiful and it sucks that racists try to shit on it all. 

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Just wanted to say I stumbled upon this whole community of support online while i was at work today that i didn't know existed. Nearly shed a few tears I was so happy to see that this exists; I wish this was available when I was growing up. I can't even begin to describe how negatively this has affected how I interact with other people for 30 years, and the impossibility of describing it to people who can't understand the mental anguish it causes. So happy to see a community that understands.

I had the same reaction! Upon first discovering that Misophonia was a real thing when I was 17, I was so unbelievably happy and moved that there was an entire community waiting to support me. This community is so loving and caring, and I don’t know if I could have survived without it. 

hey uh did i ever share on here what i stumbled upon concerning a homophobic greek guy from the island of lesbos who tried to take greece’s gay community to court in 2008 all because he was so offended about the lesbos demonym ‘lesbian’ also referring to gay women because i was just reminded of it while talking with my wife and i’m losing my fucking mind all over again


Taylor Swift as ‘Stella Swan’ in Firelight.

On the other hand, being the sole source of man-made light in the middle of the otherwise unrelieved blackness made him rather feel like he was being observed by things far less celestial and benevolent, considerably closer to the ground, and far more intent on running him to ground and gnawing the flesh off his bones. Occasionally, the flashlight imparted to him glimpses of sulfurous yellow-green eyes glittering just out of easy visibility, alarming enough in their predatory silence that only the chancy footing kept him from speeding up his stride. Not running. That would be bad. But walking with a bit more enthusiasm.