but i just saw a dr horrible post and it reminded me

This needs to be said.

The following is a slightly edited version of a youtube comment I left on the most recent Winter Games video,  NETFLIX AND CHILL 80’S EDITION (Smosh Winter Games). I needed to get this off of my chest after seeing people ATTACK Boze for not knowing a movie, and attempting to be funny. I also felt like it needed to be said here as well, if only to spread the message further. 

I have to warn you, I get very heated, and there is a lot of swearing. 

I do use ‘you’ a lot in this, and would like to clarify that it is specifically directed at the toxic part of the youtube community. If you have not done anything hateful, this is definitely not directed at you at all, so please don’t feel bad, as you have done nothing wrong. But I would appreciate it if you take the time to read it anyways.

If you do read this, and help spread the word, thank you.


Alright, after looking through these goddamn comments, I need to vent. 

Why the fuck is this fandom so hateful? Like seriously, do you guys have no compassion? No respect for the people who spend their lives churning out this content for you ungrateful and hateful fucks? I am actually ASHAMED to be a part of this group about 90% of the time. I cant look in a fucking comment section on any video without being completely overwhelmed with negativity and cruelty. 

Every smosh games video: “This person sucks, please fire them” “Where is Ian and Anthony? The vids are shit without them” “Smosh games is so bad, they should just stop" 

 Every second channel video: "Smosh went to shit when the squad joined” “I miss the good days when it was Ian and Anthony” “This person is annoying and painfully unfunny, they shouldn’t be here" 

Every smosh vid with the squad: "I miss when Ian and Anthony were here” “Why are these other people here? They arent smosh” “These skits arent funny, they should stop having these people" 

Every smosh vid with Ian and Anthony: "This reminds me of when they used to be good” “They should only make these videos and stop with the squad” “These guys are so much better than the squad" 

And now, every winter games video is just hate on Boze. 

 And you know what? I’m fucking sick and tired of it. 

I’m suprised Smosh didn’t disable comments a long time ago. They contribute no actual feedback, no support. It’s just a bunch of whiny, bitter shitheads screaming about Ian and Anthony and hating on the content that they have the PRIVALEGE to consume for absolutely free. Really, it feels like half the ‘fans’ only come to the videos to moan and bitch about how much they hate the 'new’ smosh. If you hate these wonderful people, this free content that they put their blood sweat and tears into, the work that they love and enjoy and put forth to try to make you happy, THEN DONT FUCKING WATCH IT. 

 Don’t you have anything else to do with your life than to scream about and shit on people who are trying their hardest to make you smile? Don’t you have anything you would rather do than to tell these creators that their work is awful, or means nothing to you? What sort of enjoyment do you get from putting other people down? 

 And if you actually like watching content, think about it. Suppose they fired every person that people think are annoying. Who would be left? There are always people who have senses of humor that you dont relate to. GET OVER IT. 

Ian and Anthony, smosh games, and the squad make this content because they genuinely enjoy it. They cancel shows because they don’t like making them anymore. They create new shows or bring on new people because they WANT TO, and like working on/with them. If they brought back all the shows you like that they cancelled, or stopped doing the shows you personally dislike, they would not enjoy their work. The content is good because they put their all into it, because they are having fun and want to share that with you. If they didn’t like the content they produced, it would not be nearly as good, because they just don’t really enjoy it. And what would you do then? You would complain. Just like everything else, you would complain about the content not being as good. 

You people are NEVER happy. And I am tired of it. I regret scrolling down on any video, because all I see is negativity and hatred. Why can’t you take notes from Markiplier’s fans? From Jacksepticeye’s fans? Why can’t you accept that people change, that content changes, and that it isn’t the end of the fucking world if literally anything isn’t exactly to your liking? You’re a bunch of ungrateful bullies and brats. 

And yes, I know there are good people here. I’ve seen funny and supportive comments. The people they show in meetup vids seem wonderful. The small Tumblr community are some of the nicest people I’ve seen from this fanbase. But to be honest? The loud minority speak over the quiet majority. And when it comes to such a large community? The minority is still HUGE. 

 If even some of you decided to maybe not post that hate comment, not tell that one member to quit or even kill themselves (yes, I’ve seen comments like that and they disturb me), if you decided to be a somewhat pleasant person for maybe once on this website, that could make a difference. If you chose to lift someone up, instead of putting them down, you could chose to spread some happiness in this group of people. 

But you don’t. 

You only spread hate. You whine and yell and complain, with no regard for the REAL PEOPLE behind the screen, with no respect for their work, with no thanks or gratefulness for the content you are allowed to view for free. And nothing. Ever. Changes. 

So, I have a challenge for anyone who has seen this comment or even read this far. DO SOMETHING. Say something nice, about someone in the comments or someone in the video. Talk about what you liked. Talk about who you like. Talk about something nice, positive, and maybe brighten someone’s day. 

Because if you are like me, and this frustrates you and sickens you, you WANT things to change. You want to make this a safe, positive place where we can enjoy the videos and talk to each other. And the only way to do that is to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING.

And don’t give me that, "Oh, it’s the internet, trolls will be trolls! There’s always gonna be haters!” No. Absolutely not. Being online does not give you the excuse to be a horrible human being. And saying that only validates the thought processes of the people who are leaving this hate. This is something that NEEDS to change. 

 So, if you even somewhat enjoy Smosh; if you saw this comment, and it didn’t get completely swallowed by negativity; if you can take the time out of your day to be a nice person, DO SOMETHING KIND. Compliment someone. Make a nice joke. Comment about what you loved about this video, or literally ANYTHING good. Please. Let’s try to turn this fandom into something good again. Love CAN beat hate. All we need are people who will try. 

Tl;dr: This fandom is toxic and hateful. Please do something nice. It CAN make a difference.

thetreesfullofstarlight  asked:

Hey! I was wondering what podcasts do you recommend?

oh my sweet summer child 

thank you for asking! podcasts are kinda my shit, and i love them. 

so here we go. 

2 dope queens: 

a stand up comedy podcast produced by wnyc and hosted by jessica williams (of the daily show fame) and phoebe robinson. very funny. very diverse. lots of women comedians, lots of comedians of color, lots of lgbt comedians. nsfw

the adventure zone: 

a podcast where three brothers (justin, travis, and griffin) play dungeons and dragons with their dad. you don’t have to be into d&d to appreciate it. you don’t have to ever have played before. i haven’t ever played (though i do currently have plans to start, because this podcast inspired me to). it’s hilarious, a lot of fun, and a great story. nsfw

ask me another: 

a comedy quiz show (think bar trivia) produced by npr. recorded live with a new celebrity guest every week. very fun, clever, funny, and you’ll learn fun things! 90% sfw, if there’s ever anything that might not be totally okay, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 


a true crime podcast put out by radiotopia. they tell a short story from the world of criminal justice every episode. this show is a lot less graphic and scary than a lot of true crime tends to be. short episodes. easy to digest. mostly sfw, if there’s ever questionable things, they’ll let you know ahead of time. 

dear hank and john: 

a comedy advice podcast about death hosted by john and hank green of the vlogbrothers. funny, sweet, informative, introspective. very enjoyable listen. 90% sfw

ear biscuits: 

if you like youtube and youtubers, you’ll probably like this show. rhett and link interview a different youtuber each week about their lives. very in depth, very interesting, very introspective. the people who’ve been on the show say it’s like coming in for a super intense hour long therapy session. mostly sfw, but not always. you will be warned ahead of time. 

game of owns: 

if you’re a game of thrones fan, this is a great podcast. the hosts, micah, zach, eric, and hannah recap episodes and discuss what happened. they talk about theories, give opinions, etc. very in depth analysis. when the show is in its off season, they read the books and discuss a new chapter every episode. nsfw

interrobang with travis and tybee: 

this is my new favorite show. i donate to this show every month because i love it so much. the hosts, travis (middle brother from the adventure zone) and tybee rant for an hour. they meander from one topic in the beginning of the show to who knows where by the end. they are kind, sweet, funny, smart, thoughtful, and i think really good people. enjoyable to listen to. some of my favorite people. i can’t recommend this podcast enough. nsfw, you are always warned at the top of the show about any possible triggers. 


a show produced by npr that discusses the unseen forces that guide and shape the way we live our lives as humans. sciencey, fun, ethereal. sfw


a show that discusses legends, myths, and folklore. the host tells stories about those topics, does research into the real events that inspired certain tales, and tells them in the perfect blend of spooky, fun, and informative. mostly sfw


the hashtag is silent. a show hosted by four millennials (laura, elysa, matt, and andrew) where they talk about pop culture, current events, politics, their personal lives, etc. fun, heated, funny. nsfw


i’ve been listening to mugglecast since i was in the seventh grade, before the harry potter series had really come to an end and there were still theories to discuss and questions to be answered. their latest episode was a review of the cursed child where andrew (also a host on #millennial), who saw the show gave a recap to micah and eric (also hosts of game of owns) and they reacted. let’s just say, no one’s very happy. smart, fun, funny, nostalgic if you’re a harry potter fan. sfw

my brother, my brother, and me: 

my second favorite podcast by a very close margin. the same three brothers from the adventure zone (justin, travis, and griffin) host this comedy advice show for the modern era. they take your questions and turn them, alchemy like, in wisdom. it is the funniest goddamn thing i’ve ever encountered. this show has genuinely had a big part in keeping my mental health relatively steady lately. listening soothes my anxiety and depression, makes me smile and laugh, and makes me feel at home and happy. super super nsfw. 

no such thing as a fish: 

if you like qi, the quiz show currently hosted by stephen fry, you’ll like this show. it’s hosted by the people behind that show. the ones who find all of the crazy facts you learn on qi. each week, they each bring their favorite fact from the past week and discuss! very funny, very informative. mostly sfw. 

oh no ross and carrie: 

they show up so we don’t have to. ross and carrie investigate claims of the spiritual, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. they’ve joined cults, gotten acupuncture, became scientologists, got their fortunes told, visited haunted ships, you name it, they’ve done it. very funny, very informative, very fun. nsfw

philosophize this!: 

if you’re interested in learning about philosophy and famous philosophers, this could be a good one for you. it’s like listening to a college lecture on the topic. sfw. 


another harry potter podcast that i’ve been listening to since i was 13. not a whole lot different than mugglecast. different hosts, different feel, same concept. 


formerly of npr, now of wnyc, radio lab is one of the coolest shows out there, imo. basically, take this american life, but all the stories are about science. super cool. super fun. super informative. sfw

more perfect: 

a brand new podcast from the same people behind radiolab. this show is about the supreme court. they tell us about some of the major cases that the supreme court has covered and get really into the nitty gritty. super interesting and informative. sfw

rose buddies: 

now don’t judge me. rose buddies is a bachelor/ette fancast. griffin (of mbmbam and taz) and his wife rachel recap episodes of the bachelor/ette. they know. okay? they knoooow. it’s a garbage show. but they, and all of us listening, like to roll around in that garbage every week and just laugh at the ridiculous people on tv. it’s amazing. i had never watched the show before, but after listening to this show for the last season of the bachelor, i decided to tune in, and ohhh my god. it’s so worth it. that show is a MESS. i love it. nsfw


a marital tour of misguided medicine. married couple justin (of mbmbam and taz) and dr. sydnee mcelroy discuss all of the horrible ways we’ve tried to help each other over our entire history. hilarious and educational! so much fun! sfw


c’mon. you know about serial. 


married couple travis (of mbmbam, interrobang, and taz) and teresa mcelroy talk about etiquette! manners, shmanners, get it? such a cute show! travis and teresa are so sweet together, and the jokes are funny and sweet. great! lots of good advice! sfw

still buffering: 

this is the last of the mcelroy shows that i currently listen to, but there are more. sydnee (from sawbones) and her two sisters rileigh and teylor talk about being a teenager. rileigh is currently a teenager, and her two sisters are both much older (in their early thirties, i believe). they talk about what was different when they were teens, they ask rileigh about all the crazy things that she and her friends get up to. super fun, sweet, insightful, funny. sfw

stuff you missed in history class: 

pretty self explanatory. hosts holly and tracy tell you about things you probably didn’t learn about in history class. very informative and interesting. sfw 99% of the time, you’ll be warned if there’s anything questionable. 

stuff you should know: 

from the same company as symihc, stuff you should know is very similar, but they cover literally every topic known to humankind. from hoola hoops to serial killers, they research and relay all the information they find. super informative and funny, hosts chuck and josh can make anything interesting. 

sword and scale: 

this is the other side of the true crime coin. scary, harsh, violent, dark, morbid. host mike goes very in depth with his research on real murders. he talks with experts, witnesses, family members of victims, etc. this isn’t exactly entertainment. it’s informative and a harsh reminder of the reality of our world. nsfw. 

this american life: 

everybody knows this show. 

welcome to night vale: 

i don’t have to tell you about wtnv, do i? 

i’m gonna post this for everyone to see, because there are several shows here that really deserve the publicity, and maybe someone else out there would be interested! have fun! let me know if you fall in love with any of these shows. i bolded my absolute favorites. 


coxicroquette  asked:

What do you mean every character in ndrv3 has a duality or lie behind them they're keeping? What are Ki-bo's, Angie's, Tenko's, Himiko's, Gonta's and Iruma's lies. I bring these six up for being the only ones i couldn't find a lie for, im interested in seeing what their duality is.

It’s all probably a subjective matter, but I feel that even with these six characters there are definitely ways to read a certain duality into them! The fun thing about “lies” in ndrv3 is that it doesn’t necessarily mean the characters are actively lying or trying to deceive people about themselves. Sometimes the “lie” can be an aspect of their personality that even they’re not aware of, or simply a drastic difference in how they’re perceived by others versus the way they actually think or feel or act.

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Dr. Aurelius once asked me what made a home.

I didn’t understand the question. And quite frankly, at the time I didn’t really care about what it meant.

He had a reason for asking, early on in my initial healing process. Before the parachute bombs. Before the Star Squad. While I still thought Katniss was a mutt, he was at my bed, asking me what I thought made a home. But the idea of home would always send me reeling. Always to the hate forced into my heart by the Capitol.

Always to blaming her.

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Previously on Hannibal: #hot darkness, localized as well as general absurdity, Gillian Anderson

This week on Hannibal: I don’t want to go overboard, but, THE SORT OF INDULGENT ID-RIDDLED GIFT THAT I LIVE & BLEED FOR, you might say.

Season 3, Episode 7: “Digestivo”

We begin, with some hilariously trill-y organ music as the unscrupulous Italian detective arrives at Professor Sogliato’s building. He & his goons bust on in to the Horrible Scene We Will Henceforth Ignore, and quickly knock Hannibal out with a blow to the back of the head. Jack’s like, “thank u,” but then it’s revealed that Mason will pay double for both Hannibal AND Will. Oh come on. They pull a black bag over Will’s woozy bleeding head and promptly drag him off, because if Will Graham were to ever catch a damn break none of us would know what to do with ourselves, probably.

There’s no price on Signor Crawford’s head, so the unscrupulous detective leaves him to….have his unpriced head sawed open, as the last victim of IL MOSTRO, Dread Pirate Roberts of Florence. WOW THAT’S NOT COOL, BRO.

Luckily, Chiyoh straight-up SNIPES THEM THROUGH THE WINDOW, then comes over to say hi.

I love your shiny buttons. Also how you keep sniping people.

I laugh a lot watching Hannibal. It’s various sorts of laughter — WTF, ~Innuendos~, I Have No Other Recourse For My Emotions Right Now, etc. In this scene I started experiencing a particular fave: the Delighted Laugh.

“Did you do…this.” / “Of course.” - Delighted Laugh

“They are identically different, Hannibal and Will.” - Delighted Laugh


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A/N: Continuation of http://reaganwarren.tumblr.com/post/148327964330/an-so-ever-since-finishing-journal-3-i-cant. Content warning for Stan having killed himself 30 years prior to the events in the story and beloved characters dealing with self-worth issues.

Stanford Pines hadn’t enough free time to actually pick the children up at the bus stop. He hadn’t really been sure why he had agreed to take the children in for the summer. But he supposed he was reminded of him and Stanley and … was being sentimental.

He had an intern go to pick them up.

“S’up, dudes! My name’s Soos! Dr. Pines asked me to come pick you guys up and take you to the house!”

“Hi, Soos! We’re Mabel and Dipper!”


Dipper slid the journal back into his backpack. Soos sniffed the air, then made a face.

“Dudes, what’s that smell? Smells like something died and got lost in the ocean.”

Dipper just shrugged.

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anonymous asked:

(1) So I saw your rant on awesome Katara stuff just now and it reminded earlier I was thinking and I remembered that one moment in the fight with Paku when Katara is doubled over, dragging in air with huge effort, and then you see her face go from

total exhaustion to icy determination. Just, I love that moment. Everything about this fight is absurd, she’s a 14 year old girl with no formal training fighting one of the finest waterbenders in the world. Every single thing seems to say she can’t possibly win, and she knows she can’t. But like HELL if she’s just gonna stand down. My favorite episode in the series is The Southern Raiders, it brings together my two favorites in an incredibly well executed story, but that is my favorite Katara moment.


^^ When I saw that post a few days ago I totally freaked out. Because I almost forgot about this episode.

I gotta agree, The Southern Raiders is probably my favorite ATLA episode (I certainly rewatch it enough…). It’s not even for the Zuko/Katara interactions - though they’re amazing. Katara in the Southern Raiders is a Katara we so rarely see. And though I love her in that episode - seriously could talk for days just about her in the Southern Raiders - this moment above is so Quintessential Katara™.

Just. omg. Just look at the utter fierceness in her eyes in the last gif. She’s so determined. She’s not going to win, but she’s still going to fight with everything she’s got. “You can’t knock me down!” I always saw that line as Katara telling Pakku he can’t take away the strength of her spirit, her hope. This entire episode had people telling her she can’t do certain things because of gender, that she can’t bend and fight because she’s a woman. And Katara has had people try and limit her her entire life. Even back at the Southern Water Tribe, her family tried to discourage her dreams about becoming a Waterbender.

And yet she never gave up.

Katara spent her entire childhood having people try to shout down her dreams. She’s learned to not listen.

I find this so so admirable. Because when you’re a kid, having your family be discouraging and disapproving in your interests is horrible. It really is. I can’t think about all the things I gave up because I didn’t have the support. And Katara, for so long, was the only one who cared about getting her a waterbending teacher. She was willing to lie, to move away from the only home she knew, to run away with Aang without Sokka or her Gran Gran’s blessing, to find a waterbending teacher.

And, after months and months of traveling, of being kidnapped and attacked and chased after, after years and years of waiting, she finds out she can’t learn waterbending because she’s a girl? Yeah. She’s not going to let some sexist old man and some unfair traditions stop her. No way, no how.

TL;DR: Katara is crazily determined, fierce and strong. And my love for her grows.

TD reflection time

I’m just sitting here, thinking about all the times I tried to be diplomatic, all the conceding things I said about Beth Greene’s chances of survival.

I think there were a lot of phrases like “I know it’s a long-shot but”/”of course it’s unlikely that” or “I have to admit that the chances aren’t good.”

But you know what? I REALLY don’t. I don’t have to admit that at all. 

I said all that stuff to be nice, and to give a little ground to skeptics so they wouldn’t think I was calling them stupid. <–actual motivations. I’m not calling them stupid, btw, there’s nothing wrong with being a skeptic, in fact I recommend it.

But I don’t need to be extra nice. The facts are:

It’s a show about coming back to life, where death is a big deal and gets a lot of thematic and cinematic emphasis.


They didn’t properly kill her.


They don’t even have to rely on supernatural elements, just a little suspension of disbelief. Like a tiny bit.

And it won’t even be the first time I saw a character graphically shot in the head only to have them alive a season later and I’m NOT talking about another fantasy/sci-fi show.

I’m including a gif of the headshot under this cut, don’t look at it if (a) you don’t want to see another graphic headshot or (b) you don’t want to expose yourself to spoilers.

I’m not even going to say what show I’m referencing until under the cut, because obviously that would count as a spoiler.

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Bear with me...

I’ve got a lot of ideas in my head, and this might come out all jumbled. It all started with katwithlove ’s awesome post about Dawn not being Beth’s shooter, but Dr. Edwards. If you haven’t read it yet, go read it. It’s pretty darn good.

Then I saw this:

from dixongurl ’s post (she found this pic on Facebook).

So, that kind of proves that, aside from Dawn’s gun being loaded with juju bullets (as thequeenofshebasays called them once upon a time), there’s no freakin’ way Dawn could have shot Beth.

Now, let’s go back to the theory that Edwards is the shooter. Remember back to the first real conversation Beth has with him, he’s got the Caravaggio displayed in his office:

External image

Here’s a better picture of it:

External image

Let me remind you, the name of the painting is “The Denial of Peter.”

Peter, who was Christ’s best friend, the rock on which he would build his church. Peter, who was kind of a hot-head, who often shot off his mouth before really thinking.

Where was I going? Oh yeah, so Beth (our Christ figure) trusted Edwards until he set her up to kill the Oncologist (cancer doctor). Edwards would definitely have motive to kill Beth - she knew he lied…knew he’d do what he had to to survive…and didn’t exactly want that to get around.

The thing is, he had just as much motive to kill Dawn. Dawn, who spent episode 4 beating the snot out of Beth over and over, now all of a sudden trusted her with the key to the drug cabinet? Wouldn’t that piss Edwards off? He’d been there since…who knows how long…and Dawn didn’t trust him (and rightly so, quite honestly). On top of that, aside from all the distrust between them, maybe…just maybe…Edwards was trying to put a stop to Dawn’s manic sort of control. He saw that what she was doing was wrong (demanding that Noah return to Grady) and saw his opportunity to take her out.

I’d like to think he wasn’t pissed at Beth for earning Dawn’s trust to try to save Carol. I’d like to think he was more pissed at Dawn for passing over him. I guess it could really go either way.

Regardless, here’s what I’m getting at - what if Edwards was the shooter, but he wasn’t aiming at Beth. He’s a doctor - little to no training in weapon wielding, even in the ZA, but being surrounded by cops all the time, I’m sure he’d have picked up some pointers by now. Edwards was in the back of the group with all those cops standing in front of him. He’s got those deep pockets in the lab coat to hide a gun. He’d know that everyone’s attention would be on the prisoner exchange, not on him.

Anyway, so I’ve seen people call Dr. Edwards the Peter to Beth’s Christ. I disagree. Well, he may have been with the whole “No, I told you to give him blah blah medicine, you killed him, blah blah,” Okay. Yeah. Fine. But in this situation, the shooting, he becomes dun dun dun Judas.

Judas, the betrayer (who always got a bum rap, if you ask me, but that’s for another time). The thing with Judas is he was a Zealot - 139% against the Romans by whatever means necessary. He took up with Jesus thinking he would be the one to lead the Jewish people out of Roman rule…and it just wasn’t happening fast enough for Judas’ liking. So when the priests approached Judas and asked him to turn Jesus over to them, he didn’t do it meaning for Jesus to die. Didn’t even cross his mind. Jews were forbidden to condemn someone to death. (Side note: As I was typing up this little meta of mine, I thought, “Wait…then how did the Jews get away with stoning people?” It turns out, Jews could sentence someone to death in cases of blasphemy or irreligion, but they still had to go through the Roman government to carry out the death. So…there’s that. Back to Judas…) When Judas betrayed Christ and turned him over to the Sanhedrin (the high priests), he would have done so thinking they were just gonna rough him up a little bit. Make an example of him. Get him back on track to overthrow the Romans. He’d have no idea they would turn Jesus TO the Romans to die.

So, back to Edwards. He’s betraying Dawn by trying to kill her, not even thinking he might have missed and hit Beth instead. It was all an accident. A horrible, horrible accident.

Or, on the other hand, he meant to shoot Beth all along. What if she was in on it, and had to put all kinds of trust in Edwards to do this right? Stay with me on this.

Beth goes and hugs Noah. Dawn makes her snide comment about, “I knew you’d be back.” Beth has this terrified look in her eye. At first I thought it was pure anger, rage, hatred…something we’ve never really seen in her before…but then I realized it was fear. Look:

It’s a look of, “Oh shit. Here we go. This is it.”

She goes to face Dawn. “I get it now.” And what does she do next?

She leans to the left.

WHY? It’s not like she was rocking back and forth and just happened to move that way. No. To get a better angle to cross body stab Dawn in the shoulder? Puh-lease. If you watch the whole video, Beth even looks to her left before stepping into it. Again, WHY?

A couple of things could be going on. 1.) Maybe Beth knew Edwards was going to shoot Dawn in the back of the head and she was trying to get out of the way. Or, 2.) Edwards was a better shot than we give him credit for and she trusts him to shoot her (Beth) in a place where she’d be able to recover. The problem with this is that, because Dawn is standing in between them, he can’t shoot Beth in the shoulder or anything. (Puts a whole new spin on the line, “I get it now,” doesn’t it?)

(And by the way, forgive me for jumping ahead a little, but 5x08 ends with Daryl carrying Beth out of the hospital and Maggie collapsing. What we don’t see is Edwards running out after them after pronouncing Dawn as good and dead, maybe even getting clearance from the cops to go and bring her back, then goes to fight Daryl to bring Beth inside again, to convince them that he can save her…and EDWARDS points out that she’s still got a pulse. Head canon is great, isn’t it?)

Or 3.) Beth was getting out of the way so he could shoot Dawn, and he missed. Judging by their height differences, the bullet that went through Beth’s forehead would have gone through the base of Dawn’s skull, and her medula oblongata would have been decimated. (no, I don’t know if that’s really where her medula oblongata is. All I know is that alligators are ornery because their medula oblongata is too small (Waterboy reference, anyone?)…and that it controls breathing…and, as any wrestling fan will tell you, it’s in the back of your dome!)

So now, there’s the cops to deal with. If Edwards is indeed the shooter, then all those cops are totally covering for him, and knew he was supposed to hit Dawn. If he had fired a pistol behind them (and remember there was no silencer, you heard a gun go off) the cops would have heard that the gun went off behind them, that it wasn’t Dawn firing. Why was Edwards even there for the tradeoff in the first place? Because he was so close to Beth? I just don’t think so. No…I think he was there because he’s got those deep lab coat pockets to hide a weapon.

Guh…I feel like I’m rambling, but I’ve got so many thoughts and I just haven’t had a chance to get on here and actually get them all out, so you get this hunk of crazy thoughts. If any of this makes even a little bit of sense, congratulations - you are just about as random as me.

In the words of Effie Trinket, “I’ve had a thought...”

For yesterday’s (4/1) bodyswap @mega-aulover needed a quote, I of course, grabbed my book that is rarely more than three feet away from me and easily flipped to the pages and put them down.  But as I was going, I noticed something in Mockingjay, about what Katniss thinks after she hears Gale and Peeta talk.  It’s at the beginning of Chapter 24.  I’ll put the whole paragraph here for reference, but pay attention to what is bolded.

A chill runs through me. Am I really that cold and calculating? Gale didn’t say, “Katniss will pick whoever it will break her heart to give up,” or even “whoever she can’t live without.” Those would have implied I was motivated by a kind of passion. But my best friend predicts I will choose the person who I think I “can’t survive without.” There’s not the least indication that love, or desire, or even compatibility will sway me. I’ll just conduct an unfeeling assessment of what my potential mates can offer me. As if in the end, it will be the question of whether a baker or a hunter will extend my longevity the most. It’s a horrible things for Gale to say, for Peeta not to refute. Especially when every emotion I have has been taken and exploited by the Capitol or the rebels. At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them. – pg. 330

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the words chosen here are very specific. And this is all going below a cut because this is going to be long.  Read at your own risk.

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