but i just rewatched it

I cry everytime someone in the LWA fandom/tags makes a post like “!!!OMG!! What if Ursula is Chariot?? I BET URSULA IS CHARIOT!!”

cuz like…. how… do you not know about the ovas… i still can’t comprehend that some people are just getting introduced to LWA now with the anime, whereas I have been here for 3 years because of the ovas.

I mean…even if you HAVEN’T see the ovas, have you not seen their same-colored eyes, the way Ursula’s hair changes color, the fact that Ursula always gets flustered at the mention of Chariot, THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE THE SAME VOICE ACTRESS.

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hello!! I was wondering, what are some good macdennis episodes? I just rewatched man hunters, suburbs, and the break up, and I was looking for some more :0 only if you don't mind, though!!

hello there i once watched every episode of sunny for this express purpose - a lot of these have important macdennis moments but aren’t necessarily MACDEN episodes

season one: gun fever / lots of little moments in all of the episodes but gun fever is the season one macdennis episode 

season two: mac bangs dennis’ mom, hundred dollar baby, charlie goes america over everybody’s ass

season three: the gang gets invincible, the gang gets held hostage (even if only for the i love you line), the gang sells out, the gang dances their asses off  

season four: mac and dennis: manhunters, america’s next top paddy’s billboard contest, mac’s banging the waitress, who pooped the bed, the nightman cometh

season five (the macdennis season to end all seasons): the gang exploits the mortgage crisis, they have a couple of good moments in the gang hits the road, the great recession, the world series defense, paddy’s pub: home of the original kitten mittens, mac and dennis break up, the dennis system

season six: mac fights gay marriage, dennis gets divorced, the gang buys a boat, the gang gets a new member

season seven: frank’s pretty woman, thunder gun express, the high school reunion (both parts) - season seven was pretty sparse with macdennis episodes but they have a lot of small moments      

season eight: the gang recycles their trash, charlie’s mom has cancer, charlie rules the world, the gang dines out, reynolds v reynolds cereal defense (again, small moments but good moments)    

season nine: mac and dennis buy a timeshare, mac day, the gang saves the day (from mac’s perspective anyway), flowers for charlie, the gang makes lethal weapon six

season ten: the gang beats boggs (small moments), charlie work, the gang spies like US, ass kickers united: mac and charlie join a cult

season eleven: mac and dennis move to the suburbs, being frank, the gang goes to hell (both parts) 

season twelve: making dennis reynolds a murderer, hero or hate crime, ptsdee, the gang tends bar, dennis’ double life

Break down the old to become the new- 5.17 Review and meta

Wow. Just wow. It’s been over 45 minutes and I’m still completely emotionally wrecked from Arrow tonight. It was extremely well done and hats off to Stephen Amell for nailing his performances and making us feel every emotion. He really nailed it and gave so much on and off screen. Thank you. Now honestly I still don’t care much for flashbacks, they have always been my least favorite parts of arrow eps (with exception of Felicity flashbacks, Olicity or the starling city s3 ep). I’m just much more interested in the present tense way more and Felicity is my favorite character with Oliver right behind her, so scenes I know won’t have her in it, lessen my excitement. This was an extremely heavy flashback ep, I think even more than the Odyssey, but it completely tied to the present time and paralleled and contrasted perfectly so I don’t mind them and enjoyed them (just won’t rewatch).

Now the present time was basically Adrain psychologically and physically torturing Oliver to get him to say he enjoys killing. That’s Chase’s endgame for this particular set of torment and it works. But guess what Adrian, Oliver is not the same guy he was when killed your dad, if he was this unfeeling serial killer like you believe, he would never have broken and wouldn’t have forgiven Evelyn (that fucking snake). I don’t believe Oliver enjoys killing. I do believe what Anatoly said in Russia that he uses the hood to justify his killings and use it as an excuse. It’s something Oliver has always done. He tries to separate the two or choose over the other and he can’t. I think the lesson this season is for Oliver to accept all of the parts of himself and embrace them as all of who is he, love himself, accept people love him for him, and see himself the way the people who love him do. For Oliver to truly be a fully realized superhero, he has to accept himself and love himself. That in turn will also allow to finally completely give in to love and love wholeheartedly. How can you expect someone to love you, if you don’t love yourself and you can’t be right for somebody else if you’re not right for yourself. This the gateway to Olicity finally being together for good. Now the other very big lesson here is killing. Oliver can’t kill anymore. I think the biggest reason Oliver went back to killing so easily after being so grounded on it for 2 years, is bc he wasn’t abstaining for himself bc he thought it was right, he was doing it bc he was trying to honor Tommy and he stopped bc Tommy thought it was wrong. Now Oliver will see he wants to stop killing for himself bc he doesn’t want to and there’s always another way and he isn’t a killer. Oliver was forced and manipulated and psychologically forced to start killing and trained by several people and put through so much that he believed killing the bad people was ok. He was a victim of trauma, torture, manipulation and PTSD. But Oliver has grown and learned and now he will no longer kill the people who “deserve it”. Which is why he can’t kill Prometheus. That will be the game changer. Oliver will have ample opportunity but won’t. It’s gonna be epic.

Now for the other tidbits in this ep.
Chase brought up Felicity THREE times. He isn’t an idiot. He knows she’s his true love and his weakness. ( the growl and anger and protectiveness Oliver excuded when Adrian showed him he stole her glasses; gawd that was intense and awesome). And he brings up Thea, William and Diggle. These are the most important people in Oliver’s life and he knows it. Exploiting him and taunting him in every possible way. Ugh
Prometheus is by far the best big bad arrow has ever had. He’s just so evil but so smart and tricky and conniving and witty and a psychopath and he has no strings, no weakness (yet). He is extremely well thought out and fleshed out. S3 and s4 all started with good villain but by mid to end season they completely fell flat. Prometheus is such a great success. I’m looking forward to the next 6 eps. We have so much juicy stuff coming and of course an Olicity heavy ep coming!!! We got this fandom!!

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dont mind me just dead again because i rewatched that video of hobi in the no more dream dance break

I just realized I’m going to watch him do it tomorrow and just had a panic attack

Me in 2006: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season

Me in 2016: man I hope ouran high school host club gets a second season