but i just really love this scene


Jeremiah’s return “definitely brings up a lot of questions, that’s for sure,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “Alex so wholeheartedly wants to believe that he’s absolutely right and that everybody should just jump in and trust him, no questions asked, just from the standpoint of being a daughter and not having seen him in so long.”

Kara, on the other hand, is a little more skeptical of her father’s activities, which “creates some friction and tension, especially between Kara and Alex just trying to navigate the road of figuring out what to do now.”

“It’s really hard,” Chyler Leigh says of her character’s combative moments with Kara. “When we’re done with the scene, I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry that I yelled at you. It’s just strange, but I love her so much.”

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I’m going to be honest and just say it: I was really satisfied with Alec’s scenes in this episode because he actually got to do things. When the episode started heavily empathising on how protective he feels of his loved ones, it was clear that it was building up to something, but the scene with Victor was amazing. I’ve always loved the fact that the show presents Alec as someone who can be easily classified as as a good person, but is definitely not above blackmail and violence to protect the people he loves and him so easily gaining back his control over the Institute was such a brilliant display of that.

And the fact that Shadowhunters who aren’t technically his subordinates followed him without a second thought even though it was clear that he hadn’t consulted Victor about it? I really, really hope that this is one of the changes the show makes and that Alec gets to keep the Institute at the end of… well, whenever the show ends. If there’s one thing I want for that character, it’s this.

“I’ve been watching hwarang since the beginning but I can’t help but feel disappointed with every new episode. The writers ruined a good plot with the love line between Sunwoo and Ahro. I skip through their scenes because I just can’t stand them together. They should have kept the love line between Ahro and Jinheung, and the princess and Sunwoo. On the other hand the Ban Ryu/ Sooyun ship is f*****g adorable i can’t even! “

Similar Confessions:

“I think hwarang was an overrated drama. The plot was a bit static and the story was build too much around romance. I also think the friendship between Sun Woo and the king was a bit sudden(when the king told sun woo he was his first friend I didn’t really understand when he started considering sun woo such)and I didn’t like Go Ara acting too. But there was few thing I liked (Hyung Sik with long hair,Ryu Rang and Soo Yeon relationship and most of the characters,especially Ryu Rang and Sung Rang)”

“I’m never ever gonna watch a kdrama with Go Ah Ra in it. After Reply 1994 and Hwarang I really tried liking her, ignoring her one-time-faced-acting but no! In the last episodes of Hwarang I skipped every part she was in. I really wanted to like her because she’s beautiful and cute, but as an actress it’s big no. Plus, she had 0% chemistry with Park Seo Jun in Hwarang.”

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Btw, do you also have Salphys in your Timetale comic? Just wanted to know for future if I need to mentally prepare myself or something XD 'Cos I really like Timetale and your art and Salphys won't stop me from reading it! *determination*

Well. XD Actually it’s their past-relationship that’s only canon in Timetale comic. So, now in present, they aren’t together. This comic ain’t about “love” even if many judged it after the book cover. XDD Also I’m afraid but there’ll be scenes where Sans and Alphys HAVE to interact when comes to any scientific problems cuz Sans is Royal scientist in the charge of Core, so…. You gotta survive through this. :B

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Hey, I don't know if you have already seen it but just wanted to let you know that artofennun drew a scene from Out of my System and I think it turned out really good! You might want to have a look on it :))


What? Are you serious? Omg!

Okayokayokay. So I just saw it. And I’m kind of screaming because it’s almost exactly how I pictured that scene to be in my mind when I was writing it??? And like it’s been almost 2 years since I wrote that fic but it took me less than a second to pick out exactly which moment they’d drawn. Aaaah, their art is always so good and just looking at it makes me really happy. :333

This is such a nice surprise for today. Thank you for letting me know, anon! Also a big thank you to whoever commissioned it, I love you so much. :’)

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I'm really trying to stay positive about this show. I've walked away from so many other shows, and I was hoping that Supergirl would be different. I just don't know how to feel about it right now. I really want to be able to pick my head up and look for the best in things, but it's just not easy right now. I don't understand why we can't have better representation, and I'm sick of telling myself "one day we'll have good representation." Do you have any words of wisdom? Sending you so much love<3

Honestly, my love? For me, it’s about the writing, and about the community, and about getting what we can from it, but like – however you respond (watching, not watching, only following on tumblr, only watching Sanvers scenes on youtube) is completely, completely alright. We all have to do what we have the capacity for and what we enjoy.

I am sending you so much love, sweetie, and also, fix-it fics!



I’m writing ‘Fukuoka, Here We Come’ before I have to leave for class in three hours.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop, grinning evilly (I know it’s evilly from what I just wrote).  I read back over it and the following conversation ensues.

Me: *finishes reading the scene I just wrote* I’m such a bitch *quite proud of myself*
Artist Dork: *says really loudly so I can hear over my headphones* Yes you are! What did you do this time?

I explain the scene and she just shakes her head.

Artist Dork: You’re wrong.  You’re just wrong.  

Oh she has no clue >:)

You guys are gonna love the next chapter.


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Question. What was your favorite thing about the Joker in the lego batman movie and what was your favorite Joker scene?

Definitely it’s just his overall design and his dynamic with Batman. As I’ve said before probably, they really play into the whole “Batman isn’t Batman without the Joker” premise. Now uh, I’m kind of a Comic Book Pleb, but I believe that this theme is in every other continuity of the Batman series. So the way they did it in this movie really got my attention. PLUS HE’S ADORABLE. I love his shark teeth and how his coattails emote with him.


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What did you think of spring day and not today? Song and MV wise

I just realised that I’ve been so busy that I never even posted my review of these songs. Haha. Thanks for reminding me. 

Spring Day is sedate and lovely. The song is bookended with greatness but the middle is weak. It reminds me of the past (which BTS frequently does) and I love anything that evokes that kind of vintage-vibe and nostalgia. The rap verses are my favourite aspects but I don’t like the chorus itself (it sounds a bit basic). 

I can’t talk about the MV without sounding like a bitch so here goes: it’s way too indulgent. I know Jin can do more than just stare into the camera with that slightly frowny face. The direction they give him never really explores his potential (which I know he has). There’s also a ton of useless Jungkook reaction shots. Everyone else had pretty interesting scenes but Jimin was definitely the standout. Overall, it’s gorgeous to look at and suits the song but there’s too much standing around and staring at the camera in contemplation. They might as well hold a sign saying: LOOK AT US BEING REFLECTIVE AND SHIT. It worked for all the HYYH videos but I don’t think they’ve been able to capture that kind of realness since then. 

Not Today. This is just ridiculous, fun and veers dangerously close to being try-hard and cringey. I just feel like all the individual elements are up to BTS’s high standards in terms of rap, vocals and production quality but…..it’s not that memorable to me? It doesn’t hit hard like Fire. It doesn’t get stuck in your head like Dope. It’s not exactly badass or groundbreaking either. But hey, it’s fun and Tae looks hot in the video so I’m not going to complain about it any more. Haha. 

I think BTS always deliver quality material and I don’t think they’re lazy with the rap or vocals. It’s just that some of their songs really appeal to me and others less so. I don’t write these harsh things because I think they’re awful, I just write them because I’ve seen/heard them do better in the past and I’m just trying to be honest. 

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Jacob the werewolf from twilight please for the character ask pls

I’m screaming oh ym gdo

I don’t know whether to fill this out with my actual current opinions or take on the mindset of a decade ago when I was actually into twilight this is so funny

general opinion: now: like him, then: loved him
hotness level: now: 10/10 would bang, then: gorgeous
hogwarts house: gryffindor probably but I see a bit of slytherin idk, I can’t say I’m deep in the psychology of twilight characters these days
best quality: the abs mate
worst quality: his perseverance with bella was a bit much lol like calm down dude, when you reread that kiss scene now it’s…..so gross…..I shipped them when I was a teen tho (I always claimed to be team switzerland in my twilight phase but I was really team edward and just liked to join team jacob stuff bc it was more fun with the narrative in fic I guess)
ship them with: leah???? I definitely remember wanting him to get with leah back in the day
brotp them with: I don’t know……..the werewolf bros
needs to stay away from: baby renesemee……even if I do understand how the imprint works it’s just Weird to watch
misc. thoughts: take your shirt off and stand in the rain son

Part of the reason i get hyped up about environments in games is because i played a lot of games like Donkey Kong 64 that insisted really hard they were in a jungle but you knew damn well they weren’t and then i went to Fallout 3 and was just “ah yes, i love my trash and rubble home” and kinda lost my shit because you could see dust. I got Dragon Age: Origins and while the graphics aren’t stunningly realistic, it was great at the time.
Then I got games like Fable 2 and i died for the cut-scenes and detail in character design and everything.
Now, that being said, I spent most of the above time with shit glasses. 

And so like, once i started getting good glasses and SEEING things, i started losing my shit because everything is just so!!!!!!!! real and vibrant and there!!

So like people who had always seen these things, i didn’t understand how they always went “eh” and i just. 
Colors!! Things!!!

As someone who also kinda.. drifts off from reality and has trouble keeping anchored as well, like.. my brain just sees a thing PEOPLE MADE and go “PEOPLE MADE THE THING TO LOOK LIKE THE REAL THING. THE THING I LIVE IN. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. LOOK!” 

And people just??????? Go???? “Eh, it’s a videogame”?

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1: What's your favorite Penguin moment? 2: Do you think Penguin and Selina would make a good team? 3:In an AU if Penguin met Daryl do you think they would get along or hate eachother?

Thanks for these really interesting questions @toonchick2017!

1) I cannot decide between S1E13 - Oswald’s little celebration in Fish Mooney’s club (because it is soooooo nice to see Oswald so happy and frisky PLUS I’d love to have a party with him)


S2E3 - The scene quite at the end of the episode, when Harvey pays Oswald a visit to threaten him. Oswald is so wonderfully smug and looks sooooooo good and sexy and just him holding a glass of wine let my fangirl heart beat faster and I just watched the scene again and I am screaming and I feel I need to write something….

2) Well… Oswald is a bitch for any kind of information, right? And Selina is good at getting informations… and I am sure Os would pay her well… Yes, I think they’d make a good team somehow.

3) OMG @cnygma remember when we talked about this?! Gotham x The Walking Dead… Ed would study the walkers and try to find a cure xD I can see it right in front of my eyes: a walker gets cut in half by whatever and is still crawling, Ed adjustes his glasses and is like

But to your question…. Honestly, I don’t think they’d get along at all. Daryl would quickly perceive Oswald’s manipulative and shady nature, leading to permanent distrust. He’d show Oswald the cold shoulder and this again is something Oswald wouldn’t like much xP

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how can we get the showrunners to realize that they treat malec differently than the straight couples on the show do you we need to tweet glaad or outmagazine about the mistreatment of malec

Okay so, I get why you’re angry, I do, but I don’t actually think they are treating malec badly? They are the only canonical couple (ignoring weird climon) and I like hoe they have shown the development of both of them around each other. The mistake I do think that shouldn’t have happened was showing all of the straight couples having sex, I don’t think it was necessary and it led to the ‘why didn’t they show the malec first time?’ Question, and I really didn’t want there to be a malec scene to be explicit since it would have started the top and bottom discourse. I love malec, it shows representation we didn’t have so I hope things get better, the writers and producers apparently tweeted they heard us so I just hope everything gets resolved

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you know, i was SO worried that we wouldn't get a resolution in 8x14 but man did those guys deliver!!!! the whole entire episode was just SPECTACULAR!!!!! That scene! THAT STEROLINE SCENE was EVERYTHING i needed from them for the past couple of episodes!!!! i'm so happy!!! thats ALL i needed from them really!!! Stefan was SO sincere and SO loving and it was just everything i needed him to say to her!!! his BEST FRIEND!!!! also, i too think Damon is already dead. that scene made it kinda obvious.

LOL I’m glad because I know you really needed a romantic moment so I’m glad the episode finally delivered it. I’m actually surprised it’s as good as it was, I knew we’d get their reunion in 8x14 but I wasn’t sure we’d get a proposal and I definitely didn’t think the second one would top the first one.

Yeah I just think a lot of the lines said from Damon seemed to indictate that was his death scene, his final sacrifice. Him saying “it’s been a hell of a ride” and “this is how the tragic tale of Damon Salvatore ends” seem really ominous. And it was just too easy how they brought him back, and not in a “it’s too easy because we’re not trying” in a “it’s too easy because all isn’t what it seems.”

Cars Fanfic Author Problems:
  • “Wait a minute can they even do this they’re freaking cars”
  • You start to write something about ears or hands and then you remember like “…oh wait-”
  • getting anxious about putting human food in a scene so you just say oil to make it less conflicting
  • C A R  H U G S …
  • unsure about how to make a scene more dynamic cause the characters can really only just sit there talking to each other
  • “wait do they even have windshield wipers”
  • “how far can they stretch their axles out like arms omg this must read so awkward”
  • when you have to write Mater’s dialogue and you start  to say it out loud in the Larry the Cable Guy voice cause good God how do you write that voice properly (i.e. occasional horrid grammar and/or catchphrases)
  • *incoherent screaming about car anatomy*
  • “Okay would McQueen really cry here no he’d hold it in- but wait a second wouldn’t it be more powerful if he broke down here- alright listen up here-”
On Bitty and the Football Team:

Its his freshman year and Bitty is walking around campus on his Taddy Tour™ with John Johnson, Ollie, Wicks, and some other guys on the team that Bitty doesn’t know. They are coming to the end of the tour and are walking down the frat row where all the sports teams have their respective houses. They walk past the volleyball house and the soccer house with no problem, but things get louder once they reach the football house. 

There are a bunch of hulking men gathered on the front lawn tossing a ball back and fourth. One, with short black hair and a very broad chest catches the ball, turns to the group and shouts,

“Hey hockey jerkoffs! look out!” 

He throws the ball, and it cuts through the air with Wick’s head as its target. It would have hit him straight on the nose too, if Bitty hadn’t caught it, snatching it from air as easily as anything. 

“You better keep this! you clearly need the practice!” Bitty threw the ball back to him in a perfect spiral, and when the offending player caught it, he was knocked to the ground with the force of it. 

Everyone was gapping at the mountainous man on the ground. A different player with shaggy brown hair called out in disbelief, “You just took out the school’s tight end!”

Bitty shrugged, unbothered, “I hope he’s second string.” 

All of the guys on the Taddy Tour™ starting whooping at the chirp, and the group moved onward toward the Haus, leaving a pack of slack jawed football players in their wake. The shaggy haired one offered a hand to the man on the ground.

“You good Brandon?” He asked, hoisting the other player to his feet. 

“Yeah dude, nothing hurt but my pride.” Brandon rubbed at the back of his neck sheepishly, “Who was that guy?” 

Shaggy hair shrugged, “One of the new Hockey recruits I guess.” 

Brandon smirked, “Hot.”  


so i actually really love this scene and i think it’s an important Lance moment that should not be brushed off as him merely being cocky, selfish, pouty, etc..  here’s why:

Lance disagrees with Shiro. and not only is he being vocal about it, he’s firmly standing his ground on the issue. and he’s not just disagreeing with his leader, he’s disagreeing with someone who’s bigger, older, and more experienced; and let’s not forget, he’s also disagreeing with his hero, his inspiration, someone he really looks up to.

but that doesn’t stop Lance. he gets right in Shiro’s face (enough to make Shiro lean back), looks him directly in the eyes, and stands there for a good 10 seconds, not moving until Shiro has to gently push him away. he never breaks eye contact either.

it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.