but i just realized this while rewatching the pilot


Though it took nearly 7 months of off and on Fridays, my friend and I just recently finished rewatching the entirety of Ren & Stimpy together. From the classic pilot to the much derided Adult Party Cartoon. While the episodes varied wildly in quality over the course of the series, it spawned a lot of discussion and intrigue among the two of us about cartoon production, joke telling, and gross stuff.

It also made me realize I had never really drawn the pair before. I don’t know why, I guess I never felt like I could. Anyway, here’s a tribute to “Stimpy’s Fan Club,” home to one of my favorite scenes in the whole cartoon, where Ren contemplates the audacity of himself doing good deeds, and coming close MURDERING his friend simply because he’s the popular one.

  [ I have no idea if anyone ever brought this up but I just realize we been seeing this since the very beginning because this is part of the opening for the Volt/ron and while you cannot tell WHO is piloting the black lion, (assume Shiro because it looks kind of big arm?) they also have the Bayard… the only time we saw that was literally the last episode of season 2.

It was literally a foreshadowing for sure. ]