but i just needed to put their kisses next to each other

I’ve seen a lot of posts about what a big step it is for Yuuri to skate without Viktor there and how big it is of him to put Viktors needs first, but even putting aside those things, can we acknowledge that Yuuri is willing to send Viktor away at all?? The whole series has focused on Yuuri trying desperately to keep Viktor next to him and his fear of him leaving, and now he’s willing to send him so far away?
People have talked about how they’ve become more comfortable with each other just from time spent together, but I think it’s that Yuuri isn’t scared of losing him anymore. Viktor stood by his side when he asked him to, and that kiss was him saying he wasn’t leaving. He’s proved he isn’t just some flighty idealized figure that’s going to vanish as quickly as he came.
The growth in the security of their relationship is really remarkable

I have a fondness for Joly and Bossuet as childhood best friends

They met when they were toddlers and lived next to each other so their parents would organise play dates and put them in the same activity groups so that they would have a familiar face there, especially for Joly who was quite shy growing up.

Joly would mend Bossuet’s numerous boo booes with little dinosaurs band aids and would give him little kisses on the scratches to make it all better.

Then they grew up and stayed like two peas in a pod, one never seen without the other. But Bossuet started to feel a bit more than friendship for Joly, even though he was in denial most of the time. With his luck, Joly would not like him back and he would ruin their friendship if he opened up about it, so he kept it silent. It would pass. Little did he know Joly was feeling the exact same way.

Fast forward to university. Bossuet met Musichetta at Law School and hit it off immediately as good friends. He introduced her to Joly and watched as the two started dating. He felt like a horrible friend, because on the one hand his crush for Joly was still fiercely there, but on the other he found himself really attracted to Chetta. While Joly was still in love with Bossuet, but also with Musichetta, and it made him feel terrible.

Musichetta was, of course, very aware of the pining. You just had to see those boys’ faces to understand that they were longing for each other. In the end, she’s the one who brought them together at last and Bossuet finally confessed that he was head over heels for them both.

And thus JBM began

MariChat May Day 26: Angry kiss

I know. It doesn’t seem angry. And that’s what I don’t like about my art and I need to put more practice to. It just lacks emotion, movement, and life. I’m now wondering if I’m too dull that I can’t put life to my art 😓😂

Others just draw the characters standing next to each other and stare at each other but I can feel the love and I can’t do that which frustrates me then I doubt myself a lot.

And the next one is sin! (Oh no) I have no idea how to do it. //cries or can I even draw it??

I don’t think Stiles and Lydia are already dating, I think it’s just been like an unofficial slow thing. They have probably started studying at each others houses, and sometimes sit way too close at lunch. And Lydia will lean her head on Stiles’ shoulder. Then others start to notice the little things. Them holding hands when they are driving in the jeep, or Stiles giving Lydia a forehead kiss before class when no one is around. Lydia put a little heart next to Stiles’ name in her phone. They never really defined anything, because they didn’t need to. 

one thing i really would have loved to see was Felix realizing he is more heroic than he originally thought

like, he needed a kiss to get rid of his curse but then he just sort of… cant? leave? like, the thought of abandoning Ladybug after earning her trust is somewhat painful and that just baffles him??? so even when she agrees and kisses him, he goes home and just looks at his ring feeling super confused about what to do now

but hes finally free, no more curse, no more bad luck, no more Plagg (who he really did love and really did love him and they actually miss each other even though neither will admit it) so he doesnt put the ring back on but keeps it with him at all times

but the next day an akuma attacks and someone (coughcough Bridgette cough) gets hurt trying to evacuate the area and he just kind of goes ‘fuck me this is my job what the hell was i thinking??’ and Bridgette’s surprised. Ladybug’s surprised. Plagg’s not surprised bc he knew his boy would come through

okay but just imagine laying on the bed with Calum and you’re sitting next to each other with your backs resting on some pillows and you’re kinda curled up and resting your head on his shoulder and your dog is sleeping on the other side of you and he has his laptop open and you’re looking at potential gifts for the the holidays for your friends and family and scrolling through saying oh Mikey would actually shit himself if we got this for him! or No he already has that one, what about this? No I got him that for his birthday…. or how would your mum feel about this? Yeah she’d actually love that… and you’d get distracted and go on Buzzfeed and do those ridiculous quizzes and you’d show him funny memes and then you’d get tired so he’d put a movie on Netflix and your snuggle into him more and he’d put his arms around you and rub your shoulder gently and occasionally press kisses to your head as you start falling asleep and you’d just feel so warm and loved and adios I am out of here

rucas drabble because I am happy

Riley was at her locker putting her books away, after everything that has happened Riley feels like her happiness and smile is genuine and that everything is finally starting to fall back into place. Riley and her friends were still recovery from the school trip but that didn’t mean that her parents were going to let her blow of school. She has just finished her first period of the day and was gathering her books for her next class, while she was working out what she needed somebody came up behind her and placed their hands over her eyes causing Riley to gasp.

Riley turns and instantly smiles when she sees Lucas grinning at her, she closes her locker after she grabs her books before leaning against her closed locker as Lucas comes closer.



They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment, before Lucas leans down and kisses her softly. Riley pulls away biting her lip, trying hard to stop the blush from spreading across her cheeks.

“Can I tell you how happy I am to be able to kiss you now.” Lucas says and Rile hides her head but Lucas cups her cheek and kisses her once more.

“Don’t hid your beautiful face. Come on I will walk you to class.”

Riley smiles and laces her right hand with his while he left holds her books.

Riley will be forever thankful for that ski lodge.