but i just need someone to talk to but no one seems to care


Look at that man with the blue suit, and the girl beside him.

“Well seems someone drank more than they shoud….”

Then we have who I’m guessing is Sara. She looks ready to record the moment.

“Oh it’s Yuuri!”

Then we have Mila.

And the poor girl just can’t hold it anymore…

And now even Victor has to take some photos, he doesn’t even care he is talking with other people at the moment.

“Ok just wai-… I only need one photo of this… Ok done!”

Also JJ…

“Don’t worry, we are cooler than that.”


They are feeling it….


“Oh no… now there’s another one.”





“OK now… who brought the pole?”

Someone come cry with me. I just watched this fancam and you can see Jimin just quietly sitting next to Namjoon during BigBang’s performance, not talking or moving really, even though we know he’s a massive BB fan. We’ve talked a lot about how Jimin always seem to be the one most sensitive to the members moods. How he’s always right next to them, comforting them, when something happens. Like when Jungkook messed up his flip on AHL and Jimin gave him encouragement to keep practicing and told him he looked cool anyway, trying to make him feel less embarrassed. Or when V got all that ridiculous backlash for mouthing Loser and we can see Jimin in pictures sticking to him like glue, hugging him and trying to make him smile. We have so many little moments of Jimin being there for his members and giving them comfort and support in the way they need it, and I just…everyone needs to appreciate Park Jimin. Park Jimin who sat silently in support of his hyung who was having the near shittiest day imaginable even when one his favorite bands was playing. Park Jimin, who didn’t try and smile and hug and make jokes like he might have with V or Jhope because he knew that wouldn’t help Namjoon, but just stayed next to him to remind him he wasn’t alone. We all need a friend like Park Jimin.

Is that difficult to understand this? I’m sorry for Wanda, she suffered and she was scared BUT WHY THE HELL TONY EVEN IN CIVIL WAR IS THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RESPONSIBLE ABOUT SOKOVIA. WHY. I DON’T CARE WANDA IS A TEEN SHE SHOULD KNOWS HER POWERS ARE TOO STRONG FOR HER and she needed to keep calm and “exercise” before she makes the decision she is a superhero. Even in Civil War when Tony talks with Steve and Tony is totally devasted about all those shitty things that are happening he said “and then Ultron, my fault.” and I was WTF. NO. IT’S NOT. this thing really piss me off because when it’s about Tony I always try to understand who is against him BUT NOT FOR ULTRON. NO WAY. You can say everything about Tony but you can’t say he doesn’t care about the others and you can’t say he doesn’t feel guilty about things he has done and yeah those things just ended in a catastrophy BUT NOT FOR HIS FAULT. IN AGE OF ULTRON TONY IS AS BROKEN AND DEPRESSED AS WANDA so why he has to take all the guilt? It’s not fair, at all. People have to understand that he only does his best. Always. And he always makes things better for everyone. He has heart. He thinks and cares about who he loves and about people and FOR GOD’S SAKE LET HIM BE HAPPY AND IN PEACE WITH HIMSELF JUST FOR ONCE. PLS.

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There's definitely some AU room with the concubine characters. What if Ione gave birth to her second child and lived; what would said child be like? What if Xander died rather than Asher? I don't know, just some ideas that came to mind whilst reading the bios. Also, the idea of Hero Asher came to mind and it'd be absolutely badass to see him wield Siegfried in Xander's stead.

These are some really interesting ideas! I’m afraid that Ione and her second child are a goner no matter what though, considering they were both poisoned by Livilla. I might make portraits of what her second child would look like if they lived - maybe.

Actually, I’m glad you brought up Asher’s job class!! I haven’t talked about it before, but I’ve always had it in mind. Now a long time ago someone nice told me that in the Japanese version all the Nohr Siblings had the word ‘knight’ in their job classes. So Asher is a mercenary because that can promote into a Bow Knight so he can fit in with the motif. But being the hero class is more in line with his personality and fighting style. So when deciding what to become, he would struggle a lot with whether he wants to fall in line with his family or follow what he personally prefers and wants to be.

But that’s so sad to think of if Xander died instead! Unlike Xander, Asher isn’t close with his other siblings, so he definitely would try to keep Xander’s memory alive in particular even when he grows up and the other children die. He’d struggle a lot with being the Crown Prince so suddenly. Not because he’s unused to so much work and study, but because of all the responsibilities and the fact that this was what Xander was supposed to do. It’d only get worse after Garon falls off the deep end and Asher is forced to do less then savory things. Poor kid wouldn’t stay innocent and heroic for very long. But he would look really badass as Crown Prince with Siegfried at his side

BTS reaction to you only being half korean

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He would not care at all - neither of the opinion from the others.
“I don’t care. Why should I? I care about your personality and not where you come from.”

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“And the probleme is where? I really don’t see one, and if someone does - who cares. I have to spend my time with you. You should really stop caring
about others opinion”

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“Why should it be a problem? Actually it’s more interesting! Another culture and all the other stuff! I can learn and profit from it.”

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“People who judge others by the provenience are just stupid. We all should profit from others culture because they’re all beautiful and intersting.
You should really talk more about it and teach me stuff, you can always need it.”

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“Oh, you’re from ”country“? I always wanted to visit it - it seems very interesting and the food should be delicious. Can yoh cook something that
comes from there? I’ll help!”

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“Oh really? I can’t and i shouldn’t judge by provenience. Anyways, do you grew up with the culture too, or just the korean one? We have to visit
"country” together!“

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"I mean… I didn’t know it ‘till now… so it would not change anything anyways so, whatever. It’s still amazing place and the people are nice there… the culture.. all the things…”

“You don’t really care, right…”

“Exactly because I don’t see the difference.”

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Hey, guys

So… Just scrolling through these last few days, I’ve seen so many people going through hurt, and pain, and what seems to be endless hopelessness.

And… Some of them have disappeared, and, I’m quite honestly terrified for what may have happened to them.

Please… Please, please, please, if you ever need someone to talk to, send me something. Anything. It could even just be a sad emoji on anon, and I will be there to help through whatever it is. Please… If anything happened to any one of you, I don’t know what I would do.

Don’t give up. There’s people who believe in you.

Even if you don’t believe me, now you at least know there’s one.

I believe in you.

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I saw someone else anon was talking to you about their friends, I'm 20 and have struggled with relationships and socialising and having friends my whole life and like, recently I've just completely cut off from basically everyone except my parents, and nothing seems to make sense and I'm just so down all the time and keep trying to not be self destructive and selfish but I am, I feel like I have no one when I try so hard to be a really good friend for everyone :( I feel trapped and so useless eh

Maybe you’re trying too hard? At times, that can be a bad thing too. I understand that you’re trying but sometimes you just need to take a step back and worry about yourself. It’s great and all to be there for everyone but you have to take care of yourself too. Go out and do things that you like. Take a little break from everyone. Gather yourself back again. You might feel refreshed after and then go back to socializing and building a relationship with others. 

green day. {rp meme}
  • 1: "Talk myself out of falling in love with you."
  • 2: "Don't wanna be an American idiot."
  • 3: "You're in ruins."
  • 4: "I'm not growing up, I'm just burning out."
  • 5: "Talk is cheap and lies are expensive."
  • 6: "I am one of the melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone. No doubt about it."
  • 7: "You are the moonlight of my life every night."
  • 8: "Shut your mouth cause you're talking to much, and I don't give a fuck anyway."
  • 9: "Everything I need, I need from you but I just can't have you."
  • 10: "Sometimes I wish that someone up there will find me."
  • 11: "Wake me up when September ends."
  • 12: "Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me."
  • 13: "No one really seems to care."
  • 14: "Take me to paradise."
  • 15: "Do you think you're indestructible and no one can touch you?"
  • 16: "I'll hold your heart and never let go."
  • 17: "If I lose everything in the fire, I'm sending all my love to you."
  • 18: "So send me a letterbomb and visit me in hell."
  • 19: "They say home is where the heart is. Well, that's a shame cause everyone's hearts doesn't beat the same."
  • 20: "My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating."

Only Mine - Revamped [Chapter 3 ( 4 / 5 )]

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ok so Munakata lumps Fushimi with a little strain kid to take care of and of course Fushimi has no idea what to do so along comes Yata to help (post-reconciliation probs) and I just want sarumi with a kid pls... bonus points if the kid has hilarious mind-reading powers and keeps blurting out what Fushimi and Yata think of each other XD

Imagine one day Munakata calls Fushimi into his office because he has a very important mission for him. Fushimi walks in to see Munakata sitting there trying to get this like disaffected six year old child to play puzzles with him. Fushimi can probably see where this is going and tries to make a break for it, Munakata happily calls him in and informs him that the child is a Strain and Munakata needs someone to watch her for now until her parents can be found. Fushimi sighs and asks why he has to do it and Munakata just notes that of all the force Fushimi seems to be the best at bonding with children. He’s giving Fushimi the day off to basically keep the child entertained. Munakata pretty much pulls Fushimi forward by the hand and makes him take the kid’s hand before ushering them out of the room. Fushimi sees the kid looking up at him and he’s like ‘what do you want?“ before huffing and telling her to come with him. He belatedly realizes that he forgot to ask what kind of Strain power the kid has, but she seems quiet enough and docile so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Fushimi of course has no idea what to do with a kid and since it’s creepy the way she keeps staring at him while he’s trying to work he figures he should probably like take her to the park or something. He ends up somewhat reluctantly calling Yata – they’ve made up at this point but haven’t quite gotten to the ‘admit our feelings’ portion of the relationship and Fushimi’s feeling a little awkward about the whole thing but he figures well, Misaki’s got siblings he probably knows how to deal with kids. Yata’s all amused that Fushimi’s taking care of a kid for a day but he takes pity on Fushimi and offers to meet him at the park and they can keep an eye on the kid together. The kid keeps giving Fushimi these looks as they head out, like she feels kinda sorry for him or something and Fushimi finds it really irritating without quite being sure why.

So they get to the park and Yata’s there, he’s all happy to see Fushimi and is probably immediately in big brother mode when he sees the kid. The three of them end up having an adorable day at the park, Yata makes Fushimi buy the kid ice cream and then they all go over to the swingset and Yata pushes the kid really high while Fushimi sits on a bench and tries not to complain about the heat and the people and all the nature. Then later Yata and Fushimi get to sit in the grass and help the kid find flowers and she makes them both cute flower crowns. Yata laughs a little and says Fushimi looks good with a daisy crown over his head, Fushimi looks away and mutters at Yata not to act like an idiot, it’s just a stupid flower crown. That’s when from behind them the kid just calmly says 'He’s flustered because you think he looks good.’ Yata’s all like 'huh’ and Fushimi immediately denies it, the kid’s like 'also he thinks you look good too because you’re smiling and he loves your smile.’ Yata’s kinda touched by that and then he’s like wait, no, and the kid says 'you’re really happy knowing he likes you.’ At some point the two of them realize that the kid has mind-reading powers but it’s too late and they’re basically just sitting there flailing and trying to deny their feelings for each other with the kid helpfully chiming in about their real feelings after every attempted denial.

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You are doing a good job at clearing up a lot of misconceptions about AAA gaming. You don't have any idea how much I've learned and how I logically approach gaming problems now before getting annoyed. But why is it so hard to get the same kind of info you share from others in the industry? It seems like it's discouraged for someone in your position to just talk about these things. But it doesn't even seem like it's anything "dangerous" to discuss. Care to explain...if you get what I've said?

So… one of the major reasons I can post this is because of my anonymity. When you read what I write, it isn’t associated with anyone in particular and you get to judge it based on the quality of the work. I’ve never felt the need to provide credentials because I feel like the quality of content speaks for itself. I don’t depend on my title or name to lend credence - it’s just the truth as I see it.

If I were to lose that anonymity and declare that I am a gameplay programmer for Bioware, or a scripter for Blizzard, or an animator at Naughty Dog, or an environment artist at Telltale, or a server programmer at Treyarch, or QA at DICE, I immediately become a representative of that company and publisher. Every word I write immediately enlarges to encompass what the studio and the publisher feel, and that feeds on itself. When I wrote about [the process for a dev blog to get posted], I wasn’t kidding. If the public knew who I am, one of a few things could happen:

  1. The publisher doesn’t care. Nothing happens and things go on as usual
  2. I could lose my job
  3. I could be forced to give up the blog (or give up my job)
  4. Every one of my posts would probably become subject to the same process that I outlined in my dev blog post

If my identity is outed, anything I say can be picked apart by that publisher’s community and referenced for all time. Even worse than that, anything I say about my work can and will be construed as a promise by the community. It doesn’t matter if I post any sort of disclaimer or declare that my words are my own and do not reflect my employer, the community won’t care. That puts me in the precarious position of having to watch everything I say. Even if nothing has happened yet, all it takes is for one thing to explode and then I can’t put it back.

What this means overall is that my ability to post content would be scrutinized to a much greater degree, and that’s tough to deal with. I’d have to watch my words carefully so that nothing could be construed the wrong way or reflect negatively on my employer. I’d have to be careful about what I post and expect that my employers will be able to read any and every thing I write. In addition, all of my posts would basically be online for all time, which would make it available to any future employers as well. That sort of thing puts a lot of potential overhead on every post. If that were to happen, I’d probably have to consider retiring the blog altogether.

Being an Introvert, especially one with a mental illness, is frustrating in more ways than I can describe. You want to socialize, but it seems like people either hang around you too much, or never enough. There never seems to be the right balance in your life. You want to be alone a lot, but at the same time, you’re lonely. You want someone that checks on you, talks to you as much as you do to them, and is generally there. You want someone to listen to you because it seems no one ever truly listens. People just hear you talk, and block you out. They don’t seem to know or care that when you do talk, you have something to say and you need input from them otherwise you feel like you’re talking to a wall. So you shut up and keep to yourself even more than you already do. The more time passes, the more you feel like a can of soda being shaken up constantly. No one seems to understand or even be aware of what you go through. People tell you to “smile” and be “happy”. They don’t try to make you happy or smile. They can have days when they are angry or upset, but you can’t. You have to be the perfect little smiling robot because people can’t deal with honesty, with Truth. They want fiction, they want you to be a Disney Princess. You have to wear a mask every day at work, at social events, and around most people. There are those that you know care about you genuinely, but you still feel alone. It never feels like it’s enough and every day is just another routine, tedious battle you push through. You’re so weary, so tired of it all and you wonder often when all of your so-called “strength” will run out. Many days you feel like you’re running on fumes and when someone tells you that you’re so “strong”, you laugh bitterly. If strong means barely hanging onto your last rope, then I guess you are strong. If you’re still reading this, I just want you to know that I understand and have understood this since I was born. You’re not as alone as you think, and if you need someone to talk to, I’m around.

I just felt like writing about this, and I’m sure there are those of you out there that understand. You’re not alone, I feel you. 

I love Nick Valentine so much because I remember watching The Maltese Falcon, and not being very happy with it because none of the characters seemed very likable at all; and I was trying really hard to enjoy the film because I like the film noir aesthetic! But no one was likable, even the main character himself, Sam Spade! They were cold, selfish, always stabbing each others backs for the sake of their own gain that it soon just became predictable what may happen, and while all very different in how they carried themselves they shared their hardened hearts and desire for wealth and business. It felt like everyone just doing what they want and need for some dough, no matter the people or the situation. 

But then here comes Nick, a character who was most likely heavily influenced by San Spade plus the film noir genre. While Nick walks and talks with what looks like a cold and serious problem solver, he is shown to be caring to the people of the town, wanting nothing more than to help people, and is someone who while snarky is genuinely kind and compassionate. 

It’s like they took the empty husk I saw of Sam Spade and filled it with metallic robot parts of goodness and used Institute technology to make the wonderful grandpa robot we have in Fallout 4.

I love Nick Valentine he’s fantastic. 

While Panda was at her music lesson someone started yelling outside. I went and stood out on the porch. It was a black man who was going off about having been abused as a child and needing help but no one cares. He was yelling at people in cars stuck in traffic. Not approaching any cars or being threatening. He just seemed super bummed. Possibly a bad trip. Possibly PTSD. Maybe some of both. I’m not sure.

While I was standing there one of the white dads came out and said “Don’t worry, someone inside called the police.”

I said “THAT is what I was worried about!”

I ran down to the man and he looked right through me. I said “I don’t know if you think the police can provide you with the kind of help you are looking for. If you think they can stay. If you don’t walk away fast. Someone inside called.”

He said “Listen lady, I DON’T want to talk to YOU!” then he walked away fast.

I didn’t know what else to do. Hopefully he found somewhere to wind down. Hopefully he finds some support.

When I went back inside the dad looked surprised that I talked to the guy. I told him that I was way more scared of the police than of him. And that I didn’t trust police to de-escalate a “situation” with an emotional and not 100% lucid black man.

He said “Oh. Right. Good point.”

Then we both got teary eyed.

He had forgotten that some people fear police.

I had forgotten that some people don’t.

Taking care of his girl..

ok I just want to talk about these for a moment..

just as the way he carried her.. like precious cargo,  strong, yet gentle…

Carefully stepping over things and holding her so close to him. There was no way in hell he was dropping this. She needed him to be strong and he was there. Taking care of her, taking her to safety. The look of concentration on his face shows that at the moment, her safety is the only thing that matters to him. 

When Carol is hurt, Daryl is the gentlest guy ever it seems.  

Like here as well..

She tries to walk on her own but stumbles, and in his true fashion  he slips his arm under hers and puts her weight on him.  He pulls her to him and keeps her close,  Supporting physically and emotionally. Because at these moments she needs him to be the stronger one. 

Strong and gentle at the same time, you can be both. Especially with someone you love. Because there is nothing more gentle than true strength. For someone who came out of such violence, the man can be so gentle with Carol, someone else who ill-treated in her life, its staggering, and so beautiful to watch. 

He really, REALLY loves and respects her..

Daryl Dixon takes care of his girl when she needs him the most Whether it’s a physical or emotional burden, he has proven that he is more than willing to bear it. 

For her.  Because he loves her and wants to be that  kind of man for her. And he has been for awhile. He just dosen’t know it yet. 

But she does. And she loves him for it. 

Caryl on everyone :) 

i just realised that a lot of people think my love of harry potter is just a childish obsession that i will grow out of

but it’s not. i don’t care if it makes me seem immature for the rest of my life, harry potter is a part of my life and my identity. it has taught me so much and been there for me when nothing else has, and i don’t think anything with enough power to give someone the hope they need to keep going can be written off as ‘an obsession’


•i care about you
•i love you
•i believe in you
•i know you can get through tough times
•i know you can overcome your demons
•i know depression doesn’t control you
•i know your anxiety will give you a break one day
•i know you can do anything you set your mind too
and most importantly
•i know you can live another day.

Just because things seem bad right now doesn’t mean something good isn’t about to happen. Reach out to people, no matter who you are you are loved and cared for. I would drop everything and talk to anyone for hours if it meant saving them from the worst decision they could possibly make. Don’t let a few clouds hide the sunshine.

Someone who is always there for anyone that needs it.

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I'm not sure if you take random tips for people, but here goes anyways: Be careful of door to door people! Some people aren't nice and they'll try and see if you've got valuables inside so they can break in later. (Had a guy claiming to be from a cable company come today asking how many TVs were in the house, and just hell no you don't need that info.)

There are a lot of scams that start this way, especially preying on seniors. A recent one in my area involved someone at the front door engaging the homeowner with talk about gas bills or something while a partner broke in the back and stole things.

Sometimes door to door salesmen are legitimate, but sometimes it’s a scam. ARRP does have a list of common scams (like I said, they mostly target seniors).

If something seems off, contact your local police department’s non-emergency line. They may have received other calls already and can issue a town warning if necessary.