but i just love you so much

i just told my mom that i think i would really benefit from therapy and she reacted so well and is completely supportive and i’m so happy alncnckxcm i feel like a weight has just been lifted off of my shoulders i literally never thought i would ever be able to ask for help like that @danielhowell literally thank you so much you inspired me to reach out and get the help i need and i truly believe it’s gonna change my life

okay unpopular opinion: i am not enjoying before the storm as much as i thought i would, it has a lot of flaws

Inktober is done to me

Guys, I won’t finish Inktober (aaagain) I’m really tired (maybe because I woke up at 4:00 am to watch Inazuma Walker, totally worthy tho) and I have no energy to draw at least today. So it doesn’t make any sense to me to skip a day, maybe next year I can survive a little longer.

I want to thank you all the ones who supported me with your likes and reblogs on my OC, you have no idea how motivated I felt on people liking my original stuff, I appreciate it a lot and I’m so glad I could share a bit of me to you.

I’ll be back drawing inazuma kids soon.


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This is still my favourite “Too Much is Never Enough” video.

Hey guys!

I’m hoping to come back soon! It’s been much longer than I anticipated, and so much has happened that I felt really bad about putting this aside for so long.

I really want to interact with you guys again, so I plan to be back by the following week???

It’s not a definite plan yet but I at least have an idea of when I might be able to start up again.

In the meantime, I hope you all can wait a little while longer for Whisper and Co.™ to return!!

I can’t wait to see ya again, and I hope you have a great week!!!

Good good OOC TAZ things

because the fact this thing was made by three nerd brothers and their nerd dad is a cornerstone of what makes it so great

  • Griffin introducing an NPC and instantly going ‘shit I have to come with a voice’
  • Griffin coming up with a voice and then instantly retconning it because he hates it
  • The boys’ derisive yet affectionate mockery of their dad’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • Clint’s horrendously out of date pop culture jokes
  • The use of nicknames (Juice, Griffy, Ditto etc.)
  • The unironic use of the word ‘Daddy’
  • Justin growing outrage at everyone else’s lack of character voices
  • One of the players suggesting something really stupid and Griffin’s deadpan voice saying ‘you die instantly’
  • Something bad happens/is about to happen and you just hear Travis go ‘well tits’
  • ‘which celebrity would you say this new NPC most resembles?’
  • Some dope plot twist occurs and one or more players breaks character to congratulate Griffin on how dope it is
  • Justin laughing so hard it sounds like he’s dying
  • Someone trying to surreptitiously open a bag of snacks but it ruins the audio and everyone else yells at them
  • Clint never knowing what dice to roll
  • One or more of them bursting into song
  • Someone making a hella good attack roll and Griffin going ‘holy shit’
  • ‘You’ve solved my [X] puzzle!’
  • Someone does some crazy-ass stunt and it works and the others start cheering and clapping

So um,,,

This one actually goes for @nellos12

I just wanted to draw something nice for u, so,,,


if you have been brutally broken,
but still have the courage to be gentle to others
then you deserve a love
deeper than the ocean itself.

for @shiroganesm. i love you.


Excerpt from tell me that you love me too by @ciuucalata

Keith looked up at him then while drinking the coffee and Lance saw something shift in his eyes but he couldn’t understand what. He smiled once again at Lance as he set the mug aside, head tilted just a little to the side. Enough to make Lance want to scream at how cute he looked.

Keith let out a huff of breath, almost like he was laughing at himself, and without warning he leaned in and kissed Lance on the check.

Now Lance was sure that he wasn’t breathing. He could hear the beating of his heart in his own ears and his vision became a little blurry with all the blood that suddenly went to his face, his knees felt a little weak and his arms were useless at his side. He was gone for sure but he still heard the two words Keith whispered in his ear. “Thank you.”

I’d like to thank the author for writing this beautiful fic because it’s freaking perfection this has been a PSA


This level of complexity is honestly why Dean is my favorite character. He’s gone from he is evil no question to he might not be evil yet, but he will be to if he does go evil, I will end him. He’s never static, never one-dimensional. So many layers to be peeled away, even in this small piece of his story. He’s captivated me from day one, and this is why.