but i just love this scene so bad so um yea


Word Count: 1577 

Pairing: Tyler x Reader

My hands were shaking so bad when I got off of the airplane this morning. I kept drinking water and by the time I saw Mark in front of the airport, I had around ten empty bottles stuffed inside of my backpack. However, when I saw him a wide smile enveloped my face and I ran as fast as I could to give him a hug. Now we were outside of his house and I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown because I would be meeting all of his friends. He looked at me as we were grabbing my bags out of the back an put his hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, they’re going to love you.”

His words were comforting but they didn’t stop my chest from tightening when I took a step inside. As soon as I walked in I saw four people sitting on the sectional. 

“Y/N, this is everyone, everyone this is my friend, Y/N.”

The smaller guy with blue hair widened his eyes and looked up at Mark.

“Oh no Mark, are you replacing us?”

“Shut up Ethan.”

A giggle escaped my lips and a girl, who I remembered was Amy, got up and gave me a hug. 

“It’s so nice to finally meet you!”

“You too! Mark’s told me so much about you.” It was true, when they first started dating she was all he talked about. He called me after their first date and we talked like we were in high school again. I was just glad that he had found someone that made him so happy. Amy grinned and walked over to Mark and hugged his torso. I looked down at the other two that were sitting down and tried to remember their names. The girl’s name started with a K and for a second I thought that maybe it was Katelyn.

“Hi, I’m Kathryn.” So close.

“Nice to meet you.”

The other guy had yet to say anything but he hadn’t taken his eyes off of me. It made me kind of uncomfortable and I worried that my make up was smeared from when I fell asleep on the plane. 

“Um, Y/N, this is Tyler.” Tyler seemed to shake out of his trance and smiled widely at me, holding out his hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Mark’s talked a lot about you.” A shy smile made it’s way to my face as I shook his hand. We stayed like that for a while until Mark cleared his throat.

“Ok well we’re having a movie night tonight so Y/N, unpack your stuff, I’ll show you to your room,” he turned to Tyler “and you order the pizzas.” I was already walking down the hallway he pointed me towards, so I didn’t see the devious grin that he sent Tyler, or the worried glare he received in return.

“Y/N!! Are you ready yet?” I had just taken a shower and was getting dressed in something more comfortable when Mark’s booming voice echoed throughout the halls. 

“Yea! I’ll be down in a minute!”

I was wearing my Led Zepplin shirt, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of fuzzy panda socks that I had gotten for Christmas last year. When I got to the bottom of the steps I could smell pizza and popcorn. Amy walked out of the kitchen with three giant bowels of popcorn balanced on her arms and I offered to carry some for her. She thanked me and we made our way into the living room.

The scene I saw before me sent a wave of anxiety up my spine, for two reasons. One Amy and Mark were both sitting on the love seat and Kathryn was sitting in the chair, leaving the only other place to sit, in between Ethan and Tyler on the couch. Ethan wasn’t the problem, Tyler was. I felt so nervous around him and I couldn’t tell if it was because he was so handsome and muscular that it was intimidating, or if it was that he was so handsome and muscular that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else. The other part was that the movie they had picked out was a horror movie. 

“Oh my God, Mark, no. I hate horror movies!”

Mark smirked and motioned towards Tyler. “Don’t worry, Y/N, Goliath, here is scarier than anything in this movie.

I pouted but didn’t say anything else as I sat down between the two guys. We watched the movie in silence until halfway through Mark got up to use the bathroom. When he came back it was in the middle of a particularly scary and tense part and right at the jump scare he screamed and shook my shoulders. I screamed so loud my throat felt raw. I shoved my head into Tyler’s shoulder and grabbed his upper arm as my whole body shook while Mark just stood back, laughing. 

It would have been the stereotypical cutesy, romance scene, except Mark ended up scaring Ethan too, so he was hiding in my shoulder, probably shaking even more than I was. 

"What the fuck, Mark?”

“God, Ethan, you sounded like you started puberty all over again, just more violently!”

“Well I wouldn’t have screamed if you didn’t fucking scare us!”

They continued to bicker and I completely forgot about the position I was currently in until Tyler moved his arm. I looked at him, mortified, and began to apologize profusely until he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. The mortified look remained on my face but now it was directed at the floor instead of Tyler, who kept his eyes locked on the movie. He didn’t look at you but you were grateful for that because you had entered full tomato-mode. 

Eventually Ethan and Mark ceased the bickering and you all continued to watch the movie until everyone fell asleep. When you wake up you keep your eyes closed and try to snuggle in closer to the warmth that was pressed against you. It responded by pulling you closer and you opened your eyes to see Tyler just a few inches from your face. You gasped and got up carefully as not to wake him, and looked around to see that everyone was gone. 

You walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter.


Sorry to leave you and Tyler alone but Ethan and Kat had to get groceries and 

I promised to take Amy on a coffee date. We’ll all be back soon, don’t break anything ;)


“What the fuck.”

Tyler was still asleep and you didn’t want to wake him up but your stomach was growling like your uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, so you decide to make pancakes. You played some music softly from your phone and swung your hips lightly to the beat. Not paying much attention to anything else other than the task at hand, you didn’t notice when Tyler walked into the kitchen and sat at the island. After you but the first batch on the skillet you turned around to get a plate but nearly screamed when you saw him watching you. 

“Oh please, don’t stop because of me. I just came in to see what smelled so good.”

Your face had gotten brick-red and you tried not to stutter. “I was just making pancakes, I woke up and was hungry so I decided to make up breakfast. The others went out somewhere.” Tyler looked at the note Mark had left and gave it a weird look but didn’t say anything else.

He watched you as you continued to make the pancakes, occasionally offering to help, to which you shut him down.

“But you’re the guest, I should be making YOU breakfast.” He got up from his seat and made his way over to you. 

“Really, I don’t mind.” He kept walked closer until you were backed up against the counter and you could feel his breath on your cheek. Both of you started to lean in and you were just a few centimeters apart when you heard the door slam open.


Tyler took a step back and huffed, “Dammit Ethan.”


Tyler had moved to the other end of the kitchen by the time Ethan and Kat had gotten to the kitchen, several bags of food in their hands. They looked at our red faces and smirked at each other but didn’t say anything as they began putting the groceries away. The door opened again and this time Mark and 

Amy walked in and grinned at the two of you.

“Soooo, what did you guys do while we were gone?”

“Um, I made pancakes.”

“Mhm.” Mark squinted his eyes at Tyler and everyone got a plate full of pancakes and took them into the living room, but Tyler stayed back. I was turned away as I got my own plate of food but was interrupted when He spun me around and pressed his lips to my own. It was quick and sweet, and when he pulled away he rested his forehead on mine.

“I think Mark planned this.”

“Me too.” We laughed and were smiling like goofs at each other when Mark slid back into the kitchen.

​​​​​​​"I did!“

HoneyMoon Phase

Yoongi x Reader

1.5k of Angst

Warnings: Brief Mention of Death

Originally posted by nvmyg

Do you recall…..

The time when we belonged together? The time when we thought nothing could separate us?
Do you remember….
When I would call you sweet pet names and love you till day’s end? When I would help you on your bad days and you would help me on mine?
Do you know… that I miss you?

Of course you don’t. You are Min Yoongi. The Prince of this vile city.

Is this city really vile? …No. I just hate reliving everything from when I was with you…. as I walk down the streets to the park I see you and me. I see us, walking around without a care in the world. Stuck in the stupid honeymoon stage. That stupid place where everything seems wonderful and good. It’s the calm before the storm. The day before the night. The beauty before the ashes. What a stupid concept… The Honeymoon Stage.

Why would you ever want to be a part of it? Sure… it feels good when you’re in it, but the minute things go south… Everything just seems to fall apart. Isn’t it beautiful? The way we fall apart. It’s magical, and it’s tragic. The ways we break our own hearts.

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Behind The Story

Summary: The reader is a cast member of the show and she’s injured making her unavailable going to a convention. Her co-stars and the fans misses her so Jensen thought of the idea of show her love via a video and posting it on twitter.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

Behind The Story Masterlist


A/N: For the ones who had read my preview to my upcoming series Unusual, y’all are going to be reading some future sneak peeks on this one shot, I’ll probably combine the fics… What do you guys think of that? I’ve always wanted to write something like this and I am very happy on how it turned out. Hope you guys like it too and please, let me know what y’all think? Special thanks to my friend @sis-tafics who beta it ♥ 

By the way, this is like a bday present from me to you guys (my birthday is tomorrow) yikes! Tags are on the end of this post and the gif is not mine but the twitter manip is. Also, I won’t put the read more because my blog is having problems and if I put it then the ones on the computer won’t be able to read it completely. Sorry, I know how it pains but tumblr is being an asshole with my blog. 


Reader POV:

A bucket of extra butter popcorn, your dog Jules cuddled up next to you, a show about two vampires in love with one girl playing on TV and a huge cast that started on your mid thigh and worked its way to your toes. “Miss you guys wish I could be there to hug y’all.” you tweeted for the 1.M followers you had on twitter thanks to you character on the hit show Supernatural. Same show where you accidentally miss landed while having a fight stunt and broke your leg in the process. You sighed and smiled while reading all the quick response by the fans.

“We miss you too, Y/N.”

“J2 misses you.”

You smiled at the tweets as you read more tweets.

“Jared is teasing Jensen on how was his fault you’re injured.”

You laughed at that tweet, because it was totally true but it was truly an accident.

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Messiah 影青の章DVD event Report

Messiah is going to be the death of me.

Heres a report of the DVD event, session 2 :)

Eisei no shou DVD came with a special event (ft in order of seating on stage lol: Matsuda ryo, Ono Kento, Nakamura Ryusuke, Akazawa Tomoru, Hirose Daisuke) that was open to anyone who purchased the DVD during that period. And ofcourse, at the event there was also another pre order for Eisei’s DVD AND ANDANDAND the pre-sale of movie tickets for the new messiah movie 深紅の章, with plot that follows 鋼の章. 

If you purchased movie tickets I think you also get a random bromide.

The talk event lasted ~60min, with the first part being just a free talk session, then Q and A from pre-submitted questions from the audience, and a chuusen game (answering messiah related questions and rock paper scissors at the end for 3 lucky winners who got the eisei poster, signed)

Some highlights from the event, translated & paraphrased :P

During the free talk session, they talked about…having bento for lunch. 

The director asked Ono kento and Ryo if they were eating properly.

Ono Kento: he ate like 3 bentos.

Ryo: I eat alot. *laughs*

Nakamura: Ryo has the strangest way of eating fried food with lemon. Usually people squeeze their lemon on their fried chicken but Ryo scrubs his lemon on his chicken, making a huge mess. And then after all that trouble he leaves the chicken behind.

Ryo: I don’t really like fried food.

Nakamura: Kento and Ryo never clean up their bentos after they eat. Because I’m such a nice person I thew the leftovers in the trashcan for them.

Ryo: Oh?! I left my seat and came back to find that my bento box disappeared. I thought it must’ve been magic.

The Ryo’s obsession with lemon was brought up again multiple times throughout the event.

Q and A session:

1. The question was something along the lines of how did Eiri infiltrate some facility (I haven’t actually watched eisei yet so unsure)

Ryo: well. You know, I just scrubbed lemon on their eyes and got in.

Cast: what. You’d need a lot of lemons

Ryo: yea, my suitcase was stuffed with lemons. just lemons.

2. One thing you want your messiah to improve. (in real life or in character)

Daisuke: Tomoru talks with his mouth full. I have to be like, “Its open.” every time to make him close his mouth.

Tomoru: EH, Daisuke? ALOT. Too many.

Ryo: I’m not Daisuke’s messiah but can I also list a few? *laughs*

Daisuke: *stands up, mock fury*

Tomoru: Daisuke’s really weird sometimes. I fear for his sanity. (the other 4 members excluding Daisuke then discuss his habits of mumbling to himself, etc)

The cast then continues to talk about Daisuke’s weird habits, like drooling/ spitting on stage during action scenes.

Nakamura: I understand if your saliva just comes out during extreme fight scenes, you know. But its like, Daisuke’s saliva just drops out even during slow motion scenes. Well, I guess his saliva also falls out in slow motion.

Ryo: there was once when I thought Daisuke’s tooth was knocked out-

Nakamura: yea but that was just his saliva. A super large drop of saliva.

Daisuke: …Tomoru, say something. You’re my messiah, you’re supposed to defend me.

Tomoru: *shaking from laughter*

Ono Kento: Ryo’s really bad with returning line messages. I sent him a question about what outfit to get, and I waited for 3 hours…in fact, he still hasn’t replied.

Ryo: Well. I just…I was thinking very very hard about what outfit you should get.

Kento: that’s a lie. haha. Hm. Eiri? Eiri needs to stop nagging me about cleaning the room.

Ryo: You should think about why I tell you to clean the room.

(quite suddenly) Nakamura: So…exactly how far have you guys done it?

Ryo and Kento: Hah?

Nakamura: I mean, theres the super long bed scene.

Kento: ah, that bed scene. That was fun.

Ryo: The scene was taken 3 times and we ad-libbed each time. Its in the DVD making, please watch it haha.

Nakamura: So after Eisei, there were shower rooms in Sunshine theater. I thought I’d take a shower and checked the stalls. I notice one that was in use and sorta peeked in, and *points at ryo and kento* these 2 were in there, together, naked.

Kento: well, well. It was fun.

Ryo: Guys take showers together butt naked at onsens too. Ah…I guess its weird for 2 guys to go into onsens shower area together?

Kento: Wait, but it wasn’t just the 2 of us. This other guy (unknown name mentioned) joined us in the shower later.

Nakamura: What exactly were you guys doing in there…

Ryo: …eh, we’re messiah.

Nakamura: I suppose that is what would be expected for messiahs. So how far did you guys go?

Ryo: ………the audience can use their own imagination.

Chuusen game:

Besides the questions that guaged your messiah love, one of the last questions that popped up was:

Q: Is Eiri’s favorite dinner curry?!

Ryo: Um, I don’t think I even know the answer to that. So lets change the question to, is Matsuda Ryo’s favorite dish to have for dinner “Curry”

Ryo: (after everyone answered) The answer is NO! I don’t dislike curry but its not my favorite dish. Haha, sorry for those who said yes.

(answer on screen appears): ?

Ryo: What. Who made this question…

Bloody hell: Newt fic

Heyyyyy so this is my first attempt at a tmr reader fic, forgive me if it sucks, I've practically read every newtxreader fic on tumblr, so I thought I should contribute!

Summary: Reader got her periods. Need I say more? 

 Warnings: None 

 Rating: uh K+? (No smut)

 “Y/n!? Y/n wake up love, Everyone is almost done with breakfast!”

You groaned and twisted in your hammock. “Two more minutes Newt”

“No can’t do love, We’ve got work to do. Rise and shine yea? tonight’s a bonfire night so finish up work quick!”

You still made no sign of getting up so Newt decided it was time for plan B 

“y/n” he said dangerously to your face, you huffed and turned to the other side.

He smirked and started tickling you. Normally you would have laughed but not today you jumped at the sudden contact and almost fell off your hammock.

“NEWT WHAT THE HELL” you yelled glaring at him, Newt looked a little taken back. This was something he did very often when you refused to wake up and you normally responded with giggles which eventually lead to the you chasing him down for breakfast.

“I’m sorry love, I just wanted to wake you up” he said, his eyes clearly showing signs of hurt. You felt bad for a second but then your stomach gave a horrid twist making you wince. Newt seemed to notice that

“Are you alright y/n? You seem a little”

“Stop talking. please” you replied, you didn’t want to deal with him right now, you weren’t in the best of moods and you were pretty sure you’d snap at Newt again if he mentioned ‘waking up’ or ‘work’ again.

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You Don’t Know My Heart, the Way You Know My Face (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: can you do a patrick one where the reader is the most famous actress of the moment and she asks patrick to accompany her to a movie premiere and the media goes crazy bc they all think their relationship is fake and it really gets to her??

“Okay, okay, I can do this, it’s fine” I mutter to myself, pacing back and forth in my living room. “He’s just a guy right? No big deal”

“Okay he’s a world famous musician, but still” I amend, biting on my nail, “then again I guess I’m famous now, and this is my movie premiere, he wouldn’t say no right?” I ask to the empty air.

This is useless, I’ve been agonizing over this for almost an hour, I should just do it already.

I take a few deep breaths and press Patrick’s name on my phone screen, beyond thankful that I was smart enough to get his number. It rings a few times, and then he picks up,

“Hello?” I hear him say, faint music in the background.

“Patrick? Hey this is (Y/N)” I say nervously

“Oh hey! How are you?, I haven’t seen you in a while”

“I’m doing pretty good actually, thanks” I respond, making faces in the mirror at myself, trying to keep my voice even.

“Oh and congrats on the new movie, looks like it’s gonna be a big one” he says kindly, and I die just a little, the fangirl inside trying to escape.

“Thank you! That’s actually why I was calling you” I say, taking a deep breath.

“Oh?” Patrick asks, interested

“Yeah, um, well the premiere is this Friday night, and I was wondering if you’d want to come” I ask nervously, ”Like as my date?” I end hopefully.

“Really?” Patrick asks.

“I mean if you don’t want to or-” I hurry to backtrack, but i’m cut off.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, I was just surprised that’s all. But I would be thrilled to go with you” He quickly explains himself, as a smile creeps onto my face

“That’s awesome!” I say, attempting to not sound too excited. “Well I have to go through a bunch of styling and stuff before, but maybe we can meet on the carpet at 6, and hit the after party together?” I ask timidly, silently crossing my fingers in hope.

“Sounds perfect, I’ll see you Friday, (Y/N)”

“Bye Patrick” I respond, hanging up the phone. Immediately letting out a small scream. This is going to be the best night of my life.

*Friday evening*

“Are you sure I look good?” I ask my mother anxiously.

“Honey, you look amazing, I promise”

“Okay” I agree, but bit my lip, “It’s just some stars wear designers to things like this and everyone spends the day mocking them-”

“(Y/N) relax, you look stunning! You’ve never been this nervous before what’s going on?”

“Well” I say embarrassed, “I might be a little nervous because of my date as well”

Mom looks at me pointedly “Honey, you are a world famous actress, any boy is lucky to go with you, you have no reason to be nervous.

I cringe at the mention of my fame but roll my eyes, “And he’s the lead singer of a world famous band, and any girl would be lucky to have him!”

“Then it sounds like you’re a perfect match!” Mom replies with a grin. I roll my eyes yet again, but at that moment, it’s time to go. I move out of the building and slide into the car, waving to my mom and promising her I’ll see her in the premiere- we’re going in different cars to save her from the red carpet.

The whole ride there, I can feel the nerves raging in my stomach. I can’t pick at my nails, or bite at my lips without messing up the makeup that took almost two hours, so I settle for bouncing my leg up and down. Finally, the drivers slows to a stop, waiting behind a line of cars to get to the red carpet. A few more minutes, and we’re next at the front. I take a deep breath, preparing for my “grand entrance”. My driver gets out of the front, and moves around the car, opening the door for me.

But the hand that reaches out to help me stand isn’t his, but Patrick’s.

I grin up at him as I stand up, hugging him in greeting “Well someone’s early” I say smiling

“Well I couldn’t miss the star’s grand entrance now could I?” He replied, eyes twinkling.

I laugh at his joke and look apprehensively at the massive amount of cameras, all already facing me.

“You ready?” Patrick asks gently.

“Of course, let’s get this over with” I say.

He chuckles at the obvious dread in my voice, offering me his arm as we begin to walk.

The walk down the carpet takes an eternity, every reporter and photographer asking for single shots of me, then shots with Patrick, then shots of me alone again. The only thing that got me through the tedious nature of it was the whispered comments and jokes from Patrick in between pictures. We laughed and have whispered conversations, making fun of the overeager press. Finally, we make it to the end of the carpet, and with one last chance for pictures we make it inside.

“That was exhausting” I say as soon as we make it inside the doors

“Tell me about it” Patricks says with a laugh, shaking his head “but at least it’s time for the fun part”

I agree and we walk over to where we’ll be sitting. I can’t help but blush as Patrick slips his hand into mine, and I smile to myself.

We make it to the seats, and in no time at all, the movie is starting. I watch it awkwardly, still not used to seeing my own face on the screen, but Patrick watches it intently, so I discreetly watch him. My favorite part was definitely one of the more “intimate” scenes- meaning the scene of me in a bed, nothing but a sheet covering me. I see Patricks eyes widen slightly as he looks at me, then immediately away, trying to look anywhere but at me or the screen. I cover my hand to stifle the laugh that comes out and he playfully glares at me, so I just shake my head and interlace my fingers in his, trying to stop my laughter.

Several hours later, we finally make it our of the movie, the introductions, and the press, to head to the after party.

The afterparty is a whirlwind of music, lights, stars, dancing and drinks, and I have an absolute blast with patrick. Everything from patiently waiting as I greet other actors and guests, to cracking jokes at every chance, to constantly making sure I was having a good time, he was a picture perfect date. We share a limo home, and I am completely exhausted.

But sitting in the limo, I can finally relax. “So, what’d you really think?” I ask Patrick, curious to know his reaction.

He grins at me “ I though it, and you, were absolutely phenomenal” he says excitedly.

“Really?” I say surprised.

“Yes! I mean I’ve always been a fan of yours but this-”

“Wait a minute,” I say, cutting him off “You’ve always been a fan?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

He turns slightly pink as he looks at me “Yes” he says seriously, “that’s why I was so surprised when you asked me to this. I didn’t even think you knew I existed.”

“Knew you existed?” I ask incredulously, “ Patrick you’re a world famous musician!”

“And you’re a world famous actress” Patrick responds, matching my tone.

“Oh whatever, I was definitely more nervous asking you, than you were being asked” I tease with a smile.

“Regardless, I had an absolutely amazing time” Patrick says grinning, right as the limo slowly pulls to a stop in front of my house. Patrick hurries out of his door, and comes around, pulling open my door for me and once again offers me his hand.

I grin and blush as I grab his hand and step out of the car. We walk side by side up the path, in a peaceful kind of silence.

We slow to a stop at the front door, and i pull my house key out of the small clutch I’ve been carrying all night. I move slowly, hesitant to end the night.

“So…” I say turning to face Patrick

“So…” he responds with a cheeky smile.

I just raise my eyebrows at hi, and he lets out a small laugh, reaching out his hand to grab mine

“I had an amazing night, (Y/N), thank you so much for asking me to come” He says quietly, looking into my eyes.

I feel my heart pumping in my chest as I respond, “No thanks for coming, this was a lot of fun”

“Yea, it was, do you um,” he says shyly,” would you like to maybe do this again?”

I slowly grin at him “Yes, Patrick I would love to”

“We could grab some coffee tomorrow? At that cafe down on 6th?” He asks smiling.

Sounds perfect” I say, matching his giddy smile.

“Oh! And I almost forgot!” He says, “Congratulations on the premiere”

He slowly leans toward me and before I can react, slowly presses his lips to mine.

Two hours later when I finally get to sleep, I can still feel his lips on mine.

*The Next Morning*

 I head out to meet Patrick, already excited to see him, even though I saw him less than 12 hours ago. I get to the small outdoor cafe, and see Patrick already there, seated at a table on the patio. When I take a seat across from him, he smiles at me, but something seems to be off.

“Hey Patrick” I say with a smile

“Hey’ he says hurriedly, tapping his foot, “ how’s it going?”

“Fine, um” I ask glancing at his shaking leg warily, “ Are you alright?”

“Huh? Yeah Im fine, dont worry about it” He says with a smile, stopping his leg from shaking. I don’t believe him but decide to let it slide.

“Okay well I need some serious caffeine after last night, so I’m grabbing a coffee, want one?” I ask him brightly.

“Sure, I’d love one” he responds with a grin.  I hop up from the table, heading to the counter.

When I return to the table five minutes later, with two cups of coffee, Patrick has the concerned look on his face again.

“OKay seriously, is something wrong?” I ask, now worried as I take in his concern.

Patrick lets out a sigh and looks me in the eye, a serious expression on his face.

“Have you seen the news story about the premiere yet?” He asks, worried.

“No I haven’t looked yet, why is it bad?” I say, now nervous myself.

“No (Y/N) it’s not the movie that’s the problem” he says quietly, handing me his phone.

I take it, now wary of what I’m going to see. Instead of seeing comments about the movie, my dress, or me, the focus of the article, and the huge picture starting it, is of Patrick and I. I quickly scan it, phrases like “ using the relationship to increase their fame” and “this coupling is unrealistic and clearly a fraud, an elaborate trick” jump out at me, and by the end of the article I’M practically shaking in anger.

I hurriedly pull out my own phone, checking my twitter. I let out a groan and depressed sound as I see hundreds of notifications, the vast majority of them calling me a phony or a fraud or worse.

“(Y/N)?” Patrick asks, worried.

“What the hell is wrong with people!” I exclaim, reaching the last part of the article, “I can’t believe they think I would take you just for the fame!”

Im fuming with anger, done with this crap that the media tries to pull all the time.

“Why can’t they ever focus on what’s actually important! Like the movie the premiere was for? Like the actual movie? The hundreds of people that worked on it? Hell, i would rather they talked about my shoes than this trash!”

“(Y/N), it’s okay, we know it’s not true, thats whats important” Patrick says gently, grabbing one of my hands.

“But anyone who picks up their phone or the next issue of some magazine is just going to think of me as a fraud and just another selfish star, just because for once, for one time in my entire career, I did something that I wanted to do, not what the media wanted me to do. And now they’re going to go after you too, and it’s all my fault!” I rant, avoiding Patricks eyes.

“Hey hey listen to me” He says, waiting for me to look directly at him. I finally do, letting out my breath in a huff as I look at him, waiting for him to continue. “No matter what we do, the press will always print whatever makes the best story. I know that we went together because we wanted to, simply because we’re two people who enjoy spending time together. Who cares if the media, or anyone else, thinks our relationship is nothing more than a fraud for fame. The only two people who matter in our relationship is you and me. And I’m not sure about you, but I’m 100% positive that I went with you last night, and am here with you know because I like you, a lot and have no ulterior motives” He says all of this intensely, staring into my eyes. I can’t help but grin at his last statement, my anger and irritation diffusing.

“You’re right” I agree quietly, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to think that I only invited you for the attention, I really do like you Patrick”

Patrick grins at my comment, and pulls one of my hands off the table, pressing a kiss to the back of it. I immediately feel my cheeks turn pink, and he laughs at it.

“Now, “ he says smiling, “ why don’t we leave all of this media nonsense in the past, and get back to our coffee?”

“Sounds wonderful to me” I say with a grin.

Who really cares what the media thinks? They can act like they know me, but in reality they really don’t, no matter how many stories they write about me. I would much rather be here with Patrick than reading their articles anyway.

One Night at a Party... (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Request: Can u do 1 where YN is has a huge crush on Patrick but he never notice the hint she gives him until 1night at a party she gets help from Andy’s gf and well yeah like fluff/smut IDK you decide :D oh and Patrick’s 17 or what ever so highschool days.


I tap my pencil impatiently on my desk, waiting for the bell to ring. My entire highschool career is ending in less than a minute. Some kid starts a drum roll, and we all join in, despite the stupidity. The class starts a countdown from five as the teacher sits in the corner laughing and rolling her eyes. The bell chimes and we all burst into a round of applause.

I immediately bail out of the classroom, heading for my group’s meeting place by the Senior Parking Lot. I approach the courtyard, and spot our faithful little picnic bench, the same one that’s been our place for almost four years.

“(Y/N)! We did it!” Patrick cheers as he moves quickly towards me..

I break out in a grin and run towards him, ignoring how stupid I probably look. He laughs and opens his arms as I barrel into him. He spins me around once and plops me back down, pulling me into a crushing hug. I laugh and pull back, “We did it, Trick! We survived and now we can finally leave” I breath excitedly.

He smiles even bigger at my comment, reaching up to tuck some of my hair behind my ear. I feel my heart beat faster at the motion, and look into Patrick’s eyes. For a second, we quiet, simply looking at each other. This is it, after two years of hoping, he’s finally going to kiss me. My eyes flit down to his lips, and I can practically feel the moment. But then Joe is running up to us, wrapping us both into a hug and cheering. I break out of his grasp laughing and playfully shoving him away. Following him, albeit a little slower, are Andy and Lindsay, walking hand in hand. They’re cracking up- probably at the sight of Joe tackling us..

I smile around at our little circle, “This is really it guys, we’re actually done” I say glancing over at our little picnic bench,  The others follow my gaze, and we all exchange another bittersweet smile.

“Hey, nobody be sad, we’re leaving this school, not each other, right?” Patrick says cheekily.

“Exactly,” I say, “ so I say we all group hug and then get the hell out of here!”

Everyone laughs and we squeeze into a group hug. Then we break up into two groups and head to our cars, planning to meet at my house. Patrick and  I stroll towards his car.

“It already feel weird” I say, getting into his car,

“I know, right? And we haven’t even gone through the actual graduation ceremony yet” Patrick comments, shaking his head in disbelief. He starts the car, but then just sits there, staring towards the school. Sensing the bitterness behind his haze I say, “Hey, we survived, right?”

“Yea, but we still have the scars” he responds, resentfully.

I think back to all the horrible things that have happened to Patrick, and to me, within the halls of this school. I grab his hand and look into his eyes, “Hey, everything that happened, all the pain we went through, is in the past now. We are leaving this school, and we are leaving all of those memories behind, alright? We have our whole future ahead of us, and this is behind us”

Patrick smiles, comforted by my words, and nods.

“Plus, not everything that came out of that school is bad. That’s where I met you, and you may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me” I finish, staring into his eyes.

He blushes, and for a second I hope he realizes the meaning behind my words, but as always, it’s just a comment to him.

“You’re right, and you might be the only reason I even survived this place” he says seriously.

My heart clenches at the words, but I move on.

“Well than come on, let’s go. We have a party to get to!” I yell, cranking up the music and rolling down my window. He rolls his eyes at the gesture but pulls his car out of the spot.

A couple hours later, Lindsay and I stand in front of my bathroom mirror, getting ready for the party. In the background I can hear Joe, Andy, Patrick, and now Pete messing around downstairs.

“So any luck with Patrick?” Lindsay asks, doing her hair.

“Ugh I wish,” I grumble “ I’m trying to be as obvious as I possibly can, you know, aside from taping a piece of paper to my chest that says “Hey Patrick, I like you!” so he has to know, he probably just doesn’t like me like that”

“I told you already, that kid has been in love with you for three years, in the same way you’ve been in love with him. You two are just too stupid to realize it”

“I realize it now!” I protest,” I’ve been trying for weeks to hint to Patrick that I like him, but it’s not working. I even thought he might kiss me today but then, nothing”

“But then what?” Lindsay asks, eating up the drama.

“But then Joe practically body slammed us into a hug!”

Lindsay snorts and rolls her eyes, “Figures, that boy is like a walking tornado. But don’t worry, I’m sure the moment will happen again.”

I give a noncommittal shrug, doubtful.

“What are you wearing tonight?” Lindsay asks.

“Oh, I’ll show you!” I say excitedly, darting across the hall to my room. I pull out my dress from the closet, the outfit I bought specifically for tonight. I slide out of my jeans and tank top, and into the dress, spinning around to look at myself in the mirror.

It’s a black, short dress, with lace overlaid. Skin peeks out from under the lace on my stomach, and the back is very low cut. It’s definitely a step up from my usual look, and I can’t help but enjoy what the dress does for me.

I slip on the short black heels, and walk back into the bathroom. Lindsay’s eyes widen and she gasps.  “Oh my gosh, (Y/N)! You look gorgeous!”

I blush and laugh, “Thank you!”

“Something tells me Patrick might enjoy that one too” she laughs with a wink.

“Well I’m hoping so, something has to get him to notice me”

“Shut up, (Y/N), Patrick would follow you anywhere, you don’t need a dress to get him to notice you.But,” she adds grinning, “you do look super hot.”

I grin and wave away her compliment. Ten minutes later ( which means fifteen minutes later than we were planning on leaving ) Lindsay and I walk down the stairs. The boys all stand near the door, impatiently waiting for us.

“Finally! Girls talk for-” Joe cuts off mid complaint as we reach the end of the stairs. The guys all turn towards us, and Patrick’s jaw literally falls open as he looks at me. I immediately blush, feeling amazingly confident and really awkward at the same time.

“So what do you think, Trick?” Lindsay asks playfully, “Does she look good?”

“U-uh, yea, she looks, um” he stutters out, “ she looks amazing” he says, clearing his throat. Pete lets out a snort, earning a glare from Patrick.

“Well let’s go, we’re going to be late” I say, feeling awkward under the attention.

By the time we get to the party, it’s in full swing. Seniors from our school are everywhere - in the lawn, in the house, even in the pool in the backyard. I grin as I embrace the party scene. Our last high school party, and anything could happen.

We all head off to the drink table, but soon we split up into various crowds. I spend my time next to Patrick, as usual. We talk and act casually, the same as we always do, but something feels different. I stand a little closer to him than necessary, and his gaze lingers on me for longer than normal. Whatever it is, I like it, and I can only hope he feels it too.

But two whole hours later, I still complain to Lindsay about my lack of progress. “I swear I’ve tried everything, he just won’t notice!”

“Why don ‘t you just flat out tell him?” Lindsay suggests.

“Because I don’t want to do that! What if he doesn’t feel the same?”

“I told you already, he does!” she claims, exasperated. I just look at her.

“Fine!” she responds, “ but I have a plan! We are going to convince a group of people to play spin the bottle, for old time’s sake, and we are playing until Patrick kisses you, or vice versa!”

“What? No, don’t do that” I try to reply, but she’s already grabbing people by the hand and forming a circle. Sighing, I give in and join.

A group of about twenty kids join in, and I end up sitting almost directly across from Patrick ( who had to be forced into the game by Lindsay ). The game starts, and soon people are making out all over the place, but the most entertaining part of the game is trying to talk to ‘Trick from across the circle.

Eventually it’s his turn, and I can’t help but hold my breath as he spins. The bottle slows, teeters, and dramatically stops, pointing directly at me. Patrick raises his eyes to mine, and I see his eyes widen. Slightly hurt by that look of shock, I shyly stand up, trying to ignore the whispers that follow. I blush slightly at the feel of everyone looking at us as I cross the circle. Patrick is blushing profusely, however, and looks almost scared. I’m approximately two feet away from him when he starts shaking his head.

“I’m sorry” he says to me, holding up his hands in surrender, “but I just, can’t”

He breaks out of the circle and rushes out of the room, towards the back yard. A hush falls over the small crowd, and I feel tears prick my eyes. I stand there shocked for a few seconds before anger flares up, and then I stalk out of the room, chasing after Patrick.

“Patrick Stump!” I yell at his retreating back as I step out onto the back porch.

He turns around in shock, and he looks apologetic, but also a little surprised, as though he hadn’t expected me to follow him. He opens his mouth to talk, but I interrupt him by shoving his chest with both of my hands.

“Why the hell would you do that? For God’s sake Patrick it was just a dumb game!”I yell at him, my embarrassment melting and forming into anger.

“(Y/N) I-”

“No! If you don’t want to kiss me that’s fine, but you didn’t have to humiliate me like that in front of the ENTIRE CLASS! Why did you do that!?” I end angrily, crossing my arms and glaring at him.

“What? You think I did that because I don’t want to kiss you?” He asks, incredulous.

“Well yeah Patrick, you spun  me and then rejected me in front of everyone!” I retort, exasperated.

Patrick just looks at me in shock and then starts to laugh.

I look at him, astonished, “ Well, if you think this is all so funny, I think I’ll be going” I say, turning away from him.

“No, (Y/N), wait “ Patrick reaches out and grabs my elbow, stopping me “I didn’t mean that, you’re just so, so far off from the truth”

“What? What do you mean” I ask, now extremely lost.

“I didn’t reject you because I don’t want to kiss you, I stopped because I do! I just don’t want it to be from some dumb game, I want it to be real” He says,grabbing onto my hands.

I look at him in disbelief, “Really?” I ask quietly.

Patrick lets out a small laugh, but he clears his throat shakily “Yes really. In fact I’ve been in love with you for years” he confesses quietly.

“Oh my god, Patrick!” I react loudly, causing a hurt look to flash over Patrick’s face.

“I mean, if you don’t feel the same, or-” he starts frantically, but cuts off as I take a step closer to him, effectively putting me right in front of his face.

“I definitely feel the same way” I whisper quietly.

A brief smile flickers to his lips before he closes the distance between us, placing his lips on mine.

Can you write something about Thomas being in love with Dylan and how rejected he felt when Dyl pulled away before they could kiss??

me: i just want to say that i love bella and britt and im glad they make our boys happy :) i JUST HAD TO WRITE THIS OMG

“Now we’re going to do the campfire scene with Newt and Thomas. Everybody get set. This is going to go smoothly I know it!” Wes yells from behind the numerous amount of cameras and computer screens. Thomas bites his lip not knowing if he was excited or extremely nervous. His fingers and feet are skittish as he glances over to Dylan, who was asking Wes where he was going to sit and how the scene is supposed to work. 

Thomas’s stomach flips when he hears that Newt and Thomas are supposed to sit close and talk about the maze with the fire behind them, illuminating the shot. It’s going to be a quiet, calm scene between Newt and Thomas to ‘show their friendship starting up’. A shiver runs down Thomas’s back. He stiffly readjusts the bag looped around his shoulder as the clock starts ticking to when he has to be in such close proximity to Dylan.

One might think he had a problem with Dylan, and they were right. He did have a problem, just one that wasn’t expected. 

He liked Dylan. He just didn’t know how much he liked the goofy brunet. The boy had been a joy meeting. He had been been quiet and seemed unsure with everyone new around him when the group just met, but he was nice judging by the few words he let slip. Thomas had been enthralled and wanted to get to know him instantly. Dylan had sided with Will and Kaya, but soon opened up to Thomas. Now it was like Dylan and Thomas were joined at the hip. They got along perfectly and did everything together, and it’s only been less than a year since they met.

Thomas had gotten confused with how he felt only a month ago. He and Dylan had slept in the same bed in a hotel room for the first time, and they talked most of the night even though they were going to work all of the next day. They talked about anything and everything, and Thomas felt so comfortable with him and trusted him with everything.

Ever since she had come to visit Dylan, Thomas has definitely questioned his feelings.

Don’t get him wrong, he liked Britt. Britt was hilarious and quirky, but the way she kissed, hugged, and smiled at Dylan brought fire in Thomas’s veins. He was used to being the one to make Dylan laugh so hard tears came to his eyes. He was used to spending all night playing video games, talking, and playing nerf gun wars that the sudden stop of it made him irritable. Dylan stayed in a room with Britt while she visited, and it irked him knowing that Dylan was in there with her and not him.

He felt bad feeling this way about the girl; he had a girlfriend himself who visited sometimes when she was in the area. He enjoyed her company, and he doesn’t know why he didn’t like Britt visiting Dylan. 

He just liked having Dylan to himself.

Now it was time to have a one-on-one scene with the guy. A scene where the only lighting is the fire behind them with a few lights in front of them. A scene where they have to be so bloody close.

He skims over his lines a few times more and then makes his way to the log. Dylan was already there looking like he was getting into character with his glum, bewildered look on his face. He quietly sits down next to him trying not to touch him. 

“Wait, Thomas can you get a little closer? Don’t be so rigid man." 

"Oh-um yea sure,” Thomas cooperates and slowly gets a closer to Dylan, who chuckled making his face heat up. He almost drops the cup of 'alcohol’. Wes calls for the scene to start, and they both deliver their lines with only a few outbursts of laughter. 

“How long have you been looking?” Dylan asks with a laughable grin on his face making Thomas smile wide trying not to laugh, even though the scene was ruined. 

“Three years,” Thomas laughs causing them both to bite their lip to not laugh and try to act serious. 

Thomas looks at Dylan waiting for him to say the next line, but he’s confused to find Dylan looking at him with a small smile. The smile brought shivers down his spine and his stomach filled up with butterflies. His skin crawls as he awkwardly turning his body to face the brunet with a mutual smile. Thomas’s face turns red when Dylan’s eyes flicker to his lips from his eyes and back to them. 

'What was he planning?’ Thomas ponders as he leans back onto the log some more making himself more comfortable. It doesn’t help though with his body being so tense. It only got worse when Dylan’s smile starts to get flirtatious and a little sexy. His eyes were also starting to glisten from the fire and was he tilting his head?

Thomas’s leg is subconsciously thumping quietly with anticipation of what Dylan was doing. Excitement flares inside him when Dylan starts to lean in. Questions explode in his mind as he tries to comprehend what was happening. 

Questions included: what was Dylan doing, did he know about his perplexed feelings about him, and should he lean in too? What if it was just a joke?

Fuck it.

Thomas leans in too and his heart stops when he sees Dylan’s smile grow. His body was shaking as he leaned in, and he really doesn’t know what he was doing or what Dylan was doing. He had an ounce of confidence though, and honestly he couldn’t care right now.

The loud burst of laughter from a few feet away made Thomas’s stomach drop. Immediately Dylan leans back laughing heavily like it was the funniest thing in the world to almost kiss your best friend. Thomas holds back the frown and replaces it with a laugh and a wide, emotionless smile. He only feels a little better when he sees just how beautiful Dylan’s laugh was and how his smile seemed to have lightened everyone’s mood. He even lets out a true smile at the sight.

He tries not to let how hurt he was with the rejection show by taking a sip of the drink in his hand. He laughs a little along with everyone else, but inside he was trying to patch his sore heart up.


hope you liked it(: