but i just love the eye thingies

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Teach me how to draw sonic ocs, I keep trying and it just looks off because of their eyes

Okay so, to begin with you need to know the anatomy. It’s not complicated but still very hard to learn since it’s kinda different from other styles and you need to get used to it to start making poses and stuff.

Hands are a big problem for me because their size when it comes to flexing the arms, I need practice on that. Still, I love drawing them because of the size, I love sausage short fingers.

To draw faces you only need to set this lines that’ll help you to draw that thingy below the eyes (I CAN’T REMEMBER THE WORD OKAY?) and with that you’ll decide where the character is looking.

There are only a few changes you can make to the eyes. They’re pretty simple, and yet, takes time to get to draw the actual shape, it depends on own your style.

This styles work for almost all the species, except for the birds witch I’m no expert so heh… sorry.

Hedgehog’s hairstyle always depends on their quills, you can make some hairs here and there but not in the entire head cuz… ya’ know… Hedgehogs

Maybe this’ll help you. I never did any tutorial before and I did this in a hurry. Maybe I’ll make a video explaining this cuz there’s a LOT to cover. Sonic Oc’s are so fun to make and even easy. There’s not that many rules you can not break designing this fellas.

With You : Pre-Death!Kyle x Reader

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“Seriously, Kyle? I don’t want to go to one of your frat parties again,” you groan against your boyfriend’s chest as you two sat on the couch. “You know I hate partying.”

“I know, I know, but I just thought I’d invite you in case you wanted to go,” Kyle defends.

Being the girlfriend of a frat boy was a strange thing. Whenever he was alone with you, he was the sweetest and most loving guy, but when he was with his buddies, he was very different. Especially when he had a few drinks in him.

“Ugh, you always make me feel bad about not going,” you complain with a laugh. “Fine, I’ll go. But, you have to come with me to the science lecture I wanted to go to next week.”

“Alright, it’s a deal. I will go to your science thingy next week, just look cute tonight,” Kyle winks with a smile.

You roll your eyes at him and get up to leave to go back to your apartment and change. He follows you to the door and opens it up for you. 

“I’ll see you tonight, baby,” Kyle says, kissing you lightly.

“Yup, just remember our deal!” you call as you leave the frat house, only to return later that night.

You throw on Kyle’s favorite outfit to see you in and inspect yourself in the mirror. It’s a little black lace dress hug all your curves perfectly with black and red pumps. 

“He better appreciate what I go through for him,” you laugh to yourself. You grab your phone before heading out to go back to Kyle’s frat house. As you get closer and closer, you can practically feel the ground shake from the thumping of the music. The smell of booze and cigarettes waft through the air, making your nose crinkle. You push through the front door into the sea of bodies, looking for your boyfriend. You eventually find him in the kitchen, holding a red plastic cup in his hand.

“Damn, sweetheart!” He shouts over the music, pushing past people to get to you. “You’re looking good tonight!”

“Only for you, Kyle.” You kiss him before going to grab a water for yourself. He knew that you tried not to drink at parties, save for one or two drinks if you didn’t have anything important to do the next day. You go to the living room to dance for a little before finding Kyle again, surprisingly sober. 

“Hey,” he smiles. “Do you want to get out of here? You look kind of bored, sweetheart.”

“A little bit,” you say shyly. You didn’t want to ruin Kyle’s fun but you couldn’t help the fact that you just weren’t feeling the party. 

“Do you want to go get some pizza or something?” Kyle suggests.

“Hell yeah, I do,” you say, taking Kyle’s extended hand. He pulls you toward his car and starts the engine before taking off down the street to your favorite pizza place, Giovanni’s. The place is open until midnight and it’s only a couple minutes before closing when you two walk in. Behind the counter, you can see another college student sweeping the floor. He notices you walk in with Kyle and smiles.

“Hey, (Y/N), Kyle, what can I get for you two tonight?” The kid behind the counter, Joseph, was almost always working whenever you and Kyle would go in. He knew your usual order but was always kind enough to ask.

“We’ll just have the usual, thanks Joe,” you smile as he rounds up two slices of pepperoni pizza for the both of you. Kyle digs through his pockets for his wallet but Joe stops him.

 "It’s on the house, guys. Have a good night,“ he says with a smile.

"Thanks, Joe, you too,” you take the slices off the counter and head out the door with Kyle behind you. You two make your way to the park down the street. Sitting down on one of the swings, you hand Kyle his piece. 

“This is so much better than a party,” you point out, taking a bite of your pizza.

Kyle smiles at you and shakes his head. “Sure, just as long as I get to hang out with you.”

anon request;; headcanons for dating alex

•Alex is always sleepy. let him sleep whenever bc if he doesn’t at least get a cat nap he’s gonna be pressed and grumpy.

•omg ur gonna have to physically force him to stop working bc this lil shit is non stop (*wink wink*)

•ok but imagine if you’re trying to distract him from working and he won’t look at you, so you go change into some rlly hot lingerie and go back to his work space and ur like “Alex, baby please look at me” and he sighs deeply and then looks up at you and seems that lil lacy number on you and is shook™ and he shuts his laptop and comes over to you and whispers in ur ear “Are you trying to impress your daddy, princess?” fuckcuxjns i have to write a smut like that.

•when he’s working long hours (tbh when is he not) he comes home w flowers for you and showers you with kisses and apologies and he’s super soft

•he’s such a cuddle bug omg. he’s always down for cuddles. always. even when he’s working. just give him the puppy dog eyes and pout your lip and he’s done for

•sex is big in your relationship. it’s not just about the sex (even tho it’s gr9) but it’s about the intimacy and the love and all that soft stuff. (if ur ace,, than change the sex thingy to kissing or cuddling, ok)

•he almost always wakes up before you and he wakes you up with little kisses around your face and when you finally get up he begs you to make breakfast for the both of you.

•sometimes,,, he’ll wake you up,,, by going down under the sheets ;;;)))))


•king of oral!!

•he’s defff more of a giver.

•daddy kink ™

•white lace is his fav to see on you.

•omg he’s usually a dom but when he’s had a really bad day and he’s stressed he becomes soo submissive and he calls you mistress or something and it’s so hot omjshshsh

•he grunts a lot and his moans are drawn out. he also compliments you a lot while y'all are going at it

•you always cum first. always.

•when you give him blowjobs, look him in the eye bc that gets him off so qUICK

•i’m bein 100% serious. if you make eye contact with him while letting him fuck your mouth he’s gonna nut so quick

•quickies at his work

•quickies at your work

•quickies in gwash’s office (sorry george)

•quickies in the hallway

•makeup sex

•shower sex

•just a lot of sex you guys omgg.

Drunk in Love

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Request: If you can, can you whip up a lil headcanon or blurb of drunk Ethan and hes being really cuddly and lovey dovey with fem reader

Summary: Drunk!Ethan is v affectionate, Fem!Reader is just trying to get her best friend home

A/N: helloooooooo my friends! Idk how to do headcanons, so here is a smol thingy. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 250, smol am srry

Request some more my beautiful friends!

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I absolutely love your art, and I was wondering if you have any tips on noses? Specifically drawn from the front??? I just can't get the hang of it. Btw you're really nice and awesome and I love you okay thanks bye

BOI PEF;ASLFJ i mentioned this before but I absolutely hate drawing front view faces… it’s my kryptonite, man. If you go through my art, you could see how I effectively avoid drawing front view faces at all costs lmao

I’m actually in the middle of doing a tutorial covering eyes, nose and faces in general! But it might take a while to finish so here’s a little snippet from the nose part of the tutorial! ;o;

You could use this prism thingy to draw in all sorts of style. 

e.g. Realism: 

e.g. My own crappy style:

I’ll try to cover more about noses in the actual tutorial, but I hoped this sort of helps! <333 ;o;


Airman First Class | ED

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June 7, 1941 | Tripler General Hospital — Oahu, Hawaii

Seaman Apprentice Harvey Clark was horribly sunburnt, most likely the worst case I’d ever seen. His skin was as red as a lobster, and he was cryin’ like a newborn baby just whipped on the behind. Those Navy men never knew when to put their shirts on, and mister Harvey was surely one of ‘em. “Now you’re just gonna have to go on and lay there for a while, mister Clark. You’ll be alright, but if you keep rollin’ around them bedsheets you’re gonna peel that skin right off.” His grunts and groans were of a little boy, you’d think a man in the military could take a sunburn every once in a while.

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It is done! amazing balls I actually kept my word! 

So thanks to @rifcringes posting some videos by Thomas Sanders, who I had heard of but never, that I can remember, watched anything of so I went and checked him out and I absolutely love his stuff! :D he’s amazing! So was this created! 

I ended up watching his vines compilations and found 3 which made me think of Undertale immediately, and this is one of them! based on one of the vines HERE  

I have no idea what is going on with Scratch’s eye light thingie, tried to like combine the original blue and yellow of UT Sans and then add some purple, looks weird or maybe that’s just me? it reminds me of candy for some reason

Also for those people who don’t use feet and inches to measure height, Papy is 221 cm aka 2 m and 21 cm and Scratch 141 cm aka 1 m and 41 cm. went with these two because Papy is the tallest and Scratch the shortest in my head when it comes to the skellies in UT, US, UF and SF~

Edit: realised I forgot to add a little black dot in Scratch’s magic eye, fixed now~ 

The other two can be found HERE and HERE

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A little nervous to ask ya love haha ,, but I guess I'll request a blurb: idk if this is a weird one but imagine one of the boys wanting to cheer you up because you feel down so he just decides to pull out the big guns and tickle you ?? 😂😍

okkk can you please write a thingy about pouting. with harry. daddy kink. do ur damage

i decided to combine these two requests i hope everyone is okay with that oops also issa blurb night/day/whenever i get to it so request please!!

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I'm in love with your art and was wondering what's your color palette like/what colors you use the most???????????

this is how my color thingie in sai looks right now O_O hope that helps?? it’s just colors i picked bc they please my eye

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Ahhh I loved that mv reaction thingy!! Could you make the same one for Jungkook? <3

Thank you! I’m glad you did!  :) And sure thing~

Suga & J-Hope

Jungkook wasn’t a great reader of emotions. He could be quite oblivious to things until it actually poked him in the eye. 

But he wasn’t sure why it was so different with you: how he can easily read you like an open book–how he can easily know when there was something bothering you. 

Just like now.

Jungkook had brought you to one of their MV shoots because it was the second day and it was usually less hectic than the first. He knew they would be able to wrap up earlier, thus he’d be able to spend time with you after. They had just returned from their tour and are now in the midst of preparing for their comeback. He wanted to spend as much time with you as he could before everything gets busy again.

And besides, you had wanted to come to one of his shoots for so long too so it was a win win. 

You had been so excited earlier that day, easily befriending the staff and even catching up happily with the other members. Jungkook couldn’t help the pride flashing in his eyes when the director himself asked for your opinion on a particular shot and the way you answered had him nodding in consent before thanking you for your insightful input. 

But later in the day, he noticed how you were suddenly blending into the background and it was getting harder and harder to find you around the place. Right before his turn to be on camera, his eyes searched for you but you were nowhere to be found. He wanted to look for you but he couldn’t since it was his turn for a solo shot and so he waited till after he wrapped up the scene. 

Jungkook found you outside near a run down playground. You were sitting on one of the swings, feet slightly grazing the gravel as you moved back and forth. He decided to surprise you (cause he’s a little sh*t like that) by sneaking up behind you, making you yelp. You turned towards him with a glare, a scolding already at the tip of your tongue, when he suddenly swoops down and gives you a sweet kiss. 

“Hey you.” Jungkook said as you parted, lips slightly pink from your lipstick. You chuckled before wiping it off from his mouth. “I was looking for you.”

“Oh? Did you need anything?”

“No, I just missed you.”

You sighed with a small smile, shaking your head slightly as Jungkook sat on the other swing beside you. “You always say that.”

“That’s because I always do.” He said a matter of fact, giving you one of his adorable overbite grins.

And that’s when it all came crashing down on you. 

“Do you ever get tired of it, though? Always missing each other? Always being away?”

Jungkook’s smile falters. “I…”

“I mean, we barely get to see each other Kookie. And I know you’re busy with your career and I respect that and I love what you do! I believe you should keep doing it and become the best that you can be but…”

“But what?” Jungkook was frowning now and there was a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“And I don’t think I’m…we’re…” You stutter as the words you overheard from some of the staff clouded over your thoughts.

She’s just holding him back…

Jungkook could do so much better…

It’s not like they’re always together for their relationship to grow….

Probably just puppy love. Jungkook will get over it…

Jungkook will get over it, you thought sadly, knowing it was possible with how little time you spend with each other.

“I don’t think this is working–”


You look up at him and saw Jungkook staring you down with hard eyes.


“No, tell me why you want to break up. I want to know the real reason because I know well it’s not because ‘we’re not working out’.” He quoted and you knew it was true. You and Jungkook had been no less perfect for each other. 

“Because… you’re always away Jungkook–”

“So you’re tired of me.” He says sadly and the hurt in his eyes literally broke your heart. “You’re tired of this.” He opened his arms, gesturing towards the sets. 


“Really?” He scoffed. “Because it sounds a lot like you’re tired of being with me.” He spat before standing up from the swing angrily. He looked at you with angry eyes and you wanted to cry from it. “You know what? I understand it’s hard. It’s not like I want to leave you–to be away from you all the time. But I was hoping we could work through that… I was hoping you saw beyond that, Y/N. That we had something–” He huffed, unable to continue and you knew he was trying to hold back tears. Jungkook only ever cried when his emotions are too much to handle, and knowing he was trying not to cry now breaks your heart even more.

He turned away from you but before he could leave you blurted out, “It’s the other way around Kook. I’m afraid you’ll get tired of me.”

Jungkook turned around, surprised. But before he could speak you continued. “People talk and I know I shouldn’t listen but the more I hear them, the more I think it’s true. You have a career to pursue and I don’t want to be the one holding you back. A love life is the last thing you should be worrying about, Jungkook. You shouldn’t be calling me on Skype at one in the morning and use that time to sleep instead. You shouldn’t be messaging constantly to check up on me and take more care of your health–” 

You were crying now, thinking how Jungkook was the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for and you hated yourself for not being able to do enough for him. You couldn’t exactly fly from country to country and follow him around, or go to every single concert, or buy him expensive gifts… you hated how you can’t do much and yet here he was still, giving you everything.

“I can’t do much for you, Kook. I’m just me. So why are you still here?”

There was a moment of silence as you stared down at your shoes, unable to look him in the eye. 

You suddenly felt something warm against your skin and when you look up, you were met but Jungkook’s kind gaze, seeing that he has knelt down in front of you, cradling your face in his hands.

“You…” he smiled, wiping your tears with his thumbs. “You’re such a dork. And I love you so much.”

You sniff and chuckle, hitting his chest lightly. “Hey…”

“You do so much for me you don’t even realize. Need I remind you, you were the one who pulled me back up when being an idol gets tough. You were there when I was crying over negative comments I accidentally read online and you were the one who forced me to eat when I was taking my dieting a little too far.” He sighed, “You give yourself less credit than you should, Y/N. You have done so much for me.”

You smile at him slightly as he intertwines his finger with yours. “Most importantly, you make me feel like I can be the best, idol or not. With you, I can just be Jungkook. And that’s totally fine. Jeon Jungkook of BTS may have the expensive clothes, his name on lights, and thousands of fans but I think just Jungkook has it better because he gets to have you in his life. So don’t–mmm!” 

Jungkook landed on his butt as you lunged forward and kissed him on the mouth. His arms instantly went around you, kissing you back with as much passion.

“Since when were you so good with words?” You ask teasingly against his lips and Jungkook chuckles, tucking a stray strand behind your ears.

“Good at everything, remember?” He boasts and you peck his lips once more. “But I have something I’m better at…”

“Hmm? And what’s that.” You ask, as he moves so you were sitting comfortably on his lap. You play with his hair at the back of his head and he smirks.

“Aside from loving you? Pretty good at showing you that through actions too.” He says before giving you a kiss that literally had you dizzy it made you see stars. 

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I HATE JUNGKOOK. I REALLY DO. >.< swerving so hard rn

Hope you enjoyed that anonie!

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

I made this little Eye-comparison-ref thingy to show y’all the difference :D 

The two ‘heads’ on the left is when sans is Mad and when he’s just chill, while on the Right we got gaster here in control of sans’ body. Pretty much to tell the difference between the two is the eye color so ye! oWo

Check!Sans © Me  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Texting Tom (6): Tom Holland x Reader

Tom is in bold and Reader is in italics. 

Where are you?



Headed to the store with Haz

I need pads and tampons



Okay, I’m here. There are like 100 different thingys


Lol, yeah I know right.

No, the brand is called Always. 

Oh okay. I’ll just get like 2 of each?


Haz is laughing at me😒😡

That’s why Haz is single. And you can tell him I said that

I did. He just laughed and sort of agreed. 

Do you want the scented ones?

It doesn’t matter, I’m getting you the scented ones. 

I can’t have the scented ones…My body is sensitive 


Lol, why are you sad?

Bc, I was excited to get you those. 

Just buy what I asked you to buy, please😒

They have ones with colors, do you want those?

You just shook your head and called him, “JUST GET ME THE GOD DAMN PADS!”

“Woah, do you want me to get some chocolate and ice cream too?” He asked. 
“Yes, please.”, “Okay, love. See you soon.” 

You hung up and plopped back on the couch. 

He walked into the house with a lot of bags. “Hey honey.” He smiled and handed you the bags. You looked through the bags and groaned, “Do you think my vagina is extra long or something?”

“Huh?”, You tossed the package at him. “Sorry, I just picked it up without looking. I can go back-”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just walk around with a camel toe.”

Tom understood how you got when that time of the month rolled around, so he would always bite the bullet. “I got your favorites.”

He handed you the chocolates, “Thank you.” You mumbled. “We’ll just be playing the game.” He said. You shrugged and shoved some chocolate in your mouth. You winced in pain as your cramps started, “Ow.” You reached for the bottle of pills and took them. “Do you need that heating pad thingy?” Tom asked, pausing the game. “Yes, please.” You said. He got up and while he was searching for it Haz stared at you. “What?” You asked. “He loves you.” He said. “Yeah I know.” you snapped. “Even when you act like-this.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”, “It means when that monthly curse thing comes around, you’re like a demon. I don’t know how he outs up with it. I’m glad I’m single.”

Your emotions were all over the place so you just burst into tears. His eyes widended, “Oh my goodness. /N, I didn’t mean to-” He sat next to you and rubbed your arm. “PLease hush. Tom’s gonna beat my ass for making you cry.” He uttered but you weren’t having it. Tom came back, “What’s wrong love?”

“Harrison!” You pointed to your friend who was in shock. “I-I didn’t mean to.” 

Tom glared at Haz and shook his head, “Come on baby.” He helped you up and lead you to the bedroom. “Just rest and I’ll handle Haz.” He walked back into the living room an sat down, “What did you say?”

“I called her a demon-”, “Dude, you can’t do that. It’s that time of the month and her emotions are fucking out of control.” He explained turning to the game. “Well how am I supposed to know?”

“Well whenever you get a girlfriend, you’re going to have to know. They are very sensitive, that’s why I just do whatever she says.” Tom shrugged. “But you’re right she can be a-” He stopped and peaked down the hallway to make sure the door was closed. “She can be a demon.” They both laughed and continued to play the game. 

Your cramps weren’t dying down and your headache was getting out of control, “TOM!” You yelled. He sighed, “Coming!”

He looked over at Harrison, “Duty calls.” 


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Also, Dex being hella doubtful of Nursey's abilities as a fighter and writes him off as lazy and/or pretentious and then watching Nursey fuckin slay all graceful and shit boi just swoons, but simultaneously Nursey writes him off as a grouch and an ass and then one day watches him work in his little workshop on something he really loves and is gone once he sees Dex smile really big and his eyes light up at making a successful thingy That was articulated horribly but I have lots of dexnursey feels

You didn’t ask this as a prompt but I just really wanted to write something for this AU so here we go. There will be a part two whenever I get the time/motivation. For now, have this weird rough little ficlet I wrote in like an hour.

For the Percy Jackson AU

The thing about Nursey was he was the worst.

The majority of Dex’s siblings liked to argue that this was a subjective opinion, but Dex knew it to be objective fact.

“Why does he bother you so much?” Gwen had asked, an active blow torch left dangerously unattended in her hands as she stared at him.

“Yeah, he’s actually cool?” Serena had then ventured, sharpening a blade and ignoring the daggers Dex was glaring her way. “Like, most of the Ares kids are horrible, but he’s actually really nice.”

“And you thought he was a son of Aphrodite,” Thomas interjected, dodging the actual dagger that Dex hurled at him as the rest of Bunker Nine laughed. 

That incident had taken place three hours ago, and Dex’s mood had not improved. It didn’t help that Chowder was just as enamored with Nursey as the rest of the camp.

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some criminal minds gt doodles that somewhat go together!! Reid finding a borrower AU thingie bc i love the awkward nerd baby!! (also pls no spoilers im on season 3 ;;;;;;;)

Request 3- Ticklish Meihem

She lay on the floor by the side of the bed, clutching her face near her eye, completely stunned. Her only real thought was a sort of vague relief that she hadn’t been wearing her glasses at the time, or no doubt they would have been shattered. Junkrat’s form loomed as a menacing-looking backlit shadow above her, his arm still raised where he had struck her. The string lights she kept hanging across her ceiling twinkled happily above him, their blue light contrasting with the eerie yellow glow of his eyes. For a moment they stared at one another, and then he descended upon her.

This time his arms looped around her, fussing and fawning and easing her up into a slow sit as he flopped onto the ground alongside her, already rambling. “Didn’t mean to! Didn’t mean to! I’m the most rotten blighter on earth! Why’d I do it?! Lemme see it, love. Please lemme see it. I’ll fix it! I’ll get ice, where’s your ice thingies? I’ll go get Mercy! I’ll get Lucio too just in case! And Ana! Who do I gotta call? Where’s the damn communicators?!”

She sniffled a bit, her eyes watering from where he’d hit her, but she merely wiped at her cheek and turned to him. “Jamison, calm down. It was an accident. I’m fine, really. Look, it probably won’t even bruise.”

He clutched at his face in anguish, biting hard on his own knuckles as if to punish himself where she would not. “Didn’t mean to…”

“Stop that!” she chided softly, going to pull his hand away from his teeth. “Of course you didn’t mean to, that’s why it was an accident. I’m not mad at you. I guess I just…Well, I won’t try to tickle you again?”

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supercat headcanon: kara and cat go on date nights and one time kara plans for dinner and dancing. so they have a nice dinner out and on their walk home, kara pulls cat into an alleyway (cat totally makes a clever insulting line about the alleyway that i’m not nearly clever enough to think up), kara superspeeds into her suit, pulls cat to her, and tells her to hold on. she flies them up and up, into the clouds, and once kara deems they’re high enough, she stops. slowly lowers cat onto her own feet with her arms still wrapped around cat’s waist and cat demands that kara take her back to solid ground. kara’s like “i said i’d take you dancing” and she starts to float them into a slow twirl. cat totally just rolls her eyes and makes a comment about how there’s no music and kara beams before slipping one arm fully around cat while the other slips into her boot to pull out her phone. she taps at it a couple times and slips it back into her boot and within seconds nsync’s “this i promise you” starts while kara wraps her arm back around cat and she starts the slow twirl again. and cat rolls her eyes again and is just all “god. you are such a dork.” but then looks back at kara and has such a loving freaking look on her face and kara is just beaming at her and cat sighs out “but you’re my dork and i love you” 

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alternate ending: Sans does the same thing with his own eyesocket cause he loves grossout humor and him and C!Frisk put stuff in their eyesockets and gross out Papyrus


What did I just draw.

Core!Frisk is @dokudoki !