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With just a couple exceptions...ya done ok, Bucklemming. Ya done ok.

agreed. for a bucklemming, it was remarkably well paced. Shocker. I still have no idea why Donatello needed to be there… it would’ve been easy enough to play Sam and Dean off each other without having to squeeze in a character for the express purpose of delivering the exposition… but at least it didn’t detract from the pacing and get bogged down in talky-talky like they tend to do.

there had to be an obligatory rapey element. We just kinda expect that now >.>

I would like to issue them a round of applause for basically stomping Lucifer into the dust. I enjoyed that.

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Hey Matt. Could I get a milkshake with a just a smidge of vodka in it?? Or Red bull?? I need to stay awake and study... Because college sucks a lot...

So yes, have your vodka shake. I wish I could have had one, but alas, I don’t leave the house and probably wouldn’t have had the guts to ask a bartender to put vodka in my milkshake anyways.


I’m sorry I kinda.. disappeared for what… three days? two days? I don’t even know anymore. 

My mental health isn’t doing so great, so that might become a regular thing that happens…

I dunno..

I’m sorry if I worried anyone. 

No, I don’t really want to talk about it.

I also have a job interview tomorrow morning, so we’ll see how that goes. If I get it, then I’ll be on less anyways, probably.

AM I CRAZY? Seriously… let me know.

The Columbus Marathon went OK. Very warm and humid for it, 4 days ago. Much cooler now. Body is recovering really well. My toes are the weakest link right now. A few are bruised, no big surprise. Legs are kinda (barely) sore still, but only a day or so away from 100%.

Well… I found a small marathon happening in 2.5 weeks near me. Inland Trail Marathon. Small loop then an out and back. It had 57 runners 2 years ago and 76 last year. I’m debating doing it because it is flat, leaves on the trees should be peaking in color, and I was so close to my PR that I can taste it.

Not that I’m going for a BQ, (I am far too slow for that), just a PR. Anyway, this course is a BQ qualifier, so it is legit.

So what do you think? Do it? Pass?

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College au where the boys are dorm mates and just imagine one staying up really late studying and the other makes hot cocoa or coffee so they can stay up with them? (I can’t decide who would do what. Maybe they both do at different times.) And after a really stressful week they just kinda cuddle on one of their beds?

They’re not even dating, they just decide to snuggle up with each other, blanket around themselves, watching horror movies. They’re warm and comfy. Before either of then realize what’s happening, they let the soft atmosphere take over; they kiss, and it’s the best kiss Ryan has ever had.

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Hey there! I saw you needed promps for gadget/infinite and came running as fast as I can. We need more stuff with these two ;-; Hm... How Infinite being haunted by what he done under the influence of the ruby and Gadget is there to comfort him?

god im so sorry this took so long. im trying to work on the prompts in the order i receive them but that’s, uh. not what happened. at all. hhhhhhh

still gonna post em in order tho lel im a sucker for pain

anyways i kinda had a “infinite laments over his past deeds” with the previous one so if you dont mind i incorporated some introspection on the other end this time :)

(note: just as some context, ive been playing with the idea of infinite doing investigative work pre-ruby bc the idea of him purposely checkin out a strange disturbance in town and then disappearing is more interesting to me than “he stumbled upon magic rock and then Became Evil”)

anyways u kno the drill yall click Keep reading to read the things

Keep reading

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Could you write more lgbt+ imagines for the batfam? I don't think I have ever read a male reader x any of the male batfam members. I really love your writing and it would be amazing if you did do it. Thank you for even reading this too. - Eliza

It is planned :-). Including a Batdad story, where he’s an ex-marine and kicks ass and Bruce and the boys are like : “What the fuck ? My husband/dad is so badass !” because they had no idea and blahblahblah. I’ll write more. Also more stuffs like the coming out story (”Let’s get one thing straight…I’m not”) and all of that so..Yeah Eliza, there’ll be more Batfam x gay reader :-). I just have so many stories that you know…I kinda write them as the inspiration comes ^^. Anyway.

So it turns out my library has an online selection of movies (good god, Gloria, fetch my smelling salts!). And I found this one on basic ASL clearly made in, like, the ‘80s, complete with cheesy music, and like people coughing in the background and shit. A lot of it’s still applicable, but I kinda laughed over the part where they were like marveling over phones that can send text instead of just sound.

So I watch it and want to return it before the auto-return in a week. Y’know, in case someone else has a mighty need to learn basic ASL. Turns out that unlike with, say, Kindle, I had to separately download the Overdrive app to return a title early. Okay. But that app doesn’t work on my computer. O…kay? So I have to download it to my phone, and then sign in to my library account there. I do that. I go to the bookshelf. Only the damned titles aren’t on my phone. I tell it to sync. “No titles.” It’s lying to me. Sync. “Nothing.” Sync, sync, sync. So I scroll through the help section. Turns out I have to find my library on the phone using the app, go to the loans for the titles I’ve already checked out, DOWNLOAD (not sync??) the title to my phone… and finally say “FUCKING RETURN.” So I guess this was my comeuppance for laughing at the way the lady in the video was marveling over technology–it took me 10 freaking minutes to figure out how to return a video online.


I commissioned the ever-amazing @syntiment​ for a bust work of sweet my dear Valoren and I was absolutely blown away by what I received. It was my first commission job, I had very little in terms of actual reference material to work with, and pretty much was just a giant babbling mess of nervous tension and oh-gosh-senpai-is-gonna-have-to-speak-to-me-how-do-I-even. Somehow, my inane rambling was translated and they drew this masterpiece for me.

I’m absolutely in love, and now you all are going to have to suffer my Will Smith posing and pterodactyl screeches.

She’s gorgeous and I kinda can’t stop staring and petting it. Amazing.  ❤


COMING SOON (and by soon I mean I’m gonna post the first chapter tomorrow) - what will probably be the longest fic in the RR fandom, Gone In A Flash.

the Big Project!!! the one I’ve been working on for like months and so very recently have managed to pull together with the help of @goldstarsforall who is an amazing beta. 

I was looking through my old notes and stuff for this story just in case there was anything I had forgotten that I really wanted to include, and I found some rough doodles for a cover of sorts. So instead of doing homework/final touches, I pulled out some editing software, and threw this together. So if this was an actual book that was Being Published, this is what the cover/dust jacket wraparound would look like. It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever created, but I still think it looks kinda cool!!

I’m really excited for this one, guys

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Is... is he/him lesbian a term to like ladies without just calling yourself straight? Are people so afraid to be straight? Like wtf I feel like this has probably been submitted before but after weeks of seeing he/him lesbian bs in passing and not getting it I feel like I've had an epiphany. It's just people who're afraid to be average

you kinda got it,yeah dude

a he/him lesbian is an AFAB (assigned female at birth) person who uses he/him pronouns but rather than calling themselves ‘straight’ they would prefer to use ‘lesbian’

in which, no self respecting, non-trending, dysphoric transman would EVER do. 

he/him lesbian is just another word for either “im  most likely a gender trender” or “im so hateful of straight people that i dont want to be one myself” as if theres something wrong with being straight.


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Name: Danielle Rae

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 5′3 (IM TINY I KNOW)

Sexuality: Straight

What images do you have set as your desktop/phone wallpaper: My homescreen and lockscreen on my phone is Finn Wolfhard (my son but I also kinda want to date him??) (IM ONLY A YEAR OLDER) and my desktop is of just random color splashes

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher: Nah boi

What was your last text message: It was from my friend “She didnt TELL ME”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: HOPEFULLY working a good steady job and being in a healthy relationship.

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: LISTEN JUST LISTEN. I live in SoCal and if you’re from there THEN YOU KNOW HOW HOT IT IS RIGHT NOW. ITS THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER AND ITS 75-100 DEGREES ALL WEEK. I WANT TO WEAR MY SWEATERS AND CURL UP IN A BLANKET WITH WARM FUZZY SOCKS. SO, THAT BEING SAID, I wanna be anywhere colder than my situation.

What was your coolest halloween costume: Well im going as Mike Wheeler this year so

What was your favorite 90s show: Im a young bean and dont know any other 90s show besides Friends

Who was your last kiss: In a dream I kissed Tom Holland AND IT FELT PRETTY DAMN REAL so does that count

Have you ever been stood up: Nope

Favorite ice cream flavor: Plain old vanilla

Have you ever been to Las Vegas: Yeah and it was pretty boring since i couldn’t really do anything because of my age but I went on those indoor rollercoasters.

Favorite pair of shoes: These maroon converse that are hella comfy.

Whats your favorite fruit: watermelon.

Whats the stupidest thing you’ve ever done: THEres a lot, uhhh idk, Ive probably done some VERY stupid things in public with my friends but i cant remember.

Whats your favorite book: My first favorite book/books that i fell in love with is the Percy Jackson series, but right now my favorite series right now is the Throne of Glass books.

What Loser is your favorite: Bill is my fave for sure but i love all my children.













actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

see them all here! (#my palettes)

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I adopted aro ace ritsu hc literally only to make this joke

i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

“The problem here tho is that Dean wouldn’t do the same for Cas”

yup, sadly, Dean would never prioritize Cas over his own safety/life

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He’d never forget to sleep out of sheer worry for Cas

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or defend him from people who bad-mouth him like some grumpy bodyguard-bear

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It would never occur to him to call Cas his family

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I’ve actually never seen him fight for Cas like the stubborn motherfucker that he usually is while shouting “CAAAAS!” like some tragic disney character

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Really, he could be more supportive of Cas, this profound bond thing is so unbalanced

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