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Adrinette Month Day 24: The First Kiss

I love them so much and I just need them to be happy.

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long distance relationship and this is the first time they've met in months/years AUs please?? ((also hi mod karissa!! love you!!))

Yes!!!! these are my LIFE honestly

  • you just called me out of the blue to pick you up at the airport????? I mean I’m here but you fuck you just said it and hung up
    • you tapped me from behind and I screamed and now everyone’s looking at us oops
    • I didn’t recognize you at first until you smiled at me/said my name and then I tackled you
    • you didn’t recognize ME until after I tackled you as a sobbing mess
    • we’re both sobbing messes
  • whAT DO YOU MEAN YOU GREW A BEARD GROSS SHAVE IT OFF “that’s the first thing you say to me?” IT HAS TO GO
  • your hair????? is gone????? is it even you????
  • YOU GREW A BEARD ITS SO NICE “no hello first?” SO NICE
    • i honestly see this one with someone who left before or just starting t hormones and i think it’s just really cute??? ignore me
  • *cliche puberty hit like a train to one or both*
  • YOU ARE MISSING AN ARM “okay, shocking I know but nice to see you too-” AN. A R M.
  • we ended on a really bad note when you/I left but now we see each other and I’m/we’re both instantly sobbing messes and apologize
  • we ended on a really bad note when you/I left and you’re a sobbing mess and apologize but I’m still pissed
  • we literally spend all day catching up and now you’re late to your date O O P S

I may or may not have a bunch of these stored up ^^’ (also hi!!! I love you too!!!!!! especially for sending this in!!!!)
~Mod Karissa


Clary and I have always had each other’s backs. We had our entire lives. That’s more than I can say for you or Alec.
You do not get to talk about Alec, mundane!

So I’ve watched this scene many times and like many others, that “lap dog” comment bugged me. I often wondered why would he let someone refer to Alec as his lap dog, why would he let anyone demean his parabatai like that and then immediately proceed to defend Alec. But that’s just it. He’s defending Alec. Every time he spoke out against what Simon had said during that scene, it was only to defend Alec.  

I care about a bunch of people. Just don’t care about you. 
Me, or what… What’s it called, your… your parabatai?
Whoa, watch your mouth. You don’t know a thing about me and Alec.

Twenty bucks says he leaves you hanging tonight.
Not a chance.

Anytime Simon said anything that indicated that Alec isn’t honorable or reliable or trustworthy, you can see Jace get noticeably irritated.

But when Simon had a go at him, “You treat him like a lap dog,” he didn’t bother saying anything against it, he doesn’t care enough to defend himself. Jace said in this scene that he cares about a lot of people, that Simon just wasn’t one of them. So he didn’t care about Simon’s opinion of him. But he cared about what anyone else thought about Alec to say ‘no, you’re wrong, don’t talk about something you know nothing about’, even if it was Simon. Basically if anyone questions Alec and his integrity, or go after their bond, and Jace will have have no problem telling them how wrong they are.

(Another thing about the scene above is as soon as Simon outright said that Alec doesn’t have his back, Jace snapped. I can’t help but wonder how many instances that came to his mind where Alec did have his back in all the years that they have known each other.)


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I’ve made my peace. Still… knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now, it’s… more than I can take.

…What can I say? You guys… are the best.

I feel like the minority here since I genuinely enjoyed the episode. 

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burnt-out beard bros

(guess who watched vld season 3 while drawing more snk… :O)

what’s the most interesting tag that shows up when you type in the names of VIXX members?

Do you ever wish you could re-live some things for the first time again? Like, falling in love for the first time and having it reciprocated. Or watching the LOTR Trilogy in cinemas on Boxing Day for three years in a row. Or the first time I watched BTS’s ‘I Need U’ video and realised I could really relate to something in kpop. Or the first time I saw my future puppy and went, “That one. That scrappy looking brown one with the floppy ears.” I wish I could re-live so many things again because I don’t feel like I appreciated everything enough the first time round.

Everything Lizzington

Hello peeps! I know lots of us are feeling down but I know that we all really love lizzington. We always will.. no matter what.. even if it all goes down to hell, we’ll always have au (where everything is the way it’s supposed to be).

What I want to say is I finally got super inspired again *about time* and I would appreciate your help + I think we all need this and it’ll be fun: reblog this post with your favorite-anything-related-to-lizzington scene (looks, stares, smiles, hugs, lines, etc.. basically anything and everything). It could be a famous scene we all love, or (especially this 🌝) something very simple that always tugged at your heart, or something that has not been talked about enough and needs more appreciation and love ;) Let’s forget about everything else and just remember all those wonderful lizzington moments throughout the whole series (S1 to 4).

Season 5 is almost here (god helps us all lmao) and the countdown has started so I thought this could be fun and it’ll remind us of all the wonderful things and give us some hope. What do you all think?

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors. – Chapter Four.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Plus Size Reader.
Warnings: Language, Light Smut, Fluff.
Word Count: 1.8k
AN:This chapter is is shorter than the others, it’s kinda a filler chapter.
I suggest reading chapters One. Two. Three.


You and Dean have been dating 6 months today and you’re ready to say it, those three words, you just don’t know when or how but you know what you’re feeling is real, you’ve been thinking about saying it tonight, cooking Dean a nice meal then just “I love you”, it sounds more romantic in your head.

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Watched the vid where nini ask kyungsoo hyung to pick the glasses for him too many times already. And i just realised that theres not even a sign of annoyance on ksoo's face. None at all. If i were ksoo i wouldve hit my friend or ignore him/her or just tell them to take it themselves lol i mean who wouldnt get annoyed if someone being so persistent and whiny haha. But at first soo just smile or shake his head /lovingly/ but give up eventually. Seeeee he has a soft spot for nini😍😍 kaisoo 😍😍

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It was so freaking cute anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nini really really really wanted those glasses T___T he even stomped his foot, and was impossible to resist with that puppy look on his face, and Soo is like “fine” and goes and gets them. Then he looks at Soo wearing those big heart shaped glasses, and then they nod at each other at the same time ;;;;;; it’s seriously adorable! 

ANGEL.     ok but……… calli learning ice-make magic and having both examples of Lyon’s and Gray’s magic……………