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i want to love the supercorp fandom but half of y'all are just as bad as the karam*l shippers or the superc*t shippers at not caring about kara at all beyond whoever she's sleeping with. like you watch an episode that f*cks up kara's family for someone kara's dating and fix it by just having the person she's dating be another gender? that's not a fix sorry. that's literally the exact same thing. only gay.

So! There’s a lot for me to say here.

Quite honestly, the fix-it posts are more of a joke than anything. They are me saying, “How much fan service could I put in the last scene of this episode?” They are not meant to be taken as what I truly wish had happened; rather, they are my version of the ridiculous relationship drama the writers seem intent on writing. If I were actually going to rewrite the episode, you are correct: I would change a whole lot more. I would not have forgotten the entire Jeremiah plotline to begin with; I would have allowed Alex and Kara to be there for each other in a way they really weren’t. I would change the fact that this entire season has sidelined an incredible female character for a conventionally attractive, straight, white man who comes from a planet that condones slavery and misogyny. 

But I didn’t rewrite the whole episode. In fact, I specifically only wrote the last scene, because I wanted to write about what my ideal little fun, quasi-romantic scene would be. I specifically took what the writers gave us and said nope, I don’t like that, but without majorly changing the episode, how could I like it? The posts are meant to be a brief respite, a chance to find a way to make a single scene something I would like to watch in the midst of a long plotline that I have no interest in watching.

More importantly, I am frankly insulted by your insinuation that all I–and most supercorp shippers–care about is who Kara sleeps with. That really couldn’t be further from the truth. Do I ship Kara and Lena? Obviously. But I have no qualms stating that they’re almost certainly not going to become canon; I never thought they were. So I’m not sure where that statement is coming from. I genuinely am not sure how you took my headcanon post–where, mind you, they don’t even kiss. they literally sit together and eat a donut–and got the message that all I care about is who Kara sleeps with.

And every single supercorp shipper I follow feels the same way I do: we do not like k*ramel and the way he is treating her. That’s where our problem lies. It is not because he is not Lena; it is because he is a misogynistic, toxic asshole who does not listen or respect Kara. 

So I’d also like to argue that your last statement–”that’s literally the exact same thing. only gay.”–is patently false. There are a great many posts that explain this better and in more depth than I am willing to do here, but I will try to summarize. Lena likes Kara for Kara, even if you interpret it as simply friendship. Lena says Kara is her hero. Lena fills Kara’s office with flowers. Lena has been nothing but kind, courteous, and respectful. M*n-el tosses aside the flowers Kara gets him. M*n-el immediately announces to the DEO that they are dating, despite Kara’s explicit desire that he do the opposite. M*n-el has done nothing but go against Kara’s requests, disrespect her wishes, and hurt her. It is not the same thing–in fact, one is a relationship built on genuine connection, whereas the other is a relationship built on lies. One is healthy, the other has truly redefined what an unhealthy relationship is in my mind. (Also, you should not ignore the societal implications of that “only gay” relationship. That’s a pretty shitty thing to do, and I could write an entirely separate post about that.)

So, look. If you don’t want to read my fix-it posts, then don’t. I really don’t care. You do you, pal. But to read one post, come into my ask box, say that all I care about is who Kara is sleeping with? That’s not okay. You not only missed the entire point of the post, but you are also making sweeping generalizations about an entire fandom that are incorrect and, honestly, offensive. But go off, I guess.

We received another message on the pink phone this morning. Early morning. No time for breakfast; it was another photo. This time it was of an abandoned sports car. Before Sherlock could tell me anything about the car, the phone rang. It was a man, as terrified as the woman had been earlier and he told us we had eight hours to fix the puzzle. DI Lestrade from Scotland Yard located the car and Sherlock examined it. It had been hired from a company called Janus Cars by a man called Ian Monkford - a man who had disappeared.

This one was pretty straightforward for Sherlock. Just one chat with the missing man’s wife - and have I ever mentioned before that Sherlock is one hell of an actor? - and a visit to Janus Cars and he had it all wrapped up. It was a simple insurance scam. As you all can see, Sherlock already posted a message on the blog, informing the bomber that he had solved it The man wrapped in explosives was found and released. Turns out he’d been in central London. God, if Sherlock had got it wrong…

We’ve heard a name a couple of times over the last day or so - Moriarty. Could this be him? When I mentioned this, Sherlock’s eyes lit up.

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We've been having issues with our registers for a few weeks now and today I finally went back to work after a week off the schedule. I was ringing up this woman and she took her card out of the chip reader before it could process and it caused the register to freeze. I had to go to another one and ring her up and she got mad at me and said it was my fault the computer froze. I tried to explain that it wasnt my fault and I dont fix the computers here and she just wasnt having it. Rude old hag..

UnderSwap Grillby Headcannons

((I just realized I had none, this must be fixed immediately!))

- Imagine David Tenant’s Tenth Doctor personality. Wildly enthusiastic about everything he does, and its exteremly infectious.

But, in those rare moments of trouble, you can see this underlying power, that proves there is much more to this man then what lies on the surface.

- He loves all his little fire minions. With the exception of his daughter, they are the most important beings in his life.

-his baking is top notch, and you’ll know so when you see the price tags.

-As long as you treat his family with respect, you’ll have nothing but an extraordinary time with this eccentric flame man.

-He is a Maes Hughes when it comes to Fuku. He his hundreds of photos, and he will show each one and say “Isn’t she the most precious little bundle of perfection you’ve ever seen?!”

-He is a lover of the arts, and has many paintings and sculptures within his home.

-He never wears matching socks. When asked about it, he chuckles and replies “I tried, but you know what they say about opposites attracting.”

“Huzzah!” And “Eureka!” Are common household words.

Anonymous said: Sorry if you’ve answered this, but how much do you think we’re actually going to see Ward and Skyeward? I love Brett but I have such issues with the character that I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it. Also which of the never ending versions of Ward do you think it’ll be?

Hi Anon!

I haven’t had this one yet.    And I realize Skyeward is a very polarizing subject in the fandom so I’m not arguing for or against it here.  EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion and favorite ship.  Just what I feel is coming.   

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

I do think that Ward is going to be a major player in the Framework.   They set him up right off the bat and gave us that twitter tease.  This version of Ward based on what AIDA got from the hostages…and he’s there because of their ‘fixes’.  Again, I feel Coulson’s fix made the biggest wave with Fitz/May a close second.  Ward being around is most likely a result of Coulson never joining Shield or the Bus team never happening or AIDA giving Fitz his big brother figure back (AIDA took away the betrayals).   

Other clues we pick up from that tease is he’s not the ‘clean shaven’ Shield Agent we first met.  He’s more the Season 2/3 Ward with the stubble and leather jacket.   

 No matter how he where is there Ward to me is going to be one of those x factors AIDA has in the mix and doesn’t realize its about to all blow up on her.  I won’t be shocked at all if he doesn’t become some sort of internal foil within the Framework working against the girls to get the team out.   

 Thanks to the Framework, you’ve found a clever way to get Brett Dalton’s Grant Ward back in the cast. What can you tell us about how he’ll fit into things in the Framework? 

He’s been a great cause of drama through three seasons, and I can’t imagine he’ll come in and just fit right in and things will sail smoothly. Grant Ward is, as [producer] Jeph Loeb refers to him, he’s our greatest “act-out.” The greatest end of an episode. Every time he comes into the mix, you know something is going to go bad, or at least go sideways. I think we can expect with him in the Framework, he’s going to change the game a little bit. 

 What we have to remember what drove Ward to do what he did in Season 2/3 that are now likely off the table in the Framework if Coulson is out of the Shield equation.  His is our master Adapter, “Change or die” so if anyone is going to work the Framework to his advantage…he’s high on the list.  

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 As for the Skyeward.   I don’t think we see much of it.  Daisy is self aware and her feelings for Ward are very clear so it won’t matter what her Avatar felt about Framework Ward.  Its Daisy now.   She might play along for a bit in order to get to the others and get them out.  She can’t afford to become public enemy number one of Hydra in there, them hunting her there is just as dangerous as in the real world.

if it wasn’t obvious by now I’ve had to p much drop out of the flora ball event. I’m p sure at this point the hardware for my bluetooth is just… dead as dicks and has been since the ball first started.

At this point I’m going to try getting a bluetooth adapter as a fix to this problem so I can draw again but my priority will be towards commissions and making back the money I lost during content and commission inactivity.

Reminder that there’s a donation button on my blogs if you wanna help out too. Every little bit helps!

I’ll be back when I’m ready to update again~

Being out of a closet is exhausting.

It’s never just one decision, it’s never one-time-event. You don’t just decide “I’m out” and that’s it, you’re out for the rest of your life. It’s a constant struggle with every new person in your life.

A plumber fixed our sink today. For an hour before his arrival I argued with myself what to tell him if he asks about repairs Irian did before. Noone would bat an eyelash if I said “my boyfriend did this and that”, but the fact that Irian presents as a woman suddenly makes this simple statement hard. It makes me vulnerable on a level I really don’t feel comfortable when we’re talking about some random plumber. On the other hand, lying or watering-down the truth ALSO makes me vulnerable, as it falsifies my identity, forces me back into the closet. It also doesn’t help that the word for “roommate” in polish sounds awfully formal and there’s no way to say “partner” in a gender-neutral way.

My mother calls me, her voice full of anxiety, and asks if I heard about minister of justice’s new idea. That they want to prosecute same-sex marriages taken abroad. I calm her down, tell her it’s a bit of a fake problem, they just want to inform the prosecutor if someone tries to make such marriage official here, without any consequences, just you know, keeping tabs. Except, you know, noone really tries, because we know it’s impossible, it’s hard enough to even get all necessary paperwork for a same-sex marriage abroad. I reassure her, say it’s not a big deal, just our government being a bunch of dicks as usual, nothing to worry about. At the same time I can’t help but think about how much they have to hate queer people to involve prosecution if we even TRY to make things official here.

We want to get married this June in Scotland.

I volunteer at a child care facility. Pretty much everyone there has children, they talk about their husbands, fiances, trying to get pregnant, children going to school and such. There’s one especially friendly lady, who turned out to be my neighbour. We talked about biking routes and she said she can show me one that’s nice and easy.

I fear that if I mention “my girlfriend” they will tell me to go away, because it would be seen as inappropriate around children.

A chairman of polish national TV said today that there won’t be any same-sex couples in a new show “First Date”, because dates are supposed to build families and families are build on marriages and marriages are defined in the Constitutions as “between one man and one woman”, therefore it would be unconstitutional. I kid you not, that’s what he said.

Every time I buy something at Amazon Kindle store I smile, because Irian’s and mine shared libraries are called “your family library”.

Being queer is hard.

Aesthetic for a Natsumi with blood and knives!

I hope that you like this, I had to put it together quite quickly because My time is running out sorry! But I hope that you like it anyhow, if you’d like any changes or anything just let me know and I’ll get that fixed for you!! 

Hello, Natsumi!! Sorry that this took so long! Anyways, I hope that you’re keeping well and that life is being as kind to you as you deserve, as everybody deserves, but especially somebody as lovely as you! I certainly hope that life has been better for you than it has for me anyhow, hahaha! Okay, that was a bad joke. Anyways, take care, Natsumi, and I hope that you have a perfectly brilliant day/evening/night!! ^^ - Mod Ibuki!

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I just had a bad thought. Maybe Mofftiss think the fix-it was what they did with Mary. In the cinemas they even had a 15 min piece of Amanda and how great it was to get the part, how she felt, how sad she was it was over. Maybe that's his sodding fix-it? Because otherwise I cannot understand Mofftiss's obsession with Mary and her actor Amanda.

I don’t really know what to say. I don’t know what the fix-it was (maybe Sister Edgelord?) but I don’t think it was Mary. I guess Mofftiss think they did a great job writing “a strong female character” when all they did was writing another Mary Sue and wasting the opportunity of creating a truly good villain. I have my own theories about why Mofftiss (and Sue Vertue) are so obsessed with Mary and Amanda, but I’d rather not discuss them here. Btw, I also had to endure the thing with AA before TFP. Mary at 221B!! Why not Mrs Hudson showing us the flat? I mean, who cares about Mary? Christ, I get angry everytime I think about it.


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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My name is Annalise, and I’m an alcoholic. I lost someone. He was a student of mine. I’m a professor. I knew him before that, since he was a boy. His mother died and left him alone. I… tried to look after him. I didn’t do it because I was trying to be some saint. I did it out of guilt. I hurt him in ways that I couldn’t even admit in this room. I just couldn’t leave him alone, and I know why. I lost a baby in a car accident, but… it was much worse than that. I just couldn’t keep him out of my head. I would just worry if he did his homework, or if he had any friends. And on christmas, it would just make me sick worrying if he even had any presents. I told myself to stay away. What was broken in me was broken. No one could fix it. And then I did the opposite. I took him into my life, into my home. He needed someone to look after him, someone to love him, and I wanted to be that person. I wanted to protect him. I tried so hard. All I did was ruin him. If I had just left him alone, he would have been fine, but I just- I wanted to love him. I wanted to hold him tight. I wanted to keep him safe… this boy, my student, who was really just a stranger to me. That’s a lie. He wasn’t just a stranger. He was… he felt… he- he felt… he felt like my son.

who wants to fight against gravity?

I was the one to reach out to you. I tried to fix what you broke. I tried to give you one more chance. After months of waiting, I still haven’t gotten a response. I wish you would have wanted to talk things out, or at the very least screamed at me, told me it was my fault, spewed hatred at me, or called me stupid for even trying to fix this. At least then, I would have had closure. At least then, I could go to sleep every night thinking, “It wouldn’t have worked out.” But, instead, I got nothing. Just an empty chasm of nothingness. I wish, more than anything, you would’ve just called me back and barraged me with your ballads of hatred, because your silence is so much louder.