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I needed to buy rations for myself since I was the only one without. The market we visited had livestock.

Me: Can I buy a chicken and just keep it?
DM: As a pet? I guess?

I bought the chicken and named it Martha.

Me: Ok, can I buy armor for my chicken?
DM: …..Sure, why not. You’ll probably have to have someone repurpose a helmet for more gold.
Me: That’s fine.
DM: …There isn’t anything about a chicken’s base AC, so let’s just say 7 and the armor brings it up to 6.
Bard: What’s it’s name again? I need to write a poem about this.

The Guest House

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Description: Yoongi the hostel owner slowly develops a rapport with a girl and her friends that keep visiting.  Maybe a bit of a flirtatious one.  Maybe even a little crush.  One night he gets protective on a date gone bad and it leads to smut.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 7.1k

A/N: So, basically, this is based off an experience I had last week. Not the smut part (ughhhhh), but the whole hostel owner coming to save the day when this dude just wouldn’t get the hint and leave. I relayed the experience to @ellieljade , because I needed her to die with me, and we both decided it should be used for smut fuel. Like grown adults. 

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To my lovelies waiting

For an update on something…. ive had quite a week.

My mom came home from the hospital, stable but still, talks of feeding tubes and nursing homes and all sorts of shit i promised her i would never let happen. Since shes home shes extra needy and wants me to visit every single day, which is hard to do.

Ive cancelled every single cake i had this month. Every single one. What am i even doing anymore?

We had a funeral today, the visitation yesterday for one of my husbands family members and that was hard. With this mess with my mom I didn’t realize she was so sick and now i kinda feel like a jerk for not going to see her before she died.

I havent had a moment to just sit and write, but my mind is always working and im actually rather surprised and excited about something that im thinking about.

Tonight i had a bath, did a face mask, turned on some music, had a moment to myself to just sit and stare. It was nice i guess.

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We have a customer that comes in every Saturday roughly 10 minutes before close and stays for 20-30 minutes after. EVERY week. She just walks around slowly reading the labels on everything while we sit and repeatedly make closing announcements and stare at her. I work at a dollar store, nothing here requires that much contemplation, I'm pretty sure she just does it to be an ass.

We had one or two customers that did this once a week in the red pigtails, clown, and craft shop I worked. If they’re older it might be out of loneliness. Some times of the day are worse if they are completely cut off from those that they DO have to talk to. It’s sad. Yeah I always wanted to get home but this shit always made me teary. You can tell the difference. They just make small talk, are friendly, etc. Never entitled, just trying to make friends. They seem so obviously desperate. Thinking of this is making me cry. It’s been years since I worked in my last retail or fast food job, so I’m sure they’re gone by now. I just hope they have the company they were needing so much now(I’m not religious but it’s nice to think of it). If they were regular, most of the time they might of knew it was closing time but they were just too afraid to go home to the loneliness and quiet. This lady sounds like one of these sad lonely souls. Reading labels every Saturday doesn’t sound like the normal activity of a usual customer. Please keep an eye out on them. It may even be more severe than loneliness. -Abby

I wanted to do a few of these tonight but alas I was late getting home and only got one done. This one was a C6 Genji for anon. I’m not that great with Genji’s armour so forgive me with that part…

He was practicing throwing shuriken, and well, let’s just say it ended… “poorly” for Genji.

Original meme by @hhhanele : http://hhhanele.tumblr.com/post/157424820514/an-expression-sheet-of-my-own-feel-free-to-reblog

Ofc I just HAD to use the badass Genji from here by @kingsdarga / @ourtastytexturestuff : http://ourtastytexturesstuff.tumblr.com/post/156495652504/so-instead-of-doing-something-along-the-lines-of

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((Sorry to use your ask blog this way, but I wanted to ask privately so I don't scare your viewers! Haha! I'm sorry you've been so sick? You say your stomach's been hurting [saw that on Picarto when I clicked the link]? Is that why you had to see a doctor? Are you going to be okay? ;___; ))

((Hey Hanako. Thanks for your message, I appreciate your well-wishes, hun. I’m going to be just fine. 

I hope you won’t mind if I use this post as an opportunity to explain my situation properly. I feel you have provided me with a good opportunity to finally do that.

I have three chronic illnesses. Though they are all manageable, they all tend to flare up from time to time, and not always one at a time. My diet is very restricted as a result of these illnesses, and if I don’t keep track of what I’m eating, it can be tiring at best, debilitating at worst. I also have depression and anxiety, but I’m sure that comes as a surprise to no one, haha.

On top of this, I work a full-time job, and a freelance job outside of work hours. Pair this with all my illnesses, and what little time it leaves me to work on my personal projects… I tend to get stressed out easily. And stress flares up my illnesses. And the cycle begins anew.

I am currently seeing my doctor about these problems, and I am making further adjustments to my diet and vitamin intake, which should hopefully yield improvements. You all have been very understanding whenever I have had to put my health ahead of this blog, and I thank you in advance for your patience, for “Levity” was the only post I will have time for this weekend. Thank goodness I prepared buffers in advance.

TL;DR: I am always sick, tired, and busy. But I try my best to find time for my projects. They make me happy. Thanks for your patience. <3))

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I don't want to sound like an asshole, but honestly Sam does not look good to me in those last few event photos. He's looking a little ragged and old. The main part of it, I think is that I just don't find him attractive anymore (and sorry to the ones that still do). Since about last summer. I guess it's true about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. When the beholder's been had a few too many times the beauty and appeal tend to fade.

I agree. Much of Sam’s attractiveness was his honesty, genuineness and integrity… 

Apology TFC Headcanon lmao

Since I pissed so many people off before with that angsty thing, here’s a fun thought that’s probably been done before anyway:

Neil sitting on Andrew’s lap. He just started doing it one day when there wasn’t enough room on the couch with a simple “yes or no” that had Andrew confused as hell– he wasn’t used to being asked that in public. But then Neil sat on his knee, and it just never really stopped.

There’s something Andrew loved about Neil being on his lap, perched but comfortable as all hell and so relaxed because he was so familiar with where and who he was with. It gave Neil control, and Andrew liked that Neil felt so at ease.

It was a plus that Neil could do a little secret grinding if he felt cheeky.

~ I'm not going anywhere // Jihoon/Woozi fluff ~

Request: “Could you do a lil fluff of Jihoon helping you when you’re having a panic attack?”

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, extensive description of a panic attack - please, please do not read if you may be triggered! 

Pairing: Jihoon/Reader

Word count: 1,099

(a/n): I know the person requesting asked for a ‘lil’ fluff but I accidentally started writing and couldn’t stop…oops? ALSO I just wanted to say I’ve only written regarding a panic attack once or twice before and have never personally experienced one, so I had to do a bit of research into the symptoms and stuff because I really didn’t want to give any false impressions of what they are like or offend anybody or anything like that. Please tell me if there are any problems with this, and I’ll fix them straight away. Sorry to ramble but with such an important issue I didn’t want to misrepresent anything, if that makes sense! I haven’t edited this much, but hopefully it’s all okay. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and here it is~


“Dinner!” The soft echo of Jihoon’s voice sounded out from below, a series of clashes signifying that he was plating up whatever he had been cooking. 

You wanted nothing more to reply, to but it was impossible; you were far too focused on attempting to calm your legs, which were far from cautious as they circled you around the room like a hurricane. As the deep blue of the curtain - which for a few moments now, had been the only focal point of the room, tucked  - blurred into a heap of unidentifiable colour, you were certain of what was coming. In midst of your realisation, you sorely clutched your pounding head and fumbled down to the bed below; the overwhelming nausea had intensified so much that you could barely stand. 

“Hey, I said, dinner’s ready!” He called up for the second time. 

Despite sounding slightly more agitated than before, his announcement was again to no avail. The familiar yet surprising coldness of tears trickling down your cheeks paired with your shaking breaths prevented you from making any noise at all in response, your lips beginning to numb as you pursed them tightly together. 

“If you don’t come down I’ll eat it all!“ He cried again, this time with a playful tone. 

How badly you wanted to run to him, but you simply couldn’t. How could you cry for help when it felt as though there were a fist clenched tightly around your throat, not even allowing the smallest breath to escape? How could you call his name when you knew that the words would tremble so much that he’d never be able to hear them? 

You forced your eyes shut, your chest swelling as you sucked in as much of the in the air around you as you could. With all the hope you had rising from the deepest pits of your stomach, you slowly exhaled, expecting release. It was no use - the panic had consumed you completely, and there was little escaping it now. 

“Are you even listening? You’re the one who asked me to cook!” His voice seemed to be getting closer, followed by the low rumble of footsteps. 

Your heart practically stopped, chills crawling through your veins. He couldn’t see you like this. 

 “I’m not gonna be happy if-“ Jihoon began, carefully grasping the door handle and shoving himself into the room. He almost continued to speak, but as his wide eyes settled on the figure before him, he froze entirely. 

“Are you…okay?” He whispered lifelessly, colour draining from his face more with each word. 

You raised a trembling hand up to your eyes and swept away the droplets that were beginning to form, subconsciously nodding your head in response to his question. Although you knew denying it was pointless, you were in no state to explain to him what was happening to you. 

“You’re not okay.” Jihoon gasped softly.

Without any hesitation, he stumbled toward the bed, gently settling himself beside you. You lifted up one of your hands once again, this time to shield your face - you couldn’t bare to look him in the eyes.

“I’m really sorry…I-I didn’t mean to shout at you,” He stammered nervously, taking your hand into his own, “I can just put some on a plate if you don’t want it now. It’s just been a long day and-“ 

His words were slowly merging together, until all at once you couldn’t hear anything he was saying at all. You were even oblivious to the sound of your own gasping breaths and exasperated sobs, which in reality were far louder than Jihoon’s voice. You soon felt yourself beginning to cradle back and forth, the only thing keeping you from falling off the bed being Jihoon’s hands, which you noticed he had firmly grasped around your shivering shoulders as you rocked. 

“It’s okay, I’m here to help. Everything is going to be alright.” His calm eyes came back into view, the unexpected clarity of his voice suddenly bringing you back to your senses. 

“Try to breathe,” He spoke clearly, “In and out very slowly.” 

You followed his instructions. Feeling the tension drain from your lungs, you stuttered a quick breath inwards, releasing it very slowly. 

“That’s it,” Jihoon encouraged, “here, I’ll do it with you." 

He maintained eye-contact with you as he intently began to breathe in time, his chest swelling and deflating in equal measure alongside yours, and slowly but surely, your breathing returned to a reasonable pace. However, no matter how you tried, you couldn’t still the immense amounts of worry that continued course around your mind and body.

“I’m scared.” You uttered.

“I know, but I’m not going anywhere,” He assured, “what can I do to help you?" 

"Keep talking, please.” You requested, your voice still wobbling slightly.


And he did. The minutes passed faster than expected as he released spells upon spells of mindless chatter - from a detailed re-telling of the time you both met, to a number of quick-fire anecdotes about your lives ever since. Jihoon quickly found himself rambling for hours, so determined to help you that his eyes didn’t stray from yours until he was sure you had calmed down completely. Perhaps it was his fear that you would descend into panic again that fuelled it, or merely the desperate need to stop your pain, but either way, he kept your hand clutched in his as if it were part of his own body, and kept his gaze on you as if he was never going to look away. With each elaborate story he told, his voice as steady as it was comforting, you felt yourself settle more and more. The waves of fear that once rushed over you like an inescapable storm had melted away into surges of warmth and adoration toward the boy sat beside you. For that, you would be eternally grateful.

"How are you feeling?” His voice was the most soothing sound in the world. 

It was the smooth melody to your favourite song and the gentle pelting of rain against your window as you slept. His hands, which he swept delicately through your hair all the way to its ends, were the warm summer breeze rustling the leaves in the trees up above, and you never wanted the season to end. You never wanted this to end.

"A bit better,” You began, blissfully curling into his shoulder, “but stay with me.”

"I told you, I’m not going anywhere. Do you need to talk about anything?" 

"No. Just stay, please." 

"I will.”


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(oml jihoon don’t make me swerve lanes boi)

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What's one thing you wish was taught schools but isn't? (IRL)

How to Adult™ would be useful. Like yeah I took a cooking class and home economics class in high school, but neither those really prepared me for shit like ‘understanding health insurance’ or ‘how to do your taxes’ etc.

I also wish high school guidance counselors were realistic about college. Maybe I just had a shitty guidance counselor in high school, but in my experience at least, they don’t teach you to be realistic. For example, I got into both Rutgers and NYU (and some others), and 17 year old me really had my eyes set on NYU (was pretty obsessed with it), and really wasn’t thinking about its $40k/year (and that was just tuition) price tag. Rutgers on the other hand was significantly cheaper since it was a state school (maybe $17k/year at the time? Idr exactly). No one sat me down and said “hey, listen, remember you will be paying these student loans back and that where you go to undergrad isn’t a big deal, especially if you’re going to get a graduate degree after”. Instead my guidance counselor pushed me towards NYU because I was obsessed with it and it was the more prestigious of the two schools. Now in the end, it worked out because I got a decent scholarship and my parents helped some (not a lot but somewhat), so my student loans from my time at NYU aren’t **too** awful. And I loved my time there. But the fact that no one asked me to really think things through before making that choice is crazy to me.

In high school, there’s so much focus on going to college, and I feel like there also needs to be focus on other options too. College is not for everybody (financially, personally, or whatever reason). And for those kids who don’t want to go to or can’t go to college, there should be more focus on job training or vocational schooling. College isn’t the only path and there’s nothing shameful about going to vocational school.

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I just had one of my friends start a rumor at school that I'm gay... why am I like this?

hey anon,

im so sorry that this happened? theres nothing wrong with you and thats real crappy of your friend to do that to you. 

best of luck to you,

- mod amara

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I have tons of killing stalking stuff on my blog and I tagged photos that had both Sangwoo and Yoon Bum in them as Sangwoo x Yoon Bum. I'm new to this kind of thing so I didn't realize that if you tagged ____ x ____ it meant that you shipped them. I literally had a flood of anti-killing stalking blogs target me, telling me that I was a gross fujoshi...but I really was just making a newbie mistake but they wouldn't listen to me. Help. do I keep standing up for myself? Or???

If you have explained to them that it was a mistake & you actually don’t ship them, and they still make you a hate target, then block. Block all of the bullshit. There is nothing here to stand-up for, other than your right to remove anything that makes your fandom experience a negative one.

i had a dream last nght where louis was in this like .. hotel lobby but also kinda like a log cabin .. idk aslkdj anyway a lot of fans were there and were talking to him and i was getting like fan reports the way that we do when we’re online but also the ppl were there ? but anyways smth happened w one of his stunts i think and he looked rly sad and walked into or out of an elevator and i jst remember his face looking so sososo sad and i wantd to Die but then that was around when i met him and i dont remember how i Started it but i do remember just hugging him and i just started listing everything i love about him and i remember distinctly saying “you have a beautiful golden soul” and it was making him feel less bad abt whatever just happened so i just kept going and going just like crying into his shoulder while we hugged and like i think we were also walking or swaying or spinning or SMTH but after a minute or so he laughed and was like “you have 20 minutes ..keep going” so i did and at one point i was like “we dont believe the persona that they try to push for u we dont beleive ur a ~bradford bad boy~” and i said it in the way he would say it when making fun of zayn and that was around the point at which i started fading out but he was like “oh?” and i was like “yeah we know that ur not that person” nd that’s around where it ended but i woke up crying tears of blood so thx @  my subconscious for litearlly wanting me dead ! 

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I just read the news, and I just needed to say that it's fucking awesome! I am so happy and excited and what not because The Broken Mask/The Savage Dark is going to be a comic! Thank you! One thousand times thank you! Akiric is a wonderful artist and I'm sure he will make an epic comic! I already reblogged his post and thanked him, and now I just had to thank you, because without you this wonderful story wouldn't exist! Sorry for my outbreak, but I just had to do this, thank you! :D

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Thank you. :D

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Scurlls reaction to you doing a strip tease?

i love this. the song to the… performance is to Seal’s cover of James Brown’s Its A Man’s World

- You were up front with Marty when you had first started dating, what you do Thursday through Saturday
- Honesty is the best policy, since your moonlighting gig had ruined relationships before
- He was the furthest thing from mad, indeed he was almost intrigued
- You got the opportunity a couple month into your relationship to invite him to one of your performances
- You were pacing nervously in the dressing room, and your fellow dancers were just smirking, knowing it was because you were a smitten kitten
- You were up in thirty seconds, and you made the executive decision to grab just one last prop… A luxurious and overlarge white fur coat.
- The opening had you sauntering down the narrow aisle to the stage, a simper on your face, the fur coat dusting the ground
- You could spy Marty from the corner of your eyes, his mouth agape and a stunned, almost lovestruck look on his face
- The story of your opening performance tonight was that of a lonely career woman who went to bed alone every night
- And as soon as you dropped the fur coat on the floor of the stage, which was set up to look like a boudoir, you could feel the heat of Marty’s eyes intensify
- You had chosen the black dress that had exposed as much of the Cuban heel stockings as possible, which you had a feeling the Villain in your life would appreciate
- You could barely see him with the bright stage lights on you, but it felt like everyone else had disappeared, and it was just you and him in the small darkened theater
- It was with rolls of your hips, shimmies of your shoulders, and exaggerated flicks of your hair that your clothing slowly began to be stripped off
- With every article of clothing, you cast a coy glance to the crowd, your eyes always stopping a little too long on Marty
- His hands gripped his thighs so tight, his knuckles were white
- His jaw was clenched and his Adam’s apple bobbing as he wet his lips
- You had to fight a shiver at the predatory look in his eyes as he got a glimpse of the silver pasties that were concealing your nipples from the audience
- He discreetly shifted in his chair as you began to writhe in the boudoir chair, the sequined garter belt glinting in the fading stage lights as your number came to an end and the last chords of the song faded
- Marty: When we get home, you’re not going to be able to walk for a couple of days.



Yuuko isn’t here to judge whether the wishes are good or bad (or incredibly stupid) for you. She never has. She just makes the deals and let’s people trade the consequences for the things they want. 




I’m glad that’s the end to the cycle of transferring the grudge, because really, if Doumeki had to go punch the spider to take the grudge off Watanuki he absolutely would. 

It occurs to me that if the spider was capable of more than one grudge at a time then this wouldn’t happen at all. And also that, like, if it didn’t end here it would just be an endless cycle of these two idiots constantly assaulting a poor spider in a twisted competition to see who it will hate more. 


Doumeki’s disgruntled face is a work of art. 

But it looks like the Spider is alive and well (maybe not so “well”), and that Doumeki can’t outdo Watanuki purely because they’ve already reached the upper limit of what the grudge can do. Which is a relief, but damn.