but i just got the film on bluray



I really appreciate everyone support for this blog to go this far ( I didn’t expect that in the beginning tbh ) and thank you so so much for loving my arts and ameripan :3

So, to celebrate this special event, I will upload a special AU which I worked very hard in the previous month ~

Yes , I think you guys can guess it out :P

Inside Out AU !

I can say this one is the one I worked hard the most, so I really hope you guys can reblog for everyone to read :3

I just made it like the short strips to introduce characters, the rest will be some scenes in the film ( so that I can avoid spoiled for those who haven’t watched the film ) enjoy ^ w ^)

You guys can imagine from this part it’s like the trailer :P

And this is why I choose England to be Disgust ~ Sarcastic at it fineness XD

I completed this AU just in time the film got the bluray version so I promo for it btw XD If you haven’t watched it, I recommend since this is a great film and also very touching ( ´ ∀ ` ) 

For who doesn’t know, yes Matt’s mother is fem!England and his dad is France ~ ( I just couldn’t think of anyone else ..) The cooking island I drew by myself, and ice-cream town is referenced from the film “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” ^^ There are more aspects in Matt’s mind but I just can draw this much since my energy is limited……(ノ_ _)ノ

The characters were created by my point of view, please respect it ( since I saw some people judging it and compare to other versions, which make me pretty sad though ..) But anyway, thank you everyone so much ! Please continue to support me in the future -ω(´•ω•`)♡ ( and sorry for the super long post XD )

[ShowerThought] On the weekend the new Ghostbusters movie opens in theatres, everyone should stay home and Netflix the original 1984 film to see if we can outnumber the amount of people watching the new version. • /r/KotakuInAction
Just coz it'd be a hilarious way to send a very clear message to both the film companies and the SJWs. The headlines practically write...

Just coz it’d be a hilarious way to send a very clear message to both the film companies and the SJWs. The headlines practically write themselves.

Edit 1: Thanks to /u/nodeworx for the suggestion of using a hashtag like #GhostBusters1984 to help get the word out and get more people involved.

Edit 2: Release date is July 15, 2016

Edit 3: Doesn’t matter how you watch, DVD, BluRay, iTunes, Netflix or VHS, just watch the original GhostBusters instead of the new bastardised remake and tweet the fact using the hashtag #GhostBusters1984

Edit 4: Holy crap this blew up overnight!! Amazing to see how much support it’s got. Thanks everyone.

@tenaflyviper, I feel like you and several others would like this.