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The Signs As Characters From Supernatural

Aries: Lucifer

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Taurus: Charlie Bradbury

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Gemini: Dean Winchester

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Cancer: Chuck Shurley

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Leo: Jo Harvelle

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Virgo: Ash

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Libra: Ellen Harvelle

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Scorpio: Crowley

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Sagittarius: Bobby Singer

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Capricorn: Sam Winchester

Aquarius: Castiel

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Pisces: Rowena

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SKAM Season 4 Links with English Subtitles

Episode 1: You hate hanging out with us (full)

Episode 2: I’m a boy, I don’t get hate (full)

Episode 3: What do you think about drinking? (full)

Episode 4: Allah would dig you (full)

Episode 5: If you’re sad then I’m sad (full)

Episode 6: Are you having a bad day? (full)

Episode 7: We must stand together (full)

Episode 8: The biggest losers at school (full)

Episode 9: Life smiles (full) 

Episode 10: Thanks for everything
↳ (Part 1-Vilde // Part 2-Penetrator Chris // Part 3-Jonas // Part 4-Chris // Part 5-Even // Part 6-William // Part 7-Eskild & Linn // Part 8-Dear Sana [1][2])

so uh

I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself.”

This is what LM said about Lance and his potential love interest. He needs someone who knows themselves bc it’s clear to us Lance still doesn’t know his own self as evidenced here

now. here’s something interesting. Who, out of all the other paladins, had an arc/moment of them knowing themselves and who they were?

yup. you guessed it. this guy below. 

I’m just saying. If the shoe fits…

you give me a bowl of candies and tell me that 80% are m&ms and 20% are skittles.
I take one and it eat it. skittle.
I grab a handful and eat them all at once. all skittles.
I grab another handful and eat them one at a time. all skittles.
you take 3 out and hand them to me, assuring me that they must be m&ms. they’re all skittles.

at this point, I’m likely to start believing that you have lied to me. it seems like the statistics must be the other way around, or maybe there are no m&ms at all.

at this point, I start expecting skittles. and I get them, every time.

I finally taste chocolate and spit it out. I wasn’t expecting it anymore and I’m not sure if I can even believe my own mouth.

this is why victims of repeated traumas don’t know how to react to good people.

I’m no expert—I’m hearing and my understanding of American Sign Language is extremely limited—so please feel free to correct/add on to this! But I was just really struck by (and loved!) Elisa’s “F U” to Strickland in the above scene, which was featured at the end of the newly-released Red Band trailer for The Shape of Water.

Here, Elisa is literally signing “F” and “U” from the ASL alphabet, but what makes this so striking is that, by doing so, she’s not exactly speaking ASL—she’s fingerspelling English. 

ASL is a completely separate language from spoken/written English, and fingerspelling is pretty much only used if there are no ASL equivalents for what needs to be conveyed, such as in the case of names. (In fact, when I was learning ASL, my teacher waited a while before teaching us the alphabet because she didn’t want us fingerspelling English instead of actually trying to sign!)

So the fact that Elisa uses fingerspelling here, when there are other ways in ASL to convey the idea of “fuck you,” says a lot. It says even more when you consider how she’s fingerspelling, since her fingerspelling here is not how a deaf person/someone who speaks ASL would typically fingerspell. 

‘Cause fingerspelling? It’s fast. Extremely fast. Each letter flows smoothly into the next. When you fingerspell, it should be an incredibly fluid motion.

But here? That’s 110% not the case. Elisa is slow and measured. She holds out each letter nice and long. It’s the kinda way you’d fingerspell to someone learning ASL—and actually, my teacher would say to not even do that. If you slow down so much for them all the time, they’ll never be able to keep up with real ASL!

So, this scene? This scene with Elisa fingerspelling something that doesn’t need to be fingerspelled, in an incredible, deliberate, slower-than-college-WiFi pace? Well, Elisa is doing more than just dissing Strickland—she’s absolutely taunting him. She’s saying, “I’m speaking your language. I dare you to understand me.”

And she knows that he won’t. She’s speaking crystal clearly, no stuttering, no hesitance, no nothing, and Strickland can’t even be damned to attempt the basic ASL alphabet because he would never, ever try to understand anything different from him.

And Elisa knows this and completely, totally rubs it in his bigoted face.


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names


i ship klance but...

will watch voltron even if the ship isn’t canon and i will RESPECT whatever dreamwork does because it is their show, not ours

i don’t support the idea of blackmail because it is downright wrong but i won’t let it ruin a series or a ship i like

reblog if you agree.