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Put On Hungry Like The Wolf Again

About that, “The Handmaiden has too much male gaze due to very long and graphic lesbian sex scenes” thing…..

(I actually want to write up a longer post about this movie and Fingersmith in general, but this is the topic that literally every podcast and review I’ve found has to pull out and discuss so it’s on my mind)

…I guess my question is…. 

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I had my counseling appointment and I felt better, but now I’m rather drained of energy. My mind is clearer I guess, and I think I know how I want to handle a specific situation… but idk. Certain things still seem up. Found out that The reason I keep having depressive episodes and will just randomly start crying is because I ignore like 75% of my emotions until they spill out and become unbearable, which is why I get so overwhelmed. It’s probably why I’m numb to everything as well. WHICH… Now that I look at it, duh. But I didn’t realize I bottled so much up because I’d be like “what do you mean I should be feeling at least 139 emotions a day, I felt 1 two days ago, that’s enough thank you.”  

I finished my exam. I’m not sure how well I did, and to be honest I’m kind of disappointed in myself. I should have been better and tried more.

Two pages of an essay are due on Friday so I’m not outta the woods yet. But innnnnn… 15 minutes my roommate and I are going to go see Moonlight. I’m excited but I’ll probably cry easily lol

I realized I should just make a post about this lol. So I went looking for evidence of the question-mark tie-clip CMS said Ed wears and I found it in the Supercut as you can see. It’s a typewriter key; that’s cute. Very Etsy. But look what much better thing I found—Ed’s canonical birthday! 4/1/88. He’s turning 29 this year; he’s 28 right now, yes? Not only is it bad enough that his bday is April fucking Fool’s Day, it’s obvious that his birth year is 1988, making Gotham take place in the modern day. CMS has referenced Ed’s age range before (labeling it “late 20s” like here, under the pic of Ed looking in the mirror) which matches this birth year perfectly. I love that something this small unraveled a whole mystery LOL, but really, it IS the only answer that makes sense. 


Guardvengers Icons 

We’re not a team of heroes, more like a… a… band of them.

The Guardvengers are the children of the Avengers in an alternate timeline, highschoolers by the first Avenger’s movie, each child in the ever expanding universe had their own set of skills and powers, eventually growing out of their parent’s shadows to becomes heroes in their own right. 

(Disclaimer: we aren’t this young anymore lmao. including: @pomegranatekylo as Rose Rogers, @to-live-is-to-dance as Arielle Barton, me (@kalamitis) as Kay Thorsdottir, @valuepup as “Tutu” Colson, @pages0f as Coleen Fury, @leafie as Laura Banner, @astrasavant as Carlee Stark, and @iridescent-apricity22 as Danielle Romanoff.) 

Art in the corners of these icons is by the amazing @askthederpvengers, who I’ve been following since the very first avengers movie, clearly. If you haven’t followed them, please do!!!

[Aurelia] ...

This week…

It took more time for me to prepare everything for the move than what I had anticipated. Recovery from … my evening and day with Immortal took a bit longer than I would have thought.

All things considered.

My heart swells when he is near and what terrifies me about that is I know so little – well, now I know he is perhaps but a year older than I am. I would never have guessed. A captive for his entire life.

What also terrifies me about this is that lingering knowledge that he, quite obviously to myself, was … he was honed to be a weapon. Very few creators of such things are happy to let what they’ve made run wild, though I cannot imagine how they would contain him should whoever try to fetch him. Utterly ridiculous what-ifs roam the back of my mind late at night, coupled with the knowledge that if my… activities were to be found out, oh, the trouble that would cause.

There is also that whole thing where I have so little experience with these matters. Am I actually falling for him? Is he even capable of such feelings? Curiosity is but one thing. There is much of that in his touch, I suppose, and in the things he does. Were it just that, would he be so careful with me?

Hammered Bear and Hammered Bull packed the various crates of tools and such for me, and they will be bringing them by this week. I did not tell them or Roro about what happened with the would-be bandit.


The other night, a Hyuran man knocked me about and took my package of completed trinkets – jewelry pieces that I use for samples, to show my work, most of which being more as art than much else. Complex, expensive to make (precious stones and metals), to lose them would set me back years. I must have been incredibly lucky, for Immortal seemed to appear out of nowhere and slaughtered the man on the spot.

I am recovering from two cracked ribs. Ice, rest.

And he lingers with me, though he does not have to, at times, and accepted the spare key to my room.

What am I even doing.

… I mean, I imagine there is another, from what he said. So.


Guess what I found in the zuko x katara tags? Yup more bullshit. Time to backup my Ship…

Okay so this blog is clearly about negativity and why you should not ship this couple( and manny others). So what is there to expect? Noting really but hate and ignorance.I can’t speak for the others,(due to a lack of knowledge) but I can for Zutara.

I also wanted to counter this post, because if they have the right to bash at it, and speak their mind, then I have the very same right to defend it.

So here we go….


1. They’re both underage?

Come on you need a better explanation, if you think about it half of the fandom ships Katara with a 12 year old pubescent monk.( think about that for a moment).

Also for Kataras age she is very mature, she had to stop being a child the day her mother was killed. So yes they might be young, katara at 14 and zuko at 17, but their maturity level extends beyond their years.

2. Teaches girls to go to abusive bad boys?

Well no, not really. Zuko was not abusive, they were simply enemies at war. Zuko might have gotten katara a few times, but he has also gotten his ass owned by the water bending master.

And to think that Zuko would be abusive,Just intrigues me.
Zuko was scared by this own father because he did not fight back; he only wanted his fathers forgiveness, does this not say a lot about his morals? He was also raised by His uncle Iroh after his banishment, he is a kind hearted man with much wisdom.

Also katara can handle herself, she will fight you ,and most likely demolish you if you threaten her, her friends and the ones she cares for.So being in an abusive relationship?? That would be a no go for Katara. Zuko would end up in the infirmary if he dared to lay a hand on katara in such a manor.( if he were to be that type of person)

3. Fetishes wealth and Aristocracy?

Well Zuko is a prince and of the royal family ,Wealth tends to be entitled with such titles. Zuko has also experience life at the bottom of the chain, he understands what it is like to have very little wealth.

As for Katara?? She is a water tribesmen, her community was all about sticking to one another in times of hardship(this also involving wealth). So growing up, I can imagine katara to be the type who does not overly praise wealth. She is thankful, but not greedy.

4. Zuko is a pyromaniac??

Well he is a fire bender, and they tend to use fire A lot. He also learns to control his fire in a relaxed mind set so… I don’t know what else to say( maybe this blog is meant to troll ,eh)

5. Zuko is rich and privileged and thus potentially abusive??

Restating are we?? I already voiced my thoughts on numbers 1&3.

6. Katara nags to much??

Want to try again?? Becuse that was a fail!

Kataras nagging is one of the very things that make her katara, it’s just part of her personality. She is also considered the mother and care taker of the group, she looks out for everyone, so I can see what she would nag so much; Have you seen the team avatar?? They are a bunch of crazy ass children haha( still love them anyways ).

7. They’re both survivors of trauma and thus codependent?

For the longest time katara only had her village, her brother and her grangran for support. But she truly felt lost with having this experience ; of loosing her mother.
She had to be her own strength for a long time , especially when her father left to fight in the war.

Suddenly there was someone she could relate to, a person who had also lost his mother because of the war ; the fire nation prince.

They can draw strength from one another, it would be a balanced" give and take" type of relationship. Zuko has seen her at her worst, but also at her best; the same would be implied for Katara.


So I don’t know where you got your facts about Zutara being such a horrid ship, then again you are entitled to believe in what you want. But that means I am also entitled to voice my thoughts.

@liketolaugh-dgm replied to “Lavi: Ugh, washing dishes is so boring. I honestly would rather sit…

How can you just leave that lovely addition in the tags

omg, since @ttachibana also mentioned it I guess I should share them right?

So those were my tags on this post of @incorrectdgm (pls go reblog the original post too ;O)

My tags: 

#and that’s when Lavi knew he fucked up #(honestly tho Allen would just carry on and Lavi would probably just sigh and listen) #(hell Lavi would ACCIDENTALLY REMEMBER EVERYTHING LATER) #(AND HE WOULD BLAME ALLEN WHEN RANDOMLY SOMEONE ASKS HIM ABOUT PAELLA) #(and he would give a full reciep and then he would stop #turn to Allen #‘IT’S YOUR FAULT’ #'YOU SHOULD SAY THANKS TO ME’ )

I would also add that after that Allen would do that all the time. Tell Lavi the most random useless informations he had found and watch Lavi realize in horror that he remembers everything.

He would end up scared of Allen when he would come up with a huge grin and he would step back like “No, no, you shut up, I still remember what you told me last time and it was horrifying, don’t even dare opening your mouth further I swear-”

So this link came up in my dash, and i found myself in Jack’s post about septipler vs his actual gf.

I imagine this is an unpopular opinion, but personally, i’m okay with the fact that septiplier might never be a reality.

Now obviously my entire blog is dedicated to septiplier, so it’s not like i don’t ship it or want it to happen. 

I guess it’s not only that I enjoy septiplier (and obviously would LOVE it if it was an actual thing) but I also enjoy the idea of them making it a huge inside joke between themselves. 

The concept of them sending each other stuff and making fun of it together is just as cool with me as it would be if they were an actual couple.

I hope that they’re both chill enough with septiplier to enjoy the fan’s content for what it is, and understand that the content created is fantasy or for fun.

**** I should just speak for myself, I dunno how much hate imma get for this opinion.****

But anyway I just needed to get this off my chest.. If you agree or have questions, ask me!! I’d love to talk more about this to anyone.


Kinugawa Atushi’s Monologue | Yufuin En’s Monologue

Okay so I just picked out some screenshots that I feel are quite important or relevant…whatever but I translated most of Atsushi’s monologue (minus the parts with Yumoto that are already translated since they can be found HERE)

I’ll put everything under a cut since it’s gonna get pretty lengthy so…….enjoy the read I guess! I’m sorry if some parts sound awkward I don’t write fics for a reason TvT

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“What’cha got there, Kitten?” 

Chat Noir spun on his heel, bell chiming as he did so. The young woman in front of him stepped out from the darkness, eyeing the box that sat by his feet. The lid had been pushed closed, but crumbs peppered its edges, as well as her partner’s lips. He simply looked at her wide-eyed, finding himself face-to-face with his lady.

“Oh..I was just hungry, that’s all,” he muttered, a cheeky grin slowly spreading on his face. He scratched his head while glancing down at the city below. The Parisian lights had lit up as always to the night sky. 

Ladybug gave him a knowing glance while pointing at his box. “And I’m guessing you didn’t get that from a certain bakery over by the school?” She smirked.

Chuckling, Chat Noir bent down and picked it up. He held it out to her, opening the lid. Peeking inside, Ladybug found three macarons, snuggled into little compartments. There clearly should’ve been four. 

“Help yourself, My Lady!” he offered. “Your parents gave them to me saying you and I should celebrate this day together. But I figured I’d save it for patrol since I knew you were busy after school…”

He trailed off suddenly, her bluebell eyes boring into his in anticipation to finish his excuse. One eyebrow had been raised but the corner of her lip remained tugged.

“…but you were taking so long to get here, and I was getting hungry so…I decided to help myself….. sorry I couldn’t wait,” he finished with a grin, his ears drooping.

Ladybug began to giggle, earning a questioning look from her partner, until he noticed that the whole time they spoke, one of her hands had remained behind her back. Chat Noir could now see her hair held some flecks of powder (he couldn’t tell what color it was), and evidence that chocolate had been wiped from her jaw.

 She pulled out a smaller box, colored white and decorated in green ribbon. As Chat Noir opened his mouth to ask, Ladybug unwrapped and opened it, revealing a large, bright green macaron with chocolate filling. At its center, a large brown paw print had been stamped on it. Beaming at him, Ladybug nudged the box. A little card that had been tucked inside shifted, catching his eye. With two hesitating fingers, he took it. 

On the card, written in his lady’s beautiful handwriting, it read:

Happy Birthday, Mon Minou, My Love and My Light.

Thank You

I’m posting this three hours and twenty minutes early, and I’m not quite sure how to make this post or what to say exactly, but I’m going to try my best anyway. Three months ago (which isn’t that long of a time, I know) I absolutely fell in love with a little kpop band by the name of BTS. I found it funny how easily I fell in. I guess I should go into a little bit of detail. It was two days before finals and one day before school started, my friend showed me the music video for Dope and it was stuck in my head the whole day. I listened to that song literally fifteen times in like three hours. 

Anywho, the next day when I came home from school again I listened to more of their songs and I knew that I couldn’t just casually like this band, so I learned all of their names in about fifteen minutes (It took me longer to learn the names of the 1D members because I didn’t care that much about them). When I saw Dope for the first time the day before, I saw Namjoon “THAT GUY IS MY FAVORITE” because he did the whole flexing thing or whatever during his rap, but then after I learned their names, I reaaaaaally started to like Jungkook. Now I claim to be Tae biased but in all honesty I’m in love with each and every one of them. 

With the backstory out of the way, I can get to what I really need to say. Before my friend showed BTS to me, I was incredibly sad. It sounds weird, but I cried myself to sleep a lot, and I’d have days where I was completely miserable and there was no hope of cheering me up. My life has changed for the better, and I’m pretty sure I owe it all to Bangtan and ARMYs. I haven’t had a truly bad day in a while. I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t been sad in three months, but any sadness I’ve had did not last long. I’d just watch a Bangtan Bomb and be instantly cheered up. 

Plus, I’ve made some amazing friends on here and I love all of you with my entire heart. You’re the icing on top of the happiness cake, and I still don’t feel worthy of any of you. I haven’t even had this blog for a full month yet, but I feel more welcomed on here than I did on my other blog. I don’t know how to transition into this but imma tag all of you now so you can see my sappiness and want to punch me in the head.

First up are all of my lovely messaging buddies: (I have no idea what order to go in because I’ve never made a post like this) but anywho thank you to @chimcharms @kpop-is-her-style @justonetaehyung @hyongtae @hidally and @ilovegiraffes08 

Next I have my smuddies: @taegih @noir0neko @junghoshigi @cuzimsickwithhope @whalien52 @icedxtae @mcjeon @awkihiko @yoonginhales @trashfourdays and @boyfriendjimin

And I just want to tag my other mutuals because even though we haven’t really talked, you’ve made me very happy and I love you guys just as much: @precious-suga-cookie @the-bambi-eyes @cupidtae @taetaehoe @cheesecake1598 @ria0905 @cutestyoongi @cynthia-28 @yotsuyaq @bangtannislife @vscript @bitchimchim @soulmatejimin @whereyourjamsat @banqtan-duh @eight-tae @miraculous-shikarin @tiptoefromthegarden @chimistic @makttae @taejagi @hanamixaegyo @kim-seokjiin @risinginfire @lovekpopstuffnow @tuanseoks @daesungisbaesung @j-hobiaaahhh

And finally I’m gonna tag my cousin just because @ladyofthneeds

Once again, thanks to all of you for making me a happy potato in one way or another. I really appreciate all of you.

Saga College, home.

I know I haven’t been posting for a while (hmm a long while). For some reasons the past few months I just didn’t feel like posting anything. Maybe it was because there weren’t photographs I particularly liked, maybe it was because I felt lazy, maybe it was because I wanted to focus on my college life, maybe it was because I just didn’t feel as motivated to do photography as a few years ago. 

Yes. That’s it. I keep convincing myself that the reason I haven’t been updating (which I definitely should do) is for other issues, but deep down I know, the passion is fading away. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this, I guess there definitely are. There was once I read about an amateur photographer completely stopped photography after doing it for like more than ten years, because he feels it has been distracting him from truly appreciating life. Back then I found it so ridiculous and thought I would never be that guy. And I naively believed that if I keep taking photographs, some day I will be like Wang Xiaohui, a Chinese photographer who I really admire. Duh what’s so hard about using photography as a visual diary? 

But no. The reality is I get more and more bored of photography in general. I become too lazy to use DSLR because why bring such a heavy and cumbersome camera when I have my phone? I become too lazy to import photos to my laptop or to edit, while I clearly remember I used to spend almost 20+ minutes on editing a single photograph.

Is it because of time? Now seeing other photographers in college always coming up with new works and projects, and always bringing their cameras with them, I feel guilty that they are always improving but I have come to a stop. There is a wall stopping me. I feel helpless. I feel confused. I want to get over. But I feel bored. I am so familiar with everything in Singapore that I just don’t feel like taking any photographs.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t found something I am really passionate about? Whenever people ask me, what type of photography do you do, I always go blank. “Uhh I do landscape and street photography, just not portrait.” I have no style. I have nothing to stick to. I am lost in the sea of photography.

Today I got really really upset because I had a conversation with the person in my college who’s in charge of determining who gets Summer Arts Scholarship to pursue any art course, which I applied and got rejected. I wanted to do analog photography. And she told me my application just didn’t come across as really passionate. She couldn’t sense my “obsession” with this particular thing I want to learn, which is essentially the most important factor in this application. I admit that my passion for analog photography kinda died after I started college, since then I haven’t even touched my analog camera. And I didn’t do my best in conveying my interest in photography. But still, being told by somebody who has never seen my work and never talked to me about visual art that I am not really into photography and the program was just something “good” but not “essential” was so hurting. I almost cried when listening to her. The one thing that means the absolute most to me got denied.

But now thinking about this, maybe it was a good experience, because it made me realize how much photography means to me, and how I should keep pursuing it, no matter what response I get. So here I am. This blog is going to become live again. It’s not just for sharing with you, but also to remind myself that I have a responsibility to carry it on and to remind myself that I am constantly making progress.

Didn’t expect this to turn out so long. If you are reading till here, I want to say thank you. Thank you for sticking with me.


I was so excited to see him because if Tumblr and I’ve never found him before.
First thing he says is “Whoa, what’s up with your hair?” And he started touching it and then that quickly turned into him fluffing it up. Then he asked me “Why’s it red? That’s Hooks favorite color yknow!” and me, being the overexcited 10 year old I am giggled and said “Huh, guess we gotta change that then!”
So then he said “You should go green for me! That’s my favorite color!”
At this point my hair is sticking up in every other direction and Peter tries to fix it as best as he can for the picture. Right before we took it he says, “You’re just so fluffable!”

I really hope in the future I’ll get to see him more, he totally lived up to all of the posts I had seen about him and ge was so damn cute. ;u;


WHAT THE?!?!?!

Why did so many people accidentally press “follow”?!?!?


I guess I should send a message to my peeps.

@korina-willowrose You were my first follower and the first speck of hope that people actually liked my crappy art. We need to talk, you seem like a really nice person. I’m just really nervous when it comes to talking to cool people.

@4jen You were my very first Tumblr friend. I’m so glad I found you! I wish we could talk a little more! @juliet0129 YOURE AMAZING!!!! You are a very kind person and deserve a lot of love!!

@typicalfxngurl WHY DO YOU LIKE MY ART SO MUCH?!?!? Ghh! But I should thank you. You make me feel much more confident in my art with just a few words. Thank you!!! ♡

@buddietale WOW! You’re art is amazing, and you’re around my age!!!! I adore your style and I wish we could talk. >u @ndnprct3 I know we don’t talk, but you seem like a very kind person. KEEP GOING!!!

@captaindizzydizzy Wowza! We really need to talk. You also seem like a very kind person and I’d like to get to know you a bit more! •u•

@marshandrachel You were the first person I wasn’t scared to roleplay with!
You are very sweet and kind and are a very fun roleplay partner!!!! Thank you!

@moon-wolf-13 You are another kind friend that I need to talk to!!! I’m just really shy. >- @sleeplessis AHHH!!! You’re art is amazing and it’s crazy how we’re so close in age! Thank you for being such a cool friend to talk to!!!

@konekonorenkinjutsushi NGH!!! You’re SO NICE!!!! You are a very sweet person and I never want to lose you as a friend! Thank you!!!

@hellie-bells-art You’re art i sooooo amazing! I’m really sorry we don’t talk. I’m just really shy.

@lilgreencreeper You are such an amazing best friend both online and IRL! You’re art is amazing and I look up to it!! Thank you so much for letting me vent to you or talk about personal problems!

@cinzaltheskeleton Oh you dirty little promoter you! Thank you for being such a cool friend! Also for being one of my first few Tumblr friends!!!

@poki-the-wolf AHH!!! We really need to talk more. Just like everyone else, you are a very kind person and you also seem REALLY cool! ☆

@ahazune Oh Ahazune, its so funny how we’re both so shy to talk to each other. And your art IS nice, no matter what you say. Also, thank you for being one of my first few Tumblr friends and encouraging me to keep going with my art. ☆♡

@allylip WOWZA! Another great artist around my same age! I really look up to you both as a Tumblr friend AND an artist!! ♡

@eggie210 You should feel GREAT about your art!! It’s amazing!! You are an amazing person and I hope to get to know you more!

@ginesan Oh my, you are AMAZING!! You are very kind and help me feel more confident. Thank you!!!

@bemmiecake Another one of my first few Tumblr friends! Thank you!!! You are very kind and amazing! Keep going with your art!!

@themostthugofpugz You, along with lilgreencreeper, are an amazing friend both on Tumblr and IRL! I look up to your art soooo much!!!


I love you all so much and hope you are all given so much of the love that you all deserve! ♡☆

Also, sorry if I didn’t really mention you. I’m really tired and this post is really long. But just know that I appreciate you very much, just like everybody else should! ♡♡



hello :> My name is Emma, and this is my humble little studyblr. i had been pondering if i should make this whole introduction post thing since im not that good with introducing myself but i just really wanted to make this post since ive reached a 100 followers recently.

i also really wanted to thank this studyblr community for contributing advice, tips, which actually motivated me to study. i used to be such a lazy person and would sulk at the thought of making notes for my subjects, but after the discovery of studyblrs????? it sparked my interest in note making, bullet journals, and i guess just keeping organised in general! so thank you :3 i posted a photo of my geography notes and i got so many praises and words of encouragement which really made me sosososo happy that people actually found my notes to be an inspiration as i didnt think it would ;_;

if i were to name a few of my favourite blogs it would have to be 

@elkstudies ( we have the same name and age but she’s goals af :< and she’s sooooo friendly )





im currently taking the ib diploma and i’m in the graduating class of 2016

the subjects i take are:

  • HL biology
  • HL chemistry
  • HL geography
  • SL English Lang Lit
  • SL chinese B
  • SL math

so if anyone else here takes the ib diploma, lets cry together shall we :”(  hmu hahah

sadly this is my side blog! my main blog is @parkjiminology so i’ll follow you back through there if you want :-) 

im really nice as well, so if you wanna message me or need someone to talk to, im here for ya :D 


I should probably post a selfie for bi pride day! Happy bi pride day!

I don’t talk about my sexuality a lot because I’m not quite out but I don’t hide it. I’m just a little nervous to tell people I guess since I don’t experience romantic attraction I’m in a weird grey area. But I shouldn’t be afraid! So as a way to celebrate you can have my Velma Kelly make up selfies!