but i just feel a lot better when people DO tag it

Oh man. I remember when I first started this blog and I had, what, 7 followers? I have come so far and I am extremely grateful that all of you beautiful and amazing people put up with me. Also, apparently actually TAGGING your artwork with a commonly searched tag helps. A lot. I love you all and I hope that you are all having an amazing day. If any of you are ever sad or feel alone, I’m here, and I always will be here. Also I will probably take another picture of all of your urls or just another shot of this one with better lighting and cropping. But aside from that, I want to thank you all for following me. And I’m not here for fifteen million followers. I would be doing the exact same stuff if I had seven. I remember writing a post that said “once I get to 42 followers we’re going to have a party” and I’m doing my best to do that. I have been through so much, so many different things that I like now, so many new things I can relate to. You are all amazing. I can’t believe that I appeal to this many beautiful people. I love you all, you crazy munchkins. Keep doing what you love. *hugs u all*

Here is a list of everyone
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I love you all.

PS: you all have killer urls.

////please read this last part////
I am contemplating changing my url. I know, I know. When I first started this blog I had no idea what my url should be so I just took one of the suggested ones. I am going to change it to something more dignified. Thank you, and goodnight.

I’m sorry.

I’m going to be taking a break from tumblr, or at least this tumblr. This is something I never wanted to do but I don’t think I’m in the emotional state to handle the drama in this fandom anymore. I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress these past few weeks and I’ve been getting very overwhelmed with all the drama. I don’t blame anybody who may have been involved in recent drama, no particular group of people are at fault. I’ve talked about it a few times but never really in extent. I have really awful anxiety and when I see stressful situation (such as fighting where people I care about might be getting hurt) it just gets worse. I’ve had a lot of problems with self harm as of late (my anxiety and stress being a key reason for that) and I really, truly want to get better and I just feel that a lot of the stuff happening in the fandom lately isn’t going to help.I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone but the best thing I can say is it certainly won’t be permanent. 

If you still need to contact me, I’ll probably be over at my personal blog zenikoa, if for whatever reason I’m not I’d suggest asking shenaniganstorm considering she’s one of my best friends and will most definitely know how to contact me. Also if we’re added on wizzy or skype I’ll still be there.

I don’t want anybody to worry, I just need a break then I’ll be just fine. Thank you all so much for understanding.

(Oh and I’m like 8 followers away from 600 so I’ll just say thanks now in case I miss it while I’m gone.)

Dear OUAT fans

I’ve have been seeing a lot of ship hate crossing over in the tags, some of it tagged purposely to incite others into frustration(which is annoying and childish), and others that were tagged with their appropriate anti tags, but due to spacing still showed in the regular tags.

I feel like there has to be a better system for tagging. I don’t know what people have tried while tagging, but it might make a difference if instead of “anti outlaw queen”, “anti captain swan”, and “anti swan queen”, you ran the words together without spacing? Or put dashes or something?

I’m not trying to control anyone, or tell anyone what to do, it just really bums me out when I go to my favorite tag and see stuff that’s definitely not relevant ( OQ pics in SQ, OQ in CS, SQ in CS, CS in SQ), or just long hateful posts about my favorite characters ( anti Regina showing up in the Regina Mills tag, anti Emma swan in the Emma swan tag, etc) or demonizing their relationships.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and to posting whatever they want on their blog, as long as it’s not actually harmful to the well being of another human being, without contempt.

When posts are tagged at all, it’s an invitation to other people to see your post, people you might not know. When posts are tagged inappropriately, those with differing opinions enter into your space, whether done intentionally or not, and I’ve definitely seen people upset when getting replies about their anti posts.

So here is my request to those tagging, please be aware of what you’re tagging, and where it will be seen and by whom, and purposely tagging incorrectly is antagonistic and very uncool.

I just wish there was a better system, and if others have already started to try to fix this, please let me know, so I can help share the new system of tagging.

Note: this is specifically talking about all the hatred towards the ships and the characters. I’m not talking about any of the serious fandom issues in this(except for my one line about a blog remaining open as long as it is not harmful, that’s a bit of a comment on that).

Rules: Repost and tag 10 people you want to get to know better.

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Name: Indeya (pronounced like the country, for Geesus sake)

Birthday: 2nd of February

Star Sign: Aquarius

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual with a preference for guys and non-binary indiviuals.

Country of Residence: Australia

Favourite Colour: Green

Time and Date at the Currrent Moment: 4:08am 27/07/2015

Average Hours of Sleep: probably a normal 8 hours when on holidays or weekends (but I do go to sleep at like 5am so it’s a lot more fucked then it may seem at first glance), varies on school days.

Lucky number: 4

Last Thing I Googled: “What is sociology” (I know what it is already, btw, I’m just hella paranoid about things like definitions)

One place that makes me happy: My home town but then at the same time it makes me feel nostalgic, then sad, then depressed, etc. It’s no good but it is.

How mant blankets do I sleep under: It’s winter rn so… two blankets and a doona.

Favourite Fictional Characters: … How can you even… What sort of question is that I mean what?! Seriously?! I just can’t there’s too many. I probably couldn’t even pick out a favourite from a specific series or whatever.

Favourite Celebrities: I’m just going to point you towards the bandom (including the pop fringes of it that sometimes count), most of the actors that have ever played my favouite characters (especially Johnny Depp) and any scientist who has ever done something really amazing, even if I don’t know if they’ve done it yet.

Favourite Book(s): I don’t actually read much physical, on paper, original fiction anymore but my favourites in the past have been Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Tommorrow When the War Began (the writing style’s quite bland at times but I like the story), The Ghost Bride, Delerium, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Little Women (ahh… my first chapter book), Goosebumps, Tiger’s Curse, The Da Vinci Code and practically anything else by Dan Brown, The God Delusion, crime novels by this one author whose name I cannot recall, the My Story books, a whole heap of others that I can’t currently recall. And even though it isn’t really a proper, published book Sons of Thunder by Ada Harisson on fictionpress.net.

Favourite Anime(s): Well, having a teensy amount of internet for a while and living in Australia with normal TV I didn’t really get the chance to watch many but the ones that I have watched are Death Note (also reading the manga of that one. Seen the two live action movies, too), Ouran Highschool Host Club and Junjou Romantica.

Favourite Show(s): The big three, Superwholock, definately, Louis Theroux’s documentaries, most documentaries that aren’t about animals or plants, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, The Project… it has been brought to my attention by myself that I am a boring, knowledge driven fuck, please excuse my nerdiness.

Favourite Musician/Band: My all time, never gonna get over them, they are literally gods and definately not just an idea are the wonderful, the fantabulous, the magnificent My Chemical Romance. I couldn’t let FOB or P!AtD go without a mention, though. The emo trinity has been there for me through a lot along with buttload of other bands that I am extremely grateful to.

Favourite Games: Sudoku, computer solitare, one of the old Spyro games for PS1, Crash Bandicoot 2(?) for PS1, Monopoly, Guitar Hero III for PS2, Sing Star, a WWE game for PS2, Sims 3 for PC, Halo wasn’t bad… yeah, I can’t claim gamer status.

Last Movie I Saw in the Cinema: Maleficent… I think

Dream Holiday: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. A roadtrip or something, I wanna go everywhere around that sort of area.

Dream Job: Psychologist or something else to do with mental health or something to do with computers.

What I’m Wearing Right Now: A really old Fall Out Boy tshirt which has been passed down from my father to me because he barely knows who they are compared to me and adorable kitty pyjama pants.

Last Book I Read: Wow, that’s a tough one… I haven’t actually finished one in ages but the last one I tried to read was Twilight (doin’ it for the crossover fanfic, doin’ it for the crossover).

Last Fanfiction I Read: A quick Frerard drabble on Tumblr

I tag: 2005emo, coldandaloneitsuitsyouwell, bloodcollecting, fr0m-the-earth-t0-the-m0rgue, frankyourdeath, fuckrealityihaveablog, hodglepodgle, im-a-disasterology, maygerardneverstopyou, authenticity9812

I hate it when people tell me to stop apologizing so much. Like I’m sorry but I feel like a horrible person if I don’t apologize for over half the stuff i do. I really don’t need to but I can’t really control how I feel. I add sorry after I’m done talking in case I’ve wasted their time or accidentally said something insulting/offensive. Otherwise I’ll worry about for days. Like right now I feel like I should apologize for complaining about it. My life is a whole lot better than some peoples so I feel I don’t have the right to complain and that I should apologize for it. I drew some crap fan art today and was so nervous when I wanted to put it on tumblr and I felt I should apologize for putting it on my board. But it’s my board, I can do what I want with it right? I just feel bad about. That’s why I basically asked permission to my followers to post it. Because otherwise I’d feel bad about it. I know when you tell me to stop apologizing you mean well, but it doesn’t really help.

i was tagged by emstoems, thank you very much! I wouldn’t think that someone here actually wants to know me better, lol.

name: Kasia

age: I’m going to turn 19 in October

nickname: I have a lot of weird nicknames but my friends just call me by my last name because it has a funny meaning but it doesn’t make sense in english 

last thing i googled: Fairy Tail 445 

favorite colors: light blue, light green 

favorite movie: I don’t like watching movies that much so you can judge me but I just love Big Hero 6

last book i read: I don’t read a lot of books and I can’t remember the last one (I’m so boring, aren’t I?)

wearing: pajamas, because it’s 4:24 a.m here and I should be sleeping long time ago

last music i bought: I don’t remember (Why can’t I remember anything) which album I bought the last but Blurryface by twenty one pilots it’s going to be mine soon

I’m tagging: mru-chan nigheagnah-ath angaebi yestotallynotapotato kamisa-chan

Only if you want to~

no but i’ve been discussing ships a lot with caillet-cuimhni and i’m just jsfjhskfdhufjksf

ships are so great. they don’t have to be romantic or anything, but all ships are great, and they help develop a character so much. they change characters just like each new meeting in real life changes a human. 

but what’s even better is shipping with someone you feel so comfortable with just spouting anything. throwing out random ideas and situations and oh god it’s seriously the best thing when you’re able to get on so well with someone out of character as well.

and the thing is, communication is so important when ships of any kind are involved. even if it’s just talking in tags and plotting, it’s so so important, because otherwise you can find yourself stuck in a rut and not know what to do or if the other person is okay with something.

so please please please communicate with muns if you have ships! it’s such a wonderful thing and the friendships you make in the process are beautiful. it’s what i love about this community a lot. our characters connect us to each other too, and amazing friendships can be born from them as well.

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When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!

merci pour the tag (or msg idk what to call it but thanks wonwoorkit!); hmm:

- seventeen; kpop in general bc they’re talented and work hard a lot and and a lot of other factors
- guacamole seems to always put me in a better mood idk
- sleep.
- gif sets (& the interesting captions/meanings that sometimes come with them) on tumblr
- people (at times lol) incl tumblr friends & irl people & family & strangers i meet that are just nice [100% cheese]

rather than send it i’ll just tag (don’t feel obliged to do it though; only if you want to): hoeshiyoshi, seventeentrash, wonwooziest, sukizuki94, thedeerprincess-lu, the people who see this on their dash bc you all are rad B))))))))) thank you following my fairly lame blog <3

Surveys Remind Me of MySpace

I was tagged by blue-kernel

1. Do you have any regrets?

Yes, when i was younger i think i was really stupid, that made me hurt some people. I still feel bad about it. 

2. Do you have a deep, dark secret?

No, even though I’m an introvert I don’t have secrets. I just choose to not talk that much.

3. Have you ever hurt someone?

Yes, some years ago. Even if we’re cool now I still feel bad about it.

4. Have you ever self-harmed?

No, I don’t think it will make me any better. I’ll probaby gonna cry a lot.

5. How would you like to be remembered?

Probaly like the person who was kind, humble, always there for the people who needed me and the strong one. 

6. Who are the 3 most important people in your life?

My mom, dad and my best friend.

7. Was there one event that changed your life and how you think? 

Yes, some months ago. It made realize that the people you thought would be there no matter what are the ones who want to see you fall. It made me stronger and taught me to not trust people that easy anymore.

8. Would you sacrifice everything for love?

At the moment I would say I don’t know, but maybe sometime in the future I hope it will be more clear for me to answer that. 

9. Are you afraid of dying?

Yes, I really don’t wanna think about it. 

10. Have you ever been abused?


11. Have you ever been in love?


12. Are you happy with who you are?

Yes, I’m actually proud of myself but I still try to do better.

13. Would ever give up your life to save someone else’s?

Yes only for one person.

14. Have you changed at all in the past year?

I changed completely, this year was just …. ugh! 

15. Would ever settle for someone you didn’t feel was ‘’the one’’?

I don’t think. I would probably be miserable but who knows.

16. Is there someone you can tell everything to without fear of judgement?

Yes, like two people.

17. Are you pursuing your dreams?

I’m really trying but is hard man. 

18. Do actions speak louder than words?

Yes, for sure but sometimes words can speak as loud as actions too. But yeah mostly actions.

19. Is there something you’d never do?

I wouldn’t end up with someone just for his money, I hate those people who do it and probably there would be more things i would never do but I can think of at the moment.

20. What makes you uncomfortable?

When people discuss about stuff that I don’t want to remember or my own past. 

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These are the best love Eren tags i have read so far, you get it and i love it. People compare him to others like Levi and Mikasa, and that is so unfair they are Ackermans their pros it’s literally in their blood. He’s been through so much and they don’t get that it’s only, been a few months since they’ve joined the Survey Corps. Shadis even says it’s been that long! And Eren has seen what he did to his father, found out about the Reiss power, had to be in hiding cause people were after him and Historia, has to deal with now if something bad happens to the squad, like Levi’s theyre all dead. And he still feels so guilty for so many deaths! Also now he knows he has to fight Reiner and Bertholdt! Even if he doesnt want to, you could see it on his face! That he knew it was his duty, as a humanity’s hope to stop the people who he’s spent years with, and kill them. People don’t get how he was in denial that Annie was the Female Titan, cause he was hoping she wasn’t cause they actually grew close! Even if it was just a little, she taught him how to fight. And that she respected that it takes alot to go againts a crowd like he would! 

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I just have to tell you!! that the tags you put on people's art reblogs are amazing and so great. It warmed my heart a lot when i saw the tags you had on my tattoo usopp thing! I bet it cheers up many other artists too ~ Hope you have an amazing day or get something great soon bc you definitely deserve it! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

I’ve had a couple of people I added tags to on their art approach me in my ask box to say thank you and it’s just??? The feeling on their words, the thank you’s and just what they write, I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it seems to really make them happy. And nothing makes me happier than to know someone’s happy with the tags I put all my love into on their art because I want them to know hOW AWESOME THEY ARE AND I JUST PEOPLE ARE SO SWEET AND KIND AND I LOVE IT WHEN I MAKE A PERSON HAPPY WITH MY TAGS I C R Y

Ooooh man your Usopp picture was amazing~ I forgot to mention, it seems in my tags, that I didn’t say how much I adored the detail you put into it. The tattoo, the clothes, everything just POPS ♥ Hope you’re having an amazing day too (๑ `◡´ ๑)  !! Keep doing what you’re doing ♥

im gonna be real for a second i don’t really understand why people want to be good friends with me, not because i don’t think i’m a good person (i am, i’m a rad/ hilarious/ awesome person and all that) but because i truly and honestly do not have the emotional mental or physical energy to talk to people as often as friendship requires. like i am tired all the time and a lot of the time communicating with the people i love takes away way more spoons than it should so in order to function through the day i have to conserve and just not talk to people and i feel bad because i miss my friends and i still love them but everything is exhausting. like i get a text from a friend and i’m like “oh im too tired to reply right now ill reply later when i can” and do you know when i end up replying (never the answer is never) and thats shitty and im sorry. just know that i read and look at everything y’all send to me and it makes me smile and feel lucky to have you as a friend even if i don’t always reply and just because i don’t text you or hang out with you anymore doesn’t mean i don’t want to be ur friend anymore it just means that i am too low on spoons or too anxious or just literally asleep because that’s apparently what i do all day now but i’m working on moving out and i’m pretty confident that once i am away from that house i will be able to return to normal

i’ve been thinking about the ending of episode 4 of life is strange a lot recently and especially how it relates to how i feel about writing my own fan fiction for the game

up until this episode, i only had three fics written for pricefield, with two or three other fairly fleshed out fic ideas, as well as one half (or nearly) finished fic. i had wanted to post that fic before episode 4 dropped, but obviously that didn’t happen. and probably wont happen for awhile. because the events of the episode, everything to do with rachel and the entire ending completely fucked with.. everything.

i used to write angst, like, a lot. when i wrote orphan black fandom, it was a lot of fun to see people’s reactions, screaming in the tags and yelling at me in my inbox. and so it was with pricefield and the LiS fandom and the fics i wrote for that fandom.

…shit. i’m normally better with words. and explaining myself. but right now i have ‘mountains’ on repeat because it’s late and i guess i like torturing myself like that?? what i’m trying to say is that i don’t think i can write for awhile. and especially not for pricefield. because, before, when i wrote angst for OB, i could laugh about it because the characters were still alive. i could do whatever the hell i wanted with them, because, in the end, in canon, they were alive and doing a lot better than how i had written them to be in the fic

but pricefield?? …fuck. no, that ending ruined me. i see lots of people tossing around the “warren’s picture!!” thing, and, sure, i agree with that. chloe will probably be fine, the devs would be stupid not to give us some way to save her. but currently? in current canon… she was shot. she is dead. and i just don’t think i can write fic for awhile because of that.

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You're so kind letting people know that you've received messages, and replying to everyone :') Like, there's no need for you to justify not answering something, but you go out of your way to give us a heads up. You're so nice! Hope you feel better soon.

Aww, thank you! I know I probably don’t have to answer everybody, but I don’t want to make people feel like I’ve ignored them or something when I’m going through and answering others, lol.

And thanks! I do feel a lot better. :) I got lucky in that my illness happened over a weekend so I didn’t have to go to work with it, lol. That probably helped a lot. X3

My Journey

Tomorrow i am starting my journey to become who I have always wanted to be, a slightly thinner and much prettier version of who I am now.
If I don’t blog about it I never will do it so tomorrow when i wake up I am starting Insanity the work out and starting Zumba, I am going to try cut out the junk food from my life.
You can follow this blog if you want to see the transformation or you can just stalk as it will all be tagged “PIFJ” Pretty In Fitness Journey. 
I know theres a lot of people who will claim this to be fat shaming or some stupid business but I am not happy in the way i look and I am changing to make myself feel better about my body.

About me, I have no clue what i weigh at last time I checked I was 13 stone and I am too scared to look again
I am a size 16, or size 12 to you americans.
I am unhappy with the way I look.
You will never know my main blog.

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Hi Grace! You seem to have tried a lot of granola/energy bars. What are your favorites, and which ones would you recommend to people just starting to exercise/get healthy? Also, do you have a tag or a place where I can find all your bar reviews? Thank you so much!

Real food is always the best for everyone, but eating a few granola bars when you don;t have time is always better than going to a fast food restaurant! 

They;re also great for a pre workout every boost when you haven’t eaten for a while. They are dense in calories so you don’t have to feel bloated when you work out right after!

My favorites are quest (but I’m thinking of going vegan), macro (they’re like the vegan version of quest bars! they taste more natural and not as sweet. They also have the same nice and chewy texture!), clif (I always eat one before every race). I basically like anything that’s chewy and thick because it is nice to melt in my mouth when I study!

All my reviews are under my tag- foodreview. You should be able to see it in my bio on mobile and homepage on desktop! (I try my best to have all my links in those places) let me know if anything is difficult to navigate!


I also have a bunch more on my other healthy food instagram!


 If you’re curious about a particular bar, I probably have a review on it and I also take requests!

Rant about terrible neighbours, long post

I just got off the phone to my mother, and she was telling me about how her and the neighbours across the road are no longer getting along.

To sum the back-story up, my parents live on the outskirts of a small country town, when I was growing up there, we had no other houses around us, just paddocks. During the end of my high school years, all of a sudden all these city people decided to build houses on all these empty lands. The people who originally built the house across the road from us were alright, no problems with them, but they did move out eventually, and a few years ago these new neighbours moved in.

These people (a family) were more talkative to us and seemed friendly, the woman now living there also works with animals, so they do have a lot of pets, and she does take some home with her, which seemed harmless at first, but because she brings a lot of cats home and she isn’t strict at keeping them inside, they come to my parents place. This doesn’t sound that bad, but my parents already have two cats, a male and a female, my babies (Mervin and Bella), and this lady always seems to bring male cats home with her. So you see, my cat Mervin gets into a lot of fights with these cats that come onto our property, even sometimes in our house. They have sprayed in our house, causing damage, they have hurt Mervin to the point we had to take him to the vet (he isn’t a young cat), all while this lady denies that some of these cats are hers (we never had problems with cats coming onto our property before these people moved here, not even wild ones).

So the relationship between my parents and these neighbours has been a bit weird, but still, my step dad hangs out with the guy, because he seems to be more put together, or at least I thought…..

This recent incident that happened was the final straw for my mother, and she had to tell that lady off. What happened was this lady decided to walk her dogs on our property (in a paddock next to our house), which actually belongs to our landlords, and this lady did not have permission, yet she lied and said she did. What made it worse is that it’s a paddock for our landlord’s cows, and this lady also had her dogs off their leashes. Now this is where it gets worse, these are huge dogs, they seem friendly so I’d never had issues with them, but one of them, the biggest dog, chased after my 7 year old niece while she was riding her bike. She was frightened and crying, even if the dog wasn’t going to bite her, it could have knocked her down and hurt her. So, my mum had enough, she told this lady off, telling her she even contacted our landlords about it, saying no, they did not give her permission (how would they, they don’t know this lady, her and her husband own their own property). Now here is where it gets ugly, instead of taking responsibly, admitting she was wrong, she kept lying and even complained to her husband about it, and her husbands response to my mum, “If I ever see your cat on my property, I will shoot him”……

This guy, a father, owner of heaps of animals, friend of my step-dad, threaten to shoot my parent’s cat (who my step-dad just loves as much as he loves my sisters and I) all because my mother told his wife off for being irresponsible about her dogs, with them almost hurting my niece, and for her lying about the whole situation. What a psychopath! And he probably would do it, he shoots foxes, ducks, etc, for fun all the time, I think even other cats. My mum now has to keep my cats locked inside at night just in case. How disgusting is that, instead of talking about something, someone threatens to kill one of your loved ones just because his wife’s feelings were hurt for something she was in the wrong about. And to think, these vile, irresponsible people have children and all these animals with them. First my niece almost gets hurt and then they threaten to kill my pet, who I love as much as if he was my own child, how dare these people. He needs to be locked up, and she needs to go get checked up on, because obviously has something going on in her head. (this is coming from someone who also suffers from mental illnesses, so I know some of the signs).

I’m so scared for my kitties, and I’m not there to look out for them or defend them. Is there anything that can be done? He threaten to kill our cat and she walked onto private property, also walked her dogs off a leash onto this property. Not to mention she always brings cats home and if they don’t stay, she just lets my parents to deal with them while denying she knew about the cats (I’ve caught her out in her lies before), but then she works with animals, so it’s our word against her, and she could always lie about my parents with our cats and dog, especially the dog, since he is new.

I will never understand why some people like this exist.

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are you copYING museinspo ??

well, i do reblog tagged things and put them in my own made and created tags that i decided ( and you guys have asked for ) like museinspo, but i do a lot of other things ?? my character idea posts are all my own, my moodboards, all of my guides on expanding your character as well as anything else i’ve posted such as my labels & traits !! while i totally get where you are coming from, i made everything myself and nothing is copied ? ofc, there are similarities because some tags are the same but people request the same thing to like five diff blogs ?? and i mean, IMO the more inspo blogs the better ?? the more help and creativity floating around the better ?? but i never wanna steal someone’s work and that isn’t what i intended when making this blog !! i really just wanted to find a way i could help and be useful to some rpers lacking inspo or idea’s !! but i love her blog and i totally dig her and all the rad help she does around the comm !! her blog is obviouSLY superior to my brand new lil baby here !! if she does feel uncomfortable with my blog or anything to do with it, i’d hope she’d message me !! i really don’t mean to be making anyone unhappy !!