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flyingmintbunny32  asked:

Yeah I wanted to ask for which they'd fit in respectively (mostly because I'm having trouble and I wanted to doodle that combo) so if you wouldn't mind doing the HC for all of them under which Disney movie their character fits best with.

No problem!!

~If you’re comfortable with it, please link or tag me when it’s done, I’d LOVE to see!! ◦°˚(´•̛ᴗ•̛`)/˚°◦

◉ Yoosung

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  • Aladdin
  • Super sweet. Super poor. Feels kind of alone in life. Kind of leads a double life? In one he’s just a poor kid and the other he’s got a lot of power (kinda like Yoosung with his LOLOL account). This is his film for sure.

◉ Jumin

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  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Rich guy. Treats people poorly. Selfish and stubborn. Meets someone who shows him that he can change and open his heart. He becomes a better person through their love and guidance. Has her locked up in his place for a while but FINALLY tells them they’re free to go, he overcomes his possessiveness and does the right thing. This is 100% Jumin Han.

◉ Zen

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  • Hercules
  • Works his ass off to prove to his family that he’s worth something and he can exceed their expectations. Very dedicated to himself, his career and body. Has a ton of fans but runs away from them even though he’s still flattered. Would give it all up for the lady he likes. This is Zen for sure.

◉ Jaehee

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  • Princess and the Frog
  • Works her butt off with some rich person gloating at her. Just wants to follow her dream. Super smart. This is Jaehee.

◉ Saeyoung

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  • Tangled
  • Guy who does a lot of bad stuff for a living. He has a good heart though. Falls in love but doesn’t think he’s worthy. Sarcastic as heck. This is Saeyoung.

◉ V

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  • The Little Mermaid
  • Super sweet, kind, caring rich boy. Doesn’t flaunt his money, he is rich but also just a lax cool guy. Looks past differences with ease. (almost gets tricked into marrying an evil witch) V is for sure Prince Eric and this would be his movie.

◉ Saeran

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  • Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Okay okay. Saeran is not “ugly.” BUT. This is his film. Taken as a child and locked away by some crazy fuck who’s only goal is to brainwash them. Tells him that he can’t trust anyone but them. All he wants to do is look at the sky and wishes he could be just a normal person. Has a kind heart, but people misjudge him and think the worst. He doesn’t get the girl in the end but he’s overcomes his oppressor. This is Saerans film, ok.
Solarpunk questing

Or, the answer to a question nobody was asking: How do we prevent ‘small town syndrome” setting in? (If that’s not an actual thing people have researched, it ought to be.)

So I see a lot of posts saying that we should decentralize our society; it will be better for the environment, it’ll allow us to form deeper connections, etc. I agree with all of that. I support it. But there’s a reason that small town America is so feared and loathed by everyone (especially the people who live in one, aka me). 

Traditionally, small towns are close-minded, resistant to change, and unwilling to welcome strangers. How would a solarpunk society, one based on diversity and celebrating multicultural heritages, deal with this potentially isolating town structure?

Okay, here’s my answer: a Wandering. Just imagine that when a kid reaches maturity (anywhere from ages 16-26, whenever the CHILD feels ready) they are sent on basically a world trip. Some of them have specific destinations, and some don’t. For example, my city of Roanoke Virginia has a sister city in South Korea, Wonju. We have a whole street named after Wonju, and they have a whole street named after Roanoke. Imagine that we create closer ties with each other by sending our Wandering youngsters there - it’ll expose them to new cultures and by the end they’ll have travelled across a good portion of the globe.

The point of a Wandering isn’t just to get someplace: many don’t have concrete destinations because the point is in the trip itself. Find new places, see new things. And most important: look for someplace you belong. For a lot of kids, that place could be back at home. But if you don’t fit in where you grew up, your Wandering is your key to freedom. Settle down someplace you belong, even if it takes you years to find it.

Wanderings usually take at least two years; transportation is mostly by foot, bike, or boat. But with the solar trees and smart-phone technology, it would be easy to keep in touch with your folks back home. 

On top of that, people often go Wandering in groups. The kids you grew up with (probably a pretty wide age spread, but waiting for your friends to be ready to Wander isn’t unheard of) will be the ones to go exploring with you. Safety in numbers, and all that. 

Often you would stay in the homes of people willing to host Wanderers, but there might be hostels kept up by the community depending on how often they get travelers. If the town you’re staying in has a lot of Wandering traffic they might keep up a building just for travelers, for example. 

So that’s my collection of thoughts on how we would remain connected to a global community while calling for a return of power to individual communities. Those supporting globalization will call it a paradox: it would be easy to say that our wish for empowered communities means shutting down communication and leads to isolationism. 

I say that the internet has opened doors to communication that we haven’t even touched yet. And a network of communication that extends across the globe is already in place, can be powered by solar energy. Easy.

One thing it seems like women are expected to do that men aren’t is listening empathetically. Simple things like nodding and replying in ways that encourage people to continue speaking are way more common behaviors among women than men (I know I’ve seen a source for this but tbh it’s a textbook I used to teach in Korea and I can’t exactly link it here).

Once I noticed this, I started trying to apply them to my everyday interactions, and let me tell you, my life is a lot better. At first it felt a little disingenuous because I had to think things like this is when you say “congratulations” but now it feels a lot more natural and I have much more genuine relationships with people.

Plus I learn everyone’s secrets because they say I’m really easy to talk to It just makes your friendships that much stronger. Try it out, other dudes.

You know what?

I’m gonna say this now. I’m in love with the Undertale fandom. Everyday, because I’m a lame nerd, I go through the Undertale tag. Maybe I’m not seeing the bad stuff but all I see is happy people drawing and doing happy things about this wonderful game. Even when I drew things or set things a little differently on this blog (ie - not shipping soriel or whatever and seeing Frisk’s gender a bit differently), I’ve gotten no hate, but only advice and information. I like that. I like that a lot.

I only wish I could say that about other fandoms. You know which ones I’m talking about. I’ve been hearing/seeing so much shit about the SU fandom and the GF fandom. It’s so disheartening that people feel are forced to believe that they can’t enjoy something that makes them happy without being harassed or God forbid lead to attempt suicide.

I just want to say thank you to Undertale and its fandom. Maybe I’m a bit blind, but so far, I like it here in the world of Undertale.

Tripping Over My Own Two Feet

Summary: Daniel Howell is just about the definition of awkward. Every particle of dust or minutely raised floor tile he could possibly trip over he did, and his gangly limbs and tendency to flail expansively when speaking passionately – something he did quite a lot – led to more than a few busted noses and miffed classmates. That combined with his dry, cynical humor led many people to worry for him, as well as the safety of the people he was with. Daniel Howell was a walking hazard, and he knew that well.

Tags/Warnings: Minor injury, loads of fluff

Word Count: 3,181 how does one write short fanfiction?

A/N: I was feeling kinda shitty so I wrote a lil thing! And what makes you feel better than 3,000 words of OTP fluff??? NOTHING!! (Read on ao3)

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Okay I don’t care if you crybabies who don’t care about Black ppl problems want to call this “drama” but...

Don’t come onto my blog or into my IM and say this shit to me!!

Sims3melancholic, I LOVE how suddenly, in your private IM, you’re typing in English a lot better than when you were trying to spam comments onto my posts. 

I don’t care if you feel like being called out on doing something racist is an insult because “you” as a White person, don’t feel like what you did is racist. I don’t give a flying fuck how many Black friends you have and you feel it makes you “colorblind”. Don’t tell me people don’t think about skin color when they see someone because skin color is apart of my culture. Just because you want to forget the racism Brown and Black people face from people like you doesn’t mean I should be silent on it here on simblr. I’m a real life fucking Black person and this shit effects me. From the blatant racism to police shoots, to the acts of cultural appropriation that you so conveniently don’t believe exists: IT ALL EFFECTS ME. Don’t tell me that I should sweep examples of prejudice and racism under the rug because “there’s enough of it in real life”. Don’t fucking tell me to forget about this shit.

Don’t come onto my blog and tell me how “tired” you are of seeing things about racism when in the span of not even 24 fucking hours TWO Black people have been innocently shot and killed by WHITE PEOPLE for doing something while being Black. You think you’re fucking tired???? I’m tired of my people being shot and taken advantage of with no White people in the world’s government caring enough to actually want to bring their killers to justice!! Do you even understand how much it hurts to hear other people tell us to forget about this stuff because it makes you uncomfortable?? You don’t understand the pain of being Black in the year 2016, 153 years after the end of slavery and a mere 48 years after the Civil Rights Movement and outlawing of racial segregation and STILL seeing people like you die in the streets by the hands of White people who have grown up with ancestors and relatives who have hated you for generations because of your race. You don’t have to rally and protest JUST to get justice for you people when you’re White! I don’t give a fuck if you think this is something that’s only a “problem in America” because it fucking isn’t. 

Don’t try to fucking dictate to me how I should “respect your opinion” when I and other Black people are telling you that what you’re doing is racist or problematic to us and our well-being. I don’t care about your opinion if its racist and White biased! If you don’t want to see my posts about your fucking racist ass antics that you STILL AREN’T SORRY FOR, then stay the fuck off my page. Don’t talk to me. Sims3melancholic, you came to my blog because someone who follows you, told you that I got an ask that had your name on it, asking if I followed you and your asshole friend. I said I don’t follow either of you but you decided to mosey on over and bring up what you did with a “Haha so this makes me racist??” and I don’t care how much victim blaming and whining you want to throw about it after I reminded you what you did either. I haven’t followed either you or @osacuveiasims since that hair debate when you so openly supported the trolling of a Black Pride tag by reblogging the first person to attack it. So if you’re so #TiredOfBlackSimblr and our #BlackPeopleProblems then GET THE FUCK OFF OUR PAGES!

To the rest of simblr and my followers who care:

I’ve seen your supportive comments. I was going to ignore the rest of the bullshit that Sims3Melancholic came onto my page and started but when I woke up to this after all that’s happened in the world in the past 48 hours, I couldn’t just ignore it. If I don’t get things like this off my chest it will drive me insane because it makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY. I will go back to my regularly scheduled program after I calm down some.

I’m probably gonna receive hate for this but.

The majority of Bellarke fans were supporting and nice after Lexa’s death. We tried our best to make Clexa fans feel better. And if anyone has forgotten about it, there are a lot of people here that can prove it. After just a week I come to look at the Bellarke tag and I only see posts about Clexa. And I’m okay with that. Because those posts are from concerned Bellarkers NOT talking shit about Clexa. And then the tag starts getting overflowed with Clexa fans hating on Bellarke and Bellarkers. Honestly, I am disgusted! You don’t know what will happen in the future for Bellarke. It might be nothing! We let you enjoy your Clexa moments, when we didn’t have ours.Guess what, we STILL haven’t received our moments. Most of us are here just sitting, waiting for a freaking HUG! What you guys are doing is disrespectful to us.

Forget about JASON! Be nice to the people who were nice to you!

How do you keep the rainbows?

I get asked a lot about how I’m so positive all the time. Well, I’m not always in real life…just ask my husband. I worry. I get angry. I vent. I’m human. In general though, I have a very positive outlook on life. I’m a glass half full kind of girl. 

But when it comes to fandom life - yes, I really am happy 98% of the time. Rainbows and unicorns almost full time. So when people ask me why or how this is my response….

Stay in your lane. Blog/tweet what you love. Ignore what you hate. No drama.

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You Can Fandom

I just saw a post in one of my followed tags about the people in fandom who feel like they can’t do anything and are sitting on the outskirts. I want to say clearly that yes, yes you can create. Come on and play. I do think that fandom can be really intimidating, but you can write, edit, gif, draw or anything else you put your mind to.

When you’re looking at content creators, you don’t see the years of practice that went into it. If you get started and work at it, then you will get better.

Now. You hear this a lot, I’m sure. That doesn’t make it real for you and you assume people had talent to start. So…to my great and terrible embarrassment, I dove into my old accounts. Here’s where I was a little over a decade ago compared to now with some stops along the way. My shame is below the cut:

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I didn’t wanna write this..but,

So, this is regarding the whole AliMor hate/anger people are currently writing in the tag.

Those who continue to say that it was rushed; I do agree it was rather rushed because it was as soon as they had met back up again but can we please remember what kind of world Magi is? If I was under the conditions Alibaba was, it would have felt that hardly any time had passed, If I was dead for practically 3 years despite the whole 100 year mind thing. I would feel like I needed to get a lot of things off my chest, who knows when the next time someone or myself (Alibaba) would face such things as that.? Better to be late than never at all..And that is very realistic to me, how many people have not actually confessed to the one they loved then they had moved away or found someone else? It’s something that will eat at you for a very long time. 
Sure the confession was rushed but we had so many moments between the two formerly. Morgiana had even told Hakuryuu at some point that she loved Alibaba and asked if he knew that, Hakuryuu understood. Yes, he was clearly upset at the end of this chapter but that’s because i’m sure without Alibaba around, He felt his feelings for her were clearly there still and when they had all met back up again, it shocked him to see what he most likely knew would happen some day; happened right before his eyes. His crush was swept off her feet by his friend. To me, that is also very realistic. It’s sad too.
I do feel really bad for Hakuryuu (and have for a long time) but the way he holds himself up now has really made me admire him even more..And I feel like when he meets back up with Judar it will be that much better. He has grown so much.
All i’m asking is, Please don’t bash Ohtaka or the ‘ships’. It doesn’t affect the entire story to Magi and shouldn’t make someone drop a entire 314 chapter series. My time in the Magi fandom has never been this..hateful. I feel like people need to just let it pass and hopefully we WILL see much more development between the two. As for myself, I would have also been happy with any of the ships to be honest, AliKou and/or HakuMor.
AliMor does make the most sense to me (AliKou coming close) but this is Ohtaka’s story. I’d much prefer to have her get the two (AliMor)  together rather than something that literally made almost no sense or had zero romance. (Like Morgiana and Aladdin for example, two who are clearly good friends and that is all.)
Attention Tumblr: I Want Your Selfies!

I’m doing a project for my art final and the theme is ‘people being themselves’ so I has the idea to do a collection of people’s selfies since I feel like a lot of time they show people’s personalities better than pictures taken by other people. Mirror pics and selfies containing multiple people are also good, as long as the photographer is someone in the picture.

I will be showing the pictures to my class as part of my final presentation, and depending on how it goes I might try to make the project more public and/or commercial. If you’re only comfortable with your picture(s) being used for academic purposes, you can let me know when you send them.

If you’re comfortable with it, I would also love it if you could include your name and hometown, or even just one of those if that’s easier, since I’m gonna use those to caption the photos.

You can submit your pics to my inbox or email them to me at suzzihammi@gmail.com. Even if you aren’t comfortable with me using your photos, please signal boost so I can get as many as possible. I need to have all the ones I’m using for the project submitted by November 10th, but if you wanna submit something later than that I might do a second round of the project or something, depending on it’s success.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Just hear me out:

Okay. So a lot of the fandom have been noticing parts of Jordan we love fading slightly. But I don’t quite know if that’s the case. So people have been saying:

-He looks sad
-He looks tired
-His mother keeps calling him

And if I’m honest, of course it’s our job to make him feel better. But do NOT ask him about it; please. If he felt the need to tell us, he would. And honestly, I kind of feel a little rude trying to invade his privacy in such a way.

We need to remember he’s not a machine. If he needs a break, let him take a break (as a few of you have said). It just angers me when people expect him to post videos on his usual schedule. Yes, he has set himself a schedule, but we can’t expect him to be perfect.

This is turning into a rant, and I didn’t want that to happen. So hold your hats people, I’m going to just ramble now.

Firstly, let him do his own thing. If he feels the need to do something in HIS series, who are we to disagree? And I feel like very few people understand that. Say, if he wants to do the red-stone his own way and you thought of a better way? Do not yell in the comments saying, ‘OH YOU IDIOT! JUST DO IT THIS WAY!’. That is not your decision. But, you CAN offer to him, ‘I think there is an easier way and it takes way less resources’. That is fine. It’s just when you tell him he’s wrong. It’s him series. It’s his YouTube channel. It’s his choice on what he does. It may not always be the most efficient way, but as he says, ‘it wouldn’t be an episode of Ultra Modded Survival with some face-palms’.

Secondly, respect his privacy. I don’t think he wants to see people constantly commenting saying, ‘Oh! Are you two dating?’. You need to understand that he has his own life, of which you need to keep your nose out of. He chooses what he wants people to know, so let him do that. And as much as you may not believe it, YouTube is probably only a part of his life, not his whole life. You cannot expect him to tell you every little secret. In no way am I trying to be rude; but although I do in fact write fan-fictions, I don’t try and put anything too personal in there. It’s not a writers’ job to expose their characters. So please, just understand that if he had something he needed to say, he would.

Thirdly, (you’re probably sick of me by now), he’s human. Humans make mistakes; so please don’t expect him to be perfect. Plus, you have to remember, that he’s playing a game. As much as you feel attached to that game and Jordan, it’s a game. This game is not going to change his life completely; and as much as games has affected his life, one silly mistake is not going to change it. Mate, it’s a piece of redstone. Well done, maybe he didn’t get it right first time, but bloody keep your socks on! If he makes a mistake in a livestream, just kindly suggest a solution. Do not -I repeat, not- yell at him for doing something you didn’t like. Although it doesn’t happen as much in livestreams, video comments can be horrendous. And if you didn’t know, he has a freaking heart (news-flash)! When you call him stupid, he sees that. And seriously, as much as he will try and push that comment away, or delete it; he still would’ve seen it. He still would’ve read it. Harsh comments hurt. Trust me. Just be considerate and understand he’s just like you.

Now I feel like I’ve offended you. So get ready for the apologies: I am sorry if I offended you in any way, it was not my intention and never will be. I just felt as if I wanted to put my feelings across. So y'know, hate me all you want. My anon is turned on.

Just know, as soon as you hate on Jordan (or the PLANET Pluto for that matter), I take offence. Not because it’s being mean to ME, it’s because you are insulting someone who is my idol (plus Pluto is a planet). Rolls up sleeves* So y'know, I will totally Margret Thatcher your Falklands. (Stop being a weirdo Emma).

Give me a second. *Takes pee break*

And finally (you’re probably as happy as I currently am), Jordan, if you’re reading this (we know you check the tag), please don’t take any of these comments to heart. Although I’m just a silly teenage girl with an addiction to penguin bars, I sometimes felt alone. At one point of my life all of my friends were turned against me, and I was without friends for over seven months. This however, is not the case for you. You have people that adore you. People that think you’re the best person born onto this planet. As soon as you start hurting, they notice, and they hurt too. This might just be a load of shenanigans and you’re perfectly fine with it, seeming that you’ve dealt with it for years. Or, if you’re hurting, you don’t have to tell us what’s hurting.

I remember when I first told my mother that I couldn’t stand living anymore, she told me that it was just a phase, and that I was making a big deal out of little issue. It had taken me a lot of courage to tell her, then she just palmed it away. You, you have more courage than I could ever dream of. You dreamed big, and look where you are. Jordan, you are an inspirational person, and although I know that you probably won’t even read down to here, believe me, you’re purely amazing. And as much as people moan, yell, curse and anger, you will still be the same old you. People love you for that.

So please don’t give in and apologise. We need you to stand up and tell them to stop being jerks and to leave if they don’t like your content.

Now my hands hurt. Ow.

But yeah. Remember to smile today; if you haven’t, smile now!

Apologies for logging up peoples’ newsfeed.


It’s been a wild ride. 

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this show and to this fandom. The past few years I’ve gone through a lot of pretty tough shit and my world has been rapidly changing around me, but this precious fandom has always remained consistent. Yea, sometimes you guys annoy the hell out of me, but 99% of the time you make me feel like I am a part of something wonderful. All my life I’ve never had people to talk about shows like this. When I made this blog, for that reason, I never anticipated it becoming such a big part of my life. I honestly don’t know what the future is going to be like without having new episodes to look forward too. These characters, especially Lin, have truly inspired me to be a better person and have greatly influenced my life. Without them I would never be the person I am today. The past few years with you all have been an extraordinary experience, one that will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you so so so much,


p.s. Lin Beifong is my hero. 

  ♥ I just want to say thank you to all the people follow me here! When I made this tumblr I dont believe so much on my own art, but seeing a lot of people reblogging my stuff and say some really sweet things on the tags, make me feel so accurate about what Im doing right now about my dreams and my draws, maybe Im not a famous artist but every person followme really like my art and that means A LOT for me, you guys inspire me to be better every day, thanks! and this is my way to give you my love, srly thank you everyone for following & supporting me here on tumblr ♥ 

A Giveaway for my followers! 

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♦ Only followers ( of course, new one can join! )
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Here we go! Good luck everyone! ♥ 

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I saw a lot of “no Ali don’t leave, you can’t do that to Emily again.” And “Emily needs you Ali, don’t leave.”

The people saying those things are completely missing the point..

The point here is that Ali was gonna leave. Not to protect her “friends” not to protect Emily. To protect herself. She wanted to leave the girls behind to deal with whatever A is gonna do to them next and go hide under another rock (or to be a better A). Cause we all know, just because Ali isn’t there doesn’t mean the girls are safe. If she really truely cared about them, if she really loved Emily I’m pretty sure her first thought wouldn’t have been to run away.

And we all saw Emily’s face when Ali was sleeping. She’s realizing that Ali only cares about herself. She’s realizing that Ali was gonna leave her behind again without a second thought.

I wasn’t gonna make this about ships but just to put it out there..we all know who would never do that, who is still helping even though she’s probably broken inside and wants to scream at Emily to open her damn eyes. Yea we know.

I was going to make one of these when I hit 1K but never got around to it, but now that I’m at 1.3k it feels appropriate to THANK YOU ALL!!!

These three people I want to give super special thanks to though because they are so amazing and have made my life so much better with them either being there for me or just talking to me. Thank you :)

Reycie: Where do I even begin with you? You have been one of the greatest friends I have ever had and I will never be able to thank you enough for being here for me when I really needed someone. You are one of my favorite people and I love you so much it’s insane. I cannot get over how happy you make me, even if it’s just you tagging my name in a post. Both of us have gone through a lot of things together, and even if it’s three in the morning and you send me a text about wanting Calum to fuck your ass I would still gladly text you back and make sure you have a smile on your face. Thank you for being the most kick ass friend I could have asked for. 

Pary: I have no idea how we started being friends but I don’t care?? You are seriously the sweetest person and I love talking headcanons and lashton fic with you!! I remember when I found out you were the author of LLHCS and flipped because you were talking to me, a mediocre writer at best. You have such a talent for writing and I hope that everyone reads LLHCS because it really showcases how terrific you are. I’m so glad you are my friend and you are, of course, MY CINNAMON APPLE. 

Ellie: MY WIFEY!!! I’m so glad I have gotten to know you because you are so amazing and we are royalty together and that is amazing!! I love getting an iMessage from you and talking about fic together while also helping each other with fic. I love having you around and you are such a gifted soulmate writer, that is why you are the one and only queen :)



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Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

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Relationship status: single, not looking

Favorite color(s): purple, blue… “petrol”.. rainbows? like.. tbh I love a LOT of colours.. especially colour combinations.. colours are one of my special interests.. I love almost all of them.. (depending on the context.. there are certain colours I would for instance never wear because I hate having them on my body.. those are primarily white, orange and brown.. but I love orange when it appears in a sunset/sunrise or an orange flower.. or in contrast with blue.. and brown and white can be gorgeous in other contexts too.. I just don’t like personally wearing clothes in those colours.. also some very brigh/bold shades of pink can be really pretty if used in moderation and in the right places, but if you overdo them they hurt my eyes.. so yeah.. this is a very difficult question for me to answer)

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick when it’s cold out and my lips are dry and chapped

Last song I listened to: human by the killers has been going on in my head on repeat but I haven’t actually listened to it recently, that’s just my brain being weird.. idk what I listened to most recently.. something on the radio..

Favorite TV show(s): due South, The Man from UNCLE, Star Trek: TOS, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Pushing Daisies.. a whole bunch more..

First fandom: I think probably Harry Potter, but it was mostly me fangirling aver it with my best friend and writing self-insert RPG stories and finding and reading one (1) single Harry/Draco fanfic, but other than that never interacting with any other fans online.. I didn’t actually discover fandom until I got into star trek tos at age 22 and found out there were other fans on tumblr.. and not long after I stumbled upon the due south virtual bar and never left..

Hobbies: drawing, watching tv shows, being on tumblr all day, reading fanfic, going to museums, thinking about my otps, listening to music.. sometimes playing video games but only very rarely these days..