but i just couldn't take the cuteness of his face


I really… missed you.

Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen react to you (their friend but also crush) being all cuddly/hugging them tightly, getting all skinshippy with them” 

*gifs are not mine*

Seungcheol: *queue bashful and blushy seungcheollie* “Do you know what you’re doing to me y/n??” 

Jeonghan:Hed blush widely at your head in his lap “Why are you like this all of the sudden!!” he’d be extremely shy to see you being like this but he isn’t going to stop it!

Joshua: He wouldn’t be able to cover the smile appearing on his face, he’d look down at your tiny hand in his and explode with butterflies. “I could get used to this

Junhui: He would tease you a little “wow who knew you could be so straightforward” but he can’t complain you make him all mush inside.

Hoshi: He’d take this time to flirt back a little with you winking and making chu faces. “Well aren’t you cute” 

Wonwoo: He literally just went into another life his crush…is touching him.. He’d look at you much like mingyu looks at him, before snapping himself out of it. hugging you back just as tight.

Woozi: “come on woozi.. it’s just cuddling dont.. overreact” *tries his best not to lose his shit* 

Seokmin: He’d look down at you hugging him tightly ”I knew you couldn't resist the Sunshine smile.. no one can” *tries to be cool about I but can’t hide his excitement.* 

Mingyu: “who are you and what did you do with my best friend!” he’d have the biggest smile on this face.. butterflies swarming in his tummy 

Minghao: He’d look down at you while you are holding his hand leaning against him. His heart would be pumping out of his chest “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

Seungkwan: He’d smirk down at you, your hand intertwined in his, he’d let booyonce take over “You know the couch is open for cuddling” while on the inside he’s doing backflips out of joy 

Vernon: *Mental breakdown* “come on Vernon tell her” “it’s not hard!” 

Dino: Dino would jump a little at your sudden affection. “y/n What are you doing?” “oh I'm sorr-” ‘NO don’t let go! I liked it!” 

bexis-mind  asked:

OMG!! That slow dance request was soooo freaking cute and romantic!!! Too bad that you couldn't do Kris and Kai too... But would you do it? And suho too? If I ask you very very nice? *insert lost puppy face here* - I can't resist to cute romantic things like that -

You guys would request members I fantasize about….

Kris: Yifan would be slightly embarrassed at first cause not only does he have to dance but his girl had to ask as well. He’d be internally conflicted but would take your hand anyway and guide you to the dance floor. When your head lands on his shoulder, he’d immediately feel as if someone just tipped his world on an axis and his heart would grow five times it’s size. So don’t be surprised when he’s suddenly just standing there, frozen, oblivious; because he’s just trying to get his shit together. When his heart finally stops racing, he’d reciprocate your love for him by kissing you gently on the head and keeping it that way while holding you tightly for the rest of the song, muttering a soft “I love you” in between.

Kai: Our little Kim Jong Kai’s heart would melt the moment you asked him to dance let alone what happens after. He’d have his signature awkward chuckle going on and would hold you in the gentlest way possible. When he suddenly feels you head against his shoulder, his mind would immediately draw a blank. And before he can process a single thought, his hands would already be wrapping around you completely, lips slowly forming a smile. A quiet “What are you doing?” would escape his lips before he closes his eyes and enjoys the rest of the time left with you in his arms.

Suho: Junma would be the most romantic of the three. When you ask him to dance, he’d flash a smile before nodding and taking your hand. The way his hands land on your waist and the sound of him whispering into your ear would send chills down your spine, making you feel as if you were ethereal. He wouldn’t be caught off guard when he feels your head on his shoulder, instead, he’d smile at how adorable you were before planting a longing kiss on your head. “You’re beautiful.” He’d add.   

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