but i just couldn't help myself :d

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

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Hi friend! Your art style is amazing!! I was just wondering if I could request APH China? It's okay if you don't want to, it's just that your art style is so beautiful I couldn't help myself (☆_☆)

(adm: Thank you so much, friend!! I’m really happy you like my art! Sorry I took so long to answer, I hope you like it!! <3)

Anotha Silly Sportarobbie Headcanon

Featuring Stephanie!

  • Stephanie was the first to get the hint that Sportacus and Robbie liked each other.
  • She figured out they liked each other… before they even had a clue
    • She had NO IDEA either that she knew and they didn’t
  • Stephanie was initially very overprotective of Sportacus.
    • She loves Robbie, of course, but Sportacus is HER Sportadad, and Robbie does try to oust him from Lazytown on the regular…
    • So while she likes Robbie, she did worry that he’s not exactly the BEST for Sportacus.
    • So often she’d inject herself in a situation with the two of them and just glower at Robbie and put herself between him an Sportacus
    • And Robbie would be be all ????
    • Sportacus would be very :}D??
  • Then, she’d eventually see how adorable they are…
    • And how happy they make each other…
    • And how genuine their affection is…
    • And how well they balance eachother…
    • Then be FLABBERGASTED that they were clueless this whole time
  • So she basically injects herself in this situation to help get them together
    • Because seriously
    • They need to get together
    • Why haven’t they kissed already?
  • And that’s how Stephanie came to ship her LazyDAD with her SportsDAD

I’ve noticed that Eddy really has no concept of personal space, especially when he interacts with Double D. He manhandles and climbs all over the poor little guy! Lol. He’s almost like a cat… Just give him a little scratch, Dee. XD

This one was really fun to draw. I think I might color this when I have some extra time. ;)
Btw, if it looks kind of slashy, it probably is. Lmao. It’s about time I drew something that hinted at a little Edd/Eddy. ❤️


I made some gifs :D I woke up early making these not great quality though but oh well

Things i noticed when making the gifs.

  1. In the first gif creek was there maybe teaching yoga don’t know but his hair is different
  2. in the 3rd gif just look at branches face
  3. The 4th one i didn’t know how branch grabbed onto cooper but now i do(with his legs maybe)
  4. glitter butt

That’s all i have might do more if i find something

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Dick flash fic?

Dick flipped through the channels again, even with the premium package - that he was somehow talked into getting by his siblings but never used - there was nothing good on. He turned the tv off and slumped sideways on the couch, staring at the blank screen. He’d done something to his ankle on a Titans mission the other day which made his friends’ mother hen instincts come down on him full force. So much so that they’d called Babs and Bruce so that he wasn’t allowed to even patrol in Gotham. 

Now with no cases to work and not being allowed out of his apartment it was making him miserable. He’d read all the books on his shelf about ten times and had been a bit busy in the past two or so years, meaning he hadn’t bothered buying any new ones recently. His movie collection was crap, scrolling social media was just giving him FOMO, and cable had turned out to be a bust. If he felt like living up to his name he could call Babs and whine at her while she worked but he wanted to use that as a last resort.

His phone buzzed from somewhere near his head and Dick scrabbled to grab it before it went to voicemail. “Hello?” he answered, not bothering to hide the slight whine that crept into his voice.

“Baby Bat and the Replacement told me you effed up your ankle and are wallowing in self pity.”

Dick rolled his eyes at the brother on the other end of the line. “Nice to hear from you too, Jay. Gee, glad to know you’re up to date on the family gossip,” he said dryly. 

“I’m just trying to be a good brother for once. I guilt tripped Roy for you so you’re welcome. Your door better be unlocked cause I’m standing on the roof across the street and can see the sunshine brigade getting buzzed into your building now.”

“I- huh. Jason- what?” 

Jason snorted. “I’ve got a patrol to do but if they brought food and you jerks managed not to eat it all I might be social. Bye Dick-head.” With that the call ended and Dick was left staring at his phone in confusion.

Suddenly, someone was pounding on the door to Dick’s apartment. He pushed himself up and grabbed the crutches he was supposed to be using as the pounding got louder and was joined by cries of “Open the damn door Grayson!” “This is heavy you know!” “Your neighbors are gonna hate us!” and a “I’m sorry!” 

Dick grinned, he recognized those voices. He swung the door open and was met by a grinning Wally West, Donna Troy, Garth, and Roy Harper. They all held what seemed to be a mix of food and board games. “Hi?” Dick was a little surprised at their presence.

“We were told you were going a bit stir crazy,” Wally said as the four came into Dick’s apartment.

“And that it may or may not be our fault…” Roy grimaced at him and set the stack of pizzas down on the kitchen counter.

Dick laughed and sent a silent thank you to his brother. Maybe a screwed up ankle wasn’t so bad if it meant his friends were going to keep him entertained for the night.

I still get disheartened by the people who think it’s okay to bluntly point out your grammatical errors like they’re superior. Yes, correct me because I probably didn’t realise I’d wrote that/that it was wrong, but don’t sit there writing like your pen just came out your ass. Be nice, be polite, be helpful. It’s apparently too hard on this site.

… My brain is a terrible, terrible thing. I was just thinking about a post I saw about a couple getting married when they were older than 60, and I thought to myself, “There’s gonna be a lot of well-dressed old people there, which is kinda funny because usually that’d mean at least one of them is a corpse.”

I was at a play today ...

… The Jungle Book

And I took a couple of pictures because hey, it’s good, and hey, it might be nice to have references if I’d ever want to draw something (ever again)

And when I got home I looked through them and



And that’s seriously the funniest thing I’ve seen in like a week

I don’t even know why


It’s Lewisp! :D

Based on a brand new AU by the one and only @ectoimp! XD 

Once I saw the name ‘Lewisp’ I just couldn’t help myself XD Made in a few hours in Flash XD 

Enjoy! :3 XD

I Couldn't Help Myself - Niall Horan Dirty One Shot

Massive Smut Warning ;D

The clock read 11:34pm while I came out of the bathroom and snuggled back into my bed. This was the sixth night in a row that Niall worked really late at the studio. The boys were working on their fourth album and they were there until the wee hours of the night. I was getting pissed off because they literally just came back from the Where We Are tour. We were having mind-blowing sex since he had gotten back. But after four days and a phone call from management, he came to me with those blue eyes of his and apologized over and over while leaving our apartment for the first day of recording.

“We want to get this part over with so we can truly enjoy our break. I promise it will be over in no time.” I mocked Niall’s words as I turned on the TV and searched through my Netflix list. I finally landed on Clueless and pressed the play button. As the movie started, I tossed and turned, not quite finding a comfortable position. Damn it, my sexual frustration was taking over my ability to do normal things like get comfortable in a fucking bed. I swear that boy had me head over heels over his cock and pretty much had me thinking about it ever since we first did the deed. I mumbled profanities while getting out of bed. I had walked out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. As I dragged myself downstairs, I adjusted my pajamas which had gotten bunched around while trying to get comfortable. I straighten both my zebra print pajama bottoms and one of Niall’s tees that I stole from him. I contemplated what I was going to do to get me at ease from this stupid ass frustration. So, my hands led themselves to the liquor cabinet.

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Sexy ~ // I couldn't help myself :D //

((I can’t find it so you get the butler…!))

“You have odd kinks…Like why would this be your dare?!" 

Adam didn’t really mind dressing up like this… it was just a bit odd of Aciel to ask him to. The suit was pleasant to wear and suited him perfectly… That and he actually enjoyed this attire… 

"and why a butler of all things?!”