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My boyfriend and I just broke up. It was mutual but it was really heartbreaking because we love each other but just can't be together right now. Could you do a little something cute with my bb Jae from Day6, please? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

im sorry!! here is a cute music majors!au with jae that i hope brightens ur day!!

  • you and jae are both music majors but he’s concentrating on guitar and you’re doing jazz studies
  • which is why you,,,,,,,,,never interact
  • and it’s just chance when you end up walking by the practice rooms, looking to put up posters for a performance of one of your friends when this tall, lanky, frantic looking boy runs up to you and is like
  • “hELP”
  • and youre so startled you drop the stack of flyers you were holding and you’re like holy shit is there a fire or something??? is someone hurt??? why did u yell help??
  • and the boy, glasses perched on the end of his nose, wide eyes looking at you like those of a lost child goes
  • “,,,,,,,,,,my friend ditched me so i have no one to record my audition.” 
  • for a moment you wait for him to continue,,,,,,say something else,,,,,but he doesn’t
  • and you narrow your eyes and go “that,,,,,,,that’s why you yelled help?”
  • he nods, shrugging his guitar case over his shoulder and fixing his glasses, “dowoon canceled on me last minute to go get free food with wonpil,,,,,can you believe that? they call themselves my friends, ugh”
  • for a second you want to laugh but then you just shrug and go “id ditch someone for free food too.”
  • crinkling his nose he goes “really? you just gonna say that to me after i went through this traumatic experience of being abandoned.”
  • “you made me drop my flyers”
  • “if i pick them up, will you help me?”
  • you don’t have anything else planned, plus this guy is pretty funny so why not
  • you nod and the two of you gather the scattered flyers and he leads you toward an empty practice room
  • handing you the handheld camera you look at him and go “why cant i do it on my ph-”
  • “old school is the best school, now get my angle!”
  • you roll your eyes and hold up the camera,,,the guys guitar case is covered in band stickers and scribbles of random things in sharpie
  • he’s wearing relatively plain clothes and his hair is a little messy,,,,,,you dont think it’s a good look for an audition
  • so putting the camera down you walk over and you’re like “hey, whats ur name-” 
  • he tells you it’s jae as he tunes his guitar and settles into the chair
  • you frown, looking him up and down and going “ok jae, let me be real.”
  • “be a real as you want”
  • “you look a mess, take the flannel off and comb your hair”
  • jae pulls his head back in shock, but does shrug off the old looking flannel. as for his hair he runs his hands through it and looks to you for approval
  • shaking your head you go over and tell him to sit still
  • for a minute or two you run your hands through his hair, trying to make it look presentable and less shaggy
  • stepping back you admire your work and give him a thumbs up,,,jae puts his hand up to fix his glasses, simultaneously hiding his oncoming blush from having a cute stranger play with his hair
  •  on the cue you start filming and jae introduce himself with his name, age, and the name of the song he’s going to play
  • you don’t know why but when he starts playing you’re shocked at how good he is,,,,,,,,i mean this is a music major school but still,,,,,,he sounds like a professional
  • doing your best to hold the camera still, you get lost in the sound and the image of jae playing
  • his long body, awkward to the glance at first, looks better with a guitar in his hands 
  • his fingers are long and pretty and then,,,,,,,he starts to sing
  • and it’s a voice like no other and you can’t help yourself - you’re hypnotized
  • you don’t even realize the song is over until jae gets out of his chair and comes over, taking the camera from your hand and pouting because “hey, why are you still recording?”
  • snapping back into reality you go “wow, you’re really good - whats this audition for?” 
  • jae shrugs and mumbles that it’s nothing too crazy,,,but he’s happy you like it
  • grinning he turns to you and goes “thanks for your hardwork, you can really hold a camera well!”
  • you find yourself rolling your eyes again but also whatever - he’s cute
  • you tell him no problem and you turn to gather your flyers and leave when jae goes “ill help you put those up”
  • “you don’t have too-”
  • “nah, you did me a solid so ill help. maybe after,,,,,,,wanna get chicken together?”
  • you smile,,,,,feeling your heart skip a beat 
  • “id like that.”
  • “,,,,,,,,but really a+ filming skill why are you in art school you could TOTALLY be a director”
  • long story short jae makes you laugh the whole time but also when you get food it kinda feels like a date,,,,,maybe????? definitely????

god i just want to know how long sana has been crushing on yousef like how long has he been friends with her brother? did her crush develop slowly over time or was it there from the beginning?

the balloon squad has been like everywhere since the season started which makes it feel like they are a daily part of sana’s life, like they’re always over at the bakkoush’s, both of the youtube videos have been filmed there and it really makes me wonder about all the small private moments sana and yousef must of had together (running into each other getting a drink from the kitchen or stumbling into each other in the hallway) to get to the point where they smirk at each other and get a little fluster when they realize the other is in the room

Hey, remember my AU with pack alpha wolf!Cas and idek-what!Dean?
I still haven’t figured out what exactly is Dean, but tags suggested either a lamb or a goat. All we know for sure is that he’s a little shit.

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pls consider,,,,kageyama has glasses but he never wears them bc he's like insecure about them or smth and one day hinata finds them in his room and tries to make kageyama put them on and he gets all stubborn but he finally agrees (cause he can't rly say no to his little birb) and he puts them and hinata is all "!!!!!!! Boi!!!!!!!" (bc he looks so good w them on??) and kageyama is "!!!!!! Boi!!!!!!" bc like he can see hinata's face even BETTER now and it's just a very cute and adorbs moment


i just love the idea that now that hinata knows that kageyama wears glasses, at some point hinata will be like WHY ARE YOU GLARING AT ME and kageyama will be like BECAUSE I CAN’T SEE SHIT

bad boy!baekhyun headcanons

Originally posted by leeseunghoon

Bad boy! Baekhyun would include…

  • Most people think he skips every class but honestly he just sits back and enjoys joking around, throwing a paper here and there, falling asleep to make the teacher mad. He’s not necessarily mean but he’s a teasing type of person, so Baekhyun would often do anything to make himself laugh –and most of the time, he makes other people laugh as well-
  • Unnecessarily good with presentations and speeches, this man doesn’t even study but he finds a way of inventing something to say on his head and it sounds good, for some reason. She discovered this when they were in literature class and the man had forgotten to read the book the teacher had indicated, hence why he started to talk about general topics or the genre of the book and he got a better score than most people, sadly.
  • You’d see him after school with a lollipop inside his mouth and probably waiting for his friends or on detention. He usually goes to detention because he doesn’t pay much attention in class, but he’d often smirk at her and the way his lips would redden because of the cherry lollipop just made him look dreamy but so dangerous at the same time.
  • He drives around the streets in this old, tacky car but he keeps it super organized and clean so it looks newer and he literally is so proud because he worked so hard to get it.
  • He often goes around with his taller best friend Chanyeol –who was a little bit on the soft hearted side- and the hugest smile appears over his face when the teacher decided to keep him away from Chanyeol and sit him right beside her. He instantly stands up before bowing deeply to the teacher, walking towards the empty spot beside her before throwing his almost empty backpack on the floor and taking a seat beside her.
  • Always tries to get her attention, though. “I don’t understand this problem.” “That’s because the teacher hasn’t explained that subject yet…” “Oh, he hasn’t?” “No…” “Shit, what class are we on once again?”
  • However, he starts being a little bit less annoying once he sits next to her and he’d often rest his head over his arms and close his eyes before opening them slightly to look at her, scribbling down notes and biting down on her bottom lip as she listened to the teacher. However, what caught his attention the most was the fact that she didn’t treat him like a clown or the biggest shit ever, she just talked to him like he was another human being.
  • She wasn’t prepared for the fact that he was going to sit with her at lunch.  One day she’d be all alone on a seat with her lunch in front of her and she’d see him sitting down right beside her before talking to her and indeed, she was head over heels by how handsome he looked with his black hair and leather jacket because obviously, he was amazingly stunning.
  • Loves getting lipstick stains on the corner of his lips or his neck for some reason, he just loves to see the color of her lipstick over his skin and the embarrassed look that would appear over her features.
  • Even when he’s considered a bad boy technically, he is a really good person and loves to make everyone feel a little better in that annoying, joking way of his.
  • Probably really cheesy, whether it’s from hugs or sweet words, he just loves to make her groan out loud because of his cheesiness.
  • Bad boy Baekhyun is not one that people mistreat or take as someone unpleasant, he’s just a not-so-good student, but he really does try a little bit harder when he gets inspiration, coming from his girlfriend that always sat right beside him on class.
  • The kids that I babysit honestly make me laugh so hard.
  • Their mum: My husbands friend actually works at that high school (the school I went to)
  • Little girl: Who is dads husband?
  • Their mum: Dad doesn't have a husband, he has a wife.
  • Little girl: Who is dads wife?
  • Their mum: I am.
  • Little girl: Oh, okay. Who is Lauren's wife?
  • Me: I don't have a wife.
  • Little boy: Who is your husband then?
  • Me: I don't have a husband either.
  • Little boy: So you live all by yourself?
  • Me: No, I still live at home with my mummy, daddy and brother.
  • Little boy: But you just told me that you don't live with any boys.
  • Me: I do, I live with my brother.
  • Little girl: *with complete shock and surprise* THAT'S YOUR HUSBAND?!?!?!
  • *her mum and I just pissed ourselves laughing*
  • Me: No darling, he's my brother.
  • Little boy: Okay. Did you know that I have a wife?
  • Their mum: You can't have a wife, you need to have a big party first. She will be your girlfriend first (apparently this little boy has had like 4 girlfriends already).
  • Little girl: It's okay Lauren, you can be my wife.

To the amazing boy that I love so much! Thank you for being so talented, brilliant, kind and cute. Thank you for just being the way you are, we love you so much for that! Continue doing what you love! I’m so proud of who you are

Happy birthday, my little prince, my puppy~ I love you so so much!

I know we all love The Lavender Hoodie, but I’ve realized that while the hoodie is cute, it’s just a plain article of clothing. The reason we love seeing those pictures is because it reminds us of how sweet and pure that sweet little baby boy was back then, and the hoodie makes him look even softer.

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You should make a dating would include for the other boys omggg (Edwin first if possible😉). They're so cute and make my heart so happy I can't 💕

damn so i guess y’all really are trying to kill me

also you’re so pure omg i agree they do make my heart happy 

DATING ZION | NICK WOULD INCLUDE (request for the other boys!)


  • So. many. couple. fit. pics. Sooo many. 
  • Making it your mission to make Edwin smile during outfit of the day shoots ‘cause he’s always so serious
  • Him doodling you whenever you’re not paying attention to anything, just lost in your own little world
  • Him leaving the doodles all over your room, books, even your luggage sometimes and you put them on your wall (your entire wall above your desk is a collage dedicated to Edwin’s art works of you)
  • Getting a lot of poems written about you posted on his insta and the fans always making cute edits of pictures of you guys together put next to poems Edwin writes for you
  • “Eggwin!”
  • “Yes, my dear omelette?”
  • “Oh god, no.”
  • “No to the omelette? How about scrambled eggs?”
  • “Yeeaah….it’s still a no.”
  • “Hmm, I don’t know. I think I’m on to something, omelette.”
  • Him trusting your opinion 10001%
  • This resulting in texts at 1 am, spammed by outfit pics taken from different angles, with different filters and the caption: ‘which one do you like baby??
  • your reply: babe what the fuck its 1 am go to bed
  • But you don’t mind when it’s a bunch of short covers of amazing songs he’s currently obsessed with and he’s asking you which part is the best for instagram
  • ‘This one’ ‘wait no’ ‘definitely this one’ ‘wait’ ‘ugh’ ‘cant you just make this endless torture stop and post the whole thing on youtube :(’
  • Going to concerts and festivals together
  • Fans spotting you at said concerts and asking for pictures with you before him because they think you’re absolute “goals”
  • They probably even motivate you to make your own youtube where you do outfit of the week videos because they think your style is to die for 
  • Edwin and the other boys instantly being your #1 supporters and always filming/editing/taking pictures for you
  • Edwin being your ‘director’, Brandon your ‘music supervisor’, Austin your ‘editor’, Nick and Zion your ‘hype men’ and designated ‘holders of (y/n)’s things’
  • Gym dates aka him making you try all the weird machines and you making him try yoga/zumba classes
  • Him kicking your ass in zumba and going harder than all the middle aged ladies in the class
  • You’re always there in all of his random little livestreams and the fans just get used to it so they ask you questions too
  • “Hey babe! @prettymuchwoohoo wants to know what your favorite song is right now.”
  • “Baaabe, someone’s asking what that lipstick shade you wore at the VMA’s is called”
  • Him taking you to New York and being super proud ‘cause he’s a tour guide and you’re such a tourist
  • “And here we have….babe? Are you paying attention? Are you on snapchat right now? Ohmygod, if you don’t get off your phone right now i’m not gonna’ get you any pizza.”
  • But of course all it’ll take is a little frown and Edwin will break, kissing your frown away
  • Meeting his family in New York and getting to see all the monumental places Ed grew up in
  • “This is where Ed had his first kiss, but he thinks we don’t know about it so we never really say anything.” his cousins would say, shrugging innocently.
  • “Wait, what?!” Edwin’s eyes would widen. 
  • Him always inviting you to the PM house for dinner dates and he’d have to bribe all the boys with different things to get them out of the house for at least a few hours
  • You always asking for kisses because HIS LIPS
  • Him complaining about how ‘clingy’ you are but secretly loving it when you ask for kisses, especially when you’re lying half-awake in his bed, hands outstretched towards him with a sleepy pout on your lips as you ask, “kiss?” 

Little Red Riding Riot

It’s the story of a little child
His name was Little red riding riot
He was preparing a big basket of food
His poor little grandma Denki was very sick
So he decided to come over visit him and bring him food to make him feel better.
Grandma Denki was living in the forest
But what Little red riding riot didn’t know
It’s that there was a dangerous wolf living in the forest
He was named, Big Bad Bakugou
Legends says that we can hear howling the night “DEKUUUUUUUUUUU”

Little red riding riot started his journey to his grandma Denki’s house, happily walking in the forest
Big Bad Bakugou was hungry, very hungry, when he suddenly smelled a nice scent, it was a mix of meat, cheese and veggies.
He walked around and saw Little red riding riot, carrying his basket of food.
Big Bad Bakugou froze for a moment “This boy, why the fuck is he wearing a dress ??”
But, apart from that, he was thinking the little boy was looking cute, but he wanted something more than him, his food.

He got an idea, he went to the boy, and tried to be the nicest he could (and it’s kinda impossible)
“Heyyy nice kid, I’ve heard you got nice food in your basket, you mind if I take it ?”
“Oh hey Mr.Wolf ! I’m sorry but this food is not for you ! It’s for my grandma Denki who is really sick, and if I don’t come over he’s gonna die, bye Mr.Wolf !”
Little red riding riot just continued his way leaving the wolf all alone
“That god damn kid-” Big Bad Bakugou was about to go angry, but he got an idea.
He ran over to grandma Denki’s house
“Oooh is it you Little red riding riot ?”
“Fuck you old man who is called grandma, I have a basket of food to get”
He wanted to eat the grandma, but he didn’t, he just tied him and locked him in the closet.
Then he disguised as grandma Denki and lied in the bed, waiting for the red boy to come.

Little red riding riot finally came, he saw the grandma lied in bed coughing.
“Oh my poor grandma ! Don’t worry I’ve brought a lot of food for you !”
“Oooh that’s very nice.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you hair are very spiky !”
“It’s to comb them easily my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki, you have very sharp claws !”
“It’s to have pretty nails my child.”
“Woah grandma Denki ! You have very sharp teeth !”
“It’s… to eat you better my child !”
Big Bad Bakugou revealed himself over the disguise and attacked Little red riding riot.
He was about to eat him, but he didn’t, he didn’t know why.
“…Why ?!” He screamed
Little red riding riot was confused, the wolf was.. being nice ?
“Maybe.. maybe because you don’t want to ?”
“That’s ridiculous ! I want to eat you so I can get your food !”
“Oh, then take it !”
“Huh ?”
“I don’t care about the food anymore ! Just take it, but give me grandma Denki back !”
“Your grandma.. I’ve locked him in the closet.”

Little red riding riot runned over the closet and freed the poor grandma.
Everything was okay, but why ? Why Big Bad Bakugou didn’t eat grandma Denki or even Little red riding riot ?
“Why you didn’t try to eat us ?”
“I don’t fucking know ! All I wanted was your food, but now I don’t even care anymore. I’ve been looking at you in this forest and, I wanted to get your attention.”
“Aww Mr.Wolf wasn’t being mean ! He was just feeling needy !”
“Shut up ! I’m not needy !”
“Yes you aaaare~”
Little red riding riot just kept on teasing Big Bad Bakugou.
At the end, the red boy shared the food for his grandma to the wolf too, then the boys went away after eating.
“I don’t think you look like a big bad wolf”
“You don’t ?”
“Nope, you actually look nice, because you didn’t eat me or my grandma, that’s cute”

The end of story is just : be cute like Little red riding riot, and you’ll get to share food with Big Bad Bakugou~

Indigo Skies - Part I

A commission for @thatcrazylittlethingy who wanted a continuation of this little thing I wrote forever ago

About a week later Marco found himself in a small coffee shop just off campus where Jean had agreed to meet him. Marco had been here a few times already, on Thursdays when they hosted an open mic night that Sasha adored, even though most acts were mediocre with a rare talent sprinkled in between now and then.
The place itself was nice and simple, cushy armchairs and trendy stools and beanbags surrounding tiny coffee tables took up most of the place with cosy booths tucked in the back of the shop. The whole space was overflowing with plants, blooming flowers framing the windows, deep green twines twisting around the chalkboards mounted behind the counter and small, ceramic flower pots decorating every single table. Marco liked that, it made the shop feel so welcoming and alive, the sweet scents of flowers mixing with the delicious wafts of pastries and freshly brewed coffee.

Upon entering Marco looked around for Jean, for a shock of blond hair and a teasing grin, but aside from a handful of students strewn across the shop, reading or typing up essays or just chatting quietly during a break, the coffee shop was rather empty and he didn’t find who he was looking for.
Checking his phone Marco noticed he was early, had maybe been a little too eager to run over here after taking way too long getting ready. But he wanted to make a good impression on his first date. If this even was a date. None of the flirty texts Jean had sent him over the week had been able to quiet Marco’s worry completely, to make the small voice in the back of his mind saying he was reading too much into things shut up.
Jean had sent him a basically shirtless selfie within minutes of talking to him and made enough innuendos for the both of them. And still Marco didn’t know for sure what this was going to be.

Standing around awkwardly for a minute or two he finally decided to get himself a drink and claim one of the booths in the back of the shop, settling in to wait.
Jean was late by about fifteen minutes, time that Marco spent playing with his phone and fighting off the growing worry that he’d been stood up and never even had a chance with the guy. By the time Jean strolled into the coffee shop, hair tousled and that smirk on his face, the little voice in Marco’s mind had almost won. He smacked it away with a victorious smile and waved, managing to catch Jean’s attention who winked at him before strolling over to the counter to place his order.

Marco bit his lip, watched as Jean chatted with the cute barista who fixed him a black coffee.
A wink. A single, stupid wink and Marco’s heart was already fluttering. He barely knew the guy, had seen all but two pictures and texted him a few times during the last week and yet a wink was all it took to make him swoon. He’d always had this habit of falling too hard, too fast.

Watching Jean head over to his booth after picking up the coffee was scary but exciting at the same time and Marco felt a big smile sneak onto his lips as Jean slid onto the bench opposite of him.

“You’re not a mermaid!”, Jean exclaimed, his smooth voice sounding scandalized and Marco’s smile faltered.
“I’m kinda disappointed. Or did you just hide your tail?”
This wasn’t going as Marco had hoped, not at all. He didn’t know what was happening, wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a joke or a reference he didn’t get but when a few moments ticked by and Jean just kept grinning at him Marco shrugged awkwardly.
“Excuse me?”

Jean laughed but finally had mercy.
“God, you’re cute. It was a joke, you know, because of that bathtub selfie you sent me?”
“Oh!”, Marco exclaimed a little too loud and forced a quick laugh, feeling his cheeks heat up. Barely a minute had passed and he’d already blown it. Great job.
But instead of rolling his eyes and leaving Jean settled deeper into the comfy booth and smirked, took a sip of coffee. Only to immediately spit it back into his cup, sucking in sharp breaths to cool his burnt tongue.
“Shit”, he hissed, fanning air towards his mouth. “That was … that was hot…”

Marco couldn’t help but snort, earning himself a half-hearted glare.
“Do you want some of mine? It’s iced…”, he offered, holding out the cup with a kind smile. After a moment of consideration and uncomfortable wiggling Jean accepted and nipped on the straw, only for his face to scrunch up as another curse escaped him.
“Oh fuck, that’s worse. What the hell is that? Syrup with a shot of coffee? Ugh, you’ll give me diabetes…”
At least he didn’t spit it out this time.

Part II

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Swerve with a tall bot s/o headcanons? (Also my little headcanon I'd like to share, can't you just see him climbing on bar stools just so he can kiss s/o and give them hugs when they're having a bad day, and when he's down and dumps s/o picks him and starts calling him very obnoxiously cute nicknames as they kiss his cheeks "awe, pookie bear, don't get so down in the dumps" "I love you schnookums")

omg that’s too cute ahhhhh

  • Swerve loves to be held. This tiny boy craves affection. Sit him in your lap and rest your chin on his head during movie time, it’s his favorite thing.
  • If there aren’t any bar stools around he’ll just climb you to give you kisses. 
  • Cheesy nicknames are his life. He’ll always have an even mushier name to one-up yours. 
  • “Hey, Rewind! Tailgate! I bet my s/o can beat up both of yours at the same time!”
  • He also high-fives them all the time because they’re all at just the right level to get a perfect view of tol bot aft. 

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i'm sorry i still can't calm down about that recent episode man... and another comic divergence thing is that, they ACTUALLY made natsume sleep beside tanuma in the anime!!! I always have a hunch the animators secretly ships tanunatsu!! Okay this is such a minor detail and i sound so OBSESSED (which is not wrong), wow this is so not cool I can't keep my calm anymore!!

The animators are honestly giving me so many little things to love and??? Just like the way they cut together last weeks preveiw kinda made it look like Natsume was watching Tanuma and that was cute lol.

But yeah, SAME I’m so happy with the new episodes I just…. listen…… let my boys Tanuma and Natsume be happily married, they basically are already I mean.

They sit together. Where are the other people? doesn’t matter. Their alone time.

TEASE EACHOTHER. Look at Natsume’s face LOOK. 


Tanu sitting with poor worn out Natsume with pretty sunset lights

Which, as I like to point out heavily mirrors these moments

Parts which really are meant to show love and care between Tanuma and his family, rehashed between Tanuma and Natsume which is sweet. I also like the connotations of, in both of these flashbacks to his childhood he mentions being ashamed and sad for worrying his aunt and his father, yet when the roles are reversed and he’s in the spot they were in, but with Natsume to worry over, he’s quick to assure him that it’s all fine. (boy needs to think about these things tbh, hold himself in the same light as others so on and so forth.


The way Natsume makes this damn face while quietly watching Tanuma from the background.

Basically the animators are giving me happy married Tanatsu’s and I’m Very okay with that.

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Okay so I know I request Sero a lot (I can't help it he's best boy) but hear me out. So Sero tries to be a cute little shit and do the spider man hanging upside thing to kiss his girlfriend (or crush, whoever you prefer) but doesn't realise the low cut shirt they are wearing and BAM cleavage in the face. R.i.p Sero. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

rip best boy he trie d

Sero Hanta 

  • He giggles as he hoists himself to the ceiling, waiting for his s/o to get home! He was going to surprise them with a “Spider-man kiss”! He’s getting giddy just thinking about it!
  • His s/o gets home, somehow not noticing Sero swinging in front of her, and walks straight into him! Due to the summer weather she was wearing a low cut shirt, causing the embarrassing situation of Sero’s face being smack bang in the middle of his s/o’s cleavage.
  • This causes Sero to lose his grip on his tape and land on top of his s/o anyway! Both of them start to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, his s/o grabbing and kissing him anyway! 

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hello tia ;) I got this inspiration a while ago, so why the hell not to try asking for a scenario from the best writer I know because I believe you can :D How about Aomine scenario doing video streaming(or live video on instagram) with his little son while his wife is away for business trip or smth and all of gom members watch them. Theen, surprise! She's joined too cuz she missed them so much. Sorry if this too detailed, I can't help myself. Thank you so much❤❤

Hi sweetie!! Of course I can write this for you!! It sounds really cute and interesting! So i hope you like what I came up with !!! :D (Btw, from now on, any son Aomine has will be named ‘Daisuke’. because I’m too lazy to think of different names xD)

“Dammit.. how do you fix this thing?!”

The little boy laughed, a hand on his belly as he watched his father scramble to fix the camera, preparing for their recording.

“You’re hopeless, old man! You should’ve just asked auntie Satsuki!”

He growled, turning to look at his son, “Shut up Daisuke! She’s not able to come over today, and I didn’t wanna wait for her! Why aren’t you helping me?!”

He raised an eyebrow, both hands on his hips. 

“Dad.. You never asked me.. Besides, you’re too proud… and you only want me to watch…”

He blushes, turning around and sighs heavily when it finally co-operates with him. He grabs the basketball, throwing it at Daisuke, before holding a finger over the start button.

“Are you ready son? We’re about to begin.. And everyone’s watching!”

He nods, quickly running over to the laptop, making sure everyone’s arrived.. All the gom were currently online, as well as their respective families.

“Aominecchi better prepare himself! Daicchi will kick his ass!”

“D-Dad! Don’t swear-ssu.. It’s not nice!!”

He laughs, giving them a wink, before  running on the court,  slowly dribbling the ball.. He watches his father, who is in a defensive position, and tilts his head.

“Dad.. Why is it so important for everyone to watch us playing basketball?”

He frowns, unsure of how to respond… It’s true he wanted to spend some quality time with his son.. But he didn’t want to admit missing you so much, and secretly hoping you’d be watching with everyone else.. He shrugs, looking at the screen before looking at him again.

“You need to be prepared for try-outs son.. Just because you’re my son, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a spot on the team..”

Daisuke doesn’t like how that sounds, so he makes a face, moving slowly closer to his dad. He barely sees his mom from the corner of his eye, but doesn’t make an effort to smile. He knows you’re going to surprise his dad, giving him an advantage to score, so he narrows his eyes, determined to pass Aomine.

He doesn’t understand why his son’s demeanour changed, but he prepares himself for anything.. It wouldn’t do him good to underestimate his own son. Though he felt his veins throb when the rest of his ex-teammates began cheering for his son.. 

Tch..  They’ve gone soft..

He sees the opening, and just as he lunges for Daisuke, he feels weight jump on him, causing him to crash to the ground, as he looks at you with wide eyes. W…What… What were you doing home so early?!

His lips are covered with yours, and a blush immediately overtakes him, having remembered they had an audience. He’s too stunned to respond, watching as you pull back, giggling at his dumbfounded expression…

God, he was so cute!!!

“Nice tackle mom!!!”

You laugh, pulling your son into a hug, before kissing his cheek, grinning when he makes a face, wiping his cheeks.

“EW! I got mom germs!”

That seems to snap him from his daze, and he stands up with you, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“_-_____! When did you - ?”

“I got released this morning!” you respond, rubbing his shoulders. “I was going to call you.. But I figured you’d be spending time with Daisuke, and I didn’t want to interrupt that… So I figured it could be a surprise!!”

You wrap your arms around him, snuggling into his warmth.

“I’ve missed you, Daiki…”

He coughs, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head before returning the embrace, sighing softly.

“I’ve missed you too ____…”

‘A lot….’

There was a muffled cough, and it only dawned on him the livestream was still recording… With everyone still watching.. And that made the happiness he felt melt into one of mortification and anger.. He stalked towards the camera, preparing to break it, when his son jumped, grabbing it and showing everyone what he looked like up close.

“I hate to interrupt this touching reunion… But we wanted to see you get your ass handed to you by Daisuke, Aomine.”

He flustered, opening his mouth before you kissed him, giggling at the ever-growing blush.

“Sorry everyone!! I didn’t want to be OUT of the video!” you giggled, scratching your head, “Guess i crashed it huh?”

“Not really… You’re gorgeous as ever ____-san.. And it was quite funny watching you tackle Aomine-kun like that..”

He flustered, glaring at the screen, “S…Shut up Tetsu!”

“If all we’re going to see is Aomine acting like a shy teenager, I have much better things to do nanodayo.. It was nice seeing you ____.”

“OI! Watch your tongue Midorima!”

They heard snoring from the other end, making them laugh.

“You put Murasakibaracchi to sleep Aominecchi!! You should’ve started sooner!”

he growled, “I’m gonna kill you, Kise!”

“Daisuke, control your moronic dad! i have to do that with mine!”

“SO mean!!”

He threw the basketball at  his dad, huffing at being  ignored.

“This is boring.. I’m heading to my room to nap.”

“OI! Get back here brat!”

“Let him go, Daiki..” you purred, leaning up to nip his ear. “I want to show you just how MUCH I’ve missed you..”

He blinked, before a smirk curled on his lips, and without a second thought, picked you up and ran inside the house. Screw everyone else. As long as he had you to hold,  to sleep with every night, he didn’t care…

He did have to beat his son in a one-on-one though… 

imagine: farmer taehyung

okay just,,, imagine tae,,, an actual gucci model beautiful™ boy, out here in the farmland of daegu, just livin his life.
he would be dressed in anything but gucci but would still pull it off as if it was gucci.
and don’t forget his hair that he would probably put little to no effort into yet it would still be gorgeous.
and just imagine that actual Beauty just living as a cute lil farm boy, and only a few people that lived near by would be able to appreciate his beauty because he wouldn’t be exposed™ to the world like he is now.
those few people would have been the luckiest people to live on earth,,,, but now all of us are able to be those lucky people