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“Why are you recording me?” You just laughed as you zoomed in on Harry as he made his way down the buffet line. “I’m jus getting my breakfast love, nothin exciting” He couldn’t help but shake his head as he spoke, still not sure why you had your camera focused on him.

“People love seeing you do everyday things Harry,” You explained and he just rolled his eyes. “And eating is something people really love to watch you do.” This statement made him stop walking towards the table and turn and look at you.

“I don’t know how I feel about that.” You just laughed at his response as you walked past him towards your table. “I mean why in the hell would people want to watch me eat?” He seemed genuinely confused as the two of you sat down at the table. He placed his cup of tea and bowl of cereal down as you reached over and grabbed the creamer for your coffee.

“They like to watch your mouth.” You stated calmly as he grabbed the creamer and handed it to you when he noticed you couldn’t reach it. You gave him a smile as you poured some into your cup. “I don’t blame them, your mouth is quite amazing.” You saw Harry freeze for a brief moment before he turned and looked at you, he gave you a small smirk as you shot him a playful wink.

“You better watch it love,” his tone was playful and when you felt his hand squeeze your knee under the table you just rolled your eyes. He gave your knee another squeeze as he leaned over and placed a quick kiss to your cheek before bringing his lips to your ear. “I can show you how amazing my mouth is later if you’d like love.” You felt your cheeks get hot as the words came out of his mouth in a low whisper, his hand crept a little further up your leg as he spoke.

You bit your lip trying to hold back the smile that was fighting to form on your face. Harry quickly removed his hand from your leg and leaned back into his seat and went back to fixing his tea before you could really react to what he said. It was his turn to shoot you a playful wink as he took a sip of his tea, you just shook your head and couldn’t help but laugh. Harry loved to turn any situation into one that had your cheeks blushing for a reason only he knew.

He loved seeing you flustered due to something he would whisper in your ear before walking away or going back to whatever it was he was doing before he decided to make you go red in the cheeks. It was something the two of you enjoyed doing to each other but this time it was his turn and by the smirk on his face you knew he was fully enjoying the moment.

“You’re horrible.” Was all you said before you got up and headed back to get more coffee and when you head him laugh you knew he caught your playful tone. Harry knew he was going to regret this later but he was enjoying the fact he had you all riled up with only one sentence whispered into your ear.

JEALOUSY // masterlist

Request: hello! first of all, i wanted to say that i LOVE your writing !! i know this request is super lame, but i’d love to read something about kylo getting jealous and then i dont know you can choose the ending sbdj thank you so much, hope you have a lovely day :-) + Ok but imagine that you and Kylo are just starting out in your relationship so when he sees another officer flirting with you, he goes ballistic.

A/N: Thank you to the two who requested these! Sorry it took so long but here it is! Thought I’d do two requests in one since they’re quite similiar. This is more, I guess you could say, ‘romantic’ than angsty or fluffy as most of my fics are…enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.8K+

Being in a relationship was something Kylo Ren never had thought of, not with the life he had of constantly living in a state of fear or anger. Having a significant other was, in his mind, useless. There was no need to have to worry about someone else when it was enough to worry about himself, specially when he’d have to open up to them. It was enough that his self esteem plummeted even more–if it were possible–after the battle on Starkiller. There was no way the man could find himself wanting to be with someone.

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“Why Him?”

Chibs Telford x Reader x Esai Alvarez
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Hey mama,” a voice lifted you from your focus on your paperwork to the door of your office at TM. He was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame, his light brown eyes sparkling and a smile that made butterflies dance in your stomach.

“Hey,” you smiled, getting up from your seat as he sauntered in to give you a peck on the cheek.

“I was just passing through, wanted to see if you wanted to get some lunch?” he took your hands in his and looked down at you. He didn’t tower over you, just a couple inches taller, but you still had to look up to catch his gaze.

A sad smile glinted across your face and you looked over your shoulder at the mounds of paperwork that were piled on your desk. The repo business was booming lately and you had to put in long hours to keep up.

“I’m sorry, Esai, but I have lots to do,” you pouted and he smiled, “It’s okay mama, I know I dropped in on short notice.”
He let your hands loose and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, his hand coming to rest against your neck as he leaned in and kissed you once more, “I’ll call you, and we can make plans, yeah?”
He took a half-step back from you.

Your eyes fluttered as you stared back at him, “O-okay,” you smiled and he grinned back at you.

“Walk me to my bike?” he asked, his eyebrows raised as he held out his hand for you to take.

Chibs was sitting in the garage alone, watching as you and Esai walked across the lot back to his motorcycle. He scoffed as he stood, walking to stand against the bay door as he cleaned his hands off with a shop rag.
You had only been back in Charming for a month, the truce between SAMCRO and the Mayans hadn’t been in effect for two weeks, and yet Marcus Alvarez’s son swooped in and swept you off your feet. It didn’t matter to Chibs whether beefs were settled with the Mexicans or not. Soon enough there would be more issues that would tear you between loyalties, or worse, your connection to two MCs would put an even bigger target on your back.

Chibs didn’t trust young Alvarez to keep (Y/N) safe.

He didn’t trust anyone to keep you safe except SAMCRO.

You were walking back up when you noticed Chibs glaring at Esai from within the garage.

“Is everything okay?” you asked, stepping up to the garage door and looking up at the Scot.
“Aye,” he responded dryly, turning around and chucking his rag across the garage as he walked back over to the Chevy Nova he was working on.
“Chibs,” you began, walking to where he was leaned over the engine of the old car, “I’ve known you for like, my whole life. I know when you’re pissed,” you spoke coolly, not wanting to push too hard in case it was none of your business.

“Why d'ye bring the Mayan aroun’ here?” he bit out, not looking up from the car in front of him.
Your eyes widened, “Is there something going on with the MC and the Mayans again?” you asked worriedly.
“Nae. I just don’ want him sniffin’ around,“  Chibs growled as he finally looked up at you, “Ye shouldn’t be seein him, (Y/N).”

You were shocked, this whole attitude and conversation was out of the ordinary for Chibs. He had been your best bud when you were younger, playing your games and laughing with you. Yeah you had been away for a few months, traveling before you settled down into the adult world, getting a job and working for a living, but you never expected his demeanor to change so much within such a short time.

When you left he was your best friend, now that you were back he either acted like he couldnt be bothered with you, or that you were somehow a kid that needed to be looked after.

You weren’t normally one to cause a scene, but as you and he were the only people in the garage area, you decided to get things off your chest.

“What happened to you?” you spat, disgust in your tone.

“What?” he asked back, standing straight and facing you with his arms folded across his chest.

“I leave and we are in good terms, I come back and all of a sudden you’re acting like you don’t know me, or I’m a child. My head is spinning! I can’t keep up with these moods of yours.”
You let out an exasperated sigh.
“Ye know what,” he began, “I’m jus lookin’ out for yer best interest. An’ it ain’t with tha’ Mayan!”

You rolled your eyes, what had gotten into him?

“Chibs! JAX said it was okay. I asked him before I ever said yes to Esai to make sure it wouldn’t cause any problems. If your VP, my TWIN brother, is okay with me getting to know Alvarez better, then who are you to say otherwise?”

“I don’t give a shite what Jax says. I said ye shouldn’t be seein him, (Y/N), much less lettin him come around here!”

You growled with frustration, your hands balled up into fists as your eyes shot daggers at the Scotsman in front of you.

“John Teller died eighteen years ago Filip Telford. You are NOT my Daddy.” You were fuming.

Silence filled the garage.

“Aye,” Chibs huffed after a long pause, “I gotta get back to work,” his tone was ice cold, so much so, that it actually hurt you to hear it.

“Hey!” you spat, reaching out and grabbing his arm as he walked away from you, yanking at his limb with all your strength, just barely turning Chibs around to face you. He didn’t speak, his jaw twitching as he glared down at you. You gulped, suddenly aware that the man in front of you was dangerous and regretting your harshness towards him. You cleared your throat, looking up at him and speaking, this time more softly.

“Why are you acting this way, Chibs?” you pleaded with the one person you truly considered a friend.

“Drop it, lass,” he sighed, shaking his head and looking down, unable to maintain eye contact.

You stepped closer, “Chibby…” your voice was just a whisper and he winced when you reached out to take his hand, “…talk to me.”

He mumbled something to himself that you couldnt comprehend before he took a deep breath and looked up at you, fire in his eyes as he did.

[To Be Continued…]


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader 
word count
: 4 366
summary : Reader and Kai have loved each other before he got sent to Hell and when he comes back they meet again. 
 *gif by jake-riley
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A sigh came from behind her just as she was putting on her shirt but before she had had time to turn around, Kai placed his hands over her eyes.
“Kai what are y-”
“Shhh…” he shushed her. “Come with me.”
Kai led her down the hallway , as she stumbled every few steps. It had been the 7 month anniversary since the day they had met and Kai wanted to make something special to surprise her. He wanted to celebrate every moment they shared together. Preparing the surprise however had been a little trickier with her in the apartment. He had been trying very very hard not to let her see any of it before things are ready.
“You are the most special person I’ve ever had in my life.” he said as they walked to the balcony right outside his apartments living room. “And I know you said you didn’t want me to do anything special for today but I feel like we should celebrate the little moments , you know. Though meeting you was quite possibly the biggest moment in my life and without you I just – I don’t know who I would be anymore.”
“You will never be without me , Kai.” she said smiling. “I will always be by your side. Always and forever , remember ?”
 Kai removed his palms from her eyes and Y/N opened them , finding the balcony arranged so beautifully  her breath got caught in her throat. There were flower petals on the ground and a couple of flower pots here and there. On the small table there was breakfast for the both of them and a small vase with her favourite flowers along with her favourite pancakes with coconut whipped cream , coffee and fresh berries enough for the both of them. Y/N turned towards him with a wide smile on her face , finding him smiling back at her.
“D-do you like it?” asked Kai smiling nervously. “I didn’t have much time this morning. You wouldn’t let me leave the bed and I ju-”
Y/N pressed her lips against his not letting him finish. He was always so nervous when doing things like that , afraid he’s going to mess it up somehow.
“I don’t like it.” she said with a serious tone , gazing into his eyes. “I love it!”
  Kai laughed pulling her into his arms. Y/N was the best thing that has happened to him in his life. There were days where he’d just sit and look at her , not saying a word just thinking how lucky he was that they had found each other. After all the bad things he had done , somehow the universe had decided to reward him with her and he wanted to be better because of her.
“Happy 7 month anniversary since the day we met.” he said pressing his lips on hers. “Remember ? You were at Skull bar studying or pretending to study while drinking beer on the bar when I sat there and in your rush to get back to classes , you somehow spilled all of it on your clothes and you had to borrow my jacket.”
“OH I remember.” she smiled at the memory. Y/N hadn’t had a clue who he was at the time but the moment their eyes met it was already clear he is
the one. Though she still wondered how she had spilled the drink on herself … “I also remember how you couldn’t stop starring at my chest through wet shirt -”
“HEY it had been a while since I had seen anything like it.” he raised his hands in defence. “I’m quite happy you spilled that drink on yourself though. Other ways we might’ve missed each other.”
“Not possible. We would’ve found each other some other way. I’m sure of it.” she smiled at him as Kai sat on one of the chairs and pulled her down on his lap , wrapping his arms around her tightly.
“I hope so. OH and I have a surprise for you. Well , another one.” he said , taking a small box she hadn’t noticed hidden behind the flowers. “This is for you.”
Y/N took the box and opened it finding a key inside. She looked up at him with curious look in her eyes. There had been a lot of things she had expected to find in there but a key was not one of them.
“A key? What does it open ?” she wondered , holding it with her fingers.
“Y/N , we’ve – we’ve been together for more than 5 months now. I don’t even know how I got that lucky to have met you in the first place , let alone to have fallen in love with you and have you loving me back.” he started , not taking his eyes away from her. “You are staying over most nights anyways. I just thought that – maybe you’d like to move in with me ? Officially ?”
“I would love to.” said Y/N smiling. “But are you sure ? You know how annoying I can be. I’ll eat your pork rinds and sing at the top of my lungs when my favourite song plays on the radio , distract you all the time - ”
Kai laughed under his breath , gazing into her eyes. Nothing Y/N did could ever annoy him. What they had was special. It had been this instant connection you see in movies. From the moment he had first seen her , he had felt something towards her - even before the merge. There was just something about her that drew him in like a magnet.  After the merge it had slowly started becoming clear to him what those emotions meant and eventually they found their way to each other. Y/N had changed his life and he had changed hers.  They loved each other more than any of them could put into words. Y/N would do anything for him and Kai was the same when it came to her.
“I love you more than anything Y/N… and I don’t ever ever want to know what its like to live without you.” said Kai , his eyes sparkling like never before. “And I want to wake up next to you every morning. Forever.”
“I don’t want to what life without you is like either. ” she said smiling. “Losing you would mean losing a part of me and I know I wont recover. I love you.” she said softly. “More than words.”

Y/N opened her eyes , feeling a tear roll down her cheek. Every time a moment she and Kai had shared returned as a dream to her , it was always like this. It wasn’t like the memories were sad , no - the memories were happy , but the hole in her heart had never healed. It had been four years since Kai had died and Y/N would still stop by his grave at least once a day or more. Some days her ‘stopping by’ meant spending hours sitting on the ground next to his headstone , talking to him. At least Stefan had been sensitive enough towards her feelings , understanding that they loved each other and had helped her bury him. Damon had had other intentions.
The past few years Y/N had spent hating him and that had drawn a rift between her and her friends. Every time the subject was brought up they’d just start arguing with her how Kai had never changed and had fooled her into believing that he had. Not that it mattered to Y/N. The heart wants what the heart wants and she would’ve loved him either way. None of the people she grew up with was willing to admit that Bonnie stabbing Kai in the back , literally , and ditching him in 1903 had caused the chaos at the wedding. Kai had even said it himself. Damon and Bonnie had had tricked him and Kai had believed them because he had wanted to , not realising what a huge mistake that was. How was he not to snap again ? He spent weeks in 1903 used as a human blood bag to Lilly’s heretics. Being left alone again in another Prison World was going to have it’s consequences. Yet Kai hadn’t been completely gone even then , he never had been. Why else would he stab Jo first , making sure she is dead before killing himself and taking his entire coven with him ? No , Kai cared about his sister enough to spare her the slow painful death the rest of the coven would have to endure after he jammed that piece of glass in his neck. Everyone always expected the worst from him and in the end he had given in , living up to their worse expectations. Nothing Y/N said to her friends mattered though…

A sigh left her lips and she placed her hand on her forehead , trying to blink back the tears. Four years and it was still him. It had always been only him and it would always be him. Losing him didn’t hurt any less with time as people always said. Stefan had offered to take away her suffering , make her forget and help her move on but Y/N had refused. There was no way she’d ever let someone mess with her memories of Kai and – moving on ? How does someone move on after losing their other half ? No. It wasn’t possible.
Y/N’s phone rang interrupting her thoughts. DAMON said the caller ID. A groan left her lips and she clicked ignore. Last thing she wanted was to talk to her least favourite person on this planet. Her phone rang again , and again. Finally she picked up realising there was no other way to get rid of him.
“What is it Damon?” she said sounding more annoyed than ever. “If you have called to gloat again I swear -”
“Don’t hang up , just listen.” he said starting to talk really fast. “I know you hate my guts and you don’t ever want to see my face or hear my voice ever again. You made that very clear but … I think I can make it up to you.”
“What ? Did you invent a time machine that would take me back to the time I tried to stake you so I can finally get some peace of mind?” she rolled her eyes. There was no way for Damon to make it up to her. Not now , not ever. He had tried apologising and she had told him multiple times that  ‘Sometimes I do things I don’t have to do.’  does not count as an apology. One of the few times he had tried that half-ass apology , she had tried to stake him and almost had succeeded if it hadn’t been for Stefan intervening.
 “Let me say HI. Let me say HI.” said a very familiar voice from the other end of the line. Y/N blinked fast a couple of times sure that her dreams were now turning into full blown hallucinations. And even if that was true , all of the sudden Damon had he complete attention.
“No. Not a time machine but something happened.” said the vampire. “Meet me downtown in 30 minutes near the diner ? You know , the one you tried to stake me in after I tried to apologise?”
“Wait , who’s in the car with you?”
“Just come meet me. ”
“Wait , Damon if you don’t tell me who - ”
“And wear something nice. BYE.” said Damon , hanging up a second later.
Y/N stared at her phone screen shaking her head. It wasn’t possible was it ? No. Her mind was playing tricks on her … or Damon was playing another twisted game but either way she had to know. She opened the nightstand’s drawer pulling out the same wooden stake she had tried to use to kill him the first time. If he was messing with her , things would get ugly and this time he was going to get it.
Quickly she got up and put on her favourite jeans and one of Kai’s tshirts. Y/N could never bring herself to give them away or any of his things. Why would she? After he had asked her to move in with him officially , he had practically packed her things for her with magic and they moved in the same day , a few hours after he asked actually. Living in his apartment had been the only thing to keep her from falling apart 100% after his death. Y/N could feel him everywhere around her - sometimes she could literally see him smile at her from across the room or motioning for her to come sit on his lap while watching TV. Everywhere she looked , he was there … only it wasn’t really real. It was all her imagination. Y/N brushed her hair , pulling it in a loose ponytail , grabbed her phone and put the wooden stake in her backpack before running outside.

Y/N walked down the street taking a turn just to where the diner was with her phone in her hands just about to dial Damon’s number when she spotted him in standing at the beginning of one of the alleys talking on his phone and there was someone incredibly familiar with him.
  “Come on Damon. Next victim won’t find itself.”

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Seeing @harryslittlekiwis post about if you acted like you were asleep while listening to Harry talk about how he felt about you got me inspired!! Here is kinda the same prompt but with Niall! ENJOY 💕

You remembered feeling Niall’s hand rubbing soothing circles on your back as you snuggled further into him before you drifted off to sleep. You also remembered hearing him humming softly in your ear in between little kisses to your head.

But when you found your eyes popping open what felt like hours later you were surprised to see Niall was still wide awake staring at what you assumed was the ceiling with his hand still making the circle pattern on your back. You just let out a sigh of content before your eyes closed again, not quite asleep yet but slowly getting there.

“How did I get so lucky?” You knew by the way his voice was barley even a whisper that he didn’t intend for you to hear him let alone answer. “Who would of thought dat a bloke like me would get an angel like you.” You knew he thought you were asleep by the way his voice never got above a whisper.

“Like ya just came wonderin into me life one day and now I can’t imagine what I’d be doin wit out ya.” His hand went from rubbing circles on your back to lightly stroking your hair. You just continued to keep your eyes closed as you listened to Niall’s voice tell you everything he wished he had the nerve to tell you while you were wide awake. “Ya just have no clue how much ya mean ta me darlin.” You had to fight the urge to smile knowing that he would be able to feel the movement since your cheek was pressed against his bare chest.

“One day ya probably gonna be my wife, that’s if you’ll have me as a husband.” His voice was filled with emotion and you knew by the way his heart was beating fast that he was slightly nervous. “I just want ta be the one that gets ta love ya forever and be da one ta give you a life ya deserve.” You really wished you could just kiss him but you knew by his tone that he wasn’t done thinking out loud.

You heard and felt him take a deep breath and let it out, “I can’t imagine anyone else I wanna do life with ta be honest. I see you having me kids, I’ve always imagined our girls havin your hair and my eyes and I will even let ya dress dem in frilly tings and bows all in their hair.” You had to squeeze your eyes a little to stop the few tears that were threatening to escape, you heard him laugh a little. “Can ya imagine a house full of little Horan’s runnin around? Imagine all da laughter and love in that house.” He let out a deep sigh as he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” you felt his lips on the top of your head and you could tell by his voice that he was going to fall asleep any moment. “I love ya so much dat it actually scares me a bit.” He was mumbling now and when you felt the motion of his hand in your hair getting slower you knew that his eyes were closed.

“Jus wanna make ya happy angel.” Was the last thing you heard him mumble before you finally knew he was asleep. His breathing was more even and his hand had stopped all movement in your hair and you could finally peek your eyes open and let yourself smile as you lifted your head a bit to get a better look at him.

“I love you too Niall,” you whispered as you gently leaned up and placed a light peck to his jaw making him stir just a bit but never open his eyes. You smiled as you rested your head back on his chest and closed your eyes for the last time that night. “You make me so happy.” You mumbled before you finally let sleep take over your body and you couldn’t have been more relaxed falling asleep in the arms of the man that loved you just as much as you loved him.

Little Arrow

“Little Arrow” is based off this dream I keep having of our beloved Daryl Dixon. I decided to write it as a short story, though I may continue it as the dreams continue (if they do).

Daryl acts like he may finally be ready to take this ‘relationship’ to the next level, but then he tells you a heartbreaking reality.

  • Daryl Dixon
  • 1015 Words
  • No warnings that I know of
  • I am writing this at 3am so excuse how poorly this is written <3 I may rewrite eventually~

You walked up to the neighboring house of Alexandria. Rick called a meeting for the morning once Negan’s men had left yesterday, claiming over half of the rations this time and taking a couple of your people. Luckily, they hadn’t caught sight of Daryl, who was just coming back from Hilltop for a quick visit.

The chatter was loud, even with the door shut. You didn’t want to walk in, knowing that this meeting was the meeting. Rick would split all of you up, keeping you as far from them as possible, seeing as Negan and his men clearly knew you were a little too close to the escapee.

Deep in your own thoughts, you missed the shadow of a man standing on the far end of the porch, at least until a low growl escapes his lips and you were forced to spin around, hand on the knife strapped to your thigh.

Daryl stepped out of the shadows and raised his hands in the air, giving himself in. “Jus’ me. Though I been injured by everybody but you.” He joked.

You dropped your hand and shook your head, a smile hint of a smile playing on the corners of your lips. “I figured you would be halfway back to Hilltop after yesterday.”

This time, Daryl smiled. He shook his head and some little brown hairs fell into his face, causing him to squint just a little bit more.

“Ready to head inside?” You asked him and rested your hand on the doorknob.

“Wait,” Daryl nodded to the spot he was standing two minutes ago, and walked back over, taking his position.

With a little confusion plastered across your face, you follow suit and stand beside the man. He’s digging around in his pocket, finally able to find what he was in search for.

He pulled out a rectangle, black box. “I saw this and I…. Jus’ open it.” He thrusted the box into your hands.

“Daryl…” You looked at him warily before taking the box and staring at it for a moment before you decided to finally open it, a gasp passing your lips as you noted the small necklace inside. “Oh my…”

“It’s an arrow. See?” Daryl peered into your hands and pointed at the little object. “’cause you’re my little arrow.” He beamed and you felt your heart melt. ‘Arrow’ was always his nickname for you, since the day the two of you met.

You had never seen Daryl this excited about anything—in fact, you couldn’t remember seeing him feel much of any emotion. It was a nice change, and you hated that after this moment, you two would most likely have to go your separate ways.

“It’s beautiful.” You tilted the box so the necklace fell a little more in place. It was a beautiful arrow with a stone of your favorite color in the middle. It was either very sweet how he remembered, or a huge coincidence. “Can you…?” You motioned to the piece of jewelry and Daryl carefully took it out of the package for you.

You spun around, pulling your hair to the side so Daryl could easily slip his arms around you and clasp the necklace around your neck. You could feel his breath on you; it was warm and you had to admit, you wanted more.

“Thank you, Daryl.” You look over your shoulder at him, giving him a big smile and assuring him this was the best damn present you thought anybody had given you. “This means the world to me.”

And it did. You and Daryl had been flirts toward each other for months now. It was apparent that you two had something between you, but Daryl was too shy to ever act. In fact, any time the others would bring it up, Daryl quickly left the room or he would turn bright red and refuse to speak to anyone for a week. You thought maybe the flirting was all in your head. Until he was taken by Negan.

His crooked smile appeared on his lips. It was adorable how his sky blue eyes never left your eyes. Not to be cheesy; but you wanted to soar away in them, get lost. You cherished those moments you could stare into his eyes and imagine the two of you running away in a normal world.

A normal world would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about men such as Negan wandering through the gates at any minute, threatening to take the one person you cared about. Those few weeks without Daryl were the worst, you had no intention of going back into that deep, dark hole.

Daryl turned his head and this mask draped over his face instantly and his shoulders tensed up. “I’m leavin’.”

Immediately, you knew what was about to happen. Another argument. “Okay. As long as I’m beside you.”

Daryl snapped his head up, although he avoided eye contact this time. “Negan is on the lookout for me. I ain’t gonna be the reason yer caught too.”

He wouldn’t understand. “I don’t care about that. You can’t be out there on your own, Daryl.”

“If anything ever happens to you…” He choked up and turned his head away. 

Without much thought, you grabbed the man by his cheeks and kissed him.

Before the walker infestation, you would watch romantic movies. They all told you the first kiss was meant to be “magical” and fireworks were supposed to go off around you. Some even told you there would be an ‘awe’ from the crowd or an applause.

This kiss was so much more than any of that. Magical didn’t describe it enough.

Daryl hesitated, but only for a brief second before his hand clamped on the back of your neck, throwing himself into the kiss. You stumbled back a couple of steps until your back hit the railing, steadying the two of you as the kiss became a little too clumsy, but still sweet and full of passion; a passion only a man neglected of the word all his life could give.

You were sure you were going to burn a rut into the floor with your pacing back and forth. The thing was no matter what you did you couldn’t calm down. You were on edge because your boyfriend was having his knee surgery done and while yes you were there in the hospital waiting for him, you were not allowed into his surgery even though you were a nurse. It was a “conflict of interest” they said and with that you had almost caused a scene in the middle of the hospital. Niall turning to you and placing a soft kiss on your forehead telling you “everything will be fine love, I’ll be out before ya know it and ya can be me nurse and take care of me after!” was the only thing that stopped you from doing so.

The sound of footsteps drew you out of your thoughts. You stopped pacing and looked up just in time to see a doctor approach you. “Miss? You’re here with Niall Horan correct?”

“Yes. Is he okay? Things went okay right? Can i see him” You realized you were rambling and chuckled a bit to yourself. “Sorry I’m just really on edge”

The doctor chuckled himself and led you over to a seat. “He’s just fine, still a bit groggy. You can go in and see him. Once he’s woken up a bit more and papers are signed you’re free to take him home”

Niall hadn’t taken long to wake up more from the anesthesia and not long after you two were pulling into the driveway. Once you parked the car you turned to Niall. He looked so peaceful as he had fallen asleep on the ride home. His head was smushed against the window and soft snores were coming out of him. You hated to wake him but you were sure he’d be more comfortable inside, in a bed.

“Ni…Niall” You ran your hand through his hair, scratching at his head a bit. He mumbled to himself and opened his eyes. He turned his head toward you, blinking his sleepy eyes, and yawned. “Babe we’re here, how about we get you inside and all cozy in bed.”

He just shook his head yes and leaned back against the window. You giggled and got out the car to grab the wheelchair and bring it over to his side of the car. Getting Niall into the wheelchair and into bed was quite of a challenge but you had successfully done so. He was now sat in bed with some pillows propping him up. You took a seat on the edge of the bed next to him, grabbed his hand and ran your thumb back and forth across his hand. “How are you feeling babe? Any pain? Anything you need?”

Niall turned to you and gave you a soft smile.
“I’m just fine love. No pain at all, ya know being a strong man and all. Id be set to just watch some golf and maybe eat some food. I’m starving! Since your my nurse and all would ya be so kind as to make me some food?” He gave you a big cheesy grin and chuckled.

You just rolled your eyes and smiled. “I guess I could do that. Remote is next to you so you can turn on golf. Your medication is on the nightstand as is a glass of water to take them with. Do not, I repeat, do not even attempt to move or get out of bed. If you need me holler okay?” You leaned over and ruffled his hair and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

Niall grabbed your hand as you pulled away and pulled you back to him. He gave you a soft sweet kiss on the lips and gave you a smile. “Thank ya love, don’t know what I’d do without ya.”

You just blushed and left the room smiling like a fool. You went into kitchen and began making Niall some food. As you were heading back into the bedroom with Niall’s food you heard him grumbling to himself.

“Damnit. Why are ya so far away?!” You giggled silently to yourself as you walked into the room. There was Niall leaning over to the nightstand struggling to reach the glass of water. “Having trouble love?”

Niall huffed and stopped reaching once he heard your voice. He looked up at you and frowned. “Why is the nightstand so far away? I was jus trying to take these two pills but I can’t reach me water” He held open his hand to show the two pills he had mentioned.

“Niall James Horan what do you think you’re doing?! You can’t take two of these! You’re only supposed to take one every 4-6 hours!” You huffed, placed his food down on the bed and grabbed the two pills out of his hand. You placed one pill back into the bottle and handed him the water and pill.

“Oi! Why are ya yelling at me? I jus got me knee cut open!” He took the water and pill and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“I’m just trying to make sure you stay alive babe. Taking two of these could of been dangerous. I’m not trying to yell at you, just trying to make sure you recover correctly. Im sorry if that makes me be a bit stern and such. It’s just how I get since it my job.” You sat on the bed next to him and gave him a small smile.

“I know love. And I love ya for it. And I am thankful for ya. Couldn’t of asked for a better person to take care of me. My own at home personal nurse.” He gave you a big cheeky smile and a wink then pulled you into his arms and rested his head on your shoulder.

“How about we eat and watch a movie? You can pick since you’re the patient” You giggled and got up to grab the food and remote. You sat the tray on Niall’s lap and snuggled in close to him. Niall flicked through the channels and finally stopped when he saw When Harry Met Sally" was on.

“Oi look love, it’s one of ya favorites! We can watch this one since it’s a good one and as a thank ya for taking care of me.” He turned to you with a smile on his face and planted multiple kisses all over your face. You giggled and swatted at him to stop even though you didn’t mean it.

You honestly loved him being goofy and already back to his normal self after such a long day. Plus you didn’t mind taking care of him at all. Yes being a nurse was your job, but it wasn’t why you didn’t mind taking care of Niall. You didn’t mind because he was your boyfriend and you loved him.

After he stopped attacking your face with kisses you shared a long sweet kiss. You rested your head on his shoulder and whispered in his ear “what would you do without me?”

You knew he was rolling his eyes you didn’t even have to look. You knew he really did appreciate all that you did for him, not just now but in general. Niall loved that you were always looking out for him, from making him his favorite meal to making sure he got plenty of sleep you always had his best interests at heart and he loved you for it.

“Coffee Talk”

Chibs Telford x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)
Lockdowns were the absolute worst. Too many people, too crowded, no time for yourself. You figured out real quick you had to be crafty to get time alone in a situation like that. Your solution was simple: go to sleep early and get up in the middle of the night to sneak in the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and a snack, and crawl in the nook between the large industrial refrigerator and the pantry to read or browse the internet on your iPad. 3 or 4 am was your 8 am during these times.

You had only just begun to get used to this. You hadn’t been a friend of the club for long, only about eight months, but it had been a busy two-thirds-of-a-year for the Redwood boys, this was your third lock down within that time period.

Everyone told you that Majoring in Spanish with minors in Russian and Irish was a bad idea and that you’d never use it. Boy were they wrong. The club paid you percentages to translate and befriend their Cartel, Mafia, and IRA contacts on their behalf. You had (in less than a year) bought a new house and a car as well as paying off your student loan debt.

All in cash.

Needless to say this was one profitable relationship you weren’t willing to give up anytime soon, even if you did have to suffer a couple nights worth of a packed house to keep it moving along steadily.

Your alarm went off at 3:30 and you rolled out of your ‘bed’, a cot tucked away behind the bar and a scratchy blanket, to head back to the kitchen where you’d spend the next few hours until the others began to wake and you could crawl out of your hiding spot and join the rest of the crew. You snuck into the kitchen, starting the coffee pot and hopping up on the island counter to wait for it to finish.

“S'a bit early ta be 'avin’ coffee innit love?”

You jumped off the counter, yelping and spinning around as fast as possible to face the person whose voice just startled the crap out of you.

“FUCK!” you cursed, hand clutching your heart as your chest heaved, your breathing erratic and labored.

“Oi, lass. I din’t mean ta scare ye,” he raised his eyebrows, leaning down and pressing his palms against the counter top and looked at you, “You okay?”

You took a deep breath, steadying your breathing and heartbeat as you glared at him.

“Why would you do that!?” you exclaimed.

“I was jus’ seein’ what you 'ere up to sneakin’ off ev'ry mornin’,” he grinned at you, his dimples making you weak.

“You…. you’ve been watching me?” you asked him, a little shocked at the attention he must have been paying you. You’d had a thing for the Scot since you met him, but you kept it under wraps, figuring you were nowhere near the type of woman that could handle a rowdy biker like him.
But It seemed currently, with the way he was looking at you, that sly grin stretched across his cheeks, that maybe he felt similarly about you as you did about him.

“Aye,” he breathed, his deep voice like music to your ears, “I’ve been watchin’ ye fer a while,” his smile faded and he became much more serious, a purpose behind his expression as stepped around the island, walking to your side of it and standing in front of you, his beautiful brown eyes capturing your gaze and holding it. You’d seen this look before and you recognized it.

You swallowed hard, not daring to break eye contact as your palms began to sweat and your stomach did backflips. Chibs’ fingers wove into yours and he gave your hand a gentle squeeze as he reached his other hand up to your face, cupping your cheek and stroking it with his thumb as he released your hand and moved to grip your waist.
He leaned into you, never breaking eye contact, your heart beating so hard you thought you might puke, praying that you wouldn’t. He stilled himself when he was just hairs away from your lips, so close you could feel his breath on your mouth as he panted lustfully, his gaze finally breaking away from yours to dart down to your lips.

Being released from the spell his stare had you under, you closed the gap, clasping your eyes shut and pressing your lips forward into his, his fingers digging gently into your skin as he ran his tongue along your bottom lip and a low growl emanated from his chest.
He pulled away from the kiss and pushed some hair behind your ear, searching your face for a sign, trying to see if the next move on his mind was going to fly. Seeing no signs of objection, he put both hands around your hips, lifting you up to the counter, and you wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers grasping his hair and pulling his lips back to you. You opened your legs so he could settle between them while he gripped the back of your shirt, holding you tightly to him.

His strong hands were holding you so firmly you didn’t ever want to be let go, his tongue playing with yours as he deepened the breathtaking kiss you shared. He moves his hands to rest on your thighs and gave them a squeeze, causing an involuntary sigh to escape your mouth. He smiled against your kiss.
Knowing he was laughing at you, you smiled back, continuing to kiss him.

Abruptly, he pulled away from you and took a step back, causing you to snap your eyes open and look at him desperately, the loss of contact making you weak. You could tell he was thinking by how he chewed on his bottom lip and stared out at nothing. You sat there, blankly staring at his eyes and waiting for him to speak.

“Lass… How 'bout after this lockdown s'over I take ye on a date?” he asked and your concern over him breaking the kiss faded, being replaced with a grin as you nodded, “I’d love to, but only if you kiss me like that again,” you bit your lip and looked at him coyly.

He let out a breath and his eyes filled with lust once again, “Deal,” he agreed as he stepped back to you, holding the sides of your face and leaning into your lips again.

The sun outside began to rise and you, all while wrapped up in Chibs’ embrace, were praying for a speedy resolution to the club conflict.

2 “I’ve been watching you, (Y/N). For tonight, I mean.”
6 “I love the sound of your screams.”
19 “You’re all bloody, what happened?”


It feels like eyes bore in your back, leaving an unpleasant feeling there as you walk down the road. It’s pretty stupid to be alone on the streets of Gotham after the sun went down, especially as a woman. But somehow you’ve to get home and you don’t want to wait for your brother.
You suppress the instinct to look over the shoulder and walk instead faster. The heals of your shoes clatter in an unsteady rhythm as you hear a laughter.
A laughter you know from TV, from the radio.
From one night in January…
You reach out for the gun in your waistband as he, Jerome, grabs you from behind.
Almost like you’re old friends or lovers he hugs you from behind, his cheek clinging to your as he covers your hand, stopping you from pulling the gun out.
“It was you who were following me.” You gasp unnecessarily and he snickers.
“Yes, I’ve been watching you, (Y/N). For tonight, I mean.” He purrs.
His voice surrounds you like a dark cloud of fear with a sparkle of desire.

You shouldn’t like this feeling.
You shouldn’t like his cold body pressed on yours, leaving waves of goosebumps over your body.
You shouldn’t like the affection and attention he’s giving you.

What you should do is ramming your elbow in his stomach and yell after the police car which is standing a few meters away.
Of course, they’re corrupt as you at least try.
Instead of helping you and earn eternal thanks from you brother, they turn around and disappear in the darkness.
“Love the sound of your screams.” He mutters in your ear before a chuckle leaving his mouth. “‘course I wish the circumstances would be different.”
Like to emphasize his words he rubs small circles with his hips against yours. Disgusted you pull away and turn around, wanting to slap the wide grin out of his face.
“I hate you, Valeska.” You spat in his face.
“And that’s what I love about you.” He giggles like a school boy, pulling you back in his embrace. “Does your big, bad brother know about us?”
“Screw you. It was just one kiss and I had no idea who you are.”
Probably you’ll regret your doing as you take the knife out of the pocket and buries it in his shoulder blade. His eyes widen in surprise as he let you go. Quickly you step back, watching how he, a little too dramatically, collapses on the ground.
“Ju-just leave me alone.”

Thirty minutes later you finally reach the apartment. Normally you need at least an hour, but not tonight.
“(Y/N)?” Your brother asks, wearing still his suit as he steps in the hallway.
Immediately he pulls out his gun and looks over your shoulder like the reason why you’re home early and scared to death is still behind you.
“You’re all bloody, what happened?” He wipes some blood and tears from your cheek.
“I’ve to tell you something, Jim…”

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Everyone has their days where they aren’t their self. That’s what Y/N had been told. 

But those are most days. That can’t be normal… right?, was their response every time.

To which they received the same answer, I’m sure it’s not everyday. You’re just being dramatic.

It hadn’t been everyday but, it was close. It also wasn’t just “not feeling like their self”, it was wondering, thinking to their self what’s the point?

Sure, everyone most likely asks their self that question at some point but… not continuously. And, they probably give their self an explanation as to why they are alive. Y/N couldn’t figure it out. 

No matter who they asked, they got the same response and yet… they continued to ask. They had hope that someone may have an answer. A real answer. 

So, here they were, sitting across Dan in their small living room. They started watching a movie about an hour ago before Y/N had slipped into their own thoughts. It was now that Y/N had thought about asking Dan the same question they asked everyone else.

“Hey, Dan?” Y/N looked over to Dan, who was sprawled out on the couch, half asleep at this point.

He jerked awake, shoving a pillow out of the way so he could see Y/N. “Yeah? I wasn’t sleeping, I promise. I was jus-” 

Y/N interrupted, “It’s fine, sorry I woke you up.”

“I wasn’t actually fully asleep, no worries. What was it though?” Dan sat up and turned himself away from the tv. 

Y/N sat there trying to decide whether they still wanted to ask or not. He might give the same answer, or he might not. Or maybe he wouldn’t care, or he might wonder if something was “wrong” with Y/N. 

“What’s the point? In… living?” They had spoken so fast it almost slipped past him.


“I just… I don’t see the point.”

Dan reached for the remote, muting the movie. “Y/N, why are you so suddenly asking?”

They shrugged as they started to regret ever asking. “I’ve asked other people but they just say the same thing… I thought maybe you’d say something different.” 

“Well,” he breathed out, “I’m flattered you came to me.” Dan gave them a small smile. “Y/N, I know life doesn’t seem like much and… it seems pretty pointless. I promise you, it’s not. While it seems like you’re here for no reason and like the only thing you’re living for is death, you’re here for a reason and it’s not for you to die. We all go through a stage where we question things, some people go through them longer than others. It’s okay to take your time, just know… life is always worth living.”

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“Tig’s Confession”

@hauntedduckdefendor posted a list of scenarios for characters and I wanted to do one of my own so here it is…

#28: Reader overhearing the Character confess his love when she isn’t supposed to.

A Tig Trager imagine.

“Tig the snap on truck is here. Probably delivering those tools you asked me to order!” you shouted into the garage where your coworkers were gathered around an old Chevelle, trying to get it running.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful and go sign for the shit then?” he glared at you, “You see I’m working.”

You sighed, walking out into the lot to meet the driver and take the delivery. The driver was already pulling the boxes out of the truck, three huge packages that his 6 foot, 200 lb frame was struggling with.
You grimaced, knowing you would have to go in there and ask for help, only to have Tig snap at you again.

Recently, and for no reason that you could ascertain, Tig had become hostile towards you, avoiding you at all costs. But when he did have to communicate with you he was short with you and rude when you spoke to him. You two used to be pretty good friends, enjoying a beer or two together after work, now he appeared to be repulsed by the thought of you. You had no idea what you had done to elicit this reaction from him.

You thanked the driver and signed for the delivery before taking a deep breath and turning back to the garage. When you walked in, only Tig was working on the Chevelle, but the prospect was off to the side with Chibs, having a break. You stepped to them, knowing they would be more polite about helping you carry the boxes in, and you asked the prospect for his help to which he jumped up and scurried off to get the boxes for you.

“Jesus, you really are good for nothing aren’t you?” the voice behind you boomed. Tig had overheard you asking for help and there he was, terrorizing you again.
“Pathetic..” he remarked.

You felt tears pickling your eyes as you stared ahead at Chibs who grimaced at the insult, but said nothing.
After you were sure you could hold the tears in, you turned to your left, avoiding eye contact with Tig, and walked away into your office, shutting the door. The tears came down immediately.

When you had composed yourself and the signs that you had been crying where faded away, you decided you needed a drink or two.

You calmly stood up to walk across the lot to the club house in search of something strong when you heard your name drift across the garage, spoken by a familiar Scottish voice.

“The lass thinks ye hate er Tiggy.” Chibs harshly whispered.

You froze, your ear trained on the voices coming from the other side of the garage that had no idea you could hear them.

“Yeah well then it’s working,” Tig groaned.

“No brother, it ain’t. Yer hurting her. She was jus’ cryin ‘er eyes out in tha’ office. If you’d just tell ‘er–” Chibs growled but was interrupted by his dark haired friend’s outburst.

“What am I supposed to do Chibs!? Walk up to her and say ‘Hey (Y/N), I know you think I’m a dick but that’s because I love you and I was only being an asshole to push you away because I know you’re too good for me’!?” Tig yelled and your eyes widened at the revelation as Chibs began to respond to Tig. Your stunned mind was too clouded with Tig’s words to hear what Chibs had to say.

Tig was in love with you.

Tig was IN LOVE with you?

TIG was in LOVE with YOU!

You gasped loudly, covering your mouth as you realized you would be heard. You were beginning to back away when you heard the mechanics stools roll back and two bodies appeared, standing to look over the vehicle, peering at you.

Your hand was still over your mouth, eyes wide, as you looked back and forth rapidly between Chibs’ pleased grin and Tig’s shocked expression.

Chibs clapped Tig on the shoulder, “That’ll do ma brother,” he chuckled and you brought your hand down from your face as he walked around the car to you. He placed his hand on your shoulder, looking into your eyes as he gave it a squeeze, “Talk to him,” he whispered where only you could hear and you nodded.

He walked away to the club house and you turned to Tig who was still frozen in the same place.

You bit your lip and stood your ground, Tig cleared his throat, “So… erm… You heard that…” he stated and you nodded, holding his eye contact.

He sighed rubbing his forehead, “It’s true. I’m sorry I was a dick to you,“  he looked down in shame and you took the opportunity to walk around the car to him. His light blue mechanics shirt stained with grease, oil, sweat and who knows what else, his face matching his shirt.

“S'okay…” you spoke from right in front of him and he looked up to meet your gaze.

“I thought you hated me–” you began.

“–I could never… I-I… Love you” he choked and you smiled a smile that stretched across your entire face, wrapping your arms around him and planting a huge kiss on his lips as he wrapped his work-stained arms around you, squeezing you tightly and burying his face in your neck.

“I love you too Tiggy,” you whispered.

Oh man, where do I begin?

A year ago, I officially began my presence in the Fire Emblem Fates RP community — and here I am, still here, a year later! Only those who have been around for longer than I have remember my old URL KIRAQI — but upon further deepening of Kiragi’s character, was changed to the one I have present day. It’s only been my second experience with a community on Tumblr, my first being in the Osomatsu-san fandom — and I had ditched one of my blogs in said community in favor of Kiragi.

I guess I should start with what I’m thankful for in this introduction. Honestly, there’s a LOT to be thankful for — this community’s kindness, it’s welcome, and the zeal it had ever since I joined to improve many different aspects of myself in the creative aspect. This includes my graphics, writing, musical ability — it’s endless. I joined this community with absolutely no idea how it’d work out — honestly, I thought it would be a lot like the Osomatsu-san community, where the majority of people DREW ANSWERS to asks. I was surprised to find out that the majority of the fandom used their creative writing skills for the most part. I was young — er, younger — when I made the blog, so I had no knowledge of what I was doing, other than the fact that I was here to have fun — I think that’s the most important part to when I joined. As began to roleplay more and more, new glasses were placed upon my face, and I started seeing — well, EVERYTHING differently. 

Before this gets too long, I’d like to just say thank you — to YOU. Because it’s likely that if you’re seeing this from my blog, you’re following me — you’re one of those THOUSAND followers that I have accumulated over the past year. Roleplaying is not my priority, as writing in a whole is just a hobby for me, and I always do things in the order and balance that I want — perhaps that’s selfish of me, but this community has allowed me to realize MANY things. Everyone I met was so unique and amazing, and even though I’ve only managed to fully befriend only a fraction of my followers, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

And — oh yes. You didn’t forget, right? Because I didn’t — I told you that I’d make a CELEBRATORY VIDEO. Now, let’s begin this long-ass bias list. | art credit !

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Professor Pride Week 11

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Professor Pride Week 11

Pairing: Professor!Pride x Reader

Word count: 1,429

Warnings: fluff

A/N: It’s Tuesday AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Series Masterlist

Classes were cancelled last Thursday,but none of the students seemed to know why it happened, except for a select few, including yourself.  You were given the weekend to relax; your professors giving you a little leeway.  Dean Wade made sure that you were alright.  Calling you a few times to check on you.  You loved Loretta, she was the mom you wish you had.  Your mother was always demanding and didn’t care about your needs or your wants.

It was now Tuesday and you were in class.  The looks that you and Dwayne exchanged were different.  They were more relaxed; more open.  It was as if Pride didn’t have to hold back his feelings anymore.

As class ended, you looked up from your laptop getting a single nod from Dwayne.  You knew what it meant; you were supposed to follow him to his office.  A place you came to love in the last couple of months.

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“Lost Love - Part 3″

Chibs Telford x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

How could I have been so stupid, you thought to yourself as you paced the floor of your hotel, knowing that a knock was going to come to your door at any minute.

Like clockwork, five minutes later you heard boots outside your door and then a soft knock come from the other side, accompanied by the heartbroken voice of your old man.

“Lass, I know yer in there. Open up,” he spoke, but you didn’t budge, “(Y/N)… Please baby.”

You stepped quietly to the door, looking through the peep hole to see Filip standing there, but just barely. He looked as if his heart might shatter at any moment. You hated seeing him hurt, and you realized that the pain you put him through was much worse than the pain of you losing each other to the prison system.

You stepped back, placing your hand on the doorknob and turning it, opening the door to face him. He looked as if he had been crying and drinking for days and you immediately began to hate yourself for doing that to him, you hadn’t realized how much he needed you.
His arms enveloped you immediately, holding you as if  you were his life line and you held him back, knowing that you missed him just as much as he missed you. You looked around him to find his brothers all posted down in the parking lot, staring up at you. You gave them a small defeated wave before stepping away from his embrace and back inside the door to let your lover in your room.

“Filip you shouldn’t have come…” you sighed, looking down as he closed the door behind him, “ATF probably has a tail on you, they’re gonna find me–”
“I don’t care abou’ that, love. I want you home. I can’t sleep, can’t fuckin’ eat. We have a plan to get ATF off our backs but we need you. I need you.” his eyes were sincere, he was on the verge of tears.
“S-so… Your brothers… they know about you meeting with Stahl?” you questioned.
He sighed, saying nothing, and looking down at his boots.
“Filip…” you warned.
“I know. Love….I know. I’m gonna tell ‘em. Jus’ need to find th'right time.”

You stepped closer to him, taking his face in your hands and pulling his gaze back up to meet yours, running your thumbs across the scars on his cheeks. “We do it together,” you paused, “We do it now.”

He reached up and took your hands from his face, bringing your hands to his lips where he kissed them before pulling your body to him and pressing his lips into yours, his mouth tasting like whiskey and you knew he had only gotten through the last few days with the help of his old pal Jameson. The familiar was coming back to you as you melted into his embrace, knowing you could never really leave him for good.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Jax, asking him and the others to come up.

When they all got inside your small room, Filip spoke, “(Y/N) and I have somethin’ we need to tell ye,” he breathed, visibly flustered, “It has to do with why she left.”

Jax furrowed his brow, looking to Clay who shrugged. Tig locked eyes with you, speaking to Chibs while maintaining your stare, he always pinned you as a weak link and you knew his mind was already labeling you a rat, “What’s goin’ on brother?”
“Stahl wasn’t jus’ leveraging jail time to get (Y/N) to cooperate,” Filip swallowed and you took his hand, giving it a squeeze, “Back when Jimmy came stateside, Stahl pulled me over in th’ van askin’ me to give up Jimmy O and I agreed to give her information.”

The room had a tension like no other, the air was dead quiet as Clay and the others began to glare at Chibs and you held your breath, expecting the worst.

“What did you do…..” Clay growled and everyone shuffled nervously.

“I didn’ give 'er anythin’,” he defended, “I came home, realized I was acting ou’ of hate, an’ went back th'next day to tell that bitch no deal…” he stopped talking and looked at you, “…she tol’ me to think it over and handed me th’ file and I shoved it back to 'er, she had someone snap a photo of the exchange,” he took a deep breath and exhaled, happy to have the secret off his chest, but you could tell Clay still needed to be convinced.

“Stahl brought me in for questioning the day I left. She showed me the photo and said if I didn’t give up the club for gun trafficking that she would find the intel she needed elsewhere, arrest me for obstruction with no visitation, and then let the photo slip into one of your hands, nailing Filip as the one who outed the club. Without me around to corroborate his story, you’d kill him…. she knew you wouldn’t trust anything he said. That’s why I left, she can’t work that angle if I’m not around. I had to protect you guys…and most of all I had to protect him,” you looked at your old man who was standing, embarrassed, next to you.

More silence…

“Is that all there is to know?” Jax broke the silence, “We don’t want to be blindsided by any more ugly truths later down the road.” he commented and you and Filip both nodded.

“Aye, that’s all,” Chibs stared back at the guys, shifting his gaze between his President and VP.

After a few more moments of silence Clay finally spoke, “Then let’s get back home and show that ATF bitch that she can’t touch us,” he didn’t smile, but you could tell just by his demeanor that he believed you, “And you,” he pointed to you and Jax finished his sentence for him, “No more going AWOL when you get a little pressure from the Feds, kid.”
Jax smiled and wrapped his arm around your neck, ruffling your hair and you smiled back a smile of relief. You grabbed your things and filed out with the guys to head back to the only place you could ever truly call home.

Filip held you close to his side, happy to have found the love he thought he had lost.


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