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9 Things We Learned From The Recent Persona 5 Famitsuu Article, That You Might Not Know Yet

…Hey, I’m allowed to have a click-bait title now or then too, alright!?

I wanted to make a video on this tonight, but I just realized I’m already too tired, so I’ll try record it tomorrow instead. 

For now, I’m giving you my script for that video, in order to share with you my summary on what has been learned this past week: 

1.) The heists

The targets of the party are malevolent, corrupted adults. The thief gang invade the inner worlds called „Palaces“ of these people to steal their „heart“ - here actually meaning their wrapped desires and ideals. Inside a palace, the host’s desires take the form of an item called „Treasure“. The party are trying to remove that „treasure“ from the target’s soul, thus forcing them to feel remorse for their actions and sins. However, since the target’s psyche usually has tons of defenses up against the Treasure being removed, getting to it is pretty tricky, hence the dungeons of the game.

2.) OtherworldNavi

The protagonists use a „mysterious“ Smartphone App called „OtherworldNavi“ to find their next targets and access their Palaces. From the description, it seems like „OtherworldNavi“ scans the hearts of people for corrupted desires and also opens portals to their inner Palaces.

3.) The Interrogation

We finally see the face of the woman interrogating the protagonist during the trailers. More on her later, in Makoto Nijima’s section. Personally, my theory right now is that this woman is a member of the Shadow Operatives, due to her demeanor and how unsurprised she seems by supernatural forces being involved. In the beginning of the trailer she threatened the protagonist with death if he doesn’t comply, meaning either that she is an extremist who would kill a minor for justice, or that the protagonist is under suspicions of murder at this part of the game and might end up being sentenced to death unless they bail him out.

4.) Makoto Nijima:

Previously called „Biker Girl“ by Fans, Makoto Nijima is one of the three female party members revealed in the new trailer. And yes, it annoys me a bit that her name is the same as that of the Persona 3 Protagonist in the movies. Anyway, according to the Famitsu article, Makoto is a third year student at Shuujin Academy, the same school the protagonist, Anne and Ryuuji visit. She is the student council president and very headstrong with a strong sense of justice, which apparently has been causing the problems of sorts. Her title in the article is „The Student Council President of Flawless Justice“ and her quote is „It’s true, I too am aiming for the Justice you guys speak of.“ According to director Katsura Hashino, she gets pulled into the events after the protagonist and Co realize that she is lonely and feels like she has no place to belong. Her Persona is called Johanna, and yes, Hashino confirms here that this „Johanna“ is in fact Pope Joan, the legendary female pope and inspiration for the images on the Priestess Tarot Cards. If you wanna know more about her, feel free to check out my video on the Priestess Arcana from a couple of weeks ago. (I had amazing timing there…) Her Persona is also capable of using Nuclear-Elemental Frei-spells for the first time since Persona 2, meaning that this game is not going to conflate Almighty and Nuclear Skills into the same category, but treads them as separate elements.

Interestingly, this character here, who’s name could be either Sae, Saya or Saeru, depending on the reading (Japanese names tend to be stupidly ambiguous with how they’re actually read) shares Makoto’s last name, Nijima, meaning that they’re probably related by blood. It’s gonna be interesting to see how an antagonist and a party member being related by blood is gonna play out here. (She’s the interrogator from the start of the trailer.)

5.) Futaba Sakura

We’ve already been introduced to her during the trailer, so I’ll keep this brief. Futaba’s title is „The Hikikomori Genius Hacker“, and personal quote is „…Navi. I will guide you to victory!“ Her characteristic is an extreme mathematical intelligence, which causes her to be a programming genius, but also incredibly awkward with social interaction. Due to that and a Trauma that caused her strong social anxiety, she stopped leaving her house and has been holed up in her room ever since middle school. The article doesn’t mention which High School she is enrolled in, if any, only that she should technically be a High School First Year, but has never set foot in there. Futaba is also a giant nerd; in one of the screen shots she even calls the protagonist outright “Protagonist”. If that’s how she refers to him in her navigation too, just “Protag”, I can die happy. And yes, Futaba is her given name. Sakura is her family name, not meaning „Cherry Blossom“, but „Helpful Storage“. By the way, Futaba means „sprout“. Again, her Persona is Necronomicon, and according to the director, its futuristic design is meant to symbolize Futaba’s technical genius. He also mentioned that Futaba is one of the most important characters within the party when it comes to the plot, so, look forward to that.

6.) Haru Okumura

Haru is a third year student in Shuujin Academy and, boy, does THAT confuse me. Despite Shuujin being supposed to be a correctional facility, Haru is characterized as a little princess, the daughter of the owner of a famous brand of take-out-food, and very rich and spoiled. She’s good at talking to people, but doesn’t really value others, because of her wealthy upbringing, that has rendered her rather naive to the harsh reality of the world. Her title is „The company Heiress who trusts nobody“ and her quote is „…I will commit myself to this. Whatever I can do, I want to do with commitment.“ Her Persona is Milady de Winter, an Antagonist of the Three Musketeers.

7.) The Velvet Room

According to Katsura Hashino, the Velvet Room this time is supposed to represent the protagonist’s own „Mental Prison“, and Igor is trying to lead him towards a „Rebirth into Freedom“. According to the director, Igor acting and sounding different to how he did in past games has been incorporated into the plot and likewise, Caroline and Justine being twins is plot-relevant as well. It’s also mentioned that Caroline and Justine don’t really have much respect for the Protagonist and treat him like a child.

8.) Day To Day Life, now including double-identity

While many mechanics have been brought back from Persona 1 and 2, a lot of mechanics from Persona 3 and Persona 4 make a return as well. You can still hang out with friends after school, date characters you like (the article only mentions girls, but who knows) and send your protagonist to part time work. There’s also gonna be a story event where they fly abroad, among other things. Hashino said he wants to place huge emphasis on the characters’ double lives here.

9.) Real Life: Morgana has taken over the official Persona 5 News Twitter. (Just a little bit of trivia)

This twitter page was previously hosted by Teddie from Persona 4 and had been written in-character in his speech style ever since it was first started in 2008, but starting last week Thursday night, it was permanently „taken over“ by Morgana of Persona 5. When asked about Teddie’s well-being, Morgana said, „Don’t worry about Teddie, the guy’s doing just fine.“ Fans responded to this with heartfelt farewell messages to Teddie in honor of his „Retirement“ and a lot of good luck wishes for Morgana in the future. Also, the Mangaka responsible for the Persona 4 Ultimax Manga (which, by the way is amazing and better than the game), drew a picture of Teddie and Morgana together, to commemorate the baton-pass.

Matthew Schiavello has left ‘excuse me...’

What begins, ends…. and here I am writing that I, Matthew Schiavello, have left ‘excuse me…’.

I wish it was for some dramatic and exciting reason, but it is instead for really boring and mundane reasons, like the fact that life is just too busy, it has been for a really long time and is getting busier. My personal life and my own art need much more of my time, so I need to step away from the reblogging tumblr ‘Excuse me…’, which will continue on and I look forward to seeing what happens next with it!

I started my time at 'excuse me…’ wanting to promote the work of others. A week into the life of the tumblr and Nur Nielfa officially joined (https://nurnielfa.tumblr.com/). Nur and I had been chatting online for a while and I really liked her own photography, as well as her values and opinions. I had no idea what her selections would be like, the main point was that I liked her and we shared some important ideals, and both wanted to promote others. That was all that I needed!

Nur and I discussed and decided upon some some 'rules’ for the tumblr (keeping in mind that We didn’t want too many rules to get bogged down in!) But we did decided that: we would not promote the work of anyone currently involved in the tumblr (the focus was to be on others and that included promoting exhibitions, events -including other reblogging tumblrs), there was no boss or editor (in fact, no one would edit the others choices and if we did not like a choice that was made, we would talk it though), and a few other 'rules’ including a decision not to show images which sexualised or exploited women or other marginalized groups… and  we also agreed that the rules could be broken and should be broken, when we felt they needed to be! There we were, a Spanish women and a male Australian with (Italian heritage), on opposite sides of the globe. We asked for and accepted submissions and I am certain, shared most of those that were received.  

After a time, we felt we needed another person on board and decided to ask Thierry Facon (http://thierry-facon.tumblr.com/) to join us, a French male living in Thailand! Nur and I both liked his work and had chatted with him a lot. I really admired Thierry’s sensibilities and approach which could be quite subversive, quirky and fun. Again, we didn’t ask for samples of what he would share and had no idea what that might be, but knew we would find out once he joined us.

After a while and due to people being busy, we realised we needed one more person. At the top of all of our wish lists was the same person, A female Brit, living in the USA - Jules Falk Hunter (http://justjulespictures.tumblr.com/). We didn’t think she would say yes to us, why would she? She was busy with her own blog, her own reblogging tumblr and was also a member of Luxlit! And to top it all off, she is so, so talented! But we bravely asked and she said yes! And there we were, a global (albeit western), group.

I think Jules was the glue that got us involved in more group activities/events. Jules may have even came up with the idea: 'a day of….’  We had fun and it felt like a real team, rather than a group of people working separately.  Again, no one was the boss, it was all collaborative, respectful, mature and fun. And then unfortunately, my busy life got much busier and here I am, wishing that Nur, Jules, Thierry and I, were all doing this from day one and that we had three years of fun camaraderie, instead of the shorter time that we had. Nur left a few months back due to other commitments and now I am doing the same.  

It has been such and honor and a privilege to  be part of this weird little tumblr (to borrow Nur’s phrase), to be part of something with three other creatives I greatly respect and admire, and who’s work inspires me. It has been an honor and a privilege to be part of something which other creatives have taken the time to follow and to take an active interest in. We have had many people trust us with their submissions ( I need to say that we never take lightly, a decision to not share a submission, and many a conversation has been held amongst ourselves on the topic of such things!) and we have greatly appreciated this trust. I have loved the messages of support and thanks sent to us over the years, the generous suggestions to check out other peoples work and the opportunity that I have had, to indulge my thoughts on what work needed to be seen by a wider audience. The support 'excuse me…’ continues to be shown, is greatly appreciated and encourages all of the team members to give up time away from their own creative pursuits, to actively support and highlight the work of others.

From the beginning Nur and I both felt that 'excuse me…’ would shift and change over time and would one day cease to exist and/or go on without either of us. It was a warming thought that kept our egos at bay. After being there from the beginning and for the past three years, I leave 'excuse me…’ feeling content and proud to have been a part of something that made a small difference, which promoted others and tried to do so without ego.  

I leave 'excuse me..’ looking forward to seeing what unfolds with it and looking forward to being taken along on new ride.  I am still online and about, just much less than I have been, as I make more time to spend on my own art work  and on other personal matters.

Thank you for being there for part, most of, or all of my time at 'excuse me..’ and for inviting the team and myself into your own lives. I hope that you continue to support 'excuse me..’ as I will continue to do so, as it promotes the work of others.


matthew schiavello.

Damien Darhk as Felicity’s father, I doubt it... V2.0

Every season brings its lot of questions and with it a wave of confusion, theories and desires. Season 3 was, among others, about the will they/won’t they between Oliver and Felicity and who would become the next Ra’s Al Ghul.

Season 4 is no different. Who will die in Season 4? When will Oliver pop the question? And the question that is of interest today, who is Felicity’s father? And more specifically, is Damien Darhk Felicity’s father?

For the last few months, we all have been speculating on Damien and if he could, yes or no, be Felicity’s father. In APRIL, the theory was already really strong when the information we had at that time was close to nothing. In July, I wrote my first spec on it  but as the evidence piles up, I feel like I need to dip dive once more into this spec to convince myself than Damien is NOT Felicity’s father.

For the record, I did not read any of @jbuffyangel , @callistawolf or @fanmommer’s theories on the topic. I decide to trust my gut feeling and I talk to the girls often enough to know why they think Damien’s Felicity’s father.


The fact that Damien comes across as the main candidate for Felicity’s father is not pure coincidence. A LOT of facts lead us to believe that Felicity is his daughter.

The Timing : Season 4 is all about Family and the producers claimed loud and proud that Felicity’s father would appear in the new season. Damien being the only middle aged recurring character that has been so far introduced in the new season, he is by default the most probable candidate.

Damien’s past: If Damien is incontestably the scariest villain Team Arrow has ever come across, it is mainly due to the fact that Damien has a presence, an intelligence and a spirit that hit everyone around him. His mystical powers are as intriguing as the values he seems to be so attached to.

The incident with Anarchy about the kidnapping of Jessica Danforth’s daughter and the mention of “lines that one does not cross” were enough to extrapolate and associate Felicity with the said daughter.

Clearly, Damien Darhk’s past is full of secrets and painful events that make him the determined but grounded killer he is today. What would be more determining than an event involving his own child?

The angst potential of the storyline : If Damien was Felicity’s father, the impact on the relationship between Oliver and Felicity would be more than significant. If Oliver fights more than ever to find a different way, mainly driven by his love for Felicity, Damien represents everything that Oliver fears. He is pure darkness, a cold killer with a very specific etiquette and values. His still unknown end seems to justify drastic means, including destroying Star City, when Oliver wants to incarnate the hope for the citizen of the city.

The duality between the two men is so intense that consequently they have to have something in common, like night and day share dawn and dusk. Their dawn would be their love for Felicity. A strong woman caught up between the two men she is supposed to love the most on Earth. The potential of the storyline is strong in a TV show where the story relies on making the right choices and choosing light over darkness. 

The involvement of the cast : It looks like a few cast members are playing the game of Damien Darhk being Felicity’s father. In first line comes Charlotte Ross who doesn’t hesitate to favorite or retweet some photos or post involving Neil McDonough and a mention of #PapaSmoak. Charlotte Ross will be back soon on the set of Arrow which could coincide with the Flashbacks Neil McDonough revealed will be included towards the third/middle of the season.

Stephen Amell himself picked a question of one of his latest Q&A videos about Felicity’s father being Damien Darhk which he replied to “Maybe”.

These are the main 3 reasons why Damien could be Felicity’s father (among SO MANY OTHERS) and would be a GOOD candidate. His past could unveil so much on the father he was for Felicity and help us understand what made Felicity the woman she is today. Damien could totally be Felicity’s father…


He could… but all of this makes me extremely SUSPICIOUS, for several reasons.

The “Drop the mic” effect :

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