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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: connor murphy killed himself so early in the show we never got a chance to know how he's really like and get more in depth and the connor that shows up later on is just a manifestation of evan's lies. and when evan started the connor project it made everyone think connor as the connor he made up and ultimately making everyone forget the real connor and so real connor was forgotten and disappeared. sure evan confesses everything in the end but that's still so... skkskdnskakdbk help me im dying

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no i rlly lved the drbel & since u've agreed i hve this idea stuck in my hd like 4ever tht evr since dan met phl he loved to come up from behind n cuddle himn whisper cute things to him n kiss his neck etc& phil got all shy/ slowly he felt dan grow in height from how his head came b/w phil's shoulder blades to resting his chin on top of phil's head & in a vry busy week like dan didn't do it & phil missed it so much tht he led dan up behind him while he wshed dishes & wrped his arms rnd hmslf agh

Fic under the cut, as it turned into more than either of us was probably expecting!

carry me through the dark

summary: the one where dan was always phil’s strength, and his confidence, and he holds him up through it all.


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