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Imagine #45 || Request #40

I don’t know how to distinguish your past self and present self so maybe I’ll do a name change? Just so you, the reader, is still both the past and present person here. I think it’s like a reincarnation of you but you don’t know who you were in the past (hope I’m making sense huhu)Also, I somehow changed the timeline from being a month to a few/several months because I feel like a month is too quick. And this is somewhat more on Brett’s POV, I guess? if errors occur so sorry O:)

Y/N- Your Name (Past (you)-Banshee)

Y/N/N - You Nickname (Present (still you)-Human)

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


“How is he?” Scott asked Lori once he saw her seated on the bleachers supporting his brother before the game started, her face saddens the slightest at the mention of his brother and what happened only a few months ago.

“He’s trying,” Lori answered, knowing full well the effort his brother was making in trying to move on with himself knowing that Y/N wouldn’t like it if he’d hold up himself in the past and sulk. “Still has his episodes though, you probably know how it is to lose an anchor.”

That caught Scott off guard but he did know what it felt like, but now it didn’t bother him as much as before because now his pack was his anchor. And seeing how Brett was yesterday, he seemed like he was slowly getting better-kept himself distracted with lacrosse.

“Yeah, it does take time.” The Alpha only gave a comforting smile towards Lori before telling her that he needed to go back to the locker rooms to get ready.

“How was it?” Liam and Stiles caught up with Scott once they saw him enter the locker room, curious what was now happening with the werewolf of the other pack.

“Lori said that he’s still having his episodes, but he’s trying.” Scott answered, not really elaborating on the ‘episodes’ Lori mentioned but he knew that they knew what it meant since they were there to experience it first-hand.

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As each day goes by, there was never a time that you werent in our thoughts. some express theirs loudly, while some hold on to their silent hopes. either way I hope they reach you - our unending concerns, well wishes and unwavering support.

I feel like there is something missing.. and that part will only be whole once you return - a happy, healthy, stronger, wiser and better jinki that is. you are loved and I hope never for once will you doubt that.

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This is Todoroki, from Class 1-A. I don't know if you are familiar with me, but I have come to terms that I have feelings for you. I hope you don't find me forward... but, if we could meet sometime, that would be fulfilling. I hope you have a good day.

im – oh my god todoroki i like you so much too i mean you wreck me whenever i have to choose between katsuki or you but …..

i can’t date you, sorry. however !!! we can still be friends and hang out from time to time !! this may seem like a friendzone, but i really want us to be friends! huhu sorry todoroki i hope i didn’t disappoint you :( 

Save Me

Request from @heeyeonah​ (oh god, i managed to get one out for the week huhu but i think it’s a bit confusing? HUHU i still hope you like it!)

If it’s alright with you I would like to request a oneshot [or threeshot whatever floats your boat] which casts Neo, Raven and Hyukbin as the main otps. Prompts / keywords that I wish would apply to any of them would be “Save Me”, “Shine Forever” and “Habit”. These are actually songs [the first being BTS’ and BAP’s, the second Monsta X’s and the third Seventeen’s Vocal Unit’s] and it’s up to you if you’d use the songs and or MVs as inspiration or prompts OR not. Thank you!

[NEO/ Cha Hakyeon x Jung Taekwoon]

PART 1 of request: “I knew that your salvation is part of my life and the only helping hand that will embrace my pain. The best of me, you’re the only thing I have.”


Taekwoon gently wrapped his arms around the frail person in front of him. “Don’t be.” He knew he had been through so much. The first time he met Hakyeon, he was distant and cold. It wasn’t until recently, Hakyeon finally let him see his flaws. To Hakyeon, there were nothing but a reminder of the distant past but to Taekwoon it was a wound that needs to be healed. Taekwoon cared for Hakyeon.

He was there with him every step of the way. The more time they spent together, the more Taekwoon was moved by him. His smiles. His laughs. His excitement whenever he shared how his days were. His rants. His complaints. His hardships. Everything.

But no one could’ve prevented this.


Hakyeon sniffed, raising his head afraid to shed a tear. “Sorry, I hate it when you see me like this.” He glanced back at his friend who sat idly next to him. “I want you to see me as someone cheerful and optimistic…and bright…and…”Hakyeon always felt stupid and worthless whenever his friend sees him in a wreck state. He’d rather feel alone and not bother his best friend especially not Taekwoon.

“Hakyeon.” His soft voice calling out his name caught his full attention. “You don’t need to be happy all the time. It’s alright to cry.”


“I’m scared, Taekwoon.” Hakyeon admitted. “I don’t think I can do it this time.”

Taekwoon reached for his trembling hands and soothed him with his ever so gentle touch. “Hakyeon.”

“I have so much things to do.” Hakyeon mumbled. “I can’t go. I mean—there’s so much things to do. I have to—”


“I don’t have much time left.” Hakyeon’s voice cracked. He inched away from Taekwoon, disgusted by himself and not wanting to drag him along with his misery.


“There you are.” Taekwoon heaved as he tried catching his breath from running. He slowly made his way to where Hakyeon sat. Taekwoon shouted his friend’s name and smiled weakly. Found you. “I thought I lost you for a second, idiot.”

Hakyeon spotted Taekwoon and ran over to him. His eyes were puffed red, probably from crying, Taekwoon felt hurt and bad for leaving Hakyeon alone with his thoughts. He knew how negative Hakyeon thinks, it was in his nature. “Are you stupid? What are you doing here?!”

“I came to get you.” Taekwoon answered. “You were hard to find; do you know that?”

“I’m sorry.” Hakyeon muttered, “But I can’t do this right now.”


What a coward. Hakyeon brooded on the pessimistic thought of his. “I’m nothing but a coward.” He walked aimlessly within the city, not knowing where to stop. The results came out and proved their fears to be true. Hakyeon hated it. He hated the fact that his small chance of hope was taken away from him.  

His eyes wandered around his environment and found himself standing alone at the city park. “Taekwoon.” Memories of him and Taekwoon came flooding in his thoughts. Days with him will be harder. He had to face the truth. “I’m sorry.”



“Don’t worry.” Taekwoon assured him with his soothing words. He didn’t want Hakyeon to feel burden or guilty at all. After all, it was him and not Hakyeon. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

“How could you say that?” Hakyeon cut him off short. “Did you not hear what the doctor said?”

Taekwoon kept his lips shut. Clearly, Hakyeon was upset and Taekwoon knew that nothing could be done. What was the need for getting mad for then?

“Two months, Taekwoon.” Hakyeon forcefully held himself back. “I…”

“Let’s not change anything. We live normally as we can.”

“You don’t get it…”


“It’s me who has to live with the pain and not you…I don’t think I can. Not again.”

“Hakyeon!” Taekwoon lost his grip on Hakyeon’s hand as soon as he spoke.


“You said you were going to protect me.”

“You said that you will stay by my side.”

“You helped me get back.” 

“I can’t do this.”

“You’re the one who has kept me going…the only one I have right now. I can’t afford to lose you too.” Hakyeon cried. To hear his muffled voice was too much for Taekwoon. He didn’t know that it could affect Hakyeon this much. He calculated it wrong this time.

“Why is it you? Not me?” 

“I deserve it and not you.”

“Please don’t say that.” Taekwoon whispered to his ear. “Don’t ever say that. You’re back to yourself, you’ve overcome your obstacle. Now let me overcome mine. You don’t have to be scared for me.” There were no excuses anymore. Back then, he would do some few cheats to help Hakyeon get back on his own but this one’s trickier. More permanent than Hakyeon’s heavy blues.

Taekwoon reached out for his hand and placed it on top of his chest where Hakyeon could feel his steady heartbeat. “I’m still here…I promised you that I’ll stay with you as long as I can.”

“I promise.”

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a fluff and smut scenario with jb where you've a one sided crush on jaebum and ended a relationship with bad terms with your ex long ago and now that you're a idol your ex comes back for you begging and jaebum witnesses that happening

Sorry for making you wait huhu and also very sorry for making it a fluff scenario only huhu smut will have to wait for few more months when I officially turn 18. True that everyone wants a bit smut but I gotta resist the temptation ugh!
Hope you still like it tho :3
And sorry for the length…

“Hey! What’s on your mind?”, Jaebum tapped your shoulder before plopping on the couch next to you. “Don’t you have to practice too?”.

“Oh God! What’re you doing here, Jaebum?”, you startled,running towards your group of girls while asking the boy.

He giggled, fingers tangling behind his head while he was contemplating you, or you wished he would. “Can’t I meet up with my girl best friend for one night?”, he smiled and you smiled back; the only different thing was that yours tasted bitter, almost forcing.

“Girl best friend!”, you mumbled before turning a frustrating move in the song into a way of expressing how you really felt right now. How you wished he could have removed the best off of that phrase! It had been a while, specifically four years ago since you realized just being friend with him wasn’t enough for your heart. From the trainee days till now, he had always been so sweet, sometimes teasing with you, his smile towards you somewhat felt different, the way he looked at you, the way you had your accidental skinships… You had wanted to confess to him, damn you would if you could. But doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you were idols who led busy lives, you had fans looking up to you; and most important, despite all the intimate moments of yours, you knew, Jaebum friendzone-d you.

“Yah! Y/N-ah! You call that dancing?”, Jaebum started his teasing again, causing you to stumble back to reality. All the girls had gone back to the dorm after a tiring day of learning new dance moves for your next comeback, only you decided to stay to master every step. Though it wasn’t a surprise to you to see Jaebum staying with you, you could still hear your heart tinkling a rather happy beat. “If I don’t find it sexy, how will the rest of the world do?”, he snickered and you made a derp face at him.

“For your information, I came on top of the poll ‘Who is the sexiest female idol of the Kpop Industry”, you proudly said as Jaebum immediately mocked.

“When was that? Millions years ago?”

“Yesterday, idiot! Look it up!”, you retorted, threatening to smack his arm as he burst out laughing, quickly defending himself.

“Okay okay! Just kidding! Jeez! But your move right there doesn’t seem right. Let me show you”. With that being said, Jaebum stood up to do a body wave, a hella sexy one, but of course, there was no way you were going to admit it.

“Psst! It doesn’t look much different to what I did”, you scoffed, attempt to do the move again; however, due to a missing beat, it looked funnier than you expected so you both cracked up. Jaebum rolled on the floor laughing his dinosaur laugh as you blushed embarrassingly, laughing hysterically in harmony.

“Well, do you need my help now?”, Jaebum raised a brow and you shot a glare at him before giving in. He smiled, coming closer to you, really close. Standing behind you, he trailed his hands up and down to instruct you, his hot breath leaving on your nape sent shiver down your spine as he spoke, the lingering feeling of his touches made your heart go wild. “Okay you nailed it!”, he praised while watching you do what you had learnt. Then with a swift movement, he swung his arm around your neck, pulling you close again to give you a headlock, messing with your burnished hair. “Good girl!”, he laughed and your inner self heaved a sigh, if only it wasn’t giving a playful but a loving backhug one…

The night continued with your fierce dancing and Jaebum rested on the couch with the mission of teasing and teaching you, also waiting to take you home safely. Suddenly he heard your phone, which was tossed to the spot near him, vibrated informing an incoming call, the screen appearing an unknown number, he soon handed to you as you rushed to it to check it out. The happy mood on your face faltered as soon as you read the number, Although you had deleted that person’s name off of your contact book, you still remembered him since he called you nearly everyday.

There was a time when you thought you could get over your love for Jaebum with another guy, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t turn out well, if not say it ended badly. However, these days, he kept calling you, begging you to come back to him. Now seeing you being all famous and gorgeous, he suddenly realized he wanted you more than ever. “Yeah right!”, a despite look located on your face as you tossed the phone back to where it was laid, earning a questioned look from your best friend.

“Who’s that?”, he asked.

“My ex”, you replied plainly, not in the mood to discuss further about this issue, surprisingly, neither did he. He was never fond of seeing you just speaking the name of the guy, let along talking about him or seeing you hanging out with him. He didn’t know why he reacted like that but he just laughed off, thinking that the way of his mind showing towards the one who hurt his best friend. “If you need any help, you know I’ll always be there for you”, he offered and you nodded, sinking back to your deep thoughts and dancing routine.


With a bag of your favorite spicy rice cake, Jaebum was whistling while he jogged down to your dorm, knowing that there was only you in the building because your other members had personal schedule today and he couldn’t let a beautiful night like this be wasted. As he was about to twist the doorknob, he overheard the uncomfortable conversation between you and your ex.

“Please Y/N-ah! Please come back!”, the guy repeated. “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have cheated on you. I’ve realized now”.

“You miss the part since I saw you on TV”, you said bitterly. “As if I didn’t know you cheated on me with another idol! Doesn’t she look hot anymore to you?”.

“No, I mean it’s not what I mean. I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m begging you, please come back to me”, he pleaded and Jaebum felt himself burning up inside, he clenched his fist, rummaging the plastic bag.

“Liar! I still remember every single word you said that night! Unattractive bookworm? Dork? Brat?”, you retorted, the anger filled your voice. “No! Get away from me you jerk! I said no!”.

Listening to the sound of you struggling and heavy breathing, Jaebum couldn’t pull himself together anymore. He stormed in to the dorm, almost losing his mind at the image of your ex forcefully trying to kiss you, pushing you against the wall. He shook his head, finding a way to figure out why he felt like this, the tension built up inside him as he saw the guy getting close to you, the position which only him could ever get near. Strangely, being so close to you became a habit of his that he rarely gave it a thought. More than hundreds of times he felt the electricity running in his veins whenever you held his hand or leaned on his shoulder , especially the time he gave you a piggyback ride and you slept peacefully on his back or the time you curled up into a ball in his arms when you accidentally fell asleep together watching a movie, or or just the way you talked, you grinned, you breathed… Everything seemed so natural to him. Shit, why didn’t he realize this sooner? You were always there, for him! In a fraction of a second, Jaebum found himself swinging his fist.

“Let go of her!”, he threatened, gritting his teeth as your ex stumbled, backed away a bit.

“Who the hell you think you are!”, the opposite guy fought back, leaving a bruise on his opponent’s flawless face as Jaebum smirked, removing the blood off the corner of his lips, his intense gaze sent a chill down the man’s spine before he threw another punch.

“I’m her boyfriend!”, Jaebum’s statement caused your eyes to bawl out, your mouth forming an O and you were at a lost for word.

Wait what?

You honestly couldn’t believe what was happening, did Jaebum, your best friend, a.k.a, you crush, just said he was your boyfriend? No no it couldn’t be true, right?, you tugged his sleeve in surprise as Jaebum looked down at you lovingly, giving your hand a reassurance squeeze and hiding you behind his back for your protection. “There! You heard me! We are in a relationship, a deep deep one!”, as soon as Jaebum finished his sentence, he leaned down to crash his lips on yours, aiming for a real heated kiss.

Oh dear Lord, who am I and where am I? Heaven?

You had no idea how many times you had asked yourself that question, but you definitely not going to complain, if this world were to fall apart, you would glad to be in Jaebum’s embrace like right here, right now. In spite of knowing that how wonderful it felt to melt into the kiss, Jaebum had to break from it to finish the battle which he had already won.

“You’d better leave! And never ever bothering my baby girl again!”, the dark-haired boy said firmly as you two glaring at the guy until he left the door for good before Jaebum turned right back to face you, ruffling your hair.

“Are you okay?”, he asked worriedly.

You nodded. “But what was that all about?”

Jaebum forced an awkward laugh, scratching the back of his head. “Well it is what it is”, he stammered. “M-my action sa-said it”

“Now where is that intense JB I saw a second ago?”, you teased, cheeks blushing pink. “Seriously Jaebum, I thought well, I thought you friendzoned me”.

“Okay what?”, the handsome chuckled, tilting your face up to look at him. “Listen, Y/N-ah. I like you, I really really like you. To be honest, I’m blaming myself for not seeing it sooner! I guess that we’re friends for so long and so close that I didn’t realize my feeling for you. I thought friendship is supposed to be like that but it’s you that make me be like that. It has always been you from the very start!”, Jaebum spoke out his heart with a bit of regret, him hitting his head in frustration. “I’m an idiot! Y/N-ah! For making you wait that long!”

“Wait… You knew?”, you widened your eyes at him, really this guys was a master in slamming you with surprise!

“Hm? I mean it’s quite obvious, right? I mean you don’t?”, the charming boy flustered, smiling sheepishly in front of you, which put a beam on your lips.

“I do. I like you, my idiot”, you confessed, overwhelming with happiness as Jaebum’s sunshine smile again charmed you before he pressed his lips against yours, a soft lingering kiss causing your heart to race. He slowly cupped your face, the warm from his hand radiating which made your face grow red crazily. After a few seconds of hesitation, you kissed him back, the needy hungry kiss you had been craving for. So no more one sided crush, no more worry, no more tiredness. Jaebum was now yours.

“Oh hey uhm I bought you this”, the boy cheered. “Spicy rice cake night!”

“Yay but let me put a band-aid on your face first”, you said in concern, cupping your boyfriend’s cheeks. “How dare he hit my boyfriend’s handsome face?!” Oh gosh it feels so good saying that. While you were putting some antiseptic on his wound, Jaebum smiled though it was pretty hurt. As soon as you were done, he wrapped his arms around you to smother you with kisses. “Love you”, he murmured.

Love must have eased all the pain…