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Hello! I want to ask you one about Seven working as an agent AND being bi. Imagine MC walking with RFA or V or Saeran somewhere around town, when suddenly they see - omg, Seven?? Maybe different outfit and hair, but definitely him? And he's sitting in a cafe across some man, looking at him sweetly, their fingers entwined; is he on a mission? Is it a date? What would their reaction be?? Thank you!


 (Also it’s long sorry ;A;)

It was about time everyone decided to take the day off, and spent it together! It took a lot of planning, time, and convincing on your part to get everyone out and about the town!

When you suggested some time together, just simply walking around town, seeing sights, window shopping, there were…a few mixed reactions.

Yoosung was so excited!!! Absolutely loved the idea of walking around with you! Maybe the two of you could walk next to each other, maybe walk closely… Accidently bump hands together… It could lead to hand holding!!! What if a few of his friends see the two of you walking together?? Will they think the two of you were dating??!! He’s so iN ON THIS IDEA!

Zen thought it’d be great to see everyone! Except, maybe Jumin. But you!! He’s happy to see you! Super excited to take you to some of his favourite stores, maybe buy you a flower or two, and take you to his friends kebab place! He was too busy planning things he wanted to do with you that he might have…forgotten… it wasn’t just to two of you.

Jaehee was just as excited as Yoosung! She barely gets time off so she was happy for that, but she was also happy about spending time with you. The two of you go window shopping as often as possible, it’s one of her favourite things! Every now and then, however, she’ll splurge on ANY Zen merchandise she comes across. She has no shame. She doesn’t care if Zen’s attending as well, she’ll buy it in front of him- she’s a fan expressing her appreciation for his work!!

Jumin was more intrigued than anything. Commoner shops? He’s ready. Not so excited for commoner food, though. He’s hoping that he can prove to you he’s not some… stuck up corporate heir, he can be laid back, for your sake! Just wants you to think highly of him! Tells himself that he’ll pay particular attention to you throughout the day, if there’s anything you really like, he’ll buy it for you. What is window shopping? Why do we need to buy windows?

V was just happy to see everyone else happy!! He’s brought his camera, and he’s so excited to take pictures of everyone!! Also secretly hoping to himself that he can get a lot of adorable candid’s of you. The smile you get on your face when you’re surrounded by the people you love is so bright and innocent and he loves it!!! Not to mention, he can get great shots of everyone enjoying themselves and make a photo album to gift to you!!

It took a lot of convincing to get Saeran out of the house and around town with the group of you. He only agreed to go because you gave him the puppy eyes he can’t resist. He only agreed to go if he could stay by you the whole time so you were within arm’s reach if he needed you. He wasn’t too excited to be surrounded by everyone else, but as long as he was with you, he guesses it won’t be too bad?

The group of you meet up at a coffee shop and figure out which way you all were going to go first! You look around at everyone and notice a certain red head is missing. You turn to Saeran with a look of confusion that he immediately returned. “What?” He asked, as he watched you take another look at everyone.

“Where’s Saeyoung?? Is he late?” you questioned, turning back to him. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in a huff.

“He kept talking about work or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. So he’s not coming.”

“Oh…okay,” the sadness in your voice was contagious. Everyone started to feel a twinge of gloom just seeing you look down at the ground. You flipped a switch, however, and threw your head back up, wearing a huge smile, turning around with a little pep in your step. “That’s okay! He’ll just have to have fun with us next time! Let’s go, guys!” You lead the pack down the street, stopping every now and then in front of a store is something catches your eye. The whole day was full of smiles and laughter, mixed with bickering between Zen and Jumin. Everything was going so well! Everyone was happy, and having so much fun!

All of a sudden, you stop in your tracks. Yoosung, who was walking behind you, ran into you and started to apologize profusely. Your hand shot up, telling him to quiet down. You pointed towards a couple sitting at an outdoor cafe.

The two of them had their elbows on the table, leaning in towards each other. The woman wore a long, red sundress and her long black hair danced behind her as a breeze blew by. She reached out towards the man, caressing his face softly before interlacing her fingers with his own.

“Um, MC? Why are you pointing at them? What is it?” Yoosung asked, looking between you and the couple in question.

“It’s impolite to point, MC, please stop,” Jumin requested, coming up behind you and gently pushing on your forearm to drop it. Saeran squinted towards the couple before groaning and covering his face. You kept staring with a bewildered look on your face, and Jaehee stepped up beside you to see what you were talking about. After careful examination, she let out a soft “oh” before turning a light shade of pink.

“Woah, she’s kinda cute. Are you just going to point out cute girls the rest of the day, MC?” Zen asked with a slight laugh, checking the woman out from afar. Jumin crossed his arms and slightly shook his head, an irritated look sweeping across his face.

“Do you really need to stare at any woman who crosses your path?” He quizzed, as Zen immediately jumped into an argument with him. V wasn’t too sure what was going on, so he put a hand on your shoulder and gently asked what was wrong. After a short period of silence, all eyes were on you, waiting for an answer.

Your hand shot up, pointing at the woman again. “Saeyoung,” was all you said, as all eyes shot towards her.

Saeran shot a glare his way, because he recognized him immediately after you pointed the first time. He had no words because he was absolutely used to seeing his brother dressed up. But why, of all times, does he need to run into his idiot brother when he’s trying to enjoy a nice day out with you. He thought he said something about work? That wasn’t working.

Yoosung immediately turned bright red when you pointed out it was Saeyoung. He knew his friend liked to dress up but he didn’t know he’d see him out with a man. How did he not recognize him at first? He makes a pretty woman… Was it a date? Does he like this man? Why can’t he just be himself!! Love is about being yourself!!! Has to fight with his inner conscious to stop himself from running over there and telling him that!

Jaehee stayed quiet, still a little light pink. Saeyoung was an adult, and was free to do whatever he wished. It didn’t bother her any at all. She was surprised at you for recognizing him right off the bat, however. You must really recognize faces well to have caught that with just a glance.

“Where’s Saeyoung? MC, that’s a young woman, not Saeyoung,” Zen started off, until you looked back at him, eyes wide. “It’s…. a young woman… isn’t it? MC, isn’t it?” He started turning pink, suddenly realizing that it was, indeed, Saeyoung. His embarrassment grew, as did his blush the moment it clicked in his mind, and you burst into a loud giggle. Now he was bright red because of the sweet sound of your laughter, or that’s what he tried to play it off as.

“Interesting. Is this considered work for him?” Jumin pondered out loud. How could a date be a job? Would MC like a job like that- going on dates with him? No no, that’s ridiculous. He did applause Saeyoung’s talent though, at first he was convinced that he was a real woman. His resemblance to a young woman was uncanny, it was no surprised that no one recognized him at first- well, everyone except you. You must be very analytical to realize so quickly, he liked it.

Click. The sound of V’s camera shutter interrupted your laughter. All eyes shot to him as he lowered the camera. “What,” he asked, cocking his head to the side, “It was a nice view, I couldn’t pass it up”. His camera gave you an idea! You pull out your phone and take a picture of yourself, making sure you can see him in the background, and point up at him while you sent the camera a wink.

“There! Now, watch this, guys!” You bounced a little in place, as you sent the picture to him, the accompanying text telling him to have a nice time. The group of you watch as the man excuses himself, and Saeyoung checks his phone while he waits. His head shot up and looked around quickly, looking for any sign of you. You threw your hand up into the air and waved it around slightly, catching his attention. He turned bright red as you sent him a bright smile, while his brother face palmed, Yoosung slightly waved, Jaehee and Jumin both nodded in his direction, Zen almost as red as Saeyoung himself and pouting, and V’s camera clicked another time. You watched as he fumbled to use his phone, and get a call from him and put it on speaker.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE??” He shouted into the phone, why did he bother calling if you could hear him yelling clearly from across the street? “THIS ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LISTEN TO ME, MC,” he said in a slight panicked tone. You giggled and waved a little back at him.

“Uh huh, sure it isn’t. Have fun Saeyoung! Remember to tell us all about it later today!!” You spoke into the phone before hanging up. All of you could hear him yelling at you not to hang up on him, and you shouted a goodbye back at him before turning around and making your way back up the street. On the way back, everyone had a discussion on whether it was an actual date, or if it truly was just some undercover work. You spent the rest of the trip smiling at your phone from time to time as Saeyoung texted you, in all caps, trying to explain what you witnessed. The more you didn’t answer, was the more he texted you, until you heard a groan from Saeran, that’s when you knew that you wouldn’t have to suffer the texts alone.

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Hi! Can I ask for a scenario w/Valkyon pleaseeeee, like guardienne and him are working out and he hits her really hard and fluff pleasee??

A/N: Hello, hello! I hope this has enough fluff :D

Both Valkyon and Guardienne were so immersed into their training that it was already to late when the silvered haired man saw himself hitting guardienne with his elbow, sending her quite a few meters away from him, by the big amount of strenght used.

“Guardienne! Are you okay? Where did I hit you? Let me see it…” Picking Guardienne with his strong arms, Valkyon carried her in bridal style towards the close bench that there was, siting himself in it and placing the woman in his lap, passing his big and strong hands through her body, cheecking for any injuries.

“I-I´m fine. I´m stronger than what  I look like!” Guardienne said as she smiled at him, trying to somehow reassure the tall man that she was fine.

Valkyon was still worried and kissed her forehead, following by her eye lids, nose, cheeks, chin, necks, arms, hands, legs…

“V-valkyon, what are you doing?” Embarassed, but happy, she asked, trying to understand the reason behind his behaviour.

“The other day you did the same to me with the wound in my arm, saying that the pain would go away much faster and it did…so I´m doing the same…I don´t like to see you in pain, much less know I was the one that hurted you…”

“..you missed a part, then…”

“Where?” Valkyon asked, trying to find the palce.

“Here…” With pink cheeks she pointed to her lips, looking up at him.

“…you´re right…”

Bringing Guardienne closer to him, Valkyon gave her a featherly and sweet kiss, making both of their hearts beat faster then before, trying to understand if the beating they were hearing was from their own or from the other…

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Congrats on the new followers! Could I possibly request some headcanons for when Viktor is "in the mood" with his s/o? Also I'd love to buy you a coffee, but my bank account has like $2.00 in it atm. So I hope it'll be okay to do it on Friday when I get paid! Hope your day goes well!


(WARNING: nsfw text, kinda)

  • yo ok this boy. if you look up the definition of “bedroom eyes” in the dictionary, you’re just gonna see and illustration of him
  • if, for some reason, viktor is suddenly in the mood, he’s gonna do his darnedest to get you on the same level
  • which means teasing
  • randomly slides bits of dirty talk into conversation just to see you blush (and giggles all innocent like when you do)
  • will come up behind you and like tenderly brush his hands over your hips, and then will IMMEDIATELY WALK AWAY LIKE AN TEASE, GOD
  • and then he like randomly slides his teeth over your ear lobe and tHAT IS IT, NO MORE
  • basically, you’re done for. if you’re not in the mood after all that, then pigs must be flying
  • that’s vitya’s secret though: he doesn’t let up with the teasing until you’re the one initiating 

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THIS IS DUMB BUT LIKE how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having really curly, wild, and big hair? (I only see MCs with either the normal long straight hair or neat wavy hair so bleh ignore this if it's too boring lol)

Hello darling! Your request is not dumb at all!

Having that kind of hair myself, I know the struggle very well ç__ç

okay, my hair is actually quite short, BUT STILL

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • well, MC does not look like Rika after all
  • he’s kinda… relieved?
  • he’s also in awe, because he’s pretty sure he never saw anyone with hair as curly or as big as MC’s
  • and to think that is just their natural state… wow
  • he’s impressed
  • he expecially the way MC looks like when she wakes up
  • he finds it cuuute
  • i have no idea how he could find it cute, but anyway


  • just tell him h o w
  • “MC what kind of product do you use?”
  • “what do you mean ‘nothing’? That’s impossible!”
  • “MC, be honest”
  • it takes him a while to realize that MC hair looks like that because it is like that
  • he doesn’t know whether to be disappointed or amazed
  • he goes with amazed
  • it seemed impossible, but he did find someone whose hair is better than his


  • he’s not used to it
  • i mean, elizabeth the 3rd’s fur is soooo short and soft
  • it does not look like MC hair, not even a little
  • he has to admit, though, that MC hair is actually softer than he thought
  • conditioner is the most amazing thing humans have ever invented, fight me on that
  • he makes sure that MC has access to all the best hair products known to men
  • he also insist that MC has a professional hairdresser taking care of her hair regularly
  • he just enjoys spoiling her - and her hair


  • it reminds her why her hair is so short
  • i mean, her hair is actually pretty straight
  • she’s not lol
  • but seeing MC struggling with her hair makes her feel happy of her decision of cutting it
  • sometimes tho, she’s kinda jealous
  • she wonders if MC’s hair would look good on her
  • and that’s when she decides to let her hair grow


  • “MC you look like a pissed off lion”
  • i’m sorry, i’m so used to my mum telling me the same thing i just had to put it somewhere
  • he has to joke about it, bc he’s an idiot
  • a funny idiot, though
  • he spends most of his time stroking MC’s hair
  • it helps him relax, expecially after a long day of work
  • it’s literally his favourite hobby


  • well, not to be rude, but it’s not as if he can see it
  • bc he’s blind
  • instead, he tries to touch it as often as possible
  • he loves running his fingers through it whenever he has the chance
  • he also loves its smell
  • it’s something floreal, something that MC seems to love
  • and ofc he loves it too


  • “MC, can I touch your hair?”
  • he’s totally in love with it
  • he wants to touch her curls all the time
  • he’s like a child in front of a candy shop
  • sometimes his fingers get stuck in MC’s hair and he’s just like “oh, fuck”
  • because he knows he will hurt MC if he tries to pull them out
  • and he doesn’t want to hurt her
  • so he just stays there, with his hand in her hair, while MC tries to separate her hair from his fingers

Let’s all pretend MC’s hair is not fuzzy at all ^^

Feedback is always appreciated!

And I’m no longer afraid

I see that God is a woman

It’s not so bad in my brain [x]

Happy Oracle Day! This particular beautiful character design belongs to @11thsense; hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it for the day.

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i hope it's okay to vent to you about this, but: my dad was an abusive alcoholic. he never hit me but would physically intimidate and was violent in less direct ways (punching walls, shoving me, etc). i spent my teen years terrified of his violence. thanks to all of this i'm having so much trouble with all of the 'punch a nazi' rhetoric going around at the moment - i understand where it's coming from and why it makes people feel good to spread it, but i can't see someone advocating violence [1]

[2] and not be immediately terrified that they’re going to turn that on me, no matter how unlikely it is. nobody i’ve seen is making any effort to tag or warn for it, any criticism of it is being twisted into ‘clearly this person supports nazis’ and i’m just… current events in the world are scary and upsetting enough as is, let alone to then have the people i thought i shared a side with be so willing to trample over people who are afraid of violence and call it progressive.

I’m very sorry you’re going through this, anon and it’s very much okay to come to me whenever you need to vent. You’re actually not the first person who’s told me something like this today and I’ve also seen posts from other people along the lines of others they thought they could trust gleefully stomping all over this particular trigger that is violence / threats of violence. 

Remember everything I’ve been saying about purity culture, about the black-and-white, extremist, ‘you’re with us 100% or you’re totally against us’ views it propagates and how mired this place is in it? About people who disagree about even one single thing getting tarred as ‘traitors’ and ‘collaborators?’ This is what it leads to. People getting hurt and trampled underfoot with nary a care, by individuals whose whole praxis should be based on compassion and on giving a shit about how their words and actions affect others. 

At this point, I don’t know what to advise, other than perhaps blacklisting words like ‘nazi’, ‘nazis’, ‘nazism’, ‘fascism’ etc. This would have the double-effect of hopefully getting rid of most violent posts on your dash and also eliminating mentions of fascist politics themselves, if what you want to use Tumblr for is a means of getting away from how terrifying things are out in meatspace right now. 

I don’t advise arguing, particularly not if it will hurt your mental health. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not only useless, it also wrecks one’s nerves. I’ve got enough things to be angry about when looking at what’s happening in the world, without having to also argue with people who’ve abandoned compassion, while priding themselves on being part of a political movement founded upon it. 

“the fact that bioware have continued the mass effect series where the ending doesn’t even matter is laughable and pathetic of them”

okay but do you realize how HARD it would be to make a game that did?? to include the major choices that were made in me3??

and do you ever think that maybe JUST MAYBE the point of that ending and not going further with it is meant to represent sacrifice in war, hoping it’s all worth it in the future but accepting that you might not live to see it?

“a future paid for by the sacrifices of those who fought and died alongside us. a future that many will never see.”

of scatterbrained mix-ups and lame pen-names | 2

pairing: jikook (side vhope, side namjin)

genre: fluff, comedy(?), pen-pals au

ch: 1 | 2 | ao3

2: And That One Time He Listened to Seokjin

Chapter Summary: Jeongguk is all sorts of emotionally constipated, Jimin is obliviously causing him heart-attacks, and Seokjin gives him some friendly future-brother-in-law-ish advice.

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Okay but imagine Yuu and Mika being a normal couple with a happy life in an alternate universe and imagine Yuu being that kind of boyfriend who sends memes to Mika at 3AM and one day Mika wakes up and sees there’s a message from Yuu and its

“Good morning babe.I hope your day will be memeingful.”

and Mika replies with

“I literally am in love with you but this shit makes me wanna punch you.”

Hey guys!

So I’ve been getting many asks and messages about the fact that Tyler and Mark know about @marks-arms-support-group & @tylers-arms-support-group and I wanted to make a quick post saying that I’m sorry if I offended anyone or if I made Mark, Tyler or you guys uncomfortable or anything like that!

Anyway I hope you guys are okay!
Have a nice day!

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hey, u said u related a lot to elena and i just wanted to ask u if u are latina? its okay if u dont wanna answer

I relate a whole lot to Elena, but one major thing about who she is (aka the migration background and being a latinx person in the US) is something I can’t relate with. It’s more her spirit kinda that is very similar to mine.
To be honest I’m a bit torn about saying that I relate a lot to her, because your heritage is obviously a big part of you. (and I am really glad that Elena is a poc, because it’s important that there is diversity in the (female) queer characters we see on tv, and there hasn’t been enough of that imo) but you know at the same time I don’t think that I’ve seen a character on tv that I could relate this much to. So I just hope it’s okay for me to say that.

I’m pretty sure that someone would ask that eventually, and it’s not a problem to ask really.

Dear Charlie,

How has your day been? I really hope you had a great day. I suppose I had an okay day even though I’m forcing myself to stay up late because of homework, I have to write stuff about what I would like to see change in my school, town, state, and country I also have to present it to the whole class. I wish I could just stay home tomorrow and just listen to music and write stories but I can’t, I just can’t. I really need a break from school just for a little while. I know most people that are stressed out wish that they were a little kid again, but I wouldn’t wish for that.

Sincerely, Aiden

Closer (to something I just don’t know, but it’s okay because you’ll never let me go)

I was doing just fine before I met you
I think too much and that’s an issue
But I’m okay
You can tell your friends it was nice to meet them
But I hope I never see them again
(Like this)

I know it breaks your heart
Seeing me failing like a broke-down car
And four years, no calls
Now I’m strung out on a late night talk
And I——can’t sleep
No, I——–can’t sleep

So baby pull me closer
‘Cause the night is getting colder
And there’s bills we can’t afford
So much weight upon our shoulders
See the man up on the corner
Of the street that takes us home
He plays all the lonely anthems
And I’ll never let you go

You’ll never let me go
I’ll never let you go

You look as good as the day I met you
I forget why I tried to forget you
I’m so insane
Stay and play those records we call “our songs”
And we’ll pretend we always get along

You know it breaks my heart
Seeing you failing like a broke-down car
And four years, no calls
Now we’re strung out on a late night talk
And I——can’t sleep
No, I——–can’t sleep

So baby pull me closer
'Cause the night is getting colder
And there’s bills we can’t afford
So much weight upon our shoulders
See the man up on the corner
Of the street that takes us home
He plays all the lonely anthems
And I’ll never let you go

And you’ll never let me go
And I’ll never let you go
We’ll pull each other closer
And we’ll walk each other home
We’ll sing all the lonely athems
And I’ll never let you go

And you’ll never let me go
And I’ll never you go

@shesaidclud replied to your post and said: *hug* I’m so sorry to hear about the bad family news. :( You should make sure that for at least one of the days you have off that you go and spend time somewhere full of people. Maybe go write in a coffee shop for a few hours? Just to get out and be around people, even if you spend that time by yourself. Hope you’re doing okay.

Thank you, lovely <3 I’ll be okay. I’ll probably make myself go out on Wednesday, as I have world-building to do, and I can do that without a computer. I work with a desktop, you see, so it makes writing out and about a bit of a bind. Today I have work to do that needs a computer, and tomorrow I’m helping my flatmate unpack her bedroom, so I’ll have some company for that. I just need to not get stuck in my own head as much ^^” I’m better when I’m busy!

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

This is an additional post to my Eurus shot John and TFP is his imagination while dying / John is the girl on the plane theory, so please consider this while reading this post, thanks. :)

This whole post will be a bit random because I have so much thoughts about this. I hope you don’t mind.

At the end of TLD, we see how Sherlock finds the “Miss Me?” on the paper. And that’s usually the moment where Sherlock drops all his shit (he did so in HLV with his chips) and RUNS to save John. But we didn’t see that. Weird, huh?

Also, we get a bit of John’s imagination/foreshadowing in TLD:

And in TFP, the girl on the plane (= John) says this:

“The lights” are very common when it comes to near-death experiences. Walking towards light, a tunnel with light at the end and closer coming lights.

Okay, that was that. So, let’s talk about TAB: There are things in TAB they included on purpose to make us think “That’s fucky!” in order to figure it out. An guess what? THE SAME SHIT APPEARS IN TFP.

First of all: Cringeworthy spinning shots.


Eurus = Emelia Ricoletti

Both of them look as if they were taken out of a horror movie. AND THEY BOTH SING A FUCKING SONG!

And Remember Me = Do Not Forget Me

Same with the graveyard scene in TAB … THAT SCENE WAS FAKE because the corpse came to life at the end.

An guess what else is fake and has fake graves …

And let’s not forget fat Mycroft:

Aaand back to TFP, where Sherlock says “Greg”:

When you watch the scene, you’ll first be like: “Oh, that’s nice, Sherlock finally got Lestrade’s name right!” But the thing is … THEY TOLD US THAT SHERLOCK NEVER GETS HIS NAME RIGHT JUST TWO EPISODE EARLIER. John had to MOUTH “Greg” to Sherlock so he could say it right:

So why the flying fuck would he suddenly remember his name? Weird AF? Yes, it’s John imagination. Because HE never gets Lestrade’s name wrong, that’s why!

Also, when I first saw the scene where they are at John’s, I had the feeling that Sherlock … looked so out of place? He’s standing in the room and has his coat on.

And then I thought … FUCK, I know this scene, it looks like the scene in “Many Happy Returns”!

This scenes too (first one from TFP, the other from MHR):

These too:

And when Mary (aka John’s imagination) said this:

I knew I heard it before … it’s on John’s fucking blog, he wrote it when he met Sherlock for the first time:

Oh, and I mentioned earlier what people see while having a near-death experience … it’s not just light, on of the things is also FAMILY.

And you know what else is fucky? This quote from “Mary” at the of TFP …

Well, the thing is … SHE CAN’T KNOW THIS QUOTE. We do, and Sherlock and John, but Mary can’t. Well, she could have made it up, BUT (!!!) John said it to Sherlock in TEH:

Mary wasn’t in that scene. Sherlock said something like that at the wedding, but it’s not the same:

Also, in her speech at the end of TFP, we see this shot from ASiP:

Well … nothing weird about that, right? Except for the fact that THIS is the first scene they used in TAB! If you don’t believe me, go and watch it.

And this:

Actually, there is more I could write about, but some things have already been pointed out. That Eurus wore a John-sweater as a kid or that John responded to Sherlock instead of the child on the plane.

So. If there is no fourth episode, then at least we know that the fandom is a million times cleverer than Mofftiss. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Character development from Ep 1-8
  • Yuri Ep 1: oh my god I can't believe Victor is here! I don't deserve this! I hope I don't disappoint him
  • Yuri Ep 8: I more than deserve. Tie my shoes and don't you dare look away for even a second, you're mine now Victor