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Happy birthday, Reyna!!!!!  I hope you had a great day!!!  I swear I was going to do pure, adorable fluff, but then it turned into this, so I hope you still like it!!  LOLOL

My long-time followers probably remember the Back To Us comic I drew based on the awesome fanfiction by @insanitysbloomings/ @insanitysscribblings from a few months ago, which featured Ladybug and Chat Noir, reunited after a 7 year separation. 

I had lots of people beg for me to continue the comic, but I just directed them to the fanfiction because I didn’t have the kind of time to dedicate to a comic of that magnitude.  But anyway, this is the closest thing you’ll probably get from me that could be considered a “sequel”!  This is from Chapter 20, where (SPOILER!!! sorta XD) things start to get better between Ladybae and Chat Noir.  <3

(I haven’t posted in ages)

I hope to those who see this, that you are doing well.

It felt nice to color a little bit more detail again… I almost forgot how fun it was. Quick, but stress relieving! 

I haven’t played KuroKuro in a while too. I think I still have “Happy Birthday Akashi” up as my avatar! I’m a disappointment! I hope Akashi’s story will be up with more reflection of how the Rakuzan team is according to the game team! I wonder what will the story center around~ (I hope for more Shintarou interaction… and Mayuzumi of course. AND MURASAKIBARA. Ugh. I hope it won’t just revolve around Seirin. We have other storylines for that… And ahh, of course, I hope they talk about how they must deal with Touou with Aomine as well… I’m just dreaming but hey! T_T)

Lmfao it’s been so long since I’ve been here that I sound so awkward as I type like I’m typing in some shitty diary (when it’s just a shitty blog) but pfft……

Happy Birthday...

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Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2060

Request:  hi! could I please request a peter/reader fic where it’s the reader’s birthday? she normally hates her birthday but this year peter makes it great -Anon

A/N: Hi everyone! This my first request I’ve done so I hope you like it! I had my birthday last week and when I had seen a request revolved around a birthday I had to do it! Christina and I are still going to work on the other requests!  :) If you have any requests or any feedback let us know! We love hearing from you guys and appreciate you all so much! (LIKE OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH 1,000 FOLLOWERS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. We’re working on a special thank you post

P.S I also tried to make this gender-fluid again, but let me know if I need any improvement :) 

Today is just another day of the year. You don’t get why people always made birthdays a big deal. Growing up birthdays were always just another day of the year. You turn a year older and time still moves on. Being an adult now, another birthday was the last thing on your mind. You have big kid priorities now and no time for any birthday nonsense. Birthdays honestly just suck. People feel obligated to give presents and be extra nice to you just because someone is aging another year older?! Big whoop. You actually think it’s quite sad. Every year you get this reminder that you are only getting older… which only reminds you that your time is quickly running out. You still don’t know what to do with my life and have a horrible job at the local diner where you have to where this dreaded old fifties outfit that is super tacky. It’s a bright light blue top and frilly bottoms with white trimming and includes a frilly hat to match. You’re unhappy with the job and on top of it, I have to work constantly to help pay for school so you rarely got to see the friends you actually enjoyed spending time with (which there weren’t many). Not like time was on your side anyways. 

You had an early shift today so you’re off by 2 and didn’t have any classes today. You go home to your empty apartment to wallow in self-pity.

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Ring In Some Happiness

BIRTHDAY FIC FOR @ishipallthings ! 

I’m sticking to fluff here because I love Stony fluff as much as angst and this idea just begged for fluff. Hope you like it darling :D

“What are you doing?”

Tony cleared his throat and looked up from the floor and cleared his throat again when he caught sight of Steve’s confused frown.

“Tying my lace up” he said casually and Steve’s furrow deepened.

“You’re wearing loafers,” Steve said dryly and Tony looked down to mutter a quiet “huh”.

“I was checking if the tassels were still there” the supposed genius shrugged and got up smoothly to slide back into his seat. Steve gave him a concerned look, probably for his mental health, but Tony swayed his attention with other talk.

Tony could see Steve talk passionately about the last travesty of Steven Seagal he had seen thanks to Clint’s amazing bluffing skills, but his mind was stuck on the small weight in his pocket. The band was vibranium and Tony had gone through an embarrassingly long conversation with T’Challa to get a hold of it because after the notorious Sokovia shamble, Wakanda had become extremely stringent in letting out even scraps of their precious metal.

Tony was really grateful that Ororo was as romantic as she was because T’Challa had used the opportunity to be the insufferable monarch that he could be when he wanted to make Tony’s life miserable. He was sure that the graceful ass had the whole conversation recorded and saved somewhere secure for future jokes.

Somehow, he had gotten the ring size right and the wording right as well. Now all he had to do was pop the question. They were at Steve’s favorite restaurant, the mood was right, they hadn’t argued for an entire day and Natasha had firmly told him not to take mission calls till he asked the question.

It was also not likely that Steve would say no. They were married in every possible way except for the rings and vows and ceremony part that came with it. They had also quite conveniently skipped the baby-making process and gotten ready-made babies in the form of Clint, Pietro and Peter. Rhodey had proof from Pepper that their brains were stuck to the level of sugar-high five year olds, despite what Clint said or however much Steve sighed. 

Okay, so maybe they hadn’t skipped the baby making process all that much, considering the spectacularly acrobatic se-

“-fish on your beard,” Tony blinked and saw that Steve was talking and staring at him with a mildly concerned expression. What? Oh, right.

“It’ll swim up,” Tony said nonsensically and mentally winced when Steve frowned, “Nevermind, hey, how’s the food?”

“Uh, good,” Steve replied with a wary look, glancing at Tony’s face with a furrow between his brows, “It’s nice, Tony.”

“Good? Great. That’s good. Awesome. Job well done,” Tony blathered on, scrambling for the brake on his mouth.

“Right,” Steve said slowly, taking a sip of his wine, “We should give our compliments to those who made it then.”

“Yeah, you’re welcome,” Tony nodded and felt his neck heat up at the raised eyebrow he got from Steve. Why was he still talking oh God..

“Uh-huh, you talk like you made it,” Steve teased and Tony laughed nervously which got a confused stare from Steve.

“Of course not, I just made the chef,” Tony said and retraced his words when Steve choked on his wine a bit, “I mean I made the chef make this specifically. Of course I didn’t make the chef. He’s like 53, and I would have to be about two decades older than that to make him technically. Which isn’t possible because Mom hadn’t ejected me by then. I mean, no, what the fuck, no, I mean born, not ejected. No, wait, what -”

“What?” Steve repeated, now leaning back a bit, looking Tony from head to toe.

“Vagina!” Tony waved his hand in a vague gesture and a couple of other diners turned their way because of course Tony’s voice had gained a beautiful shrieking tone by then. Wonderful. “Not your vagina, of course,” Tony shook his head with wide horrified eyes and Steve’s eyes were almost popping out of his sockets, “because you don’t. Have. A vagina, I mean. I checked,” Tony said to a neighboring lady who was staring at them with a terrified expression.

“No judgments, mate,” the lady’s companion shot Tony a thumbs-up and Tony was so flustered by then that he shot the girl a finger-gun symbol.

“Right,” Steve said in a strangled tone and Tony had a string urge to stuff the table-cloth into his mouth and flop on the table. Maybe an ambulance would rescue him from his own well-dug grave.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked in a worried tone and Tony loosened his tie, which was stupid because he wasn’t wearing a tie, he was wearing a bow-tie and his hands were scrambling in the air for the tie that he somehow thought he was wearing. Why wasn’t he dying yet?!

“Air,” Tony croaked and Steve looked seconds away from bolting over to check if Tony was breathing so the genius continued rambling, “Water, Earth, and Fire. Classical elements. We should discuss them.”

What?” Steve asked with a totally baffled look and Tony opened his mouth but then thought better and stuffed an entire fish piece into his mouth.

“Is everything alright, sir?” the waiter for the evening came up to the table and enquired, and Tony showed him the okay sign, trying to grin with a mouthful of fish. Judging by the expression on both Steve and the waiter’s faces, it didn’t look pretty.

Tony was ruining everything. He had fish in his mouth, an audience looking like he had lost his mind and a boyfriend who looked seconds away from calling Stephen Strange to check for mind control. He had to act fast and act immediately.. Fumbling into his jacket’s pocket with trembling fingers, he pulled out the ring.

Only to drop it on the floor.

The sound of vibranium hitting the polished floor echoed like a Wall Street gong even though it must have been softer than a pin-drop. Tony stared at the rolling ring in horror and heard a gasp from Steve’s direction. The waiter shifted and immediately went on his knees to search for the ring, catching it and looking up at Tony with a shining piece of proposal in his hand.

“Mr. Stark, did you -”

“Yes, I do,” Tony blurted and saw the waiter’s eyes widen with confusion and then fear, “I mean, no, I don;t, but I did. Drop. Ring.”

“Sir, are you okay?”

“I will -” Tony hissed, clenching his sweaty palms on his thighs and reached out to snatch the ring from the waiter, “Be married. I mean, be okay. Shit.”

“Sir, you -”

“Nope, no words,” Tony shook his head vehemently and felt his breaths come out in gasps. Was he still holding the ring? Why was he holding the ring? Where did it go now? Where should he put it? Ring goes in? Finger. Right.

In his panic, Tony put the ring. On his own finger.

“Oh no” somebody whispered from somewhere near him and Tony stared at his own hand in horror. Did he just wear his own proposal ring?!

“Did the waiter just propose to Tony Stark?” somebody hissed.

“Did Tony Stark just accept the waiter’s proposal?!” somebody else hissed in a higher tone and Tony felt his horror increase.

“Oh God I’m engaged to a waiter,” he whispered in terror, eyes wide and glaring at his own hand. From across the table, he heard a choking sound and looked up to see Steve having fallen pale, eyes huge and darting between Tony, the waiter and the ring.

“Oh God I’m engaged to Tony Stark,” the waiter choked out and Tony shared a petrified look with the man.

“Nope,” they heard a voice and both of them looked up to see Steve’s reddened face as the supersoldier regained his composure, in a shaky way, “No, you’re not,” Steve pointed at Tony, “You are definitely not.”

“Actually they are,” the woman who had earlier sparked off Tony’s vagina comment said helpfully and Steve shot her his deadly Captain America stare.

“No they’re not,” he maintained and shot both Tony and his engaged waiter a death glare, “You are not engaged.”

“No problems,” the waiter said and raised his hands in surrender as he slowly got up, “My wife would kill me anyway.”

“Thank you,” Tony croaked out to his newly dumped fiance and Steve stared at him before the blond’s eyes widened and he shot out a hand to hold Tony’s trembling hand.

“Hey, breathe,” Steve said softly and Tony tightened his hold on Steve’s fingers desperately.

“I just got engaged to someone I don’t even know,” the genius hiss-whispered, “Engaged and dumped.”

“I’m happy about the last part, believe it or not,” Steve said dryly and Tony let out a hysterical laugh that had Steve rubbing a calming finger over his wrist, “Hey, it’s okay, Tony. It’s okay.”

“How the fuck is it okay?” Tony asked with a shake of his head, “I just fucked up everything. Oh God, I haven’t even proposed to you yet, after all this drama!”

“How about,” Steve said calmly, rubbing gently over Tony’s pulse point, “you let me try this time, hmm?”

Tony let out a garbled sound but gestured Steve to get on with it. Steve rolled his eyes with a fond expression but held Tony’s hands with both of his own.



“Will you marry me?”

“Should I?” Tony asked plaintively and Steve’s lips quirked up in a small grin.

“I think you should,” he said with a serious nod but gleeful eyes.

“Okay then,” Tony nodded and nodded once more for confirmation, “Sure, let’s do it. What the hell.”

“How enthusiastic,” Steve teased but Tony looked up to see his favorite blue eyes shine bright with happiness and love, so much of love.

“For you, darling? All the time,” Tony murmured with a small smile and Steve leaned forward to kiss his knuckles, “Now, get my ring off me and let me put it on you. Before I get engaged to any more strangers.”

Happy Birthday Jen <3 It’s 16th here, so I’m posting this right away. Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead, darling! I love you so much and I wish you get all the happiness of the world. 

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You are one of the kindest, most thoughtful, and intelligent people I have met here, and you certainly deserve a gift! I know you like history so I drew you some Imperial-Colonial RusAme~ I have a headcanon that Ivan likes to dress Alfred up in really lovely court wear when he visits. I hope you like it and have an amazing day! ♥

Happy birthday to Fox, the mod of @ask-nextgenwillavenge! Her birthday was two days ago, but sadly I had no time to draw anything before today, so sorry, Fox!

I hope you like the fox cake Ellie and Peggy made for you. And please help me clean up in the kitchen! They made such a mess (there might have been a frosting fight because of Wade)!


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@minniesuga  I know you didn’t expect anything for your bday but I would feel like a bad friend if i didn’t do anything. You’re always there for me as a friend and I just want to show how much i appreciate you. I’m hoping that you’re having a wonderful birthday and get everything that you wish for! 


title: silly stories and fandom friends
summary: Yuuri skype-calls Phichit, but doesn’t realize how much he’ll regret that later. (Happy birthday @roses-and-asters!!! I hope you like this Amy ^_^)

After a long day of skating, Yuuri was glad to be back at the apartment. He showered and changed into comfortable clothes, checking the time and sighing every once in awhile.

Wondering if Phichit was online, he decided to go online and see.

Yuuri sat at the desk and opened his laptop, then clicked on the Skype icon. After logging in, he smiled and tapped to read the message Phichit had sent.

can we video call?

He hastily typed. yeah, I’m on. you here?

yep! calling. Yuuri waited for a bit, then clicked the “accept call” button when it popped up on his screen.

“Hi Yuuri!” Phichit greeted when the call connected, his hamsters comfortably resting on his shoulders. Yuuri grinned.

“Hi Phichit! What’s going on?”

“Nothing much, I’ve been skating more than ever. I swear I’ll beat you this year, watch me!” Phichit declared, putting a thumbs up.

“Sure,” Yuuri teased. “We’ll see who wins in the end.” They both laughed good-naturedly, grins mirroring each other.

A door opened, then closed with a click. “Yuuri, I’m home!” he heard from outside the room.

“Hi Viktor!” he called. He glanced back to Phichit, who had a ginormous, devious grin spread across his face. “I have a feeling I know what you’re going to say, so please don’t-”

“I brought groceries,” Viktor barged in. He looked at Yuuri’s computer screen, then tilted his head, curiously. “Oh, hello. Phichit, yes?”

Phichit nodded on the screen. “Hi, Viktor!” he greeted.

Viktor crossed his arms and leaned on Yuuri’s head. “Did you need anything else from the store? I can get Yurio to get it.”

“No, I think we’re fine.”

“Alright, then I’m going to go take a shower.” Yuuri nodded, and Viktor left the two of them alone. Yuuri heard a distinct tapping noise, and turned to the source.

“What are you typing?” he asked Phichit.

“Oh, ah, just some…notes.”



Yuuri’s eyes widened into saucers. “Phichit, don’t tell me you’re still writing fanfiction about me and Viktor.”

“…okay, then I won’t tell you.”

Phichit! I thought we agreed you would stop with that!” he yelled, mortified and dismayed.

Phichit had started writing fanfiction back in Detroit. Though Yuuri admitted he was a good writer, he had practically died out of embarrassment when Phichit told him he had started writing about “Viktuuri” (as he dubbed it) back when Viktor came to Hasetsu.

He had begged Phichit to stop, especially after the rush of press when Viktor kissed him back at the Cup of China.

“But why?” Phichit whined. “You’re cuter than ever now that you’re engaged! And living together in Russia! And you do all these cute things and you inspire me!”

“So write fanfiction about fictional characters! You’re weird!” Yuuri buried his face in his hands, hearing the rush of the shower from the bathroom.

“It’s not weird, I promise,” Phichit stated. “I don’t write anything weird, okay? It’s all safe for work.”

Safe for work?” Yuuri yelped. “Are you telling me…there are…”

“Yeah…there are not safe for work fanfictions about you and Viktor online. I promise I don’t write any!”

“That’s not even the problem anymore,” Yuuri groaned. “This is…just…”

“Hey, you guys are cute.”

“I can’t believe this. This is somehow your fault, I know it!”

“Um, I’m not the one who kissed living legend Viktor Nikiforov on live television at an international skating competition.”

Yuuri groaned again, sinking in his seat. His face burned with mortification.

“You okay?”

“No,” he whined. “I want to sink into the floor and just never get out.” His eyes widened. “Viktor cannot know about this.”

“Viktor cannot know about what?”

Yuuri jolted in his seat, his head whipping around. “It’s nothing-” He yelped. “Viktor! Put on a shirt!”

He heard Phichit laughing behind him. Yuuri figured his face was probably as red as it felt, and he had no interest in dealing with Phichit while embarrassment burned in his limbs.

“Tell me what you were talking about first,” Viktor insisted.

Yuuri covered his face again, thoroughly embarrassed by his friend and his fiancé (though that word made him freak out, if he were being honest).

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Phichit announced from the computer, in a sing-song voice. “I was just talking about how cute the two of you are together.”

“We are pretty cute,” Viktor agreed, while Yuuri moaned, cheeks burning. “Why didn’t you want him to tell us, Yuuri?”

“It’s not that-” Yuuri started.

“Well, he disapproves of me writing about your cuteness,” Phichit replied, snickering.


“It’s called fanfiction. A lot of people write about the two of you!”

“About what? Like articles?”

“Stories,” Phichit corrected. “They imagine stories about you, then write them.”

“Please stop talking,” Yuuri begged.

“Let him finish,” Viktor urged.

“Thank you, Viktor,” Phichit smirked. “People write about different things. I write fluff, which means happy, romance stories about the two of you. Like what it’s like to skate together! Other people write, ah-”

“Phichit, don’t you dare-!”

“-less than modest stuff.”

“You don’t mean…?” Viktor trailed off.


Yuuri sank lower into his chair. He looked up to inspect Viktor’s face, surprised to see his cheeks tinged with pink. He seemed to be embarrassed, but yet continued to smile.

“It sounds interesting. I may have to look into this ‘fanfiction’.”

Yuuri gasped. “What?! No! How are you not embarrassed by this?!”

“If they feel inspired by our love, I feel honored.”

Yuuri’s heart raced, his mouth popping open. He met Viktor’s eyes. Viktor smiled back at him. Yuuri couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner of his own lips, and felt himself falling for Viktor all over again.

“Besides, maybe these less than modest stories can give me some ideas-”

“Oh my god!” Yuuri shouted, smacking his chest. “Stop!

Viktor walked away, chuckling. Yuuri turned back to the computer, remembering Phichit was still on the other end. His eyes had gone wide, his mouth open in a huge grin, and he started to giggle gleefully. “I’m writing a fanfiction about this too.” his friend declared shamelessly.

“I hate you so much right now.”

“So I looked at the website Phichit was talking about and I found some very interesting stuff.”

“…what do you mean by ‘interesting’?”

Yuuri gasped with pleasure as Viktor placed chaste kissed along his jaw-

“Viktor, if you don’t shut up I swear to god-”

“-Viktor’s hands trailed down Yuuri’s bare chest-”

“I’m going to kill you.”

I’m not gonna lie that’s as nsfw I can actually write lmao anyway! I hope you enjoyed!!!


anonymous asked:

how would seventeen react to their s/o calling them by a cute/affectionate nickname for the first time? I love this blog!!! 💖💖

Sorry I haven’t posted in aaaaages. But I have been ill as heck. I’m still not better but, hey, gotta do my job. I tried to be cutsie. Hope you like it.
Also, Happy Birthday Seungkwan!

S.Coups would just smile. He would have the biggest smile on his face. Like that squishy shy smile of his. He would try to play it cool though, and call you something cute back.

Jeonghan would kinda blink at you for a second, before regaining his calm attentive nature and would probably stroke your cheek with the back of his hand with a sweet smile.

Joshua would be really gentlemanly. He would cock his head a little and say something witty. I think afterwards he’d kinda replay the moment over and over in his head.

Woozi would get all blushy-wushy and cover hus face… what a cutie. And like Coups, he would call you something cute again.

DK would be very shocked. His eyes would widen and he’d stare at you for a few uncomprehending moments. Then he’d turn into a fluffy crazy tornado because he wouldn’t be able to take the cuteness of the name.

Jun would just smirk. Probably run his fingers theough his hair, and call you baby and like wink or blow you a kiss. What a tease.

The8 would smile like a little squish and cover his mouth. I can imagine him scratching his head awkwardly aww. He would probably have a special cute name in Chinese just for you and he would use that to call you.

Mingyu would be like Jun. A cocky little mess. Like he would act like Jun on the outside but in the inside he would be reeling. He’d probably get so excited that he’d sneeze lol.

Wonwoo would kinda just stare at you. Like his eyes would slightly crinkle and he’d have a small smile. He might just lean forward and peck you on the cheek.

Hoshi wouldn’t hear it at first. A second later it would click what you’d just said and he’d spin around and blink at you. Like I think he’d start giggling and probably hug you tight. Do a little dance move to celebrate maybe haha.

Seungkwan would be his usual sassy self. He’d kinda flick his hair and blush and try to act all cool and Booyoncé-like when in fact, he’s dying on the inside.

Vernon would giggle. Like that spongebob laugh. Then he’d stop… and think about what had just happened. A slow smile would spread across his lips and he’d blush. Cover his face. And jump up and down.

Dino would smile. Squishy smile. He would probably try to say something smart back, but stutter a couple of times and embarass himself aww.

All in all they’d all be very surprised (except Jun bc we all know what he’s like lol.)

- Ra


yall,,, lookie what i did ;3c

happy birthday to my dude @pestisvates!!  i had to redo the animation again but i actually got it done this time haha (why the fuck are you so old,,,, smh,,, stop being so fucking old you texan)

sorry the animation took so long for me to finish! i figured i would just release it this year because it would be pointless if i did before

anyway i hope you like the shit i made for you!!

Happy birthday Clara !!!

Dear @maybeasalways , here is a masterpost of Harry being adorably dorky, sooooo enjoy !!!

Look at this baby, who could resist him ? 

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Here with his boyfriend, they were made for each other !

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wooooww hot hot hot !!!

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You think you’re looking at a sexy sweaty man but then, this happens (and it kills your buzz) :

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Anyway, the guy’s got moves :

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With Niall they make a fabulous duo :

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Even when he pouts he’s adorable :

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Harry and myself wish you the most fabulous birthday my darling <3 Love you loads !!!

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Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.