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ok so my computer is unusable now and I’m going to need a new one, so I’m doing commissions to try and get a little more money.

You can see the prices in the picture, I hope they’re not too high. :0 Sketches are done in pencil, then there’s the coloring styles


this style has vibrant colors, but has risks with it. 1: There could be some blotches and streaks from the markers drying too quickly while drawing. 2: Colors are a bit limited due to the amount of markers I have.

Colored pencils:

this style isn’t quite as vibrant and tends to look a bit grainy (maybe someone would like that more) but there’s more colors available to me, and less chance of making mistakes

what I’ll need for you to commission me:
1: a reference of the character you want me to draw
2: your PayPal email (so I can send you an invoice)
3: what coloring style you’d like (only if you’re getting a colored one obviously)

Just message me if you’re interested! In case it wasn’t obvious I can’t send the physical thing in the mail or anything, so it’s pictures of the drawing, I hope that’s not a problem. :0 

Thank you for being interested, or just reading. If you could please reblog and share this around, even if you can’t commission me, I would greatly appreciate it!

No Time to Speak

Alright, so, yeah.

The’s one for @lunathewolfwarrior ; so like, buddy, hope u like it, I’m sorry for not killing Keith but I’m weak so yeah. 

The scenario is simple, kay? Based on the titanic’s scene so hey, there it is!

Contains: Hurt/Comfort, slight angst?, Klance, NO ONE DIES OK? Pre-relationship but they are close and mushy, idk man, I told u, there is no logic whatsoever. They were pining and now they are not!

*Twirls fringer* On to the fic already. Enjoy.

Lance puffs another breath and his mouth twitches upward when the faint warm smoke reminds him of ‘dragon breath’, as his nephew would call it.

His not-so-smile drops when another dragon breath comes and mingles with his own, this one fainter and weaker.

Lance’s eyes fall on Keith’s in an instant.

“K-Keith.” He calls quietly, jaw trembling and lower lip quivering along, “K-Keith, come on. It’s - It’s my turn.”

Keith huffs one more time before he shakes his head, shifting in the slightest on the edge of the wooden plank Lance’s laying on top of before tightening his grip on Lance’s hand.

“I’m – I’m okay.” Keith replies after a few seconds in silence, softly and small, “I’m okay, L-Lance.”

He’s not. Lance can see the way his jaw tenses, trying in vain to stop his teeth from clattering. His lips are blue, taking a shade of purple around the corners. His eyelids drop every few seconds, making Lance’s heart to skip a beat every time his eyes stay close for more than a two ticks.

Lance can see the way their intertwined hands shake but he doesn’t feel a thing.

He can’t feel his hand. He can’t feel Keith’s squeeze on his fingers as he tries uselessly to warm him up or the soft brush of Keith’s thumb on the top of his hand.

There’re no more shivers running down his spine, the icy temperature around them taking its hold on them and it doesn’t help that they are not able to get out of the freezing water, thermic suits damaged earlier  and no other way to provide warm but with each other’s bodies.

Lance whimpers quietly, staring helplessly at Keith’s lower body being hidden by the dark waters below them. He leans forward until his forehead bumps against the wooden plank’s surface before raising his eyes once again to meet Keith’s tired ones.

“Keith, pl-please.” Lance pleads, trying to catch the black haired man attention by moving their hands a little, “We - We agreed on switching places –  You can’t just – You need –”

“Hey.” Keith cuts off, gently and softly, “Your leg i-is still wo-wounded. We need it above the - the surface to -to avoid in- infection, ok-okay? We -We agreed on that.”

Lance shakes his head, eyes bright and desperate. “I-I didn’t – You  never said any -anything about you staying on - on the water, Ke - Keith.”

Half of their armor was gone, the thin black suit underneath barely doing any comfort to their cold bodies. Lance had demanded for both of them to be on the only available floating surface around them.

Keith had refused at first, saying that Lance’s leg needed more room and keep it from jolting it too much. The brunet was restless though, something that changed when they tried to balanced each other in the small plank and both of them ended up on the icy waters, aggravating even more Lance’s open wound.

Keith refused to try again, snapping angrily and in concern as he had pushed the brunet up on the plank, ignoring Lance’s complaints, and then he settle himself on the edge of the wood, upper body on the surface while he kicked his legs under water to keep himself afloat.

They haven’t moved since then.

Lance is not aware of how much time has passed; the seconds seem longer, even slower than ticks, and he can’t make his brain to function enough to make sure how long has Keith’s been under the water now. He can’t calculate the damage it will have on him, he doesn’t know how much longer he can survive like this.

“K-Keith.” Lance calls once more time, letting out a sigh when Keith snaps his eyes open at the calling, looking a little disoriented, “You can’t  keep – We don’t know how lo-long – You n-need to – We need to do some- something.”

Keith stays silent and Lance frowns.

“K-Keith –”

“It’s – It’s fine, L-Lance.” Keith reassurance and Lance’s heart aches at the trembling smile on his teammate’s lips, “My –My Galra blood keeps me wa-warm enough. You - You wouldn’t – It’s okay.”

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💐 Kokoro by @ellesanimalhaven 🌸

I had first dreamed of this amazingly beautiful town a few years ago and have been wanting to revisit for a while now, and I’m still blown away by the amount of work that went into its completion. You can see all the love and attention to detail that Elle has put into it, and I’m sure that everyone who has also dreamed of Kokoro will agree with me! 

Puppy- Dmytro Timashov

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

Ok so I love Timashov! He’s a baby Leaf who’s so smiley and giggly. I love it! Anyway everyone thank @thewanderingdreamer for giving me the idea because I was stumped as to where to go with it! So enjoy!

Warning: cuteness

@kaz-in-the-impala Request: You take requests from the Marlies??? (If not completely ignore this, I’m sorry!) if you do, can you do one for Dmytro Timashov?? What a sweetie! P.S. I love your blog! 💙💙 also if I didn’t misread I hope you have a blast at the game Thursday!



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Cursed (Beauty and the Beast Jimin Au): Part 1

Request:  Hey love can i request a jimin angst inspired by the disney beauty and the beast? Where love magically makes him become more and more human? Thanks!🌼

A/N: There will be another part to this! I finally got motivation for this one and I hope this is ok. I didn’t do the whole Beast thing because idk i dont like that but I did it more like the movie Beastly than anything tbh. Hope this is good!

Originally posted by suntaes

Running up the stairs it was a wonder that he didn’t trip on a single step. His face burned. His whole body burned. He’d never felt anything like it and he was scared. Finally getting to his bathroom he shoved the door open and violently hit the light switch so he could see. Afraid to see what he looked like, there was reason all of this was happening to him.

 Many would say Jimin had it coming. Although he was beautiful on the outside, he was hideous on the inside. He made people’s skin crawl with the things he would say. Thinking he was entitled because he was rich and beautiful. Nothing could touch him. Not until that night.

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Rehearse- Jimmy Vesey

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

Ok so struggle bus hit hard with this one! Not because I didn’t know where to go with it, but because I had NO idea what was going on in the song and yeah… ok Hamilton seems like a good play. Any who, I think I’m happy with this so I hope you guys are too! Enjoy!

Warning: some spoilers for Hamilton?, talks of death

Anon Request: I know this is probably oddly specific, but could you do an imagine where y/n is making her Broadway debut in the musical, Hamilton, and she is completely worried about performing the song Stay Alive Reprise because of how sad it is, and she is scared she will mess up, so her boyfriend, Jimmy Vesey helps her rehearse it to the best of his ability, and she actually makes him cry because she did so good, and it’s so sad? Thanks love ❤



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anonymous asked:

Do you have a composition in mind or are your paintings spontaneous and made with chance? I'm struggling to start.

I like to start with an idea but if i dont have one i can start with chance, the idea may comes later. I follow anything that pushes me forward even in a completely different direction. Never know how a painting will end, if possible i stop quickly if not i can struggle a long time to get it done.Often i work on the parts i’m not satisfied with to match without touching the first moves. maybe your question was more about how to start? try to be spontaneous, take some risks without thinking too much, work fast, then you’ll have something to deal with! Hope my english is ok :)

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LMAO at that gif - me=life in general. p.s. I thought one of your favorites would be kale anon.

I thought about you the other day, Fuck Kale, when I came across this. Hope you’re ok! 

tardisgrump  asked:

First : yes butts are pretty cool , also , could yoy write either Lil J or Adam Kovic and either a drunk make out session/ confession or one during an argument because the reader is going out on a date but he ( whomever you prefer to write ) doesn't want them to and they fight ?

A/N - Thanks, sweetheart! Man, this was a tough choice, seeing as both ideas were great and I LOVE writing Lil’ J and Kovic so damn much! But in the end, I went with Jeremy and the make out/confession thing, so I hope that’s OK! Also - congrats on getting your artwork featured in one of the Prey videos on Jeremy’s personal YT channel! I knew I recognised the name from somewhere when I saw it, and your art is awesome! And hell yeah, butts are cool. Especially Jeremy’s…

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - Mentions of alcohol, makeouts, some light groping, KITTIES!!

Word Count - 2, 025

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kittenpawsandbatwings  asked:

Hey! I don't know if you're still doing the one word prompts, but if you are my word suggesntion is "grief" I was thinking it could be written maybe in Sasuke's perspective but grief applied to Sakura (if that makes any sense???) Thank you and it's ok if you don't get to this or don't want to do this one (:

i hope this is okay ~ thank you for requesting :) for any confusion: it bounces from like.. past to present, explaining how she felt during the delivered news, and how she felt a year down the road.

“He’s dead.”

The sound of her voice rang through his mind, reminding him of a past long gone, but the pain still haunts him until this day. 

She no longer smiles at the first sign of light every morning, nor when she drinks her first sip of coffee. The flowers no longer make her happy, or even the rays of light that warm her skin in the late afternoons that they spend together.

Sasuke finds their familiar and comfortable silence growing heavy anymore, the atmosphere between the two of them clouded and hazy. He no longer feels that reassuring, warm pull from Sakura anymore, not while she’s in her depressed state of mind.

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Psst, Kate. I'm listening to some new musicals and I was wondering if you had any musicals recs?? 💖

I DO ok mine are kind of basic but

  1.  first if all AMELIE. I love it so much it’s just magical. 
  2. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m loving Natsha Pierre and the comet of 1812
  3.  Dear Evan Hansen,
  4. Hairspracy 
  5.  Chicago,
  6.  In the Heights,
  7.  I haven’t finished this one with either but I’m enjoying Finding Neverland
  8. Kinky Boots
  9. Wicked
  10. Spring Awakening
  11. I haven’t finished this one either but Straight Out Of Oz
  12. And I’m patiently waiting for the Percy Jackson musical holy FUCK

Hope this helped love!!!

An Apple A Day~ Lay Teacher AU!

Anonymous said:ooH ok I love your writing n just wanted to toss this idea for a one shot at ya :^D !! Lay is a grade school teacher n he’s catching MAD feels for his student teacher (college student sitting in during his classes and helping during the day). they’re decorating his classroom one day and he sort of admits he likes her ? lmao I legit love everything you write and I hope this is understandable !

Originally posted by yixnig

Lay walked to the principal’s office while his group of fourth grader’s were at P.E. He knocked on the door, and was greeted with a “Zhang Yixing! Come in, come in!” when he entered the office.

“This is Ms. (Y/N), she’s in her last year of college, and she’s going to be your student teacher for the semester.”

Lay’s eyes landed on the girl who only seemed to be a couple of years younger than he was. She immediately stood and held her hand out with a smile. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N).” 

“I’m Yixing.” He replied, shaking her hand. “I guess you can follow me to my classroom then.”

After a silent walk down the hall, Lay opened the door to his classroom.

“There’s an extra desk next to mine, you can sit there.” He says. “The kids won’t get back for a few minutes, so you have a while to get your things settled.”

“What grade do you teach?” She asks, sitting her bags down at the desk.

“Fourth graders.”

She looked at Lay, puzzled.

“Why isn’t your room decorated all…childlike then?” 

“I’m just not the most creative person, I guess.” He answered, sitting down at his desk to go through paperwork.

“Well what about your wife? or girlfriend?” (Y/N) asked. “She could help.”

“I’m actually single.” Lay replied, looking up from the papers to see (Y/N) walking around the room, looking at the bland walls.

“Well, I’d be more than happy to help you decorate,” She said, smiling at Lay. “I mean, if you want to.”

Lay’s palms began to grow sweaty, and he couldn’t understand why. (Y/N) was definitely pretty, but for all he knew, she could be crazy. He didn’t even know her, he couldn’t catch feelings for her.

“Yeah, that sounds nice, actually.”

Moments later, the group of fourth graders flooded into the room loudly. Their yelling quickly turned into hushed whispers upon seeing (Y/N). Yixing walked to the front of the room to address the class with her. 

“Kids, this is Ms. (Y/N).” He says, earning a few giggles from the students. “I’ll let her introduce herself to you.”

She greeted the class with a smile.

“Like your teacher said, I’m Ms. (Y/N).” She paused. “I’m here to help until the end of the school year, so I can know how being a teacher is like, because I’m going to be a teacher too.”


“Alright kids, get out your books, I’m going to read for you.”

It had been a couple of weeks since (Y/N) had shown up to help Lay. The class loved her, so she would occasionally help out by teaching them or reading to them. And Lay would sit back, trying to ignore the feelings he was developing for sweet, perfect (Y/N).

All too quickly, the bell rang, and the students began to flood out of the classrooom. Lay got up from his desk to wave goodbye to the kids as they left. One girl trailed behind the rest, and stopped in front of Lay when she got to the door of the classroom. 

“Mr. Lay, I have a question.” She said, looking up at him with a childish grin.

“Alright, what is it?”

She looked at (Y/N) who was putting her things away, and motioned for Lay to bend down. 

“You like Ms. (Y/N), don’t you?” She asked. “I see how you blush around her.”

Yixing laughed as the child spoke.

“Alright, that’s enough.” He said with a smile. “You need to get home before your parents worry. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that the child left.

“Your students are absolutely adorable.” (Y/N) said. 

“They definitely are a group of characters, that’s for sure.” Lay replied.

“You’re right,” (Y/N) added, “did you still want me to help decorate? I’ve made some things with the supplied you brought.”

“Yes, that sounds fantastic.”

(Y/N) brought out a box of decorations, some of which Lay had no idea what she would do with. She grabbed a stack of name tags, and handed some to Lay. He looked down at the colorful name cards that (Y/N) was already putting on the students’ desks. By the time Lay had finished his stack, (Y/N) had already moved on to another decoration. 

“Yixing, can you help me hand this banner?” 

“Yes, of course.”

She was standing in a rolling chair, pinning up one side of the banner, while Lay quickly hurried to do the same. 

“Do you like it?” She asked. 

“I think everything looks amazing.” Lay said. 

When she moved to step down from the chair, it rolled out from underneath her, sending her falling. Lay bolted to catch her before she tumbled to the ground.

“Thank you so much.” She said, holding onto Lay’s shirt for her life.  

“Rolling chairs are dangerous, you know?” Lay said jokingly. Their faces were only inches apart, sending adrenaline through Lay’s body. A blush was forming on her cheeks as they stayed there in silence. She stood up straight and released her grip from Lay’s shirt. 

“Thank you again, Yixing.” 

She walked back over to her desk to gather her things before leaving for the door. Lay watched her in a silent awe. 

Don’t just stand here, and let her leave again. Do something Yixing. He thought.

“(Y/N), how can I repay you?” He asked, causing her to stop dead in her tracks and face him.

“That’s not necessary, Yix-”

“Yes it is, it would be rude of me not to repay such a kind person for everything she’s done.” He said, causing her eyes to grow wide. “And while I’m being truthful, I think you’re beautiful and intelligent, and amazing. I just couldn’t think of a way to tell you.”

She smiled at Lay’s confession. 

“So how about dinner tomorrow night?” Lay asked. 

“That sounds lovely, Yixing.” 

She left Lay alone moments later. He looked at the classroom and smiled at all of the colorful decorations. 

That kid was right, he does love (Y/N).

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EV should have known these people would take his silence the wrong way. what that woman said was so mean, not everybody understands that there're different ways to grieve

Who knows what was between them before that. She trashed Jill so it seems like she already had a problem with her and was waiting for the chance to make a scene out of it. I feel bad for Ed. The man could’ve had a mental breakdown and we wouldn’t know. I hope he’s ok.

This is when Stefanie of 7 year bitch died

So I grabbed a bottle of wine, like a big bottle, called Magnums, I think? And, uh, it was a fully-loaded Magnum. And I went to Discovery Park, took a long walk, and then went off the, like, kind of there’s a side of the cliff and then a little thing, and there was a little overhang, so there’s this secret spot that was overlooking some trees, and the then the water and mountains. But um, it was just me and that bottle and uh, I stayed there for the longest time, and uh, it was starting to getting sort of dusk out.

So it may have been even worse with Chris since they were closer. 

suddenlywolf  asked:

ok but honestly like. in that FMK for irate gamer/nostalgia critic/avgn it's a tough choice no one should have to make but it's definitely fuck the irate gamer marry avgn and kill the critic. it's gotta be that.

i hope you get the ask next time in stead of me

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I don't mean to come off as rude because I feel your pain, but there are so many people out there (myself included) that will never even be in the same state as DnP. And also, there are multiple people who didn't get the meet and greet band either (from what I saw). I hope that you meet them one day, as I do myself. But there are many people who want to meet them just like you and aren't going to come close to getting a chance. I hope that wasn't rude of me! I wish you do meet them! Hugs xx

idk tho u gotta try or else ur just gnna be sad u kno

Les Chevaliers…

listen to me.  

don’t get your hopes up. 

destiel is never going to become canon.  

destiel is never going to become 

destiel is never going to

destiel is never going

destiel is never

destiel is