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WELL I had hoped the circumstances of the unveiling would be a bit better than they are, but here is my piece for the (apparently ill-fated) mchanzo zine! I worked very hard on my solo McCree piece, and I hope you can still enjoy it despite everything going on with the zine right now! ALSO I’ll be getting prints made for the next con I attend, so be on the lookout for those! I may sell some online first. 🌵🤠💖

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I’m sad af like supah down my dude. You have any reddie headcanons on how they cheer each other up when down?

I hope you feel better soon dear anon. (I’m sorry for the first answer I wrote it on my phone and somehow it got cut down to this? I edited it though, here you go). Ily <3

- When Eddie is down, he’ll get very pissy and annoyed easily. 

- Richie will make some joke about Eddie’s mom and Eddie will just tell him to shut the fuck up and storm off. That’s when Richie knows. 

- So he just lets him leave and then go to his house later with flowers and a mixtape. 

- He’ll cuddle him for hours, letting him rant into his shoulder while he rubs his back. 

- When they’re in publing, Richie will kiss his nose and his arm will be around his shoulders at all times, whispering bad jokes into his ear to make him giggle. 

- He also likes kiss Eddie’s face all over just to make him giggle. 

- When Richie is down though, he’s super quiet and apologizes a lot. 

- So Eddie will grab his hand and press small kisses to his knuckles. 

- He’ll also braid Richie’s hair bc it’s finally long enough and Richie loves it. 

- He always asks Richie to do his voices bc it makes Richie feel validated and Eddie actually does like them. 

- He usually keeps Richie’s favorite candy bar in his fannypack for situations where Richie needs some cheering up. 

- They both like to tell the other person I much they love them when the other is feeling sad, because it makes both of them feel good. 

- They also watch a lot of comedies and bake stuff. That’s a rule. If the other one is feeling bad, you go to their house with a comedy and stuff to bake a cake. 

- They’re just soft boyfriends and I love them. 


Me helping my bestie identify joy in rv’s new mv so he can finally understand why I soak my panties every time I look at her

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marvel comics got rid of Brian Michael Bendis AND Axel Alonso?? everything I hoped for is happening. now just get rid of Ike Perlmutter and I will be on cloud nine

Marvel Comics definitely needed a managerial shake-up and I think they will be better for it. Ike Perlmutter should have been removed from Marvel years ago. And since we’re shaking things up, replace Jeph Loeb as the head of Marvel Television too. He dropped the ball with both ‘Iron Fist’ and ‘Inhumans’ this year, he should go. 

Have A Little Faith (fluff, comfort)

Dedicated to @causewhenyoulooklikethat and everyone who are suffering from tests~ I hope you get better! I know, tests suck and that they give us so much headache and that it really is disappointing when we have reviewed (even if we didn’t) so much but got a really depressing score. Everybody goes through that, hun. I went through that and is currently going through that with really disappointing grades lol. But in the end, we all have to have a little faith in ourselves  and smile and be positive. That’s life for us. :)

Title: Have A Little Faith (V/Taehyung)
Genre: Fluff, comfort, slight angst like really slight (i hope my slight angst does not send you all crying like the last one)
Words: 906
A/N: This was unexpected. Mitch Albom is a great writer and my favorite book of his is Timekeeper. It is soo beautiful and has stuck in my mind for nearly four years since I last read it. Enjoy!

Originally posted by comeherejimin

“The secret to happiness…be satisfied and be grateful.”
― Mitch Albom, Have a Little Faith: a True Story

Sniffles. That’s what Taehyung heard when he slowly creeped into the small but comfortable apartment. The lights were turned on as usual but the absence of a special human being was what made Taehyung’s brows crease as he dropped his bag on the floor. He walked towards your room, his heart in his throat as he marveled at the things that could be happening. The sniffles got louder and when he flung the door open, his heart sunk a little.

There you were on the floor, hunched over as your palms covered your face. Nonetheless, Taehyung could see the silver streaks of tears that were drawing tiny roads on your hands and forearms. Taehyung instantly walked towards you, setting aside the white sheets of paper that surrounded you. He sat beside you, prying your hands from your face so he could press you against his chest–the place he believed was the safest for you.

You finally let him take your hands away from your face, instantly lowering your head so that he wouldn’t see your swollen and reddish face. Taehyung sighs and gently cups your face, tilting it so that he could see your eyes. The eyes that made him swoon so much. It didn’t make him swoon though, it made his heart break for it was also broken. There was a hint of sadness in your red-rimmed eyes and Taehyung couldn’t help but feel sad too. It just sucked that his love was suffering when he didn’t know why.

“Y/N, what is it?” he whispered, as if scared to break something precious.

You look at him and tears start to burst from your eyes again so you buried your face on the nook of his neck, just enough distance from his heart so that you could her it beat. Taehyung tangles his fingers in the strands of your hair while he combed your hair up and down.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you finally speak up, “T-Tae, I f-f-fa-failed t-the t-test. I-I barely e-even got a p-p-passing s-score.”

Taehyung stopped combing your hair but his fingers were still in your hair. He pulled back a little so that he could see your face, slightly cocking his head, “Do you want to tell me about it, jagi?”

You stare at his deep brown orbs, slightly losing attention because you were too mesmerized. You felt foolish for crying over a simple test. It was absurd but then you remembered that you had spent sleepless nights cramming for it. You had two hour ‘sleeps’ for fuck’s sake.

You cleared your throat so that you wouldn’t sound so fragile and helpless, “It was the test I’ve been reviewing for two days already. You know the one I’ve been pulling all-nighters for?“–you sigh and Taehyung nods. “I guess my effort wasn’t enough. I’ve got twen–”

Taehyung interrupts you by placing a finger on your lips, his eyes looking directly into yours, “Don’t. Don’t tell me about the numbers. Numbers don’t matter, Y/N. They don’t. What matters is that you understood what you’ve been cramming for and that you’ve learned your lesson.”

You take his finger away from your lips but you hold on to it with two hands, dawdling on the warmth of his body heat. Taehyung continues, “And this is just a test right? You’ll have your finals next month, right? This means you didn’t entirely fail, Y/N. You just had a bad day, that’s all. You just have to stand up, relax and do things the proper way. No all-nighters and cramming. That’s all. Have a little faith, Y/N. Have a little faith.”

Taehyung smiled at you, showing his boxy smile at you and making your heart melt at his sincerity and his smile. You feel yourself involuntary smile back, showing your teeth and all. That was Taehyung, always the one with the contagious smile.

Taehyung let out a small chuckle, “See, there’s the smile I’ve been waiting to see.”

Flattered, you smile even more, not minding the crinkles at the end of your eyes. Taehyung had the ability of turning you into a soft fluffy ball with just one sentence. You push yourself up, beside his ear and you whisper, “Thanks, Tae.”

Taehyung smiles and when you turn to face him, he presses a small sweet kiss on your cheek and pulls you to his chest, “I care for you, Y/N. I’ll always be here for you. Those tests? They’re nothing to who you are. You? You’re more than just a failing grade. And although you still should review and all, don’t let it get to you. Because you? You’re Y/N. You’re everything perfect–flaws and all. Still the beautiful, gorgeous, smart and bubbly lady I met five months and twenty-nine days* ago.”

You let tears fall down from your eyes and to Taehyung’s sweat-scented shirt. You inhaled his perfume mixed with sweat scent and smiled to yourself as Taaehyung resumed to combing your hair. He was now singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and everything felt so beautiful. You were satisfied and grateful that he was here right now–with you in the middle of a room filled with papers that scribbled nonsense. You wrap your hands tight around Taehyung until you could clearly hear his heart beats reminding you of how much you were in love with Taehyung.



I love you.

Taehyung smiled, his heart swelling with love, you finally said it. “I love you too, Y/N. More than you’ll ever know.

*5:29 - that’s how long the Spring Day MV is lol.

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Hey love, I hope you're having a wonderful day! Do you have any prompts on an unlikely group of college kids (like polar opposites of social spectrum) going on a roadtrip type of adventure?

//Thank you!

“I can already sense the first fight coming. It’ll be over the music.”

“This the most fun I’ve had in…forever, I think. Sucks that I have to sit in the back, though.”

“I called shotgun. It’s a sacred rule that must be respected! Get out of that seat right now.”

“Can’t say I asked to be here, but it’s been going better than expected. Maybe I’ll hate you all less by the end of it.”

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hey, i don't know what you personally go through but I just wanna say that people will be here for you when you get back, so take your time and just delete anons if you don't want to talk about the subject anymore. I forgave you so I'm sure everyone else can. I hope you feel better soon Jen <3

Thank you my love

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Dear Red, My roommate and I were having an absurdly hard time recently. Her life was in a bad spot and mine started to spiral. Some days things were just really shitty, but there were some good things that kept us going, and that was your blogs and your motivational words. My roommate had to move out due to really shitty circumstances but I still love sending her your inspirational words and I enjoy reading them. Funny, inspirational and amazing. Thank you for making this world a bit better.

Honestly the reason why I do what I do is exactly this. You coming back and letting me know it helped somehow. In any way. And it made your day a little brighter and life a little less heavy.

I hope everything gets better for you both, the universe will pull a bad turn on you every once in a while, but just fasten that belt and survive the bumpy ride and eventually it all smooths out. Always. 

There’s so much to look forward to. 

Much love <3


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I'm not ugly crying right now, you are! 😢😢😭😭 that was so good! This is how that scene should have happened or at least some version of it. Broke my heart - Bucky asking why Tony was punishing him and Steve thinking that Tony didn't want him anymore. God, I hope thinks start getting better for Tony and the family.

I am fairly happy with how it played out. Bucky was devastated but Tony was very clear that he didn’t blame him.

Steve feels awful that he didn’t tell tony, but tony admits that he doesn’t know if steve telling him would have even changed anything.

Ending the scene with Tony saying he is NOT okay and he needs time but that he isn’t angry at THEM?
And then repeatedly telling Steve to go check on Bucky?

Even this devastated, Tony tries to be a good Alpha and that tells us so much about his character!

Current Katie Appearances in Season 6

6x01: “Fallout”

6x04: “Reversal”

6x07: “Thanksgiving”

6x09: “Irreconcilable Differences”

Y'all! She’s getting the Barrowman treatment and it’s pissing me off! I mean, I’m glad that she and Matt have more time for wedding planning now but it makes me angry that a woman who clearly loves playing ANY version of Laurel Lance is being so horrifically shortchanged once again.

Now, we have 14 more episodes after midseason so fingers crossed she has more to do. She’s probably only going to be in 13 episodes this season or something but it’s better than nothing.

Also hoping for at least one E1!Laurel appearance at some point as well.

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Recommendations on how to make ur makeup look better?

1. Moisturize your skin and apply chapstick before going to bed

2. Get a good night’s sleep

3. Exfoliate before applying your makeup or do a face mask

4. Do a lip mask and an eye mask if your under eyes are puffy

5. Prime your skin before applying any makeup

7. Use makeup brushes and/or a beauty blender

8. Always apply foundation on your neck too

9. Use a good amount of setting spray

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I'm a little bummed out over the divorce (and a lot of other drama in my life right now. I won't bore you with the details, but it's a laundry list that just keeps getting longer and longer.) I know I'm strong but maybe tell us a joke to get a few of us to smile? The cheesier the better usually is the way to go.

OH boy am I bad at jokes, uhhh……

A donut walks into a bar. He says ouch.


that wasn’t even a good bad joke, but it’s almost 3am and I’m trying my best. I’m sorry you have stuff going on, and I hope that you feel better. <3 If there’s anything I can do (besides telling jokes, please, I’m so bad) let me know!

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Hi! I have a question, I'm looking in investing in a packer (specifically a small mr limpy), I'm just wondering if you think this would be an appropriate size? I'm 15, 5'6-5'7, slim and I weigh 116 lbs. I dunno I'm just not sure about getting it if it's gonna be mammoth in my pants, ya feel? - X

Personally I have the XS Mr Limpy and I struggle with it at times, because getting it to sit right (and not look like I have a huge boner) is an issue
So I’m not sure if going bigger than that would make things better or worse. 

I’m hoping followers can help you out?- Matt

BTS Answers Fans’ Biggest Burning Questions – And RM Reveals Why He Changed His Name From Rap Monster!

It’s all about ARMY!

ET’s Denny Directo sat down with BTS on Wednesday at rehearsals for their upcoming performance at Sunday’s 2017 American Music Awards, where they spilled on love, world tour plans, new music, and answered some of their fans’ most burning questions.

From what’s on their playlist, to pet peeves, to J-Hope’s upcoming mixtape, scroll down to get all the BTS scoop!

1. What’s your favorite song right now?

SUGA: “Havana” [by Camila Cabello]!
RM: Me and J-Hope’s favorite song [is] “Gucci Gang” [by Lil Pump].
JUNGKOOK: “Perfect” [by Ed Sheeran].

2. Have you been to In-N-Out?

RM: We did like, four years ago. The first time in L.A., we just arrived in the airport and then we had to go to In-N-Out right away.

3. You guys are like brothers. Is there a habit someone has that gets on your nerves?

RM: [V] always plays games, but with the microphone. He’s always like, “Ahhhh!” or something like that.
V: “Ah!” or “Yay!” or “Wow!” or “Uh!”
RM: He really does that, and I’m sharing my room with him. Yeah, it’s annoying, so I think we got to move onto a better apartment or something.

4. Where do you see BTS in 10 years?

J-HOPE: Happy birthday, BTS!
RM: Maybe like, Bulletproof Adults or something.
JUNGKOOK: Uncle. Uncle!
V: BTS uncles!
JIN: Yeah!

5. Any plans for solo projects? What about J-Hope’s mixtape?

RM: It’s coming. It’s coming.
JIMIN: J-Hope!
J-HOPE: It’s coming home.
RM: There will be a like, huge surprise for everyone. Like, I know. It’s coming. [Jungkook] just got his studio room. He started to produce some beats, so maybe we can expect some stuff from JK.

6. If you could say anything to your younger selves, when you were just starting the group, what would it be?

RM: Please change your name! Please change your hair. Put away those sunglasses.
JH: J-Hope, you everyday awesome!

7. Why did you change your hair?

J-HOPE: I did it for AMAs! Red color, fire!
V: I’m grey hair color.
RM: He said his color just got some darker, so he did it again.

8. RM, you mentioned your name change. What does RM mean to you?

RM: [Rap Monster] came from a song that I made from like, 2012, there was some phrase like Rap Monster, and I just, I thought it was so cool. But as I grow up, and as I came to America, I think it felt like too much. So I just abbreviated it to RM, and it could symbolize many things. It could have more spectrums to it. I don’t know [what it means], like “Real Me” or something.

© Jennifer Drysdale‍ @ Entertainment Tonight

Dear readers,

I tried to make this brief, but I think I failed.

Today on Twitter and Tumblr, I posted about piracy and the effect it had had on the publishing side of the Raven Cycle. Several readers lashed out at me and asked why I did not merely release an 11,000 word story for free if the publisher had decided not to release it — further, they noted, other “big name authors” released “loads” of free content and since I didn’t release “loads” of things for free, surely this meant I just was in it for the money.

I don’t have a lot to add to the piracy commentary that is already up, other than the fate of the Raven Cycle and all its extras are up to my U.S. publisher and so therefore the discussion is weighted toward U.S. buyers. 

And I’m not going to speak to the giving away art for free business. The internet has discussed this a lot already, and the fact is that if you take away a paying-for-art model, you end up only getting art from people who can afford to work in their spare time or art that is supported by patrons — both models that we have seen before, both models that end up giving you art produced by and for a homogenous and upper class group. So moving on.

What I will speak to is the “loads” of free content business, because I haven’t addressed this before. I know there are authors who do release loads of free content. Stories of all lengths. Still other authors release loads of extra content available for a low cost, stories and novellas, etc. I can very much see how this is thrilling to readers. However, this will never be me, for four reasons:

1. I am bad at thinking episodically. I think of my novels in novel-shape, and it is difficult for me to think of stories that do not exist within that plotline. Just write Gansey and Blue going grocery shopping, urge readers, but I can’t think of how to make that into a satisfying story shape that will not diminish the original novels, introduce world-building that I will later regret, and be satisfying in one sitting. So ideas come to me very rarely that fit the idea of an extra. 

2. My deleted scenes are 99% bad versions of scenes that exist in the novel. They are not me deciding to cut a scene of Gansey and Blue going grocery shopping. They are me trying five different settings for the same conversation. They’re not extra, they’re less. 

3. I have always been a slow or at least very exclusive writer. I have a year between books and it takes me all of that time to write them, to think about them, to conceptualize them. I hear about some writers who write their contracted novels and then, in addition, write 10,000 word fanfics. HOW. I am not that person. If I try to write any faster, or write two things at the same time, all that happens is that I have to delete bad words twice as often, or end up writing the same story with two different titles. 

4. I am even slower now. I had not posted about my health crisis, because I didn’t want to be that person who talked about their gout at a party, but here it is. Folks who follow me on the internet may have noticed over the past several years that I was posting with increasing frequency about migraines and brain fog. In June, I grew rapidly ill at a seminar and collapsed (I think there’s still a photo of me lying on pavement behind the scenes). I had to be shipped home, canceled a tour for the first time ever, and then spent several weeks trying to get better. I did, sort of — but even weeks later, I wasn’t really better. I had hives all over my body. My hair was falling out. I was weirdly missing abstract thought — some days I could remember my home address, but I couldn’t say it out loud. I also couldn’t stay awake. I had to sleep every four hours, and every time I ate food, I got even more tired. And when I did sleep, it wasn’t real sleep. A drugged, enchanted, dreamless, sick sleep. There are photos all over the internet of me pulled over by the side of the interstate to sleep because when a reaction hit, there was no option. There is also a photo of my crumpled Mitsubishi that happened when I was too tired to avoid the tractor trailer that ran into me on the highway. I should’ve realized sooner that I was having an immune reaction, but it snuck up slowly. Bloodwork ruled out cancer and lupus, but showed that I had no immune system left whatsoever. Since then, I’ve been on a low-histamine diet of about six foods (hence the photographs of the groceries I carry with me on tour) and I’ve slowly become brighter and more like the self I remember from way back when, 2015 self. I can write again, without words looking like foreign intruders on the page. Migraines have vanished. I still have to be incredibly cautious — every time my body is exposed to or creates histamines (dog hair! limes! plane travel!), it still produces hives or puts me into an instant drugged sleep. But I’m getting better. I just can’t do anything stupid. I also just can’t write fast. I will do anything to keep from going back to June 2017 Maggie. 

All of this is to say that I wish I could be one of those authors that could surprise and delight with extras. But for many reasons, I can’t be. I’m continually delighted that readers love my books, and I hope those will continue to be enough.



eta: yes, that’s why you no longer see me with cookies. No flour, no eggs, no dairy. :(


Gotham | 4.08

Hey, Firefly.