but i hope there aren't too many in the film

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Dude, I just found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying all your stories! What did you do before you got into Television/Film? At what point did you decide to move out of Michigan? What's your favorite anime/kind of anime? Do you have any advice for other socially awkward people who want to work in your industry? Hope these aren't too many questions/too intrusive. Feel free to ignore this if it's too much!

I did odd jobs working for local TV stations, a warehouse, a recycling center and as a real estate photographer in college as well as some freelance news photography. I decided to move out of Michigan around the time the film tax credit got the axe in my senior year.  

For Anime I’m big on GITS, The Monogatari series and a cult movie series nobody has ever heard of called Kara No Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners in its english translation). I also enjoy Evangelion even if I think it has its flaws. I guess you could say I like the stuff that’s a bit artsy to a degree though I’m also interested in optioning the rights to Black Lagoon down the road and adapting it as an Action TV series since I love that as well.

For socially awkward people, the key is practice and observation. Just sit back for a while and pick up on the nuances of conversation and just start imitating it. If you need something from someone, try a soft and indirect approach first. It’s ok to not say anything for a bit to learn the lay of the land. My strategy is that I often hold back details about myself to understand what the person needs me to be for the moment because people like to project ideals onto people and then I adapt a persona based on this assumption in order to keep the conversation going.

honestly …. when tf is that birds of prey and/or gotham city sirens film just gonna be announced. it’s been 80 years. i know margot said it’s in talks. but i need a confirmation that it’s gonna be in development soon. there are too many males. i know wonder woman’s coming out next year. but that’s not an excuse to not include and create more female driven projects. just… pls … im begging .. my crops .. feed em’ …