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hello loves! i’ve recently re-posted a list of blurb starters for you guys to send in requests for. i’ll start off this one to get that ball rolling! send them in! hope you enjoy!

“No one told me that you would be here…”

You really should have thought it through. Of course he would be here. It’s his sisters house. Maybe you though that he wouldn’t be home, off galavanting in some random country. Maybe you just wanted to go to Gemmas housewarming so bad that you just told yourself that he wouldn’t be there. 

Maybe a part of you actually wanted to see him. 

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cartoonbooknerd: I got another one! Where bughead dance in secret and they are really good and in sync. The choreography is Stay Alessia cara on YouTube you can just envision Bughead cuteness. One of Cheryl’s minions sees them and records them and goes viral in school Which the gang seeing the video but not Bughead 

Finally finished my last essay and got a prompt out! 

Thank you for the idea, lovely! I may have envisioned their style of dancing a little differently to what you had in mind but it just fit in my head, I hope you don’t mind! :)

 Betty’s shoulders were hunched in dejection as she trudged into The Blue and Gold office after cheer practice, throwing her pom poms onto the worn plaid couch before following after them. Jughead lifted his head from where he was staring at the computer screen at his desk, eyes following her.

“Why so glum, vixen? Lost your pep?” he joked, trademark smirk gracing his features. Betty lifted her head to stare at him with tired eyes, not even huffing out a laugh at his attempted humour. 

“No, it’s just… Cheryl. She’s constantly on at me, saying how out of rhythm I am and that it’s my fault if anyone else is out because I’m throwing them off!” she ranted, not meeting Jughead’s eyes, her own misting with unshed tears of embarrassment. Jughead’s skin prickled at the thought of anyone saying such hateful things to Betty. How anyone could be mean to a girl that quite literally radiated sunshine absolutely baffled him. Steeling his shoulders he stood up and walked to where she was sitting, fingers playing unhappily with the hem of her uniform. 

“Come here, green eyes,” he said softly, holding out a hand to her. She stared at the outstretched hand apprehensively, big doe eyes and quivering lips, and his heart broke. “I won’t bite… well unless you want me to,” he quipped, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. His chest filled with warmth at the giggle his words pulled from her lips as she placed her small hand in his and he led them to the middle of the room. 

“Err, what are you doing, Juggie?” Betty questioned, knitting her eyebrows as he brought her other hand up to rest on his shoulder before placing his delicately on her waist. She jumped slightly at the more intimate touch, breath leaving her as she looked up into his storm blue eyes, much closer than she expected them to be.

“Follow my lead,” he murmured, quickly moving his left foot to step forward, her right leg moving back instinctively to accommodate him. Before she knew it they were spinning around the dusty old office, caught up in their own bubble of measured steps and twirls, being pulled back towards each other as if by some magnetic force every time they let a little space get between them. Jughead dipped her suddenly, Betty’s hand tightening on his bicep beneath the flannel shirt he had on, eyes exploring every detail of his face while it was so tantalisingly close to hers. Before she could say anything he’d lifted her back up, taking a few more steps before spinning her round in a pirouette that felt so freeing that she couldn’t help laughing in childlike glee at the feeling. He stopped her suddenly, her leg lifting up, thigh coming to rest against his hip, faces inches apart. She could fee his fingers on the soft skin of her thigh, slipping slightly under her skirt, his thumb almost involuntarily rubbing circles on the forbidden surface. She could taste his air as their breathing slowed, feel their chests moving quickly against one another in unison. She felt every soft inch of her body pressed deliciously against the hard, smooth surfaces of his. She never wanted to move.

Jughead couldn’t think about where his hand was right now, about the feeling of her chest pressed against his, his thigh between the apex of hers. It would have been too much. Instead he focused on her slightly parted lips, so close to his. She noticed his gaze and leaned in, capturing his lips with her own in an already-breathless kiss. It was sweet and tender with the promise of so much more lying underneath. Betty felt as if she was on fire as she tightened her thigh against him, hands moving to grip his hair. Jughead groaned as he pulled her closer, lost in all things bright and bubblegum. 

When they parted they were both more breathless than before, heaving chests and swollen lips, Jughead darting back in for a few more pecks because he couldn’t resist.

“Well,” he began when they’d finally calmed down enough to speak. “Your rhythm seems perfectly fine to me,” he finished, causing Betty to erupt into laughter all over again. He wanted to bottle the sound. 

“Where did you learn to do that, Jug?” she asked, looking at him with a wonder that made him both embarrassed and filled with pride. 

“My mom…” He cleared his throat. “She loved to dance, she took lessons. Whenever things got… difficult with Dad and he couldn’t be reasoned with she used to take me outside and teach me how to dance.” He smiled slightly as he reminisced. “She told me that a man should always know how to dance, you never know when you’re going to need to sweep someone off their feet.” He smirked as a beautiful pink blush blossomed over Betty’s cheeks. She titled her head to rest against his as they stood there in each others embrace for a while longer, all unpleasantness forgotten. 


“Oh my God, you guys, you’re never going to believe what I’ve just been sent!” Kevin shouted suddenly at the picnic bench where he was sitting with Archie, Val and Veronica. “Look!” He turned his phone around as the trio leaned in to get a better view of the small screen. 

“Is that…” Veronica began, mouth dropping open as she took in the video before her. It was shaky and slightly grainy but there was no mistaking the two figures on the screen as Betty and Jughead, caught up together in their own world, spinning and laughing and holding onto each other like their lives depended on it.

“I didn’t know Jug could dance,” Archie laughed in disbelief, shaking his head as the video continued to play, before cutting off abruptly. The table was silent for a beat. 

“Well, I think it’s sweet,” Val shrugged, going back to her fries. 

“They’re actually… good?” Kevin mused, head tilted. “And it’s all over the school already, Ginger sent it to everyone, there’s already been hundreds of hits.” Veronica’s eyes widened. 

“Oh, God. Nobody tell Betty. One viral video is enough for anyone’s lifetime I think,” she remarked, speaking of their ‘sticky maple’ take-down and Betty’s surprisingly popular alter ego. 

“Guys, here they come,” Archie whispered as the duo walked over, hand in hand. Everyone looked pointedly at their joint hands as they took a seat next to Veronica. 

“Something you want to tell me, B?” Veronica smirked in a hushed tone, arching a perfectly sculpted eyebrow. Betty giggled, biting her lip.

“Later, V,” she promised, eyes darting briefly to glance at Jughead besides her. He looked at her with a knowing glance, mouth tilted upwards at the corners. Butterflies erupted in her stomach as she chewed on her apple. 

The rest of the group shared a look. Their ignorance was definitely bliss, for now. 

Read part two here.

epic-and-kitty  asked:

Romantic Ink!Sans cuddling a chubby/fat SO headcanons?😗

Don’t worry, Epic. This one’s got ya covered. - Mod Sync

All the Ink things

-It don’t matter what you look like, Ink will cuddle the heckie out of you. He’s a skeleton after all, he doesn’t really care. He’ll love how warm and soft you are.

- Ink will 100000% be your personal cheerleader. He loves seeing you happy and succeed in your life. He can do enthusiastic cheering, stern peptalks, and soft, heartfelt encouragement. Whatever works best for the situation. His favorite though, is taking your hands in his, putting his forehead against yours, looking you in the eyes and saying exactly what you need to hear.

- It’s a slow realization over a long period of time. He’s off doing other things within the Multiverse that he only comes to see you in his rare down time. It starts with little things. Finding something from an AU that you might like, wanting to draw you more often, remembering small habits of yours. It grows from there. He starts realizing he might have something more than platonic feeling for you when he looks back and realizes he has a LOT more journals filled with nothing but you than he thought he did. It finally dawns on him when he’s hanging out with you one day and thinks ’I wish we could stay like this.’ He’s only ever had a thought like that about the Undertop universe.

- He is so!!!!!! Excited!!!!! To meet his soulmate!!! He knew you were out there in the Multiverse somewhere, it was only a matter of time until he found you! He’s going to get very excited, so, ah, I hope you weren’t too fond of that carpet, there’s ink puke on it now. He’ll clean it up, he promises.

Heaven's Light (Sad version)

B/N -bias name Y/n - Your name I/F - idol friend name

I knew I never know that warm and loving glow.
Thought I might wish with all my might.
No face as hideous as my face.
Was ever meant for Heaven’s Light

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You were in your way to visit your idol friend. Him and his group were doing a performance that night. And he invited you to the show. Little did you know he knew you had a crush on one of his members. And he has tried so hard to set you two up. Tonight was the night you were gonna confess to him. After the concert had ended you went towards the back stage showing the guard the pass and he lead you through. You got inside and saw the members trying to catch their breath after their hard work from tonight’s show. 

“Hey there you are!”, shouted your idol friend. He went towards you and gave you  a nasty sweat hug. 

One of the other members came over to you an gave you a hug as well. “Did you have fun?,” he asked.

“I did. It was amazing. You guys were incredible i cant believe that it is already over.” You told them as you hugged each member. You looked around looking for that specific person but he was no where to be found. 

“He’s talking to one of the mangers. He’ll be here soon,” said the youngest one of the group. “I think he is the other room.” 

The second youngest gives you his biggest hug and almost crushes you. “Are you free later? Want to get dinner with us? Please say you will.”

“Of course. I can never say no to you guys”, you answered and they knew you never turn down their love.

Your idol friends nudges you. “Go find B/N so we can leave and go eat.” He pushes you though the door you just walked through. “Oh and while you are at it. Tell him about your feelings. We are all rooting for you. And no chickening out this time.” After he said that him and the members watched as you walk towards the door.

You reached the door and getting ready to open the door. You put your hand on the handle and slowly turned it. “B/N. I wanted to say congrats on the….” Before you could finish the sentence you saw him locked lips with a person you never seen before. You felt you heart crack at the sight. You put on the best noh face you can endure and pretend that you didn’t see anything at all.

You slowly closed the door to a crack and made a knock on the door to hope that they did hear you. You heard him say that you can come in and you did. 

“Hey, Y/N. It good to see you. Thanks for coming tonight.” He gives his thanks and walk up and gives you  a hug. 

You smile hoping that it wouldn’t make you tears fall. “It was great all of you were great. I just wanted to give my congratulations. Um… I/F said that he wants to go out for dinner already. He kinda sent me to get you. 

“Oh, thanks. I head towards them now. Thanks. Will you be joining us tonight? And by the way this is–”

“I kinda have plans already. Maybe another time. I got to going. See you later.” You hurried with your words and rushed out and closing the door right behind you. You hurried and looked up and noticed your friend and the rest of the members looking at you with worried looks. 

“I just remembered that i had something to do. I’ll take a rain check and we can hang another time.” You smiled at them and you didn’t noticed the tear that slowly fell down you check. 

“Are you sure?” questioned your friends.

“Yeah. Next time i promise.”

“Text us in the group when you get home please,” I/F pleads.

“Of course”, you say will the half smile you can try to make. You bid your good byes and hugs to the members before you left the building. 

As you walk back home to your place. You didn’t feel like taking cab so you just walk to clear your mind. But every time your mind keeps going back to that scene that you wished you have never seen. You keep wiping the tears and before you knew it your feet had brought you to your apartment. You walked though your door and try to make your self comfortable. You felt you throat was parched and went to the kitchen to get some water. After you got your glass you remembered to text the boys telling them that you made it home and you will see them soon and that you were going to bed and told them good night. Knowing them they would keep sending texts that you turned off your phone for the rest of the night. As you walk towards your bed you felt your heart broke even more when you replayed the scene again in your head. This time you were really hurt and it was more painful than ever. You just laid there and felt the sadness creep over you. The tears were non stop soaking your sheets and pillows. 

“Of course he has someone already. He is the most perfect person ever. There’s no way that he needs me. He needs someone that is just a good looking as him. That person is perfect for him. I’m no body. I’m so ugly. So hideous compare to them.” Those were the last words you said for the night as you bawled until you fell asleep. 

You woke up and looked at the window at the rain. It felt like it was in sync with you and your emotions today. You were thankful that you didn’t have to work today and decided to stay in. 


Hey everyone this is admin DJ. This is my first scenario. I know it is really sad and is short. I just got done watching one of my favorite Disney movies, The Hunchback of notre Dame. And this ideas came up in my mind. I hope you enjoy this. I might make a second part for this depending on everyone and see how far this will. 

Thank you so much and maybe we’ll see you soon. 

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BELLARKE 4x03 RAMBLING (here i go again)

i’m SORRY but recently i came across a gif of bellarke from 4x03 (this gif) 

and i have been obsessed with it ever since. i even made it my new header (all credit to @bellarkegifsdaily ) and i just can’t get over it like oh my god 

before we begin, it should be noted that clarke never smiles anymore, and that the only times she’s smiled this season (if i remember correctly) is when they a) figured out that the ark was a solution for the radiation and; b) when bellamy’s been making shitty ass jokes (#shitty bellamy humour) 

first: bellamy is fresh off a shitty ass attempt at a joke (always glorious) “if anyways entitled to a lucky break, it’s us” and no one says anything, and he has this nervous little flustered look on his face but he turns to look at clarke a) for her reaction; b) to CENTER himself a little bit and; c) to see if she’s holding up alright amongst all this mess that they’re on the road trip on for. i mean the boy’s just trying to lighten the mood 

WELL HE SUCCEEDS because he’s rewarded with the cutest most adorable smile from one clarke griffin. she turns and looks him right in the eyes and gives him this freaking adorable half smirk for a quick second and turns away again. 

BUT WAIT!!! there’s more 

she turns away, AND THE SMILE STAYS ON HER FACE. not only is she still smiling, she’s just a little bit happier and a little bit more hopeful, which ofc was bellamy’s whole point 

for his part, bellamy both turns to and turns away from clarke AT THE SAME TIME SHE DOES (they’re so in sync i can’t even believe) and looks off in a different direction after, looking a little thoughtful and a lot smug because “gdammit i just made clarke ‘no fun’ griffin smile” and he has to remind himself to breathe (me too bell). all this combined with the fact that making clarke smile is something that makes bellamy genuinely happy just makes my heart explode 

LIKE WOW how can they get more adorable and perfect??

the fact that in all this mess bell can give clarke a reason to smile is so damn precious, which is why this is one of my favourite bellarke Little Things™ to date (as well as the cobwebs in the hair from this same episode but that’s for a different post) gbless these two i wish all the happiness in the world for these two adorkable munchkins

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“a half smile for a half joke”

more bellarke ramblings here!


Scratching your eyes you turned over and looked at your clock. The clock read 9 am and you blinked for your vision to clear up. You usually don’t wake up unless you really needed to or you had plans, but today was a special day.

Looking over at you sleeping boyfriend you smiled and rolled out of bed. You got up you slipped on your house shoes, as you stood your boyfriends shirt fell loosely around your thighs.

You walked in the direction of your bedroom door and did so very quietly as to not wake your sleeping beauty. Lord knows what would happen if he was awaken by anything at this hour.

Shuffling slowly to your kitchen pantry you reached inside and grabbed some pancake mix. You then scurried over to the fridge the get out some bacon,sausage and eggs to cook. Laying everything on the cabinet you realized you hadn’t even grabbed anything to cook the food in.

The door to the cabinet creaked a little, you pulled out a skillet and a cooking tray. As you scanned the kitchen still a little drowsy you spotted the spices you need.

You heard footsteps towards you as you set the table for two knowing your boyfriend was going to come dragging his feet sooner or later.

“Happy Birthday my love.” you said softly with your back still turned to him.
“This is for me? You shouldn’t have baby, thank you so much.” Yoongi wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.
“Well I know how you don’t eat while you’re at the studio, then you come home so tired and forget to eat, so I wanted to cook for you and because I love you and appreicate everything you do.” You rambled turning to look at Yoongi.
“Baby I appreciate you and I am the world’s luckiest man, I have the most amazing girlfriend, thank you for everything you do for me.” Yoongi stepped forward placing his hands on either side of your face.

You and Yoongi leaned closer in sync and placed your lips on each others. His arms snaked around your sides while your arms wrapped around his neck.

He pulled away slowly and rested his forehead against yours.
“I love you Y/N.”
“I love you too my sleepy sloth.”
“As much as I would love to stay like this I really want to eat the food you prepared.” Yoongi chuckled looking at the meal on the table.
“Let’s eat then.”


Happy birthday Yoongi!! ♡
I hope you all enjoy.

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We all want to be helped PT. 2

Words: 900
Warning: Anxiety
Pairing: Josh Dun x reader
Requested: no
Sum.: Continuation of the first part, so yeah he talks more about what she told him and stuff
-> PT.1 (I think this is gonna have a small third part)

A/N: I feel like this is not as good as the last one but here it is anyway. Sorry it took so long, exam phase has started again and I am already stressed out (ayyyy) but also it was like 80-90°F (~25-30°C) out here and my brain is melting.

He had calmed down after another half an hour and the two of you sat back down.

There was silence between you, comfortable not awkward.

You could not recall the rest of the day in detail when you though back at it. You were sure you spent about an hour longer in each other company, probably talking about aimless things, as you couldn’t remember anything important in particular.

You remembered leaving and walking in the almost exactly opposite direction as him. There was no talk between the two of you about if you would see each other ever again or if you would communicate. It sure would be hard with just a first name and nothing else.
To you there was this silent understanding between the two of you would cross paths again and that you would not have to worry about the whole communication thing.

The last thing you could remember from that day was that feeling you had in your chest for the next week. A feeling that told you that this encounter would change something in your life, dramatically.


You crouched through the bushes and made your way around the corner. You had not lifted your head yet and so the impact hit you completely unexpectedly.
Arms were thrown around you and a head fell on your shoulder. There was a shiver running through their body as it clung to yours. Their breathing was irregular and heavy.

“Josh” You said softly while rubbing circles on his back. He sighed and you felt him squeeze you a little tighter.
You began to breath more deeply in hope of him syncing in with you.

Once again it took him a little while before calming down almost all the way.

You sat him down on the bench and then kneeled in front of him. “Josh…please. It can’t stay like this.”, you took one of his hands and began to massage it.
He sighed and lowered his head avoiding eye contact with you.
“Either you let me in or you get someone else to help you….but you know and I know this is not the right way to do it. You can’t just expect me, mind you still mostly a stranger to you, to come here at the right time to calm you down. This isn’t good for you or for me.”

It had happened three times by now, you had come down here to have a little bit of an alone time, to recharge, but there he was again shivering, just one big anxious boy. You again and again felt obligated to help him, still not really knowing why. Whenever he would calm down he talked to you about irrelevant things like the weather or something similar. He never told you more about him than his name, so you didn’t either. It didn’t feel right to open up completely to someone who wouldn’t even open up a tiny bit.

You wanted this, you wanted to help him and to make him trust you but you didn’t want to get yourself in his position while doing so.

He nodded slightly and began to speak. “ I’m sorry. You’re right. I should have behaved differently.” Sincerity laced his voice as he now took your hand into his.
“I have been thinking about this. Ever since the first time I saw you. That day I didn’t want to meet you, I didn’t want to be in company I wanted to be alone. I always wanted to be alone in times like that.”, you felt his warm fingers circle across your hand and it made your skin tingle and itch but you didn’t want to interrupt him.
“I thought about you. I mean your words”,his cheeks grew red while he was talking and you weren’t sure if he didn’t actually mean both. “And I thought about them a lot. You know, they kept me up at night, and I finally realised why. It was the exact opposite of what I always thought of myself, I always wanted to be alone. Not helped. I didn’t want to feel vulnerable, I felt different from all these confident people and I didn’t like it. I thought I could do it on my own, it would go away or I would finally learn to cope with it. It didn’t. I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t have the words.”

Silence fell upon you two for a little bit. He was chewing on his lips, staring at the sky while you were observing him, trying to read him.

“I’m gonna tell you now. I believe that you spoke from probably first hand experience that’s why this feels alright to do. ”, he opened and closed his mouth but stayed silent again.
“I want to be helped, I realised this now. I want to be helped and I want to live by this now, to help and be helped. Because just meeting you made me understand how important it is to appreciate help and….sorry I am rambling I just can’t put it into words really.
All I wanna say is thank you for helping me because I think I will let people help me now and I think this is the first step to improvement.”

happy birthday @mrpalmersnart! i wrote a fluffy little coldatom thing for u! please ignore any mistakes lmao i wrote this on the train ride home. love you!


Ray and Leonard are sat at their table, watching people on the dance floor under the large canopy. Ray leans forward onto the table and gets a look at Sara and Amaya, holding each other, as they move to the music. He lets out a blissful sigh, and Leonard snaps his attention to Ray.

“I’m so happy for them,” he says, eyes trained on their friends, the newlywed couple. They glow under the string of lights, ethereal and soft, swaying gracefully together.

“Me, too,” Leonard says, genuinely. Sara and Amaya are made for each other, and all of their friends were wondering when they were going to tie the knot.

Sara breaks away from Amaya’s arms, and comes over to the table.

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Body Image_ Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
Word Count: 697 Eh…
Warnings: Depressed/Self-Conscious Reader, mentions of nudity
Disclaimer: All mentioned avengers belong to MCU
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    You sank to the shower floor, panting and shaking. You tried, your really did try, to forget. To forget how you felt, to forget the scars. But they always came back. Tears stung your eyes and you blinked, feeling the salty streaks mix with the water from the fancy shower head. A choked sob made it past your lips and your bare form curled up tighter. No one had ever said these things about you but still you felt like this. Fat and shy and ugly. You took deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down but the battle scars stared back at you, mocking you. More strangled sobs fought their way out of your mouth. You dug your nails into your palms, almost drawing blood and your whole body tensed. Your shoulders shook with each shaky breath and your hair plastered itself to your scalp. You stopped trying to choke them down and your sobs echoed off the tiled walls. You started to hyperventilate, becoming light-headed quickly. You tried desperatley to calm you lungs but failed. The last thing you heard was JARVIS sounding alarmed before you fainted.

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Full of Surprises Part 2: a Fred Weasley x Reader Imagine

*I received a few requests for a Part 2 and delivered to the best of my ability. Sorry if I got carried away, but a Christmas with the Weasleys was not a task I took lightly*

Following the formation of a relationship with Fred in Hogsmeade, the reader goes home with the Weasleys for Christmas. At the Burrow the reader faces old fears and lays others to rest. Through meeting all 9 Weasleys, learning to play Quidditch, late night excursions, and the receiving of an official Weasley Christmas sweater, the reader and Fred struggle to keep their relationship under wraps. Through it all the reader is pleasantly surprised and finds themselves at home with a new family.

[Y/n] - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - indicates the passage of time

Warnings: slight language (not at all bad)

Word count: 8,226

Enjoy :)


“But Fred, what if she doesn’t like me?” I ask nervously, wringing my hands.

“Don’t be ridiculous, love. We love you and so will she.” Fred gently pulls my hands apart, pressing his lips to then before reassuringly rubbing his thumb over their backs.

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Together {Carl Grimes x Reader}

Requested by Anon; Hi can I request a Carl Grimes imagine where the reader is Daryl’s daughter and he’s really protective over the reader and he’s stopped them from having a relationship with Carl in the past but now that Carl is shot, he walks in on the reader laying in the bed with him and talking about everything that’s going on and he realizes how much they love each other and he gives the reader and Carl his blessing

AN; The italic print in the beginning signals a flashback, and also thank you so much for 900 followers! 

With pursed lips and tear stained cheeks, your eyes raked over the boy laying before you. An unsettling silence filled the atmosphere as you laid on the thin mattress next to him, your mind flickering to the last encounter you had with Carl, which only made more tears pour from your crestfallen eyes. 

Masked in a cloak full of walker guts, you stood before him, a perturbed look plastered over your face. An ailing feeling was present in your stomach. Alexandria was no longer a safe zone. Walkers flooded through the streets, drying up any hope you previously had for the place.

“Things never work out right for us, do they?” You bid, your eyes locking on his own. “The farm, the prison… now Alexandria. Are we ever gonna catch a break?“ 

He reached out, resting his hand on your cheek in an effort to redirect your thoughts. “Hey, it’s not over. We’re still here, and we’ll get through this together. We always have,” he offered, his eyes staying connected with your own. “We can take Alexandria back.”

Nodding your head, you leaned forward and wrapped your weak arms around his torso, basking in his presence. He had a way with words that was indescribable. His tone always had a collected aura to it, even in cataclysm’s like this. The calming statements that fell from his lips were both idealistic and realistic, and though it was slightly contradicting, the two easily worked hand in hand. 

After minutes of embracing, you forced yourself to speak. “We should see what the others are up to. We might have to leave soon,“ you whispered out, slipping out of his arms.

You didn’t want to leave, but options were limited. Surviving now meant getting to artillery, and the only way to get to the artillery was to leave. 

“Yeah, but… one last thing…” He paused a brief moment, as if he were contemplating his next words, “kiss me.”

Your breath hitched in the back of your throat. Your dad would be livid if he found out you kissed Carl, but in that moment you didn’t care. You didn’t allow yourself to be burdened by caring. Death could capture you today, you needed to do something for yourself. You couldn’t allow your dad to hold you back anymore.

A light shade of pink covered your face as you leaned in, pressing your lips against his own. All of your worries faded away as your mind was now focused on the softness of his lips. In a world filled with misery, you had finally found your true ecstasy. 

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Post #4: Dancing

The lights were off and I swear we were sober, but the bass hit like whisky and soda. We were drunk off the moment. Top floor, hair dyed the color of the skyline, and bodies forming new constellations with every motion. Laughter painted the sky. Throw your phone on the couch in the corner, we are staying in tonight and forgetting anything close to control. Our hearts beat in sync. With bare feet and heads full of dreams, we tried to make the earth shake just for the thrill of the change. Nothing else mattered and I could finally breathe.

1AM (Taeyang Scenario)

Posted September 24, 2014

Requested by anonymous.

Sorry for the wait! But I really hope you like it :)

Summary: You’re a backup dancer for his RISE tour and the two of you end up practicing all night

Your back pressed hard against his muscular chest as his hands wandered down the sides of your body, stopping at your hips where he let them stay as your bodies rocked in perfect sync. As you raised your arm up, one of his hands followed and his fingers caressed the skin of your entire arm before reaching your hand. With sweat covering both your bodies and heavy breaths exiting your mouths, you turned around to face him - placing your hand at the back of his head for a moment before moving it to rest against his chest. You looked intensely into each other’s eyes and for a second, it was like there were only the two of you in the world. His arm snaked around your waist and… He dipped you down just as the song ended. He helped you back up and the arm around your waist was released. You smiled at each other for a second.

“Good job, ____-ah”, he complimented and ruffled your hair slightly.

“Yah, Oppa! Don’t do that to my hair”, you said and pouted, earning a laugh from him.

“Fine”, he said, “how did this time feel?”

“It felt really good, but I think I can do better during the chorus”, you said as you sat down on the floor to stretch your legs.

“Really?” he said and nodded to himself, probably going over the entire choreography in his head. He quickly ran a hand through his blonde hair and went over to the stereo to paus the music that was still playing.

It was 11 PM and the two of you were the last ones left in the dance studio. Everyone else had gone home quite a while ago, but you’d stayed to train some more. The young man with you in the room - the one and only Taeyang of BigBang - was preparing for his ‘RISE’ tour at the moment and you happened to be one of the back-up dancers chosen to come on the tour. You were really excited about going on the tour, since it meant you would be able to dance to all of the songs you’d fallen in love with from the album. There was not one song on the album you didn’t love as much as you loved to dance. Also, since you loved all the songs so much, it made you even more motivated to dance better than you’d even danced in your life.

Not only would you be one of the back-up dancers on the tour, though. You’d been asked if you wanted to be the one to dance with him during one of the songs; “1AM” to be exact. Of course, you’d accepted at once. There was no way you’d miss the opportunity to dance with the man who made your heart flutter and the butterflies in your stomach to go wild. Yes, you had feelings for one of YG Entertainment’s superstars. But, he was Dong Youngbae before he was Taeyang for you - a sweet and caring guy who would do anything for his friends. Having been a back-up dancer at YG since 2010, you’d gotten to know him quite well. Over the years, the two of you had become very close as friends.

The friendly and almost sibling-like teasing that had always existed between the two of you wasn’t the same anymore, though. The stronger your feelings had gotten, the harder it had become for you to act like you’d always done around him. The only times when you were around him and managed to ignore your racing heart, was when you were dancing. When you danced, you could forget everything around you and just enjoy the moment.

However, even doing that was turning into a difficult task. This was because; the secret, longing looks you’d given Youngbae now seemed to be mirrored in his eyes. It made you very nervous just thinking about it. But even if things had obviously changed between the two of you recently - and you were just as much aware of it as he was - none of you really acknowledged it. Because, what if you did acknowledge it and it ruined the great friendship between you in the end? You did not want to start avoiding him in order to not have an awkward moment. So, better to ignore it than ruin everything, rigth? But, at the same time, you really wanted to be more than friends with him…

“Ah, Oppa!” you suddenly exclaimed, remembering something, “I’m hungry”

“… Okay?” he was not following.

“Yah, you don’t remember? You promised to buy me food every time we had to stay late for practice”, you said and looked at him with a pout on your face.

He looked at you and chuckled, shaking his head at your act of cuteness. He sat down next to you one the floor and started stretching as well. Having him so close made your whole body tingle with nervousness. Secretly taking a deep breath to calm yourself down, you tried to not act like the love-struck idiot you actually were.

“I remember”, he said and smiled, “so, you’re hungry?”


“Then what do you want, princess?” he asked and looked at you.

The nickname put a small blush on your face and you had to look away in order to hide it from him. He’d probably tease you to no end if he saw it. After a short while of thinking what your empty stomach craved the most, you told him what you wanted and he called a restaurant that delivered just that. The fact that, even at a stupid hour like 11 PM, you could still have food delivered was something you loved. It had saved you and the others at YG many times during late night practices.

Two hours later, you’d eaten and taken an longer-than-planned break where you simply just talked. It amazed you how easy it was for you to talk to him. You felt so comfortable around him, it put a smile on your face just thinking about it. Being able to spend moments alone with him like you were right now, despite the fact that everyone were stressing trying to prepare for the upcoming tour, was really amazing. Even if you were a nervous wreck, you loved these moments and wished they would come more often.

Stretching your arms in the air slightly, in an attempt to get rid of the tiredness trying to take over your body, you glanced at the clock on the wall. What you saw shocked you. It couldn’t be true, could it?

“It’s 1 AM already?” you mumbled to yourself, but Youngbae seemed to hear it.

“Want to run through the choreography one last time before we call it a night?” Youngbae asked and stood up, offering his arm to you to help you up.

“Sure”, you immediately said and took his outstretched arm, allowing him to pull you up from the floor.

He then walked over to the stereo and pressed play. The first notes to “1AM” started playing and you got into the right position - ready to start dancing. You’d practiced the dance so much you knew it like the back of your hand. Youngbae joined you where you stood and the dance started.

The chorus soon came and you made sure to focus extra hard, since you wanted to nail every single thing in the choreography before you went home. When it came to dance, you were a perfectionist. If there was one part you were unhappy about, you’d make sure to practice enough so that it was just right - no matter how long it took.

However, the tiredness had secretly made its way to your head and, as your focus was on nailing the choreography, you failed to notice that your shoelace had come undone. Before you knew it, you’d stepped on the shoelace and felt how you were falling as a result. Closing your eyes was your first instinct.

A pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your waist before you could hit the floor, though. You felt how your slim body was pressed against a muscular chest. When you opened your eyes, you found yourself staring into a pair of beautiful eyes. They, of course, belonged to none other than Youngbae. Having his arms around you made you feel very secure and you never wanted him to let go. Despite the fact that he was covered in sweat, he still smelled amazing. Or was that just your love-struck mind?

“You okay, _____-ah?”, he asked with a worried expression on his face. It didn’t seem like he was going to let you go any time soon, much to your silent delight. He didn’t even seem aware that he was still holding onto you.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine”, you said as a blush colored your cheeks.

“You sure?”

All you could do was nod, trying to ignore the fact that his face was extremely close to yours. Without realizing it, you glanced down at his lips and silently wondered what it would feel like being kissed by them.

Youngbae quickly noticed how your eyes wandered down and his arms around you tightened in respons. You felt your heartbeat pick up.

”_____-ah…”, he whispered in a husky voice, making your whole body tingle.

You looked into his eyes again and bit your lip when you saw the change in them. He released one of his arms from around your waist and let the hand wander up to your face, caressing your cheek gently before putting some of your hair behind your ear. Your heart was beating so fast at that point, it wouldn’t surprise you if it jumped out of your chest.

“Oppa”, you nervously whispered.

“Tell me to stop and I will”, he said, making the butterflies in your stomach go absolutely berserk.

Both of you knew there was no way you’d ask him to stop. You’d waited for this moment just as much as he had.

The hand by your face moved to caress your cheek again as he leaned in, resting his forehead against yours for a few moment. You had to close your eyes eventually, because you were so nervous. At this, Youngbae seemed to pluck up enough courage to go even further, because you soon felt his lips gently graze yours. This made your heart skip a beat and you unconsciously grabbed on to his tank top. He seemed to take this as a sign that it was okay to just go for it. Within a few short moments, his lips were on yours. It was just as you’d imagined; like heaven.

Your hands released their grip on his tank top and you snaked your arms around his neck, needing to be closer to him. You felt him smirk into the kiss as you did that and he soon tilted his head in order to deepen the kiss. He then twirled you both around so that you back was facing the wall of wirrors, before making you back up towards it. Your back soon hit the mirror and his hands wandered down, stopping by your hips, caressing the clothed skin. Your entire body was on sensory-overload and it felt like the entire world was spinning. Was this seriously happening?

Too soon for your liking, both of you ran out of air and had to break apart. His arms were still holding on to your hips and his body was firmly pressed against yours - making your back press against the mirror - which was a very good thing since you felt kind of dizzy from the amazing event that just occurred.

“We’re finally acknowledging what’s going on between us?” you asked breathlessly, trying to calm your racing heart.

“I don’t care what might go wrong anymore, I want you”, Youngbae stated and leaned in to give you a quick peck on the lips. It put a smile on your face.

He smiled back at you and rested his forehead against yours, closing his eyes for a moment. As he opened them again, he looked straight into your eyes.

“This dance is going to be a success”, he said and smirked, earning a giggle from you.

“I think so too, Oppa”

1 AM might be the time where many heartbroken people found themselves thinking about the loves they lost. You, instead, had finally obtained the love you’d longed for, for so long.