but i hear things

“Your skin is so fine I can see the blood moving beneath it,” Jamie said, tracing the path of a sunbeam across my bare stomach. “I could follow the veins from your hand to your heart.” He drew his finger gently up my wrist to the bend of the elbow, up the inner side of my upper arm, and across the slope below my collarbone.

“That’s the subclavian vein,” I remarked, looking down my nose at the path of his tracking finger.

“Is it? Oh, aye, because it’s below your clavicle. Tell me some more.” The finger moved slowly downward. “I like to hear the Latin names for things; I never dreamed it would be so pleasant to make love to a physician.”

“That,” I said primly, “is an areola, and you know it, because I told you last week.”

“So ye did,” he murmured. “And there’s another one, fancy that.” The bright head dipped to let his tongue replace the finger, then traveled lower.

“Umbilicus,” I said with a short gasp.

“Um,” he said, muffled lips stretching in a smile against my transparent skin. “And what’s this, then?”

“You tell me,” I said, clutching his head. But he was incapable of speech.

- Outlander, Chapter 24

Little Battleborn Things #863

The new Bot Battle mode in Versus! Fighting against bots where lore and challenges are counted!

But wait, let me say why this is awesome. Every time I join a public match I am matched against some premade pubstomping team that dominates and ruins all chance for fun. The last time I tried a few days ago, on the character select screen one of my team mates said “Sorry guys, but I know those guys on the other team. They’re assholes and I’m not dealing with this” and disconnected. Can’t blame them, that match was hell. Only managed to master Benedict that day because I only needed one more midair kill and their Pendles was wounded from killing one of ours and not looking up. He then paid me back for that kill five times over before we surrendered.

Every time I join hoping to grind some PvP-exclusive lore, this happens to me and I want to say “I am never playing this again. I’m sticking to Story and Ops.” but I know I’ll be back trying to get more lore.

I play private matches with groups of friends against each other and sometimes bots, and this is a lot more fun! But we can’t get lore here, just EXP. I understand why they do this, it would be too easy to tell a friend “go play Oscar Mike and let me shoot you a bunch as Whiskey.”

But putting a bot match in public versus? This is everything I need! In one day I completed lore for three characters I thought I’d never get! Sure bots are stupid easy to kill (we sometimes set up 2 players versus 5 bots in private matches and still win) but it’s the only way to grind lore without suffering! …Other than trying to get as many people to buy Battleborn as I can so I can kill noobs again, or getting ten people together into two teams and trying to find each other in public matchmaking. That last one is something we’ve done a lot!

Sorry for the long rant, and thank you, Gearbox for the bots!

*another I love this submission from the greatest Battleborn chaosdx1. 

AN: And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more cheesy, my desire to write something for the fabulous, inspiring @awwheartno lead to ‘snuggles’ and ‘special night’ lead to ‘anniversary’ and then you got this and… yeah. Have some Hawkshock. Or Hawktaser. Taserhawk? Whatever it is. Have some of it. And then have some of Miin’s writing, because it’s way way better and she’s an inspiriation and I’m glad we have her in Darcyland.

Picture AN: The sweets up there are called “Mozart Kugeln” (Mozart Balls. I kid you not). They’re delicious and a specialty and I always get heaps of them when I go to Austria. If you ever get there, get some, too.

Length: 2.400 words

Title: After All – Dar Williams

Day 3: And now I laugh at how the world changed me

Jetlag is a terrible, terrible thing. Even two days after the flight. Darcy swears every muscle in her body feels strained, and she is tired with every fiber of her being. From how she feels, she should have gotten a party or two out of it. Nights of watching movies and drinking, at least. A “Pizza + Star Trek”-Marathon. All things she hasn’t done in a bit that she should probably do again. Instead of feeling groggy from having sat down in a plane.

Be that as it may, the annoying sound of the alarm forces her to realize that jetlag was a thing that got worse with age. She doesn’t remember feeling like that after she and Jane had moved to London from Puente Antigua over a decade ago. Bloody hell.

“What time’s it?” Her words come out barely intelligible, and the fact that her face is pressed into a shoulder doesn’t help. An amused chuckle is her reply. Asshole. To be amused at her struggle.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” her husband says, and she feels his scratchy beardy kiss on the top of her head.

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sithofren  asked:

Kylux: How did they first say the L word?


I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea that Hux has a lot on his mind he’d want to say to Kylo after they’d been seeing each other a while, but that he has a lot of difficulty voicing these things. But keeping it all in and turning every possibility over in his mind is driving him nuts, so he finds ways to voice them with minimal consequences.

Some of this is through action. Little acts of care like seeing to it that Kylo is taken care of after battles, making sure he eats enough, things like that. When that’s not enough, he starts talking to Kylo while Kylo is asleep. It helps to say the things out loud, even if Kylo can’t hear him. Maybe because Kylo can’t hear him. This starts with things like “I want to take care of you” and “thank the stars we found each other, I was so lonely” to “you’re magnificent” “you’re beautiful” and, at last, “I think I might love you.”

In the meantime, Kylo has thought and meditated over his relationship with Hux and has come to a conclusion, but it’s hard to accept. Love is…complicated. Dangerous. Distracting. But the pull of it is stronger than that of the dark or the light and he doesn’t remain in denial for long. The only problem is, he isn’t sure how Hux feels.

One night he wakes a little, not enough to move or even open his eyes, but enough to hear Hux’s voice softly muttering things against the back of his neck. Hux hasn’t noticed that he’s awake. Kylo hears, “I think I love you, I don’t know because I’ve never loved someone before, but this has to be it, right? But do I tell you? What if you don’t feel the same? I don’t know what I’d do then…”

Kylo drifts off again, but he doesn’t forget. He thinks about Hux’s words and the fear in his voice, fear he’d -never- heard when Hux was issuing commands or even making conversation. And he knows what he has to do.

When they’re alone together next, having a quiet moment between shifts, just relaxing together, he turns to Hux. “How do you feel about me?” he asks, giving Hux the chance to say it first, if he wants to. Hux looks surprised,and a little scared. “I…value your companionship,” he settles on, and Kylo almost laughs, because it’s such a Hux answer. “That’s good,” he teases, “Because I love you. It would be a shame if you didn’t like having me around. You’re not so bad yourself.” “Well, that’s good, because I love you too!” Hux snaps back before he knows what he’s saying. He’s startled for a minute, then overwhelmingly relieved. Saying those words had seemed like the hardest thing in the world to him and Kylo had somehow made it easy. As easy as falling for him in the first place.

(why did I write a ficlet i’m sorry)

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Did u hear about the thing that one of the C&J en guys said that one of the boys of bts r dating. Do u think it's any true?(I mean I if love if they get some if u know what I mean). But wow who do u think it is likely to be?

dude yeah i heard!! but dating rumours are usually bs lol idk what to believe

but HMMM i feel like it’d be someone in hyung line? 

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Have you noticed that Hiccup refers to Heather as a woman as opposed to girl in the episode "Tone Death"? In you opinion what does this speak about Hiccup's thoughts/opinions of Heather? Moreover have you noticed that Viggo once at least referred Hiccup as a man (in Buffalord Soldier)? what's your opinion of it?

I appreciate that phraseology a lot. Hiccup and his company aren’t kids - they shouldn’t be called boys and girls. Both in a term of the number of years they have experienced and their level of maturity, they are not kids. Yes, we still hear them sometimes say “boys” and “girls,” but it makes sense because they’re in that transitional stage in their lives, leaving childhood and only just now entering adulthood (and also our society has a tendency to call people “girls” even when they’re not girls - hence why we hear things like Astrid saying “girl time” - I’m not a fan of it, but it’s admittedly where our language is at). 

Hiccup calling Heather a woman is reflective of the fact that he knows she’s not a child, and that he and his peers are leaving childhood years behind. It’s interesting because Hiccup is not someone fully comfortable of becoming an adult (as we see in HTTYD 2). He doesn’t exactly want to leave the good years of his childhood behind and enter an uncertain world of mature responsibility. But it’s something he’s going to understand anyway - he’s not a kid anymore. Calling Heather a woman is a good, decent, respectful comment both in concern of Heather for acknowledging who she actually is, and also an indirectly respectful comment about himself, given as it’s an acknowledgement his peer group aren’t exactly kids anymore. It’s also just something he should be doing regardless, because calling her a “girl” is a little not right given her age. I feel like it would be a little odd for Hiccup in many contexts to call Heather a “girl” - he’s someone who treats people with the respect they deserve, and one thing we see throughout RTTE is that Hiccup tries very hard to include Heather and give her some comfort and respect. This language reflects that regard.

Viggo calling Hiccup a “man” is more interesting to me. Enemies are more likely to call someone derogatorily a “boy” to make them sound less threatening. Viggo has shown himself to be confident about his abilities compared to Hiccup. However, the more he interacts with Hiccup, the more he realizes Hiccup can be a threat. Viggo calling Hiccup a “man” in Buffalord Soldier demonstrates that Viggo is starting to see Hiccup as more than a boy - but an actual threat. A “boy” isn’t something he should concern himself over. A “man,” however, is something to take into consideration. This small choice of language shows how Viggo during season three begins to perceive Hiccup as a legitimate problem.

Did Wallis agree with Assistant here? What parent problems? I feel like this might hint to his father and such.

oh, yeah! i don’t think i discussed this with anyone, but i do think there may have been something that happened with wallis and his father? i definitely agree with you here, but since i feel like it may get a little long(or not long at all and im blowin stuff out of proportion oops lmao) you can just ask if you want to hear what i think about the thing with wallis and his dad; but yes, there clearly seems to be a little thing thrown in here about wallis already- i always thought it was weird, but i never thought it was about his dad, but now i can see how you’d think so. good eye! -mod purple


People always wonder why “celebrities” don’t finish their schooling. Majority of the things I hear people say are saddening and downright degrading and that’s their say, but there are those few ones that encourage me and give me hope to share to those other actors like myself that haven’t finished (yet, for some, and for myself hopefully). Some have already found their calling in the industry, some may enjoy the spur of the moment and want to make the most out of it while they can, some…. well… some just don’t care much for education (for now) because to some: experience can be better education.

I don’t encourage nor advise people not to go to or finish their school instead, all I am trying to say is that we make do with what we can make do with. Of course, the ideal way to get a proper job is to finish your studies! However, we all have different journeys, we just need to be a bit more accepting of those differences. :)

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I'm going to go ahead and poke the beast, what are you planning? You usually don't post a string of things on your social media unless you have plans >:3c. Would it have to do with one of these night-mind originals we hear about. Maybe a game?

I’m planning a multitude of things at any given time.

Right now, I’m just wrapping up some old business while attempting to get talks in order for a few plans. I’m exploring some other ideas and possibilities as well. And naturally, I’m thinking of the videos I’ll be making that are part of standard coverage and Night Mind material.

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Your pup is so cute! And I am so very happy for you and that your book is coming out soon! Your blog is like a haven, and you always manage to cheer me up. You made the start of this year a really good one, thank you <3 Ilysm!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that the blog is a good thing in your life and hope it continues to be. I wish you all the best in 2017.

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Also, on a different topic but I was wondering your opinion since you seem level-headed about all this. Have you seen the new red carpet video? I'm hearing things like "heart eyes" and "so happy together" and while I think it looked less awkward than other interactions we saw, I don't get that kind of reading on it. I laugh and talk with my friends and no one says I'm in love with them.

I honestly saw no heart eyes. We have plenty of examples to draw from and this looked nothing like any of them. Most of us would be able to say that we smile and talk to our friends or colleagues as we’re walking along somewhere, and no one would be proclaiming how in love we are.

There are plenty of “heart-eyes” examples for us to look at. Gillian with David, a number of photos I can recall of Gillian and Mark, and Gillian and Clyde (although, granted, those were early days). Even Rodney qualifies, no matter what you think of him. I agree that there were no heart eyes in this video and although Gillian and PM were somewhat less awkward, I still saw nothing more than polite friendliness, and there was still a noticeable degree of body stiffness and keeping to themselves.

And unless walking, talking and smiling has been reclassified into the category of true love, we’ve all done it and not had anyone tell us we’re in love with the person we walked alongside of.