but i havent seen it so

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so when did you become a SJW cos i havent seen anything but u being a decent human being or am i just being blind here.

no it’s true I took SJW classes online and got a little card I could print out and everything

speaking of writing, this is my jee & woo fic concept idea, bearing in mind i havent yet seen/read all of jeeves and wooster, but

so john jeeves watson is a poor country lad who’s just itching for an interesting life, who steals a car and takes it on a joy ride. he’s caught, of course, barely even seems to mind. the judge gives him a choice between jail and army. he always knew he was destined to be a soldier like his father and his grandfather so he chose army- BUT SUDDENLY, the owner of the car FINALLY shows up in court. it’s the local ditzy posh boy extraordinaire himself, sherlock hooster, or “hooty” for short. he takes one look at this striking young man and asks the judge if there’s any way a new deal could be struck- whereupon it’s then decided john will be sherlock’s butler, but really it’s just an excuse for sherlock to have a live in friend and for john to have a nice place to stay. john doesn’t really mind, feeding sherlock and reminding him to take care of himself is actually quite nice, though neither remembers the dusting.
meanwhile sherlock’s meddling relatives are always throwing dinner parties in the country and accidentally getting him engaged to women he simply has no interest in (and who have no interest in him, wink wink) which often leads to sherlock getting into even MORE scrapes as he’s always searching for mysteries or scandals in the body languages and clothing of those around him. luckily, of course, when he and john put their heads together they can save the day and go back home and take baths

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I feel like i havent seen big bear mccree on my dash in so long ;3; i miss him. I know star wars is ur main bae rn but do u plan on making more mchanzos again?

i do, i do have a lot of sketches for them but please don’t send asks like this… i know you don’t mean to but i’m a v mentally ill guy and i draw mostly to alliviate stress and to feel good.. asks like this make me feel obligated to draw stuff and they’re kinda,, guilt-trippy for me?? please don’t do it

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Well in that case do you think a diamond would be screwed if they went up against a fusion big enough to match their size?

it’s really hard to tell. we havent seen the diamonds in action, but i don’t think the gems are afraid of them just because they’re bigger. they did come up with a weapon that can corrupt the mind of a gem. and honestly, even if 5+ gems or so fuse into a giant being, 2 diamonds fusion will still crush them easily. and it’s not like you can pile as many gems as you want for a fusion- the more gems u have, the harder it is to keep the fusion stable and functioning. 

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Im getting ME: A as a digital download for when it releases. I dont think Ive been more excited for it. (Side note: I havent seen much of it aside from some of the trailers, disregarding them Im still hyped)

It feels so weird right now, we’re so close to launch day with all those news and videos and spoilers but we still have to wait weeks 

anyway same I am feeling the hype

I visited the twins who played my son for a little while on the show, their names are Austin and Aiden. Its been a month or so since Ive last seen them. We jammed out to sesame street and then I took them to Chuck E Cheese with their parents. A mouse walking out to say hit to kids is a little terrifying. I dont think Ill ever go back there again. Anyway, how is everyone doing these days? 

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oh i think some just think that in that story ayato already inherited karlheinz' powers and was with yui officially (if we follow the default logic of DL story that they would need to have awakened yui to get the power/position) when kino stepped in. unlike more blood where yui didnt really have a set partner shown in the mukami routes. like they havent learned love yet and she was still casual about it too. still at the first phase

but then again, in one of the reiji after stories he ended up with yui but wasnt the head of the family. he was working as shuu’s aid. so i guess it can be seen in different ways. i totally understand “routes” lol. obviously it IS kino’s. just sad if ever the reason ayato got karlheinz’ power in that story was because he awakened yui aka they had feelings for one another. and somehow she just moves to kino. if that were the case then it wouldnt be like the past games coz she didnt awaken then

Ahh, I see. It makes more sense as to why people are concerned about it now. 

I don’t really have the same background knowledge about it, so to me it just seemed like people worrying about their favourite not getting chosen >.>;; Sorry about that~

Thank you for explaining♡

quick proportion tips

- eyeballs are an eyeball width apart
- ears align with the top of your brows to the bottom of your nose, and are the center-point of a profile view
- lip corners line up to the center of each eye
- hands are roughly the size of your face
- feet are the same size as your forearm
- elbows are aligned with your belly-button
- your hands reach down mid-length of your thighs
- both upper and lower legs (individually) are roughly the same size as your torso 
(this is all rough estimates for proportion! feel free to add more to help others)