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Director Dorothy Arzner and choreographer Marion Morgan on the set of ‘Manhattan Cocktail’ (1928). Arzner met Morgan while directing her first film, 'Fashions for Women’ in 1927 and they were romantically involved until Morgan’s death in 1971.

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

yeah this totally isn’t cheesy at all my babies are rockin’ the shit out of those couple sweatshirts 

and valentine’s day is long gone now whoops


riley matthews in every episode ☆ girl meets sneak attack [1x03] 

[grow up] not…yet. 


Family Reunion : Holbrook Edition! 📷

From left to right: Erin Holbrook, Riya Chandra, Blanche Holbrook, Marley Holbrook, Lawrence Holbrook, Viola Holbrook, Evan Bellevue. 

altea rising


“Are you a ghost?” Lance asked.

“Am I a … ? No, I’m not a ghost.

“Oh.” Lance’s shoulders sagged. “Sorry. The mullet threw me off. I thought maybe you died in the seventies or something.”

When Shiro and Matt disappear without a trace, conspiracy theorists Keith and Pidge team up with ghost hunters Lance and Hunk to find them. They soon discover they are paladins, which means they have the ability to walk between the physical and spirit worlds. Now it’s up to them to stop Zarkon, an evil spirit who plans to invade the human world. … And the only way to do that is to find the five spirit lions that combine into an immensely powerful being called Voltron.

Rating: T
Relationships: Klance, Keith & Pidge, Hunk & Lance
Words: 32,261
Status: Chapters 5/??

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must it always be a tragedy?
the Boy asked the Sky.
must I always lose him?
must he always leave?
must we never learn to fly together?

it’s always been a tragedy,
the Stars replied. 
that’s just the way it has always been,
and it always will be.
we’ve watched over a thousand lives, 
a million stories, 
but the ones like you?
it’s always a tragedy.

it’s called Fate, 
the Sun said.
and there’s nothing you can do about it. 
I loved a Boy once too, you see, 
but I lost him. 
I lost him too.

—  how could a Boy do what the Sun couldn’t? ( j.p. )
you know, Trump supporters see whatever they want to see, but you know what's scary?

official art of yuri on ice never shows Yuri and Victor wearing their rings.

They’re engaged according to every squealing yuri on ice fan ever…and yet, they never wear their rings.

All of the official art I’ve seen…has had them not wearing rings.

if I point this out, I am lambasted with hate…from people who then deny their own eyes and the evidence right in front of them…and say they’re married, they’re just not wearing their rings for some…reason.

They see the evidence right before them, that their anime played them, that they never wanted to ACTUALLY commit, that the fact that after their “kiss,” it was never brought up again and their relationship did not change significantly.

But they continue to willfully ignore said evidence and actively attack people who comment on this evidence.

Sound familiar?