but i haven't made gifs in forever

ok i wasn’t really planning on doing one of these but everyone seems to be doing one so why not? also i spent like a full hour on this banner (it took me a good 4 tries to draw and animate that light trail) so i’m not wasting it

2016 was pretty bad but i made some great friends/new mutuals and i want y’all to know how much i appreciate you guys so here we go! (tbh this is more of an “i love you guys so much” appreciation post than a follow forever lol) not ordered by bolded/italics bc you are all important to me but i would like to give a shoutout to….

my amazing friends:

@ff15, @mercyzieglr, @heals, @zenyattah, @ohmyheda, @diamndcity, @nabooqueen, and @swordcores

and my irl friends:

@svrgebinder, @janbaar, @seouled-out, @seraphicsapphic, @corvosblink, @happykhajiitidragon, and @diamondscth

aaaand the overwatch squad! all of you guys are amazing and i’m so glad i met you all:

@vaulthunterexe, @kawfees, @vishkarengineer, @qunarirogue, @hellxyeah, @illesteva, @deathblossomgrove, and @spectralanomaly

ok! and now the actual “follow forever”:


@abrudas @aetulias @alilstair @anderfells @andrasted @bethesdas @biostrange @bioticbutt @cerysancrate @couriersixs @darkspavvn @darkspawned @drakesrafe @elenafisher @elsinore @femaleryder @femturian @fenris @ferelden


@gabriielreyes @gaytrcer @genjiros @gristol @hawkeing @hnschen @hnzo @houndpitspub @hwoaarang @isabelasfestiveass @itsjaneshepard @itsthighnoon @kalenhad @komorebian @lacroixamelie @liarashepards @masseffxt @miyku @mojaves @nyiro


@omegastation @pentaghasts @plasmarifles @rxder @seranas @subjct0 @symmetras @tethrasing @theillusivewoman @theinqusition @theirins @thessia @thievesintime @tracerwidows @ttracer @vaultbooty

thank you guys for everything and i hope everyone has a great 2017! :)

                   ❝ The heart is an arrow ——  
                                              —— It demands aim to land true.

 inej ghafa (six of crows)

In honor of my blog turning 5 Years Old; I decided to do a SECOND Follow Forever!! These blogs are literally all my best friends…If not my best friends, definitely people who I look up to!! 

I love each and every one of you, my followers, so much! Thank you for sticking with me for 5 years! New or Old; you are all very precious to me. Thank You to all these blogs for making my tumblr experience so amazing, and I hope to be a blog that makes your experience enjoyable as well! Stay Golden, and Stay Beautiful!


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Thank you all for being so wonderful and amazing, and truly beautiful individuals! I love you guys so so so much.