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Ok so my headcanon for why Mary and Damien are so close (i.e. my special boy) is that they’ve known eachother forever - I’m talking since school/university, and they’ve always been best friends. Even when they both got married they made sure to call eachother almost every day and find time for “girls’ nights out.” But then a little while after Lucien was born Damien came to the full realisation that he was trans, and that he couldn’t live any longer without being his true self.
Somehow, while he was terrified to tell anyone, the idea of telling Mary made him the most anxious - even though she already accepted his growing gothic wardrobe, and his overwhelming love of dogs and graveyards. But he was scared that once he told her they would never be the same again, since he wouldn’t be her ‘best girlfriend’ anymore.
He waited, and waited, trying to find the right moment, to pluck up the courage. But if he couldn’t steel himself enough to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, then how the hell was he supposed to do this. Nevertheless, one day - when he’d lost count of how many times he’d gone into the basement to cry after hearing Lucien call him Mom, and he’d received yet another text from his best friend saying 'heeyyy *deadname* how are ya?’ - he went to her house to tell her.
She was quiet while he revealed everything, anxiously mentioning anything that seemed relevant to lessen the weight of the silence between them. He talked about how he felt as a child, and when Lucien was born; his nausea when wearing dresses and how much he’d cried recently; his ideas for a new name. And then, because of course they had to surface right now, his anxieties about what it would mean - how much he loved her, but how scared he was that he couldn’t be her best friend anymore.
When he’d finally stumbled to a halt - and she had that look on her face that meant she’d just been waiting for him to shut up - she said: 'No, you’re not my best girlfriend anymore. You’re my special boy.’ And she hugged him, so he burst into tears on her shoulder. From that moment on, she’d used that nickname to signify that she wasn’t fucking around when it came to their friendship (usually when Joseph got frustrated about how much time she spent with another man.)
She then helped him to come out to his husband, and to Lucien - and she sounded like she’d read fifty guides on how to come out to children, even though Damien thought she never read anything without romance or spies somewhere along the way. And a few days later, a package arrived at his door which turned out to be a Victorian-era appropriate binder - which he had no idea could exist. The invoice inside read Joseph Christiansen, but there was a note from Mary:
'Apparently these things are a bitch to get on and off. Let me know if ya get stuck and need rescuing, special boy. M xx’
And he knew things with Mary could never change.

Heads up about Talking to your Crew in ME:A

So you know how the game will gray out dialogue options you’ve chosen before when you talk to your crew on the tempest? Well, sometimes the game lies!

Some crew members get dialogue after their personal quest that automatically will turn gray. I know for sure Peebee does this.

Some crew members have more to say on a topic later, but the topic will remained grayed out. For example, Lexi will continuously give you updates on the crew and how they’ve changed, but the dialogue option doesn’t change back to white to let you know that. Same with the war stories Drack and Cora can tell.

Basically if you think it’s possible someone’s opinion on something has changed, make sure to click through their dialogue trees that might relate to it again because it’s possible they have more to say!

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Alex roughly eating louis that I'm all I'm sayin . Just a thought . I dunno . I haven't seen Dunkirk yet I'm gonna of spoilers

@celebratinglouis u send me the nastiest shit but also thank u. 

this is just…it’s porn. it’s angst and porn and feminization kink and poor coping mechanisms. also it’s written in like three different tenses. listen, I’m sorry. I hope you like it anyways, bc this is a concept I could write…more of. Also a few Dunkirk spoilers! 


The train spewed steam, hot and compressed, behind him, and Alex still found the ability to push forward.

He hurt, and he couldn’t even identify where. His ears were ringing, and he’s only now noticing it. He thought his neck and his head might hurt, but then again, his wrist and his ankle might, too. It’s just everywhere. His eyes stung even though he was just asleep, his mouth tasted like warm beer and warmer water.

He blinked, and brought his hand up to his eyes, his other hand tightening on the strap of his pack. There’s no sunlight in the station, but he still feels like he should lift his hand, get a better view.

He’s standing there on the platform, three dimensions, full color. He’s wearing nearly the exact same thing he wore to the station the first time, the grey trousers and the brown braces and the big, open pale blue jumper that’s gotten paler, bordering on grey.

He’s the most beautiful thing Alex has ever seen. He’s the only beautiful thing he’s seen in a while.

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“For so long he had not had a home. For so long he had just been lost, a nomad moving from purpose to purpose. And then she found him and she became it. She became the reason to fight, the reason to return every night, the reason to smile on the worst of days, the reason to become human again. She became his reason. She became his home.
Broken Nails and Vacant Alleys by supersillyanddorky06

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Hi! I don't know if you take prompts but I have one if you want: that scene in season 10 where Mulder sees Scully sleeping but instead he hears her muttering his name and realizes she still loves him maybe? :)

Thank you for this prompt, anon :) I hope you enjoy! Set, of course, in Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster.

He knows he shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be doing this. Watching Scully through a hole in the wall like a creep. It’s highly questionable, he knows; actually it’s downright objectionable. Yet, he can’t make himself look away, can’t even convince himself it’s wrong. His feet are frozen to the spot, his eyes glued to her sleeping form. Why do you like to watch me sleep, Mulder? She asked him once. Just a regular morning, a Saturday maybe. Sleeping together, waking up next to each other, was still new, not yet a daily occurrence. He is fairly certain that he grinned at her then, because in those early days he was always grinning. Sheepishly, he confessed to her that this wasn’t the first time, far from it. I’ve always watched you sleep, Scully. You fall asleep all the time in cars, in planes and yes, once at the office. His admission rendered her speechless. When she remained quiet, her expression unreadable in the dim light of the morning, in the yet unknown territory between friendship and romance, he had mentally packed his bags, accepted defeat. Then she put on a smile, so genuine and real he can still recall it today, take it out like an old, not quite faded picture. She leaned over, kissed his cheek. Thank you for always watching over me, she whispered into his ear, forgiving him, and giving him permission.

That was over a decade ago, he realizes, blinking. He misses this. Misses being allowed into every aspect of her life. He is no longer there when she falls asleep reading. Who picks up her glasses? The book or the folder? When they slide down as she sinks further and further away into slumber. There could be someone else, he figures, blinking again, slower. Someone she is afraid to mention. Someone who waits for her while she’s out chasing monsters with her spooky ex. How would she explain it, he wonders. Sorry, my former life caught up with me. But no. They may not live together right now, and she might stumble over words like home and husband, but they’re still them. They’re still connected. For eternity. He’ll wait as long as it takes for her to come back. To him, to their life.

Whatever they are though, it doesn’t make this right. Does it? Part of him wants to throw caution to the wind; wants to forget everything that’s going on around here, around them. Just walk into her room and join her there on the bed. Feel her warm form next to him. Listen to the gentle rhythm of her breathing. Be with her. She still sticks to one side of the bed; he does, too. The memory of her, her ghost, remains with him in their bed. Anywhere he sleeps, really. He tried sleeping on the couch like he used to do. Mulder could have lived with the pain in his back and the stiffness in his arms. But even there, on their old couch, he misses her. He averts his eyes now for a moment, saving the image of her sleeping to his memory. These days it’s all he’s got; his memories his greatest treasures. As wrong as it may be, he has to look again. Just one more time. He’s never been patient, has never been able to wait or give up. Scully would attest to that. So he allows himself one last glance.

“Hmmm.” That’s Scully. Still unaware, still sleeping peacefully. Mulder has no idea how long he’s been standing here watching her. To him it seems like mere seconds, but it has to have been minutes. Many, many minutes.

“Mul… Mulder.” She sighs his name audibly, happily even. There is no mistaking it. He’s heard her utter his name in countless variations. As a yell, as a question, sometimes as an accusation. Or as a moan. It doesn’t matter to him how she says it as long as she does. His name on her lips is one of his favorite sounds.

“Mulder, hmmm, yeah.” He doesn’t dare to guess what she’s dreaming about. But a sense of jealousy towards his dream alter ego spreads inside his chest.

“Love… you.” While it’s not a confession, nothing he hasn’t known before, he wishes he had not been intruding. She’s been trying so hard to keep her distance, to push him back out into the real world without her. Her hope that he would learn to swim again and not be drowned by his thoughts, by his depression. Without her as his anchor, he needs to stay afloat by himself. And he manages. He sometimes misses a beat, chokes and spits, but he’s coming closer to the shore.

Mulder wants to hear her say these words, but he wants her to know she said them. Look at him and whisper them against his lips like she used to do. With some difficulty, he finally tears himself away. He’s seen enough, heard too much. In a few moments he will knock at her door, wake her up. Tell her what he’s found out, take her away from this creepy place. They won’t share a hotel room wherever they end up. They’re not there yet. He knows that she hasn’t given up on him, on them. The knowledge puts confidence in his steps, in his smile. No, he should not have watched her sleep. No, he should not have heard her mumble his name, her confession. But he’s glad he did. He’s going to keep this secret to himself until she’s ready to share it with him.

I mean the whole point of that episode was literally that Robert Jacob Sugden aka Trashcan Bob is a twisted complicated mess of a human being who has spent a lot of his life hurting people and denying who he was, that he’s a desperate self-preserving control-freak who has messed up once again, yes, only this time it’s different because he’s found the love of his life, the person who means the world to him, whom he adores and can be himself with!!!! And as terrified as he is of losing him he’s realised that he can’t get out of it this time, even if he technically can, because he values what he has with aaron so much that he’s going to do the right thing and actually face the consequences of his actions willingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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D1 Nick Wilde please if your still taking requests? Idk how I haven't found your account yet!? I'm loving your art style and seeing all the other pieces you've done!

Hooray!  You Found me!! :’D And thank you so much for liking my style,  it means a lot to me ^^”

But as you can obviously see, in this piece I didn’t really use my style but rather Nick Orsi’s XD idk why I draw him like this today, maybe cuz he’s way of drawing Nick is so unique hahah

Anyways, enjoy your time round my not-so- fancy account~  

And about request, I do take some depending on the ask and my mood :) 

My 10 Favorite Things about Papyrus!!

1. Papyrus attempting to make a pun and only he laughs at it
2. Papyrus thinking you’re too good for him and putting himself in the friend-zone
3. The Papyrus x Papyrus ship I found out about (it’s called “Papyrus”)
4. His racecar bed and action figures that Santa (totally not Sans) gave him
5. How Sans thinks that he’s the coolest brother ever
6. The “wink wink” text that he sends you
7. Spaghetti? Spaghetti.
8. How you can call him up anywhere and he’ll answer and talk to you
9. The way everyone just silently agrees that he sounds like Skeletor
10. His really catchy theme song

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Hi there, I haven't play too much on persona 5 yet but can you do Akira meeting an emotionless/ quiet girl in school and how he found out later on that she has a crush on him but is too shy to tell him. I hope this makes sense.

Since the first day Akira attended Shujin Academy, each class he felt someone staring directly at the back of his head. When he would turn around, the rather soft looking girl blushed and quickly adverted her eyes. This became a pattern, especially as Akira’s charm got higher. 

On Valentine’s Day, Akira found a small pink and red striped square box on his desk upon entering homeroom. The note attached only had, “Hope you enjoy! xoxo”. Immediately he knew it was from the girl behind his seat, he gathered her work papers enough to be able to recognize the hand writing. 

When Akira saw her leaving campus that day, he ran up to get her attention. A simple offer to go to the movies on Sunday, and possibly see how things go from there.