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I saw this on a Mass Effect group on Facebook today and I’m reposting it here not to be critical or negative, but to actually get people’s opinions on it. Do you think it’s possible for Bioware to do a better job with their characters faces using the technology they have or not? Is there anyone out there with any game design expertise that could weigh in on this maybe? I have zero personal experience with designing games or creating animation so I have no right to judge Bioware because I truly don’t know what their limitations are when they design characters. I definitely don’t think Bioware’s faces are bad but I know I’ve seen more realistic faces in other games. Thoughts? Feel free to reply to this post or reblog with comments or leave me thoughts in my ask!

Dreams do come true.

So I always told my dad “I’ll get a 9-5 desk job and do art on the side” whenever he tried to guilt me for getting an art degree and ask what I was gonna do for work when I graduated.
I got a graphic design job, loved it, but I had a lot of trouble keeping up with the system they had in place. Didn’t work for three months, threw my application everywhere, and eventually applied to be a car salesperson as a joke. I got a call back to schedule an interview and panicked, because I have literally zero sales experience.
When I got to the dealership I had forgotten who called me, which was bad, but the guy was super nice. He picks my resume up off his desk and says, “I see you have photography listed as a skill here. How in depth are you with that?”
Me: “I went to school for it, sir.”
Him: “Is that so? Because (nearby dealership) happens to be looking for a photographer, and I bet (GM) would like you. Let’s give him a call.”
Now I’m a vehicle photographer / webmaster for a car dealership.

TL;DR got an art degree, got a job, got hours cut to zero, didn’t work for months, applied to be a car salesperson as a joke, and they hired me as their photographer / webmaster.

I’m here to tell you that dreams do come true, and please list that seemingly unrelated skill on your resume because you don’t know who’s looking for it.


Surveillance: An OHSHC and Soul Eater Crossover

“Follow Maka and Soul as they are thrown into a school of rich high school kids—Ouran Academy, to be exact! See how they navigate the school trying to track down a witch that has violated the peace treaty, whilst keeping their secret, especially when they come into contact with a group of gorgeous boys! Set after the manga.”

So… I found this really cool story on FF.net, and I really couldn’t NOT make fan art it. I mean, the story’s really interesting, and Soul and Maka’s interactions with the Host Club are really funny, especially when the Hitachiin twins are involved.

I really only drew Soul and Maka because the story IS centered around them and ‘cause I literally have ZERO experience drawing the members of the Host Club.

Honestly though, I suck at perspective. Like, ew. The perspective of the desk is all wrong. But, I guess this is alright, considering I haven’t made any digital art on my computer for MONTHS now…

Anyways! The story is by Reginna Grace on FanFiction, and it’s really good so far! It’s not exactly complete yet, but I highly suggest you give it a read, especially if you’re a fan of both SE and OHSHC.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11437322/1/Surveillance-An-OHSHC-and-Soul-Eater-Crossover

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How about headcanons for the RFA with a MC who smokes weed for anxiety or just for fun?


  • He’s so concerned and overdramatic about it. But you could say he just really cares for his s/o’s health and tends to overreact a little when it comes to that.
  • “What do you mean it helps? Isn’t it dangerous?! What if it’s getting worse?”
  • Maybe he should smoke some weed to calm down himself, honestly.
  • Ultimately though, he trusts them. If anything, it’s probably prescribed medication, he figures.


  • Who is he to control them when it comes to that? Fuck, he’s probably smoked worse back in the day.
  • He does keep an eye out for them so that they do it moderately though.
  • His biggest concern is whether they get it from a doctor or actually from dealers. He wouldn’t like the latter at all, simply because he doesn’t want them interacting with any dangerous or sketchy people.
  • At the very least he checks on them so that they really relax and don’t work at any heavy machinery or drive, etc.


  • She’s torn between telling them there’s other options and asking whether she could try it herself.
  • Conversation is key. Again, if a doctor prescribed it for them, then they probably know what they’re doing. If it’s not for medical reasons though, she asks them to be careful and not overdo it.
  • But, as already mentioned, she is really curious. Even though she’s hesitant, she does want to try it at least once.
  • She probably doesn’t like it herself though, honestly. She just begins to giggle at anything and everything and probably feels super sleepy.


  • He doesn’t get the fuss, but what applies for the others applies for him as well. He’s not against a general dosis prescribed by a doctor.
  • However, he kind of does ruin their fun by asking them whether there are any other options. You can interpret it as him just wanting to have them look for the best solution possible.
  • Likely tries to inform himself in a really awkward way, as in a sudden message in the chatroom “Do any of you know anything about marijuana?”
  • Or he looks it up on the internet and all he finds is dank memes.


  • Speaking of dank memes. You can’t convince me Seven hasn’t tried smoking a blunt before.
  • He immediately spits out dozens of puns and stupid jokes about it. “What do you mean Snoop Dog is no longer hip?”
  • He has the connections too, so there won’t be much trouble about it.
  • However, he does remain cautious. He really doesn’t want them to overdo it and keep track of stuff. There’s nothing wrong with taking a day to relax, but it shouldn’t have to become an addictive routine.

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Hc's for how kakyoin, jotaro, rohan and josuke would react if their crush asked them out through a note

I hope these are okay!


  • He’s horrifically used to confession notes and love letters; at this point he’s given up on arguing with the girls, and instead just throws them out without looking at them. The only reason he opened this one is because it had been slipped directly into his pocket, and he’s vaguely curious at who could’ve gotten that close to him without his knowing.
  • He only scans it at first, because in the end, they’re all the same- but then the signature at the bottom catches his eye. He grits his teeth at that; the one person he’s been planning to approach for how long? And they asked him out first. He’s almost disappointed.
  • He waits for them outside their class the next day, shoving the note back at them and averting his eyes. He huffs when they just smile and start to walk away; “What, you’re not gonna read it? Fine then, guess you don’t actually want to go to lunch.” He turns and starts walking, but it’s slow and deliberate, so they have a chance to catch up with him after reading his scrawled response.
  • “Fine. But next time, I get to make the first move.”

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Although they’re not quite as plentiful as Jotaro’s, he’s gotten plenty of letters too; he at least reads them before throwing them out, and depending on how in love the girl seemed, he might buy her some flowers to turn her down gently.
  • As he’s flipping through this latest collection, he’s half convinced he recognizes that handwriting; he’s borderline floored when he recognizes the name at the bottom, too. Although he’s definitely more interested in them than other people, he’d convinced himself they wouldn’t be interested, and that’s the entire reason he hadn’t asked them out himself.

  • He does keep the note, probably taping it to his mirror to read over and over again, but he pretends he never got it at all, instead just asking his crush out himself now that he knows for sure how they feel.

☆ Josuke ☆

  • He’s not the most observant, so he has no idea when somebody managed to slip the note into his textbook. He only glances over it at first; it’s cute, with fancy stationary and colored ink. He’ll have to read it fully after class. He does plan to turn them down anyways, because he’s got his eyes on somebody else, but reading it can’t hurt.
  • He’s glad he decided to read it alone later, because he starts absolutely melting. He’s used to attention, but nobody’s ever complimented him like this before- It’s unsigned, and he doesn’t know the writing, so the only way to learn who it’s from is to take the invitation for lunch.
  • He shows up at the right place at the right time, ready to nicely say no thanks, but his heart almost stops when the person he likes sits down across from him. Okay, maybe he won’t be saying no after all-

☆ Rohan ☆

  • Although he’d never admit it, he keeps every fan letter and love note he’s ever gotten. He tells himself it’s mainly to study varying writing styles and speech patterns, but in all honesty he just enjoys reading them over again. Usually they come through the mail, so he’s surprised to find one stuck to his front door one day; he’s somewhat cautious, because that means somebody’s found where he lives again, but he takes it and reads it anyways.
  • Having put all that time into “studying” handwriting, he immediately recognizes his crushes writing, and almost drops the paper. He’s- he’s not shocked that they like him, because of course they would- he’s just shocked they had the gall to ask him out. Th-that’s the truth, he’s not lying-
  • He doesn’t have a lot of experience with relationships, and he doesn’t want to let this chance slip away, so he’s not going to try and set up anything fancy or romantic. The next time he sees his crush, he simply tells them straight-up that they’re going to dinner tomorrow night.

Spent a crap-ton of time altering a wig to look more like Link’s hair. It was a BOTW Link wig to begin with, but it didn’t look right. Most of it was way too long, it wasn’t parted on the side (or at all really), no layers, the bangs were way off, etc. I was determined to make it look as accurate as I could, so I took some scissors to it. I think I’m happy with it now. Considering I have pretty much zero hairstyling experience, I think it turned out pretty good.

I put the ponytail into a bun because that part will just be under the hat anyway.

This is for my 6 year old nephew, who is cosplaying as Link next weekend. Yup, he’s spoiled and has the best aunties ever :P (I’m working on this with my sister, who is making the outfit)

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I'm trying to write/illustrate a children's book for a project at my school. I have practically zero experience. I was blown away by your illustrations, and was wondering, do you have any tips to having quality illustrations? Do you use watercolor? I love your artwork!

This is such a late response, sorry! Took an unexpectedly large break from tumblr as I was busy with other things so I assume you’ve finished your project now but I hope your children’s book went well, and thanks so much for the kind words! Here are some general things I find really helpful (I was going to reply in private but thought others might like to read this too):

1. Thumbnail sketches. LOTS OF THUMBNAIL SKETCHES. I draw so many of them that if I go to a coffee shop in the morning I can easily come back with one or two full pages of absolutely tiny but relatively detailed doodles so I can see which compositions I like, how a character moves, what’s working, what isn’t etc. This is the part of the process I enjoy the most. The more you draw, the more the ideas keep flowing.
2. Look at shapes, light and shadow. Won’t go into detail about this as there are loads of animation books and blogs out there that cover this in better detail than I could, however I WILL say that greyscale copic markers are a great way to quickly work out value/light and shadow on loose sketches and small compositions.
3. Have a nice workspace. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Listen to good music. Drink hot chocolate. Whatever works - the nicer your workspace is, the less drawing seems like work and the more it seems like fun, and I find the more fun I’m having, the more I like the end result!  
4. I always have some ‘rainy day’ sketches lying around in sight - small doodles or ideas I sketched or wrote down but had no time to draw properly. If I’m struggling with art block or feeling particularly uninspired, I look at these sketches to jog my memory, and pick one at random to develop further. Sticky notes work well for this. My desk is absolutely covered with them…

That’s all I can think of for the moment, hopefully this ridiculously late response was at least a little bit helpful haha! Have a great day! <3 PS my work is usually mostly digital, although I used to paint a lot with watercolours. 


Maknae line being needy late at night
I’ve never posted smutty texts on here but some of you said you wanted to see them sooooo
if theyre bad im sorry but i have like zero sexual experience lol


Writer’s Block 4.1

So I’m taking a different approach to finishing this story. Instead of writing a monster chapter, it’s easier for me to do chunks of it at the moment. I’ll post every 2000 words here, and when it’s complete I’ll post it as one continuous chapter on the archives. Just seems easier for me. Hope you like this one! 4.2 isn’t far behind… Let me know what you think!

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What the fuck am I reading? I toss the book aside and try to forget about the alien species commingling with human women as they take over the world with their disappearing magic lube, never-ending sexual appetite and nanocytes that heal the bruises they leave behind from their love-making. If it can be called that.

None of that garbage is going to help me write the next scene. The scene. The one I have zero experience with. Every time I sit down to write it I get nervous and edgy. But I need something written down that at least Peeta can make changes to. He won’t be much help to me this week since he’s busy finishing up an art project that’s due at the same time. I told him not to worry, that I would wrap things up on this end so he could focus elsewhere.

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Recently I went to a meeting about helping each other cope with the psychological consequences of police brutality during protests. A lot of people there were traumatized by the horrific abuse they had witnessed or been subjected to. One of the points discussed was how the police now uses trauma as a weapon against protesters by subjecting them all to traumatic violence, the goal being for people to eventually stop going to protests.

It got me thinking… that’s basically what happens everyday in a lot of neighborhoods & projects, mainly populated by poor and nonwhite people whom cops harass and brutalize relentlessly. The strategy is similar only it’s not limited to protests (which tend to be repressed even more viciously). They especially target kids, teenagers & young adults because not only are they more vulnerable, they’re forced to grow up being repeatedly traumatized and terrorized by the police. That’s warfare.

Sorry I don’t know where I was going with this. Basically I’m wondering how to take like… all of this into account when we address these issues. ‘cause we talk about solidarity but we must be careful not to leave out the people most impacted by police abuse. Also acab.

After seeing a couple of posts this morning that pissed me right off, here is my rant.

To write you don’t need anything special to do it, you don’t need to have written before, you don’t need to be or have to had been an A English student. Yes mistakes are easy to pick out, but they happen. I think every fic of mine has a grammar mistake or spelling error, every “big” writer I’ve ever read has them too, it happens.

Also, if you think you don’t have enough life experience to write about something, you are so incredibly wrong. If you are unsure, do some research. In the vast majority of my fics there are things that I know nothing about, have zero experience with (some of you guys know what I’m talking about), but people seem to still enjoy the fics.

Just please write and keep writing.

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hi! my depression's been acting up lately and I've been having a really tough time. I know you've written similar things before but i could really use a comfort fic. Most likely with lots of hugs and honest feelings and talking. Thank you and keep up the great work!

“I wanted to,” she’d half choked out, half snapped. Wanted to tell her. About the cheating.

And she meant it.

Sort of.

She’d wanted to tell her because Alex had said she didn’t want there to be any secrets between them.



Secrets, like Maggie’s father. Like cheating on Emily.

Like the senior guys on the football field when she was a freshmen – because she was fourteen, she was a freshman, and a tiny one at that.

Like getting spit at in the street.

Like her depression.

Like her anxiety.

Like her tendency to bottle everything up until she just bursts.

Sometimes – well, once – by cheating.

Usually – much more than once – by punching, by drinking, by punishing herself, by pushing people away (hence the cheating).

She’d wanted to tell her.

But telling her would be a can of worms, a bombshell of damage, that she’s terrified will make Alex run. Will make Alex look at her like…

Will make Alex lose that spark in her eye, that smile, that softness. For her.

But when Alex shows up at her door – “Maggie, come on, I know you’re home” – Maggie has to text her instead of call out to her, because she can’t open her mouth right now. Doesn’t have the energy for it.

Barely has the energy to move her fingers over her phone’s screen.

Come in. I gave you the key for a reason.

Alex is in faster than Maggie even thought the text would send, and her eyes are swooping over Maggie’s body, scanning for damage, for injuries, for pain.

But it’s all inside.

“Maggie, what happened? You weren’t answering your texts, your captain said you called in sick but you weren’t sick this morning – “

Maggie just looks up and Maggie just stares, and tries not to let her chin tense, her lip wobble. But they do.

“Can I touch you?” Alex is asking, because Alex doesn’t miss a thing.

Maggie nods and she sighs with unexpected relief when suddenly she’s enveloped in Alex’s arms, when suddenly she’s gripping at her like she’ll drown if she lets go, and she will, she will, she will.

“I just hate it sometimes, Alex,” Maggie chokes, hating herself for her weakness, for her whining, for her patheticness.

“Hate what, Maggie?” Alex asks, trying to pull back so she can look at Maggie’s face, but Maggie doesn’t let her, because she can’t see those perfect eyes, that perfect face, right now, because seeing would mean Alex seeing her, and she is messy and she is a mess and she is damaged and she is damage itself.

“Life,” Maggie chokes, and she feels Alex tense.

She braces for goodbye, she braces for ableist shaming, she braces for this is too much, you’re too much, you’re not worth it, you’re not worth anything.

But she should know Alex better, because Alex just hugs her closer.

Alex just turns her face to kiss her temple. Alex just strokes her hair and whispers sweet nothings, sweet everythings, into her ear as she starts to shake, as she starts to break, as she starts to let the bottle burst through her tear ducts, through her chest wracking, through her hands grabbing, holding, needing.

“Did something happen? Or does this… do you get this feeling a lot?”

Maggie’s stomach churns, because she knows what Alex is asking.

Did something happen, or are you crazy?

“I’m not crazy,” she defends against an attack that isn’t there, and she feels Alex shake her head, and Alex succeeds in pulling back this time, in taking Maggie’s face between her hands and making sure she’s looking into Alex’s warm, warm eyes.

“Depression isn’t crazy, Maggie. Or whatever word fits for you. And hell, if anyone has a monopoly on crazy in this relationship, it’s me. You should see my rap sheet with the DEO shrink.”

“Psychiatrists don’t have… rap sheets, Alex, that’s not… how it works.”

“But it made you smile.”


“Shrink says I have BPD. And PTSD. All the acronyms. Kara has a few, too, but those are for her to tell you about if she wants – my point is, I get it, Maggie. I hate life so much sometimes I just… were you afraid? To tell me?”

Maggie sniffs and lifts her hand to her face, but Alex stops her and wipes her nose with her own sleeve, and Maggie has never been so moved.

“Well you know how much I love talking about myself, Danvers.”

“Maggie, I meant what I said. I’m here to help you heal. Even if there are things you can’t heal from. Even if there are things you’re always gonna to experience. Okay?”

“But why? I… I have zero emotional intelligence and I attach super quickly – hell, if I ever went to therapy they’d probably knock me with a BPD diagnosis of my own – and I do stupid things like cheat and lie about my parents and how do you know, Alex? That I won’t cheat on you after five years? Because you want to take the next steps with me, because I can’t handle it and I bottle things up and I lash out because I don’t know how else to end things, how else to destroy everything? Because that’s what I do, Alex. I destroy things. People. I destroy people.”

Alex strokes her hair and she takes a long, quiet breath, and she kisses her temple and she pulls her back into a soft, passionate hug.

“I don’t know, Maggie. I don’t know that you won’t cheat on me after five years because I want to take the next step with you. But I do know that we’ve taken a lot of steps already, and you’ve already stopped leaving the house and going to the couch when you need to walk away. And I know that you’re wrong. About yourself. You don’t destroy things, Maggie. You maybe don’t always make the best decisions, but you know what I see? I see the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen trying so hard to navigate so much pain. And sometimes, you’re gonna make mistakes. I will, too. You’re human, Maggie. And I love you for it. I love you for how human you remind me that I am. Because I forget, too. So maybe… maybe we can remind each other?”

“You… love me?”

It’s Maggie that’s pulling back so they can make eye contact now, Maggie with the wide eyes and stilled breath, Maggie framing Alex’s face with trembling hands.

“Yeah, Sawyer. I love you. I’m soft on you. That okay with you?”

“Only if it’s okay that I love you back.”

“That’s more than okay, Maggie. So much more than okay. And you’re gonna be, too. I promise.”

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You know what's painful, hilarious, and utterly reassuring? The fact I got offered a security guard position and have zero experience, and yet I couldn't land a baking job despite having 4 years of experience in the pastry world. This proves that you can apply for things totally different than what you're used to. Sometimes you really have to toss around your resume to make it stick.

If you can make artsy cupcakes you’re hired. *is a masochist for things that look too pretty to eat* -Abby

Confession: I’m 20 years old but I’ve never worked, don’t have my license yet, nor had an internship yet and I feel like I’m so behind. I know 16 year olds who have done so much and it makes me feel inadequate. My mom sheltered me so much and told me all I needed to do was focus on school but now I have zero experience. I tried applying for jobs this summer but I was rejected by everyone. Idk what to do. I don’t wanna be failure. Can someone please give me some advice?

Do not send in responses to this confession – it’s anonymous, Please reply or reblog if you want to give some advice.

Sakuya Watanuki x Nomura R: “COLORFUL”- Suzuki Yuto

AAAAAND— Here’s around 30 seconds of the video I am making! Bonus: with subs! >w<)b
GOSH— I am…so proud? xD Idk really. I swear this is so fun to do but at the same time it’s so nerve-wrecking cuz I really have zero experience at animating (plus I really need a pen tab so badly //cries). But I made it this far so ONWARDS!!! xDDDD

Subs from this video :D