but i have to wait 5 years lol

sedimentaryreverie  asked:

Wait, so you think people who havent tried amphetamines or opiates should stay away and stick to less destructive drugs? Why have you spent 5 years boasting and glorifying your meth addiction if it's obviously turning you soft and rendering you useless. Is there anything good about meth beside the high and being able to turn yourself into an internet freak show?

Lol ill let those weak assed excuses for insults slide and just be straight for once. Yea i think people should stay away from amphetamines and opiates and stick to weed and hallucinogens because sometimes i wish i would’ve. 2. I’ve never glorified my drug use, I ONLY GLORIFY MYSELF, i just happen to use a shit load of drugs. Any of you who have thought otherwise, have not been reading my posts without letting your own fuckin opinion of me get in the way of your ability to comprehend the thoughts im conveying to you all. 3. Honestly no. The high is amazing. That’s it. It’s helped changed my perspectives ONLY because i spend most of my high seeking knowledge and honing my talents as my real lifelong addictions are really philosophy books and martial arts. I would be doing the same without the drugs, just not at such an intense rate i suppose haha.

dark-matter-reacts  asked:

Wait a sec...Your only 16? Damn I thought you were 21. Lol your 4 possibly 5 years younger than me. (I'll be 21 in August lol

Lmfao who said I was 16?

I’m 21… physically.

I have the mindset of a 12 years old tho. I still cry with Pokemon 2000 m8.

5 Years (pt.2)- Blacknut

As Y/N waited for Swings arrival Daewoong continued reading comments.

“lol y/n could do 500% better”

“he probably forced her into the relationship, have u listened to his old songs.”

“definitely a publicity stunt blacknut could never get with her”

       “maybe he is making a new album?”

“i wonder how much he’s paying her to be with him”

“she has so many other options and she chose him…”

“honestly thought y/n was going to date dok2, he’s head over heels for her”

     "simon dominic is in love with her too”

     "isn’t everyone in love with y/n, if u watch

      variety shows every celebrity confesses their

      love for her.”

     " she’s in every zion.t music video about love.“

"cjamm is a much better fit for her”

     "anyone other than blacknut is a better fit"

“is her eyesight okay?”

     "5 years has passed, her vision must be bad if she’s with him.“

“her expectations must’ve lowered since leaving YG”

Blacknut admitted, some of these comments are funny. He got what he expected, but it’s not like he wanted to see every comment shitting on his life. He was well aware he wasn’t the most attractive. He was well aware he wasn’t the most favored rapper. He was well aware there were a ton of people that wanted to be with her. But he was so grateful for Y/N, if they never crossed paths he’d be stuck working with his mother till debt was paid off, he would’ve never gone on SMTM, he wouldn’t be happy. It wasn’t fun, 5 years of watching his girlfriend being flirted with, being in other rappers music videos, they thought less of him. It pissed him off, not only that Y/N did so much for other artist, she bought them gifts, she praised them, she supported them, but they couldn’t repay her kindness. He knew that she didn’t want to be repaid, she knew she was being used sometimes, but she always knew she’d be above them no matter what. He looked up to her, but he didn’t want her being thrown around. He didn’t want his name to ruin her career, so he though of a ‘brilliant’ idea.

He would create a diss track.


“What the fuck is on Instagram? What the fuck were you thinking, or were you not thinking at all?” Swings barged in his office yelling at you.

“A ‘Hello’ would be nice, and yes I was thinking.” You sarcastically replied back.

“It’s not the time to be a fucking wise ass right now. This is the type of shit you don’t post, especially you. It’s expected of Daewoong to be inappropriate, but you have a clean image and this totally ruins it. Daewoong’s pictures are going to ruin your career. Seriously what were you two thinking?” He was aggravated and you understood why, but you’re a 26 years old and being treated like a teenager.

“Daewoong and I have been dating for 5 years and never intended it to be kept a secret. We can put our relationship out on SNS however we want, I’ve accepted the fact that actions lead to consequences. Just realize I’m an adult in a long term relationship, and I don’t care if you or anyone else thinks badly of me. I know for a fact you’ve and a bunch of other people in this label have said and or done stupid shit in the past, and what I’ve done today does not equal that. This is not going to end my career I’m not some fucking idol, so stop over reacting like everyone else has been today. My phone is bombarded with text from everyone I know, I’m getting plenty hate as well as Daewoong, I beg you to keep piling stress on me for doing something so small.” Maybe you should’ve kept the relationship a secret, right now could be so peaceful.

“Wait, so this thing between you and Daewoong is not a joke?” Swings genuinely ask.

“No, did you not listen to a word I just said. I don’t get whats so unbelievable about it. No one is taking this seriously,” and just as you replied Daewoong posted another photo. Honestly no wonder why people aren’t taking you two seriously,  you looked more like fuck buddies than a couple. The photo was extremely provocative. You were sitting on a bed covered in rose petals, wearing a short red silk robe that fell low exposing part of your chest. Your face screamed sex in the photo, but right now your face was covered with embarrassment. The fact that you were sitting next to your boss looking at the same photo made the situation worse. Daewoong must’ve known you were in Swings office, he’s doing this for his own amusement.

"I honestly don’t know what to say at this point…” Swings said shocked. “I’m just amazed to see you with Daewoong, no one would’ve ever expected it. I’m happy for you two, I just don’t want to see you and him get a bunch of shit for this. Although, it wasn’t the brightest idea putting your relationship out inappropriately, dating Daewoong won’t harm your career the pictures will. It’s too late to delete them now. Just be careful please, and tell Daewoong to stop posting.”

Fuck you Swings, Daewoong can post what ever he wants.” Giriboy and Nochang yelled from outside the office door.

“I’ll make sure to stop him, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” You said to Swings ignoring the perverts outside.


2 weeks have passed and your relationship continued to be a hot topic. Many of your fellow musician friends didn’t have a problem with it, if you were happy they were happy. The problem was the hip hop community continued to criticize your relationship, constantly putting Daewoong down. In the beginning he wasn’t phased, but it only took a short amount of time till it started to hurt. The words were harsh, people think they’re so big behind the screen, when in reality they’d never say it to his face.

Today you were going to an interview for some hip hop magazine. Lately, you’ve kept your whereabouts lowkey hoping for everything to simmer down, but it didn’t work out like that. You felt bad leaving Daewoong, but you kept him preoccupied by working on some tracks. You knew this interview was going to be about Daewoong, usually when awkward topics would come up in an interview you’d pretend to not know that Korean word. Sadly, Swings specific told you not to “pull that shit.” You were waiting patiently for the interviewer to arrive, so you could begin early and leave early.

25 minutes later, the interviewer arrived and you started right away.

Interviewer: “Hello Y/N, great seeing you today,” said the interviewer.

Y/N: “Hello, it’s great to see you too.” You replied smiling.

Interviewer: “So a bunch has been posted on social media lately that has surprised everyone. So is it true that you’re dating rapper Blacknut?”

Y/N: “Yes, I’m dating him.”

Interviewer: “For 5 years, correct?”

Y/N: “5 years.”

Interviewer: “Congratulations, when did you meet him and how did this relationship spark?”

Y/N: “I met Daewoong at some event in 2011, I don’t remember the name, but it was a bunch of new rappers that were preforming. I was 20-21 years old, and during this time I was planning on leaving YG. I was into the hip hop scene and decided to meet some new rappers to make connections. Daewoong happened to be at this event oh and so was Nochang. I met both of them there we’re basically a trio. Anyways, I liked Daewoong’s style of rapping it was different, so I wanted to meet him. I went back stage after his performance, I told him I liked his music, he told me he liked mine. We took a picture and exchanged numbers. I was anxious first meeting him because I didn’t think underground rappers would like me, but in all honesty everyone enjoys making new friends. After getting his number, I’d ask to meet him up during certain times in secret places, so we wouldn’t get caught. It was hard most of the time as my schedule was constantly packed, but we made it work out. As time went on, my crush for him started evolving, I trusted him, I talked to him when I was upset, angry, or happy. He happily reciprocated the same feelings, and we began to secretly date. 5 years later and here we are in a mess.”

Interviewer: “I’m sorry for all the criticism you’re both getting. There has been a few incidents where rappers have publicly showing there disapproval of this relationship.”

Y/N: “You have to get used to the hate as a celebrity. But, yeah two of my closest friends seem to not appreciate my relationship.”

Interviewer: “Simon Dominic and Dok2, correct?”

Y/N: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “Simon’s and Dok2’s post seem to be hyped up in the hip hop community, feel do comment on it?”

Y/N: “I think it’s pathetic what they did. If they had respect for me they would not bash on my boyfriend. They both judged him by his looks, no one should be underestimated because of something so pointless. Daewoong is such a great person, yes he has flaws which every single human has. Simon and Dok2 as well as the other rappers who tried to publicly humiliate my boyfriend, showed how petty they are. I’ve lost respect for them, jealousy is disgusting.”

Interviewer: “Are you sure you want to say this about 2 big CEO’s?”

Y/N: “Yes, I’m not scared of them, I hope they realize how pathetic they are.”

Interviewer:“They could be reacting out of the inappropriateness of Daewoong’s post.”

Y/N: “Yeah, bullshit. You think the care about that? These rappers sing songs about bitches, sex, and money. They’re jealous. Please, if you have a problem with Kim Daewoong confront him. Don’t just post pictures of him and caption it ‘lol’, most of you rappers can find access to my number. Contact me, I’ll set up a meeting between the three of us and tell my boyfriend everything you’ve said online about him." 

You didn’t think the interviewer had anymore questions, and you felt anxious, so you said a quick thank you and goodbye then left. Swings told you not to pretend you don’t know Korean words to get out of an interview, but he never said you couldn’t leave because of anxiety. Remember, there is always away around the system.


Daewoong’s POV

Before Y/N left for her interview she told you to work go to the studio and work on some tracks. Since you were working on your diss (that Y/N knew nothing about), you decided this would be a good time to find which track suits it best. It only took you a couple minutes to figure out which track to choose, bad news is you’re going to use it. Y/N and you both made the track, and you’re assuming that once people find that out they’ll think Y/N agrees with the diss track. Good things come out of bad things, you thought. So, if any problems arise Y/N can just apologize, right.

You rethought your plan, you didn’t want to put Y/N in a mess, you decided just to claim the track as your own, and apologize to your girlfriend when she comes back. She’ll understand, the track was implicitly a love song to her. You got Nochang to help you with the recording, you even made sure to diss him and other members of JM. They were used to this from you so no feelings were hurt.

(I had to write this shit rap, I tried to write it in the way Blacknut raps, extremely inappropriate. It doesn’t rhyme, but that’s totally okay. I tried, this is why the story took so long to update, so my bad. Please don’t hate me, like I hated reading this rap as the next person.)


Your lips are aimed, but they all dry up as you wait in line to kiss my girlfriends ass.

Your arms are dislocated from latching on to her for so long,

let go you will never obtain her success.

Jealousy overflows you everyday, or maybe me.

Who cares?

Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

Yeah, I’m ugly and Beenzino is sexy, facts are facts.

But fuck you for saying I don’t deserve her.

You don’t deserve oxygen fucker, choke on air keep choking till I’m worthy.

You’ll end up calling me God when I save you from your last breath.

Fuck all you rappers, your mouths flow shit.

5 years were obvious you all knew,

I’m with her all the time,

yet I’ve seen you all try to get in Y/N’s pants,

I was at music video shootings and

I’ve seen you all redo takes just to do the kissing scene

Again, and again, and again.

You’ve seen my face, I’ve stared you down.

You’re on my death list.

Fuck all you rappers,

Fuck you Simon D,

Fuck you Crush,

Fuck you Zion.T,

And fuck you Kush,

Fuck you Dok2,

Fuck you JM

You desperate fame thirsty bastards

I may be scrawny but I’ll gets Swings fat ass too crush you

And Swings a big fuck you, Y/N isn’t your mother stop sucking the money out of her tits

Vasco your a pedo stop staring at her ass

Cjamm close your mouth a waterfalls pouring down

Nochang, stop crossing your legs when Y/N walks by

you might as well be honest when you’re extremely sex deprived

Giriboy, just because you wear sunglasses doesn’t mean I know where you’re staring

Fuck all you rappers

I read all the comments

I see all the post

You call me fucking ugly

You think this is a joke

I’ve loved her for 5 years

I know her more than you

Stop saying I’m not worthy

What the fuck do you think you can do?

Hurting my feelings, only makes Y/N care for me more and more

You’re the one hurting your image

Criticize me all you want but 

This is my game, and you will never win.


Y/N and Swings probably won’t appreciate this, but hey your Blacknut.

(sorry if this sucks and that it’s short, i rushed it because i promised it’d be out friday, and its saturday, very sorry. i didn’t really proof read it, so yet again my bad. also if the rap is to extreme and not necessary, my bad. i hope some will enjoy)

Requested by @joker-x-harley

Edit: it’s based on this post

You first requested me about a million years ago, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long! I got into an art block and couldn’t do much for a while. So now that I finally have the motivation to do it, I wanted to make up for the long waiting time. I hope this is sufficient enough somehow! :’( I know it’s not perfect and I should’ve done it more detailed. But after 5 hours I’m kinda exhausted.. ha ha ha..

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How has Sakura has surpassed Tsunade yet she hasn't shown enough feats that put her above Tsunade. Yes, she learnt all her techniques but there is nothing to suggest that Sakura surpass Tsunade at all. Sakura is not surviving decapacitation without the seal (something only Tsunade is able to do due to her Uzumaki lineage), she has great chakra control, so? Tsunade has that too. Sakura heals Shikamaru, only to be fully healed by Tsunade with one touch. Genjutsu, I'm sure Tsunade can counter it

Oh my goodness I am so tired of reiterating the same thing to you people over and over again. Did you even read this post where I very explicitly clarify why during the war Sakura, was well on her way to surpassing her master? Because I can’t imagine you’d read that and then send me this, because the vast majority of what you said here was already deconstructed in that post.

Even in that very post, the Anon started by asking how I could possibly say that Sakura had surpassed Tsunade, and on three occasions before that, I had answered the exact same question.

But I’ll humour this topic, again

“There is nothing to suggest that Sakura surpass Tsunade at all”.


That panel alone is enough to prove your claim to be utterly false. Oh but wait, recently people have started advocating this absolutely ridiculous idea that Hashirama was comparing Sakura to Tsunade when she was a child! Lol, as if that makes the slightest bit of sense. Why on earth would Hashirama, after witnessing Sakura’s amazing show of power, essentially go on to say:

“What raw power… It may even be greater than a 5 year old’s!”

Can those people not see how stupid that sounds? What purpose would a comment like that serve? And yet they actually think that’s what Hashirama was implying… Goodness gracious man. I could go on and on about the stupidity of that comment, but I’ll move on.

  1. Hashirama stated that her raw power was greater than Tsunade’s.
  2. Tsunade didn’t get decapitated, she got bisected.
  3. So what if she’s able to survive getting bisected? If anyone gets bisected, the battle is over. Tsunade being able to survive that doesn’t make her a better Kunoichi because she’d already have lost.
  4. Who ever said anything about comparing their chakra control?
  5. Saying “[You’re] sure Tsunade can counter it” with regards to genjutsu tells me all I need to know regarding how weak your point is. Because now you’re resorting to making up random claims with absolutely no evidence whatsoever in order to support your already frail argument.

Now I guess I just have to wait for the next Anon to come by and tell me how ridiculous it is to believe that Sakura had surpassed Tsunade… Fun times.


here’s some stuff i got from Walmart today!

Clawdeen was on clearance for $5 after being on clearance for $15 for like… months lol

the Mystery Machine was $9 and i’ve wanted that since last year for Fred. i’m glad all the waiting paid off bc last week they wanted $15 and i saw it for $12 at TRU… in the end i got it for LESS THAN TEN!!!

i almost got scooter Lagoona bc she was also on clearance for $5 but i don’t care for Lagoona in general that much and like… i already have a way better romper/jumpsuit Lagoona (wheel love). i got the shopkins instead.

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2 through 99. Seriously I'm other anon and I'm not lying. 🙃😂

EVIL Little piece of s…weet 😧

Here 😒

2) Do you have a crush on anybody?
3) Is there anyone you don’t like?
Yes, my exboyfriend lol
4) What is your sexuality?
Idk anymore
5) Do you have any siblings? If so are they older or younger?
I have to brother one is older than me by 6 years and the other is younger by 6 years… yeah my parents were organized they waited until we were in school already lol 😂😂smart humans
6) What are your plans for the near future?
To have a family or own 100 cats even I’m allergic to them 😂
7) What do you usually wear everyday?
Underwear, any kind of pants and any kind of shirt 😁
8) What songs do you like to listen to?
It depends on my mood
9) Can you give me a link to one of the songs you listen to?
10) What are you usually fond doing?
Look at new stuff in pinterest 😂🙈
11) What’s your favorite movie genre?
12) Do you have any movie recommendations?
🤔Beauty and the Beast because was the last one I saw lol
13) When is your birthday (Month, day)?
June 25🤓
14) What is your favorite colour?
15) What country do you live in?
USA (but I’m Puerto Rican)
16) Who do you look up to?
She is not alive but my mom and Anne Sullivan (Hellen Keller teacher)
17) What religion are you in? (Christianity, Buddhism, etc.)
18) What books/fanfics do you recommend for me to read?
Book:🤔The Alchemist, Aleph, The Spy (by Paulo Coelho)
Fanfic: Surreal Perfection(and the sequel)
19) What are some topics that trigger you?
Sexuality cause I’m confused
20) What are some of your pet peeves?
Unflushed/Messy Toilets🤢
Really Bad Body Odor, Pushy sales people (even I was one of those people in the past) 
21) What shows/anime do you recommend for me to watch?
Idk lol I don’t watch them 🤷🏻‍♀️
22) What is your favorite food?
Caribbean food 🤤
23) Who is your favorite [Insert anime/show] character? Again Idk
24) What is your favorite kind of chocolate (milk chocolate, dark, special dark, white chocolate, etc.)
Idk like chocolate, don’t hate me
25) If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
Greece 😍
26) Can you draw? If so can you draw yourself/your muse?
Just stick figures lol😂
27) What hairstyle do you usually have?
Straight hair
28) Do you have another blog? If so can you tell me what it is?
Yes, my personal blog: Mairym Karissa
29) What do you like to snack on when you’re bored?
French Fries
30) What is your favorite popcorn flavor?
Extra butter
31) What is your favorite potato chip flavor?
Lime chips
32) What is the best food to make with potatoes?
French fries
33) Do you have more interest in planets or stars?
34) What is your Chinese zodiac?
Tiger raawr🐯😂
35) What is your horoscope?
Hideous clingy Cancer♋️
36) Do you play video games?
Yes, when I have time
37) What video games do you play?
Ones that I have in my playstation lol
38) What is your least favorite color?
39) What is your least favorite movie?
King Kong
40) What is your least favorite food?
🤔spicy food
41) What’s your favorite country?
42) What is your favorite state?
Florida because my family is there
43) What place would you like to go for sightseeing?
44) Who are your five favorite characters?
Mulan, Dory, Pumba, Jack Sparrow and Genie
45) What are your top five ships?
Easy Caminah, Camren, Normila, Norminah, Laurinah
46) Would you rather see the future or change the past?
Change the past I like surprises so I don’t want to see the future.
47) If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
Being less sentimental.
48) If you could be anything what would you be?
A profesional singer or musician 
49) What’s better: earrings or necklaces? Necklace
50) What’s your favorite flower?
Purple orchid or roses
51) What’s your favorite band/singer?
Bruno Mars and Fifth Harmony
52) Who’s your favorite artist?
Camila Cabello and Bruno Mars
53) What is your favorite quote and who’s it by?
“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”
Albert Einstein
54) What’s your favorite book and who’s it by?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
55) Who’s your favorite author?
Pablo Neruda
56) What do you think of [Insert blog name]?
you didn’t asked me lol😂
57) Do you like to play board games/card games?
58) What’s your favorite board game?
59) What’s your favorite card game to play? UNO
60) Will you ever do a face reveal?
Yes, I already did
61) Do you wear glasses or contact lenses?
62) Do you have braces or anything for your teeth?
63) What’s your favorite form of art?
All of it
64) Do you like to cook/bake?
Eeeh sometimes cook
65) What’s your favorite food to cook/bake?
66) What country were you born in?
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
67) Do you wear any accessories?
Yes, bracelets
68) What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
69) Are you still a virgin?
Nope 👀
70) What inspires you?
71) What’s your favorite poem and who’s it by?
If you forget me by Pablo Neruda
72) What’s your favorite brand?
73) Norse or Greek mythology?
74) Favorite YouTuber and why?
Rose and Rosie because 🤷🏻‍♀️
75) What your favorite drink?
76) would you rather drink coffee or tea?
77) Soda or no soda?
No soda please
78) What’s your favorite soda?
Sprite if I have to choose
79) Minecraft or Terraria?
80) Are you still in school?
Well yes but I’m the teacher
81) Would you rather married or single?
82) Are you friends with any blogs irl?
83) What’s better: hot or cold?
84) Are you an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere between?
Introvert af
85) Do you curse/say bad words?
Sometimes 👀
86) Did you ever witness bad incidents or accidents?
87) Have you ever gotten into a bad incident or accident?
Yes and is horrible
88) What language(s) do you speak?
Spanish, english and some italian
89) If you could speak any language what would it be?
Fluently Italian
90) What are your opinions on sharks?
They are cool but scary
91) Do you have any pets? How many?
92) What’s your favorite element?
93) What’s your favorite season?
94) Have you ever gotten trouble? What for?
Yes, for some stuff 🤓
95) would you rather go on defense or offense? Offense
96) Choose one: Spiders, Snakes, or Sharks?
97) What place have you gone to for vacation? Was it fun?
San Diego, New Mexico, Bermudas, St. Thomas, Vegas, Disney World yes was fun
98) Do you have any phobias? What are some of them?
99) What’s your favorite time of the year?

I’m tired now 😒😒allysus bless you

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I totally agree with you! I learnt English by reading books, watching my favorite shows (I also didn't have to wait until the episodes air in my language) and writing (+ school but weeell no). I bet it's not perfect, but it'll do. I didn't do that with French and even though I had French for like 5 years in school I suck, lol. That was 3 years ago and I can't even write a correct sentence anymore. So I guess learning a language in school doesn't turn out that great - most of the time.

Yes the school system of teaching foreign languages is flawed. They should adjust it somehow. Grammar is very important, and the school should keep it in the programme, but I think it should also introduce reading books in the syllabus. Over the course of a full student year, it should be obligatory to read at least one book in the foreign language. And then for summer holidays, students should be asked to read another two books. It would help them a lot really. 

anonymous asked:

1-6, 30, 50 for the ask meme 😊

1. Post a picture of u?


2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now?

I’m an old lady of 27, if you can’t rent an SUV you might be to young for me.

3. Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys?

I get along with everybody I really don’t have a preference.

4. Would you ever smile at a stranger?

I always smile at everyone while I’m walking. It’s a gamble if they smile back lol

5. Can you commit to one person?

Bitch I’m WAITING! Somebody love me 😭
6. How do you look right now?

I look like Air Bud right now! RUFF 🐶

30. Does anyone hate you?

I’m sure there’s more than one person!

50. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive?

They are BEAUTIFUL and I love them

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering if you've watched 13 reasons why yet it's super good and I really recommend lol

i haven’t yet! but i read the book 4 or 5 years ago, so i’m waiting until i have a good chunk of time to just marathon it through!

After seeing that test shot shot of Dylan as Mitch Rapp from American Assassin…I am so ready for this franchise. For those that aren’t aware, there are 15…yes FIFTEEN, books in this series lol… obviously i have no idea how they’re going to mash some of them together…but if the first movie does well, we will for sure get bamf!dylan for years to come, this could basically be the next Jason Bourne saga, movie wise.(i have no idea how similar they are beyond asassins and lots of action lol, i need to start reading these books i guess)

Emma and Regina - Funny Scenes
I realize they are hardly a comedic duo but they do have quite a few funny scenes together. My observations about Swan Queen from these scenes: Season 1: Ban...

I realize they are hardly a comedic duo but they do have quite a few funny scenes together.

My observations about Swan Queen from these scenes:
Season 1: Banter, banter, banter
Season 2: Lack of hilarity cuz of too much angst between them
Season 3: Sassgina. Enough said.
Season 4: A bit of angst but LOTS of lighthearted moments between SQ.

Some of my fav moments:
1) Emma cutting Regina’s tree - Emma is not scared to push Regina’s buttons. They are equals.

2) Regina: “Our taxes always hard at work, I see” - For someone who supposedly hates Emma, Regina sure likes to hang around her a lot!

3) Regina: “Glad to see the Sheriff’s station is now a family business” - Regina is making a good natured joke because her and Emma were in a good place (or so she thought).

4) “He must be one of the untold millions you cursed”
“What did you do? Kill her brother? Steal her halo?”
“Forgive me if I don’t take advice from a woman who held a grudge for half her life because a TEN year old spilled a secret”

-Emma is not afraid of offending Regina lol.

5) “You have your parents. You have this… person.”
“You think it’s the best plan because your boyfriend came up with it?”
“I don’t have time to wait for the Handless Wonder”
“It’s bad enough I’m stuck with you and Captain Guyliner making eyes at each other”

-ALL of these point to Regina’s jealousy of Emma’s love interests lol.

6) Emma: “Ok, I’m complaining” / Regina: “What I wouldn’t give for another sleeping curse” - SQ’s mutual disgust over Snowing’s makeout session is GOLDEN!

7) Regina: “You’re such a pathetic waste of ability” / Emma: “And you’re a monster” - Regina knew exactly how to get Emma mad enough to make her magic work!

8) Regina: “I don’t want to kill you” - Regina’s way of saying ‘You win, I forgive you’

9) Emma: “Yeah, I heard it too” - After Snow says she agrees with Regina, she looked straight at Emma with a silent 'you heard that?’ It proves that Regina does need Emma’s validation (even if Regina denies it).

10) Regina: “You eat like a child” - They’re BFFs.

11) Emma: “Well Madam Mayor, ready to pronounce today Free The Fairies Day?” - the title 'Madam Mayor’ that Emma used to say with disdain is now a term of endearment.

12) Regina: “I mean is there a dwarf named Evily? It’s me!” - lol.

13) Regina rolling her eyes with Emma during a phone call with Ursula/Cruella - Regina is silently communicating with Emma, 'Can you believe this BS?’

14) Emma: “Tell me Your Majesty, what are your plans for Zelena? A nice chat over tea?” - Emma calls Regina “Your Majesty” when she’s annoyed with her *snickers*

15) Regina: “I’m not gonna let us both of us die in this metal coffin on wheels!” - Regina is hiding her concern for Emma by mocking Emma’s car lol

I have to say though, many of these scenes are just Regina being her sassy/sardonic self.


http://cailean206.tumblr.com/tagged/sqcompilation (Steffi)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_aMmrLo0LRCndLSgH3Utmw (Villans don’t get happy endings, Do you believe that?)

Lol vine is progressing the same way that tumblr did like first it was relatable vines and now its this “welcome to chillis” surreal weird shit. Wait 5 years and ull have ppl doing like communist anime shit on there and 6 seconds of the psychoanalysis of memes on capitalism and thats when i will finally die


Last minute costume idea, but taylorswift my sister and I are ready for you! We can’t wait to spend the whole weekend with you! We love you so much and can’t wait dance like no one is watching.

My sister and I have. been attending your shows since the Speak Now tour. Going to your concerts here in Chicago will always be our thing. I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 10 years old and I hope to tell you in person of how much you mean to me. See you Saturday and Sunday!

The #GOALS poster was definitely inspired by you because you are GOALS.

July 18th: sec 120 row 14 seats 1-3
July 19th: sec M row 27 seats 5&6

leeteuk threw a towel @ me but aimed poorly so i couldn’t catch it

super junior performed knock out, sorry sorry, a medley (consisting of rockstar, choki choki choki wa, shake it up, oppa oppa), mr. simple, and devil. rockstar was one of the best stages of the night tbh, that and devil were my favorite ♥

i waved @ leeteuk and i got a smile back like w5f kill me. he also looked @ our section multiple times, he’s an angel sent from heaven above. i blew a kiss @ kangin and at the same time he blew a kiss to our section #bless

kyuhyun looked so mystified, he forgot some of his english so siwon was making fun of him HAHA he ended with god bless you lOL.

siwon kept teasing OMG, he threw his water bottle and tie into the crowd ♥

eunhyuk looked like he was gonna cry when he said that he wants to have super show in LA, he said wait two years :(

leeteuk said “I say leeteuk you say saranghae!” and then he said “thank you very very very much" after HAHA. then hee and ye playfully punched him and leeteuk playfully punched ye back LOL.

leeteuk did his famous “LEEETEEEUKKKKKKKKKKKK” introduction ♥

lots of wonkyu, not much eunhae.

heechul played drums during knock out and it was amazing.

kyuhyun was like 5 feet away from me and my section, he was putting his water bottle down but he had his mouth full of water still so he was making the cutest face ever?? he looked so cute today im so confused aren’t you satan-

our section kept yelling 4 yesung so he gave us a thumbs up

ryeowook was so qt wth???? And kangin omh and kyuhyun holy- ryeowook kept smiling and waving @ our section (we had good spots blesS)

donghae looked @ our section once, eunhyuk danced in our direction and yo he looked gr8 so did leeteuk (that boy can move WTF)

eunhyuk was talking about all the things he liked to do in LA (he said the beach, Hollywood, in-n-out) and he couldn’t think of anything else to say so heechul suggested clubbing HAHA eunhyuk laughed and smacked him playfully.

siwon, leeteuk and ryeowook gave our section the most fanservice for sure, also the amount of elfs @ kcon was overwhelming, over half of the crowd was holding up some sort of sign/the color blue it was so beautiful ♥

all of suju kept looking @ the crowds, amazed @ how many elfs there were (seriously SO MUCH BLUE)

heechul + kangin were waving and doing aegyo @ the end of KCON and wow they are so attractive live

super junior grabbed everyone in the kcon line up to do a final end bow (it looked like it was leeteuk’s idea)

It’s official

I’ll be taking on my first dancing class since having the twins after the first of the years. I have been dreading going back to work and doing as minimal as possible so that I didn’t have to, but my boss wants me to come back and honestly I didn’t expect her to hold my job forever. I just wish I could have my career and be a stay at home mom at the same time.