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Reasons to give Monsta X a listen in 2017
  • They make a different variety of music genres. So even if you don’t like hiphop and rap, they have so many songs that have beautiful music, vocals, soft raps.
  • Their MVs are aesthetically pleasing. Even their selfcam special MVs where you can see them goofing around are perfectly shot.
  • They have KILLER vocals!! Even the rappers can sing (listen to Pure Girl). I’m honestly not being biased here, but each member has a unique voice and could carry a whole song on their own (even though some of them have not been given their chance yet).
  • Their choreography is smooth, powerful and will leave an impression on you after you watch it.
  • JOOHEON AND I.M CAN SPIT FIRE!! They’re lyrics are wonderful and their voices are polar opposites. Again..variety of talents.. 
  • I was shocked by their personalities after I got to know them. Because on stage they are oozing charisma but in reality they are a bunch of dorks who just want to laugh and have fun. So even if you don’t like their music, you’re going to like them as people because they are genuinely nice, sweet and care about their fans and their friends (who are also from other groups like Got7 and Seventeen…etc)
  • They were the only groups who stayed till the end of MAMA 2015 to watch Big Bang receive their award and Psy’s closing performance and they were thanked for that and even took an adorable selfie together! (respect all around *clap clap*)
  • They are multitalented. Kihyun is a photographer and a cook, Wonho knows martial arts, Shownu is a swimmer (Wonho and Shownu are bodybuilders as well), Hyungwoon is a model, Minhyuk is also a photographer, has a photographic memory, he can draw and is working to be an MC, Jooheon is a composer and I.M is a cultured smarty pants (seriously he is smart)
  • Again..vocals
  • Visuals!! Every single one of them is a visual I mean just look at them!!
  • Last but not least, give them a chance. Check out their Showtime episodes and listen to their songs and maybe you’ll like them. They are loveable and talented enough to have everyone’s support if just they were given the chance.

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rumours about my sadness have always lingered around my family
like fog, like unhappiness, like lies
and let me tell you, I haven’t been myself, I haven’t seen myself in the mirror for a long time
I am young, I am travelling, I have had my heart stitched and spit out and frozen but having people see me
and my gloomy insides is still my greatest fear
—  mirror poems - knight
Weiss asks for Yangs permission to date Ruby
  • Weiss: Excuse me,yang.
  • Yang: Sup Ice Queen.
  • Weiss: As you know Ruby and I have grown close these past few months to the point where I have grown very fond of her company.
  • Yang: *squints eyes* Hmmmhmm. Spit it out Weissicle. What are you trying to say?
  • Weiss: *coughs* Oh well, I would like to ask for your permission to date Ruby?
  • Yang: ...What?
  • Weiss: I'm asking for Ruby's hand I am very fond of he-
  • Yang: No, no. I got that. I'm wondering why you're asking me of all people. Really Weiss, You don't need my permission to date Rubbles, so long as she likes you. *starts laughing* This isn't the 50's.
  • Weiss: *blushes* Excuse me for having enough common courtesy to ask the eldest of the family if I could date her sister.
  • Yang: *muffles laughter* Hey Ruby, Weiss just asked me if she could date you!! What do you want me to say?
  • Ruby: *jokingly replies* Why I never would of thought ms. Schnee would want to date little ol' me! Tell Weiss I would love too!
  • Weiss: I regret ever asking you.
  • Yang: *puts her hand on Weiss's shoulder* Weiss I just want you to know I give you my blessing to date my youngest.

It was super crowded and I had just sent out a bunch of mail and I was totally focused on getting to the door when I came around the bend and nearly ran into a man who was LITERALLY AN ALAN RICKMAN LOOK-ALIKE. Like…same height, same face, same stature, same kinda off-center way of standing and then he freaking ARCHED HIS EYEBROW AT ME as I glanced at him and my eyes widened.

Of course, i was late and in a hurry, so it was literally a fraction of a second, but I was just like….”WTFFFFFFFFFFF” the whole way out to my car.


I put in some quick color but I actually really enjoyed the sketch of this! Cute besties are the best! Their names are Clover and Poppy (Pop for short). 

Edit: I’m just looking at this again and the sketch really makes me happy?? The characters are kind of off model and certain things are a bit wonky but ahhh…still..not bad