but i have to leave for work in a few so

I am working away on this water dragon painting for the “Mythos” show at the Haven Art Gallery in New York.🖌🐲 The opening is April 8th and I have to leave on a trip to Italy soon, so I am putting in some long hours this weekend! 💪🎨 But it’s alright because I have some new audiobooks loaded up! 🎶📚 I love listening to them while painting! 😊🖌 Thank you to those of you who gave me some suggestions yesterday! 😘💖 I picked up Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness! Plus a few more!😜 You guys rock!!

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(tw aphobia and suicidal ideation mention) I've gotten a bunch of aphobes saying sick things to me on twitter because i guess they searched the word asexual and found me? it's been happening to a few ace friends who have tweeted about being ace recently too. i'm super worried, like i had to leave tumblr because their constant harrassment literally made me suicidal. how am i going to have a safe space to talk about my experiences without them insulting and screaming at me? i feel awful

Safe spaces don’t work on open platforms. They simply don’t, sadly. You need to have some sort of exclusion so people have to show up and have the ability to be kicked off if they start to harm. There are online groups, and in person groups that provide actual safe spaces better.

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How much time has passed since the Conflux? I'm trying to get the timeline right in my head, and that's a spot i don't control.

It’s about three years ago, perhaps somewhat longer. It has to take place before Sarkhan works for Bolas, so before Zendikar, but by how much isn’t clear. It’s implied to be a few months between Elspeth leaving Alara and being on Dominaria at the start of Scars of Mirrodin and also a few months that Sarkhan was waiting at the Eye of Ugin.

We don’t have definite timeframes for exactly how long ago, but three years is a good estimate. Jace’s interactions with Bolas in Agents of Artifice were likely before Alara, so no more than 4ish years.

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Relating to the post asking about cutting away a binder to a half binder. As long as the binder is cut to around 2" below the breast bone there should be no difference in how the binder works. If you wanna get fancy you can leave a little extra and use hemming tape to iron up the hem and make it look tidy - then the fabric won't bulge when you wash it (: I'm a seamstress so have done this at work for a few guys too.

Perfect advice thank you!!


4 tips for getting ahead after falling behind

So ‘it’ happened. You got sick, you scheduled too much at once, you had a bad day (or week). We’ve all been there and it sucks. And now you’re behind and you’re feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few tips I have for getting back on track (and hopefully ahead) after falling behind.

  • If you are behind on homework it’s time to prioritize. You’re at a point where it might be worth it to let the tiny assignments that aren’t worth very much sit on the back burner until you’ve dealt with the important stuff. So what are your priorities?
    • Do you have work in a class that you’re doing really well in and you feel like you can set it aside and hand it in late, or you can afford to miss the assignment without screwing up your final grade? Great, set it aside and leave that stress for later.
    • Do you have work in a class you’re terrified of failing? Okay, focus in on that. If you don’t eliminate the chief point of stress first you’re going to find it very hard to focus on anything else.
  • Do you have exams coming up that you haven’t studied for? This is rough but you need to decide whether sleep or studying is better for you. There’s no wrong choice here; it’s different for everyone. I am a ‘needs sleep’ person but my roommate is a ‘stay up and get shit done’ person. If you know you can’t function without a decent amount of sleep then ixnay the idea of an all night all together.
    •  Now that you’ve figured that out it’s time to focus; what topics are you doing the worst in? Get started on figuring out what it is you don’t know. 
    • Also make sure to write down what you do know and keep looking over that constantly so you don’t lose the knowledge you already have. 
    • Now figure out what methods you actually have time for; if you’re in a crunch you may not have time for flashcards. I find that when it a crunch it’s helpful to essentially begin compiling a cheat sheet.
    • Write down everything you could possibly need for the exam as though you were going to be able to take it into the exam. Make it clear! Make it easy to glance at! Don’t waist time on making it look pretty!
    • As you go through creating the sheet make sure that you would know what kind of problem or topic that the concept/formula would go with and how you would use it to solve a problem.
    • The above means that you aren’t just copying over formulas, dates, quotes, etc.; You are committing the CONTEXT to your memory and if need be to your sheet.
  •  Is the problem reading? Heaven knows that’s been mine this week! First thing first: READ for the NEXT class. Don’t start with what you should’ve read last week; playing catch up is stressful and means that you may do a ton of work and still not be prepared for the next class.
    •  If you come across parts that don’t make sense because you haven’t read the earlier stuff skip back and skim those bits. 
    • Once you’ve read for the next class you can decide what the best option is for continuing. 
    • Either start at the back end of what you’re behind on or work your way backwards.
  • Is it an essay? Is it more than one? Okie doke. Break those kiddos down into the sections you think you need; intro, para 1, para 2, etc, conclusion. 
    • Alright, now give those sections titles and maybe like a brief summary. 
    • Okay now you’re ready; pick one section from one of your papers to start on. It doesn’t have to be the intro you just need to get started. I like to start with ones that require a bit of research on my part so that I can really get the ball rolling and start collecting articles. 
    • Then you should either set a timer for about thirty minutes and switch off every time the timer goes off, or (my preferred method) write until you finish the section before deciding which one to work on next. 
    • The real key is making sure that you change sections when you find yourself losing steam even if it’s in the middle of a sentence. Sometimes I start a sentence and then forget where I was going with it and it throws off the whole game so by changing sections you allow yourself to refresh and come back with new eyes.

That’s what I’ve got for now, I hope that some of this helps. I also want to remind you that you are not a bad person for getting behind whatever the reason was. Sometimes it happens even when you’re paying attention so try not to worry too much about it! If you find yourself getting overwhelmed and way too stressed out remember to let yourself breath and walk away for a few minutes. I wish you the best of luck and my ask/messenger is always open if you need anything.

Things I can’t get over today: how hard they had to work to keep John and Sherlock from getting together in S4? They wrote Mary in between them the whole first episode, they had to do an about-face on her characterization, John’s characterization, and abandon that whole plot line where, you know, she tried to murder Sherlock. She dies and they have to bring her back as a ghost to het things up. TFP they had to blow up Baker St and kick them out, we get a few seconds of them together at the end with babby and they are incandescently happy? Like do you realize they had to go to so much trouble to keep them from being alone at Baker St together, the only time we really see it is at the end of TLD, and guess what? They wind up in each other’s arms?

Um, if there is so much going on between your two male lead characters you can’t leave them alone together because you think it’s gonna come off as gay, guess what, it’s already gay as hell.

I need to focus and concentrate on what I’ve worked so hard for over the last 5 years. I’m constantly overwhelmed by anxiety and fear that if I don’t buckle down now, in a few years time, I will be in a shit position with a head full of regrets, and all the people who have sacrificed and put their life aside for my dream will leave me. I’ve been so disrespectful, not putting in 100% in this venture because I’m mentally elsewhere, but fuck alla that. You only have one chance in life, and the universe surrounds you with many opportunities to reach it but over the last 3 years I’ve allowed myself to become distracted and a victim of procrastination. It sucks and I’m disappointed in myself. I let my guard down, I allowed life to interfere with my vision and tbh shit has just been a blur lately.
Love, death, debt, family issues, illnesses all of this shit, constantly, no breaks, one after the other. It’s too much. This year I’m minding my business and I’m focusing on myself. We are all adults and I’m not putting my shit second ever again. We are all accountable for our lives. I hustle and grind so hard, i don’t have anyone to fall back on, I don’t have avenues and options, if I don’t work I don’t eat, I depend solely on myself, and so do you! We are stronger than we believe and I have the utmost strength to get myself through anything. I have created an amazing life for myself by following my dreams and I will always encourage and support my loved ones to do the same, but I’m no longer allowing anything to stress and distract me. Im beyond focused. So if you think that I’m going to lose my shit over nonsense you must be crazy. My mother was born in a shack in South Trinidad, I have so many people to prove RIGHT. My fucking family over there are rooting for me! All of my cousins are doing great things, we are making our parents proud! So anything that costs me my peace is too expensive because it means losing my future, losing my family’s happiness, losing my business, losing my life and nothing is worth that. I’d rather die.
2017 is the year to be selfish, to focus on self improvement and to encourage prosperity. Nothing else.

Fic Recs: McCree/Hanzo

I was asked to do some Fic Recs today for a few pairings, though the only ones I’m really into enough to have read a lot of are McHanzo, McReyes, and McGenji (Sorry for the lack of R76 and Shimadacest - I have no beef with either, but they aren’t really ships I get overly excited for) so here’s the McHanzo Edition.

I’m just reccing a few of my favs off the top of my head for now, but I’m certain there’s some amazing ones I’ve either forgotten or haven’t read yet, so feel free to suggest me some if you want :) 

Also if you enjoy any of these fics PLEASE leave a comment on the author’s work! Even something small is great and it would probably make someone’s new year look really promising to start it off with some nice feedback, don’t you think? 

  • Popcorn Redemption  by Wyntera (No Rating) - They say life isn’t like the movies.Well, partner, they ain’t never worked for Overwatch.

This fic is set during the recall and is super slowburn, but damn it does it well. Their movie dates are too good, I love it!

  • Here There Be Dragons by FrostyaurusRekt (Explicit) - He lounges in his chair, legs splayed almost obscenely. “Y’know, my ma used to read me stories at night. ‘Bout great adventurers led astray by a villain. ‘Don’t stray off the edge, here there be dragons.’ I reckon that’s usually where the best treasures were found.” A roll of eyes and a scoff are his prize for his little ramble. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

An AU where (not brainwashed) McCree works for Talon. This one is SO GOOD. It messes me up emotionally every time. Like, no lie I really did get close to tears at one point. If you like seeing McCree getting hurt (then comforted) this’ll be up your alley.

  • To Build a Home by Qnyan (Series - Mature) - A story that follows the relationship between Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada, beginning during their early years and retelling the trials and tribulations that follow.

This is hands down one of my favourite McHanzo series I’ve read. It follows the idea of young Deadlock Jesse meeting young Heir Hanzo, a trope I am an absolute sucker for. Also, the relationships Jesse forms with Reyes, Ana, and Genji are so satisfying to read about, I am in love with this ‘verse, seriously.

  • Harmony by Winterwhite (Mature) - AU: Hanzo and Genji are both disowned thanks to The Dragon Incident through much of the castle. They go to Blackwatch. They meet Jesse. Featuring Dad!Reyes and many small difficulties.

Winterwhite is such a fantastic writer, this one is an absolute gem. I adore the idea of a young Hanzo being not smooth at all in his crush on young Jesse, and the humor here is so deadpan and perfect, I love it.

  • Look Up and Wonder by MarieJacquelyn (Explicit) - Jesse McCree gets a job offer to rescue one H. Shimada from his own family at 3:23 AM. He accepts it at 3:54 AM. It does not go according to plan. (An Overwatch/Firefly AU)

I will just come out and say it: I thought Firefly was just an ‘okay’ show. So I held off on this one at first, but I was a fool, this fic is incredible. Seriously this is written so wonderfully, and every chapter has me dying to know what’s going to happen next. Sombra as the ship AI is fantastic as well.

  • Scoundrels and Thieves by Vaguely_Concerned (Series, ranges from General to Mature) - Canon AU where the Shimada family and the Deadlock gang used to do business, Hanzo and McCree had a thing… and then McCree gets the ‘offer’ from Overwatch.

Yet another ‘meet when they’re young’ fic, but listen. Listen. I’m weak for that. And this series needs so much more love, don’t pass it over just because the majority of it is rated G and T. It’s so sweet, and can heartbreaking at times, and I just love how every work is a different point in their lives.

  • Striptease by Ruriska (Explicit) - Contains: a birthday party, a grumpy lawyer, his cheerful brother, an accidental striptease and probably some sort of romance… eventually.

McCree getting mistaken for a cowboy themed stripper is never not going to be funny to me. This story goes from hilarious to dramatic so fast and I LOVE it. Ruriska is a treasure, for real.

  • Sleeper by VioletWreck (Mature) - The best and worst thing about the Respawn function is the fact that it can be used an infinite amount of times.

Everything Violet writes is fantastic, I want to rec her entire AO3 page, honestly. The general idea here is that Reaper is killing McCree a little too often, and Hanzo steps up to watch his back. This one really drew me in because while it features past McReyes, the present is McHanzo and the comparisons in the relationships are really wonderful.

OK so that’s just a few, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! There’s so much more I want to rec, but I don’t want to make this post a mile long, so if you want to some more, my AO3 is Nox_Wicked and my bookmarks list is full of stuff from the OW fandom I think is pretty nifty :0) 

I recently became a cashier in a local supermarket, and even though I’ve only been working for a few weeks, I’ve already created a list of annoying things costumers do.

So here’s a list of the commandments of being a good shopper.

  • Only approach the register when you have every item you need and only them.
  • Don’t go leave your stuff off at the register only to go back to get something else.
  • Especially don’t leave after the cashier already started scanning your items, because then they can’t move on to the next costumer and they have to wait on your ass.
  • Don’t decide you don’t want a certain item after you’ve already brought it to the register, and if you do, at least have the common curtesy to put it back where you found it. Don’t make the supermarket employees do it for you. We have enough work already.
  • Only approach the register if you’re certain you have enough money to buy everything you want. Don’t make us and other costumers wait for you to get your wallet from your car.
  • Don’t pile your items on top of each other, it creates a pyramid that the cashier has to slowly dismantle without making it topple over. Believe me that waiting a few seconds for the cashier to scan your items before you put on any more will be much faster.
  • Buy. Frozen. Items. Last. I know it’s tempting to go straight for what you came for in the frozen foods aisle, but if you do, by the time you get to the register, the frozen packet will be all soggy and wet and the register will be full of water.

Feel free to add more.


Just another update on my grimoire. :)

This past week I worked on a few new pages in my book, mainly information on runes, astrology, & candles. I also added a two page spread for a pendulum board that I made toward the center of my book. It came out really well actually, now I just have to color it in a bit.

I also finished up my entry on my page for the Bisayan goddess, Laon. All I have to do now is ink her illustration and the borders and we’re good. I do plan on drawing up some illustrations for the 12 different moons but I’m working on a few other pages at the moment so that will have to wait.

As you can see I love putting in random flowers and leaves in my grimoire to give it some life and color to the pages. These came from a bouquet of flowers my aunt and uncle put on our dining room table and some from one that my brothers friend gave him when he came back for the holidays on leave. Some of the leaves and flowers were sprayed with glitter which I just loved and had to add throughout my book.

And that’s it for now my lovelies. Until the next grimoire update. :)

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?

Rating: T

Pairing: Farkle Minkus/Riley Matthews

Summary: It’s the first time that Farkle starts to question his scientific beliefs, because he swears there’s another Sun in the universe and right now, it’s in the middle of Greenwich Village, lying across his chest. // Or a few glimpses at Farkle and Riley, and how sometimes the best way to get through things is simply just by being together.

Word Count: 2072

A/N: Long time no see! I’ve been super consumed with school, the election, design, work, and various other things. It felt good to finally finish this piece. I started it in October when I was really having a difficult time and finally was able to finish it today.  Leave your thoughts here.

Warnings: Some hints of anxiety. 

It starts in her room at 1 am on a Thursday morning. The moon is full and its hanging low across the NYC skyline. He climbs up her fire escape and gently tugs up her window, climbing through. He knows it’s unsafe for her to leave her window unlocked, so he makes sure to lock it, before approaching the edge of her bed.

She’s usually a heavy sleeper, so that’s why he’s so surprised when her eyes flutter open. She blinks multiple times, before finally stretching and letting out a long yawn. She’s clutching her blanket close to her chest and he’s suddenly aware of the draft in her room. 

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Leaving Offering: Food

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A few of my friends have asked me about leaving food offerings for their spirit companions. How does one do this and what else can I do that won’t make it look like I’m wasting food to others that don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve had a couple tell me their parents got mad and think they’re wasting food and in some smaller countries, this can definitely be seen as such so we can’t have that happening. Here are a few things I do with my Keep that you may want to try. Some are easier while others may not be so for others so just think about all this and see what works. Trial and error is how we all learn. 

  • Fruits, I have found, to be the best. As a Chinese American, one of the things I always do is have fresh oranges for the Chinese New Year. So those with sturdy skins are good to leave out for a few days. Your companions will not be offended if you eat it because it will benefit you as well. I’ve left pears out as well, but not so good when you have cats that like to attack random things. So other fruits you want to offer can be leftmost out, but I would recommend either putting the, away in the fridge or just eat them once you feel your companions have had their fill. If things start to spoil, you can simply throw it out or, if your Wiccan (or eco-friendly), you can bury it in your yard to return it to the Earth. 
  • Meat is another offering, but that can be problematic if you live with others that have no idea what the hell you’re doing with it. This can vary from scraps to raw meat for anything from critters to vampires. I have a lot of wolves as well so they like having meat. Here is my agreement with them: they can have access to what’s in the fridge or share with me when I eat. If it’s a sanguine vampire or anyone that requires blood, you can allow them to take from you and they don’t actually require a lot. I always feel a bite from one of mine and it lasts as long as they need. Cooked meat is also an option and while some may love beef, we can’t always afford it. As long as they understand that you can only afford certain things and that what you offer is from the heart, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now, if you choose to offer raw meat, I would say to do so before you use it yourself so they have first dibs and nothing goes to waste. I would put Dairy this category. Since cheese can last for a while, keeping some in your fridge should be more than enough. 
  • Sweets are super easy to offer. I have a spirit that always visits from my sister’s Keep that loves butterscotch. So I always keep some around in case he wants to visit. I also have an Auraelic Vampire that likes it too. If it says hard candy, it can stay as long as it’s good. If it’s pastries, treat it like any other edible and share, but remember to eat it so it doesn’t go to waste. 
  • I have yet to have anyone ask about Liquids of any kind in my Keep, but there are some that like liquor like beer or wine. Like any offering, you can leave some libations for them in a glass, but I would recommend you share something you can then drink yourself. Otherwise, put it away or pour it it into the ground as continued offering to them and to the Earth. 

In regards to how much you should put out, I say no more than what you prepare for yourself. In reality, they can’t really eat on their own. They either share with you using your own senses, or they eat the Astral version. The way I see the 3 Bodies is like there are 3 parallel universes existing and that what we have here can also exist in the Astral and the Spiritual, give or take a few things.  One faery showed me her shoving grapes in her face like a chipmunk so anything is possible. You can always fix a little extra if you like, but remember to put any leftovers away to be eaten or disposed to appropriately. 

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DA:2 companions react to Leandra's death? I feel like that wasn't played on enough in the game.

Aveline: Is heartbroken. She’s obviously known Leandra the longest out of all of the companions, and is in utter shock. It’s just so hard to believe that this fierce, stubborn noblewoman who would have clawed tooth and nail to drag her children to safety from the Blight, is just gone. And in such a horrible way too. Aveline throws herself into her work, trying desperately to make sure that nobody else will have to suffer the way that Leandra did. 

Varric: Since he’d befriended the Hawkes, he had been a welcome guest at Leandra Hawke’s table, and as such, felt Hawke’s pain. He would stay in the tavern for a few days, refusing to leave, because he wasn’t ready to face a world so dark that it would take the best of people away.

Merrill: Leandra had been so kind to Merrill, often inviting them over to join them for dinner once she had found out that Merrill was living alone in the Alienage. She had given Merrill extra supplies during the winter when Merrill had mentioned she was feeling the chill worse than usual without any of the halla to cuddle up to. As such, Merrill was furious at Leandra’s death. How dare this person think they were entitled to take so many lives? How dare a human do this to someone she loves? She finds it bitterly amusing that the templars are quick to blame this on the danger of blood mages but to her…instead of a blood mage, all she sees is yet another human doing what they do best. 

Isabela: For a few days, Isabela isn’t sure how to comfort Hawke, and spends most of the time getting into a few fights at the tavern. She doesn’t know how to do this. She didn’t know what it’s like to lose a mother, not like this. Her mother sold her, she doesn’t know what Hawke must be going through. She’d met Leandra a few times, and the lady was polite enough, and the way she had died…nobody deserves that. 

Fenris: Another death in Hawke’s life. Fenris doesn’t want to make them think he pities them, as he of all people knows how condescending that sort of sympathy feels, but he truly does care for them and the suffering they’re going through. Though he can’t remember his own mother, or whether she died, he was always welcomed warmly by Leandra, and feels her loss quite sharply. And by such a horrible death. Another blood mage, another excuse. It hits close to home because, when he looked at Quentin, all he saw was another magister hurting others for their own gain. 

Sebastian: Is devastated. Leandra had become fast friends with him, as she had met with his parents when she was younger and had bonded with him quite well. He had accompanied Hawke to the Chantry where her body - or, rather, what was left of it- would be prepared for her funeral. He had kept a vigil overnight, praying to Andraste to safely see Leandra Hawke to the Maker’s side. But as the night drew on, his thoughts turned bitter. Why would the Maker have made her suffer this way in the first place? He questions, as he did once before when his own family was massacred. But as the dawn comes, his last prayer is that the Maker eases Hawke’s grief…the Maker owes Hawke that much, at least.

Anders: He is in shock. He knew that there were bad mages; those that used blood magic for their own power, but he had always told himself that it was a result of oppression. They were just using their power to free themselves. But Quentin…he had no excuse. He hurt so many people, and now Hawke and their mother. Anders owed quite a lot to Leandra; she had gathered multiple resources to keep his clinic well stocked in medicinal supplies for him, and had not breathed a word of his existence to the templars. It was terrible to think that she was gone in such a horrific manner. The night of her death, he sat alone in the back of his clinic - Justice’s whispers pushed to back of his head - and instead began to remember the harsh words of the templars in Kinloch Hold. “You are monsters. The first chance you get, you will hurt innocent people. You are monsters.” And for the first time in many years, he wondered if they were right. 

I last saw Marilyn alive on 1 June 1961. I was working outdoors when I suddenly remembered it was her birthday. I had read somewhere that she was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and, on the off chance, I dialed the number. They put me through to her room immediately. Without saying who I was, I started humming ‘happy birthday…’. She interrupted me, sounding overjoyed. ’
'André is that you? Come on over at once, let’s celebrate!’
She was alone. On a little table beside some flowers she had placed a jar of caviar and two bottles of champagne. She seemed in a very good form.
'What a relief,’ she sighted. 'It’s so good to have some peace and quiet.’
Fox had organized a cocktail party in her honor at the studios but she had only stayed a few minutes before pleading tiredness and leaving. No one had tried to stop her. They were used to her unpredictable behavior.
'They’re all against me. When I just can’t take anymore they think I’m being temperamental. They can’t understand what it’s like to be so tired that it’s impossible to get out of bad in the morning.’
I knew only too well how badly she was sleeping, her whole nervous system was giving way. What really upset me about her wrecked life was her bitterness:  her success was a sham, her hopes thwarted; she had been let down repeatedly, even by the man who had said they loved her. Her money had been squandered; fame had become a burden.
'They’ve all exploited me and now I’ve got nothing.’
But she was a star. People would help her go even further, attracted by her fame. Others would profit by her success. This is the way things are.
I could see that the cover had been thrown back from the bed in the next room. I took her in my arms, searching for her lips. I lost my head. She cried out, protesting:
'Oh,  please, don’t ! I am so tired of that… Don’t ask anything of me, you of all people!’
Her eyes were full of tears. I felt I had been a brute. I knew she had only just left hospital after a major operation. I was ashamed of myself. I said goodbye and left her in peace.
The next day I sent a basket of her favorite fruit and before she left for Hollywood she left a bouquet outside my door: A selection of her latest photos. Smiling, radiant… and totally misleading. I little guessed that this was our last goodbye. - André de Dienes


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Word Count: 456

Genre: Fluff

Request:  a scenario where jay park changes your voicemail (a funny but cute one like “hey this is jay, leave a message cause she’s can’t get the phone now, unless you are her ex-boyfriend or something”) XD

“Have you seen my phone?” I asked my best friend as we both laid on the couch, watching a movie that was currently playing. I got up slightly to see if it was under me, but nothing.

I didn’t have work today, neither did Jay, but as we were both making breakfast he got a call from the company, asking him to come over. I didn’t complain though, I knew that he had to work extra hard, I mean, he was the CEO of his own company. So I didn’t really complain. Instead I told him to wait a few so I could feed him at least.

I called my best friend to spend the day together and now we were currently looking for my phone. I looked under the couch but nothing at all.

“Here, give me your phone” I said, putting my hand out so she could give me her phone, while the other one was on my waist, looking around to see if I spotted it somewhere.

I didn’t feel anything, I knitted my eyebrows and looked at her confused.

“You want my phone?” She had a look of horror. I clicked my tongue and rolled my eyes at her unnecessary reaction as I took her phone from her pocket. She pouted and I just smiled to myself.

I went to the contacts and clicked on my name. it rang and rang until I heard Jay’s voice. Confused, I was about to respond when-.

“Hey, this Jay, Y/n’s amazing loving Boyfriend. Leave a message after the beep, unless you’re her ex. If you are then how bout you call on February 31st

I started to laugh at the voice mail and shook my head.

“Goofball” I whispered to myself as I was about call once more.

“Found it!” She cheered while holding my phone up.

Couple of hours later I heard the door open and close. It was 11:17 so I knew it was Jay. I was changing my shirt when I felt hands wrap around me. I smiled as I felt his warm lips press against my bare shoulder. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled up at him while giving him small pecks on his chin.

“Why are you still up?” He asked while kissing my forehead.

“Waiting for you, I mean, I’ll always wait for my “amazing loving boyfriend” I said pulling away and putting my shirt on.

“So you heard it” He laughed while sitting on the bed.

“Yes, and it was extremely cheesy, but also sweet” I laughed while going behind him on the bed and giving him small pecks all around his neck.

“Let go to sleep” I whispered against his skin.


[march study challenge] • 23/03/17

Day 23: what’s in your backpack?

I was hoping for this post to have a little more in it, but I honestly don’t put much in my schoolbag as now a lot of my work is done electronically and I also have a pretty long commute to school (where I have to stand up because it’s so crowded!) so I try to minimise the load I have to bring. I genuinely only have my laptop, my planner and pencil case (both of which have featured in the 2 daily challenge posts before this so I decided to leave them out!) and a few reading books in my backpack, plus I always carry my phone around so I added it in the photo. Of course I always have my lunch in my bag as well, but it is 11pm at the time of writing this and so my lunch is currently nonexistent.

The 2nd photo obviously has nothing to do with my backpack but it’s a picture of one of the buildings in the Sydney city area and I thought it complemented the other photo perfectly, so it’s been thrown into today’s post :-)

(fan)art on tumblr

I’m still baffled by the fact that i get to look at so much art here for free and not only that, I can also choose what kind of art I want on my dash.

The artists of tumblr are amazing, there are so many different styles, there’s water colours, digital art in all its variations, pencil or ink drawings and everything inbetween, there’s photorealistic art (or witchcraft as I like to call it), there are so many colours in your works or none at all, some of you put so much effort into your backgrounds, others convey all the emotions by showing us almost nothing at all, and everytime you put your work on here you have to sit back and hope that at least a few people who look at the finished piece like it enough so they’ll move their cursor to that little heart and click it or even hit reblog. Maybe two or three people leave a nice comment or some cool tags. You can only hope there’s no angry anon who’s pissed because your work shows a ship they don’t like or - god beware - you dared to draw some original characters instead of their favourites. Those anons are obnoxious, wrong and don’t deserve any attention at all.

I can honestly say that I would pay money to see your art displayed the way it deserves. Just imagine a world wide travelling exhibition with art from  @alifetimeaheadtoprovethat, @purrlockholmes, @miesart, @clairedrawsairdraws, @tillieke, @arkarti, @enerjax, @willietheplaidjacket, @rdjlock, @wolfcharm, @hollyashes and @ruiriel to name just a few. I’d be so there!! 

Damn, I wish I had the money to fly you over here to paint my walls. It’d be so amazing to walk into the front door to be greeted by @tillieke‘s life sized John Finnemore modelling a silly hat or to have John and Sherlock watching over you in your favourite reading spot and the Cabin Crew brightening each day when you’re sitting down at the kitchen table. Well, if I ever win the lottery I’ll have to buy some plane tickets.  Until then I will enjoy your art here.

TLDR: Thank you to all artists out there, you’re brilliant!

anonymous asked:

What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”

Are You Jealous?

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Requested: Yes! A few anons asked for jealous Barry including 

Pairings: Barry Allen/THe Flash x Reader

Summary: Barry is late to the precinct Christmas Party, leaving you alone in some uncomfortable company.

Warnings: Jealous!Barry (does that count as a warning??? oh well)

Word Count: 1,067

A/N: I missed Barry, so I hope that you guys like this one! It kind of has an ambiguous ending, so make of that what you will. Message me any requests/feedback, as either is always greatly appreciated…

Barry was late. It wasn’t as if he could literally be anywhere that he needed to be in Central City within a few minutes. That would be crazy.

Your boyfriend may have been the fastest man alive, but you couldn’t remember a time that he was less than ten minutes late for anything. Your last date, a doctor’s appointment, work every single day. He was late for all of it.

But this time he was really, really late. Like you had shown up at the party two hours ago, and had seen neither hide nor hair of your boyfriend. At first, you made small talk with a few of the girls that you knew from the precinct. But, they quickly had too many fruity cocktails to be tolerable, and you had chosen to sit at the bar alone.

You had ordered a drink and glanced around the room, hoping that by some miracle, your boyfriend would waltz in, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“So what brings you here.” A voice said from behind you. You turned around to see a man that somehow looked vaguely familiar, but you couldn’t place him. You had probably seen him one of the times that you took Barry his lunch at the police station, but you couldn’t exactly remember.

“Oh, I’m just waiting for-”

“Now who would be silly enough to stand you up darling.” He said, giving you what he must of thought to be a charming smile. It seemed more like he was ravenous and you were a goose being served to him on a silver platter.

You tried to keep your face in more of a neutral state, rather than the disgusting feeling that was rising in your gut. “I guess that the answer to that would be my boyfriend.”

“Well, he doesn’t seem to be here.” The man said, glancing around the room. It occurred to you that he wouldn’t know who your boyfriend was, even if Barry had been standing right in front of him. And to make it worse, he was leaning farther off of the stool, leering at you.

“He should be here any moment.” You said, allowing yourself another desperate glance around the room. You felt your heart fall when you didn’t see Barry anywhere.

“I think that we could have a party of our own.” the man said, laying a hand on yours that was resting on the bar. You were so shocked that you couldn’t move. Did this man not hear you when you said that you have a boyfriend.

“Did you miss the part where is said that I have a boyfriend?” you stuttered, shocked that someone let this sleaze ball into the party, much less let him be involved in any part of the police force.

“Y/N!” You froze, never so relieved to hear Barry’s voice.

“Barry!” you exclaimed, ripping your hand away and throwing your arms around Barry. “Get me out of here.” You whispered in his ear. You felt him tense underneath you. He gave you a small nod, enough to make sure that you understood, but not enough to be obvious to the douchebag that was standing behind you, clearing his throat impatiently. As if you owed him something.

“If you’ll excuse us.” Barry sneered, wrapping a hand around your wait and leading you away from the bar.

“You were late.” You murmured.

“You looked like you were two seconds away from a new boyfriend.” Barry muttered under his breath. You knew that he wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, but sometimes he said things that cut you.

“Barry you know that that is not what was happening.” You said, trying to keep up with Barry. Even when he wasn’t using super speed, he walked faster than you, especially when he was angry. He grunted, not saying anything, but at least he was acknowledging what you were saying. “That man was the personification of a leech. He was ready to suck my blood.”

He chuckled. You had barely noticed how quickly that you were moving, but you were outside of the hotel that the party was being held at, and Barry was hailing a cab.

“I’m sorry.” You said quietly, hoping to settle the matter before you were home without causing a scene in the cab. “You know that I would never go out with someone like that. Why would I when I have someone like you?”

A smile was starting to turn up the corners of his mouth. You knew that he wasn’t angry with you. he was angry that someone would treat you that way. Even though Barry was one of the most caring people that you had even met, he got jealous.

And once he got jealous, it was sometimes hard to remind him that he has nothing to be jealous of. you would never do anything that would intentionally hurt him. You loved him so much that hurting him would hurt you just as much too.

You felt him take a deep breath and you knew that he was starting to calm down.

“I know that you get nervous sometimes,” you said as you felt him rest his head on your shoulder. Even though the two of you had been together for quite a while, you still felt a bit of a rush when he showed you how comfortable he was around you. “But I love you so much, Barry.”

“I love you too.” He said softly against your knuckles, before pressing a delicate kiss to each of them. Although he wasn’t big on PDA, he couldn’t resist kissing the back of your hand. It was cheesy, and cliché, and one of your favorite things that he did.

The cab ride was mercifully short, and after Barry paid him with a sizeable tip, the two of you rushed up into your apartment, seeking some shelter from the cold air. You quickly scrubbed off your makeup and pulled on pajamas crawling into bed.

You rolled over to snuggle into Barry’s side. “I have to say Bar, I feel like I wasted a great outfit to sit alone at a party for a few hours.”

You received no warning as a pillow collided with the side of your head. You sat up, pushing Barry off of the bed, and you knew that it was going to be a long night.