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The path I walk is the way of supreme conquest, and it is power that will reveal the way for me.

A lot of people are complaining about the skin tone of SG Soraka for not being diverse or darker and calling Riot racist over it… but it’s the same skin tone they used for her Divine skin which was how she looked according to her old lore before losing her divinity. I just figured that was how a human Soraka would look lol. Plus I’d rather them make Illaoi a Star Guardian than to make Soraka dark skinned for the sake of diversity. Real diversity is making new things, not changing what you already have.

Artwork by @black-co


DBTC958 - 964 – Human Designs for Robots; Shannon, Darrell, and Raymond (Ref. @ Plaza Prom Ep.) (OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes! [OKKO Tag])


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Hi! So,i'm feeling kinda down cause I live in a really... toxic city, let's put it that way and being an ace teen in an ocean of well, you know TEENAGERS has me feeling pretty down lately so, i was wondering if you could draw anyone(or anything really) you hc as asexual?(only if you want to of course!!) (By the way I REALLY love your art!!!)

Hi anon! Sorry things are hard rn. I like to hc Marius as ace, but it doesn’t change anything on how I draw him, so have a random Marius :B

Also, if you like, check out this post [x] on ace Marius by @vivalamusaine

Things the Citadel DLC doesn’t let you do so now I have to headcanon it instead:

So you can buy all this furniture for the apartment (ignoring the fact that all my furniture is buggy as hell so every time I come back to the apartment it’s like Glyph decided to redecorate while I was out). But you know what they don’t let you buy?

A second fridge.

They probably didn’t think of it because they’re not as nerdy as I am. But now I have to headcanon that eventually Shepard buys a second fridge for the apartment.

A blue one.

And she puts a red stripe on the one already in the apartment.

And all Shepard’s food goes into the striped one.

And the coloured coding is super important and she has them on opposite sides of the kitchen facing each other so it’s nearly impossible to get confused which on is which. Because that’s very important and having a turian bae means you gotta bring some effort from your side as well and he should have his own fridge in Shepard’s apartment.

i think it’s really important to eventually move away from needing the ~validation of “yes of course you’re still sick!!!!” to like …recognizing progress and being able to see that okay no maybe you’re not as sick as u were before…. and that’s good because sick is not the end-game and healthy can’t be an insult forever


Ichimatsu: i-i’m sorry…i can’t handle this kind of attention…!

Jyushimatsu: NII-SAN!


erica and her trusty fierce hound companion, luna!