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fecipher twitter, 22-11-2017: “Hero-King of Hope, Marth” and “Exalt of Bonds, Chrom”

[Card Showcase] The world of “Warriors” brings together many heroes who could otherwise never meet, all in one place. The meeting of Marth and Chrom is one of those miraculous encounters. Having forged a bond on the battlefield, these two join forces to fight in the name of peace. When two Falchions stand together, there is nothing left to fear! (Illust. Senri Kita)

Card stats/skills:

B11-090R Hero-King of Hope, Marth

“I know that no matter what lies in our path, we can overcome it so long as we stand together.”

Worthy to be the Hero-King [ACT] [ONCE PER TURN] If you have no bond cards with symbols, choose 1 non-lord enemy in the Back Line, and move them.

Strength to Fret Over Friends [ALWAYS] During your turn, your lord gains +10 attack.

Illust. Senri Kita

B11-090R Exalt of Bonds, Chrom
Great Lord/Cost4(3)

“Through our battles so far, we’ve formed a powerful bond.”

Heroic Anri-Esque Figure [TRIGGER] When this unit’s attack destroys an enemy, if you have no bond cards with symbols, choose 1 other ally. Until the end of your opponent’s next turn, that ally gains +20 attack.

Bonds with Heroes [ALWAYS] During your turn, your lord gains +10 attack.

Illust. Senri Kita

More Fire Emblem Cipher Series 11 translations!

This year for the Holiday, I decided to do another Draw Tablet Giveaway. Rules and how to enter are below.


  • Reblog to Enter.
  • One Entry per Blog.
  • Must be a current follower of at least one of my blogs. If you followed after this post was made, you will be disqualified.
  • Must be comfortable with giving me your address and personal email.
  • USA residents only please.
  • If you win and do not respond within 3 days, I’ll choose a new winner.
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Must enter before 1/ 2 /18

How to Enter:

To enter, Reblog this post.

Winner will be selected randomly.

*This giveaway is aimed at individuals who are in need of a drawing tablet and is geared towards artists who have never owned a drawing tablet before.


NEW Wacom Intuos Draw Model Number CTL490DB

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 7, 8 or 10;
Mac: OS X 10.8.5 or later; USB port;
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive;
Internet connection

Color: Blue

Model Number: CTL490DB

Interface: USB

Brand: Wacom

What’s Included:

-USB cable
-Replacement pen nibs
-Software download instructions
-Installation CD



anonymous asked:

How often did we see Mark and Gillian together outside of an event? Not often. You are being a little unrealistic here. Up to you want you want to believe in, by the fact remains is that Gillian and Peter are an item and have been for awhile now. Completely understand that you will likely choose not to agree, but I do think that you are being unrealistic and are fuelling unwarranted suspicions.

Actually, there was a few sightings of them, even some paparazzi pictures with their children. But I wouldn’t compare. The interest for Gillian during her relationship with Mark was lower than now, and Twitter was barely a thing. They separated ten years ago, IG was a different time and no one doubted of their relationship anyway. She acknowledged him many times publicly, posed with him on red carpets, held his hand and they have kids together!

I don’t know if I’m being unrealistic. Maybe I am. But I think everyone could admit that there’s something weird and quite out of character for Gillian in this relationship. That’s what makes me question it now.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Honestly I don't have the words to express how much I love you and your art- this is my go-to place whenever I'm feeling bad. May I request a doodle of Tracer, D. Va, or Mercy from overwatch? (Just one of the is fine, but I wouldn't be complaining if you felt like doing otherwise) I just know they would look simply AMAZING in your style! Also, I want to give you the creative freedom of choosing whatever skin you see fit. You are my favorite person on the internet you're just so nice and ILY.

Hey! I’m really glad I can bring something good into your world on bad days, that’s really sweet of you to say. I’ll take it as an honor to be considered as one of your internet favs, and leave you with this Overwatch doodle! 

Poly! Jaehyun/Johnny
  • a pair of nerds is what this is
  • two tall losers
  • who would ever
  • jk you’d be the luckiest person in the world
  • Johnny would probably be the one to bring up the idea of a poly relationship 
  • he would pretend he invented it tbqh
  • he loves you both dearly and would be distraught over the thought of having to choose
  • jaehyun would honestly be along for the ride the first few days
  • he knew he had feelings for both of you, but he had no clue how he was supposed to date both of you while the two of you were simultaneously dating each other
  • Johnny would sit the two of you down and make it into this incredibly long discussion
  • “listen i just really love you both and the thought of choosing between you actually hurts me”
  • both you and jaehyun would immediately tell him that you loved him too
  • and then jaehyun would shyly turn to you
  • “I,,, mean i do really love you as well.. i just never knew there was any way we could make it work and i didn’t want to lose either of you”
  • Johnny never admits it but he teared up at that
  • “you’re not going to lose us, Jaehyun. we love you, remember?”
  • johnny would be the one to make things unnecessarily complex
  • “do i have to buy you both flowers now omg”
  • “johnny don’t worry about it” -you
  • “yes you do i want daisies” -a very thrilled jaehyun to be receiving flowers
  • johnny opted for flower crowns instead and jaehyun wore his around for days
  • it became a small war between the two boys to see who could buy each other the most flowers
  • they had to stop when taeyong complained about how many bouquets of flowers there were littered around the dorms
  • “you’re just jealous no one gets YOU flowers, Taeyong.” -johnny
  • johnny slept at your house that night in fear of murderous taeyong™️
  • sleepovers were your favorite dates
  • the boys always went all out
  • they would bring over snacks and face masks and you all would sit around and watch movies until the sun rose
  • pillow fights
  • they weren’t even fair fights
  • it was usually just johnny talking through the movie and jaehyun getting annoyed so he whacked johnny in the face with the nearest pillow
  • johnny would of course retaliate and somehow you would get dragged in and it would end with the three of you laughing on the floor at one in the morning over the feathers and beads threatening to spill from the pillows if you hit each other with them one more time
  • it turned into popcorn fights sometimes
  • that you made them clean up because you were not about to spend hours vacuuming popcorn kernels from your carpet
  • johnny was the fun loving boyfriend who was adamant about adventures of all kinds
  • he would bring new recipes to try out that would end disastrously because he wanted to ‘experiment’ with the ingredients
  • jaehyun was more reserved and quiet about his dates
  • he preferred staying at home with the two of you where you would absentmindedly lean into him while you were reading
  • or where johnny would come home after a day of hanging out with Ten and slump into Jaehyun’s arms and fall asleep
  • speaking of sleeping arrangements
  • idc if you’re four feet tall or seven feet tall, you gotta be in the middle
  • because johnny loves being the big spoon because he loves feeling like he can protect you and jaehyun, even if its just from scary bed bugs
  • jaehyun, on the other hand, loves being the little spoon
  • he just really adores being held
  • even if you’re super little and you just wrap your arms around his waist or if you’re super tall and you just envelop him in a hug he loves the comfort of it
  • also jaehyun and johnny sometimes end up facing each other and sneaking kisses when you’re asleep already
  • and then both of them kissing your head in your sleep
  • despite johnny being more constantly !!! he does make sure to remind the two of you that he loves you very much
  • jaehyun is the type to write little sappy love notes around the house 
  • these notes usually remind you to eat breakfast and get your clothes out of the dryer and other such things
  • its very obvious that you all three really adore each other
  • and its overall a very soft yet adventurous pairing!

anonymous asked:

fake dating au with Diggs but the part where they confess that they are actually in love with each other for real?

After everything I’d still choose you in a fake dating au?

Decided to combine two requests together. Hope y’all enjoy!

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“With me?!” Daveed looked at you incredulously. “I was defending you! You didn’t hear the shit he was saying about you, Y/N, and I just- I- he didn’t have the right.”

“I don’t need your protection, Diggs, I can take care of myself. You’re not my ‘boyfriend’, we’re not dating for real. You’re not obligated to get us kicked out of a bar just because my ex was being an ignorant asshole!”

Your last statement created a hard pang in Daveed’s chest, causing him to deflate. The truth hurt. He wasn’t your real boyfriend…but he wanted to be. He wanted it so bad.

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I had no right to do what I did back there. That was my bad, but he deserved it. You don’t understand, I couldn’t stand hearing him speak about you like that. Y/N, I-” His voice was soft before he took a deep breath. He needed to tell you how he felt. It was the only way to defend his actions. He shook his head as he looked at you, his next words coming out a bit shaky. “Y/N, I have to tell you something.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in concern as you noticed the shift in his tone of voice. “D…”

“Shh, just hear me out, okay? Please.” Daveed pleaded. You nodded hesitantly.

“When you called me two weeks ago, asking for me to be your fake boyfriend, I was beyond happy…more happy than I should have been. Part of me wanted to decline, knowing that I’d be going in too deep, but I ignored it and said yes anyway. I don’t know if that was a mistake or not, I’d like to think that wasn’t, but others would probably disagree. Over the course of last week, I was the happiest I had been in…well, forever. I ended up diving right into the deep end…and I didn’t notice. Everything was perfect and it felt so…real. It felt so real that it hurt. It had me thinking that maybe, just maybe, you felt the same way I did towards you. And, Y/N, that last day before your sister left…”


“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she didn’t end up interrupting us.”

Me too.

Your silence caused him to tear his eyes away from yours and turn his head to the side. You saw a flash of him blinking away tears before he spoke again. “Look, I know you don’t feel the same way, and I know what I’m about to say is going to ruin our friendship forever, but-”

“D, stop.” You said, grabbing his face and turning him to look down at you. “Stop this. Don’t do this to yourself; stop thinking like this-”

“I’m sor-”

“Daveed, just listen to m-”

“Y/N, I need you to know that-”

“I’m in love with you.” You both said simultaneously.

A couple of beats passed in complete silence.

“Wait, what?” Daveed blinked.

“Daveed, I love you.” You said, caressing his cheek and turning his head down to yours. “After everything that happened this week - even though you were my fake boyfriend - I’d still choose you. I love you.”

That moment between you two was so raw, so emotional. Nobody could take it away from you if they tried.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” Daveed laughed, a bit teary eyed. “I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

“I know, D.” You laughed before you slowly leaned up to softly press your lips to his. That was the first real kiss you both had shared with nobody else watching. Nothing fake behind it, nothing was forced or meant to put up a show. The only thing that fueled the kiss was pure, genuine love. “Trust me, I know.”

Translation Challenge

I advise everyone to read the re-translation, because damn, something absolutely beautiful and unintentionally inappropriate happened :D

I was tagged by @sweet-ree! Thank you ^-^

This is a great way of getting my ass to do some writing. I currently have writer’s block (that’s why Bad Relations haven’t been updated since early October,) but I’ve managed to get at least something done up until this point.

The instructions: Paste a section of your writing into Google Translate. Choose a language, and then translate it back to the original.

Keep in mind that this is a WIP draft.


“One or several of your fucking friends over there are out to get me, so what makes you any different?” Shepard vented, although a thought struck him. “Hell, I don’t know why I’m trying to justify myself to you.”

There was silence on the other end.

“You’ll come crawling back one day, but I’m done helping you. You’re on your own,” Kaidan rebuked and hung up.

He clenched his jaw, expression somber. 

“I always have been,” he muttered.

Italian (because it’s such a beautiful language I wish I knew:)

“Uno o più dei tuoi fottuti amici laggiù sono fuori per prendermi, quindi cosa ti rende diverso?” Shepard si sfogò, anche se un pensiero lo colpì. “Diavolo, non so perché sto cercando di giustificarmi con te.”

C'era silenzio dall'altra parte.

“Un giorno tornerai a gattonare, ma ho finito di aiutarti. Sei da solo”, Kaidan rimproverò e riattaccò.

Strinse la mascella, espressione cupa.

“Lo sono sempre stato,” mormorò.

Re-translation (please, for the love of God, read this one…)

“One or more of your fucking friends out there are out to pick me up, so what makes you different?” Shepard ventured, though a thought struck him. “Devil, I do not know why I’m trying to justify myself with you.”

There was silence on the other side.

“One day you will come back to cum, (??!!!) but I’ve come to help you. You are alone,” Kaidan reproached and hung up.

He clenched his jaw, grim expression.

“I’ve always been,” he murmured.

Oh. my. god… “come back to cum…” This is literally what happens.

You know what? I’m going to tag everyone I know writes and haven’t been tagged by sweet-ree. I’ll change things up a bit instead of tagging “everyone who wants to,” because let’s face it, people won’t do it unless they’re pointed out specifically. I can personally confirm.

As always, you’re welcome to ignore this…

@arkesstuff @blueteaparty @ellebeedarling @estalfaed @maxrev @missannaraven @mshenkoaddiction @nightmarestudio606 @redxluna @renlyslittlerose @yxnnefer

…and, just for good measure, I’ll throw in everyone who wants to participate as well. If any of my mutuals write and I haven’t tagged you here, please let me know that you’re a writer so I’ll never make you feel ignored <3

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Hi what about Patton telling Logan that he not only likes him, but the rest of the sides as well. The reason Pat tells him specifically is because he's the logical side, he should know what to do. U choose how you want it to play out from here 🐢 ( handing the phone to bunny Anon bc she has one too)

I don’t even know what I did. The beginning starts off real well, then it kind of spirals out of nowhere? I’m sorry! My first try at writing LAMP or any polyamorous relationship. I would really appreciate any thoughts you all might have on this word vomit.

Warnings: Like 2 curse words. Mention of food. Slight angst, but really weird angst. Idk. Let me know if I should add anything.

Patton walked into the kitchen that morning without the usual pep in his step. Logan glanced up from the table, where he had been reading a newspaper and drinking coffee (it was actually hot chocolate, but he preferred that the others didn’t know that).

Patton politely smiled at the sight of the logical side as he moved toward the stove to start breakfast.

Logan set down his news article, “Okay, Pat. What’s wrong?”

“Wrong? Why would something be wrong?” Patton asked innocently.

“You sighed several times while walking into the kitchen and you didn’t sing out any morning pleasantries. You normally do.” The logical side quirked an eyebrow and took a sip of his ‘coffee’. His demeanor like that of an all-knowing entity.

Patton simply shrugged, “Okay, well….”

“….you know how I have a crush on you, right?”

Logan began choking on his drink, his eyes turning slightly red as he wheezed.

“Come again?” he managed to gasp.

“I have a crush….on you. I thought that it was obvious.” Patton smirked, kind of enjoying the blush that was spreading from Logan’s cheeks to his ears.

Straightening his tie nervously, Logan gathered his wits. “I–I’ll admit that I was not aware of these feelings.”

“I can tell by your reaction,” Patton smiled slightly.

The moral one’s tone turned a bit more serious as he asked, “But do you like me that way?”

Flustered, Logan took another drink of coffee before answering. “I do believe that I….I’m….I think I….”  he bit his lip and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Yes,” he finally managed.

Patton smiled, but still looked a bit troubled.

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Are you doing well? Has everything calmed down now that there's a new Geekenders blog?

Originally posted by doafhat

Everything’s chill and we’re okay! Thank you for your concern!

I actually have gotten a few nasty messages since starting this blog, I just choose to delete them. Fairlith ran the Geekenders blog to the best of her ability, but I think the one advantage I have over her is that I’m much more Tumblr savvy. I’ve been on this site since 2011 and I run several blogs and projects outside of this one that gets its own fair share of hate/troll mail. It just doesn’t effect me.

People like that are petty and looking for attention. I don’t condone it. If you ignore them and don’t feed the fire they eventually get bored and go away. Someday they’re going to figure out that the true worth of a person are what words you choose to share with others. If you are kind, kindness will be given back in one form or another. I don’t encourage the idea of bad karma, since it’s an indirect way of saying you wish harm on someone else, but whoever these guys are must be feeling a lot of hurt already if they’re spending their time putting someone else down instead of doing something constructive.

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My book club chooses a genre for each month, we each nominate a book in that genre, then vote for the one we’ll read. The next genre is, “Women’s Fiction” And I don’t really know what that means! Do you have any recommendations?

“Women’s Fiction” is actually an entirely arbitrary genre term that could, more or less, mean any book written by a woman for a primarily woman audience. (Because “fiction” was already taken, see? ha ha haaaa #misogyny)

It can really mean anything in those perimeters, though I tend to associate it with more contemporary commercial fiction with female protagonists, usually containing some romance, etc. (aka, ChickLit, though people frown at that term too). I’ve already recommended THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne like a million times here this year, but it definitely is one of my favorite recent. Also, Kristan Higgins’s IF YOU ONLY KNEW is another fun one. If you’re heading toward that path of recs, those could be good options.

Help, I need a monologue

Ok, so for theatre class I need to perform a female realistic monologue (realistic like Ibsen, Tennessee Williams ect.), and I can’t find a good one. I found some monologues in the internet, but 99% of them were basically a woman talking about how much she loves/hates some guy, and honestly, if I hear one more female monologue talking about a male I will kill someone. Do you know any good monologues that aren’t about a relationship with a guy? I don’t care if they’re sad or funny, as long as they’re interesting and that I’ll be able to perform them. Theatre side of tumblr, one of your theatre kids needs your help. Please

Even if you don’t have a monologue, could you reblog? I have til tomorrow to choose

And thank you very very very much!!!

Translation challenge

So I was tagged for this by @humblydefiant , thanks honey! But, I don’t write fics. I do however write a lot of drunk late night messages. It’s actually been a while, I’ve been cutting back on the weeknight drinking, so I couldn’t find a REALLY good one. But I found this one, and I think it turned out pretty fun. And apparently there are a lot of languages that don’t have a word in Google translate for “stalker”.

The instructions: Paste a section of your writing into Google Translate. Choose a language, and then translate it back to the original.



You know I’m totally kidding, and apparently totally bored.

If any of this stupidness bothers you, please let me know. I have recently realized why I want to bother you - you remind me of a friend I miss dearly. So if I seem overly familiar, that’s why.

Omg, it’s like the middle if the night and you’re asleep…. Does that make me a stalker??!!’ 🙄😒

And, yes, in a few hours you’ll get a damage control message 🤣



Uyazi ukuthi ngiyithinta ngokuphelele, futhi ngokusobala ngiyithukuthele ngokuphelele.

Uma noma yikuphi kwalokhu kuphukumeza kukukhathaza, ngicela ungitshele. Ngisanda kubona ukuthi kungani ngifuna ukukukhathaza - ungikhumbuza umngane engikukhumbula kakhulu. Ngakho uma ngibona sengathi ngiyazi kahle, yingakho.

U-Omg, unjengephakathi phakathi uma ubusuku futhi ulele …. Ingabe lokho kungenza ngibe stalker ?? !! ’ 🙄😒

Futhi, yebo, emahoreni ambalwa uzothola umlayezo wokulawula umonakalo 🤣



He knows I’m completely involved, and obviously I’m completely angry.

If any of these abuses hurt you, please tell me. I’ve just seen why I want to worry about you - it reminds me of a friend I remember most. So if I feel I know well, that’s why.

Omg, is like midnight during the night and is sleeping …. Does that make me stalker ?? !! ‘🙄😒

And, yes, in a few hours you will get a messaging message 🤣


Oh no! Apparently I’m an angry worrying abuser as well as a stalker sending messaging messages, lol. Sorry Humbles! I take it all back!!!!

Many people I’d tag have done this or been tagged already, and some I am tagging probably have too. But here’s the no expectations no pressure list: @threewhiskeylunch @thunderthighsvakarian @willowdeville @gayscottryder @aydaptic @vorchagirl @ilyasvieltrevelyanshepard @rock-paperback-scissors @bioticfox @vorchafreelancemerc

So…… guess what?

It’s angst war time. 

@ruffaled and @ace-paints accepted the challenge, which is fabulous. and I’m delighted. because angst is my favorite.

We are writing ficlets/fics, and we need short prompts. All of us are going to write off the same prompt each time, so slightly vague is for the best. We’re keeping to MCU, and the three of us will choose which ones we take, but we’d love it if you folk replied to this, or sent messages or asks with prompts so we have motivators to write brutally painful stories for you. 

hatchetsandscars  asked:

Another prompt to do when you have time- the boys with a s/o thats only 5"0' (both this and the anosmia prompts are because i am 5 feet tall exactly and have no sense of smell btw)

I’m between 5′0′‘ and 5′1′‘ too so lol *plays ‘they’re taking the hobbits to  Isengard’*

Raphael is the typical ass (your ass). He would put things in high shelves to watch you get them. He would make jokes and give you nicknames like ‘shortie’, ‘hobbit’, ‘minion’, ‘lil fierce’. Choose one because that’s what you gonna respond to for the rest of your relationship. Plus, your height makes things easier like carrying you out, pinning you to a wall, more teasing… But be sure that when he first met you (and on early stages of relationship) he would be so careful around you… What if he hurts you or something?

Mikey is all for his babygirl. Like ‘have you’ve seen how adorable she is?’ type of boyfriend. He is 24/7 lifting you up and carrying you around, spinning you and cuddling you. He can’t get enough from his petite beautiful girlfriend.
Plus, He LOVES not being the short one lol. And he shows it, so much. He has lots of love to give you. He might tease you from time to time. Let’s face it, he s still Mikey but in a flirty kind of.

Leonardo is the lowkey Mikey type but ain’t showing. Like better dead than anyone noticing.  His brothers would bug him eternally.  He can’t help but love how you fit perfectly on his chest when sleeping,  or how your tiny hand fits in his, the way you look up to him and tiptoe for a kiss when you two are alone. He is a gentleman, though. He would always help you when you need help or something, even if you are too prideful to ask.

Donnie is all about height difference. Not that any human could be as tall as him Let’s face it, he is a romantic but he can be pretty busy in his lab. So it’s a plus that you being so small would sneak between his arms and on his lap for a good night of cuddling. He steals lots of kisses on your forehead and having you in his arms being the little spoon is like heaven the one in a lifetime when he actually goes to bed…

Any of them would show that you are perfect no matter how you look and love you entirely. <3

anonymous asked:

I just need to vent a lil. my family is pretty chill and accepting, which is great, except for the part where the guys try to include me when they're ogling women. like my dad or my brother will say they knew I'd appreciate a scene in a show where they show off a naked girl. and none of it is sexy to me I wanna give her a blanket and a hug. idk how to explain that I like women differently without upsetting them. they're good people, but they're men so they don't know how not to objectify women.

Ehhh this is one of the reasons I never felt comfortable with the whole “being like one of the guys” thing.

Honestly, I’m sorry, I understand you care about your family, but I’m gonna have to break this down to you: they  do know how to not objectify women. However they choose not to be respectful.

Men always know what they’re doing, either consciously or subconsciously, they do know that they treat women they are attracted to like shit, and they have no remorse for it, so it’s really not fair that you’d have to defend them or downplay this by saying “they don’t know”.

They do, in fact, know, and they’re using your affection for them as a way out of taking responsibility for their disgusting misogynistic behavior. 

I don’t mean to shatter your idea of your family, but in a way I do. Men don’t respect us, so we don’t owe them any respect either. 

/Mod A

So Do~Able 7

So Do~Able 7 ~

I can’t speak for anyone else…or can I?  I have sooo many lovely little trinkets I’ve collected.  Estate sale, yard sales, thrift shops ~ walking along the street (lol).  Lovely as they are, well, you know ~

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?!<br>Here are a couple of sweet little ideas that are just So Do~Able!  Your fab finds, picture frames, crafts wood plaques, scrapbooking paper, tea/coffee stained newspaper, or sheet music, the appropriate glue, and you’re all set.  You might even save choose a larger frame and an old baby bonnet, or your once~little one’s first baby socks!