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lmao it snowed in my city for the first time in like 50 years and i had no power for five freaking days i literally just got it back hallelujah

(Just an little before that malec sneak peek writing *because angst and how I picture it having been*)

Alec was head deep in paperwork,his phone charging on silent not only that but eating away at him was the unrecovered soul sword. Just out there being an risk to everything,the cause of so much death and an fear unlike any other which eventually turned into him saying ‘I love you’ realizing Magnus was okay.

His head thinking about way too much but he was brought out the stupor hours later-he’d missed dinner then again was still struggling to figure out how to say what he’d found out without sounding like he knew. Without causing more worry towards Magnus,the downworld but he had to stick to his word. Say something or it would eat away more than it already was. 

There his boyfriend was looking amazing as ever,saying it was fine though if he’d been mad Alec would’ve understood it was much later than planned. The whole thing made the unspoken truth eat even more away at him. Like the universe was tripping him up again to screw up. 

Magnus got dinner ready as time wore on,no replies and no Alexander he worried just an bit. Some of him thought that the other was just busy but it could be something else. Drinking just an bit on his couch the hours went by and he was actually fair bit annoyed. They’d planned to have dinner together and yet Alexander was preoccupied apparently. 

So eventually he got up portaling outside the Institute and made his way to the office. The things from meeting in the Seelie Court was fresh on his mind getting to him as was common when the Seelie Queen was always playing games with being so honest and everything. Peeking into the office yeah his boyfriend was there,working seemed focused on whatever he was doing. 

Relaxing just the slightest and gave an knock on the doorframe,before walking into the office. The other seemed more than preoccupied however there was that apology followed by him immediately standing up moving close. He meanwhile reminded himself to not get too caught up in the remaining thoughts,however there was something just an bit off about Alexander. Which was noticed even amongst the kiss,and the flash of magic to make dinner appear. 

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How do you determine how to classify a sigil in order to charge it?

By the content of the sigil. A sigil for cleansing or fresh starts might be charged using water while one for happiness or a bright future might be charged with sunlight and one for peaceful sleep by moonlight or lullabies. And of course you might have different personal correspondences than I do. So what you associate with those things might not be exactly the same as what I do. That’s okay. I have a Charging sigils page with my own recommendations on a few topics and how to charge them, but you don’t have to use them. They’re just what I myself would be inclined to use.

in my most recent game of team defense fort 2 i was banned from a 24/7 hightower pony rp server for screaming ‘incoming gamer!’ into my mic every time i respawned or charged as demoman. and i have to say, nothing really prepares you for the sensation of hearing a grown man say with no hint of irony in his voice, ‘mr sex goblin, if you dont stop saying that im banning you from ponyville forever’

  • Magnus, from inside the room: I love you so much...
  • TJ, walking past the room in the hallway: Psst! Guys! You have to listen to this
  • Halfborn, ear to the door: Oh my gods, is he talking to Alex?
  • Sam: I don't know if we should be intruding on their special moment...
  • Mallory, opening the door: I need a video of this-
  • Alex, walking in from another hallway: Oh, are we spying on Magnus again?
  • *cut to the team opening the door to find Magnus talking to falafel*

Merry (late) Christmas to @haikujitsu!!! I made this comic from this amazing drabble that brought joy into my life. I hope you like it, sorry it’s late! I hope your Christmas was amazing, and I wish you a happy new year!! <3

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

Ways to charge a sigil

After you have used one of the sigil methods to create a sigil that encompasses your desire or purpose you need to charge it in order to fill it with energy, while simultaneously thrusting it into the back of your subconscious. In order to charge a sigil one must do an act in order to give energy, and focus to the sigil in order to empower it with your mind, and spirit. There are many acts that you can do in order to charge your sigils, and in order to help you figure out what you could do, I am going to provide a extensive list of charging methods.

Charging methods for sigils:

  • Pushing energy into the sigil by using energy work.
  • Meditating intently on the sigil.
  • Focus on the sigil intensely.
  • Dancing around the sigil.
  • Working out with the sigil.
  • Chanting over the sigil.
  • Masturbating on to the sigil.
  • Masturbating while looking into the sigil.
  • Burning candles around, or on the sigil.
  • Rubbing blood upon the sigil.
  • Anointing the sigil with essential oils.
  • Anointing the sigil with holy water, or any other type of magickal water.
  • Anointing the sigil with semen.
  • Spitting on the sigil.
  • Putting the sigil in the sunlight, or moonlight.
  • Having the sigil by a crystal grid.
  • Placing a charged crystal on top of the Sigil.
  • Looking at the sigil while causing pain to yourself, or another. (not recommended)
  • Something dying, or being killed near, or around the sigil.
  • (not recommended)
  • Submerging the sigil in water.
  • Having sex around the sigil, on top of the sigil, or while looking at the sigil.
  • Talking to the sigil as if it was a person, trying to convince it to do it job.
  • Having people see and/or interact with the sigil.
  • Speaking about the sigil to other people.
  • Having the sigil on your person while going through your day, keeping it with you so that it can feed off your energy.
  • Having the sigil on you while you do something that gets your adrenaline pumping.
  • Having the sigil near you while you are playing video games.
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in a intense emotional state.
  • Asking a higher power to charge the sigil for you.
  • Praying over the sigil.
  • Singing over the sigil.
  • Using the death posture to charge the sigil.
  • Giving birth over, or near the sigil.
  • Making contact with the sigil through any form of contact such as tapping touching, or moving.
  • Place the sigil in front of music speakers, while music is playing.
  • Allowing the wind to blow the sigil.
  • Placing the sigil in front of a fan, and allowing its air to blow it.
  • Breathing on the sigil.
  • Having the sigil outside in a thunderstorm, storm, or the rain.
  • Placing your phone on top of the sigil, while your phone is charging.
  • Placing the sigil underneath your pillow, while you sleep.
  • Feeling powerful emotions while near the sigil.
  • Crying on to the sigil.
  • Placing crystals on top of the sigil.
  • Reading holy scripture to the sigil.
  • Saying the names of God to the sigil.
  • Using a Tibetan singing bowl, or bell near the sigil.
  • Link sigils to the sigil, so those sigils can charge it.
  • Walking on top of the sigil.
  • moving the sigil around with kinetic energy.
  • Sprinkling herbs and spices on top of the sigil.
  • Tell it to draw energy from something, or a link it to some other  construct to feed off of.
  • Tell somebody about the sigil.
  • Acknowledge the sigils existence.
  • Placing the sigil somewhere with a lot of negativity, or positive energy.
  • Placing the sigil at a ley-marker.
  • Placing the sigil in your underwear, or bra.
  • Heating up the sigil.
  • Cooling down the sigil.

If you have any other charging methods, I would love to hear about them?