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New Years Plans

[It’s getting closer and closer to midnight, and Draco is waiting for Harry at the pub.]

Draco: *muttering to himself* Yeah, this was a bad idea. I’ll just g– 

Harry: … You came. Sorry I’m late… Work stuff..

Draco: Naturally… It’s not a problem.

Draco: Not yet, no.

Draco: Thank Merlin it’s over.

[Everyone at the pub has started to crowd around a radio, where Celestina’s serenades just ended, and the countdown to the New Year is beginning.]


Draco: What?

[people start to enthusiastically count down along with the radio announcer]


Draco: *sighs* Yes, Potter?

Draco: … Alright.




[the pub erupts into chaos and Harry and Draco break apart]

Harry: ‘Did I just do that??’

Draco: *internally screaming*


Part one 

[[ Harry played by the lovely @askdoratonks ]]

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Fic Prompt: Coldwave, Zombies.

Fic: Staying Alive - AO3 link
Fandom: Flash, LOT, Arrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart, unproven allegations of Mick Rory/Leonard Snart/Barry Allen

Summary: “– as always, this is Ami Dillon, your resident media studies graduate student and totally under-qualified radio host, and your source for the latest updates on the state of Central City during the present Zombie Crisis, courtesy of the Mayor’s office. In addition to life-saving tips and general safety alerts, we also bring you the excellent morale-boosting soundtrack of the greatest hits of the Apocalypse, by which we mean whatever tracks the local radio stations had sitting around and the cover songs played by our dearly beloved cover band, the Post-Apocs. As always, we begin with our theme song: Stayin’ Alive, by the Bee Gees!”

(the great coldwave romance of the zombie apocalypse)

A/N: Have you ever had an idea, gone “heh, that would be funny, I’ve always wanted to try writing one of those” and then it eats your brain? This is it.

…honestly, with the zombie apocalypse theme, I really should have predicted it.


———The End———

“– as always, this is Ami Dillon, your resident media studies graduate student and totally under-qualified radio host, and your source for the latest updates on the state of Central City during the present Zombie Crisis, courtesy of the Mayor’s office. In addition to life-saving tips and general safety alerts, we also bring you the excellent morale-boosting soundtrack of the greatest hits of the Apocalypse, by which we mean whatever tracks the local radio stations had sitting around and the cover songs played by our dearly beloved cover band, the Post-Apocs. As always, we begin with our theme song: Stayin’ Alive, by the Bee Gees!”

———The Beginning———

Consciousness comes swiftly, as it always does, but Len yawns and stretches lazily anyway. He doesn’t have anything serious planned for today: Lisa’s off doing some ‘team bonding’ thing with the new Rogues he’s recruited, by which she means she took them to that Caribbean island resort beach house that Len won in a high stakes poker game against a Family don once to kick back, drink margaritas, and demonstrate to them the value of staying in rather than out. Len’s the vinegar, Lisa’s the honey; they work well together that way.

Naturally, Len is going nowhere near that stupid island when it’s this hot; he would have agreed to go if Mick was going, because Mick would have kept people (Lisa) from badgering him about leaving the air-conditioned house to go swimming or something stupid like that, but Mick had been lured away by a fireworks convention (why are there fireworks conventions? Why? Is it specifically designed to lure in pyrophiliac arsonists? Except no, Len checked it out, it’s apparently legit and just run by fireworks companies, pyrotechnics experts, and people who like things that go boom) all the way over on the East Coast, so Len’s all by himself.

He finds he likes that state so much more when it’s voluntary.

Still, biology can’t be denied: he’s definitely awake now.

Yawning again, he pads over to the kitchenette they’ve set up in the warehouse to make himself a cup of coffee, flicking on the TV as he does.

“Scenes of chaos break out internationally as what can only be described as zombies terrorize cities and towns around the globe,” the reporter says as violence plays out behind her. “No one knows where this plague came from, but the simultaneous outbreak in multiple locations has been definitively determined to be an act of bio-terrorism. Governments around the globe have deployed the military and information is limited. Interstate and international communications are being shut down as we speak. We don’t know how much long we will be able to continue reporting –”

The TV crackled, static-y, and abruptly cut out.

“Well,” Len says, reaching out to flick the coffee maker back off before it’s finished making the coffee. “Shit.”

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One As Two

Prompt: “A drabble about V having a fight with her girlfriend bc she’s insecure of other female idols but he only has eyes for her. it can be angst.” 

Words: 325

Author: Admin Meyg

A/N: Another addition to Meyg’s Birthday Countdown - Two Weeks of Drabbles

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“You’re ridiculous!” Taehyung spat again, throwing his jacket onto the couch.

You laughed irritably, “Oh! I’m ridiculous?!”

Taehyung finally turned to face you, “Yes! YOU! You’re ridiculous. You do this shit all the time?”

“Well excuse me Tae!” You blurted, a lot louder than intended. “But, I don’t see any of the other boys running off with those new BigHit girls! Not even International Playboy Jungkookie!”

Taehyung noticeably tightened his fist before letting out an agitated grunt, storming to your room, and slamming the door behind him. You felt you had every right to be upset. Since this new girl group had debuted in April, they were all Taehyung seemed to talk about. All he did was fawn over them, and sit in at practice, and yeah! You were fucking jealous.

You fell into the couch, trying your damnedest not to cry. Not again, not today. Taehyung finally made his way out of the bedroom, and you jumped up the moment you saw his duffle bag in his hand.

“What are you doing?” You brows knitted together, “are you leaving..?”

“I think it’s best if I stay at the dorm right now.” He avoided eye contact with you at all costs, “until you sort your shit out, and realize not everyone is going to hurt you just because your ex did.”

You felt a lump form in your throat. Your blood instantly began to boil, and your shaking hands formed tight firsts. He knew those words would sting, and you were baffled at the audacity he had to bring up such a sensitive subject in the midst of an already hostile argument.

“You know Tae.” Your voice was soft, and his eyes finally met yours. “You’re right. I’m ridiculous.”

He began to speak, but you tilted your head away from his words, and held out your hand indicating you had heard enough.

“I am ridiculous, and I think- I think we should break up.”

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Psssst. Sorry I just had to tell someone and you guys I think would be the best: While everyone is freaking out about the countdown, I remember that in SIH universe March 28, the countdown then was 130 days. Then I also remember that cycles are about 20 days. So trying to track how many days it has been since then, and how many cycles we have seen.... I can't help feeling that Sensei has an awesome Christmas present planned. ;) I'm internally screaming about it so baaadddddd

Oh, I very realise. I hadn’t to that that extent, though. How amazing would it be if she did!


She also started finishing with “? days” for chapter 22, and now “2 days” for the proof-reading cycle, so maybe it will be in the next chapter or maybe we’ll start a new countdown. 

If the purpose is to make us all relate to Takano-san and how badly he feels hanging on waiting on something he knows yet may never hear, Sensei is doing it right.

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RiRen/EreRi Fanfictions

I was asked to post my fav fanfics~



A Tenuous Third Space

Art Of War

Blind Date


Club Tryst

Danger Line


Help Me Stand

I Hate Eggs

Junkyard Dogs

Keep Your Head Up

lend me your ear

Log On

Neither Tarnished Nor Afraid

Night Drive

No Remorse

Own Ending

Pardon the Mess

Recon Incorporated

River’s End

Room 105

Serpent’s Bite

Sins Of My Father

Sugar on Top

The 6th Ward

The Customer is Almost Always Wrong

The Intern

The Misanthrope

These Weren’t Memories

What it Means to Feel

What’s Eating You?

Yellow Wall

You have been connected





Knot A Word

Last Customer

Playing Favorites

Round One

The Enemy

Under the Influence


10 Day Study Challenge!

day one: clean up and photograph your study space to share with us

Desk tour anyone? This is what this turned into. And I’m actually really glad for this day of the challenge (, because my desk was in need of a clean up. So yeah, let me take you through my workspace. 

  1. This is the general overview. On the left we have the door that leads out from my room, and on the right we have my window. Pretty neat space, I think.
  2. This is the ‘overhead storage’. I would really have liked the opportunity to hide away some of these things, but I don’t have any drawers in my desk, so this is where stuff ended up. In the shelf on the left I have a perfume, a decorative bottle, a little pouch with headphones, my glasses and a body butter from The Body Shop. I usually put my wallet in this as well. In the middle shelf I have school supplies, like pens, highlighters, post-its etc. In the shelf on the right I have some books, like my beloved The Complete Sherlock Holmes, some candy and some Irish Cram. Both the shelves and the canvas painting thingies are from IKEA. 
  3. This is my calendar corkboard. It literally holds three different calendars. The December one is my monthly calendar for this month, which helps me see what school and social stuff that I’ve got coming up. Underneath that I have my Don’t break the chain calendar, since I only have one month left of it. On the left we have my countdown to the summer holiday. When a month is finished I move the Union Jack to cover it, signalling that there is one less month left to go. 
  4. This is my other cork board, where I currently have my International Economics  notes hung up, as they are so huge that I don’t know where to put them. Behind them I have some postcards and birthday cards. 
  5. This is my Deal With This folder/inbox thing. Whenever I get papers that I need to deal with, but don’t have time to deal with right then I put them in this. I try to clear it out as soon as I have time, but *cough* sometimes it doesn’t happen that quickly.

So that is my desk, where I spend most of my time studying. I have a habit of studying in the kitchen as well, but this is a more private space, so yeah.

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I find it very odd that Louis has not tweeted about Perfect since it has been released. He helped to write the song. They could have at least have an intern do it. What are they doing?

I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know why they aren’t leveraging their millions of followers. They were doing really great leading up to the release, and then after…. nothing. LOOK at Justin Bieber’s profile. It’s ALL about his album. Every day. He’s keeping his fans engaged with the music. He’s retweeting their reactions. He’s got countdowns. He’s getting people excited for his music. 

Compare his Twitter profile to One Direction’s in the wake of their singles. This is Justin’s profile around the time of his single release. He was retweeting fans, getting other celebrities involved, starting hashtags. He had countdowns by the hour. Then, when it did release, he kept it going. Again, vines with Ellen. Thanking fans for their support. Links to purchasing it. Links to the video. Literally, just PROMO, PROMO, PROMO. And you know what he got out of it? A number one.

Now look at One Direction’s profile for Drag Me Down. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall. Harry tweeted 3 times, only once with a link. Louis tweeted 5 times, only once with a link. Niall tweeted 8 times, three times involving other celebrities. But, again, only once with a link. Liam tweeted 2 times, only once with a link.

Now for Perfect. Harry has tweeted 3 times, all 3 times with a link. Liam has tweeted 1 time, with a link. Niall has tweeted 4 times, 2 times with a link (one a retweet). And, Louis….. nothing.

1DHQ really needs to look at their competition here. Yeah, their main account has a lot more activity, but fans connect far more with the boys’ individual accounts. Just have a freaking intern tweet a link a couple of times. IT’S NOT EVEN DIFFICULT!!!!

Louis literally hasn’t even tweeted about it. What kind of artist doesn’t tweet about their own damn music????? Like WHAT THE FUCK??? Have a fucking intern do it. I????????

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The Final Countdown was on the radio today and all I could think of was Gob dancing before his illusions. I will never be able to listen to that song the same again because of Arrested Development.

SAME omg every time i hear it i die laughing and i’m usually with people who haven’t seen arrested development and don’t understand why i find it so funny and then i have to internally (and externally) sigh for 10 years

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WOOOOOOO!!!  WHO IS EXCITED FOR SEASON FINALE, GUYS??? I BET ALL OF US ARE!!! I am so happy I get to finish this fan-art before the finale aired as a countdown ;w;

I WILL TOTALLY WATCH THIS FINALE though I will wait until someone uploads it online because I don’t have an international channel <3 SEASON 2 WILL BETTER BE BRUCER


(btw I do know the fight is not at Norrisville High. This is just a stupid fan-art with SnK reference :3)

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00:00:00 (I know you reblogged this like an hour ago but I had to)

[eeee no problem this made me really happy to see]


He could feel the anticipation rising. 12 hours would put him at work, and Steve knew that Management had hired on a bunch of new interns. His soulmate had to be among that bunch, given that he knew everyone at the station. 


He was pacing in his office, looking over the files. Management, having seen his countdown, gave him the responsibility of doing the orientation. And he was nervous. He’d done a few orientations, but with the countdown so near… He took a deep breath and walked out of his office.


He was due to start any second if they were to finish on time. He checked his watch, his countdown, and his watch again. He sighed and stood. Might as well get it over with.

“Alright, everybody. I’m Steve Carlsberg, one of the other interns here. I’ll be doing-”

The door opened in a rush and a taller brunette walked in. “Sorry I’m late. It’s raining cats and dogs out there.”