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Finally finished Jumin & Jaehee! It’s really sketchy, sorry guys т_т but I like them so much! I almost fell in love with Jumin even though he isn’t really my type xD

I really have to come up with some sort of idea or an interesting AU, but I just keep sketching pretty faces >_< ah, does anyone have any advice? 

as usual here goes a nice song for you guys 
dean – i’m not sorry (feat. eric bellinger)

p.s. adding Jumin without his precious assistant for specially my sister *_* 

fearofgravity-deactivated201708  asked:

So I just want to say to all the people who have submitted anon asks to me to accuse me of making up that dream about "Chloe", calling me names, and for some bizarre reason even threatening me - it's clearly stated in the beginning of my post that I changed names to protect her privacy. And also, it was a DREAM. It was not a real event, though the death was real. No idea why people are taking this so seriously, as this was literally just something I thought was interesting to submit.

Oh wow I’m so sorry!! If I had known people were going to be horrible and rude about your story I’d have reposted it anonymously for you! It was very interesting and a great story which was why I posted it, and I’m happy you submitted it. I’m very sorry people decided to be ugly and threaten you because of this. 


silverflint meme - 7 scenes

2/7 ⟶ “You know, the strange thing is, I… I should be with Billy. Until most recently, I’m quite certain I would have been. Unbothered by the idea of trading your life for the rest of the crew’s. And yet, for some reason, right now I am bothered by it. But I understand it. I understand the allure of ensuring that no one will ever think you the villain you fear you are. What a waste it seems to me, knowing it doesn’t have to be this way. Knowing the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew… why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.”

We have no idea what we’re doing. I swear like other gaming YouTubers probably did some research into how you’re supposed to be a YouTuber. Me and Phil were just like… let’s just make it up. Ah, five screens! It’s probably stupid.

@danielhowell during his live show on the 22nd of August 2017 (x)

Quotes from Dan (74/?)

Dan and Phil compared to other gaming YouTubers, according to Dan.

Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

Happy Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day everyone! In honor of Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation, I would like to take the chance to send some thank yous to the following writers who have gone above and beyond to encourage my work or helped me when I needed it:

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Lightning Court ⚡️

My absolutely gorgeous wife, Ellie @mayhemories was inspired by @fiery-feyre and @darlingfireheart‘s Sky Court (which I am happy to be Emissary for) and we have decided to make our own.

The Lightning Court is open for all who want to join so send either me or El a message or comment what role you would like to fulfill in our Court.

Positions already taken:

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre aka Gustel aka September and August ;)

Third: @fiery-feyre 

Positions available:

  • First
  • Second
  • Emissary
  • Ambassador
  • Spymaster
  • General
  • Healer
  • and if you have another idea for a role in our court, let us know!

(just as a clarification, I did check with Katie first, so I am not stepping on any toes by making a post a lot like hers, in case anyone was wondering)

tagging some people who might be interested: @rowanismybae @rhysand-and-rowan @sugarcoated44 @2-bookmaster-2 @destiny14444 

fanfic writers’ appreciation day

okay, so I wasn’t planning on posting anything today, but I have been recieving so many kind words and messages and tags that I felt like I need to give back and have some happy energy on this blog

To you, the reader: I want you to know how much your support has meant to me over the past year. I may be the one writing, but this blog would not be where it is without your constant love and support. Your love has given meaning to my work which are usually just products of day dreams and me trying to express or process how I am feeling in my real life.

If you have chosen to stuck around after I put war-of-hormoan to rest, I am forever grateful for you support in the next chapter of this blog.

These past few months have been some of the hardest, in my personal life and on here. And as this blog has reached an unbelievable milestone, I feel like I have less and less to offer lately. I have hit a wall with my writing and inspiration has been far and few between. 

I’ve been questioning my place in the community but today has me really overwhelmed and humbled and grateful. I want you to know that I hope to come back soon with more content and continuation of the series I know you’re all waiting for patiently.

I love you. Each and every one of you.

thank you.

Originally posted by daewi

but on a more personal note, I want to mention a few people.

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i just reached 6k!!!! you all wanted doodles so here we gooooo!!!! above is some quick sketches i did (if i used ur @ sorry ily) just so you can get an idea. ofc, i’ll take longer than a few seconds with yours! before i begin, i want to say thank you to everyone who’s been with me and the new peeps! i love you so much, i wish you a life time of doggos and good health (:

what i will draw:

- a portrait of you (tell me if you have selfies on here and what tag they’re under so i can pick one to draw. if you haven’t posted any, send one pls)

- a lil handwritten note? (if we’re mutuals so it can actually mean something)

- url doodles

- your fav studio ghibli character

- your pet

- anything that i can animate (lol i kinda suck at drawing)

how to get something drawn:

- must be following me

- reblog this

- send me an ask, not a message, of what you want drawn. (if it needs a picture then submit it)

- rebloop some of my posts

- check out my side blog here?

- follow/check out my positivity blog group???? here!!!!!


- when i finish drawing something i will send it to you

- this will probably go on for awhile if i can keep up with everyone

- if you rush me, i will stop all together (with ur drawing ofc)

- don’t be rude

- if you have any requests that you don’t see listed above then just ask and i’ll tell you if i will draw it or not

- i haven’t drawn in like 2 years? so i’m a bit rough… but i thought this would be great practice for me and would get me to start drawing again!!

105 posts and 1300 followers later #KeepingItDank

Hello Everyone, It’s been a while since I made a #justtalking post.

@shingekinodank today has 105 posts and over 1300 followers. I would like to thank everyone, old followers and new, who have liked, reblogged, asked questions and posted comments, I totally appreciate it. I frequently check the reblog tags and have got to admit, some of you have the most lulz-worthy tags XD. 

Currently, I am experimenting with some new ideas to create dank fresh content! You should be able to see something in the coming week or two. I am excited to see how the community would respond to it :) . That being said, I would also like to hear from you about what you would like to see till the new season comes out. The asks are open or you can always message me.

Also, wanted to share what my google analytics - location overview looks like on a typical week. It makes me happy to know that Attack on Titan has such a widespread fandom .

To everyone tagged below, thank you for frequently interacting with my content - here or on my main blog @unfunnyandgeeky and making @shingekinodank awesome! I always look forward to seeing your notification.

If I missed to tag any of you frequent visitors, please let me know.

Update: The tags were messed up on a few on you.

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I got a couple of questions about my project notebook, as well as a ton of requests for close ups of the pages. So here is some random information about the journal:

-The notebook is from Muji. The paper is blank dot grid.

-I haven’t used any hole protectors around the yarn samples. But I love the idea. I did have to tape one because it ripped. So thank you @bbfk1313

-As for information to glean from me… not much. I actually need to add spaces for a lot more notes, such as needle size, gauge and swatches. There are others too, but they don’t come to mind right now.

-Other than that, I have no problem with you copying my idea. Have fun with it! Please, please share your project notebooks/methods with me if you can!

Have a great night everyone ❤️

holmesgone  asked:

1. public or private is fine 2. Molly! hi! I think ur a cool lady and I admire u a lot. I'm a little bit younger than you and am about to get my fourth tattoo. tattoos on her children like... hurts my mom. I don't like hurting my mom but I'm also pretty firmly in the #mybodymychoices camp. do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to like.. make this situation less yucky ?? (ps this q doesn't need 2 be answered if ur uncomfy or etc this is very spur of the moment )

hello moonbird!! hmmm. this is hard. my mom also doesn’t like tattoos, and i have approached new tattoos differently both times. with my first, i just …. didn’t tell her, and then when she saw it she was like, “WHY” and I was like,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  . my mom errs on the side of being pretty chill, though, so i didn’t feel badly not telling her. (then again, my first tattoo was teeny tiny and on my foot, so i think that mostly she was able to just forget about it.)

my second tattoo, which is pretty big and right on my forearm, i got on a whim at a tattoo convention, so there wasn’t much time for discussion. but i did text her beforehand and just gave her some time to prepare by saying i was doing it and wasn’t going to change my mind. she didn’t love the idea but all she said about it was she wished i wouldn’t and then in like two weeks got over it.

i mean–i really respect that you don’t want to hurt your mom. i am also anti hurting moms, so you and i have that in common. but at the same time, like, it’s a tattoo. she’ll get over it. i think the gentlest way you can proceed (if you’re not willing to pull a molly and just be like “HEY OOPS!!! MY WALLET SLIPPED!!”) would be to sit her down and explain what you’re getting, and why you’re getting it, and make sure she understands that you have thought about it a lot but that ultimately it’s your body and you’re going to go ahead. if she’s still mad, well, that’s her business. you know your mom and your relationship with your mom better than i do but if she’s going to like, disown you over a tattoo, then … y’all have bigger problems, you know?

i know there are some religions that have really intense religious things about tattoos, so if that’s the case here please disregard alllll of my advice and ask someone from your mom’s same religion because that’s a really different bird you’re trying to shoot.

nxsuper travel diary page one

hiiiiii guys, i’m going to read some page of my daily travel in this multiverse called tumbler is full of note about my friend and much more people i just meet this year hope you like it :3.

page 1 @lazy-cocoei

k page one oh my senpai!!. she is cocoei a great artist  with a lot of idea last time i talk with her was…..oh  last night, she have a lot of idea and now is drawing her own au and another one where i’m her father….idk why XD…..last time we talk she was telling me about her problem to draw fire…shhhh i think she was trying only to Look less wonderful than what she really is..—note: if she read my diary idk what is going to happen to me .- ..  actually she make a young version of herself,  over cute much cute. oh wait i’m telling you all ….ops eh eh to late all i want to add is guys she is a very very  skilled artist,  she need a lot  of cheer so if you can go and talk with her  or mmm  bury her mail box with cheer ask  i’m happy :3. –note 2 : i can’t say to much or she is going to kill me :p— wait she is going to see me …ops eh eh  hi cocoei i’vent reveal your artistic secret don’t worry XD so guys SEND HER A LOT  A LOT OF CHEER ASK :P SPAMM HER 

page 2 @jude-shotto

ok i start read her page to but first i want to say she have a au named @switchtaleau  and  she need ask ask ask for new page so go and help her :3

her name is jude. she think about her au watching undertale/underswap seem she like it very much :3 and like me she love theory  idea  eh eh the multiverse open a lot of new idea for much people and seem she is one of them. she is only 13 but wow  just wow is hard find someone with so great idea and a so good stile. she try to make people laugh with her au  …..and i’ve to say i love it pun and joke all over with some serious part i love it! —–note:she have a sis and she say to me …some time my sis is a tsundere eh eh i laugh a lot—- her plan is to have fun, dig deeper  and reveal mistery winout forget all the feel after the talk we pun…. we are making sans proud ..

page 3 @shadowlord999

him is a new friend i talk not much with him but seem a very nice person and i don’t talk  about  words but for how he talk . not only is funny but he can talk a lot of language :Indonesian, English, Chinese and  Javanese…..see  he’s the perfect person for  talk  but care he have a counter speak if you try to make some bad thing :3. like i say is a new born and for now is blog is only for ask and rp but he search friends so guys if you want pass sometime talk with someone really funny or make some ask go to him….oh right maybe is readying this hiiii shadow and one day i’m going to find your main blog you can’t hide from me.

page 4 @awesome-sarahdraw

hi my name is sarah i love undertale bendy and the ink machine i love DRAW and anime and manga and if you want to ask me to draw something i draw it ( no sins )   this is what i see when i enter the first time her universe after see that i say istant the perfect universe for me eh eh .  after land i searching her  but before see her i found something much draw for dragon ball eh eh someone is a big fan!! eh eh   sometime later i find her an she is very cool and talk a lot of language: Arabic french and english   so guys if you want a friend  contact her!!! she is only 12 and she can draw very good i think with some push and help she is going to become an au creator if she want eh eh mmmm maybe i’ve to ask that to her next time i visit  her. Oh right she hate LIES so  no lies near her or i’m going to found you freshy liar. she love draw au, oc and one day she want animate so guys ask her  because someone is going to be famous.

page 5 @bettyfearpink123

in this page i’m going to talk about betty another young  au creator.  she can talk english  and chinese, she is shy at start and change feeling in  ,,,much fast like me —-note: she change a lot of time her talk with me :3 i like it—   she want her universe to grow she love do  draw and make friend so guys if you want a original draw from someone before she become to much popular go now eh eh.   so guys i can’t say more about her because that day i was running from someone coff coff ……. let’s talk another time about that eh eh .. i see some of her creating and O.O  so cute   i like her slime friend and  SHE IS DOING  SOME REQUEST :3  i want see some ask in her  inbox so guys for today is all hope my story   is good and see tomorrow  for the next 5 page or more who can tell? :P byee

Alright alright! This was quite possibly the hardest thing I have written so far, I know that some of it isn’t realistic so please, spare me in your replies. 

This was the ficlet/fic idea I had about Lucien schooling the judges at a competition. 

I think it makes sense that Lucien would know about the topic I chose, because his dad is a technology and Victorian buff and Lucien was kind of interested in that one lecture so, yeah. here you go. 


When Damien’s phone rang, displaying a picture of Hugo, he sighed and already started formulating a scenario that’s landed Lucien in detention or suspension again. Honestly the boy did all he could do in the three years he’s spent in high school, but he was creative and that was what scared Damien the most. Taking a deep breath, he answered it.

“What did he do now?”

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anonymous asked:

I am concerned that my dog is underweight she is a chihuahua and has been very skinny since I got her any idea on what I should do to make her gain weight? And by skinny I mean you can see her ribs idk if that is normal?

You should talk to a vet. Most offices let you use the scale for free and most vet techs are happy to give advice about your dog’s weight.

We can’t responsibly give you advice here, because gaining weight too rapidly can be dangerous, especially with a small breed dog.

That said, some dogs are just skinny minnies and have crazy fast metabolism. Either way, your vet will be able to give you much better advice than we could.


anonymous asked:

i saw that post with the shadow hunter au for neil and andrew and if it was not a prompt, then pls allow me to prompt it if you want to write it bc i would def read it like damn that sounds g o o d

Here it is! I am super excited about this, you have no idea. Enjoy!

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Andrew stood in the weapons room of the Palmetto Institute, grabbing some seraph blades. They weren’t his favorite weapons; he preferred his knives. They were easier to hide and therefore gave him an edge by way of the element of surprise. However, he was proficient with all of the Institute’s arsenal and he wasn’t truly picky about it.

“Ready to go?” he heard from behind him. Kevin was standing in the doorway, arms crossed and wielding his stele in a leisurely hold.

Andrew refused to show his surprise and instead stalked past him into the missions room. There, Renee and Wymack stood at a table, ready for briefing. David Wymack was the head of the Institute and he took no shit from the wayward Shadowhunters he’d taken into his care. Palmetto was a place for orphaned Shadowhunters with no one else to train them, who otherwise would end up in Idris with no one to help them.

“Only the three of us?” Kevin asked once they reached the table.

“It’s one warlock,” Wymack answered, “That doesn’t call for an army.”

“What’s the mission?” Andrew asked, eager to get the banter over with and move on to what he was best at.

“Rogue warlock,” Wymack said, “We’ve been keeping tabs on him for a while. We don’t know if he’s been using dark magic, but we know he has ties to the group in Baltimore.”

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there are some muns who have super amazing headcannons   write their muses so beautifully   in character but then there’s those muns where someone asks how your character works and they just “i dunno i wish thEY’D TELL ME” because they don’t write their character,  their muse is 100% alive to them in a way it’s a partnership,  a dual act,  a way of not expressing a well-constructed thought but relaying the feelings,  ideas,  &  emotions of an actual person you empathize with so much they’re actually there  &  man i meant for this to be a shit post but honestly?  there are two kinds of muns.


These “new” hair colours are the result of me playing in Photoshop for a good hour or so. The basic idea was to simply overlay two existing hair textures to see if I could create some new colours, and this is what I came up with. At the moment, this was just a bit of fun for me, but I’m considering turning some of my favourite colours into actual downloads. I know Cinnamon and Cherry are very close, but I like the subtle difference. Do you have a favourite?

aozora-hoshizora  asked:

Hey Holly, I have some designs that I want to get made into charms but it's all weeb shit (Hatsune Miku basically). Do you have any idea about the law on that? My end goal is to sell them, but usually using someone else's character to get money is illegal, but people do it and make a living off it. I've looked around and couldn't find a clear answer so I was wondering if you would know. Thanks!

lol theres hardly any fanart police the only properties I’d worry about are artist owned properties like homestuck ect

You likely wont have people even blink about charms, companies do not have budgets to sue small time artists that are actually promoting their IP