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*WTTM is leaked*

Some antis: lmao this is all fanservice, otayuri won’t ever be canon!

Me: remembers the weeks of victuuri butt shots, naked stretching, cuddling, and apparent “fanservice” all leading to a canon engagement.


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Ok honestly though I can see Percy always been photographed by girls in public and he gets really embarrassed and awkward like…

-Ever since he came back from Camp Jupiter stronger and with a new tattoo, girls have given him even more attention, especially reg. humans.

-Like he’ll be in the airport or in a coffee shop, and girls will start taking his picture since they find him cute.

-The first time it happens, Piper is the one to inform him since before Percy was completely oblivious. 

-Whenever he figures out that girls are taking pictures of him he kinda gives an awkward smile and nod that the girls find cute.

-One time a girl went up to him and flirted and was just like “uhhh I have a girlfriend.” and when she went “why am I not surprised?” Percy was beet red the rest of the day.

-Although Annabeth wants to stab all of these girls, she also knows that Percy would never cheat on her, and so she instead usually teases him about it, saying stuff as “Looks like I have some competition Seaweed Brain.”

Okay, but can we please acknowledge and appreciate that the finale couples in that stupid poll are two mlm couples. One of which has an Asian bisexual and the other features a bipolar bisexual (or pansexual - we don’t know how he identifies). Like what a time to live in. Whoever wins the final round we should know that this is amazing.


I suppose we both have a healthy dose of the competitive spirit… Some people can’t be around that energy. I, in turn, find it invigorating, as I’m sure your exes did as well. Lydia never complained. I thought you knew Lydia for a millisecond before your arranged marriage.

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I got yelled at in school so I'm feeling really shitty today. Can you write some otayuri headcanon to make my day less shitty please? 🙏

Ahhh, I’m sorry you had a shit day, nonny. :((( I hope it gets better! In the meantime, have some pre-competition rituals (??) headcanons: 

  • The davai stays, because it’s nice to be able to cheer each other on in public, even though there are variations to how it’s being done now. If one of them is skating straight after the other, then the davai is often paired with either a passing clasp of hands when they’re crossing each other, or a quick hug if they’re feeling like it. 
  • Two words: matching hickeys. Yuri loves it, loves making Otabek mark him up just where he knows it’ll peek through his costume slightly, loves marking Otabek up the same way, even if he’s less careful about whether or not Otabek’s costume will hide it. 
  • Bets on who wins! They don’t really care either way, they’re both always happy with whatever the results are, but it’s still fun to bet on who has to plan the next date etc etc. 
  • Bribes to do better! “If you beat your personal best in the free skate tomorrow, I’ll do the thing you really like.” // “…….which thing?” // “All of them.” 
  • Yuri always ends up sneaking into Otabek’s hotel room to spend the night with him before competitions. He knows Otabek gets antsy sometimes, even if he doesn’t like to show it, and Otabek does always sleep better when Yuri is around. Yakov likes to pretend he’s upset about it, but he knows Yuri performs better when he’s sure that Otabek is going to perform well, so.
  • Hoseok: *blesses everyone with his beautiful singing voice*
Cowboys and Angels

Credit to the late George Michael for the title.

“Are you serious.”
You blinked slowly, eyes looking up at the fluorescent lights. You had once again been thrown to the ground by your Commander, Reyes. A tan hand came into your vision and you gladly grabbed it, hoisting yourself up.
“Come on, Y/N. Look where I’m trying to attack. From what I’ve taught you you’ll then be able to defend.”
You readied your stance, one foot slightly forward, knees bent, arms in position.
“If I swing.. here-”
Your left arm moved to block the hit, a satisfying thud echoed.
“And if I swing here..”
Immediately you span your body round, dodging the next blow.
“Good.” Gabriel turned his side to you and stepped forwards, circling.
You followed him, stance still in it’s prime position and waiting for the next strike.
He span, body lowering and foot extended-
Those bloody fluorescent lights and the hard wooden floor and you were just sick of it.
“I’m done.” You stated, exasperated.
“We’re not done until I say we’re done, cariño.” He smirked.
You refused to move. Still lying on the ground, you crossed your arms and closed your eyes. A gentle nudge in your ribs made you turn on your side, curling up into yourself. Gabriel let out a deep sigh.
“Okay. Fine. We’re done.”
“Thank God.”


After your training session you had headed back to your room for a well needed shower. Not even through the door and you stripped off your fitted black Overwatch training vest, throwing it onto the floor. One by one you removed your trainers, socks, leggings and then sports bra before hopping into the shower and turning it up to a high heat. Steam and water poured over you, fingers running through your hair and just savouring the moment. You massaged shampoo into your locks, rinsing off dirt and grime of a hard days training. A dollop of conditioner massaged into the ends of your hair and you were ready to lather up your loofah and scrub yourself clean. A deep scrub all over your body, and you washed the rest of the conditioner out of your hair. Turning the shower off, you stepped out and grabbed the fluffy towels off of the radiator. One wrapped around your body and one wrapped around your hair. Trudging through to your bedroom, you flung yourself onto the bed and let out a sigh that you had been holding in.

After the last mission, Gabriel had decided it would be for the best for you to train in hand to hand combat, and for you to also move into the Watchpoint, as other agents had their own spaces there too. Saftey concerns were raised, and the contract for apartment was immediately cancelled, with bribing the landlord with a hefty sum of cash. Your room was slightly smaller than the apartment, however you enjoyed being closer to everyone. It felt safer. No more late nights walking down the streets of Gibralter.

You managed to squeeze out most of the excess water from your hair before chucking the towels on the floor and throwing on a pair of underwear and a loose top. Climbing under the covers, you rubbed your eyes and sumbitted to the darkness that was blissful sleep.


A rapid knocking on the door suddenly brought you out of your slumber.
More knocking. You threw the covers off of and stumbled to the door, glancing at your watch. Opening the door, you saw a panic-stricken McCree.
“What? I er- Jesse. It’s half three in the morning what do you wa-”
He barged past you, covering your mouth with his hand and slammed the door closed, then wrapping his robotic arm around your waist.
“Shh. Just.. shhh.”
If you were more awake you would have tried to break free, but only being woken not even a minute ago you succumbed to Jesse’s hold.
Heavy footsteps bounded down the hallway.
“Where the fuck did he go? He came down here.”
“Jesus, I mean, he could be anywhere.”
“Still on the Watchpoint though.”
A grunt from the second person and the footsteps led away from your room. You nudged Jesse in the ribs and he let go of you, taking a step back. You span around with an accusing finger pointing at him.
“Jesse bloody McCree you better explain to me right now-”
“Hey, (Y/N), don’t make me gag ya’ again.”
You stopped talking, standing still and blushing oh so slightly.
“Heh, yep. That’s what I thought.”
He raised an eyebrow, glancing down slightly and smirked. Realisation hit and you crossed your arms over your thin shirt.
“It’s cold.” You snapped.
Of course it is.” He held his hands up in a mock surrender, chuckling. “Look, I don’t got a lotta time, but thanks for lettin’ me hide ‘n here, sweetpea.”
Your brows furrowed, cheeks warming at the nickname.
“Are you going to tell me what this is about?”
“Na, darlin’. Let’s just say some'o the other guys in Blackwatch ain’t too happy with me.”
“Oh. Is there anything I can do..?” You suggested meekly.
Jesse raised his eyebrow again, tongue darting out to wet his lips.
“No. Jesse, no.” You pursed your lips. “That isn’t what I meant at all. I meant help with-”
“With what, doll?
“Nevermind. You obviously only seem to have one thing on your mind at the moment.”
Jesse smirked at your comment. “Well, sugar, when all you’re wearin’ is panties and a t-shirt, y'all ain’t leavin’ much to the imagination.”
Your mouth dropped slightly, cheeks blushing a deep red. You took in a deep breath.
“Jesse. Please. It’s too early. Go back to your room.”
Jesse chuckled, put two fingers up to his forehead in a mock salute and headed towards the door.
“Yes, ma'am.”
He opened the door and checked both ways down the hallway before turning his head to the side, looking over his shoulder. “Y'know, doll, I may have some competition.” He grabbed the handle and closed the door, leaving you in the middle of your room, barely dressed and barely able to comprehend what he just said.
“Sleep. That’s all I need.” You furrowed your brow and rubbed both of your eyes with your hands, taking small steps towards your bed.


“Sir. Really?”
Your arms are crossed and your left hip jutted out, your stance screaming attitide.
Gabriel chuckled. “What? Do you not like him?”
“I- no. It’s not that.”
Gabriel cocked his head and raised his eyebrow. “Oh, gatita, did he get to you?“
“He barged into my room at stupid o'clock in the morning and practically straight up said he wanted to- you know..”
“Ahah. Sí. I know.”
“So.. Why me?”
“I thought you could put up with his charms.”
I can.”
“Then there shouldn’t be a problem.”
You huffed. You clearly weren’t going to get your way, and Gabriel had assigned you to a mission with Jesse McCree.


Along with advanced combat and weapon training, you had also been teaching a new girl about your ‘old’ job. As Gabriel had unofficially recruited you into Blackwatch, with the permission of Morrison, you had reluctantly decided that it would be best to pass on your role to someone who could tackle it full time. It was difficult, as you loved your job, but you couldn’t pass the opportunity to progress even higher into Overwatch. You had to teach the newbie all that you could before you were sent out on your mission with McCree.
“You need to negotiate settlement terms, such as an ongoing discount with them or a discount if we pay early. Be creative; try and get some free shurikens thrown in if you can.”
The girl nodded, furiously taking notes on her holopad. It wasn’t often you had to deal with a new supplier, as in this business trade was loyal. However, one company may go down every now and then and you need to do research on finding a suitable replacement.

You looked over the girls notes, deeming them acceptable enough to make enough sense should she need to refer back.
“You’ve done well today. Go home, get some rest as we get onto actual buying tomorrow.”
She nodded, thanking you and packing up her belongings. You waited for her to leave the office before powering down the holopads and stretching. It’s been a long day.
Quickly tidying the desk to make it look presentable, you decided to head out towards the break room to grab a bottle of water. Pushing the door open, you looked around. You were slightly surprised that no one was in here, even considering how late it was. Usually people were milling around for late night snacks or socialising. One foot in the door and something cold touched the back of your neck. You instinctively raised both your hands, heart pounding.
Reach for the sky.
You immediately dropped your hands.
“For fuck sake, McCree. Can you not?”
You carried on walking over to the vending machine to grab a bottle.
“I have enough on my fucking plate as it is, I don’t need to be threat-”
“(Y/N). Stop. Was just a joke.”
“Yeah, well, it was one of your funnier ones.”
“Darlin’, that was cold.”
You turned around to face him, water bottle in hand. He was standing there with his stupid cowboy hat in his hands, eyes wide. You actually felt a bit of remorse.
“Sorry.. Jesse..”
“No, doll, it was my bad. I know you been jugglin’ things and I shouldn’t'a done that. I guess I’ll jus’.. Walk away..” Smiling slightly.
Don’t let his sarcasm get to you.
You pointedly stop and stare at him with a bored look on your face. He raises an eyebrow, the corners of his lips turning up slightly showing his teeth.
“I can’t work with you if you’re going to act like that.”
“Like what, sweetpea?” Amusement laced his southern drawl.
“Like, this.” You gestured generally in his direction, clearly exasperated.
He was still smirking, but his eyebrow raised in slight confusion.
“You don’t like me?”
“No. Yes. I don’t-”
McCree chuckled. “Y'ain’t the first to get flustered around me, doll.”
“I’m not flustered.”
“What’s with the red cheeks then?”
You blinked and took in a deep breath. “This is supposed to be a strictly professional relationship and you go around barging into my room at stupid o'clock in the morning and then getting a laugh out of making me nearly shit myself.”
“Am I not allowed to have a lil’ fun?”
“Yes, but-”
“But what?”
People need to stop interrupting you, you thought. A small, impatient growl released from your throat and you went to storm past him. It seems he didn’t want you to, a tanned muscular arm blocking your path.
McCree let out another deep chuckle.
“Nope. Y'all ain’t goin’ anywhere ‘til you tell me.”
You glanced down to your water bottle in your right hand. Thinking quick, you raised it above your head as though ready to strike him-
He was faster. Jesse caught your wrist with his robotic hand, you dropping your bottle in surprise. He then crouched slightly, catching you off guard and all of a sudden you’re over his shoulder with your bottle forgotten on the floor.
“Put me down this instant .” You wiggled your legs, simultaneously attempting to whack him on the back in the hopes that he’d put you back on solid ground. He was incredibly amused. Jesse’s toned arm was wrapped around the backs of your thighs to stop you from falling, dangerously close to your bottom. You squirmed some more; you weren’t going to make this easy for him.

He started walking out of the mess hall, whistling a tune. You huffed. All you could see was where you came from and it seemed he had no aim in sight as to where you would end up. He took a couple of turns, when he stopped suddenly.
“McCree. What are you doing?”
You recognised the voice as Gabriel’s and you perked up.
“TellhimtoputmedownPLEASE.” You exclaimed, frantically trying to release yourself from his grasp. All you heard was a small snort coming from the Blackwatch commander.
“Carry on.”
Whatever looks were exchanged between them, you didn’t know. However, you made sure to give Gabriel a good thump on the arm as McCree casually walked past him.
“You betrayed me.”
“Cariño, I would never betray you.” A hint of humour in his voice. “Trust him.” He stood in the hallway with his arms crossed and his head tilted slightly looking at you. One corner of his mouth was pulled up, a half smile forming.
You let out another huff, accepting you had to go wherever McCree took you. He took you round another corner and you recognised it as the corridor where your room was.
“What’s the code to your room?”
“Like I’d tell you.”
You thought he’d put you down here so you could put it in. Nope. Jesse turned around so you were in front of your door, keypad just high enough to enter the code. Your brows cross in defeat.
“It’s open.”
He spins around again, too quickly that some of your hair gets caught in your mouth. You manage the catch the door and slam it when he crosses the threshold. Only now does he tenderly lower you down so you’re back on your feet. One look at him and you close your eyes slowly, turning to walk to your bedroom.
You turn on your heels, snapping your eyes open and looking at him expectantly.
You’re welcome.
“For what?” You asked flatly.
“Carryin’ you back to your room. You looked mighty tired back there ‘nd thought I could help.”
You brought your hand up to pinch the bridge of your nose. He stalks over to you, lifting his human hand to your face. Eyes widen and you flinch slightly, lowering your hand. He only brushed some of your hair that was still caught on your lips.
His hand lingered for a few seconds more than what should have been appropriate; fingers ghosting over your cheek. Your eyelids fluttered, not used to the gentle contact.
“I knew it.”
Once again your eyes shot open, looking into his.
“You can’t resist me.”
“You just touched me in a way that I haven’t been touched in a while is all.” You spat out, swatting his hand away.
“Of course, darlin’.” A grin spreading across his face.
“Always am.” He tips his head and makes his way to your door. “Lookin’ forward to working together.”
He closes the door behind him and you hear a faint whistling as he strolls away. You hate to admit it, but he was right. You were shattered from doing your full time job and training in the evenings. Rubbing your eyes with your hands, you headed towards your bed to get some well needed sleep.

Rain (Thomas x Reader)

AN: Another late fic of questionable quality!

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18 @jantales

Request: Anonymous- 11, can’t help but think of Jefferson XD

11. “I love you.”  “You have excellent taste.”

Warnings: gets a lil sexy 

Word Count: 1,305


The fire was crackling, indie music was playing softly, you had a mug of earl grey tea, and you had a collection of classic poetry that you’d read at least a thousand times spread open across your lap- the best way to enjoy rain. It had started storming around three in the morning and you’d been up since then.

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Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
Masterlist / WIP List

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Thought I’d show my shiny, ghost baby some love! I have one on my competitive team, but it’s just not a Pokemon I draw often, which is crazy. It combines two of my favourite things, ghost Pokemon and technology!

Anyways, I actually finished this guy up while waiting in line for my Switch at midnight. Since then my life has been consumed by Breath of the Wild. ^^” Anyone else playing the newest Zelda Game?

I did manage to get a few work in progress shots so I’ll be posting up step by step what I did to make this little guy, so stay tuned!

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Away on V-Day HC: reader x Peter Parker

Valentine’s Sleepover with YoungGodImagines

Warnings: death mention but as a joke (no one dies lol)

A/N: Come on over and request some Valentine’s day stuff for the sleep over! It’s going alllll weekend!

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(not my gifs)

Peter being away on Valentine’s Day would include:

  • Being nervous about him off fighting with the Avengers
  • You sulk a little at the thought of not being with him, but you know that saving others was way more important
  • The worst part of it all was that your parents/guardians went away for the weekend to celebrate together, leaving you completely alone
  • On the day, you’d sit on the couch, watch rom-com’s and eat sweets in an effort to distract yourself from the otherwise empty apartment
  • At around midnight, your phone began ringing, Peter trying to Facetime you
  • “A little late, isn’t it Parker?”
  • “Here it’s way later. I just had to talk to you.”
  • Your heart racing at his cuteness
  • “Where even are you?” you questioned
  • “I’m afraid that’s classified,” he joked in a deep, authoritative voice.
  • About an hour later, you were still chatting away, when all of a sudden there was a knock on the door
  • “Peter, someone’s at the door. If I open it and a creepy child with an axe kills me, I just want you to know that I love you”
  • “You’re so over-dramatic,” he laughed, rolling his eyes
  • You crept up to the door and looked through the peep-hole, only to find what appeared to be a giant bear on the floor and no one else in sight
  • Carefully opening the door, you snatched the bear from the hall and dragged it into your apartment
  • “Peter is this from you?”
  • “Yep!” he said triumphantly, smiling widely at your happy state
  • You chuckled and hugged it, the bear being possibly the best thing you’d ever cuddled
  • “Wow, Peter I think you may have some cuddle competition!”
  • “Hey! I’m still the best cuddler in town!”
  • “Sureeeee, Spider-dude. Sureeee”

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Betrothed [Jon Snow]

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow x Reader

Word Count: 1,970

Warnings: Smut

Request: can u do one with jon snow where he’s the king in the north and you’re bethored to him cause you’re from a noble Family but you love eachother, and in the oneshot u two have been together for over a year and its just some cute fluff stuff and maybe sum smut

Hope you like it x

You fingered the silk of your white wedding dress nervously.

“You look beautiful.” Sansa smiled from behind you

She was currently brushing out your hair so that it fell down your back like a silky waterfall. Sansa had been helping you get ready for your wedding day all morning; she had turned you into a masterpiece, you had never felt more beautiful.

“Are you sure he wants to do this?” You blurted out suddenly.

You had been nervous all night; it was the first night that you had spent without Jon in months. It had felt strange to not have him there beside you, kissing your neck with his arm wrapped protectively around you. Thought had swirled in your head all night; wondering if he truly wanted to marry you. You had been betrothed for years now and although you have been together for a year; you couldn’t help but wonder if he was only with you because of duty.

“Y/N, Jon loves you.” Sansa reassured you gently, “He’s been waiting to marry you since the day you met.”

“Y/N, stop fiddling with your hair.” Your mother scolded as our carriage came to a halt in Winterfell.

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

You couldn’t stop fidgeting; probably because you were about to meet the man you were betrothed to marry. Your marriage to Jon Snow had been planned years ago by both of your families; and when Jon Snow had become The King in the North it had been decided that now was the time to meet each other. You couldn’t be more nervous. You had no idea who Jon Snow was, you had only heard that he was a brave and valiant soldier who had fought valiantly in the battle against Ramsey Snow.

“What is wrong dear?” You mother questioned gently when you didn’t move from the carriage.

“What if he doesn’t like me?” You whispered fearfully, “What if I don’t like him.”

“You will grow to love each other.” Your Mother reassured you; although it had the opposite effect, “Now come on, they are waiting.”

The wedding was going to take place in the Great Hall. The servants had been decorating it all night, lighting candles so that everywhere had a soft gentle glow. Flowers had been bought from the markets and scattered everywhere.

Sansa began leading you down to the Great Hall and you bit your lip as you heard the quiet whispers of the guests.

“There you are!” Arya beamed when she caught sight of you and her older sister, “You’re late!”

“Just like the first day we met you.” Sansa smirked.

“She’s late.” Sansa whispered to her sister Arya.

They were both watching their older half-brother; who was currently pacing the great hall. He had been fiddling with his hair for the past hour and the two girls had watched him in amusement.

He stopped suddenly, turning to face them with a worried look in his eyes, “Well?”

“What?” Arya frowned.

“Do I look ok?” Jon questioned anxiously.

This only caused Sansa and Arya to laugh.

You and your mother were waiting outside the great hall. A servant pushed the door open and announced you both.

Your eyes fell on the young man before you. He was handsome; so handsome it made your heart flutter. He was tall and muscular with wild curly hair that made your hands itch to touch. His dark eyes met yours and a nervous boyish smile spread across his lips.

“Lady Y/N.” He greeted you softly, walking until he was stood in front of you. He hesitantly took your hand in his, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

The sound of violins flooded your ears as you walked down the hall. A veil covered your face and you clutched a bouquet of flowers in your hands. Your heart hammered in your chest and the world seemed to slow down as you looked at Jon.

He was stood at the end of the hall. His hands were folded in front of him; his hair slightly tamed although it was still wild and curly, just the way you liked it. His dark eyes met yours and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile spread across his face. All doubt vanished from your mind as you realised that what was happening right now was so right. You loved Jon with all your heart; you had loved him since the start.

“So how are you liking Winterfell?” Sansa questioned curiously.

You were currently walking with her around the courtyard. In the weeks that you had been staying in Winterfell you had grown close to the redheaded girl. It had taken a while for the young girl to warm to you; although you weren’t surprised after everything she had been through.

“I like it here.” You answered honestly.

You did like Winterfell. It was different from where you were from. It was strange that Winterfell was always associated with harsh winter when the people here were like summer. Everyone had welcomed you, smiling warmly and pausing to talk to you whenever they had a chance. You felt free here; you could shoot your bow and arrow and run around the forest with the Stark direwolves.

“And Jon?” Sansa pressed, a small smile on her face.

Your cheeks heated up at the mention of the curly haired man. Over the past weeks you had spent a lot of time together. You had grown comfortable with him; you shared the same love of books and horse riding, and you could now talk to him without worrying about saying something stupid. However in the past week things had changed; every time you were near him you couldn’t stop looking at his lips, wondering what it would be like to kiss him. Lingering touches had been exchanged, and longer goodnight as you both stared at each other longingly.

“Yes, I suppose I like him too.” You answered casually.

Sansa smirked, seeing right through your act, “Is that so?”

You opened your mouth to reply when something nudged at your legs. You looked down to see Ghost, his snow white fur slightly dirty with mud. You kneeled down and stroked his head; smiling as he moved closer to you.

“It’s amazing how much he likes you.” Sansa breathed in shock, “He only ever lets Jon touch him usually.”

“It seems I have some competition.” A deep voice stated in amusement.

You looked up to see Jon walking towards you. He was also slightly muddy, his sword strapped to his side and his boots wet. You guessed he had been practasing fighting in the woods; you had learned he often did that when he needed to clear his head.

“It seems you do,” You grinned teasingly, “And I’m sorry to tell you but you’re losing.” You stroked Ghost once again and Jon smirked.

“I’ll have to change that.” Jon said with determination, “Walk with me?”

“Of course.” You agreed, moving to stand beside him after waving goodbye to Sansa, “Especially if Ghost is coming.” You added teasingly before you allowed him to lead you into the woods.

You look beautiful.” Jon whispered as you finally reached him.

His hands found yours immediately, tugging you towards him as you both repeated your vows.

“I love you Y/N.” Jon smiled.

“I love you Jon.” You breathed happily as his lips closed around your own.

Jon had finally given into temptation.

He had you pressed against a tree trunk, his arms wrapped around you small frame as he kissed you desperately. Your hands were entangled in his hair as you kissed him furiously, your heart beating madly in your chest as the man you loved kissed you.

You had not planned for this to happen; it was just supposed to be an innocent walk in the forest, but the hunger had taken over you both and you couldn’t wait any longer.

“Gods Y/N,” Jon breathed against your lips as his hands caressed your waist, “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this?”

You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.” Jon gulped huskily as you walked over to him.

The wedding ceremony was over and after much drinking and dancing, Jon had finally taken you up to his bedchamber. Throughout the night your need for him had grown; you had exchanged glances every second and danced so closely the guests around you had began to grow uncomfortable. But now was the time; you were finally alone.

Jon tugged you towards him; not able to control himself any longer.

His lips were on yours in seconds; hot and passionate. Your hands entwined themselves in his curly hair as his tugged at the strings of your silk wedding dress. He grunted when he finally loosened the fabric; quickly tugging it down your body. His eyes trailed down your naked body, a low groan escaping his lips before he met your eyes once again.

“My beautiful wife.” He smiled before kissing you once again.

You kissed each other desperately, a hunger you had never experienced taking over you. You had waited for this moment over a year; your body had been begging to be touched by his own for over a year.

Jon backed you up so that you fell on the bed. He crawled on top of you quickly, kissing you fiercely before he turned his attention to your neck. He nipped and sucked, leaving his mark before he moved further down your body. His mouth closed around your breast, his tongue swirling around the sensitive bud. The new sensation caused you to gasp, your fingers carding through his dark hair.

He moved lower until he was kneeling on the ground, his face between your legs. You looked down at him to see him licking his lips, his dark eyes flickering up to meet your own. Without warning he leaned forward, his tongue circling your clit. A loud moan sounded from your lips as your back left the bed. He continued to lick you, teasing you with agonisingly slow circular motions until you were begging him to let you come. He lunged deeper, his tongue moving at such a fast pace it left you a screaming mess.

You breathed heavily as you came down from your release. Jon quickly tugged down his trousers and squared himself up against your entrance. You sat up so you could wrap your arms around his neck. He pushed into you slowly and kissed your lips softly; stifling your moan. He groaned at the feel of you and rested his forehead against your own.

“I love you.” He whispered against your hair.

His movements sped up when you started moaning. You tugged at his hair and bit his neck, moaning as his thrust became harder and more unforgiving. You squirmed against him, moaning his name as he pushed you further and further over the edge. One hard thrust caused you to break, curses spilling for your lips as you threw your head back in ecstasy. Jon helped you ride your high out before he couldn’t hold it any longer.

He gently laid you down on the bed, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close to him. He kissed your sweaty forehead gently as you gazed up at him; wondering how you ever got so lucky to be able to marry a man you loved so dearly.

“Goodnight wife.” He grinned boyishly; looking down at you lovingly.

“Goodnight husband.” You replied, just as happily.

It’s Our Hearts that Make the Scene

Josh Dun x reader

Summary: You are a recording artist who is in the process of creating a music video for your new single. Rather than having a random actor play your love interest, you have other plans.

Words: 1,614

A/N: Shoutout to @joshduns-purplehair for the title (I tweaked it a tiny bit)

Originally, I envisioned hiring an actor and an actress to play the couple in my music video for my newest single but the video director insisted that it would be cool if I were in the video.

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After playing through Freedom Planet 2′s Sample Demo, I got a thinking. What if the Saturn got a 2D Sonic game with the same technical and design force that Freedom Planet had?

While this isn’t exactly the best example, I figured maybe Sonic could look something like this ~

(might add Tails and Knuckles at a later date)

(And for the record, yes I’m well familiar with Sonic Mania. That game looks like it’ll be great too but I can tell that game’s gonna have some steep competition with Freedom Planet 2 as far as the next great Sonic-esque game. xD)

Title: Sleeping Tight

Code: JD0007

Requested by: anon

Words: 468

Note: This is such a cute idea :)

“(Y/N)?” Jethro Gibbs cautiously walked down the hallway of his home. He figured you would be asleep already, and he didn’t want to scare you… or startle you. His feet caused the floorboards to creak under his weight as he made his way to your bedroom. Slowly, he nudged open the door. It creaked as it opened. “Sweetheart?” He whispered. He could see your sleeping form under the covers. He moved closer to you. Carefully, he stripped down to his boxers and slowly slipped under the covers with you.

He laid a gentle hand on your back. “(Y/N),” he whispered, “I’m home.” As he shifted closer to you, propping himself on an elbow to get a look at your face, he smiled. There you were, sleeping like a baby, and clutching his pillow. “Oh, honey…”

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seyaryminamoto  asked:

Okay, I'll do the same! xD (1) Ship that you secretly like, (2) Ship that you used to have as an OTP, (3) Ship that you can never see happening, (4) Ship that is unpopular but you still like, (5) Ship that is most misunderstood.

1. Ship that I secretly like: Ty Lee and Suki.  I don’t know, I just think they’re cute together.

2. Ship that I used to have as an OTP: Sokka and Azula.  Don’t get me wrong - they’re still my OTP… but now they have some competition.  Still, if I could have any one ship become canon, it would be SOKKLA!

3. Ship that I can never see happening: Katara and Zuko.  This isn’t Zutara hate.  I just could never see this happening because Aang and Katara are just too damn perfect together!  I really can’t ship them with anyone else.

4. Ship that is unpopular but I still like it: Zuko and Jet.  I guess Jetko used to be popular.  But now Jet is dead, and sadly, Jetko seems to have died too.  But death won’t stop me from shipping them!

5. Ship that is most misunderstood: Zuko and Azula.  It’s not really the ship that’s misunderstood, but the shippers.  I guess I can’t speak on everyone’s behalf, but I’m not in it for the incest.  And let’s be honest, if these two weren’t siblings, we’d all be shipping them.

Thank you for the ask, @seyaryminamoto!!   ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

EXO | Their s/o Is An Olympic Figure Skater

Anonymous said: 

 Aaa, i’m the anon who requested monsta x and figure skating (i think i sent it in) and i was wondering if i could change it to exo instead please? the gifset you reblogged “figure skating kaibaek” made me rather exo instead. thank you. :’)

“You’re amazing jagi…but um…why is he…his hand is a bit low don’t you think?”

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*Excited to hear about your amazing talent* “Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there support you and cheer you on.”

Originally posted by jeongokus


*After he learns about your talent he brags to everyone and anyone who will listen* “Y/N is so talented, I found out about her earning gold in the Olympics, I didn’t even know that…how could I not know that. But she’s so talented.”

Please ignore the caption

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*Over excited* “You should have seen Y/N, she made it look so easy as she went across the ice like-” *Tries to mimic you ice skating*

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Concerned but will still tease you

*Watching one of your video* “Jagi, look at that fall.”

“Oh it wasn’t that bad.”

*Starts laughing* “And look at that face you made.”

“Thanks Dae…”

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“Next date, you and me are going to the ice rink and you’re going to teach me how to ice skate!”

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“Wow jagi look at you go…wait…who is that?”

“That’s my partner…”

“You didn’t mention a partner…why is he lifting you up? That looks dangerous.”

“I’ve been dropped a couple times, it’s not that bad…”

“If he’s dropped you I think you should get a new partner…………”

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*Watches a video of you and your partner* “Jagi, I know you got first place with this but may I make a suggestion?” 

“I was hoping you wouldn’t…”

“Next time try this and maybe the judges will give you more points.” *Dance master activated as he grabs Sehun’s neck and demonstrates the move*

“I’ll keep that in mind…..” 

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“Wait until I show the guys how talented you are.” *Gloats proudly*

Originally posted by r-velvets

“Sometimes I wonder if you’re more talented than me…”


*Enter Kriscasso* “Look at us, such a talented couple…between your figure skating and my art nothing can stop us.”

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*Looks at all the photos from your competitions* “Do you have any competitions coming up, cause if you do, I have some outfit ideas.”

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